Renouncing The Electoral Process Is A Path To Nowhere

Submitted by Ahab

The recent defeat of Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election has predictably triggered yet another tidal wave of haughty pronouncements by Alt Right adherents scornfully rejecting elections as a means of achieving our goals.  “We’ll never vote our way out of this!”  “Elections are a waste of time!”  “Democracy doesn’t work!”  The same chorus of noisy negativity broke out into mournful song the instant Trump began to cuck for the establishment last month.

This is a perennial phenomenon among the Alt Right, or I should say within the so-called white nationalist movement.  We try to win through elections, we get our hopes up, we work our asses off, we get defeated – and we immediately begin wailing, gnashing our teeth and shaking our fists at the heavens as we swear off elections forever.  This life cycle memorably played out in Britain during the late 90s and early 2000s, with the rise and fall of Nick Griffin’s BNP.  But the cycle is much older than that.  Here in America, the failure of the Wallace campaign many years ago led to the formation of a number of “educational” organizations which completely renounced political electioneering in favor of simply selling books and spreading propaganda.

Always with such efforts, the unspoken hope is that eventually, enough people will become “educated” to somehow lift us up to power without having to run in elections at all.  Fantasies of seizing power in an armed struggle at some distant date are preferred as a warm and comforting tonic to frustrated activists freshly reminded of their real-world political impotence.  The greater the feeling of powerlessness, the more lurid the fantasies of taking power.  The greater the political irrelevance, the more comically arrogant and imperious the boasting of absolute disdain for voting, democracy and the electoral process.

I have a thesis:  this attitude is nothing but defeatist faggotry.  It is extreme weakness masquerading as strength.  It’s the equivalent of a child not winning a school contest later claiming they never wanted to win anyway.  It’s someone who can’t dance and terrified of getting humiliated on the dance floor saying dancing is stupid and they never wanted to dance in the first place.  If I may offer some gentle criticism:  our movement is filled with pretentious eggheads who simply have no connection with the people.  For borderline-autistic ideologues lost in abstract theories to congratulate themselves for not engaging in elections is no different from the sheep congratulating itself for not tearing out the throat of its rival.

All those who consider themselves part of the Alt Right should immediately watch Alec Baldwin’s famous sales speech from the 1992 film “Glengarry Glen Ross.”  This is the best advice I can give to the Alt Right when it comes to complaining about lost elections.  “Always be closing!”  The film was written by homosexual Hebrew playwright David Mamet, a man who knows a thing or two about persuasion, from a race which knows a thing or two about persuasion.  No matter how one may feel about the JQ, one must admit they picked up a few things during all that wandering among the nations.  The scene is famous for explaining the AIDA process of sales, from the moment a consumer becomes aware of a product to the final purchase decision.  This model is critical to understanding the gigantic propaganda task of the Alt Right, but this is a process which many of our sneering would-be monocled aristocrats believe they can circumvent altogether.

Elections are difficult.  It takes an enormous amount of time, effort, resources and almost infinite patience to go door-to-door, house to house through neighborhoods trying to persuade people to vote for your candidate.  In the United States, we have to contend with ballot access petitioning which makes the task of even appearing on the ballot into a Herculean effort.  The masses are lazy, stupid and distracted.  When you engage with them directly, you come face to face with a nearly impenetrable wall of ignorance.  Robert’s Rules of Order, conventions, delegates, executive committee meetings, canvassing, Get-Out-The-Vote efforts are all horrifically tedious, unsatisfying, draining and demoralizing.

But guess what?  That is exactly what we must do.  It’s not the only thing we must do.  There are plenty of other areas where we need to train, organize and struggle.  Shitposting and physical defense training are both vitally important.  There are many other areas where we can change attitudes and fight the system.  But we must have a presence in our elections, and it must be sustained and growing.

The process of contending elections is more important than the end result.  We always need to have a direct line of communication with the masses of the people.  And by that I mean an immediate neighborhood, IRL connection.  We need to be able to talk to the poorly educated and the elderly, the wealthy Gen X suburbanites and the rural people.  There are millions of depoliticized white people out there with whom we must connect.  It’s almost more for our benefit than it is for theirs.  It gets us out of the world of flickering screens and smartphones, social media and complex, difficult-to-decipher memes and into the real world day-to-day life problems and concerns of the people.  From that continual feedback we can hone and sharpen our message.  We can let those people teach us how to communicate with them, how to understand them, and ultimately how to forge their communities into fortresses of resistance against the system.

Elections have definite results.  They are brutally unambiguous in their merciless finality.  At the end of an election campaign, you have a result, a number, a percentage, and it’s either victory or defeat.  By that result, you can measure the effectiveness of your outreach and propaganda.  It’s a reality check on too much online theorizing and fantasy.  It grounds you and keeps you focused on political reality.  It forces you out of your comfort zone.  It forces you to build new skills, to adapt and learn new methods of communication and persuasion.  It separates out the talkers from the men and women of action.  Because it takes such dedication and hard work, it automatically selects the individuals most worthy of leadership and responsibility.

Political parties are also covered by legal protections which exceed those of every other type of political organization in the United States.  Civil rights legislation designed to protect voting rights also extends to political parties and candidates advocating for the interests of white people.  Advertising space must be charged at an equitable low rate.  It’s a fantastic way to get out the message.  It gives us a powerful excuse to go out and knock on doors, get our signs up, our leaflets out, our radio and TV spots airing.  All this builds momentum and increases presence and awareness.

AIDA stands for “Attention-Interest-Decision-Action” (or Desire-Action).  As the Alt Right, we don’t even have the attention of most people.  If you think we do, go knocking door to door in your local town and see how many people have heard of the Alt Right.  We’re not even past the first step.  We need to get their attention, and then once we have it, we need to convert that to interest, and so on.  Each step in the sales process is a trial, a difficult period of effort and feedback and self-critique and experimentation and refinement.  Trump understood this intuitively, because Trump is a born salesman from a world of salesmen.  His betrayal of our interests has nothing to do with his sales ability.  We should learn from Trump.  We could use the same methods to win people over to our cause, without cucking out like Trump did.

Will we simply vote our way into power?  Of course not.  Only a naïve fool would ever think that.  But no matter what means or combination of means we use to take power, we must build strong and popular support among the people.  We must have that direct, IRL neigborhood connection, and there can be no excuse for not building it.

Elections are the best opportunity to build that connection.  But this isn’t going to be comfortable or easy.  We must increase our tolerance for discomfort and get used to rejection.  We need to learn to think and act like professionals.  We can’t threaten to pack up our toys and go home every little time we don’t get our way.  Anyone who has ever read Ernst Junger’s “Storm of Steel” would know the life of a WW1 storm-trooper was mostly digging trenches, sitting in cold wet mud, hunkering down during bombardments and sleeping with rats in the dugouts.  The final charge, the rush of the attack, was the rare moment of excitement in a life that was nine-tenths boredom, drudgery and routine.  This is the life of a soldier, and it’s also the life of a political soldier.

We must be as political soldiers, not hobbyists or thrill-seekers or impotent wagecucks secretly LARPing by cover of night as internet revolutionaries.  If we continue to make excuses and throw temper tantrums as an excuse for incompetence and inability, we will remain a marginal force in real-world politics.  We have to learn the skills to communicate with the people.  We have to master the sales process.  We have to be smart, and work hard, and learn to endure a little disappointment without whining and giving up.  If we do, we will open another massive front against the enemy and we will advance our cause towards final victory.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • The results of the French election are actually reason to be optimistic. About 20% of the electorate voted for Le Pen, despite massive propaganda against her. In other words, the “extreme right” as it has been branded by the establishment, has become acceptable for 20% of the French people. If she had had a real chance of winning the numbers would obviously be lower, but still: About one in six French support the Front National. If they can grow that and gather 30% or more in a general election, the establishment will take on some of the FN’s political positions in order to keep them down. In other words, the Front National will be come mainstream.

  • The title of this article reads, “Renouncing The Electoral Process Is A Path To Nowhere”. I love meat and potatoes, I was a disappointed that I couldn’t find throughout the article anything pertaining to the electoral process per say. I think a better word in place of ‘Electoral’ would have been ‘Election’ process.

  • We’re about 20 years give or take from white minorities across the west, where are you getting the time for this democracy bullshit? You aren’t taking over any existing parties or getting a new one elected in that time frame. And 20 something years is just when it becomes mathematically impossible to win even if you convince every single white person. Every year from now is 2-3% of the population browning, becoming enemies.

    Our only hope is to get ready for the Happening, the point where we could still stop it was around the turn of the millennium. Learn valuable skills and retreat to rural white communities, the cities are going to become death traps when shit hits the fan. Anyone still living in a city trying to make democracy work 10 years from now deserves whatever happens to them, which I assure you won’t be pretty.

  • Great Article, Vincent……

    Unlike others in the Alt-Right…..

    I will ALWAYS Vote….


    Alt-Righters have to remember that Illegal Aliens and other Non-Citizens are Voting in our Elections……

    AGAINST our Interests……

    Only a Complete Fool would sit at Home on Election Day……

    It is our Civic Duty to Vote……

    It our Moral Duty……

    I live in an Urban Area and see Black-White Miscegenation EVERY Day……

    I see the Multi-Cultural Chaos…..

    The Decay……

    White Genocide…….

    Brazil 2.0 being Formed……

    It’s Fucking Depressing……

    But, I get up EVERY day……go to Work…..and take care of My Responsibilities……

    And I don’t let it Destroy Me……

    I still Smile……Laugh…….and experience Happiness and Joy…….

    And I still VOTE……

    Trump is FAR from Perfect…….

    But, we got him Elected….

    We made History……

    We CRUSHED the Spirits of our Enemies……….even if only for a Short Time…….

    All Victories are Transitory…….

    This is Reality………not a Video Game……..

    Grow up, be an Adult, and keep VOTING…….

  • I didn’t finish reading this article because it is too long and also because it takes an insulting tone towards anyone who disagrees on certain points.

    Winning elections is not the issue now, for the most part. The issue now is creating a critical mass of race-conscious whites. Trump is not explicitly pro-white. I do not think Le Pen is explicitly pro-white (or pro native French) either. For the alt-right, supporting these candidates was only a means to an end, the end being greater visibility for the alt-right and explicit white identity politics.

    Running as a race-neutral conservative does not help our cause. At the same time, anyone who comes out as an explicitly pro-white identitarian does not have much chance of winning anywhere, especially in the U.S., where most elections are winner-take-all. If someone does run as an explicitly pro-white candidate, the only purpose of such a candidacy is to raise white consciousness. This is the only goal that matters now. If the author considers this “faggotry” then I would say that he clueless and should think about writing shorter and less insulting articles in the future.

  • This frustration and “defeatist” attitude seems to be common among many political groups, not just the alt right. Even during my days as a libertarian I would see the same thing. George Orwell, particularly during his later years, seemed to grow increasingly pessimistic with politics but even took a step further than most. In both Animal Farm and 1984 even violent revolutions were pointless and would ultimately lead back to the same or even greater corruption.

    And you know, they have a point. Ultimately pessimist are the people proven right most of the time. As Orwell once wrote “The only ism to ever justify itself is pessimism.” Sure they feel powerless and maybe that’s because they are. They have taken the black pill and acknowledge the reality that there really isn’t much they can do to change anything.

    Ultimately too it’s not even elections or violent revolutions that change the way we live and how we think. Technological advancement, more than anything, has been the real game changer. Just think about how the creation of the car changed the way we live and how we organized our society. Think about the advancement in mass production, the television and the internet. All of these things have been bigger game changers than anything ever said or done in politics. There could come a time when technology becomes so advanced that most jobs will be done by robots and machines which has been happening slowly over time and then where will we be? If there isn’t enough jobs to create enough purchasing power in the population it could lead to the collapse of capitalism. This could happen without a single fight ever needing to take place. The system could simply devour itself given enough technological progress.

    But don’t let that get in your way, do what you think needs to be done. Fight, fight with all your might.

  • Vargs been saying the best mode of resistance available to us is going on welfare and being a drain until the system collapses. I’m starting to think Varg is right.

      • Varg Vikernes from the Black Metal band Burzum. He has a good youtube Channel called Thulean Perspective. Here’s the particular video I’m refering to.

    • Finland may be opening up Pandora’s box with that ‘paid living’ scheme.
      You’d have all the time in the world to shitpost, and technically you’d be getting paid for it.
      While you’d be abusing it the same way blacks do, in actuality it would be more like you were subsidised.
      He seems to have the right idea for solo living, but the next step would be a group on welfare drawers near enough to pool using it as a springboard to launching a successful entertainment brand or running some sort of well, thing like this here blog.
      If political dynasties are the new royalty, then this could be the new form of ‘state-commissioned art’
      Except unlike a direct commission, it’s much freer.
      Could also be used to provide essential local services that people don’t realise they really needed, but don’t come up often enough to build full careers out of. Tailoring is the most common one I can think of since clothing has become one of the most disposable items. Oh no, it ripped, what do I do? The average normie throws it out and buys a new one. That means people with one-offs or custom items/fabrics will have a hard time getting it fixed locally. If you don’t have a good sense of ‘fashion’ that you could use to start a brand line and self-fund, then this would be a decent alternative.

  • >no matter what means or combination of means we use to take power, we must build strong and popular support among the people. *We must have that direct, IRL neigborhood connection,* and there can be no excuse for not building it.
    Now we’re talking!

  • As someone who is gradually descending into misanthropy and nihilism, Vincent Law’s article
    succeeded in landing a couple of hard-hitting blows. I agree with him: in order
    to get power one has to deliver a message. The message I would like to hear is that
    of the anti-democratic. A message that says: save yourself from cultural despair
    by voting for an authoritarian form of governance, one that rejects the concept
    of human rights and all forms of non-organic economic growth. If such a message
    did succeed in getting power, the first item on the agenda would be to dismantle
    the right to vote for political parties other than the one that has just been elected.

  • Trump won on many of the issues that matter to us. Whether he abandons them now doesn’t really matter. Electoral politics is still completely viable.

    • Tell me one path by which a representative candidate would be allowed to succeed? You are naive.

  • Good, solid writing. Vincent Law is becoming my favorite contributor due to his consistently thought-provoking product.

  • The basic premise of this article is wrong: do you really think that the normies give a fuck about securing the existence of our people and a future for white children??? Do you really think that we can win through electoral politics??


    The joke’s on you, ‘democratic’ LARPers.

    • “No. I know Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul both failed to make it past the primaries (twice) and Trump ended up being a huge disappointment once the election was over, but this next anti-establishment right winger is gonna be the Kalki we’ve been waiting for. Just you wait and see…”

      • Trump had the media game down pat. Ron would’ve destroyed Mitt if he’d figured out triggering the media was exactly the way to go. He was unfortunately too old a dog.

        • Ron Paul was black listed by the media. He was gaining major steam and they colluded to not report on him at all, except for the occasional op-ed calling him a loon.

          My suspicious were highly aroused with the media giving Trump so much coverage, even if it was “bad”. It seems most plausible that we were set up.

          We are too late in the decline to be able to secure a future with “democracy”, even if that were desirable.

  • Your defense of democracy relies heavily on the magical power of propaganda. This might work in the US (although I don’t see how it could given the fact that European-Americans will definitely be a minority before you manage to convince half of them) but here, in France and in Europe we don’t have free speech. In the days prior to Macron’s election, several facebook accounts in favor of Marine Le Pen were shut down. Macron himself was quite belligerent on the campaign trail, vowing to hunt us down and chasing us out of France, and promising his supporters that he would make sure no nationalists will be in position to reach power in the future. Add to that the fact that he is extremely keen on flooding France with even more third-world scum than his predecessor did for five years and you hardly have the ideal conditions for us to access to power and save the country. I’m not completely writing off democracy but our options are really limited right now. Forcible seizure of power, though unlikely, seems to me like the most reasonable option right now. I’m 22 and I don’t plan on waiting 30 years to find I have lost my usefulness in the eventual struggle that Europeans will have to commit themselves to.

    • Forcible seizure of power don’t have to be by the use of weapons. It can be done by occupation – ala syndicalism. “The moral right to seize”. That must be the strategy of post-parlamentarist political battle. Parlamentarism is dead; the Potemkin Walls can’t cover the fraud anymore.

  • Let’s remember that the most important politics is the manner in which you run your personal life. If you’re not married, find a good white girl and start a family. If you already have one, invest in your kids and teach them the values that will keep the light of Western Civ aflame.

    Politics may look dire but remember, the future has a habit of surprising even the most talented prognosticators. Perhaps the US will have an economic collapse in 50 years, while at the same time a new pan-nationalist movement dominates Europe and offers right of return to any American white who has kept their blood pure. Sweden and Norway are larger than California and Texas combined, with a population of only 15m between them. Perhaps Argentina or Chile have a hard-right coup and a white nationalist regime emerges. The US could easily split up into several smaller states, which arrange themselves along ethnic lines. This is pure speculation of course, but there are other possibilities even if we lose the political fight in the US.

    Our role may be nothing more than to keep a decent-sized white population around until some future event tips the scales in our favor. Brazil is a racial free for all and has been for 300 years, yet you can still find blonde haired, blue eyed girls in Rio. As whiteness becomes more rare it will become more coveted which will lead those of us that have it to value it more and seek out those who feel the same.

    In short, keep fighting, think long-term, and keep your morale high. Our ancestors survived through the Dark Ages, Muslim conquests, famine, pestilence, brutal brother’s wars, and yet here we are.

    • >the future has a habit of surprising even the most talented prognosticators

      ^^^ the only thing that really lets me think we have a chance, and by us, I mean our descendants. And please, get an avatar.

  • We need to start the long, slow march through the institutions that the left has been on for 50 years. Find the most winnable state rep seat in your state and run for office. You can mount a credible campaign with a few grand and a website. Don’t run as a flaming white nationalist but rather subtly appeal to the white vote in the same manner that Trump did. Learn how your state party operates. Once you have name recognition and have delivered some results to your district, you can start bringing white issues more into the open.

    An example of how this could work is in Missouri, where the fracas at Mizzou had the whole state furious. Running against a weak Dem incumbent on a platform of reforming Mizzou would have been a great way to run a pro-white campaign without being open to the usual attacks.

  • It can’t be won with democracy. Half the people born in the U.S. are nonwhite and 1/5 of the white women are mudsharks. The best thing we can do is go full on government spending. Support the left economically to point where the system collapses on itself. From there, we balkanize to on area and we can probably save like 5 or 10 states. But rest assured, time is against us and we will lose the majority of our territory in the United States to the Eurasian-Negroid race of the future.

    We will be doomed to roam like the Jews, forever destined as nomads. One day maybe we’ll be promised a homeland as well.

    • I’ve stocking up on AR’s and MRE’s while praying for System Collapse since 1993.

      Collapsitarianism is soothing, provides cool hobbies, and is good insurance for one’s family, but accomplished no political progress during the last 25 years.

      • Your prepping efforts are not in vain. You’ve gained precious knowledge the rest of us need to learn.
        Preparation and political action are not the s thing but run parallel.

  • Renouncing the electoral process is a path to everywhere. Do you actually believe people seize power politically through electoral politics?

    Cultural control and presence is significantly more important, and people should be focusing on disrupting their institutions and institutional power by propping up our own and bringing chaos to theirs. At this point, White Americans should be thinking about secessionism and creating a culture in areas that would make secessionism realistically possible. Then build a counter-culture to the U.S. in those areas.

    The Left is putting its foot on the gas pedal in an era where alternative media exists, and is widely used. It wouldn’t take much for portions of the U.S. to feel culturally alienated by the mainstream, and no longer identify with the nation they belong to.

    What happened in November brought Chaos to the U.S. establishment, both Republican and Democrat, which is good. The idea of taking back the U.S. though shouldn’t be something we should focus on.

  • I grow weary of mass democracy. I think Evola was essentially right about the masses being sacks of potatoes to be moved around. Actually Bowden said that but you get my point. Going door to door talking to normies who 9 out of 10 don’t give a shit about anything either way. Talk about soul crushing. Your time would be better spent trying to teach your dog the multiplication tables. We keep on keeping on with metapolitics and trying to red pill as many of our people as we can and in the process of that create our own elite. Ahab is it? Yeah if you’re gonna run for office you let us all know and we’ll vote for ya. Might wanna get a move on though pal. Hear that god awful noise in the distance? Yeah, that’s the vibrant hordes coming. Running outta time quick.

    • You’re right, the masses are sacks of potatoes to be moved around. Now go move some potatoes.

  • Build bases in poor and working class white communities by helping people with their problems and having a coherent (but not overtly NS) ideology. Then you gradually expand your bases. Common sense, but it might work now (unlike in the past) with the MSM and the Eye of Sauron weakening. There should be cadres and ideological instruction like the Marxist parties have done for years. None of this prevents you from forming a faction within the state GOP (Dems are overtly anti-white, so little purpose in entryism there.) This is obvious stuff that a lot of people in the movement know.

    • This can and has been done (see Golden Dawn in Greece for a good example), but it is serious, long-term, and utterly unglamorous work. It is also often fruitless in political terms.

      As if that weren’t enough, it’s also difficult to transition from a charitable/self-help organization into an overtly political one, for both practical and legal reasons.

    • Best example of this is the Iron Guard of Romania in the 30’s. The built a great organization with the basic formation, the nest. They built up cadres, and ran co ops, etc. Thing is discipline has to be iron clad. Hezbollah is a good modern day example. They run charitable enterprises like food banks, health services, etc.

  • Well you could go local, winning some local elections? But i don’t have idea how US functions. In France cities with FN mayors will have a chance to resist if some s**t brakes out. I know from my people experience (Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina), where local government was in our hands you got resistance, where we didn’t well .
    Btw i’m not trying to tell you what to do, just sharing experience, at the end of day i don’t care what will happen to French or Americans.

    • Thanks for not caring. You’re a real peach. In the spirit of not giving a shit, perhaps we’ll send you back all the muzzie slime that past thru your country into northern europe. You can have fun with that.

      • Actually nobody didn’t pass trough, you should learn geography better. And forgive me for not caring for people that were dropping bombs near my home.

        • I know you’re not so stupid as to believe the American people had any say in that whatsoever. Like the rest of the West, our elites just do whatever the hell they want, or whatever Israel wants. Btw, your first sentence doesn’t make sense, do u mean “did” or “didn’t”.

          • Yeah my English is bad, nobody passes trough BH. And when i wrote that i don’t care about at the end of day (because we have our shit to care about), it doesn’t mean i don’t care at the morning, i guess translating literally from Slavic language to “strict” language like yours kills meaning. Yeah i would prefer that French people kick out non-French out, duh. But even if they don’t, i will not lose my mind because of it. And any Eastern European that says he will, lies, it’s simple.
            Now, tell me did you opened that link, and you did you cared? Maybe a little, but you didn’t lose your mind over it. But thing is, that you could actually learn something from BH history in the 90s, not just make some dumb “remove kebab” memes about our army.

    • Btw i’m not trying to tell you what to do, just sharing experience, at the end of day i don’t care what will happen to French or Americans.

      That’s an extremely inappropriate comment to make on a site like this.

      Get it through your abominably thick Balkan skull: we say NO! to narrow ethnonationalism around here.

      Go post at a Serbian nationalist CCCC kill-the-Ustasi site if you want to express your disdain towards fellow Europeans.

      (PS – Kosovo is… Albanian. Serbs are never getting it back, nor should they. End of story.)

        • I just want to press his buttons. But at the same time, I’m not ant-Albanian either. Yeah, most of them are “muslims,” nominally, but I’d still rather have them for neighbors than a pack of negroids.

          • I think what really sours everyone’s grapes was the (((US))) involvement, really. And the shady ways it occurred, and how they brought their gooooood friends the Saudis to come help with the rebuilding too. Leaving the war inconclusive turns out to have been worse than letting it run to its end.
            Also really showcased Killary’s violent side, people should have played that up more.

          • I didn’t know there was a choice a) Albanians b) Negroes? I think there is a fancy name for this sort of bogus rhetoric.

            Anyway Albanians are known as the worst sort of low life scum in Europe. They run the heroin into Europe from Turkey as well as human trafiking. It’s a scummy narco state.

  • “Disdain for elections and democracy is simply a self-congratulatory mask
    for incompetence, laziness and inability to rally the masses at the

    When there are a plurality of brown people and other state dependents voting it won’t matter how much “outreach” the alt-right does.

    I’m surprised I actually have to point this out to anyone.

    “Fantasies of seizing power in an armed struggle at some distant date are
    preferred as a warm and comforting tonic to frustrated activists
    freshly reminded of their real-world political impotence…..this attitude is nothing but defeatist faggotry. It is extreme weakness masquerading as strength.”

    The alt-right *is* in a position of extreme weakness, and the demographic situation will make us even weaker unless an alternative to democracy can be found.

    To the author – Go fuck yourself.

    • Your logical fallacy is: False Dilemma!

      You presented two alternative states as the only possibilities, when in fact more possibilities exist.

      Also known as the false dilemma, this insidious tactic has the appearance of forming a logical argument, but under closer scrutiny it becomes evident that there are more possibilities than the either/or choice that is presented. Binary, black-or-white thinking doesn’t allow for the many different variables, conditions, and contexts in which there would exist more than just the two possibilities put forth. It frames the argument misleadingly and obscures rational, honest debate.

    • Wake me up when your white aristocratic stormtrooper revolution happens. We can theorize about the weakness of mass democracy all we want, this is the world we live in. Democracy is the weapon used by the masses to beat us with, it may not be our weapon, or the one we will win with. But if we let go of it, the enemy is free to beat us with it however they want.
      There is no ‘alternative social arrangement’ so long as we are entirely powerless. We don’t get to decide if we live in a democracy or not. We can start building our own social arrangements and try to get people into power that will at the very least interfere less.

  • Jonathan Bowden said much the same thing about the importance of politicking. He gave all those great speeches and did all that canvassing for the BNP, only to have the party implode from internal conflict. Are you proposing we 1) revive the American Freedom Party 2) take over the Republican Party 3) form a new Alt-Right party 4) form a political pressure group that supports candidates of various parties who support positions favorable to moving the needle in our direction 5) some other option? I can’t tell exactly what we are supposed to be talking to our neighbors about, or on whose behalf.

      • Essentially 2) and 3) – you start by forming a caucus in one of the major parties. The Libertarians have a caucus in the GOP and while they have not taken over the party (their ideas are extremely unpopular among the population) they do manage to get some of their agenda addressed.

        We have a golden opportunity to form a broad “New Right” caucus in the Republican party with immigration restrictionists, “Alt Lites,” sympathetic libertarians, and outright White Nationalists.

        But of course you’ll have to ignore the LARPing internet trolls that aren’t interested in real life but instead want to post Japanese cartoon girls online and pretend they are “hard core radicals” by posturing about violence and Hitler, and otherwise purity spiraling.

        • I was just studying the Congressional district map in Texas, and voting here falls along racial lines. Mestizo districts vote for Democrats with Hispanic names, black districts vote for black Democrats, while the rest of the state votes for mostly White Republicans, with the exception of outliers like Austin. However, those Republicans are mostly of the cuckservative variety, which is one reason Whites are no longer the majority in Texas in the first place. Republicans always pander to non-whites, since they assume they can already count on the White vote. However, with the sanctuary city bill and other pending actions, mestizos (especially younger ones) who have increased in number will now vote as a bloc against Republicans, while Republicans refuse to take their own side. Instead, they will push harder on the old Christian social agenda, perhaps thinking they can hold on to support from older mestizos, while losing potential new young Whites who are more concerned about their economic futures. I am concerned that we’ve got a bunch of clueless boomers with big donors in perpetual rotation, and that it will be very difficult for young candidates to break through in the caucus. Since the minority districts are on lock-down, maybe we should try to run some young firebrand civic nationalist candidates who can appeal to disfranchised White youth. Otherwise, we’ll get the same crony capitalist bunch as ever. Abbott seems like an exception, but that’s cos he’s a law-and-order Originalist. His banning of sanctuary cities has more to do with law enforcement and states’ rights than with preserving the historic White Texan nation. I’d like to see us move the needle towards cultural preservation in more specific ways, i.e., making English mandatory in education and employment, making it illegal to fly the Mexican flag, proscribing La Raza, and so on.

        • The GOP and the Democratic Party both need to be thrown into the dustbin of history. This past election should have shown everyone that neocons control both party apparatuses. The only question is was Trump always a neocon and just lied, or did he get neutered once he got in?

          • So you replace the GOP and Dems with another party, or two new parties, or five or six. What is to stop the neo-cons from taking them over as well?

            As the infamous liberal establishment figure Carroll Quigley points out, it’s best for the two parties to be essentially identical, that way every election the people can “throw the bums out” and elect a whole new set of politicians without actually upsetting the system.

            There is really no magic trick, no technical fix. You have to take the power away from your enemies, and in this system that means you have to have a significant faction of the public on your side and organization in the political arena.

          • The two major parties are neocon parties. Buchanan, Paul, and maybe Trump tried to revamp the GOP, and where did it get them? To be honest this discussion is getting lame. The dumbest thing alive is thinking you can reform the system. It is corrupt to the core. Money infiltrates everything in politics, so you are not going to reform the GOP or Dems. Get an alternative party or parties that make the main plank getting the money out of the electoral system or totally remake it. Personally even this is hopeless. Maybe George Carlin was right Fuck hope!!!!

        • Do me an all of us a favor and read up on ‘triangulation’ and apply that principle to your political view.

    • Bowden started out in the Monday Club of the Tories and was expelled for extremism. I advocate taking over the GOP, but don’t be shocked if the Alt Right ends up like Bowden did in the UK.

      • Obviously Bowden, despite his gifts, wasn’t very good at infiltration. I would suggest giving his new group within the Tory Party the name ‘Revolutionary Conservative Caucus’ was a bit dumb, frankly. And he should have stayed out of the Monday Club.

        The Conservative Party in the UK recently had to disband their scandalous youth wing. As current polling shows, the Tories are overwhelmingly dependent on the over-50s for their predicted landslide next month. They are so desperate for young blood that it should be easy for any young alt-righter to infiltrate the lower ranks of the Tory party – but it requires patience.

      • GOP is going the way of the Whigs. By the time you infiltrate the GOP and take it over, whites will be only a plurality of the population and still split, thus losing is assured every time.

  • Robert’s Rules? No, no, no – we need memes, people. Memes are what got Drumpf elected, right?

  • everything starts with propaganda, and it must be applied to young minds…the reason we are in this situation is because the elite created a false version of history portraying whites as demons and nonwhites and immigrants as angels, and then they crammed that version of history into young and malleable white minds, thus generating white guilt and ethno-masochistic adults…we can only fight back with counter-propaganda, and it must get into young minds…it all starts there…

  • LARPer: The two party system doesn’t work, we need a third party!

    Reasonable person: It’s almost impossible for a third party to win, instead work to form a coalition in one of the main parties.

    LARPer: It’s impossible to take power in one of the mainstream parties!

    Reasonable person: But it’s even more difficult to form a third party. If you can’t create a coalition in one of the existing parties, how can you build a successful third party?

    LARPer: Democracy doesn’t work. We need a New Hitler to lead us in an armed revolution against the government!

    Reasonable person: Wait a minute, if you can’t build a successful third party, and you can’t even form a coalition in one of the major parties, how are you going to stage some military style coup against the government? That’s crazy!

    LARPer: Pussy! Boomer! Cuck! Alt Lite! Stop sitting in front of your computer and DO something!

    FBI Agent: Greetings, fellow White Nationalist. Democracy doesn’t work, voting is a waste of time. Are you ready to really DO something? Something big?

    LARPer: Yeah!

    • Mo$$ad Honeypot Organizer: Hi goys, let’s make oven memes and shill hard for Trump. We’re going to MAGA!

      LARPER: Yes! Kushner looks huwhite to me. Also, I hate girls and Mexicans.

      Mo$$ad asset: Good goy, you are so smart. Women destroy civilizations and Mexicans don’t buy insurance, now send me all your personal information for some extreme vetting.

      LARPER: Sure thing. How ’bout I dress up like a clown and run around making a fool of myself.

      Mo$$ad asset: Great idea goys! Remember, anyone who doesn’t support Trump is a race traitor, and pay no mind to the notion that the God Emperor is an israeli stooge – that’s crazy talk.

      LARPER: Agreed. Please accept my humble d’nation as a token of my appreciation for your great service to the huwhite race.

      Mossad asset (rubs hands together gleefully): Attagoy, now run along and break some laws, maybe a little rioting, making illegal threats and so forth.

    • We need a 4-5 party system. Why, because the two parties in power are going to go the way of the Whig eventually. It might take a couple decades at most, but pretty soon folks are going to wise up that Pat Buchanan was right and the two major parties are just wings of the same bird. People should have dumped both the GOP and the Dems 3-4 cycles ago. We just keep getting the same guy, even if it is a different person.

      • Multiparty systems are even better at maintaining the status quo, because they have to form coalitions (coalition = compromise) in order to govern. Additionally,we (however defined) don’t have decades left to fool with this stuff.

        • Well you are not going to revamp the GOP, it has been tried and failed. I guess we just have to sit back and watch it all crumble before us.

    • You’re more likely to choke on a fat woman’s yssup than you are subscribing to a third party. Stop wasting your time!

    • Why not both? It does not seem impossible to form a voting block inside of the republican party that stands on “white rights”, while also building and maintaining the foundation for a political movement that may one day develop into a political party that can win local elections.

    • The real reason third party doesn’t work in the US: Everyone expects a decent showing means they automagically win the 180 million eligible fuckers not interested in voting in the first place that sit out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This isn’t the Hugos, brah. That’s why successful campaigns are structured around RETAINING not adding. Adding votes is (as was the extreme case of the bernouts) a result of option 2 echo chambering itself enough to willingly discard whole swathes.
      Furthermore the most successful third parties weren’t ideological but POPULIST (Perot, Roosevelt) single-issue revolts. “You know THINGYOUREALLYHATEINWASHINGTON? well guess what, I pledge to you my first order of business is to GETRIDOFTHING the minute I’m in! *seal-clapping*”
      No one is enthused at all by the greens. The American greens had their chance up til the point Nixon was listening to them…Then after the EPA was made, they blew it. Many considered the battle won forever and all time, and now the EPA is one of the leading all-time careless polluters.
      Everyone point and laugh at the greens as you like, but please don’t fail the exact same way.

      • I’ve made the point right here that the Reform party was populist and not ideological which is why it was on its way to success (thus had to be destroyed.)

        However because of first-past-the-post elections, it makes more sense to take over an existing party via the caucus strategy.

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