The Alt-Right Holds MASSIVE Rally To Defend White Heritage In Charlottesville

Identity Evropa, League of the South, Traditional Workers Party, American Vanguard, and TRS showed up in Charlottesville to honor the legacy of Southern war heroes and to pledge not to fight anymore pointless brother’s wars.

It was ironically a massive showing of Northern Yankees, Irishmen, and Italians with a few Southerners in attendance as well. But as Sam Dickson (a true Southron) remarked in his speech, it doesn’t matter whether your ancestors fought for the North or for the South, or whether they came on the Mayflower or not. We are all White, and that means we are all in the same boat now.

This wasn’t a rally to declare support for the cause of Southern Nationalism or the Confederacy. It was a rally to declare support for White Identity. We live in a new paradigm now. The Alt-Right believes that it is long past time for White people to stop their internecine family quarreling. Especially considering the indiscriminate replacement campaign aimed against us.

There’s a bit of a backstory to everything that happened, so strap in.

The good people of Charlottesville decided to virtue-signal their Liberal credentials by hiring a man named Wes Bellamy to the largely irrelevant post of Vice-Mayor for the city. They, of course, could not be bothered to check this magic negro’s credentials, so naturally, they ended up inadvertently hiring a Black Nationalist with a criminal history of assaulting police officers in Atlanta.

The man is a walking meme:


Their affirmative action hire quickly began to start making moves against Whitey by targeting the Confederate heritage of the town.

Similar efforts in New Orleans have culminated in the statue of Stonewall Jackson being removed.

Wes led an effort to try to remove the General Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues in Charlottesville. Fortunately, Virginia State law protects historical monuments (for now), so his efforts failed. He also loves to tweet anti-White and un-PC things. Naturally, he has not gotten into any trouble for this. You can read them here.

But he is not the only one working to destroy White heritage in Charlottesville. The Mayor is a devout anti-White advocate as well.

(((Michael Signer)))

From Occidental Dissent we have a full list of his credentials:

  • Has a PhD in political science from UC-Berkeley.
  • While at the University of Virginia School of Law founded the UVA Coalition for Progress on Race and co-founded the Center for the Study of Race and Law.
  • Is a member of numerous liberal boards, committees and think-tanks.
  • As Mayor of Charlottesville he supported hiring the city’s first Black police chief.
  • In his 2017 State of City Address he said he said “I’m Jewish” and that he was adopted into a “wonderful, boisterous New York/New Jersey family.”
  • He has instructed the city manager to make Charlottesville a “sanctuary city” to shield criminal aliens from deportation.
  • Declared Charlottesville to be the “Capital of the Resistance” to President Donald Trump’s administration.
  • Supported the city donating $10,000 to the Legal Aid Justice Center to “help refugees and immigrant families.”

He denounced our rally in a tweet. He was probably ‘literally shaking’ as he wrote it.

No one has seen such professional, put-together, unabashedly pro-White advocacy in a long time.

By the way, the Goyim know, Mike.

There were about 200 people that showed up for our side and boy did we look good. We were a lean, mean, White Advocacy machine.

The march went down West Jefferson street from 2nd Street toward Jackson park, where the rally was planned to be held. There was a park hosting a multicultural fair along the way, in Lee park and on the way to the staging ground, some of the fair attendees peeled off and started harassing our group. There were some actual Antifa members, but also just some freaks…

“You will live to see horrors beyond your comprehension”.

…and local huwhyte cucks that took offense at the presence of the Alt-Right in the local park.

Remember, Charlottesville is overwhelmingly White, therefore it is populated by insulated SWPLs who have the luxury of loving diversity ™ from afar. Some of the locals started chanting “black lives matter” at /ourguys/.

At which point, our men shouted back “White lives matter” and completely silenced them.

White Lives Matter, and don’t you forget it.

There was no cucking this weekend. No talk of bleeding “red, white and blue”. The Alt-Lite was having its own rally in Boston at the time. There you had plenty of BASED minorities, Proud Boys and silly costumes. But in Charlottesville, you had The White Bloc.

I also submit the name “White Guard” for consideration

That night, there was a vigil to honor those that died in the American Brother’s War. We cut an imposing image as we stood with lit Tiki Torches (to keep the parasites at bay).

Have we started the fire?
Yes, the fire rises.

Who could have imagined that we would be at this level even one year ago? We have grown by leaps and bounds and now we are a force to be reckoned with. We are organized, motivated and above all else, we are on the right side of history. There’s no putting the lid on White Advocacy now.

No one is replacing us without a fight.

You can watch the full stream from Red Ice here:



Antifa and other anti-White activists showed up last night to deface the monument.

Jason Kessler who works at Vdare and the Daily Caller intervened by tearing down their banner.

Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that we live in a Cold Cultural War that is about to go hot?

Vincent Law
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  • As a U.K. Born Brit and new here, married to a Mexican national and I feel your pain. I do not support hateful racism from either side which I do believe the klan has toned down by now, even if it is most difficult to do so which I cannot blame you for feeling this animosity towards those that seem to be on an all out witch hunt to crucify and destroy our race it would seem. I have seen much hate towards us with no consequences ever being applied against the perps.

    Btw, My Mexican spouse agrees with you and our right to equality and existence and rather stunned that many of her people have come to disrespect their white hosts which has awakened her regarding the evil actions of those coming to create mischief and criminal activity against our race.

    Do not be offended by her (her perspective) advice to us whites, try to appear less threatening and avoid including known radicals such as the klan to get your message across. She is fully aware you may suffer in your rallies but continue with your heads up do not surrender to the counter protesters violent acts against you, remain steady.

    She believes without known radical elements amongst you, just you, the regular ordinary people may eventually be seen as the oppressed, it may take more than one march/rally to get your message out there…just a suggestion which I fully agree with her.

    If that fails, she agrees with you that your only other option may need to take the country to civil war if need be, although she hopes it doesn’t come to that, nor will she blame you for doing so.

    She also believes you will not stand alone if another civil war should erupt. Some of her people who think like her have had it with this lawlessness and strife being instigated by these politicians from both sides of the congressional aisle in collusion with ending what is left of the white race’s existence in which something should be done about it before all is lost for your countrymen, our race to survive.

    In my opinion, I’m not so sure rallies and marches are going to work In your favor any longer. Not long ago, last week I believe by a black member of congress blatantly admitted the Democratic Party didn’t need the white vote any longer which I perceived she mean’t we were irrelevant at this point.

    It would seem everyone (including both left and right politicians) from Europe to the US are out to end our existence as a race. We have no one to champion us.

    You must learn from europes mistakes and find away to end this really quickly, it’s getting more sickening by the day!

    Not long ago, muslims, blacks and those mark zuckerburg type players had a Cecil Rhoades Statue removed from one of England’s finest educational institutions labeling him as an imperialist. It’s MY country, my birth place first and foremost! No one has any business demanding removal of my beloved representations and culture! We did not import these people into our lands ever. We were very white when I was growing up, occasionally a black, Indian would be seen, the black was a very rare sight to none in my days, we should not accept the seeding of those that cannot integrate in peace with us….this is an outright attempt to genocide us by that disgusting entity we call the UN!

    Anyway as much as I have no use for hateful racism, I do however, believe they’re is a healthy form of racism which only assists in the preservation of a demographic of people. I don’t see anything wrong with in my point of view.

  • At the rally a Poster was carried: Our History – Culture – Identity Are all under attack… Does anyone know where I can buy it?

  • An excellent example of the Alt Right.Smart in appearance and traditional roles for men and women.No difficulty in distinguishing gender on our side at all!

  • Good job, guys! Glad you stood up to those anti whites. Good idea doing it live, too. That way these commies can’t take something you did out of context.

  • Guys, excellent in various senses:
    1. A LOT of people. This alone -numbers- will bring more people (as numbers per se represent SECURITY, and common people want to march in a secured group, and not rounded by enemies)
    2. Cloth. Total fine! No more “all black uniforms / military waco / ´30 party disguise” . Just a clean, white, high class outfit and you get the people and stop the media to picture you like the “nazi hollywood” type, all at the same time.
    3. No legion of tatoos, piercings, beers and hell angels type of men that common people relationate with thug gangs.

    We must NOT make our first marches in enemy territory among antifas (and with “nazi soldiers” in uniform as atendees), but in our local places; all friends, in order to show the security and organization that our side bring -when it is not attacked-. At the same time the peaceful marches bring MORE PEOPLE. And in time, then is possible to “invade” antifa places. So … excellent decision in vetting the act and make it “private”. You must repeat this method until you get to double the number and then the city sees you like NORMAL political factor there. Then, only then, can a political group try to make a march among enemies (when the normie people take you like an accepted fact)
    This way, you go in the same path as the identitarian movements in Europe, and soon will turn alt right culture the only white and sane youth culture

  • Sad to see such cultural cleansing being applauded by the elites. They certainly want to underline that the old order is being replaced. You must continue your fight. And we’ll do all we can in Europe to disrupt the pervading globalist, post-national narrative.

  • In my opinion, talking about an ethnostate (see Sam Dickson’s talk) only helps in certain contexts. It is all well and good for alt-righters to realize among themselves that an ethnostate would be a good thing, but we should also keep in mind that this is one on the best talking points our adversaries have to use against us.

    An ethnostate is not absolutely necessary for the survival of our people, but white racial consciousness is. Moreover, once we get a critical mass of whites with racial consciousness, it will only be a matter of time before an ethnostate comes about. This is why it is better to keep public discussion of a future ethnostate to a minimum for now.

  • The normie clothing was smart. Not intimidating or “scary”. It’s a good look.

    Southern culture exists. Is there a northern one that isn’t multicult hellholes?

  • The guy with the megaphone and the Brownshirt standing behind him are great! You can tell that either of those two would slit their mother’s throat for a can of beans…or if they ever found out that she loved black dick in college.

    • So edgy! Obviously Spencer triggered the duck out of you since you’re sperging all over this thread.

  • Last night I shared my growing anger and frustration about Germany, France, Europe and the EU.

    Here is a government (EU) who is now over 60 years old and whose leaders are appointed and not elected, whose policies are ripping Europe apart (Open borders, massive migration of Europe Hating people, collapsing economies) and there is no resistance.

    I could not imagine America putting up with a government that is 60 years in power and whose leaders are never elected but appointed and whose policies are global and Anti American. But then again we put up with a lot of rubbish for far more than 8 years and easily include President Bush sr and jr to President Clinton.

    The Holocaust of world war 2 to the Axis powers and all that has been said and written to condemn a nation since 1945 (be it right or wrong) has led to nothing. No resistance, no questions nothing even when Germans have won in courts over this issue to changing the number killed to less than 200 thousand on the placard in Auschwitz. Nothing!

    It is as if Europe and Europeans do not care what happens to them and are more than happy to be rubbed off the face of the map. Instead they prefer we do the fighting for them, we take the abuse while they (Germans in particular) do little

    With one exception and that is Palestine. No matter how much the world has ignored these people to condemning them for their acts of savage terrorism they continue to push for whatever cause they have. Looking at Europe (and for that matter white America) I now have some admiration for them. They are willing to fight when Europeans and Americans have given up a long time ago

    • I hear you. I often think I care more about the future of Europe than Europeans do. It’s frustrating.

      • Johnny
        From the “American thinker’ to “Daily Caller’ and in so many websites I have defended Germany, been called every name in the book and after Le Pen lost I am a bit angry. I want to see some spark from Europe. I hope to see that.

        • Yeah, I guess things still have to get worse before they get better. I don’t know how much worse I can stand to see things get though.

          • That was part of my discussion last night. It can get really bad if one takes into account how many ethnic groups to nations have suffered terribly to even face extinction while no one really gives a hoot.
            Germany and Europe alone in the 20th century saw millions of them die and that is buried under the “Holocaust” myth.
            No one actually frets over 8 to 12 million dead Germans after ww2 . Most ignore massive levels of suffering,. It can get far worse than I could imagine without anything really happening.

        • I know. I didn’t mean any offence. When Macroons are still winning elections after all that France has been through over the past two years its disheartening though.

          • Don’t worry – I understood how it was meant! As for Macron, to be honest, as the saying goes, what matters is who counts the votes, rather than who votes. I doubt it was a fair election.

  • All that was missing is the firelight vigil were the white robes and burning cross. Good job guys! 200 people! Two years ago I remember it was just me, Wilbur, Bobby-Ray, and a case of Pabst. Press on! In another 2 years, let’s shoot for 220!

  • I like the white shirts and khakis, it gives a clean and not overly intimadating appearance to the participants.

  • Why in the hell is Wes Bellamy still breathing air? Any White patriot or group of White patriots in the area should already have made an example of him. Marching and holding signs isn’t going to do a damned thing. When people like Wes Bellamy are not scared of Whitey, it’s long past time for Whitey to do something about that.

        • Maybe advocating violent crimes on the internet isn’t a good idea. Just trying to help you.

          • I don’t need your help. Anyone reading this who doesn’t like what I say can go phuck themselves.

          • You’re right! I’ll make a sign and hold it in the air with a bunch of other cucks doing the same and see how that does.

          • What cause is that?

            Following the rules set by a Satanic entity that wants you dead?

    • I smell a Hal Turner style provocateur. The difference is that at least Turner was entertaining. You’re just tiresome.
      Begone, troll! You’re not wanted here.

      • What you’re smelling is your upper lip.

        I don’t know and don’t care who “Hal Turner” is.

        Calling someone a troll because you don’t like what he says is like telling the whole world you don’t know how to process views which make you uncomfortable.

        You’ve appointed yourself to speak for others, which makes you a presumptuous nut sack.

        Moreover, I don’t care what you want. I’ll post where I please to, and I don’t require your damned permission.

        I hope you understand the universe a little better now, and you’re place in it.

  • Thank you again so much to everyone who helped out and attended this event. Every single person was an important part of making this happen. Keep a close eye on the usual places for more events coming soon so we can make this the real summer of 88.

  • Very impressive. I like the white and the torches. The medias freaking out as well. O course, with the “Russia is our friend” chant we’ll be sure to hear how Russia is behind the Alt-right, but that’s how things go these days.

  • I can’t believe I missed this. I had no idea. I live in Northern Virginia – I would’ve absolutely made the trip down there to stand with all of you who did. For future reference, how do we know when and where to go next time? The images, particularly the night time moment with torches – so uplifting and even moving, if I’m honest.
    I don’t understand why anyone wants to delete history. If we remove the Robert E. Lee statue, then what about Mount Vernon? Monticello? Gunston Hall? What about the Fredericksburg Battlefield, where the Union Army was battered to pieces at the foot of that hill? Are we to do away with all of it? Totally absurd.

    • Spencer has spilled the beans so I can too I guess – it was secret, the only way you could have known was to join a: TRS Pool Party, your local Trad Workers Party group, Identity Europa, a Daily Stormer Book Club or some other such group. I’m sure the idea was to have a ceremony uninterrupted by antifa. Praise .. something, that word didn’t leak.

  • We need to create traditions. We should meet on this spot annually for a torchlight march even if the statue is removed eventually.

        • Spencer speech on November 9 in memory of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

          If some other group gets triggered by the date, that’s not our F’n problem.

          • I didn’t realize! Wow! I was 8 or 9 when that happened. I remember watching it on tv.
            You’re right about if anyone is offended. No-one talks about it that much anyway. So if they bring it up over Richard speaking then that’d be pretty petty.

    • Totally agreed. Richard Spencer has mentioned this before, but I haven’t seen much action on it, the idea of traditions… that we’d have songs, art work, etc., symbols that celebrate our culture and our cause. Can you imagine standing there with your brothers and sisters, under the stars with torches, singing songs together that inspire us? I get the chills just thinking about it, really.

      • That does sound cool…

        Day is never finished,
        Massuh got me working,
        Someday Massuh set me free.

        Oh, oh, and who could forget…

        Stringing up a Jew,
        Watchin’ her turn blue,
        Twitchin’ like a cockroach,
        Like I did my gym coach.

        We love to hate,
        We love to hurt,
        We love to put you in the dirt.

        We hate to feel,
        Like someone would squeal
        So we hang our brothers 1, 2, 3.

        Man, that song brings back memories. Lost some good friends to that song.

    • We should smear our testicles with cheeze whiz and March naked down the street singing “I’m a Little Teapot.” After we parade back and forth for a while we could put or and the ladies clothes back on, March to where we were this year, and draw straws and the winners get to have a spanky party with the losers. Before we go home, all the men should put their car keys in a bowl and have a Key Party.

      Just throwing out suggestions here. Tony’s wife is hot and we have been giving each other the eye. I just want her keys. That white dress drives me nuts!

  • The US has FEMA camps to deal with civil unrest. Looks like Europe is preparing for civil war too: “something horrendous is emerging in a small north-eastern town of Germany’s landlocked Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt. In one of Europe’s most modern military training camps, an entire ghost town is being built at the tune of several hundred billion euros. Most of the German (or European) tax-payers have never heard of it. By 2018 the facility will be ready for troop training to fight European citizens in European cities, should they dare to go on the barricades against the atrocities of their leaders and oligarchs.”

    • East Germany has many ghost towns already because its been massively depopulated since 1989. Whole neighborhoods of towns have been shuttered and turned into Green Belts, pipes have been decreased in size to deal with smaller capacity, schools have been turned into nursing homes.

  • The Alt-Right is Crescendoing…..

    And the Jews are going every more Hysterical and Insane regarding Trump……..


    I don’t know……..

    But, MUCH Respect to every Person that attended that Rally…….

    It was truly Amazing, Successful, and Powerful……..

    The fact that all these Groups linked together in the Unity of White Identity……

    Was MAGICAL……

    Thank you, Brothers and Sisters…….

    • jews are the parasites of the world and the white race won’t know peace until they are no more

      • Just Jews? So you are saying that if we give you the Jews, you will just go home and shut up?

          • But I am not a Jew, I am a socialist, atheist, proud white man. So how would the world be better…you would have one less white man and would become a minority sooner. Don’t think you have thought this all through. Try again.

          • I didn’t say you were jewish did I? also the quality of white man matters a great deal. go beat off to moldy locks

          • Ah yes, a “proud” White man who whines and cries about White men standing up for themselves. So brave. So proud.

          • A proud white man, just like a proud man of any race, stands up for justice and truth, even if they have to stand against injustice and falsehoods uttered by men of their same race.

          • You are just a whiner. Look at all of your comments here. Nothing constructive. Worthless.

    • Did whites fight the Civil War for the Jews? I thought we were, among other things, trying to free enslaved blacks, while the south was trying to keep them enslaved so the white minority (in many southern states) could live high on the fruits of their labor? Or are the Jews so smart they got us to fight each other just so we would kill each other off. That would be some damn smart Jews…

        • Well, I am not certain. My dad was adopted and we don’t know his lineage, and I don’t believe a member of my mothers family fought. At least I have never heard of that.

          We were, however, undoubtedly here, in the States. My mothers family came in the mid 1700’s.

        • ALTernative opinions unwelcome!

          If your statements made sense, I wouldn’t so easily be trolling them.

      • If the Jews are so smart, why do they manage to get kicked out of every nation? Why is it the Jews can’t survive without the ‘goyim’ supporting Israel and fighting their fights for them? Jews are the only group that has economic and political privileges, yet it so terrified of being criticized they need to write laws silencing their critics.

  • The size and quality of this rally was the product of several groups agreeing to participate. Let’s hope the trend continues. We really need to come together when it’s time to display numbers and power on the street level.

  • I think Spencer’s onto something and there’s a fairly easy way to capitalize on it – eCommerce. I’ve recently starting shopping more and more and more online, for the sole purpose of avoiding black people. As more and more Americans realize that they can avoid black people by shopping online, the future for eCommerce will only grow brighter.

    With the exception of dairy and perishables, I now do all of my shopping through Amazon and Wal-Mart and I totally avoid black people in daily interactions.

    It’s absolutely wonderful. I mean, let’s be honest.

    • “I’ve recently starting shopping more and more and more online, for the sole purpose of avoiding black people.” LMFAO

      • I encourage everyone to do the same. My local Harris Teeter, opened about six months ago, was totally destroyed by the 100 black people that they decided to hire.

        I’ve stopped shopping there for anything but dairy and perishables. Some impulse snacks, as well.

        Have increased my online shopping probably 3x over the past six months and am now almost totally avoiding black people. The only place I’d ever see black people anyway was in retail establishments and some restaurants.

        Started eating a lot of Asian food because the Asians don’t hire blacks for anything.

      • I live in an area with almost no black people, so I can’t relate. Large Hispanic population, but they aren’t as ridiculous, loud, and rude as a huge group of blacks. What Hispanics do that pisses me off is they let their brats run rampant through the streets. I never see Hispanic parents calming their kids down and telling them to behave at the store.

        • I live in a very diverse city so I couldn’t avoid non-whites if I wanted to. I totally see how blacks are loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate, rude etc. And how diversity destroys actual community. But going these kinds of lengths to avoid dealing with the people who live around you doesn’t seem healthy to me. If it’s that bad he should probably just move.

      • Doubtful; that stuff’s all headed for automation and robotics. Look – if you want to short a stock and make some money, take a serious look at going short on Harris Teeter. They spend a bunch of money investing in nice stores and then throw the investment away by hiring a bunch of black people. Worthless. Useless.

        Avoid the groyd.

      • Just from a purely personal perspective, avoiding blacks people is one of my most productive activities. Using my local Harris Teeter as an example, they’ve totally ruined it by hiring all these blacks.

        The single best activity any civilized person can undertake is to avoid black people. They’re worse than useless, they offer only destruction.

        Avoid the groyd. It’s that simple.

        • I get what you’re saying. There is a local mall that is ran down because blacks began to move into that area. They constantly shop lift & they are so loud. They also sag & hit on any white woman they see. When it gets that bad & the local police do nothing it is time to move on.

      • Was that in Bowling Alone? I read it in college years ago, but I don’t recall that subject. It was one of the critical works for me that turned me to the Alt Right, in hindsight. Even though I was your ordinary conservative student at that time, it was quite obvious to me, perhaps for the first time, that I was Alt Right (even though there was no such thing as Alt Right as we know it now). But, if you could go a little deeper into the topic of “turtling,” I’d be interested in hearing, Vincent. Specifically, why is turtling something we should avoid?

        • No, was in a post-Bowling Alone study. He wanted to study the effects of diversity on social capital, his findings weren’t to his liking and sat on the data until a grad student forced his hand. Here’s a vdare link:

          This was a while ago – people were apparently eager to find holes and have re-done the study in various areas, recently in Denmark. All have found the same thing, that it ruins social capital, including ‘turtling’ – people stay home, don’t share space, do less ‘community’ stuff. They trust each other less too, even people in their own race.

          • Thanks for sharing. It’s sad to think a very bright and educated person like Dr. Putnam didn’t know in advance that his research was likely to show that diversity would be toxic for the creation of social capital. This is a good example of why I have a lot of patience for some of the leftists, globalists, etc. If it took Putnam that long to figure it out, then it will obviously take more ordinary people, particularly those who don’t think like a sociologist, a lot more time. I have less patience for the cuckservatives because they basically know the truth already, and willfully deny it. But anyways, thanks again for that. I’ve always meant to read the post-Bowling works, but never did. Sounds like some good summer reading on the porch swing.

        • We are all becoming atomized and modern tech helps us do that. Amazon just reinforces the trend. It lets us sit at home alone, cut off from everyone.

          • I wonder if someone has already written on this subject in a formal way, preferably a book? At this point, it wouldn’t shock me if the Marxists devised online shopping as a way to further separate people from each other, in general. When we spend time together, regardless of race, there is social capital produced. When that social capital is produced by whites, the effect is very positive for our cause, for those of us who are on the Alt Right. The globalists, Marxists, leftists of all kinds, surely don’t like that and love when we don’t produce social capital that empowers us, even if that outcome happened by accident, which my assumption is, that it was in fact not by design.

          • I think you may be onto something. According to Putnam, its TV that atomizes us. I don’t entirely disagree. The suburbs, TV and now online shopping all lead to atomization of community. Oh, but of course Diversity has nothing to do with it.

          • We need to be out there living life and not cut off at home in our echo chamber. Even if that means being around Blacks. I, though I have not been back in the states for a year now, always found that Blacks like to joke and laugh. So just joke around and usually you won’t have a negative encounter.

            Or else move. Because I tell you sitting at home online all the time is not healthy for you as an individual or our people as a collective.

          • No, but it sure the hell is fun. Espically when you have a huge yard and lots of gardening to keep you busy. Also, a couple of the worlds finest dogs.

  • This nice little political rally to defend our White heritage, and the Confederate monuments, has as usual set off a debate about slavery & the coming of the Civil War on Brad Griffin’s Occidental Dissent.

      • The point is that nobody is going to mess with a crowd of 200 people, overwhelmingly men, who will all stand together if need. Charlottesville was a strong show of force, exactly what the Alt Right needed.

        • As to the question of numbers, there were about 150 of us at the noon rally to Jackson Park. We counted 215 at 8:55 pm before we lit the torches and candles and stepped off to Lee Park for the night march and vigil. But that was before Spencer and the security detail showed (about 10 people), before the Michigan group showed (another 20) and a handful more from other places.

  • Very well done Richard, I’ve been observing the autistic screeching of the left for hours now on social media – you’re actually trending quite high on Facebook right now, ironically.

    Quite sure this is the biggest rally in the North American continent so far.

    • Advice: find a Pool Party, join Identity Europa or the Trad Workers Party or such like, whichever suits your taste and exists near you.

      • Michigan is very dry on those unfortunately. I’d start my own if I wasn’t moving out of state at the end of the year.

    • Dynamo Dresden has always had right wing hooligan fans and Dresden in general has been a hotbed for Volkisch German politics.

      • Right, and now I think it seems Leipzig has done the same. I don’t follow the Bundesliga like I once did, but if I know Leipzig at all, I’m sure we have a lot of friends there.

        • We have friends in the entire former DDR outside of the pozzed hellhole that is Berlin. Particularly in Meck-Pomm.

  • My question is to the respectable residents of Charlottesville, VA: How could you elect a mayor indoctrinated in Trotskism by definition, by virtue of his going to Berkeley?

    • Because a lot of people that live there aren’t from there. They’re associated with the university and vote there. Like any university (just about), it’s a globalist think-tank spewing out hate for free thought, and especially free-thought by white people.

  • Have you ever heard a Jew say “The Nazis tried to REPLACE us!!” -??

    Replace is so lame compared to genocide.

  • Great job by our people in Charlottesville and Marietta, Georgia, this weekend. Building on Pikeville and NOLA. We are just beginning this nationalist struggle to smash global Judeo-Marxism and secure our blood and soil for the future.–Michael Hill, League of the South

  • Well done to everyone that attended. Judging by all the msm kvetching, you all definitely made an impact. The liberal hemorrhoidal flare ups it’s caused has been beautiful. Hail Victory!

  • What I know of Charlottesville, is that they have a large Hispanic/Latino population. A larger Hispanic/Latino population than the census demographic indicates. It could be that many are classified as White by the government, or are self classifying as White? So be careful.

  • The Mayor is an example of cultural contamination when Lunatic Berkeley ideology destroys a southern city like Charlottesville.
    That Negro is an example how raw stupidity kills a nation.

    • Here is a quote from the article on the Fox News site:
      “Last week, Mayor Lyda Krewson was briefed on the options of what to do with the monument.

      “In a statement, she said, “I know this is an emotionally-charged issue for people on both sides. But this monument is hurtful to so many people and I believe it should come down.””

  • Great work! Some excellent images and the Red Ice live-stream made me feel connected. News percolated through to the Guardian in the UK who commissioned this article from Douglas Williams, a PhD student at Wayne State (600 miles away). The article is unfair and unreasonable, obviously, but I was interested to see what lies would be prioritised for the literally shaking Leftists who read this globalist rag.
    Top lies seem to be ; that the Alt-Right are “supremacists” (rather than simply wanting our own state), it was a Klan event (in some sense), links to Dr Duke are repeated and emphasised, that the Alt-Right want to see blacks dead or “lashed into servitude” (despite the clear anti-slavery position taken by the Alt-Right). Actually it’s pretty funny, if you’ve got the stomach for such stuff have a look. The picture of the author is ahhh… odd. Some comments under the article are positive “Leave the statues alone!” but sympathisers aren’t likely to bother with the globalists’ European flagship propaganda sheet.

  • I love the nicely dressed theme you have going. It shows who we actually are! I hope there will be a gathering in nashville soon! I will be there!

    • I think it’s important that we present ourselves as we are. Sure, I come home from work and immediately change into gym shorts and a t-shirt like a lot of people. But, when I’m at work, attending a wedding, etc., I’m dressed in the appropriate attire. I think when we attend Alt Right functions, we should treat that with respect and look proper. It’s not a gym clothes event. We’re fighting for the future of our people.

      • You & my husband both! (About gym shorts & t-shirts!) You’re right! Treat our gatherings & movement with respect by dressing respectfully & looking our best

    • But who are we, actually? I don’t want us to be just another group of stupid white racists (don’t get me wrong…I have been a proud stupid white racists all my life), I want us to be stupid white racists with some class and style. We need to show people that well, sure, we are stupid white racists, but we can dress in something other than the basic all black authoritian military garb. Kind of trick people into believing that we are regular, decent folk. So maybe a colorful “Free Mumia Abu-Jamal” t-shirt and a pair of baggies. For women, maybe short shorts and midrif-cut t-shirts. You know, so we kind of blend in. Lots of gold jewelry to show that white nationalism is synonymous with economic success.

      In the name of growing our movement and saving the white race from itself, we could “pimp out our hos” at all our events. That would certainly improve our rally turnout numbers, which at 200 are a little embarassing. Do a couple of people have some vans to help facilitate this? We could hand out lit after the “customer” is finished. And for those few of you who have a problem whoring out your wife or girlfriend or don’t already, this is for the Cause and more important than a transactional personal relationship, remember that.

      On a personal note – hey, Billy-Ray, when you start pimping Marla, can you give me a heads up? I want to take a whack at Marla before she gets too used up. Marla and I have had this thing going for a while. I think her and I just need to knock one off.

  • Well done! Why not call Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer and express your opinions to his office?

      • I would say call instead of email. Because calling ties up their resources. Call from a pay phone if you don’t want to use your personal phone.

    • The “vice mayer”, omg! His unprofessional language! & how he talks about white women, I cannot believe they allow this!

    • May 15, 2017

      Attn: Mayor Michael Singer

      City of Charlottesville, Virginia

      Subject: Destruction of White Heritage and Discrimination against White Community

      Dear Michael Singer,

      I find your recent tweets directed against American people and discriminate in nature against the White Community of Charlottesville, VA and the USA. Your intent on destroying the monuments to the heroes of Civil War, regardless of which side they have been, is an assault of on the American heritage of and the history of the United State of America.

      Your actions are reminiscent of Bolsheviks in the 20th century, when they began by tumbling statues and ended up sending people with alternative views to labor camps (GULAG). Your dictatorship of opinion and views are in the best traditions of Trotsky. If you worship Trotsky – you should not be a mayor of the American city.

      But we will put up a fight to defend our traditions and heritage. YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US. You will not even end up as a footnote in the history, but perish alongside with your masters.


      • Bolsheviks? Gulag? Trotsty? Worshiping Trotsky? Disrarorship of opinion? Your masters?

        This wording screams “we are a marginal political group.”

        YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US! adds just the right note of baseless paranoia.

    • No threats, just voice your opinions legally!

      Paige Rice
      Clerk of Council
      Telephone: 434-970-3113

      Sarah Brazelton
      Assistant to the Clerk of Council
      Telephone: 434-970-3433

      • No threats?

        Then you’ve already lost.

        Threaten them, and then make good on the threats.

        Burn down their houses with them and their families in it.

  • Great piece guys. I am glad that the Alt-Right is finally having pro-white demonstrations, first Pikeville and now Charleston. We must defend our white heritage, perhaps especially including the grandsons of the Founders who wore gray in 1861. What most American patriot types(who are often somewhat racially conscious but afraid of being called rayciss) do not realize is that is the flags and monuments of the South and the Confederacy go, the Founders of the American Revolution will be next on the list. i put up a blog post about this on my blog last Friday. It can be read here:

  • The rally this weekend was a success and an incredibly good look. I enjoyed watching the streams on Red Ice. I liked the white and khaki uniform and white dresses for the women. Less intimidating than the all black uniforms worn at Pikeville a couple weeks earlier. Good turn out. Even saw a couple Fasces flags. Saluto Romano!

    • The women in their dresses were a huge addition to the already excellent optics of the gathering. Great job ladies.

      • It also draw my attention. I had not seen women dressed properly in public gatherings in years.

        • My profile used to be public, but when weirdo nut-sacks like you started stalking me wherever I went I decided to thwart their douchebaggery. What this means is that whatever dungheap maggotry you had intended to engage in is not going to happen. How do ya like them apples, hotshot?

          • That’s fine. You obviously have something to hide. I, personally, don’t, but I totally understand if you do.

          • In other words, you didn’t understand a single solitary word I said, or else you just can’t process the fact that I prevented you from stalking me.

            What I’ve noticed as well is that people who do the “I’m gonna check his profile” douchebaggery never having anything to say. Do you know how many times I’ve done the “I’m gonna check his profile” routine?


            The profile check is weird, irrelevant to the subject, and downright creepy.

            And stop with the Mel Gibson faggotry. You’re not cool. You’re a pussy.

          • You’re obviously a paid Jew posting dumb inflammatory comments here to make us look bad. Nice try, Schlomo. Obvious shill is obvious.

          • Ah yes. The, “you’re a Jew” ploy, which has largely taken the place of the “you’re a troll” ploy.

            What’s funny about your asininity here is that I am a confirmed “anti-semite.” I hate our wars for Israel, and I hate faux-Israel for that matter (the geopolitical nation-state, not the Israel of God, which is Christ.) Moreover, I believe that the Holohoax™ is at least 75% a myth. But, no doubt, geniuses like you will say, “You’re just saying that to try and make us look bad!”)

            You’re pathetic, and you’re a coward, and you’re frankly not very bright. You should look into changing that.

            One of your problems is that you’re worried about “looking bad.” I have to ask, “look bad” to whom?

            When you stop worrying about how you look to people who want to exterminate your race, or at the very least, displace you and subjugate you in your own once Christian homeland, then you’ll be able to maybe start taking it to the enemy.

            But for now, you and your ilk will continue to worry about how you look to the enemy, and following the rules of war laid out by same.

            Grow up already, punk. We’re losing. And we’re not gonna get the damn wall, by the way, because of pure cowardice.

          • When you’re calling for acts of violence against specific individuals on a very public forum it makes you look fishy. Other than that I agree with everything you just said. I want to defeat the enemy. Thats why I’m somewhat careful about what messages I put out there. Theres a time and place for that kind of talk and its not on a public forum.

          • Let me know when you come to the realization that blood will have to run.

            As soon as the anti-White heathen are scared of us again, then we can win. But as long as a displaced African can get by with yanking down White cultural symbols with impunity, White’s will continue to lose.

            Quit being scared of them.

          • I’m well aware that civil war is probably inevitable, and I’m not afraid of them. But this comment section isn’t the place to discuss specific acts of violence against specific individuals.

          • It wasn’t a discussion. It was an assertion. It was the pussy brigade here that turned it into something it didn’t have to be, all because anyone you don’t know who’s further along the road to reality than you are is automatically “Schlomo.”

            The alt-right will not survive with that level of stupidity, nor with dick-heads clicking on profiles and obsessing over not being able to stalk someone on the internet instead of focusing on the issues.

          • We also won’t survive if we head into race war mode prematuraly. If it were to break out tommorow we would lose.

          • LOL Those racist cops you hate so much were the only thing keeping you subhumans from getting beaten into the pavement today. Everytime you guys pull this shit, our numbers grow. Keep it up, fucktard.

          • You counter signalling like this is the reason why we’re suspicious of your motivations.

            Right now it’s about gathering numbers. If you think that the majority of whites are going to side with us while they’re extremely comfortable in their posh SWPL culture houses, then you’re completely wrong.

            We HAVE to appeal to your standard whites, as far as I know, we’re most likely going to have the majority of Generation Zyklon whites, but we have to wake up more Millennial and Gen-X folks to get on our side, especially the retarded Lolbertarians and Centrists “on the fence”.

            I get where the far rightists are coming from, but before we get there, we NEED numbers and mobilization this exact way, because what’s going to happen in the future is that whites will wind up being targeted through taxation and completely unconstitutional aspects via nonwhites, jews and shabbos goyim.

          • Counter-signaling?

            What a douchebag term.

            There wasn’t a bit of any kind of “signaling” at all in anything I said. I merely attempted to explain to one of the village idiots around here why Whites are going to lose — and yes, we are going to lose. And why are we going to lose? Because of shit-wits like you who are worried about “looking bad” to people who want to exterminate your White self.

            So stick your “counter-signaling” douchebag terminology up your ass. You guys are barely one notch to the right of Rich Lowry, for crying out loud.

            I could not care less what you’re suspicious of. The way it works with dumb phuckers like you is that no matter what I say, it’s suspicious.

            That is stupid. Do you understand that.

            And I have already heard the “We have to appeal to the cuck crowd” before. Lots and lots and lots of times. Whereas what we really need is strength. Not holding “protest” signs like a bunch of leftwing phags. But as long as people like you and your ilk insist on calling those of us who have come to the inescapable conclusion that blood will have to run, the “far right,” then you’re going to lose.

          • I completely understand where you’re coming from… but you seemed to ignore my main point which is NUMBERS. Whites are literally experiencing an existential crisis and quite frankly I’m just going to take pretty much everything that’s within “alt-right” rather than purity spiral. Of course purity spiraling is fine for you guys further right, but we just can’t afford the sheer lack of numbers right now. We need more people on our side.

          • I’m done here. You guys think that anyone you don’t know and who points out that blood will have to be spilt is a “J*wish, Anti-fa, or just some garden variety lefty.”

            That is pure paranoia and phaggotry.

            What sort of “alt-right” is it when you can’t process the fact that maybe someone is further along the road to reality than you are? Sheesh.

          • It’s a slope to bring more people to Fascism and National Socialism.

          • Why are you getting mad? I said that I understand if you have something to hide. For example, that you’re J*wish, Anti-fa, or just some garden variety lefty.

            If I were trying to stir up division on the comment section of an ideological opponent while feigning innocence, I too would probably make my profile private.

          • It sounds like you’re the “pretender”.
            And a hypocrite ….

          • Oh yes, because telling you that no one cares what you think is the same thing as saying I care what you think!

            Your logic is unassailable!

            P.S. You don’t know what the word hypocrite even means. It’s just your standard go-to word that you imagine lays waste to everything in its path.

            You’re a pussy. And a dumb one at that. Your whore of a mother shouldn’t taken money from your daddy to spread her cum-filled crotch, and then we wouldn’t have the likes of you stinking up the planet.

      • The one in Boston was full of Civic Nationalist Kekistanis. Otherwise, this one in Charlottesville was pretty damn good.

    • I like the all black military-style garb better. It makes me feel more powerful and and let’s me imagine I am one of the first Nazi supporters, dreaming about the Kristallnacht to come!

      • That look definently has its place. A rally against taking down confederate statues could bring a lot of sympathetic normies closer to our cause, so its important to not scare them off.

        • Oh, ya, that makes sense. Make ’em think we are all normal and stuff, like just concerned citizens or something. Then once we get them involved, that’s when we spring the crazy on them. And then they are like “Woah” and we are like “Oh ya” and they are like “I cant” and we are like “you already did” and they are like “I feel dirty now” and we are like “That means you are one of us now. Here, have a frog.”

          Kind of like if you go out partying and get drunk with your friend Bubbles and you both go back to your place and pass out and in the morning you wake up and are hung over and bleeding out your ass and you look at Bubbles and he is just smiling and nodding and you know that you might as well be gay now, even though you got tricked into being gay. Something like that?

          • No, because we’re not being at all dishonest. We are a white identity group, advocating for white interests in a historically white country. We’re under cultural assault. If it makes you as mad as it makes us, join us. Not looking militaristic makes it less intimidating for them to come up and ask questions, and get honest answers.

        • Godwins Law went out the window when it was revealed your orange god slept by a book of Hitlers propaganda for decades.

  • I salute you, the defenders of our heritage and traditions! Down with libtards, cucks, globalists and multi-culturalists!

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