The Nationalist-Populist Wave Has Not Yet Been Defeated

Submitted by Sid Garside


2017 has thus far been filled with disaster after disaster for nationalists and identitarians all across the Western world. With the recent defeat of Marine Le Pen, the globalist establishment is already chiseling in 2017 as the date of death on the tombstone of the populist and nationalist uprisings that began only just last year with Brexit. The year is not even half-way through and we are already seeing the Trump administration begin to be swallowed by the very swamp it vowed to drain. We have witnessed electoral defeats in the Netherlands and France; outcomes that should have been predicted based on the bad omen of Austria’s electoral results the previous year. The domino effect that supposedly began with Brexit (and was reinforced by Trump’s victory) never materialized. Recent events force us to ask an essential question: will 2017 go down in the history books as the year when the ruling elite crushed the last remnants of nationalism and European identity? Many among this elite are certainly speaking and acting as if this is already the case, but they would do well to learn from history, because it may just be repeating itself before our very eyes. To solve the riddles of the present we must often look for answers in the past, and to understand the events of 2017, we must look to 1848.

Before 2017, there was 1848; a year etched into the collective consciousness of Europe not for what changed, but for what didn’t change. Europe in the mid-19th century was a civilization at a crossroads. Forces in favor of liberalism and democracy (and to a lesser extent nationalism) had been slowly but surely gaining momentum since the French Revolution. The old monarchies and aristocracies of Europe were determined to maintain the status quo, whatever the cost. Tensions came to a head in 1848 as revolutions broke out all across Europe. To the revolutionaries, the timing could not have seemed better. At this one moment in history, it was as if a volatile spirit of revolution had possessed every people of Europe in order to throw off the chains of tyranny and usher in a new world. Surely this collective uprising was a sign that the winds of fortune were on the side of the revolutionaries?

As it turned out, fortune can be as fickle and elusive as Machiavelli once described. Every single one of these revolutions ended in failure. The people of France did overthrow their king, but their new president soon became their new emperor, and the revolutionary zeal that put an end to the kingdom could not save the republic. To the forces of liberalism and democracy, the events of 1848 were nothing less than a colossal disaster. The establishment won, the status quo went unchanged, the ruling elite remained on their thrones and raised glasses to the death of revolution. Certainly, these are sentiments those on the nationalist right can see in the establishment today as they celebrate the defeats of figures like Wilders and Le Pen.

The story of 1848 doesn’t end there, however. While the monarchies of Europe were able to stave off overthrow and keep the tidal wave of change at bay in the short term, there would hardly be anything left of that old world order a century later. The flag that German revolutionaries raised in opposition to their leaders in 1848 is the same flag that now flies above the Reichstag in Berlin. Even in failure, the whirlwind of revolution brought the people of Europe into a new consciousness that left the monarchies of Europe with their days numbered. The revolutionaries may have lost the battle, but they went on to win the war.

The trajectory of history was in favor of the ideas that gave birth to the revolutions of 1848, and the same may come to be said of nationalist ideas in 2017. The societal conditions that gave birth to the revolutionary spirit of 1848 were not going to reverse themselves. There was simply no way for the establishment to turn back the clock to the days of feudalism and rule like the absolute monarchies of old. The world had been forever changed politically, economically, and culturally; the only options European monarchies had left were to adapt or die. Most European monarchies traversed the latter path and those few monarchies that remain to this day are mere shells of their former selves, almost entirely dispossessed of the power they once held.

In this still young century we can see eerily similar phenomena unfolding that hearken back to the early 19th century and give hope for the eventual triumph of this renewed sense of identity and nationalism. Just as the 19th-century monarchs could not turn back the clock, neither can today’s ruling elite. Revolution and rebellion have become inextricably linked to the zeitgeist that dominates our culture in the 21st century. Donald Trump’s campaign was a very clear example of this rebellious spirit that exists among so many in our society without a voice. Traditional centers of power in our world have been totally undermined by changes we have undergone in recent decades. Alternatives to the mainstream media with the advent of the internet is as revolutionary a development as the invention of the printing press and spread of ideas like freedom of speech, both of which spelled doom for the monopoly on power held by church and state alike. Seismic economic changes brought about by the industrial revolution in the 19th century led to the extinction of the landed aristocrat as a political force in the wake of the surging power of the bourgeoisie. In our own day, automation and the prospects of artificial intelligence are unleashing Earth-shattering changes to the way our economies are run and the manner in which our societies are structured.

Our world is clearly changing and it remains to be seen whether the current liberal world order is up to the task of effectively adapting to it. Thus far the establishment has spent more time resisting these changes rather than adapting to them. Instead of accepting the internet’s fracturing of the news media and adapting to the new landscape, the ruling elite have created the boogeyman of ‘fake news’ in order to spook the plebeians into returning to traditional (controllable) sources of information. Economically, increased automation will lessen the need any country has for migrant workers and yet the establishment desperately clings to this increasingly ludicrous notion that the mass importation of third world migrants (predominantly from Muslim backgrounds) is not only a net positive for European societies but an absolute necessity for Europe’s survival. The public instinctively knows the truth every time the ruling elites try to pull the wool over their eyes; there is simply a lack of collective consciousness and lack of collective willpower to do anything about it. The events of the current year may indeed come to be seen as the point in time when the seeds of this sorely needed nationalist collective consciousness began to grow.

The societal conditions that gave birth to these recent populist and nationalist uprisings aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it is likely that these conditions will only become more pronounced as time goes on. Africa is in the midst of a population explosion, something that continent simply cannot sustain on its own. There will be no respite from the current migrant crisis that is plaguing Europe as thousands upon thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle-East will continue to stream into Europe for decades to come unless something is done to stop it. Neither will there be a respite from Islamic terrorism as Europe remains incapable of coming to terms with the real threats Islam poses to European civilization. Under current leadership mass migration will increase, terrorism will increase, and the global economy will continue to change in such a way that makes it increasingly difficult for average people to reach and maintain a comfortable quality of life. These three factors are pressurizing the white populations of Europe and America in particular, and this pressurization is in many ways restoring a sense of community and solidarity among whites that simply hasn’t existed in recent memory. It’s no coincidence that political commentators observed that American whites voted like a minority group in the 2016 Presidential Election. It was almost as if American whites instinctively knew what was at stake for them as a group in that election and banded together accordingly for their own survival and prosperity.

The events of 2016 and 2017 are not the end of nationalist and identitarian movements, on the contrary, they seem to be only the beginning. What one could only think twenty years ago could be said in private ten years ago, and what could only be said in private ten years ago can now be said publicly today. The Overton window on issues of identity is clearly shifting to the right. The populist and nationalist uprisings of 2016 and 2017 have mostly failed to bring about immediate victories. What they have accomplished instead has been an awakening where the seeds of a new collective consciousness have been sown among whites in America and in Europe. This new collective consciousness is impressing upon whites the necessity of asserting one’s own right to survive and flourish as a people. It’s true that only a portion of whites have tapped into this new consciousness, but as the pressures and conditions that brought this about in the first place persist, we will find that the numbers of people who come to inhabit this new collective consciousness will only increase over time. In this way, 2017 is very much like 1848. The new consciousness that forced its way onto the scene in Europe in the revolutions of 1848 eventually became the status quo within a century, who is to say that the new consciousness that has forced itself onto the scene in 2016 and 2017 will not become the status quo in the Western world in the near future?

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  • They were trying to boil all the frogs, in 2017 they could see the frogs starting to become uncomfortable and kicking their legs trying to leap out of the pan, a couple of frogs made it out, the rest of the frogs including the stupid frogs (pun intended) decided to stop kicking and they just gave up on escaping the increasingly warm temperature. The (((chef))) panicked because a couple of frogs escaped and ((the chefs))) intention is to boil the frogs completely, I am guessing the (((chef))) will panic and turn up the gas this summer (millions upon millions of African migrants unleashed), that might panic the stupid frogs into making one last attempt at freedom and doing one giant leap using whatever is left of their overcooked brains before they discover some African munching on their boiled leg meat and washing it down with their wine.

  • A. If we are talking about Europe you will not get change based on
    the fact that there was xyz terror attack – UNLESS it has the rapid
    sensationalism of an attack within 72 hours of an election, and that
    candidate has a stronger position on terrorism. You will not win on a
    sole anti-EU platform UNLESS there is a sudden event, 72 hours before
    the election, that causes the public to focus on that issue. Two
    candidates who could benefit solely from such an attach based on their
    politics: Wilders and Le Pen. Such an attack did not happen. So neither
    candidate benefited. It’s that simple.

    B. Having established this fact, the candidates thus had to bring more to the table, like economic accumen.

    Or, alternatively, a lack thereof – which, on account of the economy
    being so bad, just by nature of being the opposite of what is accepted,
    came across as a more intelligent opinion simply due to being

    C1. Well, here is Wilders’ background:

    was born in the city of Venlo, in the southeast Netherlands. He is the
    youngest of four children, and was raised Catholic. He was born to a
    Dutch father and a mother born in colonial Indonesia, whose background
    was mixed Dutch and Indonesian. His father worked as a manager for the
    printing and copying manufacturing company Océ, and had hidden from the
    Germans during the Second World War, an experience so traumatizing that
    he refused to physically enter Germany even forty years later.[31]

    received his secondary education at the Mavo and Havo middle school and
    high school in Venlo. Reflecting passions that came to the fore later
    in his career, Wilders took a course in health insurance at the
    Stichting Opleiding Sociale Verzekeringen in Amsterdam and earned
    several law certificates at the Dutch Open University. Wilders’ goal
    after he graduated from secondary school was to see the
    Because he did not have enough money to travel to Australia, his
    preferred destination, he went to Israel instead. He volunteered for a
    year moshav Tomer on the West Bank, and has referred to Jews as role
    models for Europe. With the money he saved, he travelled to the
    neighbouring Arab
    countries, and was moved by the lack of democracy
    in the region. When he returned to the Netherlands, he retained Israeli
    ideas about counter-terrorism and a “special feeling of solidarity” for
    the country.”

    Wilders started off his political development under
    his mentor, Frits Bolkestein. Living in Utrecht, Wilders initially
    worked in the health insurance industry. His interest in the subject led
    him into politics as a
    speech-writer for the Netherlands’ People’s
    Party for Freedom and Democracy.[31][34] He started his formal political
    career as a parliamentary assistant to the party leader Frits
    Bolkestein, specialising in foreign policy. He held this job from 1990
    to 1998. During this time Geert Wilders travelled extensively, visiting
    countries all across the Middle East, including Iran, Syria, Jordan,
    Egypt and Israel. Bolkestein was the first Dutch politician to address
    the consequences of mass immigration for Dutch society,
    including a
    sharp criticism of Muslim immigrants. He set an example for Wilders not
    only in his ideas but also in his confrontational speaking style.
    Political analyst Anno Bunnik later described Wilders as a “sorcerer’s
    apprentice” to Bolkestein.

    Did you see
    anything in there about economics? Because I didn’t. All I see is
    foreign policy intellgience. And this is regarding a country the size of
    a shire, that does not have a commanding army, which is even
    subservient to the interests of a supra-state called the EU. So, now we
    move on to the next question: was the economy so bad that the mere
    factor that Wilders was not the establishment come to determine the
    election? No.

    C2. Now on to Le Pen, who has a clear economic
    position based on popularity obtained from the failing of the
    establishment. Was the economy faring so terribly that Le Pen’s
    socialist position came across as the smarter choice? No.

    So there you have it.

    By contrast, Brexit took place on the cusp of bad news (A1) and Trump represented economic intelligence/business credentials (B1).

    Conclusion: you better hope for…
    1) bad news timing
    2) a candidate with strong economic intelligence/economic reputation
    3) terrible economic conditions that make a lack of business acumen irrelevant.

  • Let this Sink in and Infuriate you……

    Migrant beats up helpless Dutch boy on Crutches while other Non-White Migrants watch…..

    Hard to watch……


    Major Black Pill…….

    There will come a Point……..

    ….when Whites won’t take it anymore……..

    But, we need to be Patient………Shrewd………and keep Organizing………

    • They voted for that, after Erdogan publicly stated that immigrants should have more babies and take over Europe, seems like physical violence and threats from World Leaders are not yet enough.
      Breaking point is going to be very, very ugly.

  • The Jews at…….

    …..banned me from commenting after posting too many Red Pills for Normies…….

    I can kind of empathize with Andrew Anglin a lot more now……

    Well, I’m not being sued to Financially Destroy my Human Existence…..

    And……I’m not at the White Sharia Point yet…….

    But, the Black Pills are mounting……..


    Heil Anglin!!

    • All of your posts are lame, are you recruiting for us, any gen z sees your posts, and they think to themselves “FFS, who are these mentally ill dinosaurs flooding the internet with utter meaningless garbage, I am now joining the alt right for life because of this filth” (your posts). You do not have any meaning in your posts, only mockery of what you hate and what you fail to understand. It is what you call bigotry, you are exhibiting it, you fall into our trap because you exhibit what you profess to hate, us logical fellas call that double standards. You have to offer deeper meaning, going to be difficult for you seeing as your posts are clearly lacking any substance or any beliefs. The empty headed liberal preaching their empty headed ideology, your posts are worthless to any individual looking for meaning, your posts are great propaganda for the elitists who want everyone to be their collective lapdogs, lick those commie shoes you prole.

  • You can’t lose an election if you’re not in it. Nationalists and identitarians are competing in major elections because white people are (finally) aware that the whole world wants to annihilate our culture. As I used to tell young soldiers when I was in the Army, I will now say to the liberals and globalists, “if you want to get stupid, I’ll get stupid too.” Spoiler alert on how that ends up: the whites win.

    • Sad thing is, like in French author Michel Houellbecq’s dystopian book ‘Submission’ we may see nationalist forces kept out of power due to a coalition between Leftists and the rising population of Muslims that keep a nationalist majority from ruling. We are already seeing the foundations of this coalition being set.

  • Anti-whiteness is a mile wide and an inch thick. Before the era of Television, virtually all Whites were White Nationalist, saw themselves as members of a White civilization, and saw themselves as completely distinct from other races.

    It’s really simply been 50 years of mass media, mostly television, that has kept white consciousness beneath the surface. All they have really been able to change is what white people say in public – when voting with their feet, all whites vote for white neighborhoods, white schools, white clubs, white families.

    Even when a minority of whites take the “anti-racist” stuff seriously, all they do is to try to remake non-whites in their own White image – which of course pissed off the non-whites and leads them to accuse white people of “appropriation” and “racism” anyway.

    • I think the fact that the mass media has fractured so quickly in the 21st century has really rocked the establishment. Nationalist and populist movements used the internet to basically dominate the tempo of the world’s conversation on current events. This would have been impossible even two decades ago. When the older generation that gets their information from network tv and cable news is gone, the younger generation will exclusively get their ideas and news almost exclusively from the internet and I think people are more naturally inclined to gravitate towards the security of their “tribe” and so nationalist sentiments will only increase overtime in the ‘playground’ of the internet.

      • I think the fact that the mass media has fractured so quickly in the 21st century has really rocked the establishment.

        Absolutely. I remember the panic in the early years of the web when the mainstream media first began to lose control of the narrative. They were running hysterical articles and even TV spots telling people “don’t believe anything you read on the internet!”

      • As I always say: self-segregation tells the tale.
        Good point with the internet, too: the moment the first forum posting was done, the establishment was over with.

        • Erm… hipster, thanks for the upboat… however, this somewhat arbitrary comment was just a test… as I´m getting my comments deleted here… now this one not, so far
          do you experience such, that your comments are denied here often??

    • No, they were pro White but not “White Nationalist”. They if alive would have fought and won a revolution a long time ago.

  • The Left will continue to push for the destruction of white countries and only white countries. Their insane and vicious attempts at genocide will only continue to create a greater reaction by white people. Nationalism is our future; the Left’s overreach guarantees it.

    • The Left doesn’t know how to cope with adversity. That will become more obvious to everyone, including non-whites as the reactions to their overreach become stronger.

    • The thing is, it seems their motivations look to be totally dominated by a kind of self-imposed paralysis and blindness. If someone expresses concern that white Europeans may become a fringe minority in their own home continent the Left replies: “so what? Why is that a bad thing? Race doesn’t matter, we’re all equal.” This point is basically dogma to the powers that be and the only way to counter it is by actively embracing your own identity and the will to survive. It’s unbelievable how such an innate instinct has become taboo.

  • What the left doesn’t understand is that they themselves already sealed their fate. They had the opportunity right there to rule for centuries, but they refused to give up even an inch of power (adapt) and it’s going to be the thread that undoes everything. They created a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more they fight the more we rise and the more we rise the more they must react until absolute polarization is reached. Centrist want to stop it, but they can’t. Their comforting world as they knew it is already dead. All they’re doing now is holding onto the last remnants trying to stave off the inevitable and completely failing right on schedule.

    Our cause and theirs is a symbiotic relationship. Neither of us can exist without the other, which is why this time it should be treated as though it’s for all the marbles because it rightfully is. I think that quote from Game of Thrones pretty much describes the situations: “They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one.”

    That’s how both sides see it.

  • As I see it Nationalism predates Trump and includes regions greater than the US.
    Nationalism uses elections but are not dependent on them. If French Nationalist lost by an election they gain by other means.
    Bypassing Media bias I see Trump as a success and regardless of Trump, American Nationalism is a movement older than President Trump and will continue after Trump leaves office.

    • You are correct but we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. We must work on developing a pro white worldview, nationalism taken to the nth degree. Racialism? I don’t know the correct term.

      • This fight is more psychological than anything. Once white people in America, Europe, and elsewhere, develop a White consciousness, the details will fall into place. The White World is synonymous with the “Developed World” and the “First World.” Only white civilizations are modern, with the possible exception of Japan. Even the economic behemoth China mostly provides cheap labor. Without White technology, the rest of the world is stuck in the Dark Ages. We tend to freak out about Muslims but without Western oil money the Muslims are barely above black Africa when it comes to civilization and technology.

        This is really a White Civil War between White Nationalists and White Imperialists.

        • How would you define White Imperialists? I think you’re talking mostly about white globalists. Other than my question, really agreed and enjoyed thinking about what you said. In particular, I think highlighting the successes of Japan is noteworthy, because they are beautiful people in terms of their identitarian views. It is no mistake that they are successful, because they are culturally homogeneous and care deeply for each other, rather than having to deal with ridiculous problems like affirmative action and political correctness. While our focus is obviously on promoting white values-based conservatism, I think we would do well to dig deeper into what makes Japan click.

        • White Nationalists should be “White Imperialists’ also !! WE need our own world wide Federalists Empire. Like a world wide white USA

    • I think America’s situation is almost analogous to France’s in 1848. Nationalist forces were successful in electing Trump just as liberals and nationalists were successful in overthrowing the French monarchy. Ultimately however it seems that just as the Second French Republic quickly reverted to the previous status quo in the person of the emperor (Napoleon III) as opposed to the king, Trump’s administration is being overrun by the neocons and other agents of the status quo that has ruled Washington for decades. It doesn’t make Trump’s win meaningless, but I don’t think it’s going to be the massive shift many of us hoped it would be.

      We should not run away from mass politics and elections, but it’s important to see the ideological awakenings of 2016 and beyond as the genesis of eventual electoral wins.

  • Our movement is not dead, it is merely in it’s infancy. It is the duty of all alt-righters to develop this movement from a rejection of the liberal Marxist world view, into an encompassing paradigm that promotes European racial and cultural identity. One that so far has yet to be developed and propagated among our contemporary’s.

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