Virtue Of The West – The Golden One

The Golden One, Marcus Follin, joins the ladies of Virtue of the West to talk about aesthetics, antifa versus nationalists and MGTOW (men going their own way).

Tara McCarthy
the authorTara McCarthy
Tara McCarthy is the host of Reality Calls, a podcast dedicated to making Western Civilization great again. Tara is also the co-host of the show, Virtue of the West.


  • And Swedish food is highly processed. Lots of processed meats and they are not made the old fashioned way like Americans who dream away about this stuff believe them to be. They are full of E this and E that and msg (smakforstarkare they call it) and glucose syrup in near everything. They also eats lot of industrially produced pasteurized canned goods not the healthy fermented kind.

    Let’s not tell lies about the Swedish diet. Oh yea, and then there are all the tasteless nutritionally deficient vegetables imported from hydroponic grow houses in Holland where they are grown under florescent lights that are on 24 hours a day in a liquid solution that only provides what is needed to grow the plant the fastest. That is true of all of NW Europe. If you want home grown healthy foods grown in sunlight then you have to go to Eastern Europe and there it is also changing rapidly as they “modernize” their economies (have been doing this for 20 something years now).

    We need to be honest about this stuff. NW Europe is a factory farm and the food is not what people dream it is.

  • What he said about not having fat people in Sweden is definitely not true. Rural Sweden is very obese. If you walk around Gamla Stan in Stockholm where all the uppity ups go to be seen then you won’t see it. Get out into the “real” Sweden and it is depressing.

    • Germany too. And fat Germans were all morbidly obese, like 300-400 pounds. Very few German fat people were a little overweight with a beer gut.

      • It’s a problem of the modern world not just the USA. Besides the bread, I found German food to be terrible, cheap factory food sold at stores with names like Penny, literally. Though you could buy better food for a high price. Only the poorer countries in Eastern Europe where you might find some homegrown produce at the local market have any decent food. The Balkans still has some good food but even they complain it is being ruined.

        We just have to realize we live in a perverted, materialist world and it pervades every aspect of our lives. Any movement on the Right to restore sanity and health must have a strong element of a return to Nature and her laws.

        Also, take away the Blacks and Hispanics from the obesity stats in the USA and though still fat not nearly as fat.

  • White Female Beauty……….

    Unmatched and Unparalleled……

    Sorry, Anglin…..

    I’m feeling Serene today……


    We’ll see what happens tomorrow……

    • All you see at Daily Stormer are beta morons calling all white women whores. Anglin does it too. He blames his own race-mixing with Asian women on white women which is fallacious and pathetic.

      • Hostile attitudes toward women are highly correlated with watching porn. Considering that the (((Daily Stormer))) loves nothing more than to post pictures of “Blacks on Blondes” then talk about how all white women secretly long for black men – I’m guessing that the (((Daily Stormer))) is full of young boys who frequently masturbate to cuckold pornography.

        • It’s easy to slip into amateur psychology (what all white women want….which web site has the most masturbaters) but never useful really. White men get stirred up by attractive young white women, it has always been thus, but I can’t see any value in calling any women who are even vaguely alt-right nasty names.

        • Explain why majority of open borders advocates are comprised of white women and beta orbiter white knight cucks like you?

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