Kulturkampf – The Prose Edda

Titus, Borzoi and Leto are joined by The Darwin Digest’s own Soap Merchant as they review and discuss the multi-themed tales and myths of The Prose Edda. Intro music:  Heyr Himnasmiður, outro music: Herr Mannelig.

the authorKulturKampf
Kulturkampf is a podcast dedicated to the preservation and promotion of European philosophy, literature and high culture. We here at KK believe that our struggle is first and foremost a cultural one and for us to achieve victory we must have a more complete understanding of our people's hearts and souls. We strive to better understand ourselves as a people and to perfect our hatred of modernity. The opera isn't just for our grandparents, Hegel isn't just for crusty academics and Goethe isn't just for the Romantic at heart. These are our cultural heirlooms, they are the products of our civilization and they ought to be cherished.


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  • It’s all social construct, if you cling to outdated tradition European men will miss out on the opportunity to date and marry women of other cultures. Doesn’t settling down with a nice Chinese lady and having unique, mixed children appealing? Don’t be racist, goy. Do it.

  • Imho, alot of the stuff in the Edda is influenced by christianity. Such as the resurrection after Ragnarök. Its kind of hard to compete against a religion that promises eternal life. I think some of Lokes evil are also influenced by christianity. Loke is just the example of what we have to have the ability to become sometimes to survive and to thrive.

  • Wait, hold up. Didn’t Hegel advocate the totality of the state? Combine that with Prussian educational ideals and I see a recipe for disaster. Zero tolerance may not even be a good thing to engineer into a BMW engine let alone to engineer into society.

  • Culture is artificial selection. Race is the results. Race preservation starts with culture preservation.

    • Cultures evolve and even die though. Atheism is on the rise as the metaphysical is dying. Why adopt a metaphysical faith long dead to replace one still alive? Europeans flourished under the reign of Christianity, under Norse paganism, not so much. The trouble today is you have a bastardized version of
      Christianity that has turned
      Europeans into cucks.

      • Culture is artificial selection.

        A race flourishes by one measure alone: genetic quality — not money, buildings, books, orchestral arrangements, etc. These are all fruits of genetic quality: the tree of life itself. Humans are unique in our ability, hence responsibility, to direct the selective pressures placed upon our societies.

        The white race flourished under cultures far more ancient than Norse paganism. There is reason to believe that what we call “civilization” and its “high culture” is the most degenerate culture of all.

        • Post Christian culture is surely degenerate. I much rather have the old paganism than the gross materialism behave now. My point is Christianity is still around even though it is taking a beating.

      • “Bastardized version of Christianity that has turned Europeans into cucks”

        Very well put! I agree. All this love thy neighbor & forgiveness is taken & twisted to make us weak!

      • We know basically about as much of medieval Christianity as we do about Norse Paganism. At least in terms of what was adaptive about Christianity for the common man.

        “Christianity” was good for us, although we have little extant knowledge of that religion.

      • Paganism was defeated by christianity. Christianity was defeated by science. We can not do without science. And we can not adopt a faith that will be defeated. Whatever faith we adopt must stand up to science.

        • Christianity birthed modern science. It hasn’t been defeated by science. Christianity has been eclipsed by wealth and luxury. Wealth and luxury never last.

      • The word “culture”, as artificial selection, originates with “cultivation”, “cultivar”, “agriculture” etc. Biologists retain its original usage in phrases like “bacteria culture”. Burying that original, biological, meaning is central to destroying our racial genetic correlation structures — to destroying our biological constructs. “Natural selection” is taught to school children. Replacing the phrase “artificial selection” — which can elicit that teaching in the population — with a more complex descriptive that is, in any event, less accurate, is inadvisable.

        • Whatever the origin of the word, culture means those behaviours that are not biologically mandated. Those behaviours that are passed on from other individuals and groups.
          This becomes very clear with the CARTA lecture series “culture gene interaction”.

          • Do you really think I don’t know what the word “culture” has come to mean? Word corruption matters precisely because words are how we communicate concepts. If a culture can’t even think about the impact of learned behaviors on biological evolution — or it has to relegate such primary concepts to secondary if not tertiary concepts as “culture gene interaction” — then it must rely on the instinctive, rather than moral, level. That is precisely the kind of handicap that has been placed on white culture and it is why the white race is dying.

          • Culture gene interaction is a fundamental concept. Take lactase persistence for example. This mutation became possible by the domestication of animals for meat. Meaning excess milk was available when foals were slaughtered. Once the mutation happened it spread like wildfire. Which made more calories available to the people with the mutation in the form of lactose. And a very mobile food source at that. Which was a fundamental part of the spread of the indoeuropean languages. Which changed other genetics across the world. Culture gene interaction is a better way to describe these things that the older nature vs nuture debate. It is not either or, it is both at the same time.

            Fighting against the well established and clearly defined word culture is to tilt at windmills. Besides, all words have a history. What are you going to do, revert the language back to proto indo european? “Culture” is not a word that has been imposed from above by cultural marxists. Hence, it is a natural part of the language.

          • I should have explained why I relegated “gene culture interaction” to any but the primary concept. The very phrase elides Man’s moral agency in these “interactions”. Consequences, intended or not, of choices inescapably entail responsibility. The difference between saying “Culture interacts with genes.” and saying “Culture is artificial selection.” is the presence of agency on the latter’s “selection”.

            So, yes, “gene culture interaction” is “fundamental” in any rational treatment of Man’s evolution as “natural”. I get it. However, in any rational treatment of Man’s evolution as “artificial”, it obfuscates the true relationship.

            That is all.

            It is _not_ an attempt at revolutionary revisionism. It leaves in place everything about the current anthropological meaning of “culture” and “merely” admits — or I should say readmits — Man’s agency in his own evolution.

            If that’s “tilting at windmills” then so be it.

            PS: We are fast approaching the time when it may be necessary to revisit evolutionary theory’s distinction between mutation and selection in culture due to genetic engineering becoming a source of mutations. When such a mutation is introduced to the germline of Man it has been artificially “selected” as well as artificially “mutated”. The environment into which the resulting phenotypes are expressed will also impose further artificial selection pressures on that mutation. I could then say “Culture is artificial selection.” with “selection” including artificial introduction of mutation.

          • Manipulating is culture. Genes are genes. Hence, genetic engineering is also best described as culture gene interaction, imho. If but in an accelerated form.
            A qoute from Mencken springs to mind,
            Democracy is the theory that the common man knows what he wants. And deserve to get it, good and hard“.
            I admit that genetic manipulation has the potential for creating competitive advantage in the people that subject their offspring to it. But will it? My money is on the Amish.

          • Mencken isn’t a moron, but his humor falls short of Ambrose Bierce precisely because his aim is off the mark. Treating adults as though they were adults gives them what they deserve, good and hard. Liberal democracy’s tyranny of the majority, if not the minority, limited only by a vague laundry list of selectively enforced “human rights” treats everyone like morons if not as idiot children.


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