Mexico Rated the World’s Second Deadliest Conflict Area After Syria

A new report has come out showing that Mexico is almost as war-torn as Syria.

Did you know this? Does your average American know this? Shouldn’t we be informed about the state of our southern neighbor, after all, having an almost failed state on your border would seem to be a bit of a security problem. Perhaps the media doesn’t report on this because then Americans would start to worry even more about border security. From the report:

Syria’s six-year war came in first for most dangerous conflict for the fifth consecutive year, as 2016 saw 50,000 casualties in the area, by some estimates.

And According to the The Armed Conflict Survey 2017, an annual report analyzing global conflicts and casualties:

There were 23,000 deaths in Mexico in 2016 connected to the fight against drug cartels. Published Tuesday by the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS), the survey found that “scant attention” has been paid to Central American drug wars, with 16,000 deaths combined coming from Honduras, Ecuador and El Salvador.

It gets better:

IISS Director General and Chief Executive John Chipman said in the report, “The death toll in Mexico’s conflict surpasses those for Afghanistan and Somalia. This is all the more surprising, considering that the conflict deaths are nearly all attributable to small arms. Mexico is a conflict marked by the absence of artillery, tanks or combat aviation.”

That’s right, this is all being done with small arms or cold steel.

It is very rare for criminal violence to reach a level akin to armed conflict. But this has happened in the Northern Triangle of Central America (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) and, especially, Mexico. In all four countries, armed forces have been deployed for many years specifically to fight criminal gangs and, in the case of Mexico, transnational drug-trafficking cartels, with military-grade weapons and vast financial resources.

So let’s just call the situation out for what it is, Mexico is on the verge of becoming a failed state. If we do not get that wall up fast there may be a torrent of refugees if the cartels step up their violence even more and the Mexican government is unable to deal with the violence. According to the article, the situation is really getting that serious. In just the last couple of years, men in Mexico saw three years shaved off their life expectancy.

We don’t just need a wall, we may need to send the National Guard to the border soon.

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  • A couple of things to consider. No true American should vacation in Mexico. Boycott products from Mexico. Jose kills a cop in Anaheim and goes back to Mexico, no problem. He will not be extradited because Mexico does not have a death penalty or even life in prison with no parole. So our friends to the South harbor murderers, child molesters, rapists because the American justice system is too punitive. If Patriots stopped vacationing in Mexico, those people would have a wall built at their expense in no time at all. Take away tourist dollars and the whole country will tank. I do have a question concerning our military. Maybe somebody out there has the answer. For decades we trained mexican soldiers at our ranger school in Fort Benning. They got back home went AWOL and went to work for the cartels just as fast as they could where they made damn good money. Please tell me we are no longer providing special ops. training for mexicans.

  • America should be carpet bombing Mexico and clearing out every mestizo town within 100 miles of the Rio Grande. That’s military action I’d support.

  • Perhaps Mexico’s implosion is just the casus belli we need to get the wall built and preserve some of Trump’s political capital for mass deportations/abolishment of anchor babies.

  • In addition to Mexico is the Carribean region. Venezuela has collapsed. Inflation is around 800% and could reach 1600% in 2017. She also has the “petrocaribe” which is a program to subsidize oil for the Carribean region and begun in 2005

    Since Venezuela has collapsed so has this program and the economic catastrophe of Venezuela is spreading to the Carribean region. That means refugees from S. America, Central America, the Carribean to Mexico could head into the US

    • Marathon-Youth As rich in oil Venezuela is, I actually could see all of south America breaking away from the dollar and using petroleum to help stabilize the region.

      • David
        Good point and could happen but Brazil is also in a crisis mainly due to the collapse of the commodity market. Like Venezuela Brazil also has vast oil reserves but the price of metals and minerals has collapsed, which is one of Brazil’s major exports.

  • Anti-whites will just say all the more reason we have to let them in for humanitarian reasons. As long as white people are demoralized and therefore incapable of coming to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, we’re going to have non-whites flooding in. Sure, a wall can help, but the important task is to deprogram white people, win the propaganda war and take power. Trump himself said the wall would have a big, beautiful door. Borders don’t mean anything if anyone can be an American.

    • Wasn’t it the city council of New Orleans that ordered it torn down? Aren’t they majority dindu? Most dindus adhere to one or another of the snake-handling type of Christianity so popular in the South, don’t they?

  • Mexico would improve with a Duterte like dictator. Democracy only works in high IQ, homogeneous societies.

      • I’m not advocating democracy, I’m saying democracy is a clusterfuck disaster everywhere but places like Japan or Finland.

    • I agree with you to a degree. Dictators are used by countries like the United States to preserve the country’s natural resources till they are needed; dictators are easy to remove in their arrogance. Prior to NAFTA, the US stirred up politics in Columbia (Panama Canal), later on we prepped central America for NAFTA with people like Oliver North dicking around down in Honduras and Nicaragua; gorilla’s and contras… I think it was.

      Democracy contradicts the very tenets from which it’s comprised of; another words democracy has an expiration date and our founding fathers knew all to well about this. Buzz words like Equality, Fraternity, and Brotherhood sound and appeal to the average Joe but they have no root in a country that is comprised of immigrants. We are not all equal, far from it. I prefer a Republic, even the sound of it resonates masculinity. Right? Democracy sounds like a trial drug, “what the hell let’s try it for a while…”. Off subject are you really masquerading around as a Jew with that avatar name? I joke with my avatar too.

      • Yes, I even got the NY Times covering me. Jews change their names to appear white, why can’t we throw it back at them to look like a Jew?

    • I got a laugh out of reading that a notorious Ohio employer of illegal aliens met with President Trump the other day, and claimed he wants stronger controls of H2B temporary immigrants. Yeah, right.

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