Heralds of a New Age

The end of History is the notion that there is no more struggle. – Richard Spencer

Let us not fool ourselves. We knew what was going to happen in both the Netherlands and France. Of course, we all wanted Wilders and Le Pen to win their respective elections, yet deep down we knew who would emerge triumphant. The dismay over these losses, though, begs the question as to why we cling to false hopes of what would have been mostly empty victories. We do so because we have yet to learn that victory does not come without struggle. Any victory worthy of the name is hard-fought.

Struggle is not the stress and frustration of assisting in a campaign for an elected leader. Struggle is not debates amongst peers, sharing memes, and posting facts online in petty attempts at persuasion. It is not suffering the disappointment of a lost cause. Struggle is a longer, much more arduous road which demands sacrifices we have yet to give.

Struggle is an unending cycle of small and monumental victories as well as minor and catastrophic defeats. Each defeat we learn from, and each victory won is a milestone earned. The knowledge gleaned from each illuminates the path forward just enough that we might see the next one coming. In this way victory and defeat come together in a synthesis wherein one can be only be properly understood in relation to the other.

We cannot deceive ourselves into believing that the globalist establishment can be crushed from the top down if we lack any semblance of a foundation upon which to rebuild. We would do well to avoid cluttering our minds with such stifling, wishful thinking. Our movement is grassroots. It is a slow, bottom-up approach which will gather steam only after we create an organic, solidary movement of Europeans at the local level.

Only when we have this foundation can we possibly hope to expand upwards and outwards. We must dispense with any illusions that we will somehow be able to elect our views into power at the highest levels and that they will somehow win hearts and minds while trickling downward. Even if we were capable of such a thing, it would not do us much good in that an effortless victory would render many of us complacent. This phenomenon is playing out rather early with Donald Trump’s presidency. He campaigned using many of the same talking points the Alt-Right has used for years, yet he almost immediately began backtracking on his promises as soon as he took office. Those who still support him are stuck trying to rationalize his every move. This is because he was never truly one of us, and however closely the views of Wilders and Le Pen might parallel the Alt-Right’s, we know that neither of them are truly one of us.

That being said, I implore all Europeans worldwide to not be discouraged at the recent political defeats suffered in Europe. They are necessary, not unfortunate. The ruins of their failures pave the way for us. Our movement will carry on without them.

Just as a dying star grows larger and consumes everything within its bloated grasp, so too does the Liberal Establishment that reigns over us today. The cultural and spiritual void within it grows larger as it burns through what little fuel it has left. Once it begins to crumble under the weight of its own vices and its light starts to dim, it will reach out wildly looking to take everything it can down with it.  Despite its recent victories, the globalist hegemony of Liberalism is entering into its final stages of viability, and from the chaotic death of the old age, a new star is rising to take its place. Young and vibrant, our movement is growing stronger each day with fresh minds and new talents, preparing to usher in a new age of politics.

With this fresh injection of youthful vigor, our movement has become more intelligent, nimble, and conscientious than ever. It is the reactionary antithesis of the preceding age. Its membership is comprised of those who have suffered and survived with sound minds the adversity heaved upon them by their forebears’ decision to relinquish struggle for comfort. A new generation of Culture-Bearers is taking the world stage.

The moribund values of Liberal Modernism, Egalitarianism, Individualism, Moral Relativism, Materialism, and Multiculturalism have been wholly rejected as anathema to the spirit of the new age heralded by the Alt-Right. This age signals the dawn of the resurgence of Authority, embracing Idealism over Sensualism, Faith over Rationalism, Rank over Class, Merit over Privilege, and Hierarchy over Equality. The Alt-Right possesses a determined will-to-power unceasing in its goal of European solidarity and survival.

It will endure.

Just a few short years ago the Alt-Right was viewed as an anachronism, a faded vestige of an antiquated worldview, scorned and left for dead. Yet because of our relentless struggle to be heard we are quickly shedding that perception. We proclaim that we are here, we are not going away, and we will not back down. To do so would be to dishonor ourselves and the forerunners of our cause. The voices of our predecessors echo down from the ages past saying “Onward!”, and onward we shall proceed.

We refuse to be pushed aside and ignored a moment longer. We have thrown our hat in the ring and we will lead the fight for the future of Europeans everywhere with an intensity never before witnessed in modern times. Every act of our will helps to sharpen the weapon with which our future leaders will deliver the death-blow to an age living on borrowed time. Our actions today clear the path for those emerging from the age of decadence to lead us in tomorrow’s struggle. The Alt-Right rises with a steel resolve from the ashes of depravity with an unbreakable conviction to reclaim the European birthright.

Ours is not merely a political, social, or economic movement. It is a profoundly revolutionary and spiritual reconception of the European culture-soul which draws upon the wisdom of heroes past, lessons from battles lost, and aspirations of future glories yet to come. We aim to sweep aside convention, to do away with the usurers, the international financiers,  and the rest of the soulless, parasitic exploiters whose ill-gotten gains are derived from our misfortune. The new age will rout the traitorous politicians from their nests of iniquity, disposing of the globalist politics of yesteryear, turning the wheels of fate, giving rise to a new and higher destiny.

Vested interests in all spheres take heed. The boar is most dangerous when backed into a corner, for a lack of options unleashes a ferocity unmatched. The time for honoring gold above blood is at an end. We will no longer allow ourselves to be sacrificed at the altar of Mammon nor as pawns in your globalist agenda. Abdication of what have until now been inscrutable seats of power will not be penance enough. You will atone for your betrayal and the sins committed against your posterity one way or another; this is certain.

Therefore we extend a welcoming hand to the disenfranchised, the alienated, the atomized, and the despondent. We ask you not to lose hope. We invite you to join us in reigniting the flame of Tradition, renewing the long severed bonds between kith and kin, in restoring honor to our people, and an appreciation of our culture and history.

Help us to stir the collective will to live among those whose outlook is blinded by nihilism. Stand with us as we welcome the dawning of a new age, a new star which burns with the ferocity of a thousand suns. May it light a flame that the passage of time will never extinguish, and guide us as we march shoulder to shoulder in struggle for new prosperities and victories yet unwon. This is our proclamation to the world: that Europe still lives, and it shall live on!

Jossur Surtrson
the authorJossur Surtrson


  • There is nothing wrong with a bit of egalitarianism in a nation state. What is wrong is UNIVERSALISM. Egalitarianism in reasonable amounts is totally necessary to make the social contract and nationalism work. Don’t confuse egalitarianism within a ethnic group with universalism for all peoples of the world or groups inside a cuckolding civic state. An “elitist” (Stupid people believing they are elite but who are soon to be butraped.) nationalism is doomed to fail. We must use the power of populism. The wisdom of the crowds of cause whit the help of visionary individuals is much more antifagile than the “strongman” approach.

    • I see what you’re saying. In the context of an all white society, if there are massive gaps in wealth, racial tensions will be replaced with class tensions. I do think hierarchy is important though. If gives people at the bottom something to work towards, and people higher up on the social ladder something to hold on to. It gives life meaning. Meritocracy is the important thing.

  • The Primary Goal of the Alt-Right should be to Celebrate White People giving birth to White Progeny……

    That doesn’t mean there aren’t Other Goals and Objectives…..

    There are PLENTY…….

    But, all the Other Goals…….should serve that Primary Goal and Purpose…….

    Because, if not……

    Then, what is the Point of the Alt-Right??

  • Just saw small snippet of Charles Barkley and Richard Spencer on you*tube. They can’t say your not trying Richard! PS. Fun thing about alcohol, when you’re deprived of water in your body, your cheeks become rosy red particularly during a uncomfortable setting that you were placed in. James Bond Drinking 101 Lots of water friend!

  • For me Trump is a classic example of dealing with the “Deep State” the established elite and Liberalism.
    the problem is they fight back and they have the power. American Jews control our media, dictate our liberal policies and are the power against Trump as in Soros and the “Deep State”

    Using that as an example Europeans seeking to break free of the European Union will face attacks from the EU. The EU is a liberal bureaucratic nightmare created and controlled by European Jews. The same aspects of a goal, the defeat, the set back, the struggle I see both in Trump and the European Nationalists.

    One cannot condemn Trump for failing in some aspects while promoting hope for European Nationalists who have faced a set back

  • “Struggle is an unending cycle of small and monumental victories as well as minor and catastrophic defeats.”

    White Americans especially have been brainwashed by decades of Hollywood movies to believe that everything follows a simple plot line: conflict, then a gunfight, then the good guys win and everyone lives happily ever after in the Glorious Future/After the Revolution/Restoration/Day of the Rope/what have you.

    The entire WN movement since the days of Rockwell peddled this Hollywood script. Pierce’s fiction gives us the comical idea that “WN guerrilla forces” will steal a nuke and blow up half the country, Lane’s fiction gives us the even more comical fantasy of living in the woods and forming “raiding parties” to kidnap White girls to become submissive White Mormon brides for the guerrillas, and comics like the “North West Front” actually organize Live Action Role Play for these exact ideas. More “serious” people will tell us we just have to wait for the Great Economic Collapse then somehow Whites will take power and do something or other.

    The reality is there isn’t going to be any “Revolution” nor a “Collapse” nor a “Restoration.” Life will go on as usual. The game is EVOLUTION, not revolution. Small, incremental steps: the White cause literally advances one White baby at a time.

    Taking Spencer’s ideas seriously, we want to worry less about borders on a map – even walls – and instead promote a White Consciousness – globally, in fact – to “become who we are.” That means not LARPing as movements of the past but instead actually living in the present with an eye to the future. It’s certainly possible and we’ve been given a golden opportunity in America and Europe to do just that.

    • We definitely need more Hipster Racists and White Babies.

      I think reaching out to poor Whites is a great way to build the movement. I’ve had many middle-class+ White people tell me that Whiteness doesn’t exist, that it’s just a construct, that I should concentrate on ethnic identities (Irish, Italian, German, etc.) instead of something as nebulous and ill-defined as “Whiteness.” I’ve tried pointing out that when they’re walking down the street people don’t see French/German/Scottish-Americans or Hungarian/Dutch/Irish-Americans, they see White people. But they just can’t or don’t Get It.

      Poor Whites have been called “poor White trash” all their lives and know exactly what they are. They’ve never had the luxury of being the dominant culture and they know what they face in a non-White America. (Hint: it doesn’t involve sitting around campfires singing “Kumbayah”). They are in desperate need of help and right now nobody is offering them a damn thing. Set up some food banks and give them a couple modest community centers. Let them know that they’re Europa’s Children and the heart and soul of America: show them there is somebody out there who cares about their well-being and who sees them as something more than a resource to exploit and the butt of an inbreeding joke. You don’t even need to be discriminatory in your policies: all you need to do is go to lily-white and dirt-poor communities scattered all across America and tell them you’re not helping them because you want them to join your movement, you’re helping them because they are White and it’s your duty to raise up your people. And you’d not only do a great deal of good, you’d garner yourself many supporters from a culture where loyalty is important and so is knowing how to fight.

      Offering job training and GED classes to ex-convicts would be another good way of developing a movement. (You’d need to do what Scientology did with Synanon and create a shell corporation as most parole officers take a dim view of parolees associating with “racist” organizations that aren’t Black or Latino). There are plenty of racially aware White folk in prison, and there is also a crying need for organizations that help ex-convicts with re-entry into free society. Meeting that need could make a big difference in the lives of our poorest and most disempowered White brothers and sisters. They may have made some bad choices, but they have served their time and they deserve a chance to move on.

      These would all be resource and labor-intensive but I think they are doable and would do more to ensure the survival of our movement and our People than any hundred blogs.

  • The prog establishment has pulled out all the stops just to hang on. Now they think in terms of the next year, or even the next quarter. They aren’t capable of bleeding off the head of social pressure which is slowly building up. The great mistake we in the folkish/identitarian tendency made for years was thinking that we could generate a powerful countermovement by force of will when the required social pressure was absent. There might have been a small window in the 60s and early 70s when the change was so sudden and dramatic that many people were seriously upset.

  • Help us to stir the collective will to live among those whose outlook is blinded by nihilism.

    Ironically the Jews in the culture-producing industries – Hollywood, academia, literature, advertising – have done some of the work for us because of their success in spreading nihilism and demoralization in white societies. They have desensitized us to their own propaganda: If nothing matters in life, then racism, misogyny and the Holocaust don’t matter, either. This gives us a wedge for rebuilding a system of values which makes sense and nurtures white people who have tired of all the Jewish negativity about our people and our accomplishments.

  • The Alt Right’s world view has become the new humanism, in that we have a vision of human flourishing and the good life based on a rational understanding of man’s nature: That man finds his fulfillment by living in extended families, tribes and nations of people who share a common historical ancestry and a common culture.

    This perspective contrasts sharply with our elites’ childish and damaging utopianism, which advocates merging humanity into one huge ball of fungible mystery meat, like the heat death of the humans species, where no one has roots, traditions or a sense of identity, and regardless of how much suffering this social engineering causes to the individuals ripped from their families and homelands and thrown into the blender of diversity, inclusion and equality.

    Who really shows the mature, responsible philosophy of life here?

  • This would make an inspirational video. Well timed, I know I needed a reminder of what we are about.

  • The Alt-Right should aspire, eventually, to become a society within society. Employing, hiring and buying each others services, teaching our children, ensuring our collective wellbeing and and livelihoods. Building our own networks of self-reliance and confidence.

    • Remember NPI’s “Phalanx Society?” It seemed to have been modeled on traditional American civic fraternities, like the American Masons and even the Mormons. The old Mind Weapons in Ragnarok blog always discussed Whites thinking of themselves as a market dominant minority in the vein of Jews and overseas Chinese and gave practical advice for how to grow small businesses that do just that.

      • I have only heard reference to the “Phalanx Society” in passing. Where can I read more about its mission statement?

      • Good comment – I think Amy Chua was the first to write about Market Dominate Minorities in her book “World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability” published in 2004.

    • Agreed,we must re-colonise,build strong European roots where ever we live,spread the word and if necessary move to an all white area.Nothing worthwhile was ever won easily.

    • Great comment. Amy Chua would agree with you, She wrote “World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability” in which she introduced the idea of “Market Dominate Minorities” and the qualities that made them successful. Networking was #1 but also group solidarity and contempt for host country laws – Market Dominate Minorities cheat on taxes, employee illegals, and don’t give a hoot about the mores of the host country.

  • Good article. I’ve been saying for awhile that we (the alt-right) should be using grassroots European groups like Golden Dawn and Casapound as our model. Too many people thought we could vote in an anti-establishment right winger and he/she would do the work for us. We’re gonna have to work for this and start from the ground up.

    “Legionary life is beautiful, not because of riches, partying or the acquisition of luxury, but because of the noble comradeship which binds all Legionaries in a sacred brotherhood of struggle.” – Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

    • We have American equivalents of GD and Casapound that have the advantage of a significant amount of already existing infrastructure that only needs to be taken over. Europe and American are different enough societies that things don’t always translate directly.

      • I don’t know of any current American or Canadian Far-Right groups that have reached the status/accomplishments of a GD or CP. But yeah, radical political groups tend to thrive in economically depressed areas and America isn’t really at that point yet.

        • I’m not talking about “far right” groups I’m talking about implicit “pro-white” groups. Waiting around for an economic collapse seems like a waste of time, and trying to shoehorn Greek and Italians models into America, outside of insular Greek and Italian communities, seems ill-advised at best.

          For serious people who are interested in organizing community groups that fulfill some of the functions that GD and CP do, in America we have these groups ready to be taken over by enterprising Whites.

          • I never said you should wait around for an economic collapse. I just acknowledged this has been a factor that has attracted people to these groups.

            What groups are you talking about?


            Almost all of these groups are 99% White, all of them have suffered a massive drop in membership starting with the advent of Television, which makes them ripe for takeover. Most of them have significant infrastructure, everything from real estate to insurance companies to credit unions to financial capital. Most have recognized brand names that are extremely well integrated into existing communities and are impervious to smears by the likes of $PLC and ADL.

            Spencer attempted to bootstrap such a group with his Phalanx project – I applaud him, it was a great idea and one I’ve been suggesting for nearly a decade. However it may be easier to simply infiltrate the existing groups and not start from scratch, that way you have the benefit of existing infrastructure.

            Golden Dawn and Hezbollah have a lot of support from their respective communities because they are not simply political groups, they also serve social and welfare functions. It’s easy to get support from a community when you provide tangible benefits to that community; American service organizations are already set up to do this. All you have to is show up and start working.

            Patrick Le Brun of Counter Currents, Kievsky of MindWeaponsInRagnarok and myself at AryanSkynet have covered this strategy extensively.


          • Hipster Racist or should I say, Brandon Adamson of Phoenix, AZ.? So you, like most Arabic Royalty, likes poems? You’re not faggot are you? You do have a lot of hours using your hands… of course writing that is. Good for you

          • Are you trying to dox me? That’s interesting. AryanSkynet has a post by Brandon Adamson who uses his real name to publish his poetry, here:


            But of course I’m not him. Your post history reveals you do little more than attack and slander people in the white movement, including Spencer and Friberg, usually very typical personal smears, often sexual, very Saul Alinksy style.

            I’m honored to be in the company of such celebrities as Spencer and Friberg, so thanks for that.

          • Hezbollah should be a model to follow, along with the Iron Guard. The
            Guard and
            Hezbollah ran com ops, social services like food kitchens, etc. Getting involved in the community is the best way to gain support.

          • The Black Panthers used to do these things too. Outreach in economically depressed, predominately white regions that have been negatively affected by offshoring of manufacturing jobs are definently areas where we can make gains. All these out of work dudes resorting to suicide and heroin, very well might be open to our message. Their clearly disillusioned with the status quo and aren’t necassarily checking Nazi Twitter or sites like this.

          • One thing to be aware of is that these non-profits are bound by the Civil Rights Act just as any corporation is so even if we do attain governance positions we have to keep the doors open. If you lose non-profit status you simply become a for-profit corporation and are likewise still subject to CRA. It’s one of the biggest problems with organizing in America for us that being an explicitly pro-white organization is essentially banned unless you have no assets. Even with our guys in charge these institutions would have to remain only implicitly white to function as they currently do.

          • Private clubs who do not offer public accommodations are generally not bound by the Civil Rights Act.


            Title II: Outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other public accommodations engaged in interstate commerce; exempted private clubs without defining the term “private”.

            There are grey areas to this particular aspect of law and there have been some conflicting rulings but as of right now it’s perfectly legal to start a private club in most states and only allow who you want to allow. You are probably setting yourself up for trouble if you start the “No Negroes and Jews Allowed Social Club” and advertise it in the local paper, but you can certainly start a Germanic Club, a Sons of Confederate Veterans Club, and even the Heritage America Club and get along just fine.

            In fact I’d love to declare myself a Descendant of the Lost Tribes of Israel and start the “True Jews Club” and force the ADL to sue me over it, I bet that would make for some very interesting legal precedents. You have even more legal room if you start a religious group, there is a very wide latitude in the case of churches.

            There are Mason lodges all around the country that are 100% white and explicitly Christian (i.e., no Jews) despite the fact that it’s “officially” supposed to be open to all races and all religions. In the link I gave above there is an example of a white California Mason being excluded from another Masonic lodge because his lodge was integrated, therefore classified as “Prince Hall” (i.e., black) therefore “not regular.”

            I would suggest however to at least start these things outside of the glare of the public. But I doubt seriously that under a GOP DOJ there will be Civil Rights lawsuits against non-high-profile community groups for being “too white.”

          • Beyond a certain relatively small size private clubs must incorporate. Otherwise they can’t fund raise, et cetera. It appears these clubs have a lot of latitude on paper but the ‘public accommodation’ clause is very subjective and the larger the club the more likely it will be considered to “effect commerce”. So the status of these clubs as being merely places to socialize may be a function of their size and wealth drawing the Eye of ZOG upon them.

            I’ll read more into what is possible and past cases of non-profit fraternal orders and others getting ‘dinged’ when I have the time.

          • Clearly, if you were to start a powerful pro-white national organization you are going to get some pushback. Nevertheless, white private clubs are legal, they exist now, they have some legal protection, and there is no reason for people who are interested in building white institutions to NOT go and do just that.

          • For a while now I’ve had this crazy idea of collaborating with politically minded Euros in establishing a bank. Don’t have a clue myself how to accomplish this, but I think financial institutions are the royal road to power and victory. This is where I think Spencer could be really effective.

          • If you are in America: first, you join one of these civic groups. Then, your group can join a credit union – this makes you literally part owners of the credit union/bank. Then, if your group is big enough, you can either run the credit union or start your own.

          • Why don’t you send me an email at hipsterracist (at) and we’ll see about having you do a guest post on your ideas re: citizen banking and Hezbollah (talk about triggering topics!)

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