Trump Is Now Confirmed For Being A Russian Plant

Did you hear? Congressmen Kevin McCarthy said that Trump was receiving payments from Uncle Vlad.

Their two highest-ranking members on Wednesday walked into a firestorm of their own making, negotiating the latest Republican headache after The Washington Post reported that Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the majority leader, said in a private session last year that President Trump, then a candidate, could be receiving payments from President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

Guess that confirms it. Case-closed.  All we can do now is ask: is the dawning of a new era of McCarthyism in America?

Oh, wait. Actually no, not really:

The New York Times has not obtained a recording and cannot appraise the tone of Mr. McCarthy’s original remarks. On Wednesday, he said he was just kidding.

“It’s a bad attempt at a joke; that’s all there is to it,” Mr. McCarthy told reporters at the Capitol. “No one believes it to be true from any stretch of fact.”

This is just rumor-mongering on the part of the NYT. Some congressman from Trump’s party happened to joke sometime a year ago about *possible* Trump/Russia ties and this becomes news-worthy because it pushes a narrative.

Of course, they forget that Trump is a billionaire and that is one of the reasons that we voted for the man. The whole appeal of Trump was that he couldn’t be bought. He was like the French monarchs who were intentionally allowed to accumulate unfathomable levels of luxury so that they would be simply too rich to take a bribe.

Remember when Trump got up in front of a room of Jews and told them he wouldn’t take their money?

That’s the man we’re talking about. That’s a man who can’t be bought.

He’s like Putin in that sense. Putin has enriched himself while in office. This is corruption, Russian-style. But at the same time…now he can’t be bought.

Coming back to Trump, however, the Left seems to think that he is man that can be impeached. As long as they get the right people in the correct administrative positions working to push the right narrative going forward, and lynch the Donald in the court of public opinion.

The Justice Department appointed Robert S. Mueller III, a former F.B.I. director, as special counsel on Wednesday to oversee the investigation into ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials, dramatically raising the legal and political stakes in an affair that has threatened to engulf Mr. Trump’s four-month-old presidency.

The decision by the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, came after a cascade of damaging developments for Mr. Trump in recent days, including his abrupt dismissal of the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, and the subsequent disclosure that Mr. Trump asked Mr. Comey to drop the investigation of his former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn.

Mr. Rosenstein had been under escalating pressure from Democrats, and even some Republicans, to appoint a special counsel after he wrote a memo that the White House initially cited as the rationale for Mr. Comey’s dismissal.

This is the attack plan. They’re going to go for the whole Russia-(evil, nationalist, too white country) supports Trump-(evil, fascist, white nationalist). In these people’s minds, there’s some sort of White Nationalist Internationale at work behind the scenes, pulling the levers of power.

Ah, if only it were so.

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  • can’t stop laughin over this . . . . . the left assaults, with no proof, no confirmation, no logic, just a bunch of he said/she saids and the libtards lose thier collective minds . . . . . too funny. I truly believe the man is setting them all up for a collective, massive FAIL

  • This Video is for the Alt-Right……

    To remind the Alt-Right not to be Alt-Cucks……

    …..and upvote Non-White Women as they attack Alt-Right White Men on a White Identitarian Website…..

    I thought we had the Anti-White Genocide Basics down by now…..

    But, apparently some Gay ‘Fashiness’ must be addressed within our Circle……

    • LOL so now you’re equating my disagreeing with your dumbass opinions with mixing out of my race. Your being ridiculous. Grow up.

      • You’re the Dumbass…….

        Because who started the Syrian Refugee Crisis??……

        Assad and his Alawite Allies……

        … bombing Peaceful Protestors against his Regime……

        Were you in Grade School when that Started??



        • Their not peaceful protestors. Their Israeli funded armed radicals, trying to overthrow Assads regime. What do you expect him to do? Nothing?

          • ‘They’re’…….


            You’re wrong on this one……

            Can we get back to attacking Schlomo together, My Brother??

          • Yes. Just don’t call me a ‘cuck’ or a traitor everytime I disagree with you about Trump. Attacking Trump is part of attacking Schlomo right now as far as I’m concerned.

            And no, I’m not wrong on Assad. You are.

          • OK…..

            Just don’t be an Alt-Cuck and upvote Non-White Women as they attack Alt-Right White Men on a White Identitarian website…….


            As Anti-AltRight as you can get……

            Not a good look, Dude…….

            Just like it’s not a good look to be Abandoning…..President Trump……

            ……just 4 Months into his Term…….

            Good luck with the Fashy Thing…….

            Japanese Chinky Waifs are into it….


            White Power!!

          • Any “white brothers” who want to put a blindfold on and follow Trump off a cliff are free to do so. I’m not going to stop you. I’m also not going to follow you in the interest of maintaining “solidarity.”

            You seem to think Trump is some kind of leader of the Alt-Right. He’s not. Any usefulness he once had to the movement is over now. Being a white identitarian does not mean disagreeing with reasonable arguments simply because a non-white person made them. As I’ve already stated my loyalty is to my bloodline, not Trump. It is what it is.

          • By the logic you’ve presented in this thread, you would come to conclusion that Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were ‘anti-White’ because they signed the Tripartite pact with Hideki Tojo.

            You would also come to the conclusion that General Mannstein was ‘anti-White’ because he along with the 10th Army and Einsatzgruppe D teamed up with a diverse selection of people including Crimean Tatars and Koreans, against the Soviet Union in the Battle of Sevastopol.

            Explain and justify that ‘logic’, if you can.

          • Who gave you the rank of ‘thought-police’ around here? Look at this comments section and realise how totally bizarre it looks that you are basically policing people and telling them NOT to agree with my anti-Zionist perspective.

            Because to agree with my anti-Zionist perspective, would be ‘anti-White’, according to you.

            But hey, actually, maybe my anti-Zionism is somehow ‘anti-White’ in 2017. Let’s entertain that thought again for a moment. You could be correct by accident, in that maybe international Zionism and global White Supremacy both have their anchor-point in the United States and have a shared narrative stemming from them both being settler-states. And so the fact that you are a White supremacist and you are implicitly a Zionist on top of that, is an unsurprising outworking of that.

            In which case then it makes complete sense for me to be both anti-Zionist and anti-AltRight.

            Is that the conclusion you wanted people to draw? That is what you have been presenting!

          • I think he’s young and still figuring things out. I’ve had patience with him in the past, but don’t appreciate being insulted or dictated to because I disagree with his poorly formed and argued opinions. A lot of people came into the movement through Trump, and some of them have a hard time abandoning him. His unwavering support of Trump is in the minority here though.

          • I became suspicious of him from the time I first saw him, there are some others like him as well, who have a lot of basic bitch viewpoints that they clearly have picked up from the floor of Trump rallies when they were standing among the GOP mainstream base.

            And they bring those viewpoints here and try to act like they are the authorities. The thing which makes me think that they are not just making honest mistakes, is because so far in the time that I’ve run into these types of people, they do not debate consistently.

            Instead, they are cautious about what they say among you all, but as soon as I come and engage them, they seem to see that as a chance to run amok, and so they will then transform themselves into howling Zionists and claim that if anyone were to break ranks with their suddenly-acquired howling Zionist stance such a person would be joining the side of ‘the evil Asian woman’, which would be supposedly ‘anti-White’ and so on.

            In this thread, keep in mind that for what seems to be the first time, Depeche Europa has now come out against Assad specifically, and then he tried to claim that you must also do this or otherwise you might find yourself on my side, which would be the greatest of betrayals or whatever.

            They think they can do this kind of ridiculousness whenever they have a non-White person here — particularly a woman — that they can try to use as an easy foil. After all, whenever I get him in a corner, he is confident that he can just spin out of it through some lame anti-Asian and/or anti-female signalling at the audience. Their confidence in that is what causes them to then advocate their real position.

            This whole comments section could be summarised as Depeche Europa yelling, “A bunch of White people out there somewhere think that Assad is the problem, and this Japanese bitch here disagrees! Who will you agree with, White Brother™?”

            It’s basically Breitbart-esque.

          • I agree. The Alt-Right grew a lot in the last two years due to the Trump movement and the Refugee Crisis in Europe, so theres a lot of people who are new to these ideas and have not really fully formulated their ideology yet. I don’t expect people to go from basic bitch conservative or libertarian to enlightened elder over night (I continue to learn new things every day) but I do expect people to be willing to learn and respect those who came before them.

            Another problem is the association with Trolling. To me the Internet is a useful tool and Trolling is a useful tactic, but to many in the Alt-Right it’s a culture. I think it’s a culture that breeds a lot of low quality characteristics. When somebody is taking the time to debate you in good faith, you should be open to their ideas. It can only strengthen your own arguments by engaging, and you might even learn something new and reassess your former assumptions. Now theres no point in engaging in a debate that way with libtards, ridicule is their method of dealing with political enemies and you should respond likewise. But someone who is offering constructive criticism deserves more respect. Not everyone who disagrees with you is therefore a cuck. It’s a childish mindset.

            I don’t know, I see a lot of room for improvement in the Alt-Right. It’s still a young movement thats growing so we’ll see how it evolves. It is starting to move beyond just being an online movement so hopefully it’s moving past its teen angst stage now…. We’ll see.

        • You think that Assad and the Alewites are responsible for the refugee crisis, and that if I tell you that it’s actually the United States, France, Israel and ISIL who are responsible, that this is an ‘anti-White’ statement?

          Surreal. And you also are now claiming that if a White person upvotes me for pointing this out, that to give me upvotes is the same thing as supporting ‘White genocide’?

  • “I can not support Donald Trump due to muh consistency with muh principles”…….

    Is this Evan McMuffin, Ben Shapiro, Mitt Romney, the Neocons, the RINO Cucks…..

    ….or the Alt-Cucks……

    Hard to tell…….isn’t it Boys??


  • Kevin McCarthy proved himself to be dumber than a bag of hammers when he stated last year that the House Benghazi Committee had lowered Hillary’s poling numbers. The man has the political acumen of a honey badger. The fact that the new Republican Congress returned him to a leadership role, was proof that we had elected another basket of dribblers.

  • If you voted for President Trump….

    And are now abandoning him after 4 Months….

    You’re not a Man….

    You’re a a Juvenile Beta Cuck….

    Alt-Cuck Ethno State!!!


      • The Schlomo’s are laughing their Tear Ducts dry……..

        … the Alt-Right becomes one and the same……

        … the #NeverTrumpers……

        It’s beyond their Wildest Dreams…….

        Thank you, Goy…….

        You did much better than they expected……..

        • lol they think us dumb goyim will buy whatever they want to sell us… and you are proving them right.

          • No, you are……

            By dumping President Trump after just 4 Months in Office……

            Nothing could make the Schlomo’s Happier……..

          • My loyalty is to my bloodline, not Donald Trump, the Republicucks or (((America))). Grow Up.

          • Then why were you upvoting a Foreigner Japanese Chink……

            ……who was attacking your Bloodline??



          • Ha!!

            You’re a Cuck…….

            It’s OK…..

            It happens…..

            Get over it……

          • “Your not white” HA! is the Alt-Right equivalent of the “You’re a Racist!” tactic that libtards do.

            Trump isn’t /ourguy/ and never was. Why would I have loyalty to someone who is acting against my interests? Think before you type.

          • You’re not Fashy……


            You’re Weak and Cucky……

            Maybe Gay also……

            How is President Trump acting against your White Interests in Procreating with White Women…..

            … Mitigate White Genocide……

            ……by Attacking…..

            ……muh Syria??

          • You know Assads politics are a lot closer to actual Fascism than the milquetoast Civic Nationalism Trump campaigned on and then abandoned after taking office, right? I hoped he would be a light weight nationalist. He ended up being a light weight Globalist and Zionist. .

            I don’t understand your thought process. What do I care who he procreates with? What does that mean to me?

            The longer the Syrian Civil War continues, the longer the refugee crisis continues. This isn’t hard. Perpetuating that war is against European interests. He said he was going to get along with Assad and Putin and then did the exact opposite. He’s a liar. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

          • So, Assad is not perpetuating the Refugee Crisis??


            And if it weren’t the Syrians……

            The Pathetic European Suicidalists would be letting some other Non-White Race in……

            …..for muh DIEversity…….

            You might try getting your Mind out now or then…….

            The Entire Establishment is at War with President Trump……

            And Kushner was there from the Beginning…….

            Trump was Pro-Israel from the Beginning……

            Why are you Crying??

            What did you want, exactly??

          • -No, he’s not.
            -Europe is under ZOG control too.
            -Yes he was, but he also said he was going to put America first, which I interpreted as meaning no more foreign wars for Israel. He betrayed that promise and the people who voted for him in under 4 months. He isn’t deserving of anyones respect. What kind of man lets his Jewish son-in-law boss him around anyways?
            -I’m not crying, but you clearly are.

          • Ok, Fashy……..

            If a Non-White Woman tried to post on this Site…..

            …..and disrespect you……

            ……my White Brother……

            I wouldn’t upvote her…..

            Even if I disagreed with you……

            That’s me……

            I’m not Fashy……



            I’m a Man……

          • Dude, she didn’t disrespect you until you started acting like a sperg. She said things that were true to counter things you said which were untrue. She was right and you were wrong. You’re making way to big a deal of this. Move on.

          • Dude….

            You’re a Cuck…….

            You don’t even understand Basic Facts of how the Syrian Crisis started…….

            ZOG and Stuff……

            She was Wrong and you’re a Cuck…….

            You’re not Fashy…….

            And you’re not Alt-Right……..

            I’m Alt-Right……

            Move on……

          • Lol alright whatever. I’m not some ‘Proud Boy.’ I don’t care about Trump. Only Europa matters.

          • The basic facts of how the crisis started was that France, Israel, and some elements inside the United States, decided that they wanted to create chaos in Syria, and one way to do it would be tap the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood in rural conservative areas of the country who could field cells in the major cities, and that what resulted from that would spiral into a general insurgency against the Syrian government.

            Religious conservative rebels

            Religious conservatives in Syria have been simmering since 1975 when the government tried to compromise with them but as usual no compromise is ever acceptable to them. In 1982 the Hama incident happened because of a Muslim Brotherhood plot, and the whole thing was put down.

            Their idea was basically to replicate that, but with the added bonus of social media and smart phones, as well as 24/7 news coverage and etc, which would not have been available in 1982. Letting the Muslim Brotherhood go ahead with that without any western opposition, would be conducive to Israeli interests because it would destroy one of Israel’s most competent rivals in the region, and it would also provide a scenario in which Assad’s chemical weapons brigades — which were formed to counter Israel’s nuclear ambiguity — could be disbanded, thus removing a strategic threat to Israel.

            The other issue was one of geoeconomics. Syria’s economy was growing at about 9% year on year, it was in the transitional stage where wealth accumulation was allowing for the creation of a national bourgeoisie which would be capable of independent action, and it was interlinked with Iranian investment. With so many Iranian eggs in Syrian baskets, economically speaking, smashing Syria would be a check against Iran, which would again be conducive to Israeli interests. At the same time, this would actually cut against the interests of the Atlantic states which had been supporting the Iran deal precisely so as to avoid this kind of confrontation in the first place. Yet it still happened. It’s up to you to guess why that was so.

            Delicious oil

            Another geoeconomic view is oil and gas services related. Various Asian states were interested in developing Syrian energy and in investing in a growing Syrian economy. From the perspective of France, that would be ‘bad’, because it would mean that 10 to 20 years down the road French people would be competing with Syrians for jobs in a jurisdiction in which the economic framework is not controlled by Europeans. They don’t want that.

            Therefore, France, along with Germany, took the view that Syria should be burned to the ground basically, and that Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia should have a hand in picking the kind of people to design the economy during the reconstruction, to make sure that Syria could never develop into any kind of rival on an economic level. The massive outflow of migrants would be absorbed into Europe and used as an base of cheap workers geographically inside Europe, so as to rival Asia’s productive capacity. In this sense, Angela Merkel is actually a protectionist, and mass migration forms a key element of how her economic protectionism manifests.

            Migrants everywhere

            The view of Germany particularly, is that if Germany can absorb the migrants and put them to work, and if France and the United States could arrange the energy situation in the Middle East and North Africa so that everyone there is a client of the United States or France, then it creates a golden zone in which Europe’s source of productive labour is inside Europe, and Europe’s source of energy is directly to the south of their position and is under their control. This then would mean that hypothetically, they could blockade Asia’s energy supply if they ever needed to do so, with less of a backlash than there otherwise would be. See: MEFTA Initiative and the Mediterranean Union II concept.

            Hypothetical blockade event nonsense

            After all, if someone were to propose energy-blockading Asia in the present scenario, it would be laughable. The response would simply be “Well then your shelves will be empty since the oil you are blockading is used in Asia to make the products that are shipped to your shelves.” But if Europe has millions of migrants staffing factories that can do product substitution, then suddenly an idea which sounded ridiculous becomes significantly less ridiculous. Still a stupid waste of everyone’s time though — but then I would say that, right?

            And yes, this really does mean that they did it all so as to ensure that they could have the upper hand in a hypothetical flashpoint event that very few analysts think would actually occur in real life.

            Off the rails with Russia

            However, the whole thing went off the rails, as it always was going to, because conservative Syrians in the rural countryside are Islamic fundamentalists who ended up actually joining ISIL, and because the United States was not able to work out its differences with Russia over the warm water port issue, which led to an inter-imperialist disagreement between them which Trump and Lavrov are now trying to ‘repair’ (read: finding a way to destroy Syria in such a way that Russian interests are nevertheless protected — it remains to be seen how they will be able to accomplish that one).

            Kurdish state and Turkey

            There is also the Kurdish complication. Kurds want to have their own state, but there are three general factions of Kurds who don’t agree with each other on strategy, or on crucial economic — which is to say class related — issues of great structural importance. The United States supports all the Kurds against ISIL which is contesting their territory, but Turkey opposes Kurdish autonomy because that places at risk large parts of the Turkish state. This creates inter-imperialist tensions between the United States and Turkey, an added complication that they really didn’t want. In the context of the incoming Trump administration, Michael Flynn was tapped to ‘repair’ that problem, by having him basically in the tank for Turkey on almost all issues, including doing an exchange where the US would agree to extradite the liberal cleric Fethullah Gulen to Turkey so that they can kill him, as an appeasement, along with guarantees that the US will contain and limit Kurdish aspirations. Trump got unlucky because people found this to be unacceptable because it looked like Flynn was being literally paid upfront to do that. Trump might still do it himself anyway, even with Flynn gone.

            Well, assuming that Comey’s memos don’t destroy him first. I hope Comey can destroy Trump as quickly as possible.

            Gulf Arabs

            There is also the issue of the Gulf states. I probably don’t need to explain the motives of Qatar or Saudi Arabia, since the Sunni rejectionism thing has been covered so many times that even five year old children understand it now in the context of Iraq, Syria, and the rise of the Islamic State.

            Assad’s only basic mistake

            Assad’s only mistake is that he didn’t lock down his country’s internet hard enough. Syria installed Chinese equipment for the creation of a ‘Great Firewall of Syria’, but they only got around to trying to do this after the insurgency had already gotten underway, at which point it didn’t even matter anymore.

            Another unfortunate mistake is that they were not able to lock in their phones to use the compromised version of Syria-customised version of WeChat that Chinese developers had supplied to them. Instead, the rebels simply installed Whatsapp, and later on, installed Telegram when that came out, and so were able to communicate in complete privacy.

            It’s a real problem when you’re trying to kill someone but you don’t have good signals intelligence on what they’re talking about. It sucks a lot.

            Why do I know this stuff?

            Because knowing what you people are up to is tangentially related to my ability to make money, so I had better have some idea of what the hell is happening, right? That’s the most innocuous way that I can put it.

            Could I be wrong?

            It’s always possible for me to be wrong, but I am not wrong.

          • It really was good that intervened into this comments section. If it were not for me challenging you, it may have remained the case that no one would know that these are your real stances.

            Again, why do you keep claiming that Bashar Al-Assad is responsible for the refugee crisis when he clearly is not?

          • What if her name was Shaneequa Malia Jackson Obama??

            And she had typed the exact same thing in her comments…….

            Would you have upvoted her and said she was right??


  • Meanwhile…..

    Assumed Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer……

    ….Publicly defends and claims Heroic Status….

    ….for Mentally Ill Castrated Bradley Manning…..

    While remaining Silent on defending Alpha White Male Nationalist President Trump…..

    ….under Vicious Assault by Judea…..

    Is this or…..

    Just wondering??


  • In my opinion, Pres. Trump’s (or one of his wives) taste in decor is, uh, garish, but that’s just me. I prefer the more restrained 18th/early 19th Century British-style furniture vs. the Louis XV French-style.

  • Another day…..

    Another Vile Jewish Subhuman is Exposed……..

    Look at this Ugly Freak of Nature…..

    These Roaches actually think President Trump is going to RESIGN??



    Like you Failed for an Entire Year before Nov. 8th…… take down Trump……..

    You’ll fail again……..FACT……


    • I’m reminded of the old headlines that drove the United States into World World 2.

      “Judea declares war on Trump!”

  • Those evil Russkies at it again!

    Thing is waaaaay to many Americans are zombified by shitty diets, no exercise, tv, banal lives, and so on and so forth and salivate like Pavlov’s dogs when the Russkies are mentioned.

        • Bro…….

          Commanders on the ground don’t need to call the White House…..

          … ask for permission…..

          ……if Troops under their Command…..

          ……..are in Danger from Enemy Forces……….

          • Did you believe there were WMDs in Iraq? A Chemical attack by the Assad government last month? Why attack Assad forces now?

          • I NEVER supported the Iraq War……


            I had been Educated about many things related to the Jews before 9/11……

            ……and so I knew the Neocons were Lying for the Sake of Israel……

            Plus, none of it made any sense…….

            Any Critically Skeptical Person saw right through the Lies…..

            I can’t say for certain that the Chemical Attack was or wasn’t done by Assad…….

            I don’t really even think that’s the issue……

            I don’t think we should try to remove Assad……..

            But, from what I’ve read……..Assad Affiliated Forces…..

            ……were nearing a US Base in Syria…….

            ……and had ignored Warnings to Back Off…….

            They were attacked by Airstrikes because they didn’t Retreat after the Warning……

            Sounds like a Mess to me…….

            I think we should just Bomb ISIS and Al Qaeda……

            Stop funding and training Anti-Assad Forces……..

            Hopefully, one day get out of the Middle East entirely………

          • Well, Trump is bombing Assad, so Trump is looking like a moron.

          • If Assad’s Forces were nearing a US Base in Syria…….

            ……and putting US Forces at risk……..

            And Assad’s Forces ignored Warnings to Retreat…….

            What should have been done by US Commanders on the Ground??

          • Assad has no reason to attack American forces or put them at risk.

          • For Christ Sake, Assad is in his own country! What are we doing there? Protecting our legitimate interests? How about our southern border!

          • Then why are Russia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Israel, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah also operating there?

          • Israel needs land
            Saudis sunni hegemon
            Iran wants shia power to stay
            Russians want to eliminate ISIS. Too close and too many Russian moslems are involved
            All other proxies.
            WTF we want over there?

          • Or you could ask Donald Trump that question, given that Donald Trump is president of the United States and his military had attacked Syrian forces directly twice now.

            Barack Obama wouldn’t know why they are making these decisions now, because he’s no longer the president.

          • No, instead you would like to have these Zionists, apparently:


            It is becoming increasingly obvious that American ‘White Nationalism’ goes hand-in-hand with Zionism, despite all the Alt-Right protestations to the contrary.

            Also, speaking of meddling in people’s affairs, I’m not in your country. You do however have 200 bases around the world, and you are presently in Syria. Maybe you should get out of everyone else’s countries.

          • Also, I’d like to address further the issue of “our affairs”. When you support Jahbat Al-Nusra, and Al-Nusra then splits off into JFS and ISIL, and then ISIL goes to Deir-Ez-Zor and destroys all the Indian, Chinese, and Korean oil infrastructure in that location, that becomes literally “my affair” at that stage.

            I’m not sure how you suppose that you can just do whatever you want anywhere you want, and then when someone criticises your insane Zionist government, you respond by calling me a ‘mud’ and telling me to stay out of your affairs.

            You made it everyone else’s affair.

          • No idea what you are talking about. We are opposed to ZOG. Didn’t you get the memo?

          • Based on actions and projections of where the policy prescriptions will take you, I do not believe that the Alt-Right are actually opposed to the Zionist Occupation Government in any substantive way.

            Not only that, but several Alt-Right leaders, including Richard Spencer and Kevin MacDonald, have voiced their opinion that they are actually okay with Zionism, if the American Zionists will ‘make a deal’ domestically that will allow them to shut down the southern border so that they can get closer to having a White ethno-state.

            I know that you’ve seen some of these quotations. But if you want to say that you haven’t seen them, I can actually get them for you.

          • Amazing how it’s now at the point where you are just mocking the idea that there is such a thing as a ‘Zionist Occupation Government’, because it has become politically inconvenient for you to acknowledge its existence!

          • ZOG is Here…..

            Exterminate the Chinks!!

            Exterminate the Chinks!!


          • My grandparents were not afraid of you people in 1937, and I’m not afraid of you in 2017.

            Interesting how I only had to scratch you a little bit, for you to basically show your real outlook, though. I’m a fascist (woooo!) who should be afraid to get nuked again by you, in your view?

          • Japan fought on the right side of WWII. The only people who won WWII was the Soviet Union and International Jewry.

          • We do not hold the stances you accuse of us. You are barking up the wrong tree. Again, there is no reason for a mud like you to be in our space, You are not welcome here and I don’t mean that to be rude but that is life. I would not be welcome in many places in Japan either and I take no offense at that. It is natural and good.

          • You are simply lying to me on the issue of stances. Read this very comments section that you are in.

            Also, I’m not trying to be ‘welcome’ in your space. I know that I’m unwelcome, but I choose to engage with you despite the fact that you are racially hostile, because I want to see what you’ll do and that’s how dialogue works. If you are offended because I’m not respecting your safe space on the internet, then I genuinely do not care.

            To compare a comment section on the internet to a physical space such as ‘the country of Japan’ is retarded.

          • Yes, Seriously……Chink…….

            You are Inferior here…….


          • I appreciate Kumikos comments. Yeah, she criticizes us, but her critiques are always thought out and constructive. It won’t kill us to consider others points of view.

          • Ok, Cuck…

            You’re into Asian Chicks…

            Alt-Cucks United!


          • You’re uncritical support for everything Donald Trump does is the most possible cucked position to take. I’m actually consistent with my own beliefs. You should try it sometime.

          • Only to the Beta and Omega Cucks…..

            Chinky Waif….

            Dey wanna Miscgenate….


          • No, we don’t. Mestizaje would destroy both Asians and White groups by undermining their cohesiveness and would lead to lots of confusion. That would obviously be bad.

            I’ve never supported mestizaje, and I’ve written extensively against it.

            At least base your accusations on something, rather than just making things up. And all of this because you don’t want to talk about Israel.

          • You’re Irrelevant, Chinky Waif……

            Buh Bye……

            White Power!!

            We don’t want to F you or Procreate with you…..

            Not Now…..

            Not Ever……

          • This whole Arab Spring engineered and executed by Obama-Clinton seemed to have only one purpose: To flood Europe with refugees and destroy European identity. The EU (Frau Merkel and Holande???) realized it too late.

            Typically, I would not ask Obama about anything. Never voted for him.

          • Trump continues to say he’s going to Build the Wall…..

            He said he didnt want Perpetual War in the Mideast…..

            But, he walked into a Deep State Swamp…

            With a Viciously Hostile Media…

            With RINO Neocon Infiltrators, Leakers, and Disruptors…

            A DNC working with the Fake News Lugenpresse to Destroy him…

            He would appreciate your patience and support through these Trials and Tribulations….

          • Uh……NO….

            In an Ideal Environment….

            Trump would be enacting MAGA 100%…

          • I support Trump…..

            Not everything he does….

            You can do what you want to do…..

          • I support Assad and anyone else who wants to take out Isis, stabilize the region and stop the rapefugee crisis. If your not working towards that goal, your working against it.

          • Then why does Assad need Russia to remain in Power, Cuck??

            Last time I checked the Embassy wasnt being moved to Jerusalem….

          • Did you check before or after 1200 UTC? Daily Caller is carrying an article today saying that Tillerson is going to be the one to get on with pushing that segment of their agenda forward after they are done with the Comey thing.

            Well, assuming they actually survive the Comey thing.

          • Because (((America))) is funding and arming “moderate” rebels who are trying to overthrow his regime. Making alliances is not being cucked. Doing everything Israel tells you to is.

          • “Too simplistic,” said the guy whose whole strategy basically consists of defending whatever policy positions the Trump administration comes out with, while insulting anyone who disagrees.

            I can’t think of anything more simplistic than what you yourself have been doing.

          • We need Trump because the Alternative is unimaginable now. Not anymore. Not just for us but for the most of the country.

            Are we happy with the Trump performance so far? Most of us not. Do we truly understand where this whole thing is going – probably not.

          • So your grand idea to help Iran to become more progressive, is to basically collude with Benjamin Netanyahu to antagonise them, which in turn would trigger Iranian voters to vote for one of the clerics rather than voting for the liberal reformer Rouhani?

            There are only two possibilities here. Either (1) this is really dumb, or (2) you are in the tank for Israel on purpose. Which is it?

          • I think that Assad’s people have the right to drive around in tanks and APCs inside their own country given that Syria is their country and not yours.

            It’s their country despite the fact that neither you, Trump, nor Netanyahu seem to be willing to recognise it as such.

          • I think that President Trump would rather not be in Syria….

            He also woul rather not

          • You think he’d rather not be in Syria, and yet facts defy you on this:

            Trump is perfectly happy with being in Syria, because he’s a Zionist. He’d even stay there just to spite Iran. In fact, he literally ran on directing spite toward Iran:

            And Trump announced that he is ‘Israel first’, before he was even inaugurated:

          • You’re a Moron, Jap..

            American Troops are protecting Japan….

            President Trump is going after North Korea…

            Bow down, Client…

          • What are American troops ‘protecting’ Japan from? Having an independent foreign policy without you yellow-haired idiots interfering in it? Is that what you are protecting Japan from since 1945? Itself?

            It’s way past time for you to leave.

          • Stop Killing all the Whales….

            President Trump has American Beef he wants to sell you….

            It might help the Jap Males develop higher T rates so American Troops don’t have to defend you….


          • I’ll address these troll-points as though they were said in seriousness, just for the fun of it.

            Regarding whales and the killing of whales. Killing whales is not a traditional Japanese practice, despite what the media of both the United States and Japan likes to claim. Rather, it is a fake tradition that was invented in 1946 during MacArthur’s occupation government, because meat production was restricted and they wanted to give a kind of validation to the hunting of whales to fill the gap. Thus, the occupation government invented the non-existent ‘tradition’. Vested interests then grew around this disgusting practice, and the people remain stuck with it today. Many even defend the ‘tradition’ as their own, without realising it’s completely fake and its storied history is also fake, invented in 1946.

            Regarding beef, Japanese people never knew anything about beef before the year 1867. During the war of 1904, most people still were not eating vast quantities of meat on a daily basis, yet Japanese men still beat the Russians half to death with very little trouble at all. This is because Japan is what the British referred to as ‘a martial race’. A race of people who are genetically predisposed and adapted toward combat.

          • I would hate to think that being Japanese and Non-American…..

            ….you show up on a White Identitarian website…..

            ….and criticize White Americans…

            …..for supporting the President they voted for..


            How much Sushi are you being paid for your Trolling?

  • “All we can do now is ask: is the dawning of a new era of McCarthyism in America?”

    Obligatory reminder: McCarthy was right. The Venona decrypts were declassified over 20 years ago, and people still pretend they never existed. “Blacklisted by History” is a good review of the truth vs. the progressive establishment narrative. Ann Coulter’s “Treason” is a shorter, more polemical version. Or even this, for an overview:

      • Gotta defend those (((Communists))), eh? Some kind of, ah, tribal allegiance at work here, perchance?

        • No, I’ve been through them. They nail some communist-socialist spies. But, other stuff is just guesses. That’s why they were never used in any prosecutions.

          • Just because you break a code, doesn’t mean you find anything. The fact that they were never used to prosecute a spy speaks volumes for their value.

          • Even if you do break a code, as mathematician Martin Gardner has pointed out, how do you know you are not being fed lies?

          • And the Soviet archives were part of the conspiracy, too, I assume. They made them up in order to portray innocent Americans as Soviet spies. Uh huh.

            So if Senator McCarthy really was, as you and the progressive establishment doggedly contend, just a very bad meanie who was simply smearing people for no reason other than “anti-semitism” or something, then you should find it ludicrously easy to give just a couple of examples of people falsely accused by him, right? I mean, if it was a “witch hunt,” that means innocent people were falsely accused, correct?

            Go right ahead. We’ll wait.

            Meanwhile, a much better example of a witch hunt, from just a few years prior, has been effectively memory-holed. (((Wikipedia))) lampshaded their article on it quite a few years ago– FDR’s Great Sedition Trial, where a number of patriotic Americans were falsely accused, imprisoned, and tried for the “crime” of anti-Communism:



          • I’m yet to see anything relating to the Venona intercepts come out of the Soviet archives. If you know of a link, post it.

            McCarthy was a fat ass Irish Roman Catholic blowhard & alcoholic who came after the hard work of prosecuting the Soviet atom spies had already been done!

          • “McCarthy was a fat ass Irish Roman Catholic blowhard & alcoholic”

            Very sad to see ignorant bigots still spewing such blatant, toxic anti-White hatred and virulent Gentilephobia in the current year. What do you think this is, 2015 or something?

        • If there had been any solid proof contained in them they would have been used to prosecute spies.

          There was some great code breaking of encoded cables, but, that only led to code names, for which there were no answers.

          As far as I know, the Venona cables are still posted on the internet—if you are interested.

          • “If there had been any solid proof contained in them they would have been used to prosecute spies.”

            lol. “The Venona decrypts, along with other evidence, revealed widespread Communist ties among many figures in the US establishment. The failure of the US establishment to prosecute anyone because of this evidence is proof that the evidence did not exist, or was mistaken, or something.”

            I think I see a problem with this “reasoning”…

          • You should take a look at the Venona transcripts, they are posted on the internet.

      • Good one. Gotta add that to the list. Light on the JQ, perhaps, but strong on pointing out that the problem was not really Soviet agents per se, but widespread establishment ties to Communism. Sympathy for, and cooperation with, the USSR was in a way just a symptom of that. For example:

        Take a look at the career of one of
        the most well-known Soviet Communist agents, Alger Hiss. Hiss’s career
        (including after he was exposed as a Soviet spy and after being in jail)
        included stints at: the State Department, the United Nations, clerking
        for Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, the Justice Department, some Senate
        Committees, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and –
        naturally – Harvard Law. Being a Communist traitor didn’t hold him back
        much, did it? Compare that to McCarthy, who actually
        took the Cold War seriously…

  • The White Nationalist Internationale….

    Formerly known as The Alt-Right….

    Sorry, Schlomo you’re not Invited…

    It’s a Family Affair….

    Impeach Trump….Russia….Hitler!!

    Impeach Trump….Russia….Hitler!!


    • He might be trying to Placate his Obvious Foes….

      McConnell and Hatch talked about possibly nominating Merrick Garland….the Jew blocked from Supreme Court….

      …as the Next FBI Director….

      The Jewish Supremacists are Furious….

      …that Trump won and WE ignored….

      ….their Propaganda….

      ….and that the Alt-Right helped put Trump in the White House…..

      …..and the Alt-Right is Ascendant….

      The Goy Cucks are trying to Appease the Jews..

    • An important role of FBI is counter-intelligence – busting foreign spies.

      If Trump puts a Jew – a Jew like “single-loyalty” Lieberman – in as FBI, we may as well expect that FBI counter-intelligence will be filled with Israel agents. It’s like turning over the keys to the house to Mossad.

      Which is of course exactly what I have been expecting Trump to do. Hilarious how people keep calling Jared Kushner “liberal” – as if “liberal” and “conservative” mean anything anymore. Kushner’s father was literally a Mossad agent that placed Golan Cipel in the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security. Of COURSE Kushner is Mossad – and OF COURSE Trump knows it.

      Clinton was our First Black President. Obama was our First Gay President. Trump is our First Israeli Jew President.

      Mozel Tov.

  • What the hell is wrong with Bezos (Jorgenson)? Why is he one of the main fiddles behind the coup attempt?

  • Do the Jews and Roman Catholics in the Democrat Party want a war with Russia? If they start it, will they fight it?

      • When you see a Democrat politician shooting their mouth off about Trump and the Russians—you can bet they are either a Roman Catholic or a Jew. This morning it was Holy Roman Catholic Dick Durbin US Senator from Illinois.

        • There are no Protestant Dems!

          Autiste who has never heard of Episcopalians and Congregationalists.

          • That’s not telling the whole story. Who cares how “Protestants” and “Catholics” vote? Many Catholics are Hispanic and almost all blacks are Protestant. You have to break the data down by race.

            White Catholics have voted Republican ever since Reagan or Nixon. There were whole Poly Sci studies on the defection of White Catholics to Nixon and Reagan. Kevin Phillips wrote a book about this, The Emerging Republican Majority, way back in 1969. Relying on the old “Catholic-Protestant” dichotomy is outmoded.

            How did Trump win Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin? By winning the White Catholic vote.

          • “Relying on the old “Catholic-Protestant” dichotomy is outmoded.”

            Oh gee, ya think? Yet you and the fake Protestant guy go around and around on this. As Johnson once said, most WN arguments over religion are people pretending to be Catholics arguing with people pretending to be Calvinists arguing with people pretending to be pagans.

            The fact is it’s the Catholics that are heavily involved in the fascist LARPing and they hate Protestants – especially us Americans – more than they hate Jews. No one would even bring up Protestantism if it wasn’t for fake Catholics constantly LARPing about the religion none of them even believe in anymore.

            Catholicism is based in Rome, FFS. It has nothing to do with America, which has always been a “Protestant” – read “folkish Anglo-Christian” country. Even the traditional Americans that were Catholics, like in say Maryland, we Protestant by culture. The “Catholics” we complain about were the Ellis Islanders who came in the early 20th century and did NOT assimilate into White America. To this day these “Catholics” – who are not more religious than Jews are – cling to this identity precisely because they hate Americans, American culture, and White Americans generally.

            There’s a reason we didn’t want Papists here in the first place – as we can see, even the atheists Catholics LARP non-stop.

          • Didn’t take you long to make a LARPing post, which is highly ironic when you can conclude with some retarded Know Nothing argument out of 1850s Anti Irish and German sentiment.

            So why are you taking the opportunity to attack White Catholics after your fellow Autiste once again sperged all over the comments with his typical Rum and Romanism diatribe? Just couldn’t resist I guess, you being on the Spectrum.

            Can we get back to Russia and ignore these two Autistic Fukktards?

          • “some retarded Know Nothing argument out of 1850s”

            Just think – if they had won we wouldn’t have to listen to your anti-white American nonsense.

            “you taking the opportunity to attack White Catholics”

            Do you even read your own posts? All you fake Catholic, fake fascists LARPers DO is constantly attack Americans, Protestants, and all white people who won’t LARP along with your anime-level clerico-fascist faggotry. Your guys are literally posting a list of historical European Catholic fascists leaders in some pathetic attempt to counter-signal Whites who aren’t Catholic.

            Just stop. You aren’t even a real Catholic so why do you care?

          • The Know Nothings didn’t win. So take your own advice, Shut the fukk up, and Stop LARPING like you’re Butcher Bill in “Gangs of New York.”

          • I’m not LARPing. I’m an actual American, settler stock. This IS my country. Letting Ellis Island trash in was our first mistake – hardly a coincidence that the Jews came in with the rest.

            We still have, right here, fake Catholics complaining that the Evil WASPs didn’t consider Italians to be “white.” It’s not true – it’s Jewish propaganda – but the fake Catholics Fascists are so hooked on their sob story – just like the Jews – they can’t just drop it and be White.

            If you don’t want to be White – just like Jews don’t want to be White – I’m perfectly willing to grant you “non-white” status.

          • No real White Advocate like Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer refers to American Whites like Italians or Poles who came through Ellis Island as trash. GTFO.

          • No real White Advocate like Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer LARPs as a Catholic, nor a fascist, nor hates the actual American people. Nor do any of them pretend to have a chip on their should because heritage Americans supposedly didn’t accept European immigrants.

            It’s you LARPers – fake Catholics, fake fascists – that are so lost in your online make-believe that you literally spend have of your time attacking other White people. GTFO.

          • Congrats on using the preferred Jew terminology, “White Trash,” to denigrate and attack white people.

          • Congrats on joining in with the Jews on their attacks on White Americans. The “ethnic” Catholics joined the Jews in the Democratic party machines of the northern states to oppose native born Americans. Hence, you have “ethnic” Catholics – who aren’t even religious – mimicking Jews kvetching that their grandpa wasn’t invited to the golf club – supposedly.

            It was the Ellis Island Catholics that refused to assimilate and become “White” that led to the current Jew-run multiculturalism.

            But why do you care, anyway? You aren’t a real Catholic, just like you aren’t a real “fascist” – you just jump at every chance you get to attack Whites. Anglos, WASPs, Protestants, Yanks, Southerners, conservatives, urbans, “hipsters” “liberals” “SWPLs” – you hate them all. You handle is certainly appropriate.

          • Sure. White Catholics are just like Jews. Except their voting patterns are completely opposite. You’re not very good at this.

          • You aren’t aren’t a real Catholic, you’re a LARPer – just like you aren’t a real fascist, that’s more of your online playacting. In that, you are just like a Jew – you play one online, remember, Yehudah Finkelstein?

            I just showed you the data – Catholics are more Democrat than ultra-liberal Epsicopalians – and it’s precisely the secular, non-religious Catholics that joined the Jews in hating Americans – like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, et al.

          • I must have missed where religious voting data that doesn’t account for race matters at all.

          • It doesn’t mention race at all except for “historically black” denominations.

          • What the hell are you talking about?
            Do you even know any Catholics?

            I’m Catholic (although not much of a church goer) and know and live amongst mostly Catholics. More than half are conservative and vote Republican (although they are mostly registered unenrolled).
            We also see ourselves as nothing but American. I don’t know a single Catholic who identifies as Catholic before American.

          • Of course I know Catholics in real life. None of the Catholics I know in real life a) LARP as sedevacantists or b) LARP as fascists.

            Those kind of fake Catholics ONLY exist on online WN message boards. Sure, there are a few lace curtain Irish Catholics that make some noises about Anglos, but that’s mostly in jest. It’s ONLY the fake sedevacantist fascist LARPers online that spew this hatred toward Americans.

            They aren’t real Catholics and they aren’t real fascists – they are just LARPers playacting online.

          • Let’s play a drinking game, every time you write LARP, we all take six million shots.

          • It’s amusing that calling you a LARPer cuts you deep, while your bizarre obsession with calling people spergs doesn’t really effect anyone. Someone is protesting too much.

            You don’t even seem to know what a “sperg” actually means. But your LARPing can’t be denied.

          • Every thread on here has you either:

            Muh LARPing.

            Bitching like a Mid Menopausal cat lady about Anglin or the Goldberg guy.

          • You fill up every thread with non-stop attacks on White people, slurs your don’t even understand the meaning of (like “sperg”) and posturing – LARPing – as a Catholic (which you aren’t) and a fascist (which you aren’t either.)

            It’s telling how sensitive you are when your melodramatic role play is called out.

          • I could just write the same meandering screeds over and over again on a couple shop worn topics.

          • Or provide a link and cite it as evidence that doesn’t prove my point at all. Then throw a tantrum and call someone a liar for questioning the link.

          • Catholicism is a religion based on law and objective reality. Whether you have some Catholics doing this or that doesn’t mean anything.

          • That’s a “No True Scotsman” argument. It hardly matters anyway, as neither the “Catholic” nor the “Protestant” trolls here actually believe in the religion they are claiming to speak for – they are just trolling each other.

          • No, it’s not. Catholicism isn’t a democracy. It is based on the rule of bishops with apostolic succession. Bishops are the only people who can actually say what is “Catholic” or not.

            Protestantism rose to ascendancy along with democracy.

        • The only Roman Catholic president in the history of the US was Kennedy (a democrat, sure) who was also the only president to openly criticize Israel. We saw how that turned out.

          • Yeah, and Ted Kennedy and Phil Hart (a wealthy Roman Catholic lawyer and US Senator) gave us Hart-Celler the immigration act that changed America, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Both Roman Catholic & Jew productions. Both opposed by Southern & Western Protestants.

          • Southern and Western Protestants like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, John Edwards, Bruce Babbitt, The Udall Family?

          • You are conflating time periods, but, if you look at the votes on the legislation, it’s always Jews & Roman Catholics vs. Southern & Western Protestants.

          • Or maybe your theory is whack and there are many, many Prot pols past and present like Harry Reid and Hubert Humphrey who are Democrats and undermine white people.

          • In retrospect, would Humphrey have been any worse than Nixon for White Americans? Harry Reid is Jewish isn’t he? Well, Reid’s wife is Jewish and he claims that’s how he votes. Like Kerry, Roman Catholic or Jew? Have it your way.

          • Reid is LDS.

            Humphrey was a liberal fag and one of the the first to work for integration way back in the 40s. The legislation Nixon passed would have been 10X worse under Humphrey and a continuation of the LBJ Great Society years.

          • A Jewish Mormon like Chaffetz, or however you spell his name? Btw, he’s resigning June 30th.

          • No, Reid was born LDS. His family has lived in Vegas for generations. The Mormons are like the Puritans of New England, they settled the West first and consequently made tons of money.

          • Reid always refers to his wife’s Jewish family as influencing his votes.

            Kerry discovered that his Irish Roman Catholic grandparents were actually central European Jews. How about that. LOL.

          • Catholicism is not a democracy and the actions of individual Catholics do not constitute Catholic doctrine. Catholic doctrine is based on the unanimous assent of bishops with legitimate apostolic succession. I.e., those who were appointed by bishops who, going back far enough, were appointed by the twelve apostles of Jesus.

            You are of course correct that American Catholics have acted in self-interested ways politically. But there is nothing particularly “Catholic” about this, it is merely ethnic groups acting in self-interest.

            As you yourself say, America was a de facto Protestant country, until the Protestants were defeated, first by the Catholics in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and then more definitively by the Jews in the 1960’s. So as you yourself admit, you lost control of your country.

            So you should stop crying about how the Catholics didn’t do exactly what you wanted, and start taking responsibility for losing your land.

          • So many Catholics were duped by the Chosenites into voting along with them in a coalition against nativist Whites. How does that make them any different that 90% of the rest of Americans that are duped on a daily basis by Rubenstein’s tribe?

            Anyway, there is no need to make this a Nativist American vs. Catholic Hyphenated American thing. That is just plain stupid.

            The Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church are the ancestral churches of ALL whites even those who left centuries ago (were forced to leave by warlord kings who more or less stole a religion and make themselves leader of after looting its wealth) were originally in one of these two churches or even farther back in the one original church.

            If one wants to talk about which one of these Protestant on the one hand and Catholic/Orthodox on the other has been the most destructive to our Traditional society and organic culture (Traditional with a capital T) then it is evident and irrefutable what the answer to that is.

            Let’s stop abusing the world LARPING. Please.

            I for one am in this for my people and don’t give a rat’s ass about gazing back to 17th c. New England as the end all be all of our people and our future. I am also a heritage American and my ancestors fought in the Revolution. Though they were not Yankees.

          • I’m no Kennedy fan. Blaming Catholics for how the American experiment turned out is beyond retarded though.

          • There’s always your Italian Roman Catholic girlfriend Nancy Pelosi…LOL.

          • 20th century Roman Catholic politicians:

            Benito Mussolini
            Adolf Hitler
            Francisco Franco
            António de Oliveira Salazar
            Juan Perón
            Augusto Pinochet
            Pat Buchanan

            Starting to notice a pattern here? Catholics are natural Fashy goys. Protestants are natural good goys. Respect my spirtual superiority pleb.

          • LOL. You got a point there…I don’t think I would include a blowhard like Buchanan in that group. Although, Pat has made a nice living of his politics.

          • That’s some pretty weaksauce divide and conquer tactics there.

            Though Kennedy was the face of the 1965 Act,he was a freshman senator with little clout. The Act was the culmination of a 40-year effort by Jewish lobbies including the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith, the American Federation of Jews from Eastern Europe and Jewish members of Congress.

            It was the American Jewish Congress that proposed the basic elements of the 1965 bill – nine years earlier in 1956.

            As for the legislation, this was written by Norbert A. Schlei, a Jewish lawyer who also drafted the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


          • Ted Kennedy was at the height of his power, Schlei workerd for the Kennedy brothers.

          • “Ted Kennedy was at the height of his power” just after he became a senator? You do realize that words have meaning, and refer to actual events in the real world, don’t you? They do not take on magical power over reality by simply reciting them.

            “Schlei workerd for the Kennedy brothers.”
            Uh huh. So did the American Zionist Council, and the American Jewish Congress– probably the World Jewish Congress, too. Right?

          • Frank Marshall Davis Jr Obama was elected President after not even serving out his first term as a junior Senator.

            This proves that our President is chosen for us.

            You can make people think and vote for whomever you want if you own the media.

          • Ted and Bobby Kennedy were both alive in 1964-65, and at the height of their political power & influence. Teddy was a US Senator, Bobby was Attorney General, later Senator from NY.

          • LBJ was at the height of his power in 64-65, and he HATED RFK. Your knowledge of American history is pathetic. Without LBJ the Protestant and “Master of the Senate” ramming through the 1965 Immigration Act, it doesn’t become law. Your theory sucks balls.

          • It’s not a theory it’s a fact. LBJ was so unpopular he resigned in 1968.

          • LBJ was not unpopular in 64-65, he had a huge mandate after JFK was assassinated. He won one of the greatest victories in Presidential electoral history. LBJ only became unpopular because of the Vietnam War, which escalated long after the ’65 Immigration Act. Like I said, Don’t know much bout History, Bluto.

          • You said LBJ was unpopular in 65. He wasn’t. Get off this comment board, go learn some American history, and see an Autism Psychologist.

          • LBJ was no way as popular as you would like him to be. He ran against a dead dog in Goldwater which proves nothing, and he had the full support of the Kennedy Brothers—remember the Boston Austin alliance? Still the opposition came from Southern and Western Protestants.

            Was US Senator Munch a Roman Catholic?

          • LBJ passed a massive, sweeping liberal agenda. An unpopular President could not do that. He is the most influential American President of the 20th Century after FDR, and his legacy hurt White Americans.

            LBJ’s relations with the Kennedys were strained because RFK was a dick to him and called him Rufus Cornpone behind his back (JFK was never mean to LBJ and knew LBJ delivered him the Presidency). LBJ was also frozen out of doing anything useful while VP by RFK and Kenny O’Donnell. Contrast that with Nixon who was utilized as a pitbull by Ike, publicly debating Khruschev in Moscow and visiting Latin America.

            Clearly you’re out of your depth and your knowledge of American history is like the Protestant William Jennings Bryan’s home Platte River, an inch deep and a mile wide.

          • Not an argument. If you come and sperg here again, I’m gonna BTFO you all the time.

          • Don’t threaten me asshole. I can’t help it your parents are Roman Catholics.

          • Not threatening you, just not going to put up with your Autistic Faggotry.

          • Ironic considering that the Kennedy faction considered LBJ to be the main leader of the “conservative forces in the Democratic party.” LBJ’s “liberal” agenda was JFK’s agenda, passed because he needed the support of JFK’s liberal base.

          • LBJ was a Parliamentary master and not a true ideologue like James Eastland or Richard Russell Only LBJ could be put on the ticket with JFK. The liberals wing of the Democrat Party would have revolted had Kennedy picked a real Southern Conservative like Eastland, Russell, or Stennis.

          • LBJ’s mistress was a jewess, believed to be Mossad honey trap. He was in bed with her when the USS Liberty was attacked.

          • Exactly. Krafty Wurker posts this sperg Catholic-Jew Unholy Alliance crap on every thread. This is a thread about Russia, and he’s derailed it to satiate his narrow interests.

          • That’s why the Holy Roman Catholic Durbin of Illinois was on national TV this morning saying as much as the title of this story. Huh, butt head?

          • And you’ll find many Prots and Yids saying the same thing, but you just HAD to sperg out again, didn’t ya?

    • Odd to appose a religion and an ethnic group in that manner, don’t you think? Not really parallel.

        • So you’re claiming that jews are just another religion, eh? Where have I seen that before?

          • Not in the least. But, the Roman Catholic Church has a rich history of being anti-White. In particular to Northern Europeans.

            Do Roman Catholic still require conversion for marriage?

          • The ROMAN Catholic Church is anti-White? Hmm… Are Romans White?

            If the eternal Anglo hadn’t wanted a divorce along with his drunken monk cousin Luther’s shitposting and destroyed European unity under the Church, leading to the 100 years war, we’d be in a better position today.

            I think what you’re getting at is the current support from the RCC for Latin American immigrants, or maybe the support about 100 years ago for Irish, Italian and Polish immigrants (all Catholics ofc).

            This is not good, I agree. But it is not the Church’s place to decide immigration law. The Church, rightly, I think, defends its members. If the WASPs and Jews decide to let in Catholic Mexicans, how can you expect the Church to take the WASP/Jew side versus its own faithful? That would be dishonorable.

          • LOL. Any excuse to bring in more of your Roman Catholic co-religionists. That a big part of the Jew & Roman Catholic political alliance going back to the nineteen teens.

            Oh, the poor (Irish, Italian, Polish) Roman Catholics have had it sooo hard in the United States…the mean old Protestants have been so mean to us…pathetic.

          • You’re the only one complaining about duh rasizsmz. All I’m saying is that it’s not the Church’s place to dictate immigration law. The dioceses of the Church exist to provide spiritual and material support to the people who live in them. It’s not her place to figure out who is supposed to be there or not. Insofar as the Church attempts to influence immigration law (which I admit does happen), she is overstepping her bounds.

            The official position of Catholic bishops (as opposed to American “Catholic” politicians) on immigration is expressed in the Catechism at §2241 here:

            That’s a .va hostname. Note that it says the following:
            1. Nations are expected to accept immigrants only to the extent that they are materially able to. It follows from that that the interests of natives take priority.
            2. Emigration is only allowed for people who are unable to have security and a livelihood in their home country. So, no economic migrants, only true refugees.
            3. Immigrants have “duties toward their country of adoption.” Specifically they must “respect *with gratitude* the material *and spiritual* [so no “wow ur traditions r raycis”] heritage of the country that receives them.” Furthermore they must “obey its laws” (should be obvious, but that means no “it’s ok in their culture” type of thing) AND “assist in carrying civic burdens.” So no welfare leeches.

            That is the official position on immigration from the Vatican. Yes, sure, slippery pols will try to warp it into something else. But insofar as they do so they distance themselves from the Church.

    • Do you have a link to the Ann Lewis quote?….

      Not that I don’t think it’s possible for Jews to be this Arrogant, Criminal, Treasonous, and Evil…..

      ….but, I’d like to verify the quote….

      ……in its full context….


    • The context of the Ann Lewis quote was the issue of whether a US president should state a preference for any particular political party in Israel. The way she said it makes it sound like she thinks US presidents should be subservient to Israel. This probably is what she thinks, but not what she meant to say.

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