Richard Spencer’s Murder Attempt On Kurt Eichenwald

As many of you may have already heard, Richard Spencer recently tried to murder Vanity Fair journalist Kurt Eichenwald. Now, everyone who’s anyone in the MSM already knows that Richard is a stone-cold killer, a walking death camp who spent 14 years in a secret Nazi assassin training camp hidden in Antarctica. It’s also no secret that Richard has left behind a trail of corpses at every single press conference he has ever held.

But none of that was enough for Richard. He apparently decided to step up his game to try and kill his enemies using nothing more than his thumbs, a smartphone, and a wifi connection.

According to bugman journalist Kurt Eichenwald, Richard tried to kill him by sending a flashing strobe gif file over twitter…

He’s an Echoscapalian.

Now, when I first heard this I was stunned. My mind immediately started reeling from the implications.

Is this the final, most advanced level of meme warfare?

But my second feeling was one of shock. How did Kurt learn about Spencer’s secret plan to assassinate him? Clearly, the Alt-Right has a mole…

But upon further inspection of Kurt’s tweets, I realized that he was getting his information based on an interview that Spencer gave the Atlantic.

You can read the interview here. It is written by a resentful half-Asian former classmate of Richard with a bee in his bonnet. The article is about Richard’s career or  “Kampf” as the author called it.

Heh, get it?

Its cuz he wants to imply we’re Nazis. Stunning insight there, Graeme Wood. Comparing someone to Hitler is an honored liberal journalistic past-time.  And it never ever gets old.

By the way, Graeme has quite an interesting bio that you can read on his page:

He was a reporter at The Cambodia Daily in Phnom Penh in 1999, then lived and wrote in the Middle East from 2002 to 2006.  He has received fellowships from the Social Sciences Research Council (2002-2003), the South Asian Journalists Association (2009), the East-West Center (2009-2010), and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Center for the Prevention of Genocide (2013-2014).  He has appeared many times on television and radio (CNN, ABC, BBC, MSNBC, et al.), was the screenwriter of a Sundance Official Selection (2010, short film), and led a Nazi-hunting expedition to Paraguay for a History Channel special in 2009.

His PC credentials are superb. Mixed race? Check. Holocaust award? Check. Nazi-hunter? BONUS!

But here is the excerpt that Kurt latched on to in question:

Other targets among the alumni community included Kurt Eichenwald, class of 1979, a Newsweek journalist who had written critically about Trump and the alt-right during the 2016 campaign. Eichenwald suffers from epilepsy, and in December, a Twitter user calling himself @jew_goldstein tweeted a strobe-light gif to him that triggered a series of seizures, leading to temporary partial paralysis on his left side. Spencer blanked on Eichenwald’s name, and both he and the minion laughed as they tried to recall it.

“What is that guy’s name? The one whom we almost killed?”

“No, no,” the minion corrected him, with the precision of in-house counsel. “We did not send that.”

Spencer revised his statement. “We collectively almost killed him. Some alt-right shitlord”—alt-right-speak for “online activist”—“sent him a meme.” Two months later, @jew_goldstein was revealed as John Rivello, 29, of Maryland, and charged with cyberstalking and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to the federal criminal complaint, Rivello wrote, in private messages, “I hope this sends him into a seizure” and “Let’s see if he dies.” Spencer retweeted an appeal to crowdfund Rivello’s defense “against lying #fakenews Kurt Kikenwald.” (Eichenwald is Episcopalian.)

The stuff in bold is what Kurt is all worked up about.

He’s also doubled down and threatened to arrest? all of Richard’s twitter followers as accomplices.

Apparently, Kurt knew about Spencer’s dastardly death-by-meme plan for months and sat on the knowledge, just biding his time…

Jokes aside, while this is really lulzy, it’s also a shocking and bizarre developing story. The executive summary is the following: some shitlord from Maryland sent a strobe gif to Kurt over twitter, got tracked down and arrested, is being sued and now Kurt is trying to pin the blame on Richard for ordering an internet meme attack.

Yeah, its that crazy.

Now, Kurt is a Jew. But he claims he is an Episcopalian. What he really means is that he is Jew that went to prep school and wanted to fit in better. The same prep school that both Spencer and Wood went to in fact. Both seem rather peeved that Spencer has overtaken them in being the most famous alumni of St. Marks. Perhaps Wood passed the info on to Kurt…You know, just as a courtesy. Alumni to alumni…

Kurt’s also an award-winning journalist who covered corporate crime and also wrote some sort of expose on online gay child pornography for the NYT. He won an ethics award for his work, even though some dodgy details emerged afterward:

…Over the past seven months, during the prosecutions of two men involved in Berry’s ring on related child-pornography charges, revelations have surfaced that have raised more profound questions about Eichenwald’s own actions. Most notable was his failure to inform editors at the Times that he and his wife had made a series of payments worth at least $3,100 to Berry and his business partners.

Eichenwald said the payments were part of the effort he and his wife, Theresa, made to extract Berry from the child-porn business — and that he simply forgot to tell editors.

…In a story airing Friday on NPR’s All Things Considered, Eichenwald reveals a secret that he had carefully guarded for more than two decades: His epilepsy had triggered so many and such severe seizures that, according to his neurologist, he suffers from “significant memory disruptions.”

Kurt makes a big deal out of his epilepsy. When he revealed that he struggled with epilepsy to his readers, he was commended for being such a brave trooper and won massive sympathy points from his audience of clapping seals for his brave Kampf.

He clearly knows how to use his epilepsy to his advantage. Very “Episcopalian” of him.

Everything apparently went downhill for the golden boy, however, when some shitlord sent him a strobe gif. I guess what he’s saying is that it made him ‘literally shake’. I don’t think anyone knew it was even possible to get in trouble for memeing too hard. But Kurt started kvetching and the police actually arrested someone for sending a gif over Twitter.

They called it “cyber-stalking”. I assume it is a variant of “cyber-bullying”.

Why didn’t Kurt listen?

Apparently the intent to cause harm made it a crime. So now the next time we banter with someone online and tell them to “kill themselves” and they happen to be Episcopalian, does that mean that we can get arrested for it too?

This is a stunning development, and a dangerous precedent might be set. This is why Richard has tweeted support for a defense fund for the accused man, John Rivello. It’s not because he was in cahoots, it is because this has disturbing implications for free speech in the United States.

Kurt’s attempt to apply guilt by association onto Richard (and onto us) takes a serious leap of imagination and also a lot of chutzpah. And it will undoubtedly backfire. He’s obviously very triggered (in a non-epileptic way) but this time I believe it will simply lead to him being widely mocked for his paranoia on Twitter.

Kurt cries out in pain as he lashes out at us, but it will get him nowhere.

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  • In a sane world where everyone isn’t the Jews slave, this Jew would be thrown out of court (and break something when he hit ground). But we don’t live in a sane world and this scum Eichenwald is very dangerous. He’s not smart, but he knows that as a Jew, he has an advantage in any dispute.

    I’m very impressed with the additional biographical details on Richard though. “14 years in a secret Nazi assassin training camp hidden in Antarctica”. Very impressive.

  • This, Anglin, the gif assault….Their objective is to establish some precedents, weaponize the legal system against the alt-right. Kurt probably isn’t as asinine as he seems. His strategy is to flail as hard as he can until he randomly hits something, as he did with Jew Goldstein. Confrontational epilepsy.

    • but at some point that won’t work anymore. The more overreaching and arrogant moves the make, the more they will slip up and even more people will wise up to them. They just cant help themselves. It’s why they’ve been kicked out 109 times.

    • the corrupt legal system as been protected by whom the last 100 yrs? they are who we need to talk down or deal with it, not antifa

  • A journalist on Twitter

    One great thing about Twitter is that it is impossible to take someone seriously as a “journalist” when their output consists of “tweets” on “twitter” competing for mindshare with teenage girls posting pictures of Taylor Swift.

    Speaking of the Atlantic, I remember when it was a serious publication, a flagship magazine of New England WASP liberalism. Since it’s been taken over by the Zionist fanatic Jeffrey Goldberg and his cohort, George W. Bush’s former speechwriter David Frum (who has a long personal vendetta against Spencer) it’s turned into a joke. Just read the comments – let’s just say whatever was left of the respectable liberal establishment is clearly not represented at The Atlantic anymore. It’s full of shit-tier “Drumpf” trolling and whackjob Zionists braying for White and Palestinian blood.

    What a shame, this was the magazine once edited by luminaries such as William Dean Howells, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, and William Whitworth. Now it’s run by a collection of Larry Davids without the sense of humor.

    Vanity Fair is another once respectable WASP brand name that has been co-opted by Jews, in that case the infamous Newhouse family of New Jersey. Jews do this all the time, not just in publishing: they take a famous brand like Abercrombie and Fitch – a brand created by real Americans – and co-opt the remaining credibility to sell whichever garbage they are doing at the time, until the brand is thoroughly discredited, then they move on to another.

    Anyway it’s fun to see Spencer triggering these people.

  • I for one do not believe that Kurt Eichenwald was driven into a dangerous seizure by a blinking GIF in a tweet. I do believe that he finds it useful to claim that he was. Were I on the jury on that case I’d wait until we were out of the courtroom and making our decision and then just burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all. A blinking GIF as dangerous munition! Surely we need a 30 day waiting period before anybody should be allowed to acquire a blinking GIF.

    • of course not. It’s a BS tactic these bastards use. They use any and all means to silence their enemies.

  • These are the days when I am thankful I never joined Twatter… Fuckbook is bad enough….

    • Twitter is valuable because an Alt Right shitlord is on the same level as some smarmy legacy media Jew reporter. Faceberg is now data mining and pics of babies for Grandma.

  • It’s amazing the lengths Eichenwald will go to divert attention off of embarrassing himself on Tucker Carlson’s show. All of this started after he made his disastrous appearance on Tucker. He’s trying to bury it under a giant pile of bullshit.

    • That appearance was Theatre of the Absurd. He claimed on air to have evidence of Trump having a mental breakdown brought on by meth addiction. Tucker pressed Eichenbald for evidence, and Eichenbald fumbled through the binder and provided nothing. Tucker seemed to be expressing genuine concern for Eichenbald’s mental state. Then hours later, Eichenbald claimed Jew Goldstein caused him a seizure.

  • One word describes Eichenbald: UNHINGED. Just look at his Twitter feed.

    I also love how Eichenbald denies he’s a Jew and always screeches “I’m Episocopal.”

    • By his own description, he’s an “Episcopalian with a Jewish father.” I don’t see where he’s denying anything on that front.

      • Alt Right shitlords call him a Jew constantly on Twitter, he always cattily yells back “I’m Episcopal!” Eichenbald doesn’t get that everyone considers him a Jew but pozzed left wing douchebags.

      • Being Jewish is not simply a religion. It’s a tribe/ethnicity. Even if they are atheists or convert to another religion, they are still Jews. They still think and behave like Jews.

      • I think he gets it but he doesn’t seem to realize that the goyim know. They can’t hide from us.

        • No, Eichenbald is a libtard who fails to understand that Jews are a race and a religion.

          • Really!? He’s that stupid? You’re sure he’s not just trying to pull the ole’ jewareau on us?

          • Dude, he was probably raised by a Reform Jew and an Episcopalian. Not surprising he turned out to be a simpering fag who blames Spencer for online memes.

          • Well, if that’s the case, I’m gonna have to lay down a “Wow, just wow!”

          • I mean think about it, if he’d had observant Jew parents, Eichenbald would have gone to a Jewish shul and nota Protestant day school.

          • Yeah prolly so. My first reaction to these people is that they’re jewing us. But maybe he’s jewing himself, lol. Wow, now things are getting complicated.

          • Not true, theyre always trying to get their kids into WASP institutions.

          • I’m talking about the Orthodox, Jared Kushner went to private Jewish schools for example.

            Reform Jews are left wing idiots and send their kids to old WASP prep schools, like you described.

          • My Presby high school had a half-breed Ashkenazi with a Jew father and a White mother. He was a mostly decent kid but had a huge chip on his shoulder about the Jew thing.

            Mind you this was a Presby school where he was accepted as a “fellow Christian” with nary a thought otherwise. Apparently you can take the Chaim out of the shtetl but you can’t take the shtetl out of the Chaim.

            It may have been the fact that the cutest girl in our class wouldn’t give him the time of day so he likely blamed it all on “anti-seeeeeeemitisms.”

            Can you blame her? Consider Christie Brinkley, one of the most beautiful women of her time. She married Billy Joel, who looked normal in his youth but aged like they always do and now looks like a rabbi.

            Compare mom and daughter and see how these mixed marriages turn out:



          • Billy Joel is actually a practicing Catholic (seriously). I met his daughter once when she was playing a gig locally and she was actually really nice. She is very ugly though LOL.
            Fun Fact: The Catholic Church actually bitched out Billy Joel for writing the song “Only The Good Die Young” saying that it was unbecoming for a devout Catholic to write a song like that.


            Joel is a secular Jew and an atheist.[89][90][91] In 2001, he stated:

            My parents were both from Jewish families. I was not brought up Jewish in any religious way. My circumcision was as Jewish as they got. I used to go to a Roman Catholic church with my friends, and when I was 11, I got baptized in a Church of Christ in Hicksville. I’m a cultural Jew. I like the Lower East Side humor, the food. I think the Yiddish language is terrifically expressive. Does that make me a complete Jew or a partial Jew? I’m not really sure.[92]

    • Episcopalianism is a religious sect; not an ethnicity. Like it or not.

    • That’s not fair to Booger. Remember, Booger was a party animal who brought the fat chicks and the weed to the Tri Lam party.

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