Harvard Blacks Hold Their Own Segregated Graduation

Ah, there is nothing new under the son. Just like Muhammad Ali said all those years ago, so has it come to pass. The bluebirds want to be with the bluebirds and the redbirds with the redbirds.

And the black students studying at Harvard intuitively understand what Ali was talking about:

Apparently, racial segregation is now an enlightened, progressive policy…just ask the elitist administrators of Harvard University who, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to hold a “Blacks Only” graduation ceremony this spring. According to BET, the ceremony is intended to recognize the indisputable fact that graduating from Harvard is simply harder for black students than white students because the “outer pressures of society make the already challenging coursework even more difficult.”

Well, that’s a nice way of saying that Blacks have lower IQ. Nothing wrong about that in and of itself. But blaming Whitey for raising the bar too high gets really old, really fast. Here’s what BET had to say:

 Getting a diploma from Harvard is one of the biggest accomplishments a person can achieve, but for some, it can come as a bigger task than for others.

Aside from studying and taking grueling tests, if you’re a minority, the outer pressures of society make the already challenging coursework even more difficult. Knowing this, Black members of the class of 2017 decided to form an individual ceremony. It’s the first of its kind at the school in recent memory and took nearly a year to plan.

The separate graduation is an effort to highlight the aforementioned struggles and resilience it takes to get through those.

It seems that the only people that really really want integration at all are members of the Tribe and Neo-Puritans in 99% White neighborhoods that preach down on high about the evils of witchcraft, slavery, alcohol, and segregation. I am sure that many of these types would take offense at these blacks for wanting to be with their own kind, and of course blame Whitey for forcing them to flee into the warm embrace of their own ethnic community instead of remaining in our own blanda-ed up multi-kulti experiment. Honestly, just let them segregate, let them be with their own. It’s natural.

Oh, and let us Whites do the same.

This is a Zerohedge article by the way, and boy are they riled up about these developments:

Oh yeah, and it’s also supposed to build a sense of “community”…because the first step in breaking down racial barriers and building an integrated “community” is self-segregation.

I really like Zerohedge, but they just don’t quite get it yet. None of the “alternative media” does yet. They are operating on yester-year’s paradigm. The future is ethnic, there’s no putting the lid back on the bottle. The age of civic identity is over. To fight the changes that are coming is to consign yourself to being a reactionary. Hate to break it to you, but we da progressives now.

Besides, no one really wants integration. It’s all just a lie that we tell one another to give out the hope that one day, all the races of the world might become SWPL-ified,  and harmless… just like us.

The Alt-Right welcomes this change. Let them have their graduation ceremonies and let us have ours.

Vincent Law
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  • I would send them a note of Congratulations for appreciating the finer points of segregation but they may take issue and desegregate.

  • Jews created Gene Pool Filtration Rules and Laws for Non-Jew Converts into their Gene Pools…..

    … maintain Racial Robustness and Longevity……

    We have White Women Mudsharking at Unprecedented Levels…….

    We also have Mudshark Beige Stragglers looking for a Group to Identify with…..

    Do we Reject them all and risk alienating all Potential Allies?

    The Jews don’t…..

    We are 2000yrs. behind the Jews in terms of creating a White Eugenics that can ever pass Unnoticed under the Screen of the Cultural Marxist SPLC Police……

    We have much to learn…….

    Ashkenazi Jews are NOT Racially Identical to the Ancient Hebrews…….

    Is it Anathema to say…….

    …..that this is the Alt-Right’s…….

    ……Path to Freedom and Victory???

    Some Racial Heterogeneity for the Sake of Victory???

  • There has to be something beyond Cuckoldry…….

    ….and Genocidal Weakness….

    To Realize……

    That Non-Whites like this are NOT our Enemies…..

    How does the Alt-Right deal with this??

    Behind him is the Racial Group that I Identify with and want to Tribalize with……

    But, this Non-White is not our Enemy……..

    This is the CRUX of the Beige Mudshark Problem which still hasn’t been addressed sufficiently…….

    Either be Honest and Ostracize……..

    Or create Rules like the Jews do for Shiksa……and other Converts…….

  • So I suppose it’s not segregation and “not” racist if minorities choose to segregate themselves? If I were the dean of Harvard I would agree to allow a separate black graduation ceremony on one condition: tying it to ending permanently all scholarships to Harvard being awarded to blacks simply for being black. From here on they would have to actually (gasp!) EARN their way in. Still sound like a good deal or what?

  • There are ZERO Blacks……

    ….in my Line of Work……

    There are ZERO Women of any Color…….

    It’s too HARD…….PHYSICALLY…….

    That’s why I like it…….


  • It’s harder now for White Players to succeed in the NBA……

    …..which is almost 80% African American and dominated by an Urban Hip Hop Non-White Culture……

    Where’s the Affirmative Action for White Basketball Players??


    Do I care that Harvard Blacks have a Separate Graduation Ceremony?



    Once those Blacks meet the Real World……..they won’t succeed unless there’s some Affirmative Action Liberal Culture to protect and insulate them……

    Or, they’ll just protect, insulate and strengthen themselves by Self-Segregation with other Blacks……

    Which is what the Alt-Right wants to do for White People……

  • I applaud these black students for having the courage to say, we want to celebrate with our own people. Hopefully, these blacks are recognizing what we have been saying all along – everyone will be happier and more productive when they are working together with their own people. So, congrats to all these students for finishing school and may we be formally segregated to build a greater world, in our ways, and on different continents. Now, the whites must do the same. Oh that’s right, that would be wrong haha. But fear not, there is no need to cuck out. Everyone will get used to the truth sooner or later.

  • Antifa is the epitome of isolated *segregated* upper middle class Whites promoting diversity and unfounded racist accusations against other Whites. Physically violent against working class whites for the rich 1%. The left has gone mad. Many have tried in vain to explain to Antifa that say, Trump supports jobs for Americans, manufacturing here and a closed border which would raise wages and lower taxes. A classic leftist position.

  • Based on this video is Richard Spencer a good representative of Alt Right people and white nationalism? I would say no.

    • If you hate “Dickie Spence the trust fund baby” so much, then get out and start your own website, do podcasts, and do interviews.

  • You fight for the same side as the SJW’s, and your ruling class politics exposes itself as a facade. No thanks to elitists from Harvard, regardless of color Accepting an explicitly racialist narrative doesn’t mean we win, it means all working class people lost, which is the real goal of your nonsensical movement. If you actually wanted to do something, you would be attacking Globalists, and would save the ethnocentric nonsense until after the job was done.


  • I really would like Vincent Law to promote articles about White Identity instead of promoting this rubbish on other ethnic groups. Black people are inferior when it comes to thinking. Do you realize how much blood is needed to sustain the pigmentation of their skin? Do you? Couple that with their physical traits, that is a heart attack waiting to happen when they reach their 40’s!

    PS. If you’re degreed I might consider hiring you over somebody that didn’t go to college, shows that you can start something and finish it, that’s all. Keeping you motivated however is another issue. $hekel, $hekel

    • “Do you realize how much blood is needed to sustain the pigmentation of their skin? Do you?”

      Not sure if serious…

  • So separate graduations are good if black students want to be separate but “white flight” is still racist and problematic?

  • The U.S. has never had an open debate on diversity and multiculturalism. Diversity was simply foisted on on the 90% white America of 1965. The immigration laws were changed in 1965 to allow in more non-whites, while the politicians who made the changes lied, and said that the new laws would not change American demographics.

    • The old joke about Harvard is that the hardest thing about graduating is getting accepted. Half of the grades awarded at Harvard are in the A range.

      • Grade inflation in America is insane. I got the equivalent of a D- at a German Uni and my American university converted the grade to a B+!

  • Definitely seems like a good time for a persistent reminder on freedom of association for all people.

  • To be fair, it is awfully rare for coloreds to graduate from the university they attend so maybe they deserve some special recognition for beating the (overwhelming) odds.

  • I’m all for black segregation and black radicals. I was listening to some clips from that affirmative action “doctor of philosophy” Tommy Curry. I like his angle. He’s calling white liberals white supremacists and even called Tim Wise a white supremacist, LOL. He’s crazy as hell calling for killing whites, but that’s basically mainstream now. Oprah did it and so did Bill Maher and Colbert. Not a peep from anyone about it.

    At this point the crazier the niggers the better. Let them openly call for mass murdering whites, especially liberal whites, in university classrooms with no consequences.

  • Agreed–black self-segregation is a highly encouraging development. Let’s hope the idea spreads and other minorities will have separate ceremonies. Eventually whites can have their own ceremonies and exclude the Negroes, Mestizoes, Asians and Jews, whose presence only serves to degrade the genuine accomplisments of our own race.

      • I sometimes see the NFL referred to as either the Negro Football League or the National Felons League (but I repeat myself). One of the reasons that I’ve given up watching sports is that they feed the national cult of Negro veneration.

        • And it is a replacement of natural tribal instincts onto a regional geographic location of athletes that come from other regional geographic locations. Strangers.

  • It is going to be such a sweet sweet reprieve when the blacks set up their own nation only to realize they can sustain it without us….

    Oh lawdy, you cant come back Jaammal! Enjoy your neo-African state!

        • I agree. Just saying use that visual to destroy a leftist argument.

          Take equality of the genders to its inevitable conclusion and hear them cry “NO, THATS DIFFERENT”

          • That dynamic played out when Damigo knocked out Moldylocks. Alt Right trolls just kept responding “Isn’t Gender a construct?” when lefties whined about a man hitting a woman.

  • I agree, let them segregate. However, there’s a problem. If Whitey stops paying, do you think the nig nogs are going to want to stay separate then? I don’t think so.

      • To be more fair…

        Farrakhan says its jews one day and then says its all white people the next.

        Lie of omission.

      • Yeah I recall that now that you mention it. Hasn’t he said something along the lines that they’ll leave after we give them a boatload of money?

    • Because SWPLs by and large are in favor of minority organizations but oppose White Advocacy from bohemian coffee shops.

      • All white people, in public, are by and large in favor of minority organizations but oppose White Advocacy from Walmarts and integrated churches.

        If White advocates had to choose between the typical (((Hollywood Nazi))) re-enactors (and their supporters) and SWPLs, liberals, hipsters, preppies, etc., we should take that option without delay.

        It’s the purity spiraling, counter-signaling, anti-social LARPers who purposefully and admittedly want to keep the pro-White movement a tiny ghetto. As one of their most popular celebrities has said, he wants to create “radical subcultures.” For these people it’s better to be a big fish in a tiny little pond than to actually gain mass momentum.

        Just look what happened when Spencer – a preppy, urban, hip, upper-class slightly snobby type – became the public face of a pro-white movement – instant success.

        • Spencer struggled for years, I know, I read his site when he started it. Even Spencer would admit some of his success and noteriety is due to Trump and organic inertia he’s not responsible for, such as online Alt Right trolling that always causes you to sperg out. Spencer is not primarily responsible for the rise of the Alt Right, that’s a stupid argument.

          And once again, I’m not condemning all SWPLs, just most of them. Most SWPLs are liberal urban dwelling fucktards who support leftist causes in far greater numbers than other whites. It’s why SWPL is a perjorative term in the Alt Right.

          • I’ve been reading Spencer since he left Taki. His original Alternative Right site was, by typical “movement” standards, an instant success. Radix became one of the most high profile sites almost almost immediately. Of course, jumping on the Trump bandwagon had its publicity benefits. “Alt Right” is essentially Spencer’s personal brand. As for 4chan style trolling, that has been around forever and it achieved nothing until the media tried to use it against Trump. 4chan’s first success was IRL trolling of the Scientologists – that was hardly of any benefit to whites in general.

            I understand it makes you upset to see the world passing you by. You and your used to get the attention from the $PLC and the ADL and you were more than happy to play along with your costumes and history reenactments and fetishization. But now normal white people – young people even – people who aren’t not hiding out in the woods and planning a Lane-style coup against the government – these are the people who are leading the movement and your guys like Harold Covington and the religious LARPers are increasingly isolated.

            So, you lash out. These new White Nationalists are better educated, financially better off, more in tune with existing White American culture – and of course, far better looking – and that makes those being left in the dustbin of history very angry. But them’s the breaks, reactionaries don’t create the future, they are merely left swatting at every new development reflexively.

            If one were actually interested in the pro-white cause, one would celebrate the fact that it’s becoming mainstream, not shake one’s fist at clouds.


          • More autistic screeching. I’m in favor of Alt Right SWPLs like Spencer. But in your position on the spectrum you can’t separate someone like Spencer from 99 percent of SWPLs who are brainwashed morons.

            Your need to rush to the defense of every urban white liberal is quite sad and lame.

          • It’s so telling how sensitive you get anytime this White thing starts breaking out of the $PLC ghetto – there’s Yehudah Finkelstein desperately trying to stuff it back in to the (((Hollywood Nazi))) box.

            It was so easy for you when you could point to the Costume Clowns and say “they represent the pro-White movement!” Now pro-White is going mainstream and you’re reduced to screaming “Yuppie! Hipster! SWPL! Fag!”

            It’s hilarious, you can’t even keep your anti-white talking points straight. One one thread you are bragging about obscure author’s you’re supposed to have read and on the other thread you are complaining that we’re too academic and snobby.

            Keeping spinning, it’s proof that we’re winning!

          • You seem more sensitive than anyone.

            You sit here writing long autistic rants about how Anglin is ruining the movement, day after day.

            Meanwhile, he’s over there, doing his own thing, ignoring you, building up a very popular site.

          • Look, I can’t help it if you get triggered EVERY. F…UKKING. TIME. Hipsters are mocked on account of the fact that you are in fact a SWPL faggot.

          • “These new White Nationalists are better educated, financially better off, more in tune with existing White American culture – and of course, far better looking – and that makes those being left in the dustbin of history very angry.”

            Stop being classist. It’s divisive and a bad look for the movement. The reality is, for better or worse, that DS gets way more traffic than this site does. Both boots and suits are welcome and necassary. Different people react to different things. White collar people are more likely to respond to Spencers approach. Blue collar people will be more responsive to Anglins.

          • Hipster Racist is an autiste who can’t fathom that other people don’t share his interests. His posts remind me of when Colin Liddell condemned Anglin as the “monster trucks and pro wrestling” of the Alt Right.

            Well, there are more people who watch wrestling than read dry essays! We need intellectuals like Spencer along with Anglin providing National Enquirer type Agitprop.

          • I’ve actually been to NASCAR, I bet you haven’t.

            Conflating working class people with the crude pornography of the troll crowd is an insult to the White working class. Actual working class people can smell your patronizing attitude a mile away. You can take a Yehudah out of the shtetl …

          • No working class movement in history has taken power without some middle class/elite backing

          • Which is why we need class cooperation, not bougie elitists with their nose in the air.

          • Exactly… Class cooperation. I’m no Communist calling for a dictatorship of the proletariate. Hierarchy is a good thing. We’re more powerful when blue collar and white collar workers are united in standing up for their shared racial interests.

          • If the proles are with us and the middle-class SWPLs are against us, perhaps we should adopt comrade Lenin’s: smash the bobo!

          • lol Lenin is no comrade of mine. The hick-shaming HR was engaging in left a bad taste in my mouth is all.

          • I don’t disagree, however, I’ve NEVER heard people like Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor use preferred Jew slurs like “white trash” to describe downtrodden whites.

          • The point is to avoid snobbery like Liddell did when he dismissed Anglin as “monster trucks and pro wrestling.”

          • He’s just jelly cause The Daily Stormer is so popular now. Although I do agree that Anglin’s method will only get us so far.

          • The “Daily Stormer” is an embarrassment for Whites. Vulgar, crude and always ammunition for our enemies as Whites being “racist”.

          • Shut up and stop virtue signaling. Your moral heavy handedness is a big reason why White Advocacy struggles to gain traction. Do you hear liberals condemn their worst elements like BLM, La Raza, and Antifa, all of which are way worse than Daily Stormer and have caused actual violence?

            You need to look at Spencer’s example. Richard Spencer may have huge disagreements with Andrew Anglin but he never condemns him publically in the catty tone you just used.

          • No one normal respects BLM, La Raza and Anitfa. Antifa is humiliated on just about every site in the internet. Even Leftists are sick of them. We are taking about promoting advocacy for Whites. The Daily Stormer should not play that role. 99% of Whites do not have a Hitler fetish. And never will.

            Spencer is another “White Nationalist” who spews gems like “I sometimes wonder if Jews are Human”. Go to a mainstream forum and see actual critique of Jews and Blacks in an adult fashion. Not only does it stick but it makes them afraid.

          • “No one normal respects BLM, La Raza and Anitfa”

            WRONG. All those groups comfortably exist and operate in the public sphere and on college campuses. When they stage a protest, there is no massive condemnation from the left because the left NEVER attacks its own. The right needs to learn from this. Obviously you’re not white, so you have no future with us, so Bye.

            GTFO with this “Muh Anti Semitism” bs. Spencer never questioned whether Jews are in fact people. Congrats on being a useful idiot for CNN and spreading their lies.

          • Yes he did. College leftists are not normal people. And the “you’re a Jew” card is getting old.

          • I didn’t call you a Jew. For some reason, you have a problem with White Advocacy and are on here spreading basic bitch Trumpian Civic Nationalism pablum. For obvious reasons.

          • “Basic Trumpian Civil Nationalism”. LOL, how kosher of you. You think “Trump is a Jew”? Trump has done more for Whites in one day than White Nationalists have done in 50 years.

            And here’s a thread from the largest White Nationalist site on the internet besides Stormfront. Just *LOOK* at these people! Today they are bashing other White Nationalists ’cause theirs is better.

            Circus freak show ad nauseam.

          • 8Chan is a joke. They haven’t done anything worth while in a long time.

            Trump has done so much for white people with his kowtowing to China, bombing of Syria at the behest of his Court Jews, leaving NAFTA alone, speaking out loudly about the LOLocaust three times! I’m so tired of whites winning under Trump! Trump is a one termer fag who will get BTFOd in 2020 if he doesn’t stop listening to his Court Jews Kushner and Cohn.

            Bring Bannon Back.

          • One missile, no war. Win for us. Immigration has slowed down by 2/3. Win for us. Manufacturing jobs are returning. Win for us.

            You are naive to think that Trump could do any better. He his not going to stop working with Jews who still run the world. Stop whining when you have done nothing.

          • Funny, I seem to remember Trump running against Goldman Sachs against Ted Cruz, not running on a platform of hiring Goldman Gary Cohn! Working with Jews does not mean becoming their useful idiot, which is what Trump has done in recent months. I also notice you avoided commenting on Trump’s LOLocaust genuflecting.

            Your Maga Trump Bro shtick will play better at Breitbart.

          • Yes, and it’s that same as most White Nationalist sites. Bitch slapping each other.

          • You don’t know who posts on that board….. Significant evidence that there is a huge presence of Antifa and other ‘undesirables’ on it. tbh, insinuating that all of those posters on that board are WN, or even White is precarious at best, inflammatory at worst.

          • Yes, of course, a whole array of nuts, fruits and vegetables. JIDF for one has been outed for trolling these sites. 8ch /pol is not run by a White. And why Whites need to meet up in real life to defend their interests. Cannot troll normal people in real life. The Jews discovered when they tried to troll gun owners in real life.

          • True, a lot of black people are publicly denouncing what BLM does because it’s so hood. I wonder how many of the Antifa kids even know they’re working for communism. I don’t understand how the professors are pushing it they’re older than me and I grew up at the end of the cold war. They should know better.

          • No, sorry, we need more of that kind of classism, and it’s a great look for “the movement.”

            The “boots vs. suits” thing is talking point from the Costume Clowns to try to give themselves some legitimacy. The “boots” faction are posers – fakers. They are not actually “boots” and they aren’t even really working class, they just dress up like Michael Moore and play the part.

            “Blue collar people will be more responsive to Anglins.”

            What an insulting attitude you have towards working class White people. It’s ain’t blue collar people who are “responsive” to 4chan trolling – it is almost 100% the kids of middle class yuppie types. “Working class” does not translate to “dumb and crude.”

          • I did post at DS for awhile and even went to a couple of the DS book club meetings in my area. They are working class and lacking in formal education. Thats not to say their dumb, but they aren’t the types to spend their time reading long academic articles. Anglins approach is effective.

            When I did post there I defended Spencer and his approach, and now that I post here I will defend the Anglin approach. Personally I like here more as it is less of an echo chamber and you actually get differing opinions. There is plenty I don’t really approve of at DS and I am critical of them but our movement is collectively too small to constantly be punching at people who are more or less on our side.

          • Joshua Ryne Goldberg and his collaborators are not “on our side.”

            4chan trolling is fun – let the trolls be trolls, they don’t particularly matter. I agree we shouldn’t be constantly punching at people who are more or less on our side – which is why it’s obnoxious when that crowd is constantly attacking anyone who won’t play the (((Hollywood Nazi))) gimmick. No one cares about Gavin McInnes or Laura Southern – but their fans are one inch away from full blown White Nationalism – we should be welcoming those people, not driving them away because they are not ideologically pure and the Big Fish want to keep the pond as tiny as possible lest they lose their rather pathetic substitute for celebrity.

            The pro-white movement should not be a subculture, with its own lingo and style of dress and crappy black metal music and references to obscure anime cartoons that no normal white people have ever even heard of. White Nationalism – white countries for white people – is a mainstream idea that is being artificially suppressed. We want to reverse that.

            The best way to get blue collar people and whites who lack formal education is NOT to talk down to them or further marginalize them with fetishization and subculturalism. They may not be interested in academic essays but they sure as hell know when someone is patronizing them.

          • I’d rather punch at cucks like Gavin than Anglin. People who watch Gavin aren’t the issue. I’m willing to have a discussion with his viewers who are reasonable. I actually spend a lot of time in the Rebels comment sections doing just that. Some of them might come over to our side. Many won’t.

            Cultural Marxism was subcultural, then it became the dominant culture. Personally I wear a white collar to work, and when I get home like listening to Black Metal. So what? Metal is like the most implicitly white and right wing music in existence. Some people prefer indie or country music. Good for them. Music is subjective and a matter of personal taste. It is also a good way to communicate a message to the masses. Music was a huge part of how cultural marxism was spread in the 60’s youth culture.

            I’m not talking down to them. They seem to respond more to DS than they do this site. It is what it is.

          • I get what you’re saying – and Skokie must be kept in mind. But I wonder if the chans are just maintaining the Overton Edge as they see their particular role in the ecosystem.

          • You know why Trump – and Spencer – are effective even with blue collar people? Because they don’t pretend to be something that they aren’t.

            Trump is richer than god, and you won’t see him wearing jeans and a flannel shirt at a rally, pretending that he is “just folks.” That’s what the fake Republicans do – it’s insulting to actual blue collar people who know damn well that as soon as the rally is over they are jetting back to their private clubs. Working class white people love Trump because he doesn’t pretend to be something that he isn’t.

            Imagine how ridiculous it would be if Spencer wore skinheads boots and affected a rural accent and pretended he lacked formal education to ingratiate himself with actual blue collar people. The audience can smell that sort of fakery a mile away. Spencer, by being himself, can get his message across even to audiences who aren’t preppy trust funders.

            This is America, for better or for worse whites tend to look up to the rich – and for better, not worse, they despise being patronized. We should meet people where they are but we can appeal to people’s better natures, not their worst.

          • Did I say Spencer should change the way he does things? Anglin has his lane, Spencer has his. Their both valuable to the cause. Personally, I agree with both on some points and disagree with both on other points.

          • In a hierarchical society, of course we expect our leaders to show the signs of higher status than ours. For generations Southern plantation owners descended from England’s distressed Cavaliers earned the allegiance of lower-class white Southern men for a reason: They replicated the class structure of the home country.

          • White Nationalism is any form is a disaster. Whites need something more grassroots that can produce something in real life. Just look at the Trump rallies. Be and act normal and Whites will show up. And you guys need to stop with the class warfare. Many intelligent Whites have lost so mush because of discrimination policies against them.

          • We’re more normal than Gavin McInnes and we are the future of right wing politics in America. Basic bitch conservatism will die with the boomers.

          • 14 what? Beer drinking parties? Any networking? Anything besides endless bitching about Jews and Blacks. I’ve met White Nationalists offline many times. Both the preppy type and the vulgar type. Neither of them were interested in doing anything pro White. When I pulled out business cards I suggested we all network similar to the Jews…who were the topic of conversation.

            They all looked at me as if I were nuts…every time.

          • The few IRL meet-ups I’ve been to have been more social outings to meet like minded people, than serious political meetings. The Daily Stormer has their book clubs in most major cities, and Identity Europa does their thing. Our movements still young and growing. I hope it does evolve into a more serious movement in the coming years, but right now the best thing to do is to try and wake white people up. That’ really what online trolling is about. It’s not just lulz.

          • Keith, I have been to meet ups before, and had a very different experience. Are you sure it isn’t just your personality? I have found it is best to go to these things with the mind set of a diplomat. You seem to be very aggressive and opinionated, which can be good, but not necessarily when meeting new people.

          • Keith, you probably are nuts. So seek help and quit being such a fucking faggot.

          • Dude, you had a point up until you started bashing the varying classes. The point is to unite White people, not just play a shell game of who shows up.

            Let’s not act like people like Spencer are the only reason for the explosion in White identity politics. You are a fool if you do not acknowledge the growing and at this point, undeniable outside pressures FORCING White people to make a decision, where they didn’t have to before and the fact that new generations are coming of age.

          • Most SWPLs are liberal urban dwelling fucktards who support leftist causes in far greater numbers than other whites.

            That was the entire joke. At the time calling them “White People” was counter-intuitive because this was a demographic always kvetching about “White People”, focusing on rural and prole stereotypes. Making the anti-white whiners the stereotypical “White People” themselves and the butt of criticism about “White People” was the entire point. The joke is just “Hey, you are white too dumbass.” The joke doesn’t even work if the demo being lampooned wasn’t stereotypically anti-white.

          • I started hearing of Spencer when he got punched. Funny, they attack people and end up making their star rise for it.

      • It’s just kind of dated is all. Us niggas who were down from day one, way back in 2008-2010, still remember that blog but who else does?

  • Well it took the pickaninnies and Gollywogs a while but the Jiggaboos have finally realized they like the company of each other and that segregation works. Good for them.

  • Some people really do want racial integration. They just want it for others, but not for themselves.

    • I encounter that a lot with discussions involving immigration issues. When I confront people who refuse to hire Americans. They get all red faced when I suggest that their wealthy community should house them in low income housing.

      • That is hilarious. There was an idea floated a while back that because Marin County refused to let George Lucas put some development on his land, he should have retaliated by building a huge low income housing development on the land and then challenge the County to publicly oppose housing poor vibrant people. He would never do it of course being a standard Issue Hollywood Librobot.
        I once responded to a Steve Sailer post about the city of Malibu declaring itself a sanctuary city while keeping itself All-White. You would not be able to build low income housing on all that empty land there either, however unlike some of those other liberal’s paradises, Malibu has some rental and vacation motel stock. If I had Soros wealth I would spend some of it snatching up every rental and motel unit as it becomes available and flying in Somali refugees to live there indefinitely. They would love to live in Malibu versus Chilblain Minnesota, and the local Malibu Marxists wouldn’t dare complain about it. Sadly all the rich people seem to be on the other side.

  • Like most in our I really have no issues with negroes having their own little party. Most people, if left to their own devices, tend to self-segregate. The problem is that there is a huge double standard at work. While it’s perfectly fine for blacks to have a “black only” graduation, the usual suspects would loose their minds and howl like a pack of poo throwing monkeys if someone were to organize a White only graduation.

    • Precisely why we need White Graduations. We all know (((who))) would oppose them. Let the Jews openly oppose Whites.

  • We need White Student Unions and White Graduations on campus now. Latino Graduation ceremonies have been happening on the West Coast for a long time.

  • I’m good with this type of self-segregation and demanding of it 100%, this is the type of accelerationism we need to wake up our fellow whites. Nothing wrong with negroids preferring their own kind, all we’d need afterwards is incentives for them to go to Africa so that way they can be happier with their own kind.

    • A very good development and a step int he right direction. We are not for White Supremacy, but for White Survival and the Black self-segregation is a very favorable development.

    • Maybe if you White Nationalists stop with the vulgar name calling we might be able to defend our interests better. “Black”, it won’t kill you.

      • Vulgar name calling? The three main races are Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid. Three different subspecies.

        • This is a civic nationalist tard you’re talking to. He probably has a Lab or Golden Retriever because he doesn’t want an aggressive dog breed like a Mastiff or Pit Bull. But bringing up different racial behavior is vulgar name calling!

          • Oh my, you have a name for everything. Are you 12 years old? Do you use the word “Negroid” at work?

            Any attempt at bringing up Black in White crime for example is defeated immediately when you refer to Blacks in a vulgar manner. It’s like nursery school here.

          • He’s referring to the anthropological term of the Negroid race you stupid moron. Stop Tone policing, your pozzed Boomer cucking is spreading GRIDs.

        • So you care more about using White Nationalist lingo (wink, wink) that getting something done. In real life, the word “Black” vs. “Negroid” will will have 1000% more validity if say, you are discussing Black on White crime.

          The fact that this is not obvious is yet another *reason* why White Nationalism must be scrapped completely.

      • How many “blacks” read this forum? And how susceptible are they to reason if they do? Stop signalling and get with the program so we can save your kids.

  • I am all for this separate graduation thing. However, will blacks be able to still joing the whites in their ceremony? The answer is more than likely a “yes”. It really angers me that their need to segregate is “great” but our need is racist & inclusive.
    How can we make it understood for all races to segregate?

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