They Are Trying To Impeach Trump Over The Firing Of Comey

I’ve been trying to keep up with the non-stop revelations and supposed scandals that have come out surrounding Trump in recent days. It’s hard to keep track because the establishment is really going all out, and is throwing up everything with the hope that something sticks.

All of these stories have one common thread uniting them- someone is building a case for the impeachment of Trump. The firing of FBI Director Comey is probably the attack route that the establishment has chosen to go after Trump, especially with the following revelations:

 President Trump asked the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, to shut down the federal investigation into Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, in an Oval Office meeting in February, according to a memo Mr. Comey wrote shortly after the meeting.

“I hope you can let this go,” the president told Mr. Comey, according to the memo.

The documentation of Mr. Trump’s request is the clearest evidence that the president has tried to directly influence the Justice Department and F.B.I. investigation into links between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia. Late Tuesday, Representative Jason Chaffetz, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, demanded that the F.B.I. turn over all “memoranda, notes, summaries and recordings” of discussions between Mr. Trump and Mr. Comey.

Before this revelation, there was a leak by an Israeli that Trump supposedly blabbed about classified information to the Russians. Yes, Russia is the common thread that unites this whole effort. At long last, the tables have completely turned and it is the left who has embraced McCarthyism. (Except this time, there really isn’t any evidence):

Mr. Comey shared the existence of the memo with senior F.B.I. officials and close associates. The New York Times has not viewed a copy of the memo, which is unclassified, but one of Mr. Comey’s associates read parts of it to a Times reporter.

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” Mr. Trump told Mr. Comey, according to the memo. “He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

Mr. Trump told Mr. Comey that Mr. Flynn had done nothing wrong, according to the memo.


Oh and if you’re not getting the subtle hints that NYT is dropping, they have plenty of helpful links to get you thinking the right way.

Translation: we are trying to build a case against Trump in the court of public opinion with only some complicated legalese as the basis for our case.

Trump’s in deep water. The press is trying to Watergate him, he’s got unreliable staff and a lot of leakers working to undermine him from within the cabinet (possibly).

Hopefully, he has a Trump card up his sleeve. Hopefully, he’s been taping everything like he claims that he has:

In a Twitter post on Friday, Mr. Trump said that “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” After the meeting, Mr. Comey’s associates did not believe there was any way to corroborate Mr. Trump’s statements. But Mr. Trump’s suggestion last week that he was keeping tapes has made them wonder whether there are tapes that back up Mr. Comey’s account.

Trump’s decision to tweet out this warning probably indicates that it was not intended just for Comey. It was meant for us. Or rather, it was meant for the press. More juicy bait for them to chomp down on. They turn the spotlight onto the tweet and onto the Comey vs Trump showdown, and then Trump reveals his hand.

At least that is what I hope he is planning. Otherwise, that would mean the Trump tried to use a public bluster to get Comey to not meddle and act as a pawn for the establishment media narrative. Let’s see how many steps ahead in chess Donald really was playing. This could be the final test, one that settles the debate once and for all.

We will have to wait and see where this story leads. But the pieces for the impeachment process are all starting to move into place. I hope Trump has a plan.

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  • >…specially with the following revelations: President Trump asked the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, to shut down the federal investigation into Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn,…

    Actually, no, this is not the “revelation.” The actual revelation, from a legal perspective, is: “The New York Times claims to have obtained a copy of a note, wherein former FBI Director James Comey wrote down in a memo to himself that President Trump stated to him that he hoped Comey would be able to let the Flynn investigation go.”

    1. The ‘memo’ isn’t even confirmed to have come from Comey. So far, it’s just a claim by a NYT reporter with no corroboration or proof. In the real world, we call that a, “rumor.” I’m not saying it isn’t real – but I am saying no one on Earth besides Comey knows for certain if it’s real, including the reporter, because if it came from Comey, it could be fabricated after the fact anyway, without corroboration. Again – could be real, but not you, not I, and not even the reporter can know for sure whether it is.

    2. It’s essentially a reporter claiming that Comey claimed that Trump said something. In a court room, we call that, “heresay.” If the memo is real, and did come from Comey, and is what Comey claims it to be, it is essentially a diary entry by Comey claiming that Trump said something – not a recording of Trump or a memo from Trump. Just a, “note to self.”

    3. What Trump is accused to have said (ever play telephone?) is, “I hope you can let this go.”

    So, IF, and I stress “IF,” the quote is word-for-word accurate, and IF there is no other context to the quote, such as what he said prior or what he followed up with (convenient that the rest of the ‘memo’ is not ‘released’) – assuming everything claimed is 100% true and accurate – that President Trump said to James Comey, regarding the investigation into Flynn, “I hope you can let this go,” that still could mean a number of things. Unless there is some context that supports it to be a pressuring to drop an investigation, it’s not the same as saying, “drop the case and let it go, regardless of what evidence you have.” One would have to ask, if the context of the quote is that, in fact, then why didn’t the reporter release more of the ‘memo’ in order to support that context?

    Hypothetically, this could be a line from one of two conversations:

    **===== scenario one ======**

    **Comey:** Flynn’s in trouble. I can’t talk about the details, but it doesn’t look good for Flynn.
    **Trump:** So, you’re saying he’s committed a crime?
    **Comey:** I can’t reveal details, but it’s not looking good for him.
    **Trump:** Flynn is a good friend. I hope you can let this go.
    **Comey:** You mean, what, just drop the investigation? As if the evidence didn’t exist?
    **Trump:** Is that what you did with HIllary? Listen; let it go.


    **====== scenario 2 ======**

    **Comey**: I’m swamped with all this nonsense.
    **Trump:** What do you mean?
    **Comey:** All this pressure to investigate this Flynn, Russia-ties madness. It’s eating up all my time and resources. Keeping me from other important matters.
    **Trump:** I hope you can let it go.
    **Comey:** What, just drop the investigation?
    **Trump: **No, of course not. If there’s evidence of a crime, you’ll need to follow that and pursue it, but I hope there is no criminal activity here so that you can let it go and get back to your job.

    Of course, many more scenarios are possible, and the conversation, if it happened, was likely more complicated than either of those offered. However, the two hypothetical offered both include the alleged quote verbatim, yet have opposite connotation, and we can never know which is the reality without the rest of the conversation.

  • Trump should wage war on the (((Deep State))) and #FireKushner. This is the 2nd American Revolution!

  • If we had an Alt-Right President tomorrow…….

    How would an Alt-Right President govern within the Circumscription of the Constitution…….

    ……in a Country filled with Jews, Blacks, Asians, Whites, Hispanics, Indians……

    ……and every other Race and Ethnicity on the Face of the Earth??

    • It’s not even about race (lol, can’t believe I said that)

      He needed to appoint people who were personally loyal to him and fight the deep state

      Instead he appointed enemies, who smelled weakness, and pounced

  • President Trump just announced that the Israeli Embassy is not being moved to Jerusalem…..

    Looks like President Trump is just a Likudnik Tool…..


    • This is clearly in response to the Jews leaking the Intel from the Russian meeting.

      One can only hope that Trump is Samson in reverse, and uses his awesome power to strike back at the Jews should he be mortally wounded.

      • I saw a Professor Cohen on Tucker……..

        …..defend President Trump against the Hysteria and Insanity from the Fake News MSM…..

        What do you think about it??

        • Jews work all angles. Left wing Jews hate Trump because he hurts their multicultural narrative. Right Wing Jews like Trump because he is Philo Semitic and Pro Israel. But the Mossad has probably pissed Trump off now.

          • Isn’t Mike Enoch part Jewish……

            …..and he’s a Member of the Alt-Right??

          • Reactionary Jew……


            See him on Spencers Twitter Feed frequently…….

            “But most Jews are left wing idiots or Republikuds who seek to dominate us in one form or another.”

            I don’t disagree with that, actually…..


  • There are some in the Alt-Right who want to mock FEELING…….

    ….as an Exhibition of Femininity or Inferior Weakness…….

    But, this is an Exercise of Fools…….

    There is no Thinking without Feeling…….

    To Think is to Feel…….

    To be Human is to Feel…….

    And how do you FEEL when you see our Enemies trying to Destroy Donald Trump……

    ……just like they want to destroy the Robert E. Lee Statue and other White Alpha Male Monuments???

    What is that FEELING of White Masculine Anger and Rage??

    Is that Feminine and Inferior Weakness??

    No one respects Cowards…….

    And no one will respect the Alt-Right if we Abandon…..

    …..President Trump…….

    That’s what CUCKS would do…….

    Just like the White CUCKS who are abandoning the Confederate Monuments…….

  • When you see another White Man……

    …..being attacked this Relentlessly by our very Same Enemies…….

    We must Respond……

    It’s a Duty……

    It’s an Alt-Right Duty…….

  • Rosenstein just appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the Russia-Election-Trump bullshit.

      • We need to Defend President Trump………..

        It’s time for us to Man Up……..

      • The globalists’ narrative is so powerful, coherent and co-ordinated it’s easy to get swept along by it. Mueller could well be boring enough to look at their flimsy hysterical “evidence” and conclude that there’s not much to it. If, on the other hand, they’ve concocted a ton of florid lies and Mueller’s prepared to swallow it then this could be a significant step towards war – I suppose.

        • Mueller is a globalist tool. He was appointed to head the FBI EXACTLY ONE WEEK BEFORE 9/11!

          • Hmmm. Well at least he didn’t blame it on the Russians. They accurately identified all the Saudis involved. All the nonsense about Sadam was out of his hands I imagine. Maybe Mueller will feel obliged to let the public know what “the evidence” actually is. That would be something.

            I was interested to see Putin making a friendly gesture towards the President and offering Lavrov’s records of the supposed “leak” meeting. Putin is a pragmatist. By offering to help he runs the risk of reinforcing the Trump’s-a-Russian-asset narrative, but he’s done it anyway. I think Trump should thank him. That’s Statesmanlike.

  • The Alt-Right at this point……..needs to get FIRMLY behind Donald Trump………

    That’s my take…..

    I know many will disagree with me……

    Not that we’re defending every thing he’s done that’s Anti-MAGA…….

    But, that we’re defending him from be Destroyed………

    …….from the Same Enemies……

    ……..which seek to Destroy Us……

  • I still think the best thing for us would have been a Hillary Presidency, than the whole world would see the full psychopathic nature that is the USA. A war here, a war there the international community would reel in disgust of how America is being the policeman of the world. And we would of had that war with Russia too. We’ve been boxing in the Russians and they will gladly return the favor via nukes. Let’s be honest with ourselves, the only way we can build the America we want is if this America is destroyed and not through the electoral process, that’s just wishful thinking.. Ughh huh molon labia!!

    • Nope. Hillary would appoint more Jew Supreme Court justices and we’d already have hate speech laws. Trump’s victory also gave the Alt Right confidence, a Hillary Presidency would have derailed our momentum.

      • You ever put a muzzle on an angry dog? You’d just irritate even more. Even if she won it would not have been by a wide margin, all the chaos that would ensue under a Hillary adminstration would have provided all the recruitment the alt right needs.

        • Nope, much better that the left is losing its mind over Trump and he’s a receptacle for all the Leftist hate. Meanwhile we get to do our thing and move from strength to strength. There is no way that a Trump win isn’t a huge positive for the Alt Right and a Hillary Win a huge negative.

          Furthermore, some of this crap like the Israeli leaks yesterday are waking up normie MAGA people to our side. That would not happen with Hillary in office.

    • We need Trump for at least the next four years.

      “Forever Trump,
      I wanna have forever Trump,
      Do you really wanna Trump forever?
      Forever and ever!!!”

    • It’s gambling a lot to assume that the enemy is dumb enough to destroy their power base in a nuclear war…

      And that we’re capable of taking power without any organization or ideological basis afterwords

      The only way out of the American hell is through it to the other side, and the period of Trump campaign showed faint signs of a white in-group beginning to cohere, I wouldn’t change things I had to do it over.

      But we need to figure out what to do next and Trump isn’t making it easy for us.

      • Not unless they think they would win in a nuclear confrontation, I just think a lot of you underestimate the corruption and cronyism in the media, educational and political elite. They have a lot of power and if you think you’ll be able to vote in patriotic/ nationalist canadites without a whole lot of bloodshed your dreaming. Look at the tremendous double standard exhibited by the left, idk man I’m not saying we can’t we win but we should definitely use more force.

  • Request that this headline be edited for technical accuracy and possessive display:
    Strike: “They”
    Insert: “Deep State”
    We all know what you mean, Vincent – those of us on the Alt Right get it. But, for anyone visiting, “they” could result in them missing what is really going on. Career bureaucrats and even members of Congress are all seeing the writing on the wall: Trump-types, and more specifically, people that identify as Alt Right, may soon be replacing them. That’s what this is about, in my opinion. The fear is setting in as the cuckservatives look over their shoulder at the Alt Right… and they know the clock is ticking on their political careers if they don’t take action.

  • Trump considering JOE LIEBERMAN, his personal attorney, for FBI director. Maybe Trump really is stupid.

    • Yeah, bringing Lieberman to the pool of candidates for the FBI Director is the weirdest stuff ever. The guy was a decoy in the 2000 election to make sure neocons come to power. He conveniently stepped away once the mission was accomplished.

      • Lieberman was picked by Gore because of his moralizing virtue signalling against Violent TV shows and video games and his reputation as a strait laced Jew after Clinton spooged all over the Oval Office. The Neocons already did and do control both party foreign policy intelligentsia, but less so with Trump.

        • I disagree. Gore would push for a lot of things neocons detested. How about the two-state solution? B. Clinton was close to accomplish this task before conveniently being set up by Monica L. By participating in those elections, Lieberman had to scare the gentile vote.

          • Gore would have been even worse than Bush. The Tribesmen Dennis Ross was the preferred Democrat negotiator in the Mideast. The deal Clinton offered Arafat would have created a Bantustan Palestine bisected and dominated by Israel in the West Bank. Of Course the American Tribe controlled media spun this as Arafat “turning down a 2 state solution and peace!”

            Also, most Democrats have no hang up about voting for Jews.

          • W Bush is the worst modern White president in the history of this country. Period.
            Back then, the two state-solution did not work because of Palestinians’ hang ups on the Right of Return and the assassination of Rabin. Yet, B Clinton had the authority to push the deal through with all its drawbacks. Considering that there is no West Bank anymore, it’s called Judea and Samaria by the cute Minister of Interior, the deal had to be killed. What follow next we all know.

          • The Palestinians were willing to compromise on right of return IF:

            1. They were granted most of the West Bank

            2. They were given land in the Negev bordering Gaza to compensate ceding Israeli West Bank settlements to Israel.

            3. Israel paid reparations to help resettle Palestinian refugees from foreign countries in the new Palestinian state.

            Clinton never signed off on any of these points, ever. The Palestinians were offered a state that would have been basket case from the start. Both the Democrats and Republicans, including Clinton, have always been in thrall of the Jews and never go against Israel.

            The only President who did go against Israel was Carter, and the Jew worked with their sworn enemies the Persians and our CIA to 86 Carter’s Presidency by delaying the release of the hostages in 1980. American then replaced Carter the nuclear engineer with Reagan the actor.

            And Yes, Bush was the worst President in history. But Gore would have been worse, because Gore would have signed away our economy forever for “muh environment” while the Chicoms and Dot Indians continued to pollute.

  • So far as I can tell, Michael Flynn did nothing wrong. So if Trump did ask the FBI to let that investigation go, he was right to do so. The press is desperate to take down Trump.

  • Well I, for one, knew something along these lines would happen once Bannon was pushed out. Trump caved for the globalists & they did just what we said they would; they attacked from all sides. Where are Ivanka & pretty boy Kushner? Wasn’t son-in-prince there to run things? And is it any surprise an Israeli leaked on Trump? But..but..our GREATEST ALLY! ❤❤❤
    Tracing Trump’s steps, it’s easy to see he walked straight into this & he wasn’t hard to lead into this mess either. Truthfully I am worried he is trying to get impeached because this was all so avoidable.
    Trump needs to clean the swamp -for real this time- & get back to business with Bannon by his side. Get back on track with the agenda of the wall, travel ban, & MAGA.

    • My sympathetic button has been triggered a bit because the constant bombardment the POTUS is facing must be exhausting. But, I’m with you that he needs to remember – being a cuck is not what won him the election. What won him the election and what can still save his presidency to be one worth remembering is getting back on schedule.

  • The Guardian in the UK just reported this “Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke announced Wednesday he has accepted a position in the Trump administration as an assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.” So, not all bad news.

  • “American Thinker” has an article today titled “Our Constitutional Crisis Has Nothing to Do with James Comey”
    A quote from that article: “Donald Trump’s firing of the current FBI director, whose direct role is to “serve at the pleasure of the president,” is somehow some incredible affront to the liberty guaranteed by the Constitution?”

  • Trump should probably consider appointing some people who actually support his agenda to key roles, rather than just hiring all of his enemies

      • Here’s the thing

        If Trump is pure ego and he wants to secure a great legacy for his family, he’s still not doing a good job

        Even if he’s crypto Likud party he’s not necessarily going to be able to achieve as many of their objectives as they might want

        Unless Trump has some fetish where he likes getting clowned on by the political establishment, then he’s fucking up

        • “Even if he’s crypto Likud party”

          There’s nothing “crypto” about it – he’s been open and honest for over a decade. Trump loves Israel, Likud, Netanyahu, the Jewish people, and his Israeli grandchildren. Trump is a Jewish nationalist, a Zionist.

          Trump hates “racists” like David Duke, “nazis” like Pat Buchanan, and is completely opposed to White nationalism and doesn’t want to “energize” them.

          • That may be, but it makes his failure to appoint loyal people even more odd

            There are very few American nationalists for him to appoint… but surely Likud has plenty of people who are loyal to them

          • It was weird though, I remember Trump dog whistling and complimenting Pat Buchanan at some of his rallies. And he was on record blasting Buchanan as an “Anti Semite” in interviews when he thought about running as the Reform Party candidate in 2000.

            Trump has no belief system and does what gains more power for Trump. He’s not unique in that aspect. Bismarck notably had no ideology whatsoever, but let’s cease with this B.S. that Trump is some master “4D chess” political brinksman.

          • I voted for Obama in 2008…….

            I changed…..

            People change……

        • Trump totally f’d up on his family because his Skype enemies took it over entirely. You can be sure they were targeting his children for assimilation into the tribe literally the moment they were born. It’s disturbing when you think about it, and about how oblivious Trump is to their tactics.

          Seriously, how does a skype steal your beloved daughter and then you promote that guy to the White House as your most trusted adviser? I mean WTF? Trump has no judgment whatsoever, nor any pride.

          Nor does he have a legacy anymore. It’s gone. The Skypes beat him. He’s a failure on a biological level in that he has no White grandchildren at all. Probably the most cucked White man in history.

        • “If Trump is pure ego” So? Self preservation is ego. We’ve had enough of ego-less egalitarians. The west has been lured into seeking other’s good at the risk of it’s own existence. If anything, we need a good deal more ego.

      • That’s not True, My Brother……

        He might not be Alt-Right…….

        He might not even be Close………

        But, the Alt-Right’s abandonment of President Trump…….

        …..hints at Cowardice on our part…….

        The Establishment is at War with him……


        He must be doing or trying to do something right……

        • I’m not abandoning him, but if Trump gets impeached or accomplishes nothing, it becomes pretty obvious Trump sucks as a political operator.

          • And how does it help him at all……

            If his Base……….

            ….becomes Disillusioned and Apathetic…….

            …..because we seem Disappointed as the Campaign Idealism meets……

            ……the Reality of Governing this Mess we call America???

          • You can do what you want…….

            I’m not going to Abandon President Trump…….

            That’s what our Enemies want……

            Why would you Reward your Enemies??

          • Trump screwed himself by rewarding his enemies with key positions, and failing to stock those positions with loyalists.

          • Sounds like you’ll quickly run and abandon your Allies when the Real War comes…..

            …..just because we all don’t Perfectly Align Ideologically…….

          • When he was saying he wanted to get along with Assad and Putin I liked him. Perpetuating the Syrian civil war, perpetuates the Rapefugee crisis, which makes him an enemy of Europe and me. Trumps not an ally, he ended up drowning in the swamp that he was supposed to drain. Continuing to support him after hes clearly become another establishment puppet shows a lack of commitment to your own beliefs.

          • Trump isn’t even a person at this point. He’s a symbol. The only justifiable argument in abandoning Trump is if you favor some form of accelerationism. That’s a very dicey path at the present time because the Alt-Right, while having grown leaps and bounds, is in no way prepared to offer a credible political alternative.

          • We’re marginally better off with Trump in power, but it doesn’t make much of a difference either way. He doesn’t have my support right now and is unlikely to regain it. If put to a vote again between Hillary or Trump right now, I’d definently vote Trump for what he symbolizes. But I’d feel really dirty afterwards for doing so.

          • Trump encourages the Left to drop their pretense and engage in the violence we all know they want. If nothing else, the longer he’s in power, the more insanity we will see from them. That’s what really fuels the movement, as Fascism was a reaction to the violent attempts of the Communists to overthrow European society. I’m not saying support everything he does, we all just have to keep the big picture in sight.

          • I don’t know. I kind of feel like we’ve already gotten everything out of Trump that we’re going to. We’re not going anywhere, so leftist violence isn’t going anywhere. They were being violent when Obama was in power. Trump winning the election gave right wingers the confidence to stand their ground against the left and I don’t see that stopping if Trump were to get impeached.

            To be clear I’m not cheering on his impeachment or anything. If he had actually imposed a Muslim ban, there was a clear start date the contruction of the wall, the Syrian missile strike never happened etc I’d probably be pretty livid right now, but instead I’m kind of just indifferent.

        • How are we supposed to defend him when he’s gearing up for an interventionist war in Syria?

          Pro-Trump sites have no way to explain these bizarre actions, they’ve simply resorted to “muh 4d chess” and banning dissent.

          • I’ll Defend President Trump because through it all………

            I truly believe that President Trump does Overlap our Ideology in many points…….

            And I see another White Man being attacked RELENTLESSLY……

            …..from the Same People…….

            …..who would seek to Destroy each and every one of us……..

            …….just for Standing up and Defending White Interests……..

            And I’m not the Type of White Man…….

            …..that’s going to Abandon another White Man in a Fight………

          • We don’t have a propaganda machine on our side, our meme warfare is only effective when it is based on the truth.

            The truth is that many of Trump’s actions can’t be defended, and we can’t defend him blindly like we were Dubya supporters.

            We could selectively defend him against “muh Russia”, but nobody’s really listening to reason on that.

            Trump should find a way to mobilize his millions of supporters behind the themes of his campaign. The Alt-Right would happily support him if he returned to the themes of his campaign, even though we’re all aware of their shortcomings.

          • I’m not a Southerner……

            I’m a Northerner……

            I don’t understand Southern Confederate Heritage……

            But, I stand with the League of the South and other Southern Whites…..

            ……fighting to protect their White Southern Heritage/Monuments……

            …….from the same Enemies…..

            ……..seeking to Destroy Donald Trump……..

          • Antifa are not attacking people like the Proud Boys because they actually think their Nazis or Alt-Right or White Nationalists or whatever. Their attacking them because they are political enemies. In the past calling them Nazis was all the justification that they needed. They would be doing the same thing if Ted Cruz was president right now.

    • As we speak, Sheriff David Clarke has accepted a position of the Assistant to the Secretary of the DHS. These types of Trump’s supporters are needed to be appointed to important positions.

    • I think he wants people to like him and his “advisers” play on this and urge him to be Statesmanlike and to appoint people who oppose him “on merit”. The problem with this is that the globalist opposition will never be honourable, loyal or decent in their behaviour. They aim to destroy him AND the notion of the populist/nationalist agenda, so that it can never be repeated.

  • Donald Trump really has only two substantive accomplishments: reducing illegal immigration, and cancelling the TPP. The first he achieved mostly through rhetoric, not executive or legislative action. But Trump has already gored some sacred cows. By rolling back globalization, Trump has cost the elites a lot of money, and they don’t intend to tolerate any more of Trump’s behavior.

    • The whole point of Trump was that the “elites” were totally out of touch with the reality of the middle class. They will resist but, ultimately, be pressured to return to Earth.

  • I was worried for the moment but them I saw Trump at the Naval Academy and he seemed perfectly himself. The collective conservative suiciders abandon Trump every time there is a media made-up hysteria. But the base is with him, regardless. It’s just the alternative for us is the libtard-neocon dictatorship, something we have had over the last 25 years.

  • Trump might as well jettison all the cucka doodle dooing and just go scorched earth. He has nothing to lose at this point.

    • Most likely they are building a case for impeachment to use as blackmail. I see no reason why they would impeach him now since Trump hasn’t done anything too radical and they’ve been able to manage him fairly well when it comes to foreign policy and immigration. They were even successfully able to stop funding for the wall, at least for now.

      So my theory is that this is for blackmailing purposes only. They are essentially telling Trump “Hey look we got enough to impeach you now so if you don’t do what we want you’ll be impeached but if you are a good little goy and do what we want maybe we’ll let it pass.”

  • If they get rid of Trump with Waterfake they’ll also get rid of those Kushner rats, so it evens out for us in the end.

    • No, because Jews play both sides. Neocon Jewess Victoria Humans would have been SecState undet Hillary. You don’t think the Neocons will own Pence?

      • Pence is a brainless, sackless tool. Of course they own him. My point is that if Trump is impeached, all they’ll do is get rid of someone with no concrete values and little judgment and is incapable of doing what’s necessary to protect American Whites. Therefore it won’t make much of a difference either way.

  • Trump must stand tall and continue with his agenda while fulfilling his campaign promises.
    Close the leaks, rally supporters and push your agenda.
    Deep State, Media, Libtards, Neocons are who they are and there is nothing good Trump should expect from them.

      • Well an angry Trump is an effective Trump, hopefully this lets him become who he really is and doesn’t let his son in law and daughter cuck him.

          • I’m still not sure if it’s Kusher who is to blame, or one of the many deep state swamp dwellers that Trump has chosen to appoint to key roles

          • Kushner is not to blame for these Deep State leaks. He wouldn’t knee cap his own father in law. Kushner is to blame for Trump’s recent waffling on NAFTA, the dreamers, China, and the Syria strike.

          • probably, but there may be others encouraging Trump to go that route as well

  • There’s no plan. Trump has terrible Cuck advisors and he fell into a deep state trap.

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