The Deep State As Liberal Conscience

The Sally Yates hearings were unwatchable Kabuki theater, for after all, Michael Flynn did nothing wrong. But it’s a Watergate simulation that might turn into the next Watergate, so we best pay attention.

There was one exchange, however, between Yates and Sen. Ted Cruz, that was fascinating meta-politically.

In January, then-Acting Attorney General Yates refused to enforce Trump’s travel bans. Trump promptly fired her. (This was back when Trump was still cool.)

Cruz returned to that episode, mansplaining to Yates that, first, foreigners have no Constitutional rights and, second, the President has absolute discretion in national-security matters. Yates’s rejoinder was to cite some other provision about non-discrimination, yadayadayada. . .

Liberals delighted in Yates’s comeback: “You tell that old, White cis-male, girlfriend!” But Yates legal reasoning is extremely disturbing. She is effectively saying that the principle of non-discrimination, specifically on racial and religious grounds, overrides national security concerns or any other.

There’s no point in asking who’s “right” legally speaking, for law itself is ultimately a rationalization of existing power. What’s important is the revelation of the “deep state” as a kind of egalitarian “conscience.” Trump’s populism (however compromised it might be) violates the “source code” (racial egalitarianism) at the heart of the power structure.

Effectively, we cannot discriminate against foreigner even if we wanted to.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Half the white population will need to be exterminated. They will not see the light, ever. The fallout in the chaotic war of all-against-all will settle eventually, and then we can begin again. Until then, cucked whitey must be exposed to the boot stamping on his and her face forever. They are beyond all that is good. Let’s start today.

  • It’s not “legal reasoning,” it’s female emotionalism. Truth is only an instrumental good with women, which is why they cannot be entrusted with authority. They are utterly lawless creatures who know only the ‘will to power’ and the cuck men of the 1910s who gave them the vote should all be dug up from their graves and beaten to death.

  • Liberal attacks on Trump’s ban is based on what he said during the campaign and that alone should not be. For if we can do that then no President stands on solid ground since all of them violated their promises made during the campaign or said things during the campaign that had no relevance later on.

    also the ban is on 7 nations including everyone who is not a Muslim (Christian Atheist). On both counts the liberals are wrong and they are dead wrong on the power of the President and our national security including borders

  • That should would offer a visa granting guideline of not introducing bias…for DHS VISA grantors, as a foreign policy restriction on the president is equal parts hilariously political, and dangerously stupid. Amazingly stupid! She has the geopolitical understanding of a clown.

  • It’s funny how the left uses the term “shut down” to mean “says something I agree with”.

    Yates no more “shut down” Ted Cruz than does a yapping dog “shut down” its owner.

  • “She is effectively saying that the principle of non-discrimination, specifically on racial and religious grounds, overrides national security concerns or any other.”

    I hate to nitpick (perhaps I should have been a lawyer, myself!), but her response, as presented, didn’t actually mention religion.

  • Have long maintained that “liberalism”, as it’s often called, is a religion and — as such — this is a religious conflict at the heart of it. In other words, there is no, and can be no, reasoning with “liberals”.

    Now, say what you want about Christianity, but there are some great truths in it regarding the true nature of man and about the Jews as well.

    Those fundamental truths should not be so casually discarded, IMO.

  • Trump supporters have zero credibility, let’s just accept that so we can move on. Drumpf is a neocon, always was a neocon and is a fake president in thrall to a foreign power. The Trumpfaggotry of 2016 will not be forgotten and Trump supporters are now fully outed as the pathetic cucks and shabbies that they truly are.

    As for the “Deep State”, try to put aside Trumpfag credulity and look at the reality: we still have loyal Americans who stayed at their posts in the security services. It’s still against CIA rules to have “strong ethnic ties”. That’s how foreign spies get ferreted out on a regular basis and then the poor “ethnics” get salty. There is only one ethnic affiliation which is proper in the US government: Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Not “looks huwhite to me”. Not pan-Europeanism. It’s a question of loyalty and security.

    The travel ban is a joke. It’s just typical grovelling to parasite isntreal: countries who don’t recognize isntreal passports were singled out for punishment. Thankfully we still have a few loyal jurists to quash such vile infiltration and treachery.

    Paul / Massie 2020

    • I’m upvoting this for everything except for the Paul shilling. There are indeed “loyal Americans” in the CIA and the “Deep State” is chock full of loyal Americans with no strong foreign “ethnic” ties.

      In fact I’d suggest that the “Alt Right” and that “loyal Deep State” have far closer ties than people realize even though it’s obvious if you spend five minutes thinking. But apparently thinking is not conducive to the internet blog comment box internet points game.

      Trump was a useful tool for the Alt Right, by riding the Trump train it got some publicity. At the end of the day Alt Right faggotry like Pepe cartoons had zero effect on the election – Trump won because Bannon campaigned hard in the Rust Belt on a platform of economic populism. If Paul wants to play with the big boys he needs to drop the autistic Free Market Faggotry and get his nose out of the (((Ayn Rand))) books and deal with racial reality.

      If the Alt Right were smarter they’d be sucking up to the NSA and defending them from (((civil libertarians))) that are upset because they only share 90% of their intel with the shitty little country.

      The Alt Right could drop the “Hitler is my boyfriend” gimmicks and start joining the 21st Century – power is now about data, intel, economic leverage, the long tail and technology. The Alt Right could stop whining about “degeneracy” and instead start, you know, actually making white babies. They could drop the LARPing about “peaceful ethnic cleansing” and learn to live as Whites in a globalized world. FFS, a nationalism based on geography in a world with jet travel and the internet?

      (((Hollywood))) is on its last legs and we have a golden opportunity to start creating a new status system that encourages Whites to do the right thing.

      Anyway we at Aryan Skynet were the ones that influenced Spencer to LARP as James Bond and go the hipster racist route, we developed the “espionage model” of White consciousness and we called Trump as Mossad Tool the day he announced his campaign. Like /pol/ we’re always right.

      • “There are indeed “loyal Americans” in the CIA and the “Deep State” is
        chock full of loyal Americans with no strong foreign “ethnic” ties.”

        You mean no foreign ethnic ties other than Anglomania.

        • It is Anglo-trash who came up with the idea of the melting pot, not the Jews, and encapsulated all European peoples under the vague label of the “white race”.

          • So go back to whichever non-Anglo country you think is better. Also stop speaking English unless you are a cuck for the Anglos. I bet your daughter fucks Anglo boys.

          • Thankfully I don’t live anywhere near anglo-trash, and speaking of your crude, primitive language is part of having to lower oneself to the level of making animal sounds, because that’s the only thing you understand, since most anglo-trash speak only one language and this one with great difficulty. Now before you fuck off with your inbred moaning, I suggest you stop using the words your barbaric language borrowed from the language of my ancestors, which accounts for about 30 per cent, you are way behind the intellectual and biological curve to use it anyway. As for Anglo women, they are so hideous and so trashy they look like unwashed potato bags somebody has been using to mop up catshit.

          • That’s funny because the one who started defending the ZOG rank-and-file cogs of the CIA/NSA the Jews use and abuse to promote their agenda and do their work for a paycheck was you, Judenfilth.

          • Well that’s what you did say and it’s here for everyone to see it, Judenfilth. Alternatively you can just delete your nauseatingly stupid post, although this would make you more of a laughingstock than you already are.

          • The guy who came up with “The Melting Pot” was literally named Israel.

          • While I think the term trash is a bit harsh-Anglos have many good qualities mostly turned to bad purposes-your comment is correct.

          • Subito e senz’altro. Se vorrei possiamo passare a delle lingue continentali. Quando e’ pronto fammelo sapere cosi’ possiamo iniziare. Buondi’.

      • The Paul / Massie 2020 thing is just a little fun trolling. The Priebus/Adelson lockdown in the GOP means that a primary challenge to Drumpf is nigh impossible, but an anti-neocon crusade against Kushner’s cucks would be glorious! Paul is no neocon and neither is Massie, so it makes sense to support them for that alone.

        Libertarianism has been relentlessly attacked in the alt-right, but the real reason for that has yet to be fully discussed. Some of the criticism has been warranted, with regard to Milo-type “cultural libertarians”, but the fact remains: libertarianism = Anglo-Saxonism. Then there is the little fact that the Liberty caucus has members in every Statehouse and GOP exec. board in the country, sticking it to the commie bastards as best we can! Where’s the altright caucus? All they’ve got is their precious Drumpf, the ZOG Emperor.

        There have been several claims that Drumpf has been “good for whites”, but the opposite is true. Trump represents the lowest class of white man, the people who negroes look down upon. The WN association with Trump only reinforces the perception of WN as a bastion of toothless hillbillies and social outcasts. The true path to victory is a genteel, Lovecraftian SWPL nationalism; a noble Anglo-Saxonism in the tradition of Lothrop Stoddard.

        • I am a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant descended from American Founding stock. I sympathize with Stoddardism and even “libertarianism” of the non-(((Ayn Rand Austrian Economics))) variety. I regret we even let Germans into our country, much less Papists.

          But Spencer is right about one thing: we have to “become” who we are. Tradition is only good if there’s a future in it. Splitting hairs over Protestant sects, micks and wops, and obscure financial accounting principles is LARPing. It’s the Current Year, after all, so we have to “look forward.” We aren’t going to “go back” to the days of Madison Grant so instead we need to do that whole “create a future for white children” thing.

          Of course if the Alt Right gets smart they will just take over the existing infrastructure of the Liberty Caucus, metaphorically terminate the (((open borders))) faction with extreme prejudice, and get on with it. In the meantime, we can, in fact, create a new status system – a system of incentives (libertarians understand economic incentives if not social incentives) that will encourage young white men to do the right thing. (Get the young men doing the right thing and the young women will follow.)

          By creating our own incentive/status system, we create an ingroup that makes democracy of color irrelevant. The tools are already there – in South Carolina, citizens of color use video game voting machines and the Nice White Men tell them who the computer says won the election. SWPLs will prattle on about how much they love Peoples of Color then will go to hipster bars in hipster neighborhoods and tell hipster racist jokes to freeze out the blacks and browns. White women will, in public, say they don’t see color and then in private will mock the idea of dating a non-white man.

          All we need is to make the implicit whiteness just a bit more explicit – the “Alt Lite” types actually help with that, which is why they are attacked so much by the (((Joshua Goldberg Hollywood Nazi))) crowd. Trump was and is a great way to do that with a fig leaf of plausible deniability. That is where we are today, no sense in pretending otherwise.

          We’ve been calling this the “espionage model” for well over five years now and have documented how it works. Some people say it’s too “Jewy”
          and not the True Character of White Men but evolution means you adapt or you die. We really do live in a globalized world, political borders really are just imaginary lines on a map and the leftist anti-whites are correct: Strictural White Supremacy is a thing because we Whites form the only structure of society that matters. Sure we let the dindus use the internet but all they can use it for is to tell jokes on Black Twitter, so who cares.

          It’s time to show some noblesse oblige toward white lumpen-millenials and start using sneaky underhanded racist techniques to give them a leg up economically so they can afford white wives and white babies. Sure, we can be all Ayn Rand toward outsiders but we have to be 100% National Socialist toward insiders. Collectivism works, that’s why (((Ayn Rand))) called her ingroup “The Collective” and was an ardent Zionist.

          Also it’s time to help the still very White NSA, the small remnant of WASPs in the CIA and the all-but-explicitly White DIA/military industrial complex – and the related establishment families – to keep the ship afloat until the next generation of White babies make it to adulthood. We really just need a 25 year plan and then let the next generation take over from there.

          Our Espionage Model is all about EVOLUTION – not revolution. There will be no dramatic Hollywood climax with a big shootout after the economic collapse where the good guys win and we live happily ever after. It’s a long, slow process of evolution and no one ever “wins” in some sort of “Final Victory.” Victory conditions are always negotiable and the only way you really lose is if you stop playing.

          • Stoddard was NOT a Nordicist and disagreed with Grant on the merits of Nordicism. Stoddard thought Nordicism was dumb and that the different varities of Whites were each valuable.

          • The only people here LARPing about Nordics vs. Med, Prots vs. Catholics, and Anglos vs. Continentals are the Jews pretending to be Germans.

            One of them is complaining that the Anglos considered all Europeans to be “white” now the other one is complaining that they didn’t.

            Jewish trolls have a lot of time on their hands apparently.

          • Actually, they were attacked because there’s been so goddamn many cointelpro since the 90s like (((Daniel Burros))) and (((Davis Hawke))). And on the surface, it does look like such a co-option attempt. It doesn’t help their first encounter was usually MILO, or some goofy insane bastard like Jordan Owen or Sargon/Carl.
            People have yet to realise that the internet has ‘freed the proles’ as it were. It doesn’t matter if the group LEADER believes anymore, only that he attract followers which authentically do. They all operate that way, they just haven’t pulled it from the subconscious yet. Where are Milo’s followers going to go? Are they suddenly going to all turn into antifa trust fund kids? No, they’ll first look for someone who has almost all the same sorts of viewpoints minus the vainglorious faggotry. Just a little more extreme due to the disillusionment.
            The sooner ‘the elders’ realise that the sooner they realise there’s no ‘alt-lite threat’
            It really is a useful stepping stone, and it shows exactly why the ‘undersocieties’ are structured the way they are. None can handle Truth all in one go. It has to be layered.
            Without intending to create it, the alt-right built a mason lodge without the lodge. But there’s no borders, no walls, no OT thetan-testing payments between tiers. You move up when you can finally handle learning more and not a moment before.

          • Good poast. Kinda lacking in glamour compared to GTKRWN, but…
            Also, on this “Some people say it’s too “Jewy” and not the True Character of White Men but evolution means you adapt or you die”:

            Culture jamming is jewy. Mocking/ tearing down the other sides’ gods, their sacred cows, is very jewy, as is learning from Alinsky. So what? Adopting effective tactics is one thing, identity is another.

      • You’re typical flag-waiving patriotard/exceptionatard. Around 90 % per cent of the “alt-right” and WN are “America, fuck yeah” retards and they will show it in the first ooportunity. The pitiful servants of the most demonic, evil, anti-white, anti-tradition country in the world who work day and night to promote American degeneracy and chaos into the world and crack down on dissent at home must be opposed in every possible way. I would give North Korea and Iran the nuclear codes if I had the chance.

        • “You’re typical flag-waiving patriotard/exceptionatard.”

          You are projecting your own hangups on to me. You will find ZERO “America, fuck yeah” George W. Bush style patriotardism coming from me or anyone I’m associated with.

          But since all you have is that hammer you think everything that sort of a nail.

          I can’t help you.

          “demonic, evil, anti-white, anti-tradition … degeneracy and chaos”

          If you’re one of those “NRx” types that think everything is the fault of the “Purtians” and what we REALLY need to to restore the “throne and altar monarchy” – then I really can’t help you and neither can anyone else.

          It’s the 21st century – it’s the current year.

          ” I would give North Korea and Iran the nuclear codes if I had the chance.”

          “FUCK YOU DAD!”

        • Nope, you’ve got it backward. The Alt Right had precisely ZERO effect on the Trump campaign. Trump would have won even if the Alt Right had never existed.

          But the Alt Right would still be the barely read Radix Journal if they had not wisely pretended to be Trump’s biggest fans and sucker the (((media))) into giving them attention. It was a good gimmick, it worked.

          • Radix obviously was way above your intellectual abilities that’s why dumbfuck Spencer had to dumb it down by launching this shitty aggregator website so that dullards and biological dead ends like yourself could crawl from their sewer without feeling uncomfortable and out of their depth. You are obviously a millenial faggot who learned of the alt-right from Hillary Clinton speeches.

            “Trump is not using us, we’re using him”…”Milo is not using us, we’re using him”…sure.

          • Lol. Am I say supposed to be impressed? Linking to some book on amazon in a pitiful attempt to compensate for the fact that you don’t have anything to say in response is lame, but it’s what you expect from a dysfunctional, stay-at-home, mentally ill loser.

          • “You anti-semites just blame your personal failures on Jews, you dysfunctional, stay-at-home, mentally ill loser!”

            Do you people all learn these lines in shabbot school or something? You are so predictable.

          • “You are so predictable”

            Says the turd who can’t come up with an original answers and copies my post.

    • “There is only one ethnic affiliation which is proper in the US
      government: Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Not “looks huwhite to me”. Not
      pan-Europeanism. It’s a question of loyalty and security.”

      Yeah, like Sally Yates for example. No wait…..

      • We’re going to get the negroes on our side this time – turnabout is fair play. Coming together for Liberty = Freedom from the jews.

        Stay salty, Finkelstein.

        • Why don’t you read Rob Paul’s 90s newsletters to what he thinks the chances are of getting blacks to vote muh liberty. Freedom from Jews like Murray Rothbard, Walter Block, Ludwig von Mises?

          • Yeah, we all remember the infamous “racist” newsletters and Rand’s naughty little gaffe about the Civil Rights Act. We didn’t intend to appeal to negroes at all. But lo and behold, the negroes love us! They can see now that the jews tricked them and sold them a bill of goods. Try to be as smart as an average negro.

            I wouldn’t want to be accused of vulgar philo-semitism, but Murray Rothbard was a genuinely great man. He’s an honorary Anglo-Saxon in my book.

          • Buckley was an asshole, but he had Rothbard pegged when Buckley said Rothbard was just a cult leader with a few sad followers.

            Good luck appealing to blacks on welfare using the spergy screeds of dead Jew nerds.

  • That is not what the “Deep State” is. The term “Deep State” has a specific meaning from a specific context and it’s an important tool to understand how power really works.

    But watering down the term “Deep State” to mean “the parts of the State Department and the CIA that lean toward the Democratic party” actually helps to obscure the reality of the Deep State and mystifies it.

    So, don’t do that.

    Here’s where the concept of the “Deep State” actually comes from:

  • I disagree with all of that, in many ways. But this is a comments section so I’ll keep this short.

    The ‘deep state’ should really just be called by its true name, which is the ‘permanent government’. It certainly cannot have anything like a conscience, because one of the key elements of a permanent government is precisely that it deals in pure power concepts which would be unpalatable to the basic-bitch electorate in open politics. It’s not a bad thing, it just is what it is.

    All reasonably well-run states have that kind of formation inside them, in the cases of some young states, the permanent government can even be said to pre-exist the creation of the formally codified state institutions. But the most important thing to remember about the permanent government is that it is not necessarily a monolithic entity. The permanent government in many cases has many factions within it which can engage in struggles over various issues.

    In the most bedrock understanding, internal struggles can be about:

    1. The objective which is being striven for.
    2. The methods by which the objective should be striven for.

    In the case where all factions of the permanent government agree on a particular objective, then any struggles must be about the methods.

    The objective

    In the case of the Donald Trump presidency problem (and Trump is indeed a problem), the objective of the permanent government is to constrain the power of the executive branch so that Trump and his cabinet cannot utilise the full gamut of capabilities that the famous, or now I guess infamous Korean-American lawyer John Choon Yoo once called ‘the imperial presidency’. The full gamut is very nice when friends or pseudo-friends are in the position of power, but it’s less nice when an enemy occupies the position.

    The main disagreement among the actors in the permanent state seems to be by what methods the power of the Trump presidency can be constrained and limited.

    Obstructionist method (Fail)

    For some of the actors, such as perhaps Sally Yates and the judges who have engaged in obstructionism against Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order, these people believe that the best way to constrain Trump’s power is to publicly humiliate him by preventing him from being able to enact one of his flagship campaign promises, and then letting the media cast him as ineffective as a consequence. That tactic requires the use of liberal-democratic moral signalling on the public stage (which none of them seriously believe in, obviously, but they know their audience believes in it). The actors who use this tactic are not very sophisticated are actually numerically in the minority among permanent government actors — and that is because this method is bound to fail so most people don’t want to do this.

    Diffusion method (Win)

    The numeric majority of permanent government actors actually would prefer not to block the travel ban. This is because these actors understand that Donald Trump actually wanted to bait people into blocking his travel ban, and they do not want to take his bait. Why? Because given the saturation of Syrian migrants inside the US at present and the inability of anyone to really screen all the new arrivals, there is a high probability of there being a terrorist attack at some point in the next two to four years. That is simply on the table, and it’s not going to be taken off the table. If the judicial branch and the attorney general’s office are perceived — by the general public, by elements of the military, and by law enforcement — as having actually blocked Trump from enacting an executive order which Trump had claimed ‘could prevent attacks’, then Trump will experience a significant political gain as a result of this, whether his claim was actually true or not. It would lead to a significant expansion of the power of the executive branch as a consequence.

    In other words, if the judicial branch blocks the travel ban (and it did), then such an action could inadvertently enable Trump to transform the next terrorist attack into a fundamental structural event which would see power accrue to the executive branch at the expense of the power of the permanent state. Trump would be able to say, “See, I tried to protect you, but these people stopped me, these people made you less safe.”

    Therefore, it would have actually been more sensible for the permanent state to have just allowed Trump to enact the travel ban, so that when the next attack comes, Donald Trump would not be able to transform it into a structural event by credibly moving the blame onto someone else. In such a scenario he would’ve had no one to credibly pass the blame onto, and there would be no special significance to it. Most of the permanent government actually sees it this way, and that is why most of the key players have maintained a bland silence on the entire topic thus far.


    It’s a very dangerous situation, in which the next attack could become an structural event. There is of course still time to correct course and avert the event. For those who are opposed to Trump and who are playing for keeps, it is ‘paradoxically’ true that Trump’s travel ban really needs to be fully and comprehensively enacted as soon as possible. This is not because enacting it would help Trump, but rather the travel ban needs to be enacted precisely because enacting it wouldn’t help Trump.

    • the ‘permanent government’. It certainly cannot have anything like a conscience, because one of the key elements of a permanent government is precisely that it deals in pure power concepts

      Where would you find people like this in America and how would you vet them? I find your view overly optimistic.

      Unfortunately the reality is probably that the vast majority of people in the ‘permanent government’ are actually egalitarian lunatics and this view of Machiavellianism is something you use to assuage yourself from the reality of people in inner circles at the heights of power are no more intellectually sophisticated than Anglo-Saxon religious fanatics who ran those essclesiarchies in the 6th century and use the utterances of shibboleths as their method of vetting.

      • I dont know if its machiavelian.. more pragmatic. Its just establishment.. “the club” .. the game etc.. They dont wanna shake things up. Who knows what they really think. These “egalitarian”, anti-gun beltway elites or donorclass people wouldn’t step foot into a black ghetto without armed security

      • It’s almost as if she delights in laying out a complex, purely theoretical construct, while deliberately avoiding the obvious facts-on-the-ground question: “How are we going to stop importing more sand people, and get rid of the ones we have?” Or something. Note also that she parrots the “screening” canard, and focuses rather disingenuously on “terrorism”– as if everything would be fine if we could just select millions of good hajis to import, rather than millions of bad ones. Interesting…

    • I’m not sure i understand. If the deep state – and the mainstream establishment, including his own party – can effectively neuter any executive or legislative decision Trump tries to make, what difference does it make if there’s another terrorist attack? Even if he appeals to the people “i told you so!” the media will spin it, and as already stated the basic bitch plebs have no say anyway

    • The deep state is ruled by Jewish supremacists, trump is a Jewish supremacist. Then all your argument is just bullshit

    • She’s likely to be Attorney General under Kamala Harris or Pocahontas if Trump keeps listening to his Jewboy son in law.

  • Could not believe the shit that came out of this woman’s mouth. “I will not follow the law and enforce the Presidents order because of “muh” constitution.” Liberals are taking the constitution seriously now? This takes private judgement to new levels of absurdity. This pinhead imagines she is a constitutional lawyer and supreme court justice so she’ll override the Presidents order. WTF!

    • The Nuremberg Trials established a precedent of individual responsibility in the face of “orders”. This cuts both ways in principle, but, OF COURSE in Cultural Marxist World it only ever goes in one direction — at least until the “muh constitution” types get serious about the Constitution.

    • Of course. Marcuse worked at OSS and later deconstructed any sense of German national pride when he designed the West German public school system. This is why West Germany is infinitely more cucked than East Germany. In the DDR, they weren’t taught insidious Cultural Marxism, just hard Stalinism.

      • Worse, if one reads “Blacklisted by History” and then asks the hard questions about what really happened to Sen. Joe McCarthy, it becomes apparent that Soviet techniques of espionage, including sexual blackmail, were quite plausibly adopted by cultural Marxist proto-“antifa” factions to structure the Deep State in such a way that there are, even to this day, key control points unknown even to those within the Deep State. Moreover, it is more likely these control points are known to the Mossad than to US government security officials — due to the seminal role played by Russian Jews in Zionism. My current read on the political forces in the West boil down to a conflict between Likuds and a cultural Marxist power structure that is starting lose its Jewish identity and becoming a threat to USrael.

        • The logic lol

          Soviet union used dirty tricks to infiltrate the US

          Lots of Russian Jews escaped the Soviet Union to go to Israel

          Therefore, the Israeli mossad has infiltrated the US

          • Naw, the “Russian” jews brought us the (((Russian))) mafia. Do try to pay attention.

          • i thought jews were low T moneymen and propagandists, not fearless low inhibition cutthroat career criminals covered in orthodox tattoos … get your narrative straight pleb

          • You ignored the cultural Marxist vector. Cultural Marxism was ensconced in the OSS from the inception of the Deep State during WW II. See “The Frankfurt School At War”. These were Jews that had come from Germany. They were alienated from Soviet Communism to some degree, as they had determined the white working class was “sick” and needed “therapy” (if not outright elimination). Nevertheless, when the Soviet Union allied with the US against Germany, they were far more comfortable with Soviet infiltration of the US Deep State than they were with the “sick” US society that reminded them so much of the Germany they had fled during the 1930s. Zionists were Jews, like the Frankfurt School cultural Marxists, and, like them, had a historic grudge against working class whites for a large number of reasons, not the least of which were the pogroms in Russia and, more importantly, the role Jews played as tax farmers for the European nobility during the middle ages that selected for Ashkenazi verbal intelligence — along with other psychological characteristics useful to tax farming.


          • Whenever a healthy individual deals with “reality”, one constructs a working hypothesis of causality and then acts on it, uncertainties and all, to maximize one’s interests. There are some “causes” that are beyond one’s reach and and there are some interests that extend beyond one’s self. It is in the confluence of these two that one finds “scapegoating them instead of dealing their actual problems” — although it would be fairer to say, “Pathetically trying to change the world in pursuit of their interests.” For many people, they really are the victims of circumstance and their best option really is to engage in warfare, as an individual, against an implacable, indifferent and powerful forces.

  • This is exactly what I’ve noticed. You see this in the way punk judges from Podunk jurisdictions simply dismiss anything Trump orders, because it’s mean, or like now, “because he said bad things about foreigners.” Uh, hello? PRESIDENT? NATIONAL SECURITY? BORDERS? Nope, all must bow down before “Equality.”

  • Kevin MacDonald is always right. He’s right about the disturbing history of egalitarianism and multiracialism. Whites will always choose egalitarianism and the results are always disastrous to Whites, never favorable.

  • Non-discrimination overrides National Security……


    This is Religious in Nature…….

    A Suicidal Religion…….

    • Exactly.

      Where is all the science and data that proves how great “diversity and multiculturalism” is?

      It is a faith. A “belief” system.

      A cult.

      • True. And the Cult of ‘Diversity’ must be shown for what it is: anti-white racism and genocide. Then whites will abandon this false egalitarianism.

      • If one were to swallow the left-wingers’ talking points, one would think that if not for non-White diversity, we’d be eating oatmeal and potato gruel for all our meals.

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