Bonapartist Iran

On April 19th 2017, United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held a press briefing in which he announced that the Trump Administration would be conducting a “comprehensive review” of its Iran policy. There are those of us who have known, since before the Inauguration, that regime change was on the table for Iran – with the only question being, just what kind of regime change? The fake news Assad gas attack and retaliatory fireworks in Syria were not at all reassuring. A month later, on May 19th, the Islamic Republic holds its 12th Presidential Elections. One thing is clear: Whoever is elected could be the last president of the Shi’a theocracy.

There is a plan to destroy Iran, a plan drawn up together with Saudi Arabia by those within the American military-industrial complex who consider the Saudis an ally of the United States. Hillary Clinton, who has extensive ties to Saudi financiers, certainly intended to implement this plan. Judging from the repeated references to Saudi Arabia in statements on Iran made by both the Secretary of Defense, General “Mad Dog” Mattis, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, it is beginning to look like this plan might move forward even though there appeared to be substantively different plans for Iran back when General Flynn and Steve Bannon were the leading members of Team Trump. Whether or not this Saudi plan succeeds will have a deep impact on the future of Westerners and others in the wider Indo-European world. The question of Iran’s immediate future probably has more profound implications for the long-term survival of the Aryan heritage than any other contemporary crisis.

Surrounded by a dozen artificial states that do not predate the European colonial machinations of the 18th and 19th centuries, Irân is the only real nation between China and India in the East and the sphere of declining European civilization to the West and North. Shorthand for Irânshahr or “Aryan Imperium”, the country’s 55% Persian majority never referred to Iran as “the Persian Empire.” The classical Greeks coined that term and it stuck in the West. It is dangerously misleading because, while the Persians have been the most culturally dominant ethno-linguistic group within Iranian Civilization (playing a role comparable to the Han within Chinese Civilization), the Kurds, Ossetians, Baluch, and others are both ethnically and linguistically Iranian even if they do not speak the Persian language (referred to as Pârsi or, wrongly, as Fârsi in Western Iran and as Dari or Tâjiki in Iranian Central Asia).

The conflation of “Iran” and “Persia” has, for a number of years now, been enlisted as part of a plot to further erode the territorial integrity of Iran by reducing it to a Persian rump state. While the rootless globalist conspirators plotting to frame “Iran” as a conceptual construct of Persian Imperialism are certainly driven by economic and strategic considerations, their ultimate goal is the erasure of the very idea of Iran or Iranshahr. They see the revival of this idea as perhaps the single greatest threat to their broader agenda, and since the total failure of the Islamic Reform Movement of 1997–2009, just such a revival has been at the heart of an ultra-nationalist cultural revolution known as the Iranian Renaissance.

This movement strives for a rebirth of the Pre-Islamic worldview of Iranian Civilization, seeing the so-called “golden age” of Islam as an afterglow or abortion of what might have been had Iran continued its developmental trajectory as an Aryan nation. After all, the vast majority of scientists and engineers who were forced to write in Arabic under the Caliphate were ethnic Iranians whose mother tongue was Persian. In every respect, from Science and Technology, to Literature, Music, Art, and Architecture, so-called ‘Islamic Civilization’ acted as a parasite misappropriating a truly glorious Iranian Civilization that was already 2,000 years old before the Arab–Muslim invasion imposed Islam, and the genocidal Mongols cemented it (by crushing the Persian insurgencies in Azerbaijan, on the Caspian coast, and in Khorasan).

The Iranian Renaissance is based on the revival of ancient principles and ideals, many of which Iran shares with Europe both through their common Caucasian ancestry and through extensive intercultural exchange. This included the deep penetration of the Iranian Alans, Scythians, and Sarmatians into the European continent, and their eventual integration with the Goths in “Goth-Alania” (Catalonia) and the Celts in “Erin” (a cognate of “Iran”). Their introduction of the culture of knightly chivalry (Javanmardi) and grail mysticism into Europe left as deep an impact on the “Faustian” ethos of the West as the “Promethean” (really, Zoroastrian) ideals of the worship of Wisdom and innovative industriousness, which were introduced to Greece through centuries of Persian colonization.

The civilizational barrier between Iran and Europe has been very porous – on both sides. After the Hellenization of Iran during the Alexandrian period, Europe was almost Persianized through the adoption of Mithraism as the state religion of Rome. Partly as a consequence of the machinations of the Parthian dynasty and their black ops Navy in the Mediterranean, this was imminent by the time Constantine institutionalized Christianity – probably as a bulwark against Iran.

So it should not come as a surprise that many of the core elements of the ethos of the Iranian Renaissance seem strikingly European: the reverence for Wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge above all else; consequently, also an emphasis on industrious innovation leading to a utopian beautification and perfection of this world; a cultivation of chivalrous free-spiritedness, charitable humanitarianism, and broadminded tolerance; a political order that is based on Natural Right, wherein slavery is considered unjust and strong women are greatly respected.

But one must remember that to the extent that Iranshahr extended far eastward into Asia, these values were once also characteristic of Eastern Aryan culture – especially Mahayana Buddhism, which was created by the Iranian Kushans. Iran colonized northern India five times and the entire Silk Route into what is now Northwestern China was populated by Caucasian-looking Iranians until Turkic and Mongol conquests in the 11th and 12th centuries.

While the Iranian Renaissance wants to “Make Iran Great Again” by reviving this Indo-European legacy, and even by territorially reconstituting what people in our movement call “Greater Iran” (Irâné Bozorg), rootless globalists, Arab oil sheikhs, and their Islamist collaborators in Turkey and Pakistan want to erase Iran from the map altogether. Evidently this is not lost on the hundreds of thousands of Iranian nationalists who gathered at the tomb of Cyrus the Great on October 29th 2016 to chant the slogan “We are Aryans, we don’t worship Arabs!” The slogan is as blatantly anti-Islamic as possible within the limits of the law in the Islamic Republic. The prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali were, of course, Arabs, so the point is quite clear. It is also clear who these young people consider their true messenger, since the other most widely chanted slogan was, “Our Aryan Cyrus, you are our honor!”

Since the brutally crushed uprising of 2009, almost all Iranians have rejected the Islamic Republic. Many of them, especially the youth, are convinced that Islam itself is the problem. They have clandestinely converted to a Neo-Zoroastrianism that is indistinguishable from Iranian ultra-nationalism. Zarathustra in a winged disc, symbolizing the evolutionary perfection of the soul, known as the “Farvahar” is everywhere: on pendants, rings, and even tattoos (despite the fact that tattoos, which were ubiquitous among the Scythians, were banned by orthodox Zoroastrianism). Now even key elements within the regime, especially the Revolutionary Guard, are reading treatises on “the political thought of Aryan Imperium” that are extremely critical of Islam while glorifying ancient Iran.

Meanwhile, the so-called ‘opposition’ in exile has been almost entirely corrupted and co-opted by those who wish to carve up what little is left of Iran. On the one hand you have the radical Leftists who actually handed Iran over to the Ayatollahs in 1979 before Khomeini turned on them, forcing those who escaped execution to go into exile. On the other hand you have the blindly loyal devotees of Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, whose vision – or lack thereof – largely aligns with that of the leftists, at least insofar as it concerns the aims of the Globalists and Islamists.

Those in the Marxist and Maoist opposition to the Islamic Republic promote ethnic separatism, transplanting an anti-Colonialist discourse of “people’s liberation struggles” into an Iranian context where it does not belong. The Persians never lorded over anyone. We were humanitarian liberators. If anything, we were too humanitarian and too liberal.

Leftists speak of “the peoples of Iran” as if the Kurds and Baluch are not ethnically Iranian and as if a Turkic dialect were not imposed on the province of Azerbaijan, the Caucasian wellspring of Iran, by means of genocidal half-savage Asiatic conquerors. While claiming to be feminists and partisans of the proletarian revolution these leftists accept funding from Saudi Arabia, who wants to help them separate the partly Arabized oil-rich region of Khuzestan from Iran and turn it into the nation of Al-Ahwaz, with a considerable coastline on what they already refer to as “the Arabian Gulf.” Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Al-Ahwaz, Baluchistan: these microstates, ostensibly born of leftist “liberation movements”, would be easy for rootless global capitalists to control. In at least two cases, Al-Ahwaz and ‘Free Baluchistan’, they would also be breeding grounds for the further spread of Islamist terrorism. Finally, they would leave the Persians divested of almost all of Iran’s oil and natural gas resources, and contain the rising tide of Aryan Identitarianism within a rump state of ‘Persia.’

The most well-armed and well-organized of these leftist groups is the Mojaheddin-e-Khalq (MEK), which also goes by the aliases People’s Mojaheddin of Iran (PMOI) and National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). Their armed guerrillas essentially put Khomeini and the clerical establishment to power before being branded as heretics. Their response was to swear allegiance to Saddam Hussein and put at his disposal a few military units that defected during the Iran-Iraq War. This means that they de-facto accepted the Iraqi occupation of Khuzestan. Later, when they were forced to relocate to Iraqi Kurdistan, they made promises to the Kurds to support Kurdish secession from Iran. A whole host of prominent politicians in the United States and the European Union have been bribed into pledging their support for the group’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, including John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, and the NeoCons.

The majority of the Iranian people view the MEK as traitors, and the fact that they are essentially a cult whose members – or captives – are as forcibly closed off from the outer world as North Koreans does not help either. While this means that they would never be able to effectively govern Iran, the MEK could be used as a catalytic agent of de-stabilization during a war against the Islamic Republic.

Here is where Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi comes in, together with his wing of the exiled Iranian ‘opposition.’ The globalist cabal and their Arab allies in the Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE) intend to create a problem to which he is the solution. He is in their pocket.

At a CFR meeting in Dallas in early 2016, which I exposed in a notorious interview with the Sweden-based independent journalist Omid Dana of Roodast (“the Persian Alex Jones”), Reza Pahlavi mocked the allegedly “overblown nationalist rhetoric” about the genocidal Arab-Muslim Conquest of Iran. He referred to this incomparable historical tragedy as something that, if it happened at all, is unimportant because it happened long ago. Really, he sees it as an obstacle to good neighborly relations with the Arab states of “the Gulf”. Oh yes, in interviews with Arab media he has referred to the Forever Persian Gulf as “the Gulf” so as to appease his wealthy Arab benefactors. Reza Pahlavi has also allowed representatives in his official media outlets to repeatedly do the same. He has even used the term in a context that implies Iran might surrender several islands in “the Gulf” with a view to better neighborly relations. (As if his father’s relinquishing of Bahrain was not bad enough!)

In fact, he has suggested that Saudi Arabia and other inhumane Arab governments ought to invest in Iran’s economy to such an extent that Iran would be so dependent on them that waging war against these nations would become impossible. Relatedly, and very embarrassingly, the Crown Prince asserted that his future Iran should not have nuclear weapons because he would be afraid to sleep at night in his palace, since if Iran were to develop atomic arms other rival nations in the region would have the right to do so as well and would aim their missiles at Iran.

What is worse than all of this rhetoric is the Prince’s very concrete plan to put the question of a federalization of Iran to a popular vote or nationwide referendum. This is not merely a proposal. He meets with individuals and groups who are promoting separatism and the further territorial disintegration of Iran, with the first stage being “education in the mother tongue” (rather than Persian) and regional autonomy in the context of a federal system. At the same time, he denounced as “Fascists” the Iranian patriots who, at a risk of being imprisoned or killed, assembled at the tomb of Cyrus the Great on October 29th of last year and chanted the slogan, “We are Aryans, we don’t worship Arabs!” This, despite the fact that some of the same protestors also chanted slogans congratulating the Crown Prince on his birthday – a mistake that they will never make again. He even made remarks that suggestively mocked supporters of the Persian Imperial Tradition.

Reza Pahlavi takes every opportunity to make it clear his real ideals are “liberal democracy” and “universal human rights”, Western concepts that he uncritically embraces without the least understanding of the fundamental problems with them as compared to our aristocratic Iranian political philosophy – which influenced, and is much more in line with, substantial Western political theories such as those of Plato, Aristotle, and Nietzsche.

While his embrace of democracy and human rights extends to a popular vote on a federalization that leads to regional autonomy and eventually secession of numerous provinces, it apparently does not protect criticism of Islam. Also under influence from his neo-liberal Western handlers, and the leftist PC police in the West, and totally out of line with the popular sentiment among the Iranian youth, he has asserted that if Islam is to be insulted or if there is to be ‘Islamophobia’ in the future Iran, then it would be better for the Islamic Republic to remain in power. He has the gall to say this while branding his critics as agents of the Islamic Republic. When tens of prominent patriotic monarchists signed a “Last Warning” (Akharin Hoshdâr) statement to him in July of 2016, some of whom were his father’s closest advisors, he accused all of us of being agents of the Islamic Republic who falsified his claims and manufactured evidence (which was itself a patently false and slanderous claim).

We were not agents of the Islamic Republic, nor will we ever be shills of a Shi’a theocracy in its present form. But given the crisis that we face now, we need to consider a radical alternative to both the secessionist traitors in the Paris-based leftist opposition and the Shahs of Sunset in Los Angeles who are all too happy to have their Prince of Persia reign over the rump state that is left of Iran after “regime change.” I propose a grand bargain, a Bonapartist preemption of the coming reign of Terror.

Those who have followed my writings and interviews know that there is no harsher critic of Islam, in all its forms, than yours truly. I have not yet published my really serious and rigorous critiques of Islam, including and especially my deconstruction of the Shi’a doctrine. Nothing that I am about to propose changes the fact that I have every intention of doing so within the next few years.

Nevertheless, we are entering into what Carl Schmitt called a “state of emergency”. In this exceptional situation, wherein we are presented with an existential threat to Iran, it is important to recognize the difference between ontological or epistemological questions and the kind of friend-enemy distinction that is definitive for political thought in the proper and fundamental sense. Iranian nationalists have friends within the system of the Islamic Republic, and Lord knows we have plenty of enemies outside of it.

That young Revolutionary Guard (Pasdaran) officer from Mashaad who recites Hafez while patrolling the Iraqi border and waiting to be murdered by Kurdish separatists, but whose own mother is a Kurd, and who goes with his Persian father to worship at the shrine of Imam Reza while wearing a Farvahar around his neck, is not only a friend he is the brother of every true Iranian patriot. It was not the Pasdaran who shot and butchered young Iranians to put down the revolt of 2009, it was paramilitary thugs beholden to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei – who is now on his deathbed.

We need to think about the future. The very heart and soul of Zarathustra’s teaching was his futurism, his emphasis on evolutionary innovation. If he were alive today, he certainly would not be a Zoroastrian. Frankly, even if he had been alive during the Sassanian Empire, he would not have been a Zoroastrian in any orthodox sense.

The Iranian Renaissance holds up the Sassanian period as the zenith of Iran’s history, “the climax before the dramatic decline.” But the two greatest heretics, from the standpoint of Zoroastrian Orthodoxy, had the backing of the Sassanian state. Shapur I was the patron of Mani, who created a syncretic world religion in which Gautama Buddha and the Gnostic Christ were seen as Saoshyants (Zoroastrian World Saviors) and the legitimate successors of Zarathustra. Manichaeism spread all the way to southern France in the West, where it sparked the Holy Inquisition as a reaction against it, and China in the East, where Mani was referred to as “the Buddha of Light” and his teaching influenced the development of Mahayana Buddhism. The libertine esotericist Mazdak, whose socialist revolution I would classify more as national-bolshevist than Communist, was given the full backing of the Sassanian Persian Emperor Kavad I. Even Khosrow Anushiravan, who crushed the Mazdakite movement, was not any kind of Orthodox Zoroastrian. He was a Neo-Platonist, who invited the remains of the Academy to take refuge at Iranian libraries and laboratories such as Gondeshapur after Justinian closed Europe’s last universities.

Moreover, the evolution of the Iranian spiritual tradition founded by Zarathustra did not end with the Islamic Conquest. The Iranian Renaissance condemns Mazdak unequivocally, and yet Babak Khorrdamdin is regarded as a hero of nationalist resistance to the Arabian Caliphate. But the Khorramdin partisans of Azerbaijan were Mazdakites! A clear line can be drawn from the Mazdakite movement, through the Khorramdin, and into esoteric Shi’a groups such as the Nizari Ismailis or Order of “Assassins” as they are widely known in the West. Fighting against both the Caliphate and the Crusaders simultaneously, there has never been a greater champion of Iranian freedom and independence than Hassan Sabbah. Nor did his brand of Shi’a esotericism decline with the Sevener or Ismaili sect.

There are still, in Iran today, putatively Shi’a clergy who owe more to Suhrawardi, via Mullah Sadra, than they do to anything that Imam Ali actually preached. By the time of the Sixth Imam, Ja’far al-Sadiq, the Shi’a faith was co-opted by Iranian partisans struggling against the Sunni Caliphate. The kind of Shi’a doctrine that some of Ayatollah Khomeini’s colleagues attempted to impose on Iran in 1979 represented a radical reconstruction of early Arab Shi’ism, not the kind of Shi’a esotericism that birthed the Safavid Dynasty. The latter allowed Iran to reemerge as a distinct political state set apart from, and against, the Sunni Ottoman Caliphate and a Mughal Empire that had also declined into Islamic fundamentalism after Akbar’s Persianate literature and philosophy proved an insufficient bulwark against this. Some of these Persianate Shi’a are at the highest levels in the power structure of the Islamic Republic. They need to be welcomed into the fold of Iranian nationalism, even into the fold of the Iranian Renaissance.

The Italian Renaissance reached back to Pagan Rome for the sake of a civilizational revitalization, but it did not abolish Christianity. Neither did Benito Mussolini when he adopted, as his explicit aim, a second Italian Renaissance and a revival of the Roman Empire. Rather, Il Duce recruited Roman Catholicism as a reliable ally in his valiant struggle against rootless capitalism, because he knew that Roman Catholics were “Roman” – even in Argentina.

Likewise, today, Shi’a are somehow culturally Iranian, even in Turkic northern Azerbaijan, Arabic-speaking Iraq and Bahrain, not to mention northwestern Afghanistan, where Persian remains the lingua franca. If Neo-Zoroastrians, both in Iran and in the parts of Kurdistan currently outside of Iran’s borders, were to ally with Persianate Shi’a it would do more than shore up Iran’s territorial integrity. It would establish a new Persian Empire, providing central Iran with numerous Shi’a buffer zones and forward positions while, on the basis of Iranian nationalism, also reincorporating areas that are ethno-linguistically Iranian but not Shi’a – such as greater Kurdistan and Tajikistan (including Samarkand and Bukhara).

What I am proposing is more than a military coup within the Islamic Republic. The label of “Bonapartist” is only partly accurate. We need a group of officers in the Pasdaran who recognize that Timocracy, as Plato called it, is only the second best form of government and that their rule will need to be legitimated by a philosopher king and a council of Magi with the intellect and depth of soul to use state power to forward the Iranian Renaissance that is already underway. Ironically, if we separate the political form of the Islamic Republic from its content – as a good Platonist would – the regime’s anti-democratic and illiberal core structures are strikingly Iranian. The Guardian Council (Shorâye Negahbân) is the Assembly of the Magi and the Guiding Jurisprudent (Velâyaté Faqih) is the Shâhanshâhé Dâdgar who has the farr – who is rightly guided by the divine glory of Wisdom. This should be no surprised since, after all, Ayatollah Khomeini borrowed these concepts from Al-Farabi, who is still, deep down, an Aryan.

The Pan-Iranist Party, with its origins in the National-Socialist Workers Party (SUMKA) of early 1940s Iran, is a key element in this stratagem. Famous for its very vocal parliamentary opposition to Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s relinquishing of Bahrain in 1971, the ultra-nationalist (i.e. to the Right of the Shah) loyal opposition of the Pahlavi regime could become the loyal opposition of the Islamic Republic if it were legalized after a coup d’état by those within the Revolutionary Guard who understand the value of Iranian nationalism in confronting the imminent existential threat to Iran.

Unlike all of the other opposition parties, the Pan-Iranist Party’s underground subsistence has been just barely tolerated by the Islamic Republic. Although it is technically illegal, and cannot field candidates in elections, the regime has not crushed it either – because there is no question about the party’s loyalty to Iran. The party has extensive connections to both the intellectual leadership of the Iranian Renaissance and the more patriotic members of the Shi’a clergy. If it were the only legal opposition party, all Iranian nationalists would vote for it and, within a single election cycle, or two at most, the Pan-Iranists would secure a majority in parliament. Their first piece of legislation ought to be something with great symbolic power and little chance of backlash from the remaining military-industrial complex of the Islamic Republic: the return to the Lion and Sun as Iran’s legitimate national flag (one of the Party’s stated goals).

The Lion and Sun epitomizes the ambiguity of Iranian identity. Shi’a claim that it is a zoomorphic representation of Imam Ali, “the Lion of God” (Assadollâh) and that the sword wielded by the lion is the Zulfaqâr. The Islamic Republic replaced the symbol because its fundamentalist founders knew this to be false. The Lion and Sun is an exceedingly ancient Aryan standard, which probably represents Mithras or the Sun rising into the zodiacal house of Leo.

Moreover, Neo-Zoroastrians are wrong to think that the curved sword is an Islamic addition (and consequently that it ought to be replaced by a straightened sword). Rather, the lion’s sword is the harpe, which was the symbol of the fifth grade of initiation in Mithraism, known as Perses. Perses was the son of Perseus, the progenitor of the Persian Aryans. He severs the Gorgon’s head with a harpe sword. Gorgons were sacred to the Scythians, the tribal rival of the Persians within the Iranian world. Perseus holding the severed head of Medusa is a symbol of his having seized her power (her Shakti) while remaining human (without turning to stone). But yeah, sure, it’s Imam Ali.

In the new Iran, Neo-Zoroastrians are going to need to tolerate the mass mourning rituals of Moharram and Ashura, after all their true origins are in the ancient Iranian mourning processions for the martyrdom of Siyâvosh. Meanwhile, Shi’a are going to have to put up with Farvahar-tattooed Neo-Zoroastrian women who have been so antagonized by the Islamic Republic that they want to jump naked over Châhâr-Shanbeh Suri bonfires lit by burning Korans.

Unlike under Reza Shah Pahlavi II, and the proposed Arab Republic of Al-Ahwaz, there will be no criminalization of ‘Islamophobia’ in nationalist Iran. Actually, the Shi’a component of the new regime will serve to legitimate Iran’s alliance with European nationalists fighting the fifth column of the new Sunni Calipahte in Paris, London, Munich, and Dearborn. The hydra’s heads are in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Pakistan. Mithra’s Lioness will sever these heads with her harpe. For the first time since the Fatamid Dynasty of the Assassins, Mecca and Medina will be governed by Shi’a mystics. Persians will celebrate at Persepolis.

There is no doubt about it. The time has come for Bonapartist Iran – the Aryan-Islamic, Religious-Nationalist assassin’s fortress of resistance against the rootless globalists, where, “No-thing is true, and everything is permitted.” We are left with only one question, “Who is the Persian Napoleon?”


Jason Reza Jorjani
Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD, is an Iranian-American and native New Yorker of Persian and northern European descent. After receiving his BA and MA at New York University, he completed his doctorate in Philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Jorjani currently teaches courses on Science, Technology, and Society (STS) and the history of Iran as a full-time faculty member at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is a professional member of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) and also works with the Iranian Renaissance, an organization dedicated to bringing about a cultural revolution in Greater Iran on the basis of the pre-Islamic Persian heritage. His first book, Prometheus and Atlas, was published by Arktos in 2016 and went on to win the Book Award from the Parapsychological Association. has done numerous interviews, and delivered invited international lectures, on various subjects.


  • This false and unfounded proclamations maybe to the eyes of westerners who has a tendency to believe in Aryanismnlooks “nice” and “poetic ” but for those who lived in this reality , this is a pure fantasy. There isn’t and there hasn’t been such civilization called “Iranshar” and for exemple what we have been witnessing in China (to the east of today’s Iran ) or Egypt and Greece to the west) has nothing to do with this fantasy dreams of so called “Iranshar”.the have been neglecting of the Assyrians and Meds and Baybillons civilizations which existed before this Persian civilization.There has never been such a thing cake Aryan civilization in the history. In each and every sentences of this article is at least one untrue claim about this none existing civilization and all this garbage to claim that those who right now killing or gazing people in Syria , naimly the Revolutionary Iranian Guardians (Known also as Pasdaran) aren’t the killers that they are but innocents Iranians who are there in some kind of civilization missionary …I know for facts that this is fake because the writer lies when he speaks about the events in so called Iranian Kurdistan after the Iranian revolution in 1979.
    As an exemple this proclamation below is totally and 100% false:
    ” That young Revolutionary Guard (Pasdaran) officer from Mashaad who recites Hafez while patrolling the Iraqi border and waiting to be murdered by Kurdish separatists, but whose own mother is a Kurd, and who goes with his Persian father to worship at the shrine of Imam Reza while wearing a Farvahar around his neck, is not only a friend he is the brother of every true Iranian patriot. It was not the Pasdaran who shot and butchered young Iranians to put down the revolt of 2009, it was paramilitary thugs beholden to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei – who is now on his deathbed.”
    While in reality the Pasdarans in their absolute majority were recruited between the most uneducated and inhuman people living in the grey area between cities and rural areas those who had immigrated from rural area and yet not integrated into urban life.I saw by myself atrocities committed by this So called “Hafiz reciting “People’s!
    The Pasdaran had around the neck not a Farahvand Shiite but so called paradise keys to go to right after being “martyrdom “…Whatever you have been witnessing with ISIS is a perfection of what Pasdarans used to do in 80’s of the last century!

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    I welcome the contributions of JRJ.

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  • “including and especially my deconstruction of the Shi’a doctrine.
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        • They are muds and they dont give a toss about Whites except for raping our women. You lie with dogs, you get fleas.

      • That is true. but using that logic we should ally with the Muslim world who hates Israel and global Jewish power.

    • The funny thing is; how many Zororastrians are there? A few thousand? I happen to work with one. He looks as muddy (and apish hairy) as any of em. And he is insane. I would guess from thousands of.years of inbreeding.

      • Forgot to add that he is a thief too. But I take walks with him in the evening (we are stuck in a muddy nation with very few English speakers around) and sometimes, when he is not ranting about some kind of conspiracy, he is good company. The good thing is he wants to marry and breed with his own kind so at least I can respect him for not wanting to muddy our people like this half breed Jordani does.

  • I find too many inconsistencies in the article. some of them:
    -Zoroastrianism gave Judaism the concept of Good and evil in almost absolutist terms and is alien to the Greco Roman traditions that deal with Good and evil.

    -Unlike Judaism which piggybacked herself on Christianity and by that became a world religion, Zoroastrianism died, even when she was part of larger and well established civilization. My guess is that Zoroastrianism failed to piggy back herself to the modern world.

    A few stragglers remain in India (Parsee community) and across the Mid East but the Zend Avesta (the holy book of Zoroastrianism) remains unknown to the world and failed to achieve the “fame” the Torah did when it attached itself to Christianity.

    -Word “Aryan’ is meaningless to me. it comes from the Sanskrit word “Arya” used mainly for the Sanskrit language and not as a race issue. West became familiar with this word when Nazi Germany adopted it along with the word Swastika (Sankrit Swasti). Iran is Aryan but outside of that I see little connection to European and American White Pride.

    -How did the Kushan Empire “create” Mahayana Buddhism? Emperor Kanishka had little to do with the birth of the Buddhist branch of Mahayana.

    there are more befuddling inconsistencies but the above list should do

      • Lol that is funny. I followed your posts till I came to mine. You are on a tandem and I do not blame you.

    • The word Swastika wasn’t very much used in Germany (still isn’t), Hakenkreuz (hooked cross in English) was/is much more common. The eariests depictions of the Hakenkreuz are found in Slovenea if I’m not mistaken.

  • Iran’s cause is not our Cause. Our Cause is securing the existence of OUR people and a future for WHITE children.

    • Nope.

      My cause is the existence of the English People…and W Europe. But I can still find time to be concerned about the wider world…such as what happens to Iran, which if certain War Pigs get there way will affect all of us.

    • If you don’t like it, you can always go back to Roosh V. But you better be careful, last time Roosh pissed us off, he had to call it off because he was destroying himself and his “muh brand.” I’m all for peace with Roosh. But if his faggot beta male commenters make trouble here, Roosh is going to get fu..ked over again.

        • So why did Roosh call it off after his Sperg outburst against the Alt Right? It obviously didn’t go well for him. Apparently, Roosh understands that, but you don’t. So I’ll help you understand it.

          • You see F**k all…which is why the Alt-Right will be nothing but a internet fringe ‘movement’.

          • I see a typical frustrating goy who has no country and no future. You’re not “English.” You’re nothing.

          • Hilarious…are you Jewish? …but you’re right about one thing..I have no love for England…or most of the people here…which is why I spend as much time as I can abroad.

  • I get the feeling that Jorjani is trying to promote a globalist color revolution in Iran. I wish the Iranians the best but US or European meddling in Iran will only serve the globalists. And the theocratic regime in Iran seem to be doing a better job than most at protecting the iranians against the globalists. At least i can not imagine any other regime that would do it better.

    Furthermore, European descent peoples face an existential threat. Iranians do no. Thus it seems a very odd alliance between these people that just want a different flavour of regime in Iran. And us that fight for our very existence.

  • Aryan is a meaningless term. Indians use it to claim ‘white’. Iran has an oriental culture and people. Really enjoyed the article though. And good luck to Jason.

  • We shouldn’t be involved in the middle east at all. If we’re ever able to gain power, we will be ignoring Iran, and that’s for the best.

    • I would have no problem selling weapons to Iran so they can wipe out Sunni Islam forever. The ME would be much better off dominated by Persians than Semites. The Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia, are like a nexus of Wahhabism that spreads throughout the rest of the world.

  • Iranians aren’t white and whites aren’t Aryan. The only reason we shouldn’t want to bomb iran is because that would send more refugees into Europe. Outside of that I honestly don’t care what happens in that shitty country

    • They descended from the Indo-European people AKA Aryans. They were White a long time ago, but after Arabic and Mongol conquests they are not White anymore. Although you can find a lot of Persians who could easily pass for an Italian or a Spaniard. Iran is a bulwark against psychotic Sunni Islam and international Jewry so we should support them.

      • “They were White a long time ago” thanks for saying why we shouldn’t care care about iran too much. if it weren’t for the (((cia))) we wouldn’t need them as the last barrier to orthodox sunni islam

  • An Iranian is a co-founder of AltRight,com? That is a surprise. No surprise that Iran is next on the block for regime change. Syria, Iraq and Libya were all fairly secular, modern countries (by middle east standards) with well equipped armies and near Israel. They also had the potential to develop nuclear weapons. Israel wanted them gone and the U.S. obliged. Pat Buchanan said years ago that Iran understood that a nuclear armed country was exempt from regime change.

  • Thank you, Mr. Jorjani. Defeating globalism is a complicated affair and all those wanting a white homeland once again, need to be aware that an isolated group will not stand against the tyrants
    I am curious how Jorjani plans to defeat the globalists without confronting the heart of the globalist engine, international Jewry. The fact that Jewry is international in nature is exactly why there is a globalist preoccupation with those that control the 24/7 brainwashing cycle

  • I never read about the rally at Cyrus the Great’s tomb. After reading the article, I surfed the net and found a few articles online. Very interesting that there is a nationalist movement in Iran.

    • I think for most Americans and maybe Europeans we have an exaggerated idea of what Iran is like in our minds. We think of it as this purely oppressive muslim theocracy with no individualism and no freedom whatsoever. But if you look at pictures of modern Tehran, you get a less rigid idea of the country. I’ve heard some people say that despite laws against drinking, many in urban parts of the country still drink and alcohol isn’t that hard to find.

      • Ladies walk down the street wearing high heels, tight jeans and with their headbags half off of their heads.

  • If Jorjani were serious about helping alt righters learn more about the well-preserved Aryan traditions in south Asia, then he would talk about India, not Iran. He’s not doing a great job sounding like anything other than a Persineocon.

    • Zoroastrianism probably folded under for a number of reasons but generally religions seem to have a lifespan of sorts and are subject to generational turnings. Zoroastrianism was probably a victim of its’ own success in drawing a circle of unity around a homogenous ingroup and the Persians became too effete even at the level of the commoner. We see a similar phenomena in many cultures with different religions happening over and over again throughout history and we see it in the West with Christianity today.

  • Jason, make it into a podcast next time, that way I can listen while I’m getting a work out in. Thanks.

  • A great article and important stuff for me.

    I do not necessarily buy the idea that there is an imminent existential threat to Iran in its current borders. However, there a clear existential threat to the survival of White people and we need to attract and count on every possible ally. An Anglo-Saxon, alone, is NOT in a position to defeat the enemy today and, particularly, in any time in the future.

    Furthermore, there is a whole layer of people in Iran and surrounding countries (Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Lebanon, The Russian Caucases, etc.) that look White (without much of Arab, Mongol or Turkic admixture) and think White. These people are our natural allies. Plus, they are White nationalists at birth and at heart. As a rule, these people are traditionalists, they do not turn homosexuals or libtarbs. If their ancestors kept their White identity throughout many centuries, they will respect the will of their ancestors.

  • The American Alt-Right has a legitimate interest in opposing any sort of ambitious American / Israeli efforts at meddling in Iran. And we should be afraid that these options are still on the table.

    But America is suffering from a deep spiritual sickness, and we’re in no place to promote “our values” overseas. Our values are evil.

    What we owe the Iranians is… to leave them alone and try to avoid infecting them. And to caution them against going down the same path we did.

    From a self interested point of view, it seems that the current Iranian regime is kind of doing a good job at countering American foreign policy / containing some of the damage that American foreign policy is causing. Maybe they saved Syria.

    • If the islamic theocracy of Iran is to ever be overthrown it must come 100% from the people living within Iran, no outside forces can help. Unfortunately for Iran, any attempt right now at overthrowing the Islamic theocracy would be extremely dangerous and foolish, not so much because of how those currently ruling Iran would retaliate but because of outside powers that would be looking to exploit the situation for their own benefit. It would become a mess like other places in the middle east with never ending conflict and war. So if Iran is ever going to get rid of its Islamic rulers (and I wish someday in the future they will) now is not the time.

    • I agree but just to be clear “our” values are not evil. Globalist ‘American’ (I.e. corporatist, semetic globalist industry etc.) values are evil not “ours”. “Our” (traditional White European, i.e. Altright) values are good and right for our people.

      Stop thinking of yourself as an “American” and start thinking of yourself as “White” first. You are a White American, not an American White. The sooner we start viewing ourselves positively as a collective group the better.

    • Why not?

      Farsi is an indo-european language. These people are related to us. Go look at the leaders of the “Iranian Renaissance.”

      Several of them would be indistinguishable to a European.

      • Persians aren’t European. I wish the Persians luck in a region filled with Jewish perfidy, but their cause is separate from that of the Alt Right.

        • Lol, Persians are not European, but not all Whites are Europeans.

          We come from the indo-European family. Farsi is an indo-european language.

          And the guy that wrote this article co-founded, so I assume he can write what he pleases.

          • Wow, your comment reveals your general ignorance of the genetic history of our people.

            I dont really know what else to say. Europeans come from the Indo-European people.

            The Perians, albeit having some arab admixture, share a common ancestor with us. Zoroastrianism shares themes and archetypes with Christianity, Hinduism, and very ancient European monotheism.

            Farsi has the same ancestor as English.


            Scroll down to see the migration patterns.

          • Persians, like high caste Indians, have too much mystery meat race mixing to be considered white. Persians are actually an example of what we as white people want to avoid becoming in the future.

          • Don’t be a race traitor. We need to both encourage and support the white population of Iran. In the future we may even be able to change the genetic makeup of Iran to be whiter by sending all the race traitors there. Genetic colonialism is the future if we succeed in an ethno-nationalist Europe.

          • Even if there was a white population of Iran, which there isn’t (they’re West Asians not Europeans), we have no idea what they want and what we could possibly do to “support” them.

            We’d just be meddling where we don’t belong.

          • I’ll cede that point, but where does that leave us with the non-white European states like the Balkans.

          • Albanians, Bosniaks, and Gypsies should all be expelled from Europe.

          • The point is, at what point is a person white enough to be considered one of our racial brothers? Do we tell our mongrel brothers on the med. that they aren’t white enough to be considered one of us?

          • European descent are whites. Italians are white. Maltese have earned whiteness by virtue of their history.

          • If you have 4 grandparents of wholly European descent then you’re… a person of European descent. My kinda person.

            And you’re European enough to…. live in Europe, if you happen to have citizenship somewhere.

            People of Italian descent are Italian enough to live in Italy, despite any admixture from the middle ages or whatever.

          • “There’s no such thing as White enough”
            -Cernovich at Auburn reiterating a random black man’s definition of what is “black enough”.

          • Cernovich is a great point for this thread. Cernovich has a Persian wife. So of course he’s not going to throw her under the bus.

            My position is this: In a North American white ethno state, it’s probably infeasible to expel all people who aren’t white but can assimilate easily. People like Cernovich’s wife, fourth generation Hispanics, and mixed race White-Asians. So, we just absorb them, as Spencer said. Their numbers aren’t large enough to subsume our whiteness. Then we close the gates and only allow white Europeans.

          • That was Mike Enoch who said it, and he’s right.

            There’s no such thing as White enough.

          • Honestly, I’m embarrassed I gave the wrong name (that is my mistake) but the message is still clear. It’s time we start taking that to heart!!

          • There are quite a few Euro-Americans who could some support strangling the beast. However, if you’re not interested….

          • That is because you are a jewed up limey cock sucker. You fucking limey’s have done nothing but destroy the White race and us Celts (and Slavs and Latins) hate your sorry asses for a good reason. Fucking Limey!!!

          • Hilarious…don’t know any Jews for a start. And the English ruling class was never any friend to the English People so I don’t defend “Perfidious Albion”.

          • And did I mention that you Limeys are half breeds from the get go? You fucks invaded our islands and then what? You brought your MENA breeds in. Cromwell and you and your fucking sick limeys. We kicked your sorry asses out of America and Ireland and you still stick around acting like you are something.

            You are a sick fucking faggot limey. Us Celtic people, and slavs and latins hate your fucking guts.

          • Actually cunt face…I’m Scots-Irish/Italian/Scots/English/Irish

            But as I was born in England and am essentially “English” that is what I refer myself as(that and Celtic-Germanic)

          • Italians are niggers are they…well you do surprise me…especially as they’ve contributed more to civilisation than your fucked up loser country.

          • We’re Americans, so we have to support our own group.

            We oppose Jewish Empire part.

          • Well, so did Southern whites to be fair. It’s why American blacks have 25 percent European admixture.

          • it is not the same thing Yehudah and if you are a Southerner like I am you know it. The groids did not insert their ape genes into us. But they did in Iran and other muslim nations. Trashy ass White men impregnated black women and the genes flowed that way.

          • They may “share a common ancestor” with us, but there has been a lot of divergence, evolution and hybridization since then.

            They’re not us, and it doesn’t make sense for us to start crusading on behalf of every ethnic group which may “share a common ancestor with us”.

          • I am not saying we should , but their struggle is similar to ours is all Im saying.

            And they are our distant cousins.

          • Why not support them simply as fellow Aryrans? They are more similar to us culturally than different. Why have Whites been so quick to embrace any Jewish meddling with Christianity when it is clear as crystal that Zoroastrianism had more initial influence? It’s perfectly obvious that the Three King or Magi who visited Christ as an infant practiced Zoroastrianism. There’s our common link right there!

            Prior to contact with the Persians, the Jewish position on God was that both good and evil came from God and that Satan was a prosecuting angel (Book of Job) who could visit Heaven and make bets with God about Job’s devotion to Him.

            Zoroastrainism’s description of a god, Ahura Mazda, benevolent Creator of All and an evil entity or Satanic creature, Angra Mainyu more closely parallels God and Satan in the New Testament. There’s one aspect of it that AM was the Supreme Being which ruled over the evil entity, Angra Mainyu and the good entity, Spenta Mainyu. Doesn’t this seem to parallel Almighty God over Jesus versus Lucifer?

            There are substantial populations of pure Aryans (White people, if you will) that you wouldn’t look twice at if they walked down your neighborhood street. They exist all over the former empire and as rump populations in places like Afghanistan. There are also European populations who have sustained rape from non-Europeans hundreds of years ago. Now, I don’t think that much admixture carried through, because you review history and women could take abortifacients and if that failed suspect newborns were killed or exposed to the elements. But the Non-European gene could have not manifested itself then.

            Thanks to the treachery of their leadership, Western Europeans and White Americans are dealing with huge Non-European populations themselves. Iran may be our future. It is only going to be through a formidable force of will by very racially conscious Whites that our descendants don’t all end up being some sort of mystery meat. Hopefully DNA science and hold off that scenario until we get saner leadership and we can evict these invaders from our shores.

            While not rooting that hard for the Shia version of Islam manifested by the Iranian mullahs, we need to vehement oppose the imposition of Saudism or Wahabbi Islam on Iran. We need to support Iran’s indigenous religious beliefs because Zoroastriansim parallels Christianity so much it’s uncanny. The last thing White Christians need to do is act as any kind of Golem fighting force for Israel or Jewish interests against another Aryan nation whether it be Russia or Iran.

            This insistence the USA has in getting even more entangled with Israels alleged fight against Islam is not good for us. It has consistently backfired with the USA deposing one dictator (who at least represented a stabilizing force that benefited Whites in Europe and America) to replace them with more radical versions of Islam and inundate Europe and America with Muslims. Invade the world, invite the world. This has to stop.

            A friend of mine told me that his daughter recently tested in social studies to be a teacher and she told him that she was surprised how many questions about Islam there were. There are classes in Islam being taught in our public schools. The numbers of Muslims in our countries don’t justify this kind of accommodation unless our government is more intent on electing a new god than a new people.

            White nationalists in Europe and the United States need to get on top of this and I believe the best way is to support these Iranians and keep the lines of communication open with them. Good intelligence is good intelligence and heaven knows, our leadership isn’t going to tell us anything useful. If we can get the heads up from this group, I say go for it so we can find a way to keep any racial amalgamation and Islamification at bay. JMO.

          • I oppose American aggression against Iran. I admire the way in which the Iranian regime has avoided falling under the influence of the U.S / Israel. I support Iranians doing their own thing and exercising sovereignty in their own country.

            However, I have no reason to believe that Iranian immigration is any less harmful than other forms of mass immigration. Of course, Iranians are not as dumb as some other groups, but high IQ, low IQ and mid-IQ immigration all have huge costs for the population receiving the immigrants. IMHO high IQ is probably most dangerous, see Jews. And White countries are in no place to accept more immigrants, even if they might once have had a chance to fit in under ideal circumstances.

            As such, I oppose any attempts to create ideological constructs that suggest that non-European people are somehow “us” or “close enough” to us. Constructs of that sort damage our position, and make it harder to achieve the separation that we need. And one of the best ways to get taken advantage of us to extend the benefits of your in-group to people who still think of you as an out-group. Iranians and light skinned Afghans, etc., are not us. They just aren’t.

            As for Zoroastrianism, I am suspicious. How many divisions do the Zoroastrians have, and who is funding those divisions? Who would benefit from a non-Muslim cultural insurgency destabilizing Iran? Israel and the American deep state would benefit, while we would not.

            I think Russia has a much more rational policy of working with regimes like Iran and Syria on the basis of some interests they share, accepting them as different people with a different religion, rather than trying to change them to turn them into something they are not.

          • Richard Spencer shares the same view as Yehuda. Many of them may be genetically white but they are ultimately not European, as their historical and cultural experience is completely different from that of Europe. I do hope that this Iranian dream will come true for Jorjani and I do think it would be better for the Iranians. However they are ultimately not Europeans. In any case I still enjoy these articles as they are interesting.

          • This is my position. I don’t see a need to be so monomaniacal about the content and Jorjani’s writing is usually interesting if seemingly “off topic”.

          • Well you see I don’t care much for Yanks….while Persians are an historical ‘People’ who’ve been around for some time.

          • Good luck Larping with Persian Mohammedans because you have some retarded hangup with Yankees.

          • Only America has Jew influence! The Rothschilds were never in England!

          • But I don’t identify with the British State or it’s ruling class or anything to do with it…in fact I’d prefer to live elsewhere…and in Novemnber I’ll be off again for 6 months.

          • And we supprted you during your war with the North…some gratitude…and Crombie made your uniforms.

          • FDR wanted it….just like Wilson did…and he provoked the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbour.

          • > common ancestor
            Yes, all humans have one. So we’re all one people. Yay!
            The problem with trying to make allies out of ‘Indo-Aryans’ is that there’s no way in hell I’m allying with Indians.

          • I really don’t know what to say.

            Do you think I want to ally with street shitting curry eaters?

          • Allies against the Anglo- Zionist Wahabi alliance…you’re either for one or the other.

          • You can refute any of my arguments if you’d like, but I will not answer this insulting question.

          • I guess we should let in Mexicans too. They speak an Indo European language and their average IQ is higher than Persians’.

          • I wonder if the swarthiness of some Iranians is because they interbred with the trashy arabs.

          • Of course it is! The same with high caste Indians, who are phenotypically white but have dark skin because the Indian Aryan invaders bred with Dravidian muds.

          • At one point in history Persians were White (or Whiter than today) but that is history. it is a mud nation today though you may pull a White looking one out of your hat.

          • Jordani often talks about how there are White enclaves in Iran.

            It would be hasty to assume that ALL Persians are tainted.

            Also, go check out the King Cyrus day gathers in Iran. They chant “death to arabs and turks.”

            They mostly might not be white, but they are the closest things to allies as we are gonna get among the muds.

          • Tainted? They were always middle eastern. They were never different from Arabs in the first place. They speak an Indo-European language like black Jamaicans do.

          • Then why do you post on Roosh’s shitty blog? Obviously the comments here triggered you for some reason. A normal woke white person wouldn’t be crying like you are over these comments.

          •’s yout cretinous racial purity bullshit. Like things arwn’t bad enough as they are..
            And why the Roosh fixation?

          • You post at Roosh’s blog. Only a wannabee manwhore from there would come here and whine about racial purity. The vast majority of people here understand that Persians aren’t white. If you have a problem with it, too bad.

          • Sure. Me politely disagreeing that Make Persia Great Articles don’t belong on an Alt Right, White Advocacy website is Nazism. You sound like RamzPaul. “If White people have any standards on who is and isn’t White, It’s Nazism!”

          • Sorry you’re mad that you’re not European descent and not white. Can’t help you with that.

          • English not European or “white”?…well, I never. Thanks for letting me know.

          • A real English person wouldn’t care about Persians not being considered white. You must be one of Nick Griffin’s “Civic Britions.”

          • Come on, there are clearly tons of people here who are interested in Iran.

            I am a white American, and I think many of them are white.

          • I’m interested in many different cultures. That doesn’t make them white. Iranians aren’t white.

          • Where did I claim that? I don’t care what skin colour they are, unlike some. And like you’ve ever been to England, most English peopple are clueless…Just that they(Iran) are worth supporting, as is Assad, against USrael.

          • By the same measure Blacks and Muds the world over speak Indo-European languages because they were conquered by them and thus are aryans. Language does not determine race.

          • Not opposed to strategic alliances, but where does this stop? Are there going to be articles about Filpino or Mexican nationalism?

          • That wouldn’t bother me to be honest. We would gain a broader understanding of nationalism and ethnic struggle.
            However I see your point. An alt-right site should stay focused on the present problem, and not become a generic news site.

          • It seems to me that the author of this article is not just trying to gain support and sympathy for nationalist struggles en large, but is trying to merge/conflate iranian and european genetic interests, in much the same way that jews have succeeded in doing. Its entryism into an already small and fragile movement. Can there be no safe space for europeans, even on a white nationalist website? I cant believe richard is pulling this on us..
            Jews are not european, but they are more european than iranians by jorjanis own meassures.. Had he just presented as european and wanted to fight for his european side, he would be a welcome european in spirit, like the halfjews fighting in the ss, but no, as so many mischlings he must break down what he does not fully belong to, and take down us with him. Please let him go and fight in his home country instead of stealing the thunder of the alt right.

          • I’m just trying to stay open to ideas.
            But whatever serves the interests of Europa and the Aryan race, I will ultimately support it.

          • This is not Richard pulling this it is an inheritance from Arktos. is a collaboration where Richard is just one part.

          • Agreed. The alt right is still trying to figure how to define the nation it’s trying to save. I worry that prematurely forming alliances with nations with a better sense of themselves and their roots will actually leave the movement very vulnerable to manipulation.

        • Any nationalist movement anywhere should be supported. Our enemy is international finance and they want the wanton destruction of all culture based on nationality and race. Anybody that wants to preserve their own culture and people should be supported.

      • Similar arguments could be made about Jews, who often look European. Skin color alone does not make one European. Iranians and Euros have diverged. Nonetheless, we can have an interest in our cousins’ ethno-nationalist concerns, and we can learn about their history, especially since we are constantly being lied to.

        • No, the same argument cannot be made about Jews.

          They are not indo-european nor is their language indo-european.

          Farsi is an indo-european language.

          • Hungarian is not Indo-European, Or Finnish. Or Estonian.
            Jews are Italians that practiced endogamy. I agree they aren’t European.

    • I think the internal dynamics of the politics of Iran are fascinating, and the situation in Iran well explained by Reza Jorjani. I don’t know if Jorjani is right or wrong, but, he’s a good read.

    • I could swear I read something (((pro-regime change))) not long ago by this very author on Radix.
      No thanks.

      • You are correct. Iran is doing about as well as can be expected for a Moslem society. We need to leave Iran alone.

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