Is the Alt-Right in league with Putin?

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Hardly a day goes by without some media outlet pushing the narrative that Trump was aided in his presidential victory by means of Russian intervention, an accusation that as of yet has NO basis in reality. And yet the meme continues. Still sore over their loss, lefties everywhere continue to insist that the big, bad Russian boogeyman is in cahoots with Trump and the ring-wing in America, orchestrating some grand scheme to overthrow the system.  Now it seems that the Alt-Right is secretly friends with Putin as well.

President Donald Trump isn’t the only American leader with a puzzling fondness for Russian president Vladimir Putin’s regime. Consider, for example, the chant that was caught on local television footage as it was shouted by several dozen torch-carrying protesters who rallied against removal of a Confederate monument in a Charlottesville, Va., park last Saturday. “Russia is our friend!” they shouted. “Russia is our friend!”

Yeah, maybe these people just don’t want a nuclear war with a country that has done nothing to provoke us. Did you ever imagine living in a world where alleged “Neo-Nazi White Supremacists” were the ones calling for peace instead of war? What a time to be alive!

Yet Spencer also shows a curiously deep admiration for Russia, which he has called “the sole white power in the world.” His former wife is the Russian writer and self-described “Kremlin troll leader” Nina Kouprianova. Writing and blogging under the pen name Nina Byzantina, she regularly follows Kremlin talking points.

Former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, who has eagerly embraced the alt-right movement, has traveled to Russia several times to promote his book “The Ultimate Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question,” according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Rising self-described white nationalist Matthew Heimbach also has praised Putin’s Russia as “the axis for nationalists,” according to an interview by Business Insider. “I really believe that Russia is the leader of the free world right now,” he told the news website. “Putin is supporting nationalists around the world and building an anti-globalist alliance, while promoting traditional values and self-determination.”

Again, this is only natural. Russia is one of the few countries left that supports and upholds Pro-European values such as strength, unity, racial awareness, etc. Putin even addressed the ongoing ethnic displacement of European peoples in one of his press conferences.

There is no underhanded scheme going on here, simply a natural admiration fostered by our movement for a figure that supports policies and acknowledges facts which promote our interests.

It may be only coincidental that white nationalists cheer Russia as “our friend” two days before President Trump was reported to have revealed “highly classified” secrets to two high-ranking Russians in the Oval Office. But both episodes raise questions about how much Putin may be actively engaged in sowing divisions in this country.

THERE IT IS! The implication is brought forth again and again: Trump and the Alt-Right are engaged in some sort of secret kabal with Putin to take over America. What a laugh!

These whackjobs are promoting a kook-tier conspiracy theory to explain a very natural phenomenon in an effort to fear monger against anyone who would dare commit the heinous thought crime of advocating for White interests. What’s hilarious is that these same people have the gumption to call us “conspiracy theorists” for pointing out the over-representation of certain groups in the media.

Muh Russian Conspiracy is a forced meme with absolutely no credit to its name that was born out of the need for an excuse as to why Trump won. It’s the classic case of the sore loser. Until actual evidence is brought forth to support this ludicrous theory, it should be taken exactly for what it is: a joke.

If nothing else, we know that Putin is delighted to see us Americans divide ourselves against one another. That’s how he gained almost unquestioned control in Russia. Dividing Americans against one another is something that the alt-right also is delighted to do. The rest of us need to show them, in the words of the late Rodney King, that we still know how to get along.

No, America was divided the moment it became a multi-ethnic society. What has happened in recent years was simply an occurrence of the inevitable. White people have a right to exist. Multiple factors such as increased immigration, forced integration, etc. are contributing to our decreasing influence within our own countries, and possibly to our eventual demise. Pushing away from ethnic and cultural suicide is a natural response. It is those who embrace their doom and wish to remain “unified” with the very means of their destruction who are truly misguided.


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  • It’s important not to confuse the strong support for civic nationalism and imperialism in Russia for support for ethno-nationalism or white identity. From my experience interacting with Russian nationalists their loyalties most often belong to their state rather than their people, and even those who acknowledge race often apply a eurasian filter to the Russian identity, perhaps reflecting the at times racially ambiguous nature of some Russian people.

    This is not to say that we should be enemies, only just that great cultural (and to some extent racial) distinction between those of Western European extraction and Russians will probably inhibit us from having a close sense of brotherhood with one another.

    I think also the tendency amongst some members of the Alt Right (Spencer), to deride and antagonize post-soviet block countries for their frankly justifiable concerns about Russian imperialism, is damaging. These nations, whom when added together are home to more white people than Russia and who are most often possessed of a stronger sense of racial identity than Russians themselves, are much more likely and natural allies to our cause. We should encourage them to leave NATO and the EU, but that will never happen if the only forces calling for such action are cheerleaders for Russian imperialism.

    • Russians are pro-Russian. Russian is a ethnic/tribal group. A Russian recognizes the difference in a real Russian (a racial Russian) and a paper Russian like immigrants from the stans. Therefore civic nationalism in Russia means being pro-ethnic/racial Russian. Though they accept that others live amoungst them (sometimes anyway) they do recognize them as others (as Putin said in the above speech) and therefore civic nationalism in Russia is entwined with racial nationalism.

      Dixie before the 60’s was racially aware yet there were no plans afoot to repatriate the Blacks to Africa and the Jews to Europe. You people ask too much of Putin and Russian nationalism if you expect Putin and Co. to come on tv and say “Privet, now we will racially cleanse Roosiya! Out with the brown hordes! Burn the mosques!”

      Get real. Anyone who knows Russians knows they are the most openly “racists” of all the White tribes.

      • I wasn’t asking anything of Russia, I was calling upon members of the Alt Right (very few of whom are Russian) not to align themselves with a country or a leader who only has the best interest of the Russian State at heart often to the detriment of other white Europeans.

        • What is good for the Russian state is good for Russians (White Russians) and that is good for the White Race as a whole. How hard is that to comprehend.

          Also Putin has no reason to wish for or aid in the destruction of White Western Civilization. He is trying to save it hence his support for Le Pen and misguided support for Trump.

          How do the interests of the Russian state harm other White (it is a capital W as it is as race/identity not a color thus a proper noun) Europeans.

          • Putin’s support for Le Pen has everything to do with undermining American power and nothing to do with preserving White Western Civilization. In this case the interests of Putin and Western White Nationalists are aligned, but we do not seek to replace the yolk of the American Elite with that of the Russian Elite.

            Centuries of Russian rule left much of Eastern Europe economically crippled and bereft of an aristocracy. Now Eastern and Central Europe is stuck in the unenviable position of choosing between being subject to either Western Jewish Liberalism or a Russian Jewish Oligarchy.

          • I see. You are here to stir up more brother wars. What the Soviet Union did in Eastern Europe is not related to the Russian nation of today. Moot point.

            No one is advocating a Russian yoke. We on the Right (the true Right) advocate for White people banding together for our communal interests and that includes Russia and Russians. It is pretty simple but I know you are here to divide us and I suspect you are not one of us.

            Weak states need strong state sponsors. So, if Eastern/Central European nations allied with Russia and that was to their advantage (the the native White people as a collective) then good on them.

            Russia is not run by a Jewish oligarchy. Stop spreading disinformation. Russia is firmly in the hands of ethnic Russians. That some rich jews live there and try to subvert the Russian nation there can be no doubt. We pray for the day that Russia realizes its own Final Solution.

            Furthermore, if Western European nations are to survive there is the distinct possibility of that only happening through civil war. In that case the White Nationalists forces will need state sponsors and Russia is number Edna!

            Either wake up or if you are an agent provocateur get off this site.

          • Since Russia has basically the same modern “art” and drunken slave influenced “music” as any country in western Europe, claiming it is “firmly in the hands of ethnic Russians” does not say much in favor of ethnic Russians.

          • All I was arguing was that Western European Nationalists need to take their own side rather than alignning themselves with Russia, a nation which looks out only for its own interests (as it should). If the Russian government decides to sponsor White Nationalist parties or organizations because they feel that our rise will help them geo-politicaly then that’s good.

            My second point was that we should not take a side in the conflicts in Eastern Europe as Spencer has.

          • And you obviously don’t read or listen to what Putin and the Russian establishment has to say about the state of affairs in Western Europe. Or you simply are here to cause trouble. You’re in the wrong place. Try the MSM for a receptive audience of sheep.

  • At this point we cannot lose, the status quo is what hurts us all the most, if the lefty media traitors want to upset the apple cart and destroy the status quo then so be it, let there be light. If Trump carries on as before in a strait jacket being hampered at every turn, that looks more like a slow, painful death. We need something radical to happen such as an impeachment, let the radicals do their worst and see where it gets them.

  • Why were people chanting “Russia is our friend” at the rally? What was the point? To confirm the suspicions normies have about connections between the alt-right and Russia? Who led the chant? Seriously, I would like to know.

    • I don’t think it actually matters all that much. “Normie” Americans just don’t have any sort of animus toward Russians and only partisan Democrats are invested in the “Trump is a Putin spy” narrative.

      Most Americans think of Russians like this:

      The chanting is just reactionaries being reactionary. Democrats hate Putin, therefore we must love Putin. If anything, taking a strong anti-war stance probably gets us a long way with the public – I don’t think the average White American has any interest in more wars and certainly not against a powerful White country like Russia. In fact, it’s rather a positive development that the war over Syria is so unpopular.

      Of all the things to complain about this “movement” the idea that “Russia is our friend” is not one of them.

      • There is a large segment of the white population that believes the nonsense coming from mainstream news outlets. These people can provide political cover for politicians and government officials if and when the time comes to take steps against Trump and the alt-right.

        Chanting “Russia is our friend” does not help our cause, in my opinion.

        • It’s funny only if you understand that Russians and everyone east of Britain, and it gets even more extreme the farther east you go (in the White world), does not have the same plastic fake ass smile that Brits and their colonial leftovers have.

          But in real life, Russians will help you and are quite congenial in their own non-fake way. You do better hitch hiking anywhere east of Germany than anywhere west.

          Anyway it works. I did just as the comedian did in South America and the beggars would look at me in shock and walk away.

          It was like “Amigo, where are you from?”
          Me, “Roosiya!” with a deep macho pitch.
          Pedro and gang look confused and walk away.

          It works. I swear.

  • I don’t like all of Putin’s positions, but he’s about as close to the AR as we’ll find right now in terms of global leaders. Let’s say Putin shifts a few of his positions to become wholly AR – how would we leverage that relationship? My point is, I’m not entirely sure, whether you want to consider Putin AR or not, if it really matters because I don’t know if there’s much to be gained either way. Anyone who has studied int’l relations at all already knows, Russia is on Russia’s side. When Russia does something we are inclined to support, it’s done for the sake of Russia, not necessarily for white people, so it’s a positive outcome by happenstance.

  • We will see if those big balls start shrink, if the Jews & Roman Catholics in Congress start calling up people to testify about a connection between those identified with the AltRight & Russia. Don’t think it couldn’t happen. If they can go after Trump, they can go after anyone.

  • (((Christian))) Roots form the basis of western civilization.
    Rome and Greece existed before that based Jew on a stick.

    I think it might of been acceptable to defend Christianity as a proxy for white values before but not anymore. Stop calling it western civilization, we are not the way we are by happenstance on a place on a map, (muh magic soil) nor are we the way because some desert sand religion that appropriates European/Nordic culture. It is white genetics, it is the white race, and unless you openly defend that you are a cuck.

    Also, Russian i feel has political investment in purporting the myth of the holocaust for their moral superiority during WW2.

    • Russians have no need for the holohoax as some kind of moral bulwark, as germ conduct itself provides all needed justification. They came to enslave/kill you, you persevered through great cost, the end. Same story with Napoleon or whatever.

      RF, being the factual continuation of USSR(as in, russian unempire, not serving core population interests), is a different matter entirely.

      This 9th of May thing that trigggers some has basis in commie need for justification of their purposeless statehood after WW2. As in terrible enemies came, and we won because of the great Party guiding our actions blah blah. Note that when Stalin was alive, it wasn`t much of a celebration.

      Simple passing of time will turn it into russian version of american vet day pretty soon.

      • Russians were already enslaved under the jews. The Germans were greeted as liberators by many Russians, Ukrainians, and Balts.

        • They also used paras to massacre Poles, Ukrainians, Belarussians. Routinely starved prisoners, heavy-handed anti-partisan tactics. But sure, tell me more about the irrelevant Galician battalion.

          • “They also used paras to massacre Poles, Ukrainians, Belarussians.”

            The Eastern Front was pretty chaotic. Things happen. Anyway the Germans were nowhere near as brutal as the bolsheviks.

            “Routinely starved prisoners,”

            When a nation is at war, it’s first duties are to feed its soldiers, then its citizens. The welfare of POWs naturally came last. What evidence is there that the Germans intentionally starved anyone?

            “heavy-handed anti-partisan tactics.”

            What does heavy-handed mean? Partisans were bloodthirsty butchers.

            “But sure, tell me more about the irrelevant Galician battalion.”

            They killed bolsheviks, which makes them OK by me.

          • Heavy-handed means autistically punishing entire villages if a partisan took a shot at a passing tank column. The feelings of goodwill from the local populace quickly evaporated by the time the Germans pulled out.

            There were many Ukrainians that fought BOTH the Germans and the Soviets btw. Some inconsequential Galician Division that only saw action against unarmed Poles isn’t really inspirational.

            They killed Poles, fellow Ukrainians and their leaders were kept in prison by the Germans. They were only released when the Germans were on the retreat to cause problems for the Soviets.

            If you have no problem with the German attitude towards its prisoners, you should have no problem with what the Soviets did to the German prisoners that they in turn captured. But, somehow, I doubt that.

          • I don’t know to what extent Germans punished “entire villages,” but it sounds like Ehrenburg-style BS to me like “Panilov’s 28,” Katyn, and other commie propaganda.

            The SS-Galician didn’t just fight “unarmed Poles,” they fought the bolsheviks in Brody and helped German troops escape encirclement.

            “If you have no problem with the German attitude towards its prisoners,
            you should have no problem with what the Soviets did to the German
            prisoners that they in turn captured.”

            How does that make sense? The bolsheviks were the bad guys fighting a genocidal war against Europeans. So no, I don’t give a crap about dead jews or bolsheviks. In fact I wish the Germans had killed more of them.

          • By “Bolshevik” you of course mean Russian. The whole “no more brothers wars” mantra has clearly flown over your head.

          • I really don’t see how the “heirs of Genghis Khan,” to use Jochen Peiper’s term, are my brothers.

          • That’s clear as day. You obviously don’t consider Russians human (or white for that matter). Be more honest and open about it next time so I don’t have to suss it out while reading between the lines.

          • lol I consider Russians to be human, they’re just not exactly shining examples of humans, and no, most Russians are not White. Don’t ask me to choose between Russian globalism and American globalism, not when both lead to White genocide.

            “Russia” is a fake country anyway, just like America, and as far as I’m concerned what the Russians did to White women and children in WW2 was so evil that I’m glad Russians are aborting themselves into extinction. Good riddance.

    • “Rome and Greece existed before that based Jew on a stick.”

      No question. But where is the only place on Earth that you would hear Latin today? What institution sponsored the continuation of Roman law and Greek philosophy in the middle ages, and the greatest works of art known to man?

      “desert sand religion”

      You know that it is the ROMAN Catholic Church, right? And that before the 1960’s (Jewish interference will be dealt with eventually) Mass was in Latin, and the New Testament is in Greek?

      “It is white genetics, it is the white race, and unless you openly defend that you are a cuck.”

      As I said Christianity is a White religion, and there is certainly not anything un-Christian about self-defense. The Christian ideal is for the races to live in harmony, but that is better achieved through a recognition of racial hierarchy than through equality fantasies.

      The Church is currently going through a bit of a hard patch and, I know, we aren’t as hard on the Jews as we used to be. But still — we are holding the line on a lot of things the Jews detest. We have: male-only priesthood, contraception is a sin, masturbation is a sin, divorce is a sin, premarital sex is a sin, homosexuality is a sin*, abortion, etc. There are traditional priests who don’t shy away from Ephesians 5:22. This is a recipe for a strong society. Europe was strongest when it was most Christian. Don’t you think that the renunciation of Christianity and the current morass we find ourselves in might be related?

      * Strictly speaking a homosexual orientation/desire is “objectively disordered” but not a sin in itself. (Like wanting to steal something but not actually stealing it.) Homosexual sex definitely is.

      • This would be the same type of appropriation like when islam thinks they made algebra and rugs. This religion just happened just did the same thing in Europe

        “No question. But where is the only place on Earth that you would hear Latin today? What institution sponsored the continuation of Roman law and Greek philosophy in the middle ages, and the greatest works of art known to man?”

        Just because a church still speaks latin, umm… okay? Islam still speaks phlegm does that also make them based?

        What institiuon killed a german invenotr who

        I would say we were most strong under Alexander the great, Julius Ceaser, Adolf Hitler,

        I don’t think contraception or abortion is a sin(for browns), I think that marriage is good in forcing a male and female parent to stay together and raise a child, but I think if you have sex with the ability and intent to raise a child that that is also fine. I don’t know much about that area and there has been so much degeneracy pushed that I don’t have an opinion on masturbation. Homosexuality is implicit in white identity goy, lol. There is no such thing as homosexuality, there is only degenerate acts.

      • “But where is the only place on Earth that you would hear Latin today? What institution sponsored the continuation of Roman law and Greek philosophy in the middle ages, and the greatest works of art known to man?”

        Umm… Nordic descendants? Whose talents were used to prop up an institution?

        Well now it is used the subversion of whites by molecular cucking.

        Christianity is not a white religion, it is a religion that Nordics were forced to adopt. So when white people practiced it, then it was a white religion.

        This is Christianity when it is practiced by people other than whites:

        I would say we were most strong under Alexander the great, Julius Ceaser, Adolf Hitler,

        I don’t think contraception or abortion is a sin(for browns XDDD), I think that marriage is good in forcing a male and female parent to stay together and raise a child, but I think if you have sex with the ability and intent to raise a child that that is also fine. I don’t know much about that area and there has been so much degeneracy pushed that I don’t have an opinion on masturbation.

        Lastly, Homosexuality is kind of implicit in white identity it’s not something to get so worked up over.

        No, you want to hear something pozzed? that makes me want to import browns?

        Classical music has to many pseudo-intellect fans tbh fam, up your game.

        Time to believe that some god split the red sea, the jews wuzs slaves under Egyptians, that mutilating male children’s genitals is a good thing(But of course when those other groids in afica do the same thing to females… now that is crazy.)

        I don’t need to believe/worship jew myths, all i have to do is look at my own history to know what my people can accomplish.

        While maybe in orthodoxy christian church they uphold some values that are still worthy, but in the end it is just whites defending themselves against degeneracy using a proxy. “That’s bad because jebus said so” instead of using facts and logic (But facts and logic doesn’t matter sometimes, the only thing that does is will power)

        The people that inspire me exist, and have achieved Godhood though their own actions. Anders Behring Breivik, Adolf Hitler, Inejiro Asanuma, Dylann Roof, etc.

        I don’t need a book written by jews, when I have my own instinctive morals of Europa along with books older than the bible I don’t want some book for all the good goy toys.


        An alternative option is to continue meme operations like Deus Vult, but we need to add “The Jews and their lies” and “we are at fault for not destroying them.”

        My hero is not some old fart that sit on a golden throne that is judged by how many nog toes he has sucked on.

        My idea of a hero is a waaaarrior, who has golden locks and is judged by how many niglet skulls he has around his neck.
        the man o

        What we need is to manufacture our own gods, like we did in Egypt, Rome, Greece, Europa etc. We already had a prototype i.e. KeK, but now it is time for something much more hard core, the master of kosher disaster.

        Honestly though, I don’t identify as a “pagan” or a “christian” the time for arguments is over.

      • It’s interesting, I got a reply from “xNephlimx” in email, but it doesn’t show up here. Probably, he’s a fed/Jew and realized his post was too stupid and deleted it. But here’s my reply (I use Continental quotation marks):


        It’s the same people. The leaders of the Roman Empire became the leaders of the Roman Church.


        “invenotr” Son, if you want to come at me you’re going to have to clean up your punctuation, spelling and grammar. I know it’s arbitrary but it’s like ironing your shirt and polishing your boots. Instinctely, people respect and obey the guy with the ironed shirt.


        Alexander’s empire collapsed as soon as he died. You misspelled Caesar, son, but he took over an imperial power structure that already existed. Hitler was an abject, total failure, whose primary legacy is “Shindler’s List” and holohoax museums in every White city. Look at the Reconquista and Spanish Inquisition for an example of White people asserting power successfully against Jews and Muslims.


        A big reason we hate Jews so much is that they have double standards for those “in the tribe” and others. Let us be like Aeneas “magnanimus” and pray that all races attain the truth. You’ve read the Aeneid in Latin, I assume?


        It’s bad.


        Ha ha lol!


        That was what I was getting at with my ** footnote.

        • My post was blocked as spam cause too many links prob, lol.

          So I must be a fed/jew nice logic.
          there are a lot of errors because I wasn’t able to edit it that also wasn’t the final post.

          I have forgone the controlling concept of (((morality))), I don’t need justifications for my actions or beliefs, all i need is the will to act. That is all the justifications I need. I don’t a good theory or argument for why white people deserve their own country or genocided in their own lands.

          You who hate the Jews so, why did you adopt their religion?
          ~Friedrich Nietzche

          “Hitler was an abject failure” HAHAHAHA, he is still the most talked about person more than 70 years after his alleged death. I like how you reference Good goy movie’s and Good Goy Holocaust Centers what he accomplished. heh, shows what you know.

          I don’t hate the jews, I loathe them, with every molecule in my body I detest them.
          Until they are in a state of non-existence and their influence and history obliterated, will the job be done. PHYSICAL AND MENTAL REMOVAL.

          • Nietzsche is questionable. He has some interesting ideas. But note: Nietzsche is taught today in pretty much every ((( college ))) philosophy program. You know who’s almost never taught? Thomas Aquinas.

            Morality or ethics is not a Jewish construct. Every civilized society — ancient Greece, China, etc. — has grappled with morality. When you say white people “deserve” you are implicitly making a reference to morality. Again, a big reason Jews are hated (or loathed) is that they do NOT have a system of universal ethics, but instead filter every question through “Is this good for the Jews?” As I said, let’s not be small-souled petty Jewish bugman accountants, constantly looking out for our own narrow interests, let’s be great-souled, like pious Aeneas. Let’s build a shining city on the hill, where Truth, not petty self-interest reigns, that other races want to copy. This was the design of the Roman Empire — people that they didn’t conquer WANTED to join them. Nobody wants to be Jewish.

            I’m not sure how you can believe that Hitler was anything but a failure, as noble as his intentions might have been. The Russians kicked his ass, he committed suicide, and now Germany is ground zero for white genocide. Is that what success looks like?

            As for Christianity, the true Catholic interpretation of the Old Testament is that every reference to “Israel” is interpreted as the Church, and every reference to “Jerusalem” is interpreted as Heaven. There is really nothing “Jewish” about it; the Jews were merely chosen as a vessel for God’s message, and indeed likely for ironical reasons. (Like the birth in the manger.) Here is another example of Catholic music on this topic:
            English translation (in case you need it 😉 ):

            Does that sound particularly Jewish in any way to you? Do Jews tend to promote beauty and the love of virtue, in your experience?

            Christianity is constantly under assault by the Jewish media. Doesn’t that tell you something?

          • All of college is not bad, there is a lot of good things to be learned.

            The goal is to out jew the jews.

            “I want to be like like pious Aeneas, I NEED MY MORAL HIGH GROUND!” lul.
            Morality is being used by the shekel sniffers to control the white man.

            (((Russians))) lol, You mean the entire global banking cabal?

            Did Hitler ever get on all fours and kiss negroid toes?
            Lets go help browns out and not encourage them to use contraceptives so they breed more. BASED

            Appropriating their religion is a good thing, but it’s still jewy.
            This is a good video about Catholics.

    • I think Jesus would be more accurately described as an Israelite, not a Jew, because the term ‘Jew’ generally means European Ashkenazi ethnicity, which isn’t a direct descendant of the Israelites of 10 AD.

      • People (well, Jews mainly, but some Christians too) often confuse “chosen race” with “superior race.” God, for whatever reason, known to Him only, but perhaps with some humorous or ironic intention, chose the Jews (or yes more accurately Hebrews or whatever, since Judea was just one tribe out of twelve) to be the first to understand Him.

        Given that all of the prophetic books of the Old Testament, not to mention the New Testament, are essentially an indictment of Hebrews, one does begin to suspect that there is some element of irony at work.

        God does have a sense of humor.

  • Russia is not our friend and Spencer needs to knock off the Russophilia. Dugin is an anti-White POS and Putin promotes muh Great Patriotic War BS and anti-nationalism. Why anyone on the alt right respects a pit like Russia is beyond me. It’s a reflection of America, a jewish gangster state that promotes miscegenation and globalism. Yes, the Putin government is just as globalist as America’s is.

    • >Russia promotes civic nationalism
      >Putin promotes muh Great Patriotic War BS and anti-nationalism

      Make up your mind already. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a very costly victory over people who came to enslave you, too.

    • “Russia is not our friend and the alt right needs to knock off the Russophilia

      Russia is not our enemy either. Perhaps you need to unfuck your mind.

  • I posted a funny cartoon about Spencer and his fascination with Dugin – it was removed. The answer is, yes, the Alt Right is in league with Russia. It’s a fairly typical tactic of states to support dissident movements in competing countries. The US gave assistance to Fulan Gong in China and Fethullah Gülen, the dissident anti-Erdogan Turkish leader, has his headquarters in … Pennsylvania. The Alt Right has been full of rather bizarre hero-worship for Putin since the beginning, going back years.

    Frankly I find the whole thing counter-productive. Even if you don’t want conflict with Russia – no sane man does – and even if you think Putin is an appropriate leader for Russia – why the hero-worship? Considering that Dugin is anti-nationalist and promotes a multi-racial regional imperialism, why is he so popular on the Alt Right?

    We even have a Persian – Iran being one of Russian most important region allies – as part of the Alt Right – promoting Iran as “one of us.”

    So I’d say, damn right the Alt Right in in league with the Russians.

    • “Considering that Dugin is anti-nationalist and promotes a multi-racial
      regional imperialism, why is he so popular on the Alt Right?”

      He isn’t. Only Spencer promotes him. Nobody else likes him or cares what he has to say.

      • The Alt Right has been girlishly sighing over Putin since Obama’s first term. The more honest ones admitted that he was adopted as a pro-white masculine figure because they were alienated under Obama.

        • I haven’t seen it, and I’ve been with the alt right since 2009. I’ve seen mild, intermittent praise for Putin but it usually takes the form of “he’s not as bad as our politicians.” The only literal admiration for Putin I’ve seen comes from Spencer.

          • Then you weren’t looking. On the flag ship Alt Right sites Putin praise has been constant since the beginning. The original AlternativeRight blog and Radix was all over Putin. The only pushback was Greg Johnson’s ONE article suggesting that Putin wasn’t really pro-white and he got flack for that.

          • “The original AlternativeRight blog and Radix was all over Putin.”

            Yeah, Spencer’s sites. Other WN/NS sites tend to be lukewarm, at best, towards Putin.

      • While Dugin said more than enough silly things to destroy his own credibility, his sites were good resources for learning about real traditionalist thinkers. This was several years ago, when the alt-right looked almost like the beginning of a serious traditionalist movement. I can understand why the current “alt-right” with its self parodying racial obsession, anti-Islam hysteria, and rallies to defend the honour of hicks who fired muskets at each other might not appreciate this so much.

        • Dugin never had credibility. He was and is a bolshevik who promotes his own brand of Russocentric globalism to oppose Amerikwan globalism. Two sides of the same shekel.

        • “Hicks”? We don’t need interlopers like you bellittling our people. There is probably a cia funded site where your skin head Ukrainian people are. Go there.

      • My enemy who is the also the enemy of my other enemy is still my enemy. I couldn’t care less about the Republican party nor the conservative movement, so – eh. When Trump does something pro-white I’ll cheer.

    • I’m not well-schooled about Iranian culture, but isn’t it a fair statement that there are two kinds of Iranians. First, there are the traditional Iranians who have ancestors dating back many centuries, the “real” Iranians – white people. And then, you have the garbage dark-skinned Iranians who ruined their country long ago? Maybe it’s a difference without a distinction, anyone know better than me?

      • Iran translates literally to Aryan. Their historically part of the extended Indo-European family. They were conquered by Arabic Muslims at some point and now mostly look indistinguishable from any other camel jockey group. The same thing could be happening to Europe now which is why we can’t fck this up.

        I’m far from an expert on ancient Indo-European culture though. The extent of my knowledge comes from this interview.

      • I believe that’s right. I work with an Iranian woman who is white, I thought she was Polish or Hungarian for the longest time due to her accent. When I asked her about her background, she said she is Persian (her exact words, with quite a bit of pride). I am dying to ask her thoughts on race and race in Iran but don’t quite know her well enough to broach that subject yet.

    • The only reason people like Dugin is because he makes just the tiniest bit of effort to reach out to right-wing movements past the borders of Russia. His videos in stuttering english directed to an international audience are leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else. No other Russian thinker, politician or whoever can display even an ounce of foresight or do the bare minimum of reaching out to the dissident right.

      So we’re stuck with Dugin.

  • Maybe the Alt Right can get Putin to make Russia a white ethnostate! It’s cold there but I will make the move! ??

  • “Dividing Americans against one another is something that the alt-right also is delighted to do. The rest of us need to show them, in the words of the late Rodney King, that we still know how to get along.”

    Yeah the friendly, tolerant Left are totally building bridges with people who think differently than they do. We’re just using their tactics, outlined in Saul Alinskys Rules for Radicals, against them now. They’ve been dividing America for decades now, no platforming, doxing, threatening and assaulting all political rivals. The people who want to preserve what America traditionally is, are the ones tearing it apart though.

  • It’s funny – watching politicians who practically bark on command at the behest of Israel or Saudi Arabia, or their american agents, complaining about some kind of insidious and all-pervasive russian influence.

    I’m sure we’ve all taken note of how every major Presidential candidate speeks at the annual meeting of ARPAC, or makes a pilgrimage to pray at the Kremlin wall.

    I can think of few countries that have less influence in the halls of american government than does Russia.

    • I wish more people would point out this apparent double-standard but criticism of the Israel lobby is muted among a certain crowd, even though cartoonish criticism of “The Jew” is de rigueur.

      Who knows, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Russian Jews, who tend to be pro-Putin, are heavily represented in the Israeli Likud party. Trump hasn’t done TV commercials for Putin, but he has done TV commericials for Netanyhu. Trump hasn’t served as the Grand Marshall for the Russia Day Parade, but he has served as the Grand Marshall for the Israel Day Parade. Trump doesn’t have Russian grandchildren and a daughter and son-in-law who are Russian Orthodox Christians, but he does have Israeli grandchildren and a daughter and son-in-law who are orthodox Jews.

      I’m at The Atlantic weekly doing my best to expose the hypocrisy.

      It seems if one were really interested in exposing Jew power, the Israel lobby would be the appropriate place to starts, especially since it’s still somewhat, kind of, acceptable to oppose Israel influence in American politics.

      • On your last paragraph:
        Do you mean to suggest that it’s acceptable to oppose the State of Israel, but not Jews? Like, I can say, “Israel’s meddling has turned Americans against each other, which allows them to more easily manipulate the US political construct?” But, I cannot say, “Jewish meddling…” Or did I miss the point entirely?

        • No I mean to suggest if you don’t oppose both anti-white diaspora Jews AND Israeli meddling in America, I’m frankly suspicious of your motives.

          The entire problem with the “Alt Lite” is that they are slavishly devoted to the Zionist entity but only oppose “liberal Jews” who sometimes may pay lip services to Palestinian human rights.

  • Great article by Vincent which outlines an important group decision that we must come to, how much international cooperation should we seek? As an american this question becomes a little harder to answer because our only white neighbor is more liberal than we are. Is it both possible and appropriate to join the American nationalists movements to the European nationalists? On that note how unified, in the political sense, is the alt-right? This is where its important for the leaders of Alt-right associations to come together and decide what direction this movement needs to take politically. We need to hold an organized event at a convention center and gather as many Alt-right as possible, to hammer out the details.

    • I would say politically the Alt-Right is all over the map. We’re unified on things like White advocacy, anti-feminism, the JQ etc but little else.

    • Considering the main conflict is a White Civil War, between nationalists and globalists, it’s a tricky subject.

      I’d suggest American WNs support Europe in their conflict with Muslim rapefugees and Europe support Americans in our conflicts with Mestizo gimmigrants. We should all recognize the (((international community))) that is the financial and intellectual core of the anti-white movement all over the world.

      But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that, at the end of the day, non-Whites don’t really have much power politically and are mostly used as a proxy force by anti-whites. The White nations collectively make up the “first world” and the “developed world.” Everyone else is an also-ran.

      So it’s a civil war more than anything, White globalists vs. White imperialists.

  • Putin could not solve the replacement demographics issue by natural birth, so he annexed Crimea while bringing TWO MILLION White Slavs to the Russian State. Plus, one MILLION White Slavs are in the process of immigrating from the war-torn Ukraine to Russia. This should should keep the Russian State about 85% plus White Slavic.

    • Considering that Russia has the highest mortality rate of any “White” nation, I’m not so sure this means anything other than that he’s bringing all these Whites into a death trap called Russia.

    • Or maybe Putin annexed Crimea because Russia’s most important naval base is there.

      In fact, maybe Putin defends Assad because Russia’s second most important naval base is in Syria.

      It’s almost as if the geo-strategic explanations for current conflicts are plainly visible to everyone.

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