The Moral Matrix Of The Ruling Elite

Submitted by Sid Garside


Issues of identity and immigration have quickly established themselves as the premier lightning rods of political discourse in the 21st century. Anyone who even marginally asserts that European countries have a legitimate interest in maintaining their racial or ethnic identities is immediately hounded as a racist, Nazi, or any other unimaginative insult that can be mustered up. After even only a few minutes of conversation with opponents on such issues it should become readily apparent that those who care about identity are operating on an entirely different moral landscape than the social justice warriors who enjoy the privileges of holding beliefs aligned with the status quo. But what is it that drives the establishment’s determination of what views are acceptable or unacceptable when it comes to issues of identity and immigration? The answer to this question can seem elusive, but a greater understanding is gained by attempting to enter the moral matrix that guides the decision making of today’s self-described liberals and social justice warriors.

We live in a world where we are told simultaneously that race doesn’t exist and yet racism is real. We are told that blackness as an identity is beautiful, but that whiteness as an identity is somehow problematic. We are told on the one hand that race doesn’t matter, but on the other that we should continue to push for increased racial diversity at every level of our society. There are stifling contradictions and peculiarities at the heart of the ruling elite’s understanding of issues surrounding race and identity. Never have these contradictions and peculiarities been on a more pronounced display than when it comes to debates over immigration policies in Europe.

Technological developments of recent decades are getting to the point where monotonous labor may become a thing of the past. Automation is leading to greater productivity and less of a need for human labor in unskilled occupations. These innovations present problems, especially when it comes to satisfying the public’s need for employment in a world where unemployment is becoming increasingly normalized. Despite these changes on the horizon the ruling elite continues to flood their nations with third world immigrants and show no signs of slowing down. This can only be described as madness, and this madness has its origins in a decadent and suicidal morality that is sorely in need of replacement. These immigration policies are no longer enacted primarily out of some prospect of economic benefits, but because immigration is increasingly coming to be seen as an opportunity for nations to virtue signal in the international community by displaying their sense of charity and pushing their societies towards a utopian, post-racial fantasy world. They are enacted for reasons of morality as opposed to reasons of utility.

Since the Second World War, white people have been raised in an environment that glorifies suicidal self-sacrifice on behalf of the ‘other’. It is seen as a noble and virtuous act among the elite to suffer (even to the point of extinction) for the sake of any racial or ethnic out-group. On the one hand, those who embrace this morality are motivated by the prospect of validation and fulfillment derived from suffering and sacrificing for the ‘other’ simply because they are part of an out-group. On the other hand, there is undoubtedly the element of white guilt that pushes Europeans to sacrifice their societies and well-being in order to expiate an artificial and imposed sense of guilt for their civilization’s success. This prevailing morality among the elite can in many ways be seen as a secularized bastardization of the Christian virtue of sacrifice and Christian notions of guilt and atonement. Under this moral system you get all of the suffering but none of the salvation, a raw deal if ever there was one.

Completely lost (and even shamed) in this self-deprecating moral matrix is the most fundamental instinct in all living things: survival. The elites may very well be totally disconnected from this survival instinct (the fact that May, Merkel, and Macron have no biological children is quite revealing in this respect) but the average person is not. The Brexit result (even though this is scarcely admitted to publicly) was in many ways a white British society’s affirmation of their own will to survive as a people in the face of the prospect of future replacement orchestrated by those who lead the European Union. Similar things can certainly be said about Trump’s victory as well. No amount of political correctness or social justice re-education can totally snuff out the survival instinct, and we are only just beginning to see that instinct reassert itself among Europeans after decades of stigmatization.

To conclude, we simply will not have sensible immigration policies in the future unless we address the destructive moral philosophy that provides the justification for the suicidal policies now in place. Confront the double standards and challenge liberals and social justice warriors on their anti-European biases and historical revisionism. We will only forge ahead on this issue by exposing the bankruptcy of this masochistic moral code that burdens Europeans with all of the risks and none of the rewards of immigration. Once people realize that taking the blue pill on this issue works not only against their self-interest but against the collective interest as well, they will cease to see any reason to remain within the confines of the moral matrix Europe’s ruling elites impose upon society and the culture.




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  • The reason
    elites promote multiculturalism is because with multiculturalism, people will stop
    voting for their social and economic interests because they will instead vote
    for their ethnic group. This makes it
    easier for economic elites to manipulate a population and control a country.

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  • Places like Japan, Poland and Hungary that suffered most during and after WW2 seem to have retained their common sense. They understand the dangers of open borders/foreign interference in their countries. Countries like the UK, France and the US who claimed victory or were liberated at the end of the war did not really get a lasting taste of what it is to be hammered by or occupied by a foreign power and then have to surrender/suffer for an indefinite period. It seems like the human condition is that we only learn our lesson from suffering, France, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands have not yet seen suffering on a large enough scale to teach them any kind of lesson yet. The lesson is coming soon enough, seems like they want to be completely humbled and degraded first before they snap out of their altruistic superiority complex. It is like shaking someone who is paralyzed with shock and standing directly in harms way, shaking does nothing, what is required is a short sharp shock, a big slap across the face or a bucket of ice cold water over their head.

  • A bit of a strange concept, I admit, but I’ve conceptualized it as two opposing forces in the universe, just like the opposing forces of the universe found throughout physics (+, – etc.). Basically, you’ve got a “life force” and religion (e.g. Christianity for the white man) has generally played the role of corralling the life force, which then begets civilization. The “life force” is opposed by a “death force”, which often takes the form of competing life forces.

    So, while there are elements of Christianity that are certainly interpreted to our detriment, there are also great truths within Christianity and those great truths should not be so callously swept aside.

    • Both the cross and swastika are actually shaped like a plus symbol representing the positive polarity. (becoming) (brahma). Judaism would represent the negative polarity (diminishing) (Shiva). Jewish holidays celebrate death. They derive their power from death. As if in death the soul’s energy is released and they feed off of it. The Earth being a giant battery of sorts. Its really not that strange of a concept. I’ve thought about it quite a lot.

  • We are giving too much credit to the elite and the JWO. The white replacement isn’t a plan, it is simply happening. All the marxist crap, western marxism, culture war, blah blah, was put into effect years ago and it worked… civilization is running on vapors at this point.

    • Thank you for your comment; I was just about to address that issue; no consolation prize I suppose…

  • How many of you saw the movie Batman, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, starring Tom Hardy as Bane, the fictional supervillain appearing in American Comic books published by DC Comics?

    Which character in the movie best depicts your leader Richard Spencer and why?

    How many of you believe today a ‘storm’ is coming and what effect do you think it will have on the wealthy class and will the Alt-right play a role in it?

    • Sounds like an essay assignment for an introductory sociology class at a low-grade community college. Surely you can do better than that?

  • part 2 continued from below:
    I will say that again: greed creates propaganda, propaganda funded by the rich and corporations and corporate lobbies….that propaganda tells people you have to be multculturalist in order to be a good person….then comes the virtue signaling…only then!
    The media spreads this propaganda because the media lives off corporate advertising buys…if we get another recession like 2008, the media will take a huge hit…they are desperate to avoid this…immigration props up consumer demand, and demand keeps the economy from crashing
    …the economy of the West is headed increasingly down a slow growth path because of lower birth rates and because gaming and internet and technology cut down on consumer spending etc.
    The most important link in all this (beside money being the motive force) is that the propaganda that is applied to white youth in school is the most important propaganda…that is when this anti-white multiculti propaganda is most effective–young minds can be easily molded in school….in order to win longterm we have to stop that multiculti propaganda from being spread in schools and we have to start spreading our own propaganda to white youth…the elite and the media already know this…look at how frantic they are about gaming chat systems…this mode of communication is becoming extremely popular among young white males, and it provides an avenue for anti-elite propaganda to spread…it is a peer to peer communications channel among young white males, and it is hard for the establishment to control….if we want to stop white genocide we need to get our ideas into these gaming chat channels.

    • I have a steam library with hundreds of games I haven’t played. If it is on sale and has good reviews I usually buy it. I don’t have much time for gaming (to busy reading and trying to make a living). How much experience do you have gaming? Could you recommend some good multiplayer games?

  • -The end of World war 2 also ended the age of Colonial Empires. First went the British Empire and soon the French, Belgium, Portuguese, Dutch, to even the German and Italian colonial Empires ended.

    The next few decades were spent demonizing Europe, the White man and the Colonial Empires for everything that went wrong in lands once held by these Empires even when most of the problems were the result of bad government policies to this day.

    Some of the disintegration of European world powers include the demonization of South Africa to Rhodesia, even when Zimbabwe is worse off today then when she was Rhodesia. that chapter includes white genocide taking place now in South Africa to obliterate the European African.

    These Europe hating migrants go to Europe for the benefits while harboring a deep resentment towards European cultures.

    This is on top of the twisted warped tale spun by the Jewish elite regarding World war 2 and the Holocaust. Europe is already hated by propanganda from the non western world, and it is hated for the fabricated tale of the Holocaust. Europe and the White Race are now primed for Liberal concepts of morality.

    Many European nations like Austria to even Germany did not have massive Colonial :Empires where the subjects identified with European nations yet they are forced to take in refugees partly due to Liberal concepts of Multiculturalism, equality of the races, perceived wrongs of Europe and the West and a twisted history.

  • I think you have it somewhat wrong…mass immigration is forced economic growth…the economic growth comes from population growth….more immigration–> more consumers–>more consumer demand–>more sales by corporations–>higher corporate profits–>more money in the pockets of CEOs and management and shareholders–>more money donated to politicians & more money given to academics and nonprofits that spread multiculturalist propaganda & more money spent on corporate advertising in the media….

    money drives this whole thing….money creates pro-immigration/pro-nonwhite/anti-white propaganda….the corporations want more immigration because it increases consumer demand and it props up the ponzi economy so that the CEOs and shareholders etc can keep making millions…the media and the corporations spread the propaganda so they can keep getting rich…the propaganda creates the basis for virtue signaling….virtue signaling is only popular because the propaganda tells people that in order to be a Good Person you have to be pro-immigrant/pro-nonwhite/anti-white…

    I will say that again: greed creates propaganda, propaganda funded by the rich and corporations and corporate lobbies….that propaganda tells people you have to be multculturalist in order to be a good person….then comes the virtue signaling…only then!

    The media spreads this propaganda because the media lives off corporate advertising buys…if we get another recession like 2008, the media will take a huge hit…they are desperate to avoid this…immigration props up consumer demand, and demand keeps the economy from crashing

    The most important link in all this (beside money being the motive force) is that the propaganda that is applied to white youth in school is the most important propaganda…in order to win longterm we have to stop that multiculti propaganda from being spread in schools and we have to start spreading our own propaganda to white youth…the elite and the media already know this…look at how frantic they are about gaming chat systems…this mode of communication is becoming extremely popular, and it provides an avenue for anti-elite propaganda to spread…

  • Ok. I don´t believe it for a second. The truth is: a global cabale is White-hating and pursuits White Genocide. All else is just instrumental to that end….. christian stuff, theories, beliefs, ideologies whatever… it´s completely irrelevant, it´s a CONSEQUENCE of the underlying White-Genocide agenda, it´s a front, it´s entirely neglectable. If there wasn´t the intention for White Genocide, then these do-gooder theories simply wouldn´t have the publicity that they have (as all published media are of-course equally entirely under the controle of the cabale).

    It´s actually anything but surprising: in the eternal power struggle, people quickly found out a)you need to have a SECRET group, b)you have to have strict hierarchy, c)merchants have most creation of value, d)eventually, all players run out of money and have to grovel to the money lenders and fall under their influence, and recently e)control creation of money -> fiat money and central banks, and f)to top it all: infinite brutality to enforce your power -> and you immediately get what we see today: the secret cabale of bankers with a satanic cult of hate and death. Accordingly, in all history, there has never been any leader that was not from the beginning under their control, was chosen and installed from the beginning by them (the rare exceptions could easily be smashed as the cabale control the rest of the globe). All details follow easily from that set-up, like the staged wars, the artificial or propped-up rivalries, the insane and never punished media lies etc.
    It´s as simple as that.

  • the elite are simply the godfathers of the me me me complex. we are instructed to make a big deal out of our inner struggle, that is what needs to die… the world is greater than we can ever see it from a singular point of view… we need to solidify this movement and turn a moment of resistance into a permanent stand… In the usa northerners have a lot to learn from southerners in this respect

  • It’s either that or they want to eliminate borders with respect to labor and capital flows in order to open up heretofore unimaginable wealth for themselves and believe that they can insulate themselves from the demographic consequences (or have convinced themselves that those consequences will be benign).

    • It’s a distinct possibility that it is all about personal gain in terms of wealth. But, I feel like we can’t view this in a vacuum. The up and coming political leaders in America and Europe weren’t raised in an entirely different culture the masses are subjected to. On university campuses these days the social justice warriors and politically correct represent the prevailing “wisdom” of the day and so we should expect that political leaders are in large part persuaded of this world view just like much of the masses are.

      I also think there can be elements of both however. On the one hand they can subscribe to this PC-SJW worldview in terms of the wider society, but then choose to isolate themselves by sending their kids to private schools and living in gated communities; the classic “diversity for thee, but not for me”. They may do this out of selfishness, but part of me thinks they are so hooked into the PC-SJW worldview that they partly feel guilty about their own self-separation from the society they impose on others.

  • “Issues of identity and immigration have quickly established themselves as the premier lightning rods of political discourse in the 21st century.”

    By whom? By the Judaic New Left which replaced the proletariat with identitarianism. Everyone got to define themselves according to race, ethnic background and the urges of their sexual mores. White identitarians are no different because they are “white”, they are a by-product of Jewish tribal politics and Leftist discourse and participate in it according to the parameters set by the Jewish Left. What you then have is the replication of the Lobby and Jewish tribal politics into other groups. The Lobby doesn’t operate in one country but in many and is used to pressure politicians not friendly to Israel The lesbian is not an American lesbian, she is part of the international gay lobby which can be used to put pressure on countries that don’t respect gay rights. The white American feels he has more in common white Europeans. We identify with people we believe are very similar to us, no matter where they live, we are becoming rootless diaspora…you know kinda like…Jews.

  • Go after their money. Wreck the economy so bad that the immigrants go home and the wealthy see their portfolios vanish. Better idea than any civil war. Of course I still have not figured out a way to accomplish this hare brain idea.

    • This shows the problem with the idea of waiting for America’s fiat money system to crash, as some bloggers and survivalists keep predicting based on Austrian economics. These doomsayers assume that they know something about the economy that the central bankers don’t, which overlooks the fact that these bankers have much better information than they do, and a lot of power to use it effectively to keep the system going.

      If anything, Janet Yellen and her colleagues at the Fed probably read these collapse-predicting websites like Zero Hedge and laugh at their writers’ ignorance and naivete about them.

      • There may not be a sudden, catastrophic, economic collapse, but if things keep going the way they have been for the last several decades then I don’t think the US is going to be able to afford babysitting and policing the rest of the world. The more diverse western countries like the US become the more dysfunctional they will inevitably become. There will not be enough revenue to pay for a massive welfare system and a massive military.

      • Austrianism is a “controlled opposition” to the mainstream economic establishment. Nothing is more sad than working class White people endorsing J. P. Morgan’s economic “hard money” policies from the Gilded Age.

        When Ron Paul asked Ben Bernake, “do you ever think about gold?” Bernake just snickered and answered, “only how much of it to sell.” (left unsaid: to suckers like your fans.)

        • Mainstream economists don’t take Austrian economics seriously, at least not Ludwig von Mises’s version. When Mises fled to the U.S. as a refugee from He Who Must Not Be Named, he couldn’t get a real job teaching economics in an American university. So instead of doing something productive with his life like, oh, going into the garment trade, he hooked up with an ad man named Lawrence Fertig, who bribed New York University into giving Mises an office and pretending that he held a job there as a “visiting professor,” or words to that effect. Fertig then paid Mises a salary out of his own pocket.

          So, it looks like Austrian economics in this country derives in part from a guy who larped as an academic economist in the postwar years, without having to meet standards that the economics profession enforced for real college professors in the field.

      • But its not about you I’m afraid. Whites and Americans should have done something about the problem decades ago. No need to worry though, I doubt I’ll figure out a way to process this larping idea.

        • Fifty years ago, I was ready to tear the sucker down. But I wasn’t suicidal (and didn’t have Bill Ayers’s dad’s money and position behind me), so when I saw that the numbers and the weapons were on the other side, I settled down to workaday life. I’d say that I’d be glad to join in dismantling the beast, but my knees are shot and I fall asleep all the time. Now I just want to die peacefully when the time comes. Then let the demolition begin.

        • Varg has already come up with a way to wreck western economies and thereby wreck western governments. The solution is simple, but getting the majority of Whites to get on board with it is the hard part.

  • One thing the elite is very good at is keeping their real motives secret. They are masters at the art of deception. For instance what are the reasons for never ending war in the middle east and Africa? The reason we are given is to stop Islamic extremism but as everybody knows by now that’s complete fucking bullshit as the CIA funds and supports Islamic extremism on a regular basis. Some say it is for the greater Israel project but then that wouldn’t explain why they bomb places like Somalia or Yemen (Also a greater israel would require an eventual attack and takeover of parts of Saudi Arabia who has so far been kept as an ally.) Most likely it is a combination of different things, a lot of theories probably have some truth to them, but don’t ever expect to get an answer straight from the horse’s mouth.

    Likewise with mass immigration nobody really knows. Some say it’s economic reasons but then that wouldn’t make sense why they encourage low birth rates. Is it done for moral reasons? But then why would they continuously bomb countries that have done nothing to them? You’d think if they really cared about brown people, they would respect them in their own countries. This tells me their motives are probably much more cynical. Could it be that they really just want to genocide white people? But why? Are they just that evil?

    • Low birthrates for whites, who have gotten too big for their breeches. Plus you bring women into the labor market, thus bringing down wages. The blacks and browns breed like bunnies.

    • I believe the reasons are purely economic. Its all about securing the world’s resources. Humanitarianism is always the reason given to women and bleeding heart liberals. There is a major pipeline being built through Syria. I have read about rumors online (Victor Thorn I think) about the US actually allowing China to take much of the spoils from its adventures in Afghanistan. Also the opium trade began to thrive again after US involvement in Afghanistan. (The new silk road). They just see people in general as another resource via labor.

  • Things in a nutshell: Alexander Hamilton was right. Only force or force of interest compels man. The altright is reactionary in that it skips the profit motive. Whites sell out other whites all the time, past and present.

    • Well not all the time. Currently yes. America was founded by wealthy men who risked their wealth and lives for a noble cause.

    • Not all of the elites are doing this for wealth. Globalism and its pillars like multiculturalism have become a utopian cult. Did John McCain adopt a curry daughter to increase his wealth?

      • No, but the bank bailouts that he promoted, just as Obama did, were the official end to any rule of law here in America. Both parties are jew banker owned, and that is where the focus should lie in my opinion.

        Your point about the adopted daughter is valid, and I agree that the elites don’t care about family, faith, and folk, as Heimbach would say.

        • The problem is pathological altruism and race autism. Whites have it and non-Whites don’t.

      • there is having money and then there is being able to live above the law. there is no end to the rewards they can give sick people. something we could never offer

    • It was Alexander Hamilton who supported a National Bank; for that reason alone, his wife was deserving of a pearl necklace! Now Andrew Jackson, he was a stud; he’s the one who wouldn’t renew the Banks charter… wonder why you may ask?

      I’m not a big fan of the ‘White Club’. I think the Alt-right is spring boarding off of this buzz word. I’m really considering… sounds foolish, I want to know your blood type. Ya, you may be white but loyalty to bond is deep in the blood of a person. I can’t tell if a person like Spencer and his family are on the Windsor payroll. I really can’t unless I associate in those tight circles. I’ll stop there and see what your feedback is…

      Pat McGilvary I don’t care for Alex Hamilton, paved the way for the civil war and these kikes played both sides for profit and control. I call bullshit when I see it, word to the wise.

      • I’m a white mongrel, I suppose. I have English, German, and Scottish blood. I was cheated out of a winning trade when Wall St. got its bailout. I wasn’t jew wise back then, but I started to really figure it out starting in 2012.

        Like you, I have misgivings about Spencer. I want Wall St. and the jews destroyed, and he seems to have none of that on his agenda. I don’t want to bash him, either, because a lot of people I care about love him, and I really don’t know it he is on the “Windsor payroll”.

        I was referencing Jefferson’s scathing critique of Hamilton and the First Bank of the United States when I brought up “force or force of interest”. Like you, I despise Hamilton and admire Andrew Jackson based on their opposition to a national bank.

        • I should add that I really don’t view Spencer as any sort of leader. Either you name the jew first and foremost, or you don’t mean anything. Spencer is jew compromised, in my opinion.

  • Is there actually any reason to believe that these elites are promoting anti-white agendas for misguided moral reasons, as opposed to perfectly cynical realpolitik reasons?

    Looking at the situation from a class perspective, the rich are forcing the poor to race-mix, not the other way around.That doesn’t seem to indicate moral-signaling, that seems to indicate very cynical economic and political tactics.

    In the history of the US, any time that Americans have organized economically, such as into unions, the capitalists have imported foreign, non-white labor in order to bust the unions with scab labor. It’s easy for a homogeneous working class to create a high level of worker’s solidarity, it’s impossible to do so with a diverse, multiracial group.

    Why should we believe this anti-white mass immigration is anything but a perfectly calculated agenda with tangible benefits for those promoting it, and the moral signaling nothing more than a fig leaf?

    • the rich are forcing the poor to race-mix

      But our Jewish elites also race-mix, like Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan; Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton; Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump; Anthony Weiner
      and Huma Abedin; etc.

      • Other than Chan, everyone you mention is Caucasian, if not “White,” so it really doesn’t count as “race-mixing.” Although I wasn’t referring to miscegenation as much as forced integration of communities via mass immigration.

        I think the point still stands, why are we to believe the elites forcing this see it as a moral imperative as opposed to a perfectly cynical self-serving agenda?

        • It’s easy to get caught up in semantics, but not so long ago there were stronger taboos against outmarriage. Those non-Zuckerberg Jews may not be in “interracial” marriages (although Weiner certainly has the strongest claim to such a marriage), but they definitely “married out.” I don’t know if their grandmothers approved.

        • Well, perhaps “Martine” Rothblatt and Bina Aspen might serve as a better example.

          Though as Steve Sailer points out, Rothblatt has several screws loose, and not just because he fathered two children with two different black women, one of them a Kenyan, before he declared himself “transgender.” Apparently he lacked the ability to attract racially appropriate women.

      • Race to a Jew does not hold the same meaning as it does for whites, so there is no point in drawing equivalency between us and (them) . While there are many different white European ethnicity’s the Jews are all unified as one giant familial religion. Also Jews trace genealogy through the maternal line, pretty strange practice for the supposed sons of father Abraham.

        • I do notice many liberal Jews marrying outside their own race/religion.
          For instance I see many male Jews married to Chinese women.
          My impression is they value money-making ability and high-IQ over all other virtues.

          • Just as an interesting parallel– genetic studies appear to show that Ashkenazim tend to be, not surprisingly, a mixture of largely Semitic and Southern European bloodlines. The European part is almost entirely maternal (mitochondrial DNA), with very little paternal European heritage (Y chromosome). This mixing occurred early on, then little further mixing occurred.

            Also, as “A hymn to Hermes” noted above, you simply don’t survive as a culturally and genetically distinct group for thousands of years, while living as a minority within larger societies, without being VERY ethnocentric.

          • So does that mean that Jewish females are more European than Jewish males, because the original semitic genes are only in the Y chromosomes?

            Because if so, bringing their women into European nations shouldn’t be a big deal right? Other than that their loyalty may remain with Judaism of course.

            What you think?

          • “So does that mean that Jewish females are more European than Jewish males, because the original semitic genes are only in the Y chromosomes?”

            Possible to see it that way, I guess, but it seems like a stretch. It’s more a measure of where the heritage comes from than of any differential effect in the two sexes now. Y chromosomal DNA vs. mitochondrial DNA is a merely a good way to determine maternal vs. paternal heritage for distant mixing events. Not only is there no Y chromosome in women, but most of the Y chromosome is passed on intact (without any recombination). Mitochondrial DNA is entirely maternal, as the paternal contribution is basically all DNA (no cytoplasm). The overall contribution to the human genome from the Y chromosome and from mitochondrial DNA is tiny. The Y chromosome contains fewer than 80 protein-coding genes*, and human mitochondria contain less than 40 genes. Compare to over 1800 genes on the X chromosome, and about 24,000 genes in the human genome overall.

            As a related note, to say the original Middle Eastern genetic component is only in the Y chromosome is not really correct, for two reasons:
            1. All of the autosomes (non-sex chromosomes), as well as the Y chromosome, reflect a mix of maternal and paternal heritage. It’s just a good marker to use for testing.

            2. Also, it’s not so much that the maternal line is entirely European, anyway– more that the paternal lineage has significantly less European contribution.
            Of course, this is an area that allows for endless argumentation, so going into it in detail gets to be pointless after a while. One example– how does one determine the genetic profile of ancient Middle Eastern populations? Using modern populations in the same region is not the same. Etc.

            *The Y chromosome is not only much shorter than the other human chromosomes; it contains very few genes for its length. The human genome overall, and the Y chromosome even more so, contains a lot of DNA that does not code for proteins– its function is poorly understood.

            “Because if so, bringing their women into European nations shouldn’t be a big deal right?” See above. In more practical terms, you might want to try dating a jewish woman, then get back to me…

            Tl;DR: the Ashkenazim appear to have spread throughout Europe after mixing with Europeans, in a fashion that was largely male jews/ female Europeans. Given this history, the apparent preference for male jew/ female Chinese marriages is… interesting. That’s all.

          • Somewhat outside the scope of your comment, but not too far outside, is the recent claim that hybrids between neanderthals and humans would have died if they were male, which could possibly explain the Jewish matriarchal inheritance b.s. (it’s b.s. now but it may have not been in the past and if you are one of those who suspects Jews are the remnants of neanderthals, this might be interesting to you).


            That’s if you want to have your head 40,000 years in the past, which I don’t really particularly favor but I think it’s interesting if neanderthals were unable to have male human-neanderthal hybrid offspring because that does tell a tale consistent with the idea that Jewishness is passed on through the mother on account of all the male babies back in the day not being viable.

            “Given this history, the apparent preference for male jew/ female Chinese marriages is… interesting. That’s all.”

            I believe Jews are intermarrying with Chinese now because China is their new empire to milk. That’s why everything in America is made in China. That’s why I can order a one dollar item from China and get it delivered to me for free in about ten days. Someone pays for that. I am sure it’s the American taxpayer somehow.

          • “Somewhat outside the scope of your comment, but not too far outside, is the recent claim that hybrids between neanderthals and humans would have died if they were male, which could possibly explain the Jewish matriarchal inheritance b.s.”

            It’s possible, and they even came up with some superficially-plausible blather about maternal immune system incompatibility due to minor histocompatibility antigens. Though there’s a lot of diversity in MHAs even within the homo sapiens sapiens population, and it’s not really a falsifiable hypothesis in the absence of some neanderthal Y-chromosomal DNA to sequence. I think they’re just blowing smoke as far as the underlying reason for the absent neanderthal Y chromosomes.

            There’s a likely explanation that they seem to be ignoring. Let’s not forget, the neanderthals lost. It’s not an exactly parallel analogy, but– The Mongols controlled a very large swathe of Asia at one point. How much Mongol Y chromosomal DNA do you think survives in the modern inhabitants of that region (or Y chromosomes from Genghis Khan alone)? How much Mongol mitochondrial DNA? That’s right, the winner’s Y chromosomes do pretty well. And if it’s not a temporary conquest, but a complete, irreversible takeover, over the entire territory of a people? The loser’s Y chromosomes might not make it at all, whether through direct killing or failure of men to reproduce. It’s rare for a conquered people’s women to be wiped out (or completely excluded from reproductive opportunities), though.

            But, as you said, it’s kind of difficult to see much direct relevance to current problems, anyway.

            “that does tell a tale consistent with the idea that Jewishness is passed on through the mother on account of all the male babies back in the day ot being viable.”

            Never really looked into it, but I think it’s a more recent tradition than that. I remember reading that for the kohanim (jewish priest caste), descent is patrilineal. Levites, too. I don’t think it’s in the Old Testament– yeah, just checked again, and in the Bible, descent of the old-time Israelites is pretty clearly patrilineal. Joseph was married to a non-Jewish woman, and his children were considered Jewish. The same for Moses and Solomon. Looks like the matrilineal tradition comes from the Talmud, for whatever reason, sometime in the first couple of centuries AD.

            “I believe Jews are intermarrying with Chinese now because China is their new empire to milk.”

            Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was suggesting, in a roundabout, semi-Socratic method sort of way. Note that from the standpoint of results, it doesn’t matter whether this is an Elders of Zion-style conscious conspiracy, or simply the result of a set of instinctive, self-organizing behaviors. Termites don’t “conspire” to build termite mounds, or coral polyps, reefs, yet reefs exist nonetheless.

          • I would not be at all surprised if we found Neanaderthal Y chromosomes in living humans. Moreover, a hallmark of the Neanderthal phenotype is the inability to use politics to exploit others — precisely the opposite of the Jews’ evolutionary repertoire.

          • Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens had overlaps in territory until about thirty thousand years ago from the fossil record. It is alleged they interbred. One of the theories from someone on the right is that we wiped them out (mostly) but they interbred with us and it’s further alleged that Jews have significantly more neanderthal DNA than gentiles, though data on that is hard to come by. Some of this, hell all of it is pulled out of someone’s ass but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

            As to neanderthal proclivities toward plots and politics, that’s really difficult to opine on considering we haven’t shared a living space with them since before the advent of written communication and considering no one alive then is alive now.

      • Jews are already a mixed population. They have proven to have an ability to acquire genetic traits from other populations without compromising their ethnocentric core. Their disastrous social messages are directed inward and Jews who outmarry too much or for too many generations simply become ‘gentiles’, and the remainder of the Jewish population are more ethnocentric and have been vetted as having traits conducive to duplicity; being able to hear and repeat the message without internalizing and applying it oneself.

        • Exactly. Doesn’t really matter how much of it is nature vs. nurture, though it wouldn’t be surprising to find that, like all other known human behavioral traits, ethnocentricity has a significant genetic component. As a nation without a state for most of their history, they have always been a minority population in larger societies. Those who are less “tribal” marry out and are assimilated into the larger society. It’s hard to see how this process could avoid selecting for cultural and genetic traits conducive to strong group loyalty. It wasn’t always a voluntary process, either. Exclusion/ shunning is a typically jewish punishment

          This is goes a little bit off topic, but understanding some of the other meanings of “herem” gives some valuable insights into chosenite psychology/ world view:

          That’s right, in Hebrew, they use the same word to mean “the total eradication of the enemy, his goods, his children, his livestock, etc.” and “priestly gift.” Interesting.

          Another modern meaning is “to boycott or withdraw from commercial or social relations as a punishment or protest.” And of course, “herem” is related etymologically to the Arabic/ Muslim “haram.”

          Thought experiment: a similar group exists as a diaspora, a minority in multiple different countries, but with a weaker cultural (and religious) identity. What happens to them? They get blended in to the larger society. The simple fact that jews survived as a distinct group for a couple of thousand years, as a minority within multiple other countries, demonstrates the hyperethnocentric nature of the Tribe. They wouldn’t be here today if they didn’t have that characteristic.

          Of course, in the past they had much stronger social strictures supporting group identity– the shtetl and the ghetto, the near-absolute power of the rabbi. But today they have Israel, the Hasidim, Chabad, etc.

          “the remainder of the Jewish population are more ethnocentric and have been vetted as having traits conducive to duplicity; being able to hear and repeat the message without internalizing and applying it oneself.”

          You might find this interesting as far as a theory of the tribal mindset. TL;DR version– to them, it’s not even duplicity. They simply don’t process and interpret information the same way that we do.

          Also, obligatory mention of “The Culture of Critique.”

    • I don’t know if the powers at be are that self-aware or competent to even be orchestrating what’s going on for cynical realpolitik reasons. Many of them seem to have been swept up in the radical globalist and “conformity in diversity” agenda from their formative years. Many of these leaders are increasingly childless as this article points out, it seems to me that they are just the additional snowflakes on the avalanche. Merkel’s situation seems especially relevant. She’s childless, and many have speculated that her embrace of these refugees and migrants is essentially her trying to satisfy an instinct for motherhood in a social justice context.

      • I take the point but I have a hard time believing in the “never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence” theory. It’s an awfully convenient excuse and a tidy explanation that excuses malice.

        Sure, perhaps Merkel herself and leaders like her are emotionally crippled light weights but the people who put them in power don’t seem to be. It reminds me of the story of a church in Texas that decided to relocate attractive young women from Central America to “save them from a life of prostitution.” Of course, the men of the church all starting having sex with these women they were “saving.” Are we to believe that they were acting out of the goodness of their hears and then “just happened” to give in to temptation?

        Or is the more likely explanation that the idea of “saving” these young women was a hilariously transparent excuse to get access to vulnerable young women to use as concubines?

        I tend to be a cynic, people act in their own self-interest. The fact that mass immigration is in the economic and political interests of the people promoting it seems far more relevant than whatever “moral” justification they use as an excuse.

        • “I take the point but I have a hard time believing in the “never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence” theory. It’s an awfully convenient excuse and a tidy explanation that excuses malice.”

          Yep. Not only that, but incompetence is more random in nature. As James Forrestal said to Joe McCarthy:
          “Consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If they were merely stupid they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.”

    • Like Gavin points out, many of our elites have obviously gotten high off their own supply. However, I find it useful to assume cynicism until proven otherwise.

    • The left might be doing it cynically, but the right? They have everything to lose from it and yet do nothing to block it.

      Also keep in mind that for the broad masses, you need an ideological explanation.

      • “The left might be doing it cynically, but the right? They have everything to lose from it and yet do nothing to block it.”

        Depends who you define as “they” or “the right.” Individual interest is not always the same as group interest, and groups can defined along different axes, of course (not the chopping kind)– racial, class, religious, ideological, etc. The more you suppress/ demonize racial and cultural identity for the majority population, the more you can manipulate other identities to manufacture consent in a “democratic” system. The goal, of course, is that by the time Whites wake up to the scam, society has achieved a sufficiently vibrant degree of diversity that it’s too late.

        At that point, it’s relatively easy to play the different groups off against each other, since “democracy” in a truly diverse society reduces voting considerations to the interests of the voter’s own group. Ideology per se no longer matters. An important hatefact noted by Singapore’s late great Lee Kwan Yew:

        “In multiracial societies, you don`t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

        As far as the current system goes, the donors benefit financially from non-White immigration, in the form of lower wages for employees and servants. Cuck politicians benefit financially from going along with the program, of course, and often are blackmailable as a backup. The conservative voters are enticed with the promise of social conservatism/ holding back the poz, closing the borders, etc. Somehow, these plans always come to naught, while the “conservative” agenda of “free trade,” Middle East wars for muh greatest ally, deregulation of financial services, the open borders policies that the GOPe pretends to be against at election time, and the rest of the rootless cosmopolitan goals are advanced.

        From the standpoint of the individual politician, they have to know that taking the wrong position can result in the sudden appearance of a well-funded primary challenger, the drying up of their own donations, unanimously negative (((media))) coverage, and possibly the appearance of some previously-forgotten misdeeds on the front page of the Gray Yenta. Tough to stand up to, when the media will always cover for you, and the money keep flowing, if you whore yourself out for the approved narrative. When was the last negative story in the legacy media about John McCain?

        One of the underlying problems is that the same low ethnocentricity characteristic of White European populations (especially those from west of the hajnal line) that enables them to build high-trust societies, also makes those societies vulnerable to exploitation by more ethnocentric groups. Especially a particularly hyper-ethnocentric tribe that has been remarkably successful in promoting self-hatred as an ideology in White populations.

        “Also keep in mind that for the broad masses, you need an ideological explanation.” Yeah, but politics/ ideology is downstream from culture. What you need is to reinvigorate the group identity of the historic American nation– then your “ideology” is “That guy’s a traitor. A self-hating White. A cuck. A sellout.”

    • agreed, the writer is using the popular overt reasonings of the MSM to calculate motive whereas, only blind agents and fools actually fall in line with that. Also, the aristocratic elites are by nature multi-cultural ever since they pinned their fortunes to Jewish success and disowned loyalty to the folks they come from. They enforce a racism that isn’t talked about because it isn’t signs that say whites only that enforces it but signs that say, a cup of coffee $7.00.
      Unfortunately, the writer by adopting the conventional explantions of the times rather than go behind the curtain for the real explanations, becomes part of the problem by sewing illusory rationales for clear intentional subversion
      Both left and right are masonic pieces of the whole which require lying about the nature of our tyranny the price of entry to engage asspart of the dialogue

    • Exactly. We need to massively inject class warfare into our agenda. It makes no sense to “punch down” against the non white proxy army. We should make jewish privilege the centerpiece agenda and include all of the white enablers.

      For example, instead of opposing Black Lives Matter, we ignore them completely and focus on forcing the liquidation of Goldman Sachs.

  • As I keep saying, the Alt Right has inherited the real humanist tradition, in that we have a vision of human flourishing and the good life based on a rational understanding of man’s nature: Man finds his fulfillment by living in extended families, tribes and nations of people who share a common historical ancestry and a common culture. A century ago almost no one would have found this claim controversial.

    By contrast our adversaries promote a disutilitarian nightmare of ripping people from their families, tribes and homelands, throwing them into the blender of race-mixing and hoping for a utopian outcome. Instead they produce lost children who have no roots, traditions or a sense of identity, like we have seen in the community organizer Barack Obama and in other public figures resulting from miscegenation. They try to fill their void through drugs, sexual hedonism and leftist ideologies, only to discover that these expedients leave them unfulfilled.

    Who really has the positive vision of man’s potential here? Certainly not the utopian degenerates who currently run Western countries.

    • These “lost children” with all of the issues you listed will be easy to control. White people are the (((elites))) biggest problem & worst enemy because we fight the “utopian” one world order.

    • yeah, but dat arbitrage. so what if the elites make money off of social friction and dislocaton. i get to learn new cultures. i learn new ways to check my disgusting privilege. it’s classy and respectful. everybody wins, bro.

    • The issue of fulfillment which you bring up seems totally lost among people who lead the EU. They really do treat people as economic statistics, hoping that if they bring enough prosperity to Europe that they can keep people in this vegetative state of going along with their vision of the world. The thing is mere economic prosperity isn’t enough for people to have fulfilling lives and futures, human beings are hardwired to want things that are less tangible and quantifiable. Home and hearth, the security of being part of an extended family, and the desire to see that extended family prosper are written in our genes, and this is something people in EU want to edit out of our biology. It’s demented and dangerous.

  • Altruism is a useful evolutionary adaptation in northern climates where a homogenous group has to work together and share to survive and thrive.

    So that developed over many generations among northern people, long before the advent of the modern, global, mass transportation that has just come upon us over the past 40 years or so.

    So now, we have the altruism, developed over thousands of years, easily turned against us through the developments of the modern world.

    There’s no easy solution because technology, especially transportation and communication, changes so much more quickly than human nature. That said, there are certainly solutions but nothing is going to come quickly or without great struggle.

    • The by our ancestors developed altruism would not have succeeded in turning against us so massively without considerable help from the tribe that harbours a special grudge against Whites.

      • Oh, I certainly agree with that. Once a vulnerability is exposed to an enemy, it’s obviously going to be taken advantage of and it will keep being taken advantage of until one side or the other triumphs.

        These are very confusing times and there’s a long road ahead, but it’s ultimately up to us to recognize our vulnerabilities and take steps to defend them vociferously while exploiting the vulnerabilities of our enemies.

        This is warfare, lest we forget.

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