New Aerial Footage Of Charlottesville Rally

Vincent Law
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    • I just finished reading “Beyond This Horizon – A White Nationalist Blueprint For Tomorrow” and it honestly laid bare what was wrong with the white nationalist movement, told by a white nationalist. Alt-Righters would like it.

  • Great video! I liked the charged suspenseful background music. The music gave me a sense that this movement seen in the video will grow to include millions.

  • Three things from this:
    1. Good group of people showed up.
    2. Need to severely recruit more people!!!!
    3. Did the word get out about this event?

        • Me too! I joined the TRS forums and I’m joining Identity Europa. The only way to increase the turn out is to get vetted and show up.

    • A 200+ turnout with only a few weeks to privately organize is quite an accomplishment for our new movement. These were more than demonstrations. They were very impressive ceremonies. Great optics.

  • There’s a lot I could say about these images, but for me personally, I’ll simply leave at this: it’s inspiring to know, I’m not alone.

    • Help others recognize that they are not alone. Disseminate pro-White posters in your community. There are many, many Whites who agree with us but feel besieged in their own homes because all they see is the mass media telling them that they are “extremist racists” for wanting to uphold our race.

  • No more fratricide inside our European Family. We must work together to advance white ethnocentric nationalism in our country. This means fighting the Marxists everywhere the attack us, but we must also build towards a unified idea of government for our country. Any ideology based on the destruction of existing power structures is doomed to collapse once it successfully achieves its goal. We need to start by establishing pro white schools and pro white labor unions in white communities.

  • Peace, to my Alt-Right Fam…….

    Hope everyone is OK or Better……

    Thank you to everyone involved…..

    Thank you to David, Jared, Kevin…….Dickson…………Pat……….The Forefathers……..

    Thank you to Richard, Matt, Mike, Hunter, Eli, Andrew, Lana, Tara…….

    You all are Turning the Tide…….

    You are Saving Lives……….REALLY……….TRULY……….

    You are Changing History………FACT………

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