Theory: Milo Is Broke

My pet theory on Milo: He doesn’t have the 12 million in funding that he’s claimed. In fact, he’s broke.

The theory is based on Milo’s past behavior and reasonable conjecture (let’s call it “male intuition”). I have no inside information. I actually have received “scoops” from people within Camp Milo, all of which have proven laughably false. Obviously, there is a lot of wishful thinking and LARPing going within the inner-circle.

So here’s my reasoning.

Milo lies

In March, someone floated the rumor—most likely Milo himself, since he was interviewed about it—that the conservative publishing house Regnery would pick up his book contract, after it had been dropped by Simon & Schuster following his comments on pederasty. I found the rumor unbelievable, especially since Regnery is owned by the Christian media conglomerate Salem.[1]

And, indeed, the rumor was false. As he announced on Friday, Milo will be self-publish his book using his own newly created company. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but clearly Milo failed to find the mainstream publisher he desired. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to create a “self-fulfilling prophesy” by generating the Regnery rumor, much like I think he’s tried to create a self-fulfilling prophesy regarding the $12 million.

Anyway, the idea that the world needs a new “dangerous” publishing house, brave enough to stand behind Milo’s writings, is beyond ridiculous. We’re inundated with the basic-bitch libertarianism Milo peddles. Obviously, Simon & Schuster had good reason to dump the book (more on that below).

Those “Privilege Grants”

In 2016, Milo raised between $100,000-250,000 from individual donors for “Privileged Grants” for White male students. As of this writing, he’s dolled out a total of $25,000. . . My guess is that the whole thing was a gag in the first place, and that Milo burned through the capital without thinking anyone would notice. But many did. . .

The Lawsuit

At his pizza party last weekend, Milo declared that he will sue Simon & Schuster for $12 million for dropping his book contact and retaining the advance on future royalties, which was reportedly $250,000.

The lawsuit seems groundless. Surely there was language in the contract that Simon & Schuster could exit the relationship if Milo did anything that embarrassed the company. Milo, of course, claims that the PC police is after him again; the reality is, no self-respecting firm would associate itself with someone who glorified, on multiple occasions, the sexual abuse of children.

The End Game

My guess is that Milo plans to fund his comeback—a half-baked for-profit, touring company—using the winnings from his lawsuit.

Good luck with that!


  1. Regnery was founded by its namesake, Henry Regnery, who was the uncle of William Regnery, my friend and founder of The National Policy Institute. ↩︎


From a personal account of Milo’s party: Milo has no capital; he could barely afford Bud Lite and chicken fingers.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • If he were smart he’d hire a bunch of half-naked blondes instead of those niggers. It’s not for him it’s for his audience who are mostly heterosexual white guys strangely enough.

  • We on the right should stop the infighting. We should unite against our common enemy: liberals, muslims and anti-whites.

    • Milo is not on our side so it can’t be infighting.

      He’s not worth the time really. He’s not a player anymore. He’s running on fumes.

  • While I might have some bones to pick with Spencer here and there, I for one appreciate the insight about Milo. Like it or not, this flamboyant fag has had an impact on the Alt-Right movement in general, for a small amount of good, and mostly for not-so-good. What is troubling is not Spencer’s commentary on Milo, but what is evidenced in many of the comments here…the Alt-Right eating it’s own.

    • He’s not relevant anymore. Spencer obviously has an axe to grind for some reason, but Milo destroyed himself and there’s no real comeback from pederasty/pedophilia. If a huge player with all the connections like Polanski can’t do it then Milo sure can’t.

      • Cautiously agree with everything from “Milo destroyed himself…” on. Whether the polesmoker can resurrect himself has yet to be seen, but I suspect you are correct. However, I do not fault Spencer for keeping tabs on the fruit who once sought to hijack the Alt Right, and I certainly do not think it lends itself to the theory that he is himself closeted, or any other mildly amusing conspiracy theory.

        My personal perspective is simple: I don’t see an issue here, except the people getting their knickers in a twist and getting nasty about it. Now if Richard is still droning on about the dangerous faggot a year from now (presuming MIlo is truly dead)…

  • Homosexuals have no place in the alt-right or else what’s the point? They need shrinks, not special “rights”.

  • I think Richard keeps writing pieces against Milo to get it across that Milo isn’t & never was Alt Right. The media keep insisting Milo & Cernovich are not just Alt Right, but the actual leaders! This really gets to me!

    • That Jew fraud Sam Harris who tells one lie after another then pretends he’s objective claimed Milo was the poster boy for the Alt Right, and then said race is only skin color.

      Cernovich challenged him to a debate, but Harris wouldn’t do it.

      They don’t care about facts. They care about controlling the false narrative for their agenda.

  • Nothing says irony like Richard ‘Homosexuality is the last stand of implicit white identity’ Spencer. Here’s the thing: you guys had years to be skeptical of Milo. You used him as a useful tool to get away with the things you couldn’t, because you were too afraid. You thought that allowing an alleged right-wing homosexual would be the last bastion of the movement.

    Well, it all turned out nasty, didn’t it? There’s no one to blame but yourselves, and even you have a few things to be wary of, Mr. Spencer.

    • Spencer appears to have distanced himself from his old BFF Donovan. He’s not on the faggot bandwagon anymore, at least not publicly.

  • Actually if you followed him really early on he was ALWAYS broke, and he will always BE broke(back).
    If this flaming swishy fancypants had as much money and pull at Breitbart as he claimed, why was an insane tranny able to sabotage and shut down his radio show only 4 episodes in?

    He’s more of a stereotype than he lets on. I bet you he lives dime-to-dime to keep up his ‘social appearance,’ his ‘suave opulence’ that impresses all his normie buddies. credit cards being his only supporting bridges. If you followed the hilarity surrounding Ted Cruz staying at a gay hotel (Called The Out of all things) you know those rich-looking gays…really aren’t. They’ve plowed it all away on some degenerate lifestyle choice or other and have to be cheap credit-spinning mooches to compensate. Straight from their own mouths!
    Love that they’re so triggered by him giving a speech there they boycotted their own community’s chief “gay landmark” until it shut down. There’s no need to fight them, just trigger them until they do the work for you!
    Milo strikes me as one of those, especially that pompous display before election night where he was coming into a university campus while being carted around on his man-ho slaves’ backs like Xerxes on 300.

  • They call you like they see you Richard Spencer. I can’t wait to look through your tax returns in the days ahead! Tic Toc

  • Milo is and always was a clown a joke. Who took him for real he is a drag queen nixxer loving pedo just because he said something we liked does not mean we should back him, if a junked car had a sports car painted on its hood you still wouldn’t want it in your drive way

    • Milo was legitimately destroying feminists when I first watched him in Britain. He was really pissing them off.

      I think it’s all an act though. He claimed to be so anti-Muslim, but then when I heard him say his husband is a Paki Muslim that made no sense.

  • Apparently the models said they were all paid in $400 cash on the spot. Does it matter? Does he matter?
    He’s a novelty, a circus act. PT Barnum level stuff…and for that he does it well. A fundamentally unserious person. Every movement has its clowns, look at mainstream politics. You are a more academic person, and every movement needs its academics. You do YOUR job well. His role will never interfere in serious politics or a movement of real fundamental value and ideological coherency. He’s just a du jure right leaning entertainer.

    Is he harmful? Nothing that cant be managed.

    Sometimes there are journeys people take to the correct path, it’s a big anglosphere, perhaps he pushes some people along the RIGHT path that a R. Spencer or a Jared Taylor would never reach on their own….

    “Okay, you’ve seen the clown show, you’re all laughing, now, let’s get down to business…”

  • After the assaults upon his supporters in Berkeley in February – and the burning of part of the campus etc. – Milo was on Fox giving an interview from a hotel room. Up on the TV stand behind him, there was a bottle of booze. A plastic bottle.
    Need I say more?

  • I dont know why people are slamming richard about talking about milo.

    Hey goys, its good to understand and study the behaviors of broken people like milo.

  • I thought it was funny when it was announced that Milo would be speaking at CPAC and Vox Day wrote celebratory garbage about it over at his blog, then a few days later the pedo scandal broke.

    Are you tired of winning yet?

    • ‘broke’
      Always funny how the self-proclaimed “leaders” of the “internet revolution” don’t know much about using it. It was sitting on a few dead channels for almost a year. Vox should not be allowed to excuse himself on this, considering how often he admonishes others to ‘background check’ all their allies.

    • It was clear who all the frauds were when that went down. The same people railing against pedophilia, Cerno, Jones, PJW and others, all gave Milo a pass and said nothing about it. Only Mark Dice attacked him.

  • I guess this sort of thing is kind of amusing. But it’s not a good look for a “thought leader of the alt-right.” Maybe needs a gossip column written by a woman for stuff like this. Spencer you could at least use a pen name.

  • This article counters the other one you wrote in which you said we should ignore Milo. The fact that you couldn’t resist writing about him after saying we should ignore him shows low impulse control on your part. Perhaps change your stance if you cant stop talking about him.

  • You are obsessed with Milo. Seriously how much longer will you talk about him and make videos? I thought the point was to ignore him?
    How does this article help our cause? Move us forward? It’s just petty gossip.
    When will you address the fact that you deny (((Bolshevik))) atrocities in Ukraine? Let us know where you stand on defending (((Bolsheviks))) who murdered our people.

    • Dick’s Milo fixation is odd, but I disagree about Spencer’s Holodomor comments. Ukrainians are walking a fine line with their claims of Genocide at the hands of Stalin and risk turning the Holodomor into an ethnic religious and Anti-Russian icon as Jews have done with the Holocaust.

      Spencer’s “just annudah Pogrom” position on the Holodomor also serves to deconstruct so called Genocides as not unique, but rather frequent occurences in history. In that vein, the fate of the Jews and Ukrainians was not unique.

      • Completely disagree. We are not saying Russians did it, we know who did it. And the Holocaust was invented to cover up what the Chosen People did to Ukrainians. It makes absolutely no sense for for Spencer to dismiss this. Well, it makes sense if you consider who he is married to.

        • It’s hard to convince Joe Sixpack of some arcane conspiracy theory that the Jews committed genocide against Ukrainians and then invented their own genocide at the hands of the Germans to cover up their own Jew dirty work.

          Much easier to just tell people: NO! They Holocaust, Holodomor, Armenian Genocide, none of these things are even especially noteworthy in the historical narrative because history is brutal and genocides have repeatedly happened.

          • Right but it’s totally easy to convince Joe Sixpack that Jews are and have been behind the destruction of the West.

            Yeah, let’s ignore our #1 enemies atrocities because Joe Sixpack won’t believe them! Yay the Alt Right is so smart!

          • Yes. Let the Jews have all the power because of their little Holocaust story, let them exploit it. But goyim dare not exploit the actual murder and starvation of their own people (by the Jews in both the Holodomor and Armenian Genocide!) because. Well, just because.


      • If Spencer can’t distinguish between (((Bolsheviks))) and Russians, he must be really, really dumb. He acknowledges Holocaust, no problem.

        • You think the Ukrainian Right Sectards distinguish between Bolsheviks and Russians?

          • Seeing all the Russian yahoos celebrating their “Victory” yesterday, not sure I can distinguish myself anymore.

      • That`s exactly what it is, a sad copycat attempt by eternal khohol after looking at the joo running around for sixty years fleecing goys, screaming about anudda shoah.

        Truth of the matter is, they weren`t even hit the hardest, what russians call chernozemie is. Guess where it is located, hehehe.

        • Ridiculous and untrue. Keep shilling for (((Bolsheviks)) and hating your fellow white people. Are you celebrating “Victory Day” today like Spencer’s wife?

          • There are two ways to win in war: the masculine way, which is killing enough of your enemy to make them surrender; and the feminine way, which is whining loud enough to make them feel guilty. The feminine way is the way of the Jews and Hindus. If you want to win the masculine way, you’re just going to have to accept that the Jews got one over us in Ukraine. Chalk one up for them. And then use that to fuel the hatred that makes you strike back at them twice as hard.

          • If khohol is your fellow, you don`t need jews. I don`t expect you to understand that with the amount of projection going on, though.

          • Unreal. If you side with (((Bolsheviks))) you might as well be a Jew and you certainly are anti white.

      • They need to get more specific. Blaming Stalin will upset the tankies, but nobody likes Beria and Kaganovich. It’s like with the russian Nats blaming Lenin for the Tsar’s murder.
        By exposing the specific apparatus you can then more easily compare it to its modern day equivalents. (It also cleverly avoids the “But that wasn’t true communism!” dodge as that is never brought up as the cause in the first place, merely implied) So you could, say, point at Holodomor and contrast it to Bolivia’s manufactured water shortage, despite the ideologies being different. Or the sanctions against Iraq. (That said, the ‘ethnicities’ involved here…)

        • I rather just shrug my shoulders and smirk when these Jews, Ukrainians, Armos say “Muh Genocide.”

  • Heads up everybody because the countersignals are gonna be ricocheting off the walls when I get done here but I gotta do it. I don’t think Milo should be ignored. The problem is he’s an enemy and the msm constantly claims he’s alt-right. Yeah we know he isn’t but alot of potential normie converts don’t. Therefore he should be ruthlessly trolled, critiqued, pulled apart and ultimately destroyed to never rise again. Back out of the room? NO. Kick in the door and take over the room and kick his ass out of it.

    • And that’s precisely the stance Richard SHOULD have if he is going to keep talking about him. Problem is that he said we should ignore him and then continues to talk about him. If he honestly believes we should just ignore him then he lacks the self control to practice what he preaches.

      • Sure he prolly should come back out and say, ya know I changed my mind, let’s bullyside this faggot but Richard is just a man, we none of us perfect. We all lack self control sometimes.

      • Richard had the FIRST Alt Right site, which some of us were reading back in 2010. I had never heard of Milo until he hopped on the Trump bandwagon.

  • Yeahhhh don’t care about him. I took your advice last time to ignore and back out of the room.

  • I dont enjoy seeing libertarians ALT-righters and Alt-lighters distancing from each other and fighting. We have our differences and problems but to crush the left we need to stick together when the battle begins. Richard, let Milo live. He got nothing on you! But he is clearly a good weapon on the right targets to the right moment!
    We dont have to like him. But fighting him is sensless!

  • Richard sees him as a rival. With more money, more personality, dare I say more intelligence, and more publicity to boot.

    Sorry Richard, someone needs to tell you the painful truth so you can be that bit self-aware and stop talking about Milo.

      • The words: Dick and Milo in the same sentence really stimulates the imagination where it shouldn’t go.

  • The alt-lite is known to be full of Jews, queers (homo & bi — some out but many closeted), race mixers (especially with chinks but dot heads as well that some economically depend on them as sugar mommies), cosplaying dorks, omega males that blame women for all their problems, and nearly every other wannabe social right winger that would never be accepted as either a mainstream social right winger or a white nationalist.

    It is bad enough that the “real alt-right” has adopted the omega male ideology of the alt-lite as its own but seem to be awfully infatuated with a Jewish fag. Time to shut down both the so called “real alt-right” and the alt-lite and just revert to traditional white nationalism if this keeps up.

  • MILO is the Antithesis of the Alt-Right….

    If you like MILO…..

    You’re not Alt-Right…..


    • Yea I’m starting to wonder if Richard just likes getting involved with pointless melodrama…

      Maybe he is a Fed plant after all…

  • Whether some of us like it or not, Milo is very effective at exposing leftwing stupidity and especially at getting under their skin. He’s also useful to White nationalism because he proves you don’t have to be a “cis-het Nazi” to see the importance of saving Western civilization. I don’t think anyone’s going to look at Milo and think the alt-right is about being gay. But I think Robert feels he owns the alt-right brand and sees Milo as encroaching on his turf. I get the sense Robert wants to be the most famous figure associated with alt-right and wants to be to this movement what Marx was to socialism. While I don’t necessarily blame him, I do find his Milo bashing petty and unnecessary. Milo is a net positive to the alt-right. That’s all I personally care about.

    • “he proves you don’t have to be a “cis-het Nazi” to see the importance of saving Western civilization”

      The left will never care about this. You need to understand that the agenda of the Judeo-Satanist left is the destruction of the White race. They simply DO NOT CARE that we accept a half-Jew homosexual. It doesn’t give us any “points” with them whatsoever.

      So maybe Milo is a gateway for normies? Maybe. But by accepting him we dilute the core message of non-degeneracy and racial purity. “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” No one will give their lives for a platform of “Uh, we mainly like non-perverted White people, unless they’re good at social media and stuff, in which case we kinda accept them…” No. “Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.”

      Milo is half-Jewish and supports Israel. He is openly, flagrantly homosexual. Therefore, he is anathema.

    • Our point is to save the white race and create an ethnostate, not save “western civilization.” The fact is so-called western civilization today is nothing like it was a hundred years ago. Homos like Milo would have been thrown in prison and all other sexual degeneracy wouldn’t have been tolerated like it is today. Compare the Victorian era of western civilization to modern western civilization and it’s like you are comparing two completely different planets.

      Ultimately civ cucks like Milo want to preserve the very worst of modern western civilization: It’s commercial materialism, its degeneracy and rabid individualism. Things which SHOULD be criticized and ultimately destroyed.

  • His recent history of lies and self-hype describes an emotional lability that points to long-term dependence on drugs and drink. He needs to check into rehab, withdraw from the world, perhaps rebuild his life.

  • Guys I kinda get counter signaling Spencer on the Milo stuff, however I think he is somewhat justified in writing about this. I think Spencer kinda felt threatened by Milo. I think he has good reason for this. Milo gunned for his brand. Milo also had access to much more influence in the main stream at the time he pulled his id doppelganger act. I also think the Milo phenomenon is a total product of our time. Spencer comments on and is fascinated by the destruction of culture. I think he can’t help but over analyze Milo.

      • I see this don’t use psych thing has a real presence in certain parts of
        our circles. I think this is weird. I don’t want to get into what I
        used to do for a living (It wasn’t psych) but it involved reading people
        and doing it well. One of my strengths and I would argue one of our
        strengths as a race is empathy and analysis. I think only a slave would
        through away your ability to gather data on people especially powerful
        ones. That analysis is how I ended up here. I consumed lots of media and
        went where people read the most genuine.

    • Spencer is a petty, vindictive man who was butt hurt when Milo would take little jabs at him here and there. I don’t think Spencer takes criticism well.

  • Glad to see Richard Spencer back and posting…….

    Miss Hunter Wallace though……

    Big Loss……

    • The only reason to visit this site was for Hunter Wallace. Now we get this petty, middle school drama.

  • Don’t you have more important things to do than this? Do you have problems? Seek professional help maybe. This is not healthy.

  • Nobody on our side should care about this queer anymore, quit fanning his syphilitic balls with all this attention.

  • So what? He’s launching a publishing company that will publish his book first. He’ll have plenty of money soon enough. And the publishing venture, Dangerous Books sounds pretty awesome!

    • He’s self publishing his shitty book because no one wants to attach their name or invest any money into Milo’s trainwrecked brand. Hopefully the book doesn’t sell and Milo finally disappears. I’m sick of hearing about this faggot.

  • This could’ve have been said in a tweet, not an article. Focus writing on things that matter, no more Milo nonsense unless it’s warranted.

    • no kidding! He’s relevant because you let his coat-tails in in the first place to then distort your message thinking it would be a good long term move, like supporting Israel loving Trump and the wars for Jews that entails. Good long term move. Maybe for you, Richard, not for we the people

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