The Bataclan Arrondissement Overwhelmingly Votes 93% For Macron

Remember the Bataclan Massacre? Are you sure that you remember all the details?

The story is actually a bit worse than you might have remembered. A French government committee has heard testimony, suppressed by the French government at the time and not published online until this week, that the killers in the Bataclan appear to have tortured their victims on the second floor of the club…

According to this testimony, Wahhabist killers reportedly gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls. Women were reportedly stabbed in the genitals – and the torture was, victims told police, filmed for Daesh or Islamic State propaganda. For that reason, medics did not release the bodies of torture victims to the families, investigators said.

Keep that in mind as you read the next part. This was written right after the attack.

Tonight, the golden triangle of Parisian youth culture is covered in blood…The attacks were concentrated in the center of Paris, on the Right Bank. These are places and streets that burst with life on a Friday evening. It is where young and hip Parisians gather to drink and socialize. Le Carillon, La Belle Equipe, Le Petit Cambodge: these are ordinary neighborhood joints where you meet your buddies for a quick “demi” of watery French beer or a snack before going out somewhere else…This is not the side of Paris seen by tourists or business travelers; rather, it’s an area where actual Parisians and people from the banlieues hang out and mix together. They might have gentrified, yet these neighborhoods have retained their proletarian and ethnically-mixed flavor. That whiff of authenticity is part of the neighborhood’s attraction for Parisian Bobos, as they call themselves. The banlieues are the cities and housing projects surrounding Paris, where most of the French youth of immigrant descent live (contrary to popular imagination, the banlieues are far from desolate ghettos, “no-go zones” or breeding grounds for jihadists: they are difficult yet vibrant and dynamic places)…This is the land of hipster socialists. These neighborhoods recently elected a female socialist mayor, as well as a slew of Green Party candidates, even as the rest of the country voted for the more conservative and anti-immigration parties on the Right…The attackers, whomever they may be and whatever their motives, went after the heart of progressive Paris. They did not attack the more touristy Champs-Elysées or Notre Dame, or the more bourgeois and conservative left bank, where most of the government ministries are located.

Wow. So you mean to tell me that the Muslims deliberately targeted the SWPL/Bobo progressives that actively shill for more Muslim immigration? And then you mean to tell me that that the progressives went out and voted OVERWHELMINGLY against Le Pen, despite all that happened in Bataclan?

Source: Le Parisien

If anybody had a chance to be red-pilled by reality, it would be the residents of Bataclan. But they chose to double-down instead.

You cannot reach these people. They will not change their views, even at the risk of losing their heads.

To change their views would mean going against their whole friend-circle, to go against their class, to side with those dreaded uneducated lower-class nationalists.

They are lost to our cause. Time to forget about “red-pilling” them and focus our efforts elsewhere.


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  • so our brilliant writers still pretend Jewish false flags are Muslim kill festivals all to serve Abe. ALt-right has accepted the masonic landscape to fight for crumbs from the Jewish elaborate table of goodies and the price of entry never let the goy know whose behind it all.
    It’s why you supported Trump, it’s why many of you tolerated MILO and it’s why this site lets in pretty women that never heard the word Jew to speak to us
    You are almost mainstream alt-right and Hitler would not be pleased, in fact, he would reject your advocacy as more Jewish mind control

  • If you consider how human brains, conscience and reasoning works, you see that it develops in ‘layers’ build on each other. A one year old cannot realize and process what a five year old can etc. What the five year old can is based on what the one, two etc. year old experienced and memorized for future reference.

    Our western society is a petting zoo, a unique bubble of alienation from the roots of nature. Most of us haven’t had the chance to gain a perspective other than the corporate-commercial-social-welfare distortion, a biased feedback cycle developing common sense into a plastic happy meal view on life. Most of us do not have the ability to run reasoning procedures other that those consistent to their previously experienced environment.

    Tortured victims in this mind set do not stimulate anything that would be appropriate to start self protection, as torture is a concept not existing in the relevant set of experiences. It is something nazis and proto-nazis did in the dark ages prior to liberation.

    Those of us, who understand that life on earth does not care about our wishes and ideas have to realize that our lost brothers and sisters cannot be ‘convinced’ as there is nothing in their brains that can operate accordingly. From that perspective they are comparable to smart zombies.

  • I am not too familiar with the Bataclan event, but YouTube channels that I find reliable have said that it was a hoax and/or false flag. The Nice truck attack seems pretty obviously fake to me, however. Same for the Pulse Nightclub attack in Florida.

    Bottom line: It is better to not get too worked up about high profile terrorist events, unless it is obvious that death and destruction really took place. It was obvious that death and destruction took place on 9/11, for instance. That was a big deal, despite the fact that most what the public thinks it knows about the “who and how” of the event is wrong.

  • Some whites will never wake up, too lost in the Cult of Political Correctness, but many others will. As things get worse, it accelerates, because they will have no other choice.

    • We were never asked whether or not we wanted to become hated, beleaguered minorities in our own countries. The elite never allowed us to vote on it. When we’re not allowed to vote, the time for peaceful decisions is over. Now we’re not allowed to talk about it. When we’re not allowed to talk, the time for talking is over.

  • Focus where else? I guess we could surrender France (and Germany, Holland, England …) and all focus on Poland or Hungary. Even Russia’s long term prospects as a non 3rd world nation are questionable.

    Somehow the Right in France needs to attract about 20% of the population away from the Cathedral and it’s various political manifestations. 15 years ago Marine’s father got 17% of the vote when he made the Round Two runnoff. She got 33%. Race in time between getting people aware and the demographics making any sort of France for French movement impossible.

    • Russia is 12 time zones big. It will never contain its borders, particularly along the frontier with Muslim nations.

  • Our red pilling efforts should be focused on working class whites. SWPL’s are too influenced by their peer groups and social standing, and the alt-lite are complete fags. Keeping these idiots around is a bad look and ideologically they have more in common with the Left than they do with us.

      • From what I’ve been able to gather the Alt-Lite guys started kvetching about “das racist” and so the nationalists began fighting each other. If alt-lite civcucks are going to be around some ground rules need to be established. Never punch to your right in public. You don’t see traps and nogs beating each other up at their rallies. They know who their enemies are. Alt-lite show up in their halloween costumes in hopes of fighting with Antifa (the real “fascists”) and when that opportunity doesn’t present itself they begin fighting their own side and get dropped by some real fascists. It’s embarassing.

        • It seems many in the right now crave dogma & fame over logic. If the
          factions within the right don’t unite again, the right is doomed!

          • Yeah, I mean, we definently shoud be forming alliances with like minded groups, but Oathkeepers and most of the Alt-Lite really have nothing in common with us. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that they are plants attempting to divide and conquer, which is why we should be skeptical about letting them associate around us or our causes. Oathkeepers already said they wanted to assault ‘them Identity Europa guys.’ And yesterday, pretty much the only violence that went down was between right wingers. And yeah, somebody being offended by Confederate flags at a rally to save the Robert E. Lee statue is just bizarre. Nobody can be that dumb.

          • Corentin, we’re in a battle against civic nationalism for the survival of our people. There is a repetition of these events throughout our peoples’ history: the murder of Hypatia by Cucktians and their Jewish handlers, murder of pagans (country folk, aka White farmer) by Roman Cucktians, burning of witches and heretics by Cucktians, communists led by Jews murdering Kulaks (White farmer), communists led by Jews murdering Boers (White farmers). From South Africa the civic nationalist, the Cucktian now wants to murder the Southerner (White farmer).

            Notice a pattern here?

            Until Whites are taught White history and the dangers of urbanite hatred of themselves and their fellow Whites (in particular rural Whites), then this will repeat until the end of time, which will be soon. Uniting against anti-Whiteness is the only thing that will save us.

  • They will come around when it will be too late!!!! When the violence gets into the open, reality will hit them.

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