Regular White Kids Won’t Be Going To College Anymore

Anyone who has been through the American college admissions process understands that the process is “holistic”. in other words, it is a process designed to weed out normal Americans and encourage the more diverse candidates’ chances of getting in. But the most important factor in determining whether a kid goes to a good college or not is money.

 But as college prices continue to rise faster than the income levels of many Americans, it begs the question: what happens to those families just on the other side of the low-income cutoff for many financial aid programs?

Low-income families in News-speak means non-white families. Families just on the other side of the low-income cutoff refers to the White working class.

The students and families I’ve heard from recently are in the income bands just above the Pell Grant cutoff, between $50,000 and $100,000. According to federal statistics, their amount of unmet need—the difference between what a college costs and what a student can afford to pay—is some $10,000 a year, nearly as much as the lowest-income families in the United States.

Washpo can report on the squeeze, but not explain why it is happening:

“They are getting squeezed on both ends because they barely miss Pell Grants and they are not the types of students getting grants from colleges themselves,” said Robert Kelchen, an assistant professor of higher education at Seton Hall University and an expert on student aid.

This trend has manifested itself on college campuses in the form of a socioeconomic “barbell”—with affluent students who can pay full price or close to it on one end and poor students who receive federal Pell Grants and max out their loan eligibility on the other end. Fewer students are in the middle, especially on the lower end of that middle just above the cutoff for Pell Grants.

That sounds about right. There are no programs to help regular white kids from regular white families to go to college. You have to be either 3 standard deviations above the average IQ, or an interesting minority group (that the college wants to prove they are committed to diversity) to get into top schools. And even if these regular kids make it to college, they will be subjected to Cultural Marxist propaganda. If they are non-White, they will be prepared as new non-White cadres to go after Whitey. And if they are White, they will be taught to hate themselves. So why bother going to college (apart from pursuing a strictly STEM degree)?

Well, it is because the college that you go to confers status. Education confers status in America. And parents like to compete with other parents to ensure that their kids get into the best colleges so that they can brag about it to the Jones’. Generations of Americans have been taught that college is the end all be all of life. College is everything. For the kids, it’s easy sex, constant partying and a guaranteed high-paying job at the end of 4 years. For the parents, it is that bumper sticker. My kid went to X University status…

The problem with that approach is that pool of students at the lower and middle portions of the income scale are growing, while those at the top are shrinking. Median per capita income in the U.S. has basically flat lined since 2000, when adjusted for inflation. The typical American family makes slightly less than a typical family did 15 years ago. And while many products have become less expensive in that time, the price tag of three of the biggest expenditures made by middle-class families— housing, college tuition, and health care—have risen much faster than the rate of inflation.

Washpo actually makes a half-way decent point:

If colleges don’t begin to also focus on middle-income families, they will end up with campuses bifurcated by income that don’t reflect the economic diversity of the United States.

What has the world come to that the Washington Post is suddenly concerned about “economic diversity”. This is truly a historic development. By framing economic disparity in terms of “diversity”, the MSM has finally sat up and taken notice.

In general, though the truth of the matter is that we don’t need legions of humanities educated students. Even if they graduate college, they quickly find that they can’t get decent work anywhere. They become disgruntled. And all of a sudden you have legions of disgruntled cadres ready to march in the streets for one half-baked Leftist idea or another.

Almost as if by design.

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  • With the huge amount of affirmative action students in schools where they do not belong, colleges are tarnishing their own prestige since the students they are producing are not of the same quality they used to be. I believe we’ll see a market correction, or new universities arise to meet the niche of the disenfranchised bright white.

  • It looks like the shortage of college educated white kids who know how to write has hit WaPo. “Begging the question” does not mean, “ask the question”. There is our solution – if you’ve got kids that can’t go to school and learn to write at a high level just send them to the MSM.

  • It’s gotten to the point where a degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. I noticed this years ago when it became impossible to obtain an engineering degree by going to night school. First the classes were shifted so that the only real accredited courses were for MBA’s, so that you were forced to quit your job to get the most important classes for the degree. Then the sly insertion of so-called “engineering lite” degrees to lure students away from going after the classic BSEE BSME degrees. That, and of course, the heavy push for humanities degrees for minorities. A college degree nowadays is nothing but a sick joke.

  • It is illegal for any tax money to go to any institution that discriminates so if they want to go all non white, fine. No federal or state funding is included.

  • Get rid of the stupid majors and you get rid of the riff raff. College is one big scam unless you are in STEM. 50% of the students in 4 year colleges never ever could have gotten in just 40 years ago. African American studies, Gender studies and Feminazi studies are not majors they are 5 minute courses and 4 minutes of it is pure nonsense.

  • College is unnecessary for most occupations. It is a game to entice kids into debt with no hope of paying it back from their “feel good” degrees. Working with a master carpenter, plumber, etc. a man or woman can learn all the skills they need to give them a good life.

  • I’m weaning off BB and this site is healing that jew programming. Glad to see nationalists at their top. Excellent writing.

  • You can send your kids to U of C if they’ll let you in. The worst you can say about it is that many elements such as the medical school (and medicine in America generally) is run by and for Rockerfeller oil money, but given that, it’s pretty damn based.

    • Word to the wise: if you’re considering the trades for your son(s) or going in anticipation of pecuniary gain, you don’t belong.

      • Except if you go to the business school, but even then it’s about putting the fun in Faust.

  • Excellent article. This is a very important issue which we need to keep pushing. I would advise young guys here to either explore employment opportunities out of high school, trade school, or starting your business. Like hipster racist said, if you have concrete plans in STEM with a good career path, commute to a local university. I went to college further away from home, and it is one of my biggest regrets. We must kill “the best four years of your life meme,” and offer an alternative option of work, independence, marriage, and family. A beautiful, wholesome, and debt-free alternative to the diabolical influence of the modern college campus.

    For those further interested in this topic, I highly recommend a recent episode of “myth of the 20th century” on social matter about elite education. Very intelligent goys over there with an excellent grasp of the power structure.

  • Then don’t go get that college degree, get the jobs in plumbing, electrical, mechanics, HVAC and such, those service jobs will always be needed. Right now, those are in demand jobs, not necessarily in ‘new construction’ areas, but even in every day life. People are son intent on getting those college degrees that they by pass these jobs, that are much needed.

    heck even being a garbage man shouldn’t be frowned upon (yet, those elitist do anyway) but the reality is, if nobody was picking up the garbage they would be overrun w/ rats and disease.

      • Many of the trades are, but I’m merely speaking in terms of making an honest living and doing a job that really is respectable, even if those who consider themselves ‘elitist’ look down on them.

        They would all be crying a river if nobody came to pick up their garbage, or fix their heat/air, or their car, or a broken water pipe or toilet. Yet they think because they are on ‘TV, or work at local colleges, or serve in politics’ they are some how better than others?? I just get tired of it..

  • A lot of what is happening on campus is a culture of consensus building and group rather than individual pursuits… and a ‘wellness’ push to make sure everyone is cared for and caring … its full spectrum social engineering… Richard Spencer should interview Professor Darrell Hamamoto in California some time..

  • Bigger question is that of what skills are necessary in this emerging era …

    – STEM, Computers (great field, almost totally devoid of nigggerrrzzz)
    – Creativity, Entertainment, Media
    – Agriculture
    – Military Arts
    – History, in the context of racial, group awareness

    Other than those, what else is even useful? In sum, the existing university system is basically a hold-over from a bygone era. We should be tracking into the areas above for future domination, reclamation of our lands and territory.

    An area of great import is challenging boys and young men in STEM so that we’re able to identify and challenge our most apt technological titans at an early age.

    • Law, many specializations, and accounting. Personally I don’t view STEM as that important. We lionize it for obvious reasons but in reality most STEM majors are employees and we need to move into being owners who deal in assets, not wages.

      • One of the nice things about STEM is the dearth of niggerrrz. I think I’ve seen maybe two nigggerrzz around in the last 15 years of STEM work. And those were temporary, affirmative action nigggerrrzzz.

  • For thousands of years White men have been, and we will remain, the World’s greatest engineers and scientists. Victory in war depends on all of us dedicating our greatest efforts to defeating our enemies. We need military engineers in all fields.

  • a comment to power. Jews control
    -The Stock Market
    -Diamond exchange (New York, London, Antwerp)
    -Gold Exchange
    -10 major banks of the Federal Reserve
    -Media and Hollywood
    -Washington DC.
    -Central banks of the EU
    -Mega banks as in the IMF, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank
    -Help create the UN and the EU

    Yet the Jews are not great artists. The high period of European Art outside of the Roman Empire, ancient Greece, would roughly be from the 8th to the late 19th century where music, painting, sculpture, literature, theater and dance excelled , there are hardly any Jews when they had direct access to the arts including Opera to Symphony.

    It tells me that working together sometimes achieves far more than one imagines. Reminds me of ants, each carrying a tiny clod of mud creates ant hills 6 feet tall. No larger more intelligent animal could achieve that feat that millions of ants working together.

    That is how I see Jews. the work together for wealth and power.
    PS: in a world of 7 Billion 500 Million the 15 to 20 million Jews is far less than 1% but they control so much and by that so many lives.

  • Antifa is working with @shaunking and the Liberal Media to Doxx Alt-Righters from #Charlottesville…….

    Antifa is the Left……

    And the reason that the Liberal Media has never condemned Antifa is because they agree with them…..

    They are them……

    Liberal Academia is Antifa……

    It’s all pretty much one and the same…….

    Even the Neocons support Antifa…….

    The Alt-Right is a Noble Movement……..

    We don’t need to apologize for anything…….

    We FIGHT and HIT back against our Enemies……..

    And we have PLENTY…….

    That’s why we in the Alt-Right need to be completely UNITED……

  • Colleges claim to celebrate diversity and inclusion, but what that really means is no White middle or working-class males need apply (Especially if they’re straight and conservative).

  • “So why bother going to college (apart from pursuing a strictly STEM degree)?”
    “Well, it is because the college that you go to confers status. Education confers status in America. ”

    A bit more than that. Colleges are also places where students meet an elite group. That group helps many to reach the highest levels of wealth. That is especially true of Ivy league Colleges where access to wealth and power are channeled to a few.

    I checked the background of many billionaires in the US. One running thread is prestige’s colleges. Many of them did little outside of that College except hold a degree and know a lot of people in the Corporate world and in Politics.

    The notion that any one of us can reach dizzying heights of wealth and power is a lie. Only those who are connected to the elite have that chance and a good deal of the elite are Alumni of Ivy league Universities where they send their children as well. In that sense it is worth the expense, the mediocre degree and being part of a list of social clubs in that university.

    • Have to agree with this; we need to be focused on building a new generation of technical minds with the capacity for warfare because that’s where we’re headed. The anti-whites aren’t going to stop, until they are stopped. So what does this mean?

      Our young men need much greater challenge on STEM-related subjects much earlier. Especially in physics, as that’s the basic subject for most war-fighting technology. We need to be able to identify our technologically gifted people as soon as possible and track them correctly, to the extent that they are able.

      The university system of today’s basically a husk of a system that’s not even relevant to the modern world and will become less and less so as time goes by.

      • I agree on your suggestion. but keep in mind most jobs got from a degree in a University limits that person’s capacity to reach the highest goals of wealth and power. Generally a 9 to 5 job limits wealth to that level, limits poverty by maintaining that person in that job and limits mobility. Only a few achieve incredible wealth and power by leaving a 9-5 job, making the right connections for the main purpose of creating wealth.
        What you suggest is extremely important including for “war-fighting technology.

    • I would, but I was permanently banned from posting at the Jewlantic within several hours when I put up a sarcastic post impersonating liberal Jewish mores.

  • “That sounds about right. There are no programs to help regular white kids from regular white families to go to college”

    I respond :

    That s just not true.

    I m sitting now in a very White Latterday Saints Church on the South Side of Chicago.

    LDS Mormons have all kinds of programs to get their children in to good colleges

    I recommend Whites look for networks of Whites who help their young people

  • Asian Female Tenured Law Professor at University of Denver advocates Violence against the Alt-Right just for peaceful and lawful assembly…….

    Here’s her email address:

    She won’t lose her job or be disciplined in any way……..

    In fact, she’ll be celebrated by the Left…….

    Which is why the Alt-Right is a Morally, Philosophically, Legally, and Spiritually Justified Movement…..


    Imagine if a Liberal President in the Future appointed her to the Supreme Court???

  • IMO, I hope this trend continues to freeze out more whites from going to these cultural Marxist factories. They’re not gonna learn anything anyway and neither are the blecks or tacos so it’s not like they’d have an edge on us from their worthless degrees in Black Studies.

  • Just, recently, I had a meeting in Southeast Houston and the guy was late by about half an hour. While waiting on him I realized that my Alma Mater, The University of Houston, was just a few blocks away and I went there to kill some time before the meeting. Jesus Christ, I should have not stepped a foot on that campus. The University Center was filled with Asians and Hispanics of all shades and degrees. Not a single White student was there. To see first White students, I had to go to nearby Hilton Hotel where students obtain their prestigious degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Over there, in high-end coffee shops, I saw White students occupying most of the tables. In the classic self-segregation manner. They looked at me very curiously as what I was doing in America 2050. The Blacks had all the campus jobs: bus drivers, security, and other staff.

    The school has grown tremendously over the last 25 years. The city, state and private corporations plugged in huge money to expand the school. But to what extend? To sponsor and promote replacement. Once I was proud to be a cougar. But my kids will never step a foot on that campus. I cant even show them Anderson Library where I spent most of my campus days…

    • You’re talking about the way the Tribe whines about being “excluded” from White universities back in the bad old days, correct? Kind of off topic, but a good point nonetheless. Jews are completely unable to perceive jew privilege, just as dindus are unable to perceive black privilege. Very sad.

  • As a university teacher (I do not have a PhD) I will say without a doubt that our people should be out there fighting to get the degrees. Don’t let the faggots like Alex Jones get to you and tell you to drop out and if you just take his retard pills you will be fine. No, go to freaking college and get all the degrees you can.

    • I think the notion is that it tends to create a lot of poz in the youth, therefore impressionable people shouldn’t go. I would definitely agree with red-pilled people going and getting advanced degrees.

  • We need to establish our own cultural and educational infrastructure. And it can happen. Just think how quickly the alt-right phenomenon has established itself. And it has clout. Worldwide clout. It would just take one person with the will to establish a school that wholeheartedly rejected the anti-white, anti-Western creed of the US and European elites. And they’d soon discover how large the latent market would be. Imagine a brand of schools that churned out students that were actually proud of their European legacy.

    • That would take a while to make it a reality. We do not have the numbers to do that yet. Great idea, but it will take time and lots of effort.

  • Only go to university for select majors, and absolutely don’t just go with the “Cs get degrees” mindset.

    I wish I would have went into the trades myself, and this is someone with a grad degree and Got a job halfway across the country.

    • A person should only go to college if they know what they want to major in beforehand and have a clue on what they want to do with their lives.

  • I think the best thing is to learn a trade, and eventually, open your own business. A man can make a good living in the trades. If he has his own business, he can hide money, and pay less in taxes.

    I think blue collar men are a cut above. They’re self-reliant, salt of the earth, and handy around the house. What’s not to like? A girl knows, so long as she has a blue collar man, everything will be all right.

    • True post Sandy. As for us mechanics, we’ll keep your aircraft flying, your cars rolling, your ships sailing, and your hot rods whatever they may be, screaming.

        • Graduated from trade school in “85” as an GM brat, but then went on to doing marine for 8 years. Now I’m hot rodding Asian bikes and American street rods.

          • I started out in ’75. Did some dealership time. Volvo master tech. Spent most of my time in restoration of classic Euro iron. 30 years of it with 3 Snap On roll chest and top cabs filled to bursting.
            Decided I needed to work on my people skills, so I became a night shift sergeant in a penitentiary.

          • I moved from Jersey to Tennessee and decided that I needed an adventure.
            And I sure n hell got one.
            Assaulted eight times in seven years.

            You live in a concealed carry state ?

          • Naa, but I keep plenty of guns around the shop just in case. Working on getting my license to carry here in Massashitsetts,but it ain’t easy to do here. Luckily this town has a very low crime rate with almost no nogs or other human trash.

          • Getting a permit in Mass. requires either an act of God

            or a Kennedy in law.

            Ever considered emigrating to America ?

          • We had a retired cop around here that was well liked and they refused to renew his carry permit. I’m really busy this time of the year, so it also helps to fuel my procrastination, but I will get it done this year. I have to admit I’m more of a rifle than pistol guy. My dream rifle is a .408 Chey-Tac. The only problem now is that even used ones can be upwards of $7500 and other obligations always seem to come up. Long range shooting just seems to interest me more than pistol shooting does.

            As for moving, all my business reputation and contacts are around here and at my age I think it would be too hard to establish myself someplace else.

          • I have always considered myself to be fairly well informed on the subject of firearms, but the .408 Cheytac was an unknown quantity.
            So I googled it [of course]
            Very impressive, but five dollars a loaded round and a seven to eight thousand dollar cover charge left me underwhelmed.
            Why not a .338 Lapua or a Barrett ?

            On top of which, the times I have spent in Mass. left me with the impression that it was wooded and hilly.
            Where would one even find a range to use such a rifle ?

          • I was actually looking at the Savage bolt action chambered in .338 Lapua a few weeks ago at the local gun shop, but you’re right about the shot costs and limited spaces in which to test the rifle’s merits. We have a club here,( my buddy is the president) with a 450 yrd range and I got to fire the Chey-Tac there & just fell in love with how straight this thing grouped.
            Isn’t the Barrett.50 even more expensive than the Chey-Tac to own and shoot?

          • Barrett’s semi autos are 8 – 11,000.
            Their bolt guns are 3 to 4 thousand.


            Your best bet would probably be a Savage based .338.

          • Yes sir..reality kicks in over dreams unfortunately. On a good note, I was watching a You Tube video of a guy blowing a hole through 3/4 ” steel plate with the .338. Definitely a badd assed.30 cal round.

          • I was raised by a committee of WWII and one WW I vets and spent much of my youth as a spectator on ‘Bullseye pistol’ competition ranges. [Very popular during the ’50s and ’60s].
            I’ve shot DCM matches and for years lived in a farmhouse that had it’s own dedicated 50 yard range about 200 feet from the house.
            Even did a couple of semesters in Trinidad Colo. Gunsmithing college.
            Had a real respectable collection of classic saddle ring carbines including ’73 Winchester, Krag, Springfield ’73, Savage .303, and ’95 Winchester.
            Then one day it occurred to me that the political and social situation in the ol’ US of A was getting very, very, very weird.

            It also occurred to me that these fine old rifles that I had spent so much time and treasure collecting would be essentially useless in a real fight.
            So I disposed of them and replaced them with an assortment of AR variants. [an excellently designed and flexible chassis].
            The ultimate point of all this ‘brou-ha-ha’ is that, in your current situation and region a truly high powered sniper gun would be almost unusable in a tactical sense.
            The times I have spent in Mass. showed me a general tactical kill range of about 250 meters, maximum with a 100 to 150 meters range much more common.
            With this in mind, a finely tuned 5.56 or .308 would be much more practical.
            ‘Sniper’ rifles are, as a rule, very heavy pieces of gear.
            I have a 5.56 Browning A bolt that will put ten 50 grain Vmax projectiles into one ragged hole at 100 meters.
            It weighs twelve pounds empty.
            The bigger ones such as the Barrett are virtually crew served weapons.
            A .338 or 6mm Lapua set in a reasonably conventional stock might serve double duty as a deer rifle and tactical rifle, but, then you are still dealing with some ferocious ammunition costs.
            .300 Win Mag or the old campaigner .30 / 06 are comparatively very inexpensive and of legendary accuracy potential and tremendously flexible when it comes to availability of ammunition, and reloading components.
            How much fun trigger time can you get from a rifle when ammunition costs between 3 and 5 dollars per round ?

          • Well said, Goblin. As we both know, ammo costs over a long period are many times the cost of the hardware. I’ve been contemplating building an AR 10 just because there is a large savings compared to purchasing a complete rifle and also think I would enjoy trying it due to my mechanical background. Nonetheless your points are well made and sound.

          • As a tech, you would enjoy tinkering with the Armalite design.
            It is so excellently simple and well thought out that I ended up admiring the man who designed it.
            I once described it to a friend [also an auto tech]
            as the ‘small block Chevy’ of rifles.
            Accurate, economical, flexible and reliable.
            In the 5.56 M-4 package with a decent scope you have a rifle that will reach out 400 yards, yet you can operate your vehicle with it lying in your lap with no discomfort and in a pinch you can fire it one handed out your passenger or drivers window.
            Try that with an AK or M-14.
            From what I have read about the AR-10, it is capable of excellent accuracy, and for it’s type is very affordable.

          • “I’m hot rodding Asian bikes”

            Can’t see that without thinking of those “Ghost Rider” turbo Hayabusa videos.

          • It definitely takes some massive power and balls to wheelie like that in top gear at those speeds. Thanks for the video, Smash.

          • You’re welcome. Yeah, the bike with the camera is showing 299 kph 186 mph) on the speedo when he flies by him– doing a wheelie. That’s insane.

    • Exactly, my son did this. He isn’t even 21 and will be closing on his first home by mid July!!

        • Hi Sandy.

          I really appreciate your votes. And not just for the sake of “votes.” I am honored that someone I respect and admire is reading my stuff.

          Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

          • I read every word, Joseph, every word, of every post I upvote. You have a good weekend yourself.

          • Aw shucks! You are too kind and I feel more indebted to you than before.

            Is this appropriate? I know I posted it somewhere already.

            Stay awesome, my friend 😉

  • When I went to UT, Austin there was hardly any blacks or browns there because it was one of the top 20 colleges in America and had high admissions standards with no biased towards race. For a boy who grew up in Mississippi it was a White paradise.

    I live overseas and have not been back for years. Has that changed?

    • Some white girl sued years ago because she was denied admission to UT Austin in favor of blacks and Messcans.

      • When I remember back (late 90’s) I do not recall having ONE black or brown in any of my classes. I did a master at UT, Knoxville in the 2000’s and there were only TWO Blacks and NO Browns in any of my classes.

        Since then my experiences in higher education as both a teacher and student have been in various European nations and there of course I had ZERO blacks or browns in my classes as a student but have had them as a teacher.

        But I can’t believe it would have changed so much. Maybe he is exaggerating in this article?

        If I can give advise to our people, that is NOT to drop out of society. That is defeatism and peddled by the likes of Alex Jones along with his fake ass health products. We need to be the MOST educated and not buy a bunch of guns and farm equipment and retreat to the mountains and pretend to be independent minded pioneers.

        • He’s not exaggerating. I was in school in the late 2000s and it was bad then. Its got much worse. I live in a college town.

          • Fucking sad. I have very fond memories of going to White UT. Back then I was naive enough to believe that there were some “great White fathers” looking over everything making sure that we had these White institutions like UT. Even all the far Left profs I had, many of whom I liked and looked up to, seemed like they were at least on some level conscious that they were White and had no desire to change that.

  • Given what has happened to Confederate monuments in New Orleans and other cities, when will we hear calls for the destruction of the buildings the slaveholder Thomas Jefferson designed for the University of Virginia? They symbolize the Enwhitenment origins of the American nation.

    • They already took Calhoun’s name off of various places at Yale, where Calhoun attended. But removing Jefferson will wake up a lot of normies and piss them off.

    • As long as we aren’t too Literally Hitler……

      We can grow the Alt-Right Camp…..

      … Bounds and Leaps……

  • Go to a Breitbart Comment Board…….

    …..during Working Hours…….

    ……and see all the White Commenters……..

    …….railing/raging against the Left…….

    Nothing has changed pre-Nov. 8th or post-Nov. 8th…….

    How is President Trump supposed to Make America Great Again……

    ……when there are so many White Americans who won’t Work??

    Those Breitbart MAGA Warriors need to internalize MAGA……

    If every White American got off Welfare and Disability…….

    …..and started working…….diligently……responsibly……

    That would MAGA more than anything…….

      • You are White……

        Can you be a Real Man and Work for a Living……

        … your Ancestors did……

        …..for Millenia??

        • Legit question. Can Whites actually get welfare?

          I was always told that it was not a possibility.

          • If you’re White and want Welfare…..

            You’re not Alt-Right…..


          • Work harder in ONE day…….

            ….than you work in a Week or a Month…….


          • I’m not arguing, I am asking basic questions. You could give vague answers to avoid TMI if you like. Or not.

          • If you’re in Alaska…….

            I’m sure there are Plenty of Opportunities in Fishing or Crabbing…….

            ….or other Manual Labor…..

            At first, the Pain and Suffering are Unbearable…..

            But, then it becomes Mildly Pleasurable……

            Finally, you’re a Real Man….


          • Not in Alaska. So you are saying get some sort of blue collar job.

            I am down for that.

          • If I was your Parent……

            ….and you had a College Degree…..

            I would say NO…..

            But, if you want to become a Robust White Male…….

            I would say YES…..

            It will make you Rougher…..


            But, if you have some Aristocratic European Genes……

            ….you’ll be able to Integrate and Own the Damage……

            ……and reach a Higher Self……


          • You usually sound (err, write) like a lunatic but this one post makes sense. Our men need to work. Work is healthy and good. I am a teacher but I have also mowed grass, cleaned toilets, painted houses, tended bar and so on…it is good and it is healthy. And hey, even a college lecturer like me did the “work that Americans won’t do”.

          • And while my Back, Shoulders, and Arms become like Concrete Muscle……

            And my Hands are Swelling……..

            My Bank Account is also Swelling…….


            I found the Ancestral Root of Power…….

            …..which kept my Ancestors going for Generations……


          • Whites can get “welfare”, although “welfare” is not just one program. Some elements of it are effectively race-tested and on the back end the actual bureaucrats who control approval are blacks, and for things like Section 8 you are going to be forced out by the residents you’d be forced to live with.

            A lot of whites are on disability. A lot of whites are eligible but don’t get it because it would require publicizing their diagnosis of health issues, often mental health issues, which are embarrassing. Meanwhile corrupt, anti-white mental health professionals will rubber stamp any black who walks into their office to be eligible to receive Crazy Checks and there is no social stigma for them. The government sends them “social workers” to figure out these scams. Not unusual for a black civil servant to also be on disability for being too mentally ill to work. Then on the other end of the equation the medical licensing boards are also corrupt and anti-white and allow their practitioners to rampantly fake diagnoses.

            The situation in Europe is probably very different.

        • There is a legitimate case to be made for everyone getting on welfare (I work but not in the USA) and bankrupting the system. That being said it is terribly corrupting for men to not work. Most men are not artists and therefore do not do well without a work regime.

  • The reason that President Trump has not Built the Wall……

    The reason that President Trump is still bringing in Hordes of Legal Immigrants……

    Is because…..

    ……LOTS of American Citizens don’t want to do Real Work……

    Real Manly Work…….

    I’m sorry if this Offends anyone……

    But, it’s the Truth……

      • ‘I would love to do’…..


        ‘I want to do’…..


        From the Capacity of Intention comes the Measurement of Success………

      • Go to any Union hiring hall in your town. Apprenticeships usually pay well above minimum wage, they’ll train you, then you get on with a Union contractor who bids on Government jobs which pay better. After awhile, you build up your knowledge and become a contractor to make money for yourself.

          • Unless you work out at a gym then physical work is good for you. I worked as a maintenance man/janitor one summer and I tell you my work day was like a vacation. It was in Sweden so the days were not oppressively hot but a day of physical labor left one feeling content. Blacks and Browns in my opinion do not get the same contentment out of physical work thus the never ending we were slaves narrative. Us Whites actually like to work.

    • They don’t want to do real work for Mexican wages & benefits. You pay good old fashioned AFLCIO union wages & benefits, and you have a limitless supply of White Americans for the skilled trades, and machine operation.

      • So, they want to Stay at Home and Collect Welfare and Disability…….

        White Power??


        • The difference is that we have a sense of honor and duty. We don’t do a cash only job and not report our wages on a tax return. Mexicans do this all the time. They work cash jobs but don’t report it and then get all the financial aid. It’s ridiculous.

    • Nope, it is to lower wages across the board. Whether it is white collar or blue collar, it doesn’t matter.

    • If you mean “farm labor” that is bs. Big ag pays less than $3 per hour, no benefits, no workers comp, nothing. I know several big ag families; they mainly hire illegals because they can exploit them and the families make more profit. Illegals are low/no liability hires. Big Ag would rather see war than hire US workers.

    • A lot “Real Work” are word of mouth only jobs, so suburban white kids who don’t speak Spanish aren’t in the loop to even be able to get those jobs. I’m a “Real Worker” and I wouldn’t even know where to go to look for most “Real Jobs”. It’s all about ethnic networking. There are plenty of “Real Jobs” which are significantly White because they are in public channels where people can go to a website or walk into an office and submit a resume.

      These mestizos on work crews can’t submit resumes as it would be a paper trail for the employer breaking the law. It all has to be a done with a handshake and a wink and white laborers who will not accept the gross injustice of it have to be kept out for the employer investing his capital in a criminal enterprise to keep his scam going. Employing whites, for a crook traitor invites publicity and investigation.

      I suppose whites also don’t want to do the “Real Work” of owning gas stations as this is now an effectively 100% a non-white business. Really makes you think.

  • I agree with the premise that college is openly and explicitly anti-White. I disagree that Whites should not attend. I believe Kevin MacDonald is correct in saying Whites should attend college to gain rare technical skills and create networks within those professions. The difficult part is we know we’re fucked going in it. What we must do is innoculate Whites against anti-Whiteness, which brings us to “humanities.”

    Currently humanities is a pathological, anti-White indoctrination institution. Students are molded into cultists. Not only do they learn nothing of the world around them, but everything they do learn is a hateful Jewish lie. I believe humanities should be taught to Whites, particularly the young, along with White Identity and the history and political agenda of anti-Whiteness. We should be teaching them about the JQ, anti-White media, and how to identify cucks. Simultaneously, our traditions must become our own, our humanity. Yule, Easter, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, all of these belong to the White race and making it explicit divides the normies and cucks from the awakened. Illustrating how Halloween is the litmus test for a homogeneous, high trust society will give greater dimension to a fun holiday.

    The goys at TRS did a great job at Red Pilling huwites with a simple flyer that reads:
    “The speaker will blame Whites for everything.”

    Of course, those people handing out the flyers were called…. drum roll please… racist! Gluing flyers to brick buildings forces anti-Whites to pathologically deface them. All we have to do is ask “What are you doing?” Filming their response is always worth the time. We know the anti-White media won’t cover it so it’s up to us. So long as we have community then we will have strength, even in anti-White college.

    • Humanities can be taught outside of official academic institutions as part of the community organization model. Mason lodges in America used to perform just that service for many non-college educated White men.

      In fact the Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones has done some really great work on pro-Western humanities and even sketched out some ideas for community groups teaching the traditions outside of academia.

      I totally agree that the Humanities are mandatory and that the current anti-white university system can’t and won’t teach the worthwhile aspects of the Humanities to our people. So we should just do it ourselves, outside of their system.

      The fact that Humanities degrees don’t really have any economic value these days is even more of a reason.

  • If I could go back in time I would have just learned a trade after high school. I would have saved myself a lot of money and a lot of grief. If you’re in high school and reading this, schools for fools. Don’t bother.

      • Probably. Have you ever been around Mexican construction workers? They’re not well known for professionalism, attention to detail, and punctuality.

        • Where I live…..

          Central American Construction Workers……

          …..are building entire New Suburban Communities for Retiring White Boomers….

          Whatever that means……is what it means…….

          I realize that White Boomer Cucks from the Chamber of Commerce celebrate this…..

          … it pushes up their Profits from the Cheap Labor…..

          But, from what I’ve seen………they are Hard Workers…….

          But, there are also plenty of White Construction Companies……..

          ……Subcontracting for Work in the same New Communities……

          It’s interesting……

          There is a Tribal Boundary of Distrust and Suspicion……

          But, also an Implicit Recognition of Shared Manliness…….

          • I still see almost no Mexican electricians or plumbers where I live. By and large, Mexicans lack the intelligence to take over those trades like they did with roofing or painting.

      • Probably. I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. I went to school thinking it was my ticket to a good job. That hasn’t really materialized and I graduated 4 years ago now. I recently completed an online certification program that I’m much more likely to actually land a job with and it cost a fraction of the price.

  • There is a race war ongoing against Whites. We are losing because White people are too law abiding. Just the mention of the word “Racist” sends Whites scurrying like chimps with a lion chasing them. Whites are allowing their own destruction. WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!

    • White people need to look it the mirror and say,”I am a “racist”, I love my people, my heritage, and my culture. No other race has achieved what the white man has.” Embrace it, live it, it is, as they would say on the left, “empowering”.

      • ^ This. It is perfectly rational and natural. That is why they spend overwhelming resources programming against it.

  • The biggest problem with the way the general population views college is that they conflate a college degree with a career. A college degree has never guarenteed a job and was never meant to train people for careers. College was meant to extend and deepen knowledge. These people should attend a Vocational or Technical school if they want “job training”.

    • Most people lack the mental faculties to be a CompSci major and they can make a good living in a field like HVAC.

        • No. But America has a big belief in “equality” and we always employ the latest fads in our schools in an attempt to get Non-Asian minority dullards performing at the level of whites.

      • ‘Mental Faculties’………

        There are different interpretations of what ‘Mental Faculties’ are…….

        I am benefitting all the time from what CompSci majors produce……

        So, I’m not going to knock them……

        I appreciate them…….

        I have a Degree in Biochemistry……..

        I’ve worked in Multiple Laboratories……….doing Pharmaceutical Research and Scientific Analyses……

        Now, I work in Blue Collar Manual Labor…….

        It’s here that I found Myself and my Manhood…….

        It’s here that I found My Strength and Resolve…….

        My Co-Workers lack the ‘Mental Faculties’ of CompSci majors……

        But, having to Compete with them Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually for Survival……

        …….tapped into a Root of Power I would have never known in the Laboratory…….

        But, I’m glad I have my Degree in Biochemistry…….

        From my Liberal Arts Christian College……

        I wouldn’t trade it for a Lifetime………

        I have LOTS of knowledge, wisdom, and experience………

        And, all of it……

        ……is what has made me who I am today…….

        HVAC or College……..

        Either way………people will find their own Path to Self-Actualization…..

        Beyond what is Prescribed for them…….


      • Its not just smarts but a particular kind of smarts for that. I have a 140 IQ, but I can’t tolerate it. Biochem is what I gravitated to, after giving compsci a try.

  • The best retirement anybody stands to see is from the government. The old quote, “In my Fathers house are many mansions, …I go to prepare a place for you.”-John 14:2 I know people disavow association with big brother but in a productive sense, it can be quite rewarding, social security aside.

    I honestly believe the Education system and corporate America no longer communicate their needs amongst each other. Guys, government could play a more conclusive role towards reducing unemployment by non other competing with the private sector. e.g. Starcrock coffee vs. government coffee

    Instead of having this demeanor, “you shot yourself in the foot going through school, …suffer the remaining days of your life”, instead, “I messed up in this area, how can I improve myself and have the cooperation of the government oversee my success?” Labor is priceless, soon enough AI will take all of our jobs!

    And to the Spencers out there going to Japan every year around the same time… chuckle, chuckle Public policy is on its deathbed if that resonates with you. 5 maybe 7 more years of milking the public for financial support and then an absolute collapse of the American system without fail. Why? Because the solution calls for it.

  • Law,STEM,medicine are all good fields that we can use.So go to college and do these things.

  • This is the year of policing the right.

    Firstly, this article is rubbish. If you like in a place with a decent economy, there are many things you can study in college that will get you a good job.

    Articles like this should not be allowed. Of course everyone on the right needs to shoot for the stars, and do everything we can to get status, money, knowledge, and power. Complaining about college should have absolutely no place on the political right.

    Losers like this author fail at school and then complain that the upper class won’t listen to their voice. In the meantime, liberals notice the liberality of higher ed, and are emboldened and encouraged with a kind of pride that they are smarter because they are liberal. They confidently pursue studies and succeed.

    The reason they hate us is that right-wingers are crazy rednecks who cannot make good arguments or deal with people respectfully.

    • Yes. People should go to college IF they have the interest and ability. But we should not maintain the egalitarian, one size fits all American education system. Only the truly intelligent should go to college.

      • Further, white parents need to drive their kids harder. Asians mock us for being lazy, and the world sees us as pigs. The reality is that white parents hold their children to no standards.

        The idea that a kid with no drive should just go to school and meander their way to some degree, and that the degree will guarantee a good job, is a huge myth that white people should not have. To other races, it probably also looks like a sense of entitlement.

        The point is not that college is dumb, but that whites are not fierce enough about winning. And then, when college degrees fail us, some losers like this author blame it on college itself.

        • Asians aren’t a good example. They’re all cheaters who ace high school and standardized tests by rote memorization. Universities know this and are highly suspicious of Asians. We need to come up with our own standards. Pushing kids is correct, but it should start with making it much harder to get into a college prep high school at 13 or 14. That will cull the herd. Screw these moronic exercises in teen socialization that are American high schools.

          • You are wrong about Asians, it is not all cheating. They are also simply smarter and more studious.

            Boy, does the alt-right need policing.

          • “It is not all cheating.” Well… at least you don’t deny that they cheat.

          • No, Asians are not simply smarter. And they do cheat like mad.

            You realize America’s impression of the Heathen Chinee is skewed. We get the cognitive elite from China coming here. Pull some Celestial from interior China that picks crops all day with his ass in the air, bring him to America, and tell me this heathen Chinee is smarter than Joe Bag o Donuts white American.

          • The Asians in STEM classes may have higher grades on average (due to diligently cheating) but the highest grades, the top %ers, are almost always white males who are truly brilliant and hardworking.

          • “Simply smarter and more studious”……

            But, South Korea and Japan rely on US Military Might to protect them from other Asians…….

            And China steals and Copies our Intellectual Property and Military Industrial Creations…..


            You’re fighting the Alt-Right within you……

            I understand……

            You’re welcome here…..

          • Yes, and how it doesn’t accurately predict their academic performance and how their academic performance doesn’t accurately predict their post-collegiate life outcomes.

          • Yes. People even in the Alt-Right kvetch about Asians being discriminated against in college admissions. Colleges are discriminating on who will be successful and donate to the college after they start their career. The ‘g factor’ still needs some work in separating executive function. Psychometricians are still fundamentally egalitarian.

            There are plenty of high IQ underachievers who have low executive function despite their brilliance. Asians are the opposite. Their discipline and general intelligence are not well correlated and an Asian who aces tests does not perform out in the world at the level those test scores should predict.

        • “The reality is that white parents hold their children to no standards.”

          You’re an Idiot……

          “the world sees us as pigs.”

          But, they all want to come here…….

          “Asians mock us for being lazy,”

          But, many Asian Women are attracted to us and where is the Asian in the MMA Ring or Professional Sports?

          “but that whites are not fierce enough about winning. ”

          And that’s what the Alt-Right is about……


          “some losers like this author blame it on college itself.”

          Vincent Law……

          And you are??

          • If you want to win, you should have a plan.

            Your plan is to troll on the internet. It probably took 1 minute of non-clear-minded thought to plan that.

            The world wants to come here not because they want to hang out with white people, but because we have accumulated wealth and it’s easy to make money here.

          • “The world wants to come here not because they want to hang out with white people, but because we have accumulated wealth and it’s easy to make money here.”

            Thanks, Socrates……

            It is relatively easy to make money here……

            That’s why I have PLENTY of Money in the Bank…….


            And I have a plan…….

            And that PLENTY of Money in the Bank will get me there……

            PEACE, Pre Alt-Righter…….

        • I grew up in an upper-middleclass neighborhood. So, I don’t have a lot of hardship stories about how my life was unfair or whatever. Of course, most of my friends growing up were of similar socioeconomic backgrounds. I can tell you right now, our parents were all ruthless regarding our studies, making us work when we were old enough. I had a paper route when I was nine, and I had two routes by the time I was eleven. All of my friends had simple jobs like that as kids, and it’s not because WANTED it, it’s because our parents forced it, and of course, I’m grateful for that, and I’m sure those other guys are too.

          • He’s a Troll……

            He’s not Alt-Right…..

            Don’t mind him……

            He’s a McMansion CUCK……..

          • I was definitely getting that feeling. But, I’m sitting here like, even if he’s not Alt Right, he’s clearly out of touch with reality concerning white families. Like I said, I grew up in a nice home, in a nice area, but there were definitely standards in that household. I doubt very much that somehow my family is special in that regard. We’re just ordinary white people.

          • 100% Agreed…..

            Every White Family that I know intimately pushes their Children hard……

          • He could be older, I don’t know your age but most Gen X parents, who are the ones raising teenagers now, are not as hard on their kids as even Boomers were.

    • You don’t police anything here, LOSER……

      “and do everything we can to get status, money, knowledge, and power.”

      Being Married and Having White Children are MUCH more important……..

      “Losers like this author fail at school and then complain that the upper class won’t listen to their voice. In the meantime, liberals notice the liberality of higher ed, and are emboldened and encouraged with a kind of pride that they are smarter because they are liberal.”

      You’re a McMansion CUCK…….

      “The reason they hate us is that right-wingers are crazy rednecks who cannot make good arguments or deal with people respectfully.”

      You’re not Alt-Right……


    • They need to be purged from ALL the professions like teaching, medicine, architecture, law.

    • That is a terrible idea. What a waste of money.

      People here should be trying to be as successful as possible. Go to a HIGHLY RANKED college.

      • A kid is probably way less likely to come out screwed up and brainwashed if they go to Pepperdine or BYU. That’s one advantage the Christian schools do have.

        • True. I attended a private college for half of college and the other half was at a public college. The public colleges unabashedly push liberal political agendas.

          • The private one I went to was Jesuit and they did have some diversity/multicult stuff but most of the students were white and shrugged it off. At the public college my general ed classes were 50% Hispanic and they totally supported the liberal agenda. It’s funny though. I was red-pilled on race there by an older white lady (a student) who refused to admit her white-priveledge and cower to the Hispanics while they ganged up on her during a discussion on “Mexican Literary Heritage”.

          • The Jesuits are the Jews of the Catholic church. They’ve been expelled from many, many countries in Europe, the New World, their intrigues even got Christians permanently expelled from Japan in the 1600s. Pope Francis is a Jesuit, the first Jesuit pope.

          • I thought they were BASED soldiers of the pope, a scholar/warrior sect that spread Christianity throughout the world.

          • HA! If you call BASED killing other white people during the Counter Reformation in Northern Italy, Hungary, Austria, Czechia. The Jesuits even pissed off fellow Catholics and were expelled from countries like Brazil, because like the Jews, the Jesuits were always behind court and government machinations.

          • The Jesuits formed under a Basque ex-soldier (although his nose is suggestive) whose military career ended when he was crippled in battle. He actively recruited from among Jews who had either been incarcerated by the Inquisition or were more standard fare criminals, often saving them from execution. So not merely Jewish converts, but people converted on pain of death. The Jesuit Order was an organization mostly formed of Spain’s worst Jewish criminals with the biggest bone to pick with European society.

        • The idea of brainwashing needs to go away as well. It is a far cry from brainwashing. People need to not be scared to hear the other side. Many people on the alt-right don’t even understand the way liberals think.

          Life is not all politics. The alt-right needs to encourage its members to engage with the real world, and conquer it, not just to debate about it.

          Whites have a legitimacy crisis. We do not win by protesting; people don’t empathize with us. Since we can’t ask or plead, we have to TAKE power back. The Jewish model of clannish economic conquest is a good one for a people with a legitimacy crisis.

          • Screw “hearing the other side.” Such a gay argument. How about our kids don’t have to listen to Black Studies and Transgender professors in General Ed college classes?

            Firing people or failing students because they have controversial viewpoints is mental conditioning and brainwashing. The left does this. If the shoe was on the other foot, the Right should do it as well, and deny opportunities to the left.

            And good luck with your economic conquest model. Pretty sure the federal government will be beating down your doors for hiring too many whites. Jews are free to practice ethnic nepotism. Whites aren’t.

          • “The Jewish model of clannish economic conquest”


            The Jewish Model of Tribal Nepotistic Conquest/Survival…….

            And we in the Alt-Right DO understand the way Liberals think……

            Many of us were Liberals in the past…..

            And we have plenty of Liberals in our Families……

            The Alt-Right is engaging with the Real World…….

            And we’re not trying to Conquer the World…..

            We’re trying to Tribalize, Survive, and Prosper together………

            … Conquering the Weaknesses, Self-Hatred, and Cowardice……

            ……..within our Selves……

          • I respectfully disagree with your notion that we don’t understand the way liberals think. One cannot escape the way liberals think. Turn on the television and watch any crime drama.

            You have the Badwhite: Generic Blonde, Blue-Eyed Anglo Germanic Racist wreaking havoc for which some innocent historically oppressed Group of Color are blamed. So you have Misunderstood Muslims set up by Christian terrorists. Asian restaurant owners who are robbed and beaten to death by bored White college kids. African-Americans blamed for murdering some White victim of a criminal corporate housecleaning.

            You have the Goodwhite: Some hazel-eyed auburn haired guy with a Celtic surname who is dating some Afro-Latino-type mystery meat female co-worker. Assisting him, you have some wise, but world-weary Jew, a very smart Negro forensics specialist with a beautiful blonde female coworker panting after him, a Black lesbian, and some dopey looking White screwup (usually with a Slavic surname) for comic relief. Let’s call them Diversity Inc. They high-five each other everyt ime they cuff and stuff Badwhite after Goodwhite loudly and pompously reads him the riot act over his evil, racist deeds.

            According to their worldview, the SJWs are the GOODWHITES, WE are the BADWHITES. What don’t I understand?

          • The Jewish model of clannish economic conquest is a good one for a people with a legitimacy crisis.

            Except of course for it being illegal. That could present a major problem.

      • I disagree. You won’t be forced to cuck out for the duration of your studies. Like me, I wish every day I had gone to Patrick Henry instead of George Mason. It’s not that Mason’s a horrible school, it’s fine, but my GPA definitely took a lashing in my freshman year because I refused to write to the leftist standard. Eventually, I cucked out for the sake of finishing school and getting a job – and while I’m happy to live a nice life now, have a good job, etc., those years are really tough for me to stomach.

          • Everyone has to take General Ed classes, typically in their first year or two of Undergrad, regardless of major. These include all disciplines like Math, Science, English, History. It sounds like you didn’t go to college in America.

          • Or you could……..

            ……and after SUFFERING all the Consequences…..

            As a Survival Machine…….

            Integrate and Own all the Experiences and Damage into the Self…….

            And become a much Stronger Person…….

      • I went to a Christian College and received a GREAT Education……

        In Philosophy, Literature, Religion, History, Science, Arts, Music…….

        I’m glad I went there…….

        Even though I was an Atheist for 1/2 of the Duration……


  • Most 18 year old White American young men who have the aptitude for STEM can go to a state university, perhaps after 2 years at a community college, for a reasonable price that will likely pay off in the long term. It would be a disaster for anyone with that opportunity to forgo it.

    As for any non-STEM field, unless there is a very high likelihood of an economic benefit, it’s probably not worth shelling out the tuition.

    • There’s a lot to be said for business, economics, accounting, banking, the markets and marketing. Most engineering disciplines are not that hot today because of a limitless pool of engineering & science niggers from the 3rd world. Including to some extent, medical doctors & now nurses.

      • A simple BS in Math from any old State U. is almost always worth it. You can always do a double major with a practical degree in something like accounting or marketing. A math degree is essentially a straight forward IQ test and math is applicable to every field of human endeavor. It’s also a generic enough field that the prestige of your college doesn’t matter as much. Sure, there is far more prestige in any degree from MIT than Generic State U. but math is math and employers do recognize that. You can always do an MBA or something later.

        • I dunno, the Jew folks push that line of logic, but, I’m yet to know anyone who needs more than business math or statistics. I’ve personally known lots of self proclaimed math whizzes who can’t read a rule. Try a little experiment, if you don’t believe me.

          • From off the top of my head: University of Virginia, a public college. Requirements for an undergrad in math:


            It requires comSci and physics, some practical engineering, and has concentrations in statistics and finance.

            This will get for you far ahead of most people and it’s certainly more practical than a humanities degree from a non-brand name college.

            Usually people say go into compsci, but compsci is very uneven – the programs at some colleges are great, at others they are little more than trade schools. But math is math.

          • It was once true that any college grad had four semesters, 12 credit hours of science—I don’t think that is true anymore.

          • My point is simple, it’s almost always worth it to get a STEM BS and it’s well within the reach of even working class White families. If a young White man doesn’t know what to do, a BS in Math is a simple and obvious choice.

            If you have family connections to, say, a law firm and can get a law degree with a reasonable chance of building a career that isn’t chasing ambulances – do that. If you are a talented musician and you can get into Peabody, do that. If you have an uncle in the ad business, do that.

            But it’s a waste of time and money to get an undergrad in, say, Anthropology or History at a no-name college, or even a name college without a reasonably good assurances of a decent career already lined up. There was a time when upper-middle class kids could do an easy major in something like Anthropology then get an MBA or find some generic career that just needed any old liberal arts degree – those days seem to be over. So we have to adapt.

            That is all I’m saying.

        • WTF? Math degree? I have one, and I can tell you, it is not economically useful. Other skills I obtained are.

          Employers don’t care about IQ. 90% of people don’t care that much about it. Employers want someone who can produce, and that means you have to have a foundation of knowledge about the job.

          No one is going to look at you and be like “Wow, you’re so smart, I HAVE to hire you!”

          • “listenupbub Keith • 19 minutes ago

            Thank god there is at least one person with an IQ above 90 on this site.”

            You need to Grow Up……

          • In the last few decades most people with math degrees go into either computer programming or finance and those fields tend to be well paid.

          • Yes, but it is difficult to switch gears like that. It is better to simply prepare earlier for life.

            I mean, I love math, it is my passion, but nobody should have illusions that it is going to get you a job.

          • If what you say is true you are literally the only person I’ve ever met who has a passion for math and can’t get a rather well paying job. Sure, I have known a few math geeks who complain they can’t get a job but what they really mean is they only want to do some sort of academic work and see engineering as beneath them.

            My point stands: a generic STEM degree is still by far the best opportunity for especially working class White men who otherwise don’t have any connections, and math especially is generic enough to get a career in anything from programming to finance to engineering, and of course you can always get an MBA or a law degree if you are so inclined.

            I would be shocked if there are any math majors who don’t have significant practical experience in some sort of software by the time they graduate anyway. When I was in school – not even all that long ago – the compsci department was still be fought over by the math and engineering departments, and no one got a BS in math without knowing a good deal of programming anyway.

          • You must be old. There are tons of math majors who can’t program.

            In any case, I appreciate that you can write in proper English. That is much better than like half of our supporters.

          • Are you sure it’s not you that’s old? A math major that can’t program? That may have been common in the 1980s. In the Current Year? It’s unheard of. Programming is getting more common, not less.

          • If you’re really good, it can. I could see that my potential in math was limited, so I went to grad school in a different field. (One with even dimmer economic prospects.)

          • “No one is going to look at you and be like “Wow, you’re so smart, I HAVE to hire you!””


            You’re a Genius!!

            I never thought about that…….

            Are you a Seer??


          • Employers want people with “job experience” because that means they don’t rock the boat too much and are willing to live and die in a cubicle without complaint. Also, if you’re a black with a haircut, a cheap suit, and a math degree employers will trip over themselves to hire you to push papers around and produce nothing of value.

          • Come on. Working in a cubicle – making a bunch of money in a comfortable environment – is wonderful.

          • Especially if all that money you’re making goes toward good causes like the US healthcare [racket], the MIC, and foreign aid to Israel.

          • The vast majority of people don’t. This is especially true if you factor in student loan payments.

          • “Employers don’t care about IQ.”

            That is, of course, not a rational stance. But is the legal one. It’s well established that general intelligence is one of the most important predictors of job performance– far more than educational credentials. That’s why IQ testing by employers is illegal, of course. Griggs v. Duke Power. More on IQ vs. other potential predictors of job performance:


          • Disparate Impact is a two word phrase the Jews can use to totally destroy this country, and they have been.

            You want to do what? IQ test incoming hires to assess likely competence and capacity for training? Hell, no. Blacks reliably score lower than other races every time therefore your test is discriminatory.

            The facts don’t matter. The truth doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the Jews got their foot in the door with Disparate Impact as the test and they will never shut that door.

            They can do the same with crime statistics. Hell, they have been. Enforcing criminal laws has a disparate impact on Blacks.

          • If you had a clue, just one, you could be dangerous.

            Police presence in “black” areas is high, meaning blacks are subjected to much more scrutiny of their actions than whites living in the burbs.

            IQ measures aptitude, meaning what your brain can comprehend. You can have a high IQ but be lazy, uneducated, and unsuitable for a particular type of work.

            You assume, it appears, that blacks score lower on IQ tests than whites because they are just not as smart. Is the world just that simple to you? Do you know what a variable is? A barrier? And how these variables and barriers can affect IQ and learning outcomes? For example, we’re you exposed to lead as a child. Lead exposure effects IQ, and the poor and minorities are more likely to have this problem. So it is not like skin color determines IQ, (which is just plain stupid).
            Environmental and social factors can effect IQ, though. You will find this out when Drumpf allows pollution from corporation to seep into the burbs, and your kids turn up stupid.

            They DO have tests that determine reading and writing skills throughout K-12 system, including the next to last year of high school.

            Truth and facts DO matter, as I have just shown. They are the difference between your ill-informed opinions and my proven facts. They are why my opinion are more correct than yours, because I know more of the “truth” these facts tell me than you. Because I went to a good college and was presented with facts and stupid opinions and allowed to choose which to believe for myself. Because I think, and I know how to reason. Because any prejudices I had (which were few) or incorrect ideas I had before college (which were many) were changed when I was presented with provable facts and applied my reason to those facts.

            But you stay mired in your petty prejudices and incorrect opinions – the world needs examples of what we don’t want our children to become.

          • Police presence is high in black areas but crime rates are high in black areas. Crimes rates are high in black areas, but blacks rape, murder and steal more than whites. Thats not to say all black people are criminals, just that a high percentage of them are.

            You’re partially correct about IQ being just one factor that determines success. There used to be a lot of opportunities for low IQ workers who were willing to work hard. Then Jews decided to ship these jobs overseas, and now we have nothing for these low skill workers to do (this partly explains the high crime rates in black areas.) This is a trend that is only going to get worse as the work place becomes increasingly automated. One of the many reasons to be opposed to more immigration of low skill, low IQ people.

            The workplace of the future will require high IQ, high skilled workers. Adhering to diversity quotas in the interest of ‘fairness’ is a guranteed trainwreck waiting to happen.

          • “So it is not like skin color determines IQ, (which is just plain stupid).”

            That is pretty stupid – so why did you say it? No one else did.

            Also – LOL at you bragging about how you went to college. In case you hadn’t noticed, we all did. You are a really fine example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

          • Doesn’t seem like a website full of college grads. But I just got here and you appear to have been here longer, so you must know all 20-30 who post here and know each on3 has a college degree, so ok.

            Dunning-Kruger? Had to look that up (again!) I have read the definition like half a dozen times over the last six months and for some reason it never seems to stick. Might have caught it in college, but my major, political science, may not have touched on the term. Who knows? God knows they will now that Trump was elected, even if he is not going to serve a full term.

            But ya, I thought about it but, nah, I may not be as smart as I think I am sometimes, but usually I am. Especially when it comes to government, which I taught for a couple decades at university. Not to brag, and I am not, but when it comes to government and public policy, I am no slouch. You learn something every day (which I did and changed my mind after finding there are mixed research findings on fluoride in drinking water. Who knew?

            So no, but thanks. I feel I am smart enough to carry off cocky occasionally, especially in this case! Neo-Nazi websites are like shooting fish in a barrel.

            Thanks for your reply and concern,

            Squirrely McShitty

            (feel free to address me as either Squirrely or Professor McShitty, but not Mr. McShitty, please. That was my father’s name, and we are not on the best of terms.

          • ” I have read the definition like half a dozen times over the last six months and for some reason it never seems to stick.”

            It’s likely not a coincidence that you are seeing the term in response to your comments on a regular basis.

            “Neo-Nazi websites”

            OMG does anyone else think that Donald Trump is like LITERALLY HITLER?

          • Do you? I mean, that would be something, because Hitler dies back in 1945.

            But is he an authoritian personality that would be more comfortable with the press in jail or state-run, a disbanded congress, and a puppet court system? Sure. No, Drumpf is more like a Putin or Erdogan. He want a government run by and for himself and his family and to milk the state of billions of dollars for personal gain. He is a cheap tin pot dictator who is too lazy and stupid to be an effective one. I don’t think there is any doubt he wants to take complete power, enrich himself and his cronies while strangling the working and middle-classes and the poor, silence dissent, conduct extra-judicial killings, blah, blah, blah. Trump REALLY wantsorry to do what the Far-Right said Obama wanted and was going to do.

            So Hitler? No, Hitler had some mental shortcommings, but he had some brains as well. Drumpf is too lazy to fucking READ, for God’s sake. A two page PDB is too long…he needs bullet points on one page. Indeed, there are some questions as to whether he can read AT ALL.

            He is an idiot, and that may be the only thing that keeps this country a democracy, because God also knows that the Republicans would be fine selling our democracy down the river to authoritarianism, as long as they can overturn Obamacare and cut taxes bigly for the rich.

          • Look, it’s actually referencing the thoroughly discredited “Authoritarian Personality” pseudoscience to try to make a point.

            Hardly surprising that the anti-whites are a bunch of nutty religious fanatics. I mean – I don’t even – it’s the Current Year and some people are still peddling that semitic religious superstition put out by the American Jewish Committee in 1950.

            Is he going to tell us how many dinosaurs fit on Noah’s Ark next?

          • Then you have to calculate the psychology of the hiring agents and consider that high IQ is generally hated by everyone that doesn’t have one.

          • “the psychology of the hiring agents”

            True. Human resources/ personnel departments are not in the business of selecting the people who will best serve the organization’s mission– partly because of government mandates and propaganda, but also because of the psychology of female-dominated social groups. That is a separate issue.

          • Has happened to me. A couple of times. But first, you have to actually be smart…really smart. Or should I say, like for real smart. Not the “B” student who went to Podunk State College, but the “A” student who went to a selective, top-tier college.

        • I never really used my BA in math, but it paid off in a number of respects. If nothing else, it proves you’re not just BSing.

          • “[my BA in math] paid off in a number of respects”

            I see what you did there.

        • I got my maths degree from a swedish university, was almost free except the time i put in but i am honestly not sure if it was worth it.

          More practical knowledge such as linux and programming is are a lot more useful.

      • A Law degree is the shortest path to politics and we need more lawyers on our side. As time goes on more and more states will require a degree to practice law.

        • You can still sit for the BAR in some states without a law degree but an apprenticeship. People who are altright and lawyers should start apprenticing some of our recent grads who are interested. Saves time and $$$.

      • Because what we need……

        Are more White Men sitting in a chair all day typing code…..

        ….and growing Male Breasts, Low T, and a Big Belly…..


        Real Men do Real Work…….

        • Most places it’s called electrical & computer engineering or something on that order? Computer science is a nebulous term. Some place they have merged the art department with computer science department. I can see that.

        • You’ve got to stop being pessimistic about things not worth being pessimistic about. You won’t get replaced by a [expletive] if you do your danged job.

          If you say everything sucks, people will call bs and not listen to your legitimate grievances.

    • People with more smarts than cents first and foremost make sure their child is put in class with more rigor from jump street, from gifted and talented to AP classes. They also enroll their child in dual credits and encourage him to CLEP out of every class he can. Yes, he rushes through college and misses some of the more fun aspects, but he escapes the relentless brainwashing set up to make him a SJW zombie.

      I might add that if he does all this and also gets a job that reimburses for school tuition, he’s more centered and less easy to manipulate than kids fresh out of college with no real life experience.

      The main thing is that doing all this keeps Whites from suffering the insult added to injury from finding that you have an outrageous school loan to pay that resulted in nothing but a brainwashed barista at Starbucks.

    • …because knowledge just for knowledge’s sake has zero benefit unless there is some economic return. We don’t want people who can think, we want people who can do. Smart people are useless unless they can make money for corporations.

  • College is everything. For the kids, it’s easy sex, constant partying and a guaranteed high-paying job at the end of 4 years.

    I must have gone to the wrong college, then.

    • You may have went to the wrong school, but I’m guessing that you’re doing a little better for yourself than asst manager at Auntie Annie’s at the Crystal City Metro.

      • It’s the old supply & demand thing. You can be a genius, but if there is no demand, or an over supply, you could end up at Aunt Annie’s for a time.

    • Lol, but if I wrote “lies” at the end of that, everyone would think I was a loser, brah chyah didn’t you get dat american pie dream?

    • That’s what it used to be 15-20, etc years ago. Whoever goes to college now knows that the girls in it have the highest standards of men in HISTORY! You see 90% of them being single throughout their entire education, because they all want to date those 1% Chads who are shredded as fuck from going to the gym 7 days a week, or the football players, etc. You see that same 1% of Chads banging between 70-90% of all girls at university. That’s what college has become now. Any one of you who is currently studying at university, or has very recently graduate (like myself) will confirm this truth!

      On the side of actual education, a good choice would be to study a computer engineering course, if you are going to go to college. Software engineering, Web design – stuff like that; you are VERY likely to get a job which would be well paid and would most likely guarantee you a life in the upper middle class and with enough experience – in the actual upper class (I am, of course, talking in terms of income).

  • Two things. First, we need to stop using stupid terms like, “low-income families.” We all know that means non-white. First World Nation, we all know that means white-dominated countries. Thank you Vincent for addressing that in this article. Secondly, hasn’t affirmative action and similar programs had enough time? Obviously, I don’t believe in helping non-whites, but let’s say I was a globalist dingbat or some cuckservative truth denying pussy, and I believed in affirmative action, supported it… wouldn’t there be enough evidence to suggest, it’s not really working? It’s really past due for the “right” to stop using these stupid PC terms and get America (and the world) into real conversations, using real words, with real intentions.

      • Maybe not always, but it’s an accurate statement none the less. You only have to crosstabulate statistics from whatever source you’d like, US Census, National Election Study Survey, etc., and you will quickly see that there is a statistically significant difference between whites and non-whites regarding income. So, unless these surveys are all rigged to show whites make more money, then I’m going to have to believe it’s true.

      • In practical terms it does and obviously his comment went over your head. You must not be very well read in policy.

  • College should be reserved for the cognitive elite, the top 10-15 percent. The rest go to trade schools. America has a terrible educational system that throws everyone together in high school. Most people should be out of school by 15 or 16 and learning professional jobs skills. The truly talented stay in high school until 18 or 9 then go to college. Unfortunately this will never happen, because blacks and Hispanics would mostly be denied entry to college and the system would be racist and upholding privilege.

    • Yes, that’s because anyone how is not white is mostly stupid, and all of the individuals with high intelligence are white.

      A good solution would be to just segregate all minorities (Asians excluded) into schools with little or no funding, as janitors and burger flippers don’t need to learn how to read or write anyway…they can be taught with pictures. Funnel all the money saved into white schools, provide intensive training, lots of resources to help the occasional “slow” white to come up to speed, and it will then become obvious that whites are more deserving of college, as their test results will show.

      It is not until we can make America understand that minorities are stupid and lazy that we can place resources where they need to go to make our society stronger.

      I suppose the only problem is that every 1 in 100,000 or so minorities are actually smart (if you can believe that…I struggle with it). So is it right to force them into the low-paid trade positions just because all their peers are lazy and stupid? I say yes. We will need leaders, liaisons, to bridge the device between the minority low class workers and the smart, educated whites, and these few smart minorities can act as the go-between. We will just need to ensure that these individuals know their place, and don’t get the idea that because they are smart, they should have a shot at a better life by inclusion. This can be handled in the minority schools, though, by teaching minorities at a very early age that they are subservient to whites in all respects. By excluding past minority achievements, only framing minorities in subservient positions, and by keeping minorities constantly poor, (they do that on their own already), we can keep them as a permanent underclass.

      It’s like slavery, except without all the responsibility of having to feed and cloth the slave and giving them the illusion of freedom.

    • I have been saying that since I was in High School. And I would have been one of those kids that should have been sent to a trade school or apprenticed at a business. Not because I think I’m stupid, but because by 15 I knew I had no interest in becoming a lawyer, doctor, engineer, biologist etc.

      Fortunately I was able to graduate a year early, took some business and basic accounting classes at my local community college and by 24 I was a successful business owner.

      I have many friends in the trades, and I always find it amusing that people think that if one is a plumber an an electrician one must be stupid. After all would you want a dumb person wiring the electricity in your home? Nope! I think “professional” is the wrong word to use – as all it means is qualified to do a certain profession. You would want the Professional Electrician, not the Amature Electrician to install your breaker box correct?

      And not all people are qualified to be a Professional in the trades. We are not all mentally equal, and things like character and work ethic and drive have a lot to do with what job level is right for a person.

      There are jobs for all skill levels. And it doesn’t matter if all students receive the same “foundation” education (K-12), and a college degree can say pretty much nothing about a person’s intelligence depending on the person’s major.

      A degree doesn’t magically turn someone into a person with a great work ethic, integrity, the ability to problem solve etc. In fact the more people that have degrees….the less they mean at all. College is starting to become High School 2, with at least a Masters being necessary to stand out.

      People have different brains and different natural talents, we all know this. It is a shame our education system is rigged AGAINST that fact.

    • You don’t even need to be alive if you’re black to get a college degree. Trayvon Martin was supposed to get an honorary posthumous bachelor’s degree in aeronautics! How did he get around the high school graduate requirement?

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