America Doesn’t Need The Conservative Movement Anymore

Submitted by Wayne Peek


How many more times do we need to hear it? We have the House, the Senate and the Presidency.  It seems as if America would be back on track to “Making itself great again,” unfortunately this isn’t the case. Every day it seems as if America starts to resemble a shattered window more and more. While our country has been established by bright and brave European men who fought to create the greatest civilization the planet has known. It has now ended up in the hands of the weak and corrupt government tit suckers who have all but officially torn our country apart.

Our current GOP electors have done nothing more than engaging in the world’s longest game of badminton. Intentionally missing with convincing swings, while allowing the “Democratic” party to run up the scoreboard. The Democrat party has become a war cry for the global citizens of the world along with the beaten and battered black population to re-colonize America. They want to create a ‘diversity utopia’ in hopes of ensuring a safer and less white world. All while the Republicans cheer them on with encouraging words, gracious bills, and talks of amnesty for everyone.

Republicans talk tough and look nice. Always promising national pride, always promising to look after the American people and always promising to put America first. Our farmers first, our manufacturing first and our citizen’s safety first and time and time again it’s empty promises. Republican collapse tunnels of progress at the mere whispers of offending anyone who might be a “dreamer” or “opportunity seeker” If Republicans couldn’t get any more embarrassing or useless than they already are, we once again see emerging narratives from prominent figures and pundits that talk tough but are afraid to lose their money and friends for using the wrong words or insinuating the wrong thing.

Here is a great example: Ann Coulter is a brilliant New York Times bestselling author. She is a national pundit and tends to be a wonderful inflammatory to anyone who isn’t on the right. She also appears to have the effect of a splash of cold water to the face of the unknowing and unaware liberal maniacs that plague our country. Recently she was asked to speak at Berkley and of course, liberals and Antifa threatened Coulter and the school and anyone else who would listen until the event was canceled. They proceeded to play this “game” with her and she just backed down. Once again another outspoken Republican figure who is always trying to light a fire under the GOP backs down. A perfect example of how modern Republicans conduct business. Liberals tell Republicans to jump and they say how high?

Coulter went on to say about the event “Whatever they told me to do, I said ok. If they told me to give the speech from a hot air balloon I would have said, Ok.”  She was acting as if there was some merit you receive for tolerance. Ann Coulter is a prominent voice of the Republican party who is viciously attacked for her views. She is a true rebel in the face of the liberal polite society and defends her opinions constantly but She broke down at arguably the most important time for free speech in our country because a bunch of filthy hippies at Berkley promised to get mad. Even after people were flying to that campus from around the United States to support her and to take a real stand. instead, it seems Coulter would rather be the “bigger person.” She would rather not speak to show the liberals, she is the truly tolerant person.  She has finally gotten her subtle invite and is now allowed to speak by the liberal power machine. The message here, don’t make the liberal kids angry. Coulter really blew it here for Americans and our warrior spirit. She could learn a thing or two from Richard Spencer.

Another example comes to us most recently from Tucker Carlson, who has become a leading voice for Conservatives and now headlines Fox News at 8. p.m. EST. He recently covered a story of a group of 50 black people who swarmed the BART system in Oakland, California who robbed at least 7 passengers on board and caused mass hysteria. Nothing new honestly, blacks in America do this sort of thing quite often. Instead of calling this what it is, black terrorism and black violence in America, Carlson simply put it as “a group of people who caused an uproar”. Many conservatives are wasting time trying to be nice and inclusive. They are always making exceptions or ignoring the hard facts that tend to be common denominators in many of the truly horrific crimes that are being committed across our country daily.People who hold positions of power or who have vehicles to get the message out to large groups of people completely ignore this or beat around the bush about it. Everyone pretends it’s not happening or that we should be a little nicer or maybe it will change if we have just “one more conversation.”

The truth is these people are never going to care. They are never going to like us or care for us. The people coming to our country don’t want our history or our cultural practices. They want the money and they’re keeping their culture. The mass amount of diversity America is taking on is destroying us. All that has been accomplished is America is now growing into African, Latino, Asian, and Arab nations. None of whom like or respect us. Our House of Representatives, local governments, and bureaucracies are slowly being filled up with the Vibrant of the world. The Democrats are already adopting these people and loading them into place with their narratives and ideas. The end game isn’t hard to figure out. They are changing the country and soon enough the Constitution. The question we need to ask ourselves is, How will we react?

This game has wasted the lives of the American people and has exhausted our resources. The Alt-Right is growing and we won’t play these appeasement games the current “conservatives” are playing. We refuse to feed the alligator. We won’t just sit by and pretend that everything is ok. We are not here to lie to people and drain resources from the machine to keep a corrupt existence going. We are striving for a better people, a better society and a better world. We are not here to play the inclusive or equality game. We don’t want to be the world’s caretaker or police. We care for our people, our culture, and our existence. We won’t sit idly by and ignore atrocities for the sake of being nice. Our great struggles and births have carved out paths for everyone to follow. Now it’s time to create a new path. One for us.

Vincent Law
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  • All due respect……

    But, I will continue to Vote for the Republicans…….

    I’m not going to Vote for the Anti-White Democrats………

    And I’m not going to Vote for a Third Party at the Federal Level……..

    Bush W and the Neocons were Horrible for America……

    So was 8 years of Obama……..

    But, Trump??

    For the Adults in the Room……..

    He’s better than anything we’ve had in the White House for DECADES…….

    Max Boot……a well known Neocon……has left the GOP because of President Trump……


  • Most conservatives don’t want to conserve anything other than Israel as a Jewish state. So long as they can have their wars and pay for them with tax cuts, they are happy to sell out their nation. National Review has the very dregs of the “conservatives”.

  • The Repubs are largely globalizing race-mixers. They are not my friends. I thought that one consequence of a Clinton win might be the beginning of the end for the Repubs. Perhaps the Trump victory will have the same effect.

  • Aside from the Alt-right originating from the liberal side, right, who in their right mind spews crap about their parents when they pass and leave them the house all paid for? Do you destroy the house and rebuild another one? Or do you gut out the insides and make it conform to your vision? You may rip the conservatives but bare in mind the foundation you take for granted to dam them from! Hypocrites at best, and I’m calling you all out on it. Young and wet behind the ears. Suck it xXx

    • The only conservatives worth praise are people like Pat Buchanan. Most conservatives are worthless.

  • “We are not here to lie to people and drain resources from the machine to keep a corrupt existence going.”
    This the primary reason the GOP cucks out on issues. They perceive, perhaps correctly, they would be voted out of office if they were steadfast and loyal to white Americans. They don’t want to jeopardize their access to the cash cow by losing in an election. Therefore, they cuck out. Some people reading this probably disagree and suspect that many Republicans actually believe the nonsense they throw up. That may be true. Only they know what they really believe, but I think we all believe, they’re cucking out either way. If there is one lesson to be learned from Donald Trump above all else, it’s that you don’t have to cuck out to win. The voters showed up for Trump because he said what millions of Americans were thinking and feeling. I think about the film Braveheart, when William Wallace tells the nobles, “we won at Sterling. We won at Falkirk. If you don’t back us now, I say you’re a coward!”

  • Conservatives tend to be too soft against the leftists, we need ruthless resistance. Trump won by being brutal against his opponents, if anything he was too soft against Hillary but he still won unlike romney(mostly do to less people voting).

    We should attack the lefties Alex Jones style, explain that they are control freaks that want you depended on the government for everything, nice guys finish last.

  • Conservatives have conserved nothing and the Party of Lincoln exists almost solely to sell wars for Israel and to facilitate mass immigration of cheap, non-white scab labor to replace the American working class.

    Trump’s best issues are the ones that were opposed by conservatives and Republicans generally.

    • The Grand Old Party was created to be the party of crony capitalism from the get go. Abe gives us the Civil War which kicked things off and it has been downhill ever since. Paleo conservatives were always on the outside fringe. These were the American Firsters in WW I and any conflict since then. There is no real conservatism in America. Like you said, they don’t conserve anything, thus they are worthless and should be dumped into the dustbin of history.

    • Hipster Racist You smell like a liberal, and I don’t even have a hook nose. Trump is a capitalist, need I say anymore; he’s answers to the Republican/Conservative groups now… not the Alt-right. Ask Richard, he’ll enlighten you. When the torch is passed on, I’m pretty sure they’ll find a well established group of matured neophytes who will carry on the torch in support of our country and conservatives values. Extremism is only preached by liberals who hope to overthrow the establishment. Much to learn PS. Trump has gone threw a lot of women, I’ll leave it at that. Good guy though

      • Hipster nailed it!!! Conservatives don’t live up to their name. Merely holding the line is always a losing proposition in the long run!

  • Agree with the article only if I see it through the media which is practically the only way I can see America. So I search the media from here to across the world in order to get some kind of a balanced view of America.

    To me the media is the mouthpiece of the liberal elite, especially the Jewish elite and monsters like Soros have gone too far.

    the Media is not the “voice” of the people or a voice “for the people”. it is simply the mouthpiece of the Jewish elite who now use it as a weapon against Trump.

    • Thanks to the internet the media culture is completely fractured. Spencer featured an app by the Wall Street Journal that compared the Facebook feed of a “conservative” vs. a “liberal” – it may have been discussing two different countries.

      The era when three companies set the media agenda and that was what the “official news” was is over, thankfully.

      It is always been about organization – pro-white new media is the first step in that and it’s all good.

      • Hipster
        True. Not only has the internet opened up the world to me but special features like Blogs and Youtube bypass the media. Many times the comments are more interesting than the article and that is also due to the Internet.

        • For nearly 20 years the legacy media has been going back and forth on allowing comments on their articles. At first they welcomed comments because it increased audience engagement. But they never got the kind of comments they wanted – comments tended to call out the media’s biases and falsehoods. So, they turn comments off – but that caused them to lose their audience to other online properties. So, they turned the comments back on, but heavily censored them. So, people trolled them, using irony and sarcasm which got the point across anyway.

          • True and I could not have stated it better. I now tend to avoid websites that censor comments. It gives me an impression that the website wants to hide something.
            Since the internet offers so many outlets I can go elsewhere. some forums remain completely empty due to a range of reasons but mainly because of censorship.

          • The sites that do not have a comment section are the sites that deserve to be commented on. These sites are the most brazen of bullshit agenda setting and disinformation.

          • I got banned twice from
   for criticizing Bush !!!! If you criticize the GOP at all you are outta there. Just a bunch of delusional idiots.

  • The one thing that is apparent is that us volkicsh must have our own news media that isn’t afraid to be racist. If racist means to be entirely for my own people, and to want a pro white government then I am racist and proud to be.

    • Understanding that race exists and that race denial has serious consequences is a sign of intelligence and bravery.

  • Conservatives do everything they can to hide from the reality of race and race differences. They talk constantly about “Western man,” and “Western values,” and use all sorts of euphemisms to hide from the fact that what they are really saying is “White man,” and “White values.” I don’t hide that way and I don’t care for those who do. I am openly explicitly White.

    I ask of everything: Is this good for Whites?

    • They are in fact NOT USING EUPHEMISMS.

      They really BELIEVE their nonsense.

      They are a FAITH BASED community at their root.

      As the author stated…

      “Many conservatives are wasting time trying to be nice and inclusive.
      They are always making exceptions or ignoring the hard facts that tend
      to be common denominators in many of the truly horrific crimes that are
      being committed across our country daily.People who hold positions of
      power or who have vehicles to get the message out to large groups of
      people completely ignore this or beat around the bush about it. Everyone
      pretends it’s not happening or that we should be a little nicer or
      maybe it will change if we have just “one more conversation.”

    • Thing is the Western values that the Western nations champion overseas are liberal, yet conservatives cheer on the wars that are the vehicles for this. They are hypocrites!

  • Conservsatism is dead, but defeating the Court Jews who have wisely inserted themselves into Trumpism will be much more difficult. THAT is the real battle. Conservatives are now a joke, utterly defeated, their will broken.

  • It blows my mind how white people are literally scared to give attention to the thoughts I know they have about race relations & even the JQ. They put those thoughts & question in the back of their minds & willingly allow themselves to be fooled. White people are our biggest problem. If they would just wake up our race would be unconquerable! I am always planting seeds, pointing out things that I hope will trigger a white person into those uncontrollable thoughts that will lead to redpilling. But I see so many whites act like I am trying to make them drink poison.

    • Use these helpful tips.

      This list of talking points is a living document:


      *If France is 100% African, is it still France?

      *If an area is 100% diverse, it’s 0% white. Diversity just means non-White.

      *Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.

      *If diversity is so great, why do Whites consistently avoid the most diverse neighborhoods?

      *If race is just a social construct, how can it logically coexist with the idea of “white privilege”?

      *If Western society is so oppressive for non-Whites, why do they flock here by the millions?

      *White people make up 8% of the world population – at what percent will Whites be allowed to act in their own interests?

      *Isn’t the word “minority” misleading? After all, Whites are only 8% of
      the world population and by far the smallest major racial grouping

      *Whites were 28% of the world population in 1950, and they’re at 8%
      today – they’re shrinking relatively and absolutely every year – isn’t
      this a problem?

      *Why is racial pride encouraged for Blacks, Asians, Hebrews, Latinos, Indians and Arabs, but discouraged for Whites?

      *Why is mass non-white immigration pushed in only and all White countries without a vote?

      *Politically incorrect is just a codeword for the truth

      *If diversity is so great, why does it require a police state to keep the peace?

      *When Han Chinese immigrants flood Tibet without a vote, the world calls
      it genocide. When non-White immigrants flood formely White countires
      without a vote, the world calls it our “moral obligation.”

      *If an African elephant is born in an Ireland zoo, is it an Irish elephant?

      *If Trump gets elected, you say you’re moving to Canada. Why aren’t you going to move to Mexico?

      *How much is “White privilege” really worth when Jews and Asians have
      more degree holders and higher incomes on average than Whites?

      *What does “White privilege” get you in (insert dangerous Western area
      here – ex: Rotherham, Malmo, Detroit, South Africa, Zimbabwe, No-Go
      zones, Calais, etc.) ?

      *Western colonization caused strife because they tried to assimilate
      native populations to their foreign culture. How is that any different
      than forcing Whites to accept and embrace non-European cultures in their
      native lands? Won’t this just lead to more strife?


      *You can objectively see differences between dog breeds, but when it
      comes to people, we’re all just “one human race” despite quantifiable

      *If you believe in evolution, how can you claim there’s “one human
      race”? Various races developed in isolation for tens of thousands of
      years – is it scientific to presume we’re all the same?

      *If race is only skin deep, why do some races consistently have higher
      SAT scores than others across all socioeconomic backgrounds?

      *If race is only skin deep, why can scientists determine a person’s race by examining their saliva (eg 23andMe)?


      *Only 1.6% of US citizens owned slaves in 1860, when slavery was at its
      peak – why should the 98.4% be held guilty for something they didn’t do
      over 150 years later?

      *Every civilization on Earth participated in slavery. Whites were the
      first race in history to abolish slavery, however it’s still common
      among Arabs, Indians and Africans.

      *There were over 3,500,000 White slaves castrated, raped, and tortured
      in the North African Barbary slave trade, which happened at the same
      time as the Triangular slave trade. Why are Whites uniquely held guilty
      of slavery, and why is North African slave trade ignored?

      *Per capita, Hebrews owned just as many slaves as European-Americans.
      Why are only European-Americans held guilty? (if they reply “Muh
      Holocaust”, see Talking Point regarding Holomodor below)


      *”Native Americans” descended from proto Indo-Europeans settled in
      modern day Siberia. DNA of Native American fossils predating Columbus
      show an admixture of European and Central Asian DNA. In other words, the
      first wave of American settlers were, in large part, White. (source:

      *The oldest fossils in modern day Turkey reveal it was settled by
      Indo-Europeans. If Europeans don’t belong in America, then Arabs don’t
      belong in Turkey (Anatolia), right?

      *Do you support Indian Reservations? (yes) Then you support segregation.
      Are Whites entitled to a homeland too, or is that only for non-Whites?

      *How can you be against Europeans settling America, but support Arab
      migration to the West? If you think each group deserves an ethnic
      homeland based on their genetic ancestry, what business do Arabs have
      moving to Europe and America?


      *Why should Europeans fight and die in Syria when Syrian fighting-age men will be on a government financed vacation in Europe?

      *Why are the “refugees” 80% male? Why are they leaving their wives and children behind if their homelands are so dangerous?

      *How can we reliably vet out terrorists in a massive hoard of
      undocumented Muslims? If just 1 in 1000 turn are terrorists, sooner or
      later it will lead to violence and death in our country. How many
      innocent (American/French/British etc.) lives is it worth to help these
      people? 100? 1000?

      *There is a strong correlation between growing Arab populations in
      Europe and number of rapes. For example in Sweden, rape has gone from
      about 9 per 100k in 2003 to 37 per 100k in 2008, where a 5% Muslim
      population committed 77% of the rapes. How many more innocent (Germans,
      Americans, etc.) should get raped by Arabs before we reconsider
      immigration policies? 10000? 1 million? (source:

      MUH JQ:

      *Why does Israel promote open borders in Europe & the US, but not in Israel?

      *Why do dual passport Israelis promote nationalism in their own country but socialism in Western countries?

      *If diversity is so great, why is Israel building walls and deporting Africans to keep it out?

      *How many people died in the Holocaust? (answers 6M) How many people
      died in the Holomodor, the Soviet Purges, and the genocides committed by
      the Ottoman Empire? (doesn’t know – it’s 6M, 60M, and 2.5M,
      respectively) Why do you know the history of one genocide, but not the
      history of others?

      *How many Jews died in WW2? (6M) How many Americans died? (uhhhm…) 420,000

      *America is only 2% Jewish, but America’s billionaires are 48% Jewish – why are they so over-represented?

      *America is only 2% Jewish, but they control 70% of America’s wealth (

      *The world is only 0.2% Jewish, but they make up 11% of the worlds billionaires – why are they so overrepresented?

      *All things equal, a Jewish student is 47 times more likely to be accepted in an Ivy League school than a White student(

      *Did you know 6 Jewish owned companies control 96% of the media?

      *Why are both the GOP and the Dem Party supported by the Big Five (banks)? Doesn’t that seem a little shady?


      *Why don’t feminists protest the Rotherham incident? (What incident?)
      1400 children were raped, kidnapped, and sexually abused by Arabs in a
      small British town and the media was totally silent.

      *Why do feminists only speak up when it involves white men? Statistics
      tell us that POC commit the vast majority of rapes per capita across the
      US and Western Europe, isn’t that a problem too?

      *How come no one follows the rape epidemic in Sweden? Followed by South
      Africa, it’s the rape capital of the world – 1 in 4 Swedish women are
      raped, shouldn’t we be talking about it? (Source:

      *Why do feminists support Islam? Women under Sharia law are property of men.

      *On average, there are 0 White on Black rapes and 22,534 Black on White
      rapes per year in the US. Why aren’t feminists talking about this?
      (source: FBI crime stats)


      *70,000 South African Whites have been murdered by blacks since 1994

      *2% of the White population of South Africa has been murdered in the
      first 18 years of democracy (almost exclusively civilians) compared to
      0.02% of the black population killed during Apartheid (which includes
      militant combatants)

      *There were roughly 128,000 commercial farmers in South Africa in 1980. Today there are only 40,000.

      *South African Boer farmers (Whites) have the highest murder rate by profession at 310 per 100,000

      *White South Africans are currently on Genocide Watch


      *You can’t parrot popular narrative and call yourself a rebel.
      Non-conformists and “problematic” ideas are always on the AltRight, not
      the left – it’s not the 1960’s anymore.

      *Do you support environmentalism and animal rights? You realize those
      things only exist in Western Society, right? Are you saying the world is
      better off without those things?

      *(List some interests of your SWPL friend – ex: Folk music, classical
      music, craft beer, farmers markets, organic food, etc) – all these
      things are implicitly white, and would cease to exist without Western


      *What’s more important – a temporary GDP boost, or preserving Western civilization?

      *If Whites become a shrinking minority in the US, do you really think
      Mexicans, Africans, and Muslims will embrace our values and our

      *The US sends Israel $3M every day. Shouldn’t we help our 50,000 homeless veterans first?

      *If the GOP truly cares about White people, why are they constantly
      pushing amnesty and non-White immigration on us without a vote?

      *73% of Mexican immigrant households, 51% of Caribbean immigrant
      households, and 48% of African immigrant households are on welfare in
      the US – why is the GOP pretending more non-White immigration will boost
      our economy? (source:

      with something like “I’m bringing this up because I know you’re open
      minded” or “open do different ideas” – trust me, do this, it works very

      *Stay consistent in your message – DO NOT back pedal or apologize at any point

      *Don’t sperg out, use softeners like “I see why you think that way, but”, “I used to think that way too, but”, etc.

      *Don’t argue or get heated – let them get angry and embarrass themselves if it comes down to it, but always keep your cool

      *Present the facts but let them draw the conclusions – give them the pleasure of

      connecting the (((dots)))

      *Do NOT use any kind of triggering words until they connect the dots – when it

      happens, you’ll know, it’s like a lightbulb turning on

      *Avoid using the word “but”, as it implies you’re disagreeing with
      someone. Instead find was to gently guide them towards agreement – if it
      seems like you’re agreeing with them they’ll be more receptive to your

      *YOU have the moral high ground – they fight for degeneracy and cultural suicide, you fight for the preservation of your people

  • I think the criticisms of Coulter and Carlson are unfair here. Coulter explained what she was doing by accepting every ridiculous precondition set down by the UC administration: it was malicious complilance. They wanted to make her cave. She wanted them to explicitly withdraw the invitation. And they did. Then they didn’t. Then she caved later, it is true.

    As for Carlson: he is at least drawing attention to these attacks. He is giving them coverage, which others will not do. Carlson is at least making a play for a younger demographic than the aging boomers who (inexplicably) made O’Reilly a cable phenomenon.

    The fact is, there is a line, which you cannot cross and still be within the pale of respectable opinion. Coulter and Carlson know exactly where that line is. And what is beyond it. If they did cross it, they would be de-platformed. It’s better to have voices like Coulter and Carlson speaking (implicitly) on our side, than to not have them speaking at all.

    As for most of the rest of “conservative” opinion – your point is quite apt.

      • I never pay attention to Cucker Carlson but Coulter is clearly on our side although always careful to avoid stepping over the line that would get her de-platformed, as Cain said.

        Coulter is 100% wise to the Jewish problem and she has taken the Paul Ramsey route of pointing out the hypocrisy of “Jew Nationalism ok, White Nationalism bad” – in public. That was pure win.

        Although I suspect that Cucker Carlson is also completely wise to the Jew problem as well. The infamous incident when Jon Stewart Liebowitz attacked Carlson while sucking up to his Jewish partner on his old show had to have wised him up. The stupid bow tie gimmick was always a clear dog-whistle that meant “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.”

        So maybe, just maybe, Carlson will go full Kevin MacDonald at some point, hopefully exposing Mossad asset Jared Kushner and his father’s criminality.

        Consider that even the Israeli astroturf sites like Breitbart and Rebel Media can’t keep things “Zionist Kosher” without driving their audience away, they have to allow at least a bit of pushback on those issues in order to maintain even a shred of credibility.

        I’m convinced that once MacDonald’s analysis of the Jewish problem goes mainstream we’ve basically won. Pro-whiteness is already there, just barely under the surface. The “establishment” is afraid of letting it surface completely precisely because the Jews know they have a lot to answer for. But when White people start pushing back on the Blacks, Browns, and Muslims it’s only a matter of time before they see the “whites” who are pushing anti-whiteness aren’t exactly, er, “Euro-Christians.”

        I give it until the end of Trump’s term and it’s on.

        • Rebel Media in particular did a revealing 180.
          First they did their “AltRight is stupid” bit with that Shabbos Somali kid, but now they are covering AltRight events and issues fairly consistently.
          They know theyd be shooting themselves in the foot to continue insulting race realists. But this reveals that as allies they are ultimately unprincipled.

          • Recently the Jew CEO of Rebel Media did an interview with an Australian Antifa – I doubt it was even a real Antifa, he came across like an actor. It was so obviously set up to make the dorky Jewish CEO come across as reasonable and the “goy” Antifa come across as really dumb and very nervous. To be lectured to by a neocon Zionist Jew about “free speech” and “liberals are the real racists” is beyond parody. But how effective is it, really? People watch the Rebel media people because they are sometimes amusing and they make fun of the lowest hanging fruit – “Social Justice Warriors.”

            In a lot of ways these Jews are doing us a huge favor. How many times can the average White person hear “Jewish nationalism is mandatory, but White nationalism is terrible” before they put two and two together?

            I want White nationalists to be waiting with open arms when the average normie White finally gets sick of the Jew double talk.

          • WNs will be waiting a very, very long time for normies to get sick of being lied to by the jews. I think we can -and should- start the White Revolution without them.

        • I don’t want to name names but Carlson employed some people from the Sailersphere (which could be called a part of the proto-Alt-Right) as writers for his site, and presumably used their blog content as a resume. So he was at least once upon a time reading HBD/race realist stuff and saw fit to associate with and employ people who were writing about it.

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