Putting The French Election Into Perspective

It’s a black pill kind of day. Marine Le Pen has lost her bid for the presidency of France. Emmanuel Macron, the man who married the old lady who molested him as a boy, will lead the country. Frexit won’t happen, at least not for now. France won’t be the country that pulls the curtain back and reveals the men pulling the strings. That role will be played by another. Hungary and Poland, and really the entirety of the V4 nations, are the likely contenders for that honor.

So what are we to make of all this? 2017 has started out poorly for the nationalists. Le Pen and Geert Wilders both lost and Trump has been neoconned into doing everything but the two things he campaigned on (build the wall, fix trade). Southern heritage is under attack, and there doesn’t seem to be any legal recourse. As I write this the city of New Orleans is destroying monuments of “old dead white males” in an attempt to placate the SJWs and Black Lives Matter crowds.

Macron says he will push Poland (and no doubt the rest of the central European countries) to take in their “fair share” of the invaders. And let us stop using words like refugee and migrant. They are neither. These are military aged men engaging on a crusade that began nearly 1400 years ago. This is the invasion of Europe by the barbarians. This is Huntington’s Clash of Civilization and we are watching it unfold behind anonymous Facebook and Twitter avatars.

We knew the struggle would not be over with Trump’s victory last November. He was simply a vehicle to bring America, and Europe, and indeed the world, to a position where nationalists can have an honest conversation about our beliefs. That is something we should be thankful for.

This battle is over, but the war is not yet lost. The Alt-Right must learn from the mistakes of Wilders and Le Pen. So what are the takeaways?

First, and probably most obvious, is that both Wilders and Le Pen focused on immigration to the point where they forgot that there were other issues voters might care about. Few people voted for Macron, they just voted against Le Pen. Macron has no mandate to do anything. He was simply the “we’re afraid of facing the truth” vote.

The West has a long history of pretending things will go away if we simply don’t talk about them. The Islamicization of Europe is like the Puritans and sex, maybe if we don’t mention it, it won’t happen.

The Alt-Right, and our counterparts in Europe, I will simply call them Identitarians for now, must learn to talk to people about more than just white identity and immigration. If the Alt-Right is to effect any change we will need a coherent and consistent platform that addresses not only immigration and demographics, but also education, the economy, healthcare, and the environment. People need to know that if they vote for an Alt-Right or identitarian candidate they are not voting for things which could hurt them or the things they care about.

Such is the curse of democracy.

When no one “owns the state” as Enoch Powell and others have noted, there is little incentive for statesmen to think long term. Democracy is the process whereby one group of people are allowed to sacrifice another in order to keep their stranglehold on the halls of power. Democracy must be rethought, but right now we need to develop coherent policies that we can take to the non-nationalists of Europe and America.

The second thing we need to do is search out viable candidates for the 2018 congressional elections and work on getting them to Washington. The same can be said of the identitarians in Europe. That means we will have to find and recruit young people who have good “optics.” Andrew Breitbart famously said that politics is downstream from culture. And he was right, it is. But we don’t have time to wait for another generation to be reared on nationalist cinema, games and music that don’t exist yet.

We will have to engage the normies with political outreach. We must have boots on the ground. The left thinks we’re some kind of Potemkin village. This is probably just wishful thinking, but there may be some truth to it. No one knows how big we really are. The fact that Macron got 65% of the vote shouldn’t shock us. What should shock us is how far the National Front came over the past decade. We have Marine Le Pen to thank for that. We have Generation Identity to thank for their work as well.

The fact for French nationalists is this, Macron will be the president for the next five years. But the power of the right in France has grown, and it is impressive. People are now willing to listen to what we have to say. Though this comes at the expense of hundreds of dead Europeans. The Alt-Right in America and our Identitarian allies in Europe must unite. It’s join or die time. We need to work together to develop a pan-European movement rooted in nationalism and European identity.

Perhaps one of the things we can push for is the right of return for Europeans in diaspora. I’ve been planning to make my way to either Budapest or Prague this year. But now I’m thinking perhaps Western Europe would be more productive. I’ve heard from a lot of white Americans that they would love to live in Europe. I think one corollary to the rise of nationalism and the identity movement is the desire to reconnect with your roots.

Third, we can use the tragedy that is falling upon whites in South Africa as a tool for raising awareness of the results of multiculturalism. The world must see what is happening. The mainstream media won’t cover it. The rise of independent journalism and media must. News reports have been going on about how an impending famine in Africa could lead to twenty million dead this year. Tragic. But to me, my priority lies with helping whites stuck living in squatter camps and prevented from holding jobs to leave a country where they are routinely raped and slaughtered by blacks.

This could be an easy win for us, and when (not if but when) we do succeed in helping our brothers and sisters in South Africa, it could re-energize the identitarian movement for years to come.

Finally, let’s not lose hope. We are the side with the ideas. That’s part of why we’ve suffered a few setbacks this year. People fear change. It is our job to assure them that there is nothing to fear. Often I hear people talk about the fear of failure. What they really mean is they are afraid of success. Failure brings little with it. If you ask for a girl’s number and she says no you’ve not lost anything and so there is nothing to be afraid of.

But if she says yes, well now all of a sudden you are facing the prospect of a life changing event. What if you like her, what if you come to love each other? Success can be scary. We need not be afraid of victory. The future will come one day at a time, and we must ask ourselves “what have I done today for my people, for my culture, for generations not yet born?”

Le Pen lost, but the movement still lives.

Everitt Foster
the authorEveritt Foster
Everitt Foster is a former geologist and historian. He holds an MA in military history. He is also a novelist and short story writer. He is the co-founder and co-editor of Follow him on Gab at


  • At least, Granny-fucker Macron’s evil and wrong deeds will enlight more native french people. I fear for our gauls, but we, as Aryans/Westerners, we only retaliate when cornered, and that happened in past, millions have died, and borders have been reshaped for centuries.

  • I guess her sexy niece just dropped out of politics. Wow!!!!!! Marine’s younger version of herself and possible replacement said f it and decided to do the family thing full time. I don’t blame her. France is pretty much screwed.

  • For Europe I am not sure I am really for Nationalism anymore, unless it is explicitly White Nationalism. If people like Wilders and La Pen try to move to the middle, it is pointless. I also noticed that many of them are pro Zionist..

    So I ask if the EU, if it wasn’t for mass non-White Immigration; would be a bad thing. If the E.U became controlled by pro-Whites, and they removed the non Europeans; it would be a great thing. Also, What if the Euro currency became nationalized or state ran, and became part of the BRICK system. If those two things happened the E.U could be the most powerful Nation on Earth.

    So I have mixed feelings. We supported Brexit, and now they still say they are going to have mass immigration so what is the point, of these leaders keep cucking out. Most of these European countries are really to small for the modern world. Unless they are joined together in a bigger union, they are almost insignificant, and it makes the European people weaker when facing other nations like China, or the U.S.

    I think Europeans have a bad view of nationalism, because it hasn’t really been a good thing for Europe over the past couple hundred years. So many have died in wars. I think this maybe another reason Nationalists face an uphill battle. I think a united Europe is stronger. Really if the E.U was pro White; how many of us would oppose it?

  • As if to prove your point on South Africa, find out what is currently happening in Coligny.

  • Lauren Southern has publicly known ties to Canadian intelligence. Given the past of our intelligence communities I think it would be absurd to think that they would not infiltrate any movement with any kinetic power. I believe it would be absurd that they would not be littered ALL OVER THE “ALTERNATIVE MEDIA”. DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK MOLYNEUX has it written all over him? IT WOULD BE NAIVE THAT THEY ARE NOT ALL OVER THE PLACE.

  • Has anyone come across demographic breakdowns of the French vote? Specifically Christian/Muslim, white/black, men/women, young/old, etc.? I read somewhere that the government doesn’t maintain such official statistics, but perhaps other organizations poll these breakdowns.

  • Marine Le Pen spent years scrubbing and sanitizing her image, even disowning her own father, and accomplished nothing.

    I believe that Jean Marie Le Pen would have performed far better than Marine as the Gallic Savage that he is, were he in his late 40s rather than his late 80s. The fact is that the Euro Nationalist leaders all suck. Farage is a Libertarian dork. Marine is dumping the Front National name and turning the party into cucked Civic Nationalism. Wilders lacks any self discipline to win a campaign and is not an effective politician.

    France needs another Jean Marie Le Pen.

  • France is done, not because of Muslims but because of Afrikans. They will eventually be diluted to the point where ideology and politics won’t matter.

    • hi im new here what are “afrikans”? are they like black people? or african people?

      • “Afrikans” are black africans, thats just the germanic way of spelling it, why does this matter?

  • I think deep down inside we all know that their isn’t going to be a political solution to our problems. In the mean time we need to prepare for the coming conflict, Start stockpiling food,water invest in solar power and if possible move off grid, start working out and learn self defense and learn to use a gun, Sooner or later it’s gonna get real bloody.

  • All hope is not lost? That ship sailed a long time ago. The USA will fall. This movement is about what comes next, not saving the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.

    • We better get busy making as many lifeboats as we can before it sinks under the waves of color.

  • I don’t think Macron, France, or the Western world is going to make it another 5 years without major disruptions taking place, but you have to always plan the long game. I’m not really disappointed, okay maybe a little, about the losses when you look at how much they’ve gained since 2014. The problem is all the nationalist leaders are not really anyone worth following. They’re too centrist to really stir the people into constant action outside the political season.

    It’s just going to take a complete and utter implosion of our societies for a true nationalist that names the enemy and does so without giving a fuck if they ignite a civil war just with their rhetoric. You have 3 generations who already see the collapse across the West as being unavoidable and devastating. Economies and nations are built on a shared belief in the system. The majority no longer has faith in either. The fate of the West has already been sealed by that alone. We just need to have the foundations set to pick up the pieces and capitalize on it. Meanwhile continue doing what we’re doing and playing the pointless long game politically. That way you’re victorious no matter what.

    • You underestimate the power of the financial system and governments in their attempt to absorb third world immigrants. Maybe you’re right and the system comes crashing down, but I doubt it.

  • I know they are a bunch of cucks but the Conservatives are expected to gather a massive majority in next month’s British general election. It will be a huge public endorsement for a hard Brexit and at least it will be a setback for the left.

    The increasing divide between the UK and the European continent might open up some interesting possibilities for a genuine nationalist revival in England, in particular. This could have good good knock on effects elsewhere.

    • I agree the situation here is moderately hopeful. Theresa May has been talking like a one-nation civic nationalist, she is interested in white working class support. To bury Labour, she is at least talking about policies favourable to traditonally Labour voting white working class – essentially the same people who brought Trump to power. The tone is a far cry from Cameron’s effete Metropolitanism or even Thatcher’s Whig-Individualism (and hostility to working class communitarianism – though Thatcher never implemented genocidal policies in the manner of Blair/Mandelson). There is definitely hope that the Death of the Left here is realigning British politics along lines potentially more congenial to our survival.

      • From Spiked!

        “Mrs May is no Mrs Thatcher, being far more of a managerial technocrat than a political radical. The irony is, however, that last week her party won support not just from traditional Tories, but also from voters who want a break with the past. People voted Conservative – for a change.
        These results suggest that many voters in past Labour strongholds are no longer prepared, in that patronising phrase, blindly to ‘elect a donkey if it wears a red rosette’. Instead people want their votes to count – as many said they felt they did ‘for the first time’ in the EU referendum.
        The immediate beneficiaries of such a breakdown in old loyalties and demand for change might be the Tories, thanks to the pathetic state of everybody else. But the demand for change might also open up the potential for a different type of political alternative. In that sense at least, Tories taking Labour seats last week or next month is far from the worst thing that could happen – and certainly preferable to any advances for the reactionary Brexit-bashing, democracy-detesting ‘Progressive Alliance’.”

        – They see the same possibility of change in this shift (though the particular change they want is some kind of Libertarian Marxism – at least they’re not exterminationist like many modern Leftists).

  • In the next 5 years Macron cannot afford a major IS strike or a good deal of his platform that he ran during the election will collapse. Macron could also face a more violent Nationalist action.

    When freedom cannot be achieved by election then violence could be the only option.

    I see 2 groups being targeted.
    -The French Jewish population supports open borders, multiculturalism and the EU. Macron was backed by the EU & the Rothschild Family. They could face both the French Nationalists and a more confident Muslim population.

    -French Muslims. They are only 7% of the population but due to them, open borders, radical Islam and Islamic terrorism they face the brunt of French Nationalists.

    6 months before BREXIT took place the EU banks admitted to 1 trillion dollars in bad loans. They have got worse since then. Economies like Greece, Spain, to Italy are in deep trouble. 2 of the major German banks have billions in bad loans. this was before during and after BREXIT

    If that is not bad enough UK leaving the EU means London which is the financial capital of Europe and the EU also leaves. The UK is the 6th largest economy in the world, Brussels cannot afford to lose the UK.

    The EU is the most oppressive Bureaucracy outside of the Communist governments of China or Russia.
    None in the EU are elected! not her 4 Presidents (whose names no one really knows) or the 14 odd Institutes to the 50 odd agencies and the thousands of regulations on top of the laws & regulations of the EU member nations.

    PS: the catastrophe of the EU & BREXIT are some problems Macron is facing.

  • IMO, we shouldn’t be getting too wrapped up in electoral politics. It seems we’ve gotten about as far as we’re going to with it. When elections come up, sure vote for the anti-immigration party. It won’t hurt but it won’t really help much. The alt-right needs to concentrate on meta-politics. We need to red pill as many of our people as we can.

    • People are always counter-signaling about social media and the like, but it’s the most effective propaganda tool since the printing press. For the first time in history, we’re able to broadcast out message on an almost even playing field with the organs of the state. Anyone can run a blog and drive traffic to it. Anyone can use Facebook and Twitter. We’ve never been in a better position for meta-politics.

      Plus, we already have an effective strategy and set of tactics for meta-politics: The Mantra. Bob Whitaker and the White Rabbit folks have create a set of talking points and a way of approaching the White Issue that appeals to normal White people, that is impossible for the anti-whites to “debunk” and puts the onus squarely on anti-whites to justify their anti-white policies. I see Mantra talking points work in real life all the time.

      If anything we should be doubling down: “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

  • Marine Le Pen wasn’t ideal, but Macron will be be a major accelerationist. What do people tell drug addicts who don’t want to quit? “It hasn’t got bad enough”. That’s Europe right now.

  • France is unrulable, France is a failed state and Macron will not be able to bring stability and relief.

    • He is just supposed to protect the Bankers, not do any of that. The bankers don’t want people to get stability or relief. That is not in their interests.

    • Signed. I truly fear for the Whites in South Africa right now. I actually have family over there. Sadly, she is a total shitlib who pretends that there “isn’t a problem with race” in the country. Sigh.

    • No, we should form a volunteer army to go into Rhodesia and put Whites back into power, whether the jews, coloreds and globalists like it or not.

  • Please, do not buy into the myth about Polish government’s opposition to massimmigration, as Poland’s official policy is what the globalists have tailored for the land of naive Catholics. Poland’s official statements against immigration in reality have very little to do with protecting the Polish nation from Muslim immigration but very much to do with Poland’s special role in the globalist game against Russia. The bunch of neo-con warmongers who “are in power” do exactly what their globalist masters from (((USA))) expect them to do.

    Poland has in fact already taken in a fair share of “refugees”, since more than 2,5 million people have come from or via Ukraine as the “controlled” border to Ukraine is open. (Officially Poland’s east border will open first on June 1). As most of the “refugees” have no documents, the authorities actually have no idea of what nationality they truly are. Those few Poles who take the risk of ending up in jail for hate-speach have gathered a lot of information on this subject. These “racists” claim that among the “refugees from Ukraine” not only many activists from Bandera fascist group but also criminals from Chechen gangs (Muslims) are to be found. Having visited Poland several times, I find the “racist propaganda” trustworthy. Under my stays in western Poland I have run across many people who do not behave as poor refugees, and far from all of them have Slavic looks or even speak a Ukrainian dialect. According to my relatives who live in Poland many of the “refugees” actually speak Russian, but are not Russians. As you probably know most people in the former Soviet republics are fluent in Russian (an asset for those who want to move freely). Poland’s government – and (((MSM))) media – not quite surprisingly shout themselves hoarse about how good the “patriotic” government is at protecting Poland’s borders when a few Afghanistani or Pakistani get caught on the south-east border, with Slovakia. But if the police has not been successful at hiding that a severe crime has been committed by an “enricher”, tyhe authorities always blame Russia.

    • Thanks, I’m not worried about the Ukrainians. Poles love conspiracies, probably because they’re too smart for their own good. It’s always Russia, even in the Polish American Congress.

    • Well, what did you expect? Having a churka look is practically a free ticket into Europe now. Just mumble a few words about Syria and you`re in.

    • That’s the real crux of the issue. This wouldn’t even BE a problem if Whites were having 4-5 children/family, as they should.

      I have five siblings. This may come off wrong, but I snicker a little inside when I hear people referring to their two-parents-and-a-single-child arrangements as “families.”

  • Le Pen was the lesser evil but not ‘our lady’, she is dating a Jew, she said that Islam is a part of french culture, she even betrayed her own father in order to gain mainstream acceptance; but obviously she is better than Maricon.

    The lessons here are 1) if you play the democratic game, you must softening your policies and make compromises, and in the end you are only another establishment candidate, 2) democratic game and party politics is totally useless as tool of regain the power in our countries, 3) the time of armed struggle is here, there is no other option.

    You can read of the quality content at, you can get all the upvotes you want commenting here, you can spread all the Pepe memes you have, but in the end the only thing that’s going to save our race and our future is a violent revolution. Political power comes from the barrel of a gun.

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

    • “the time of armed struggle is here, there is no other option.”

      That’s an extremely dumb statement. We don’t have enough popular support to start any “armed struggle.” There are plenty of other options.

      LARPers have been saying “it’s time for an armed struggle” for 50 years – that’s all they can do. It’s more fun to LARP as the IRA because it saves you from having to actually do anything. Actually getting support from normal White people is difficult, it’s actually hard work. Hence people retreat into the fantasy of “armed struggle.”

      • lol

        Yeah, you are right, please continue jerking off behind your computer while the world is burning around you.

        • We’re not ready for armed revolution yet, but it might very well come to that. Things certainly aren’t going to get better anytime soon.

        • Tell us what you are going to do. Are you going to dress up like the Oath Keepers and walk around with a gun and talk tough?

          “Armed struggle?” You do realize that it is you that is jerking off online behind your computer while the world is burning around you, right? You’re just talking tough online – “armed struggle!”

          You and what army? How many men do you have? How many fighter jets do you have? Do you have a command and control system set up? Encrypted radios? Field medics? Tanks?

          Of course you don’t, you don’t have any of those things and you likely don’t even have a SINGLE person that you know in real life ready for this “armed struggle” (snicker) you LARP about online.

          Give it a rest you’re just making yourself look like a fool. You’re an embarrassment.

          • So what ARE you gonna do…? You’re clearly a troll and larper cause you don’t propose any solutions.

          • Cool it with the ad hominems tough guy, you don’t know me.

            I have proposed THE solution here in and before that in righton; but people are simply too blind and deaf to understand it.

          • Joseph, we cannot do anything violent. Forget about it. I personally would last three seconds in a civil war (due to location, personal network and health). The only thing we can do is to legally parasite from western governments and minimize our contributions to it. That’s all.

          • Eventually we will have to fight, there is no other option. Of course, not everybody in our tent will be in the frontline, every army need logistic support and even clerks….Now, while bleeding the beast is OK, everyday the enemy is making progress while we don’t have a single victory in the last 60 years, not a single one, and if this trend continues soon he will be unstoppable.

            Sadly, by reading this article and this comment section I can’t help but think that the white race and the ‘white nationalist movement’ [sic] deserve nothing better than this world.

          • What is going to happen is nothing but more wheel spinning. Some will LARP by fantasizing about changing the system by way of the ballot, some will LARP about changing it by way of the gun. Nothing significant will happen until or unless there is system failure. Most of us have little or no visceral idea of reality, or much in the well to deal with it when it kicks us in the face.

          • Exactly, but you will have some kind of failure here in the West if the EEU and China’s One Belt, One Road thing takes off and the dollar is kaput. That is a big if, but it may happen. For the globalist dream to occur, the US has to be the last to fall. Thing is if they can keep that from happening, there won’t be any revolution, etc. And if there is a revolution, whitey might be a target. We would become the new Jews.

        • Ehh, I don’t know, her dad said she didn’t talk about immigration enough. I think it’s time the FN got new leadership if they’re gonna have a snow balls chance in hell the next time round.

      • So I’m new and a normie and I wanna know more about this stuff but because im a normie i don’t know what certain things mean so any help would be cool.

        What does “LARP” mean? And also “IRA” and also “armed struggle”? I feel like I know but then again I’m new to all this vocabulary in context of this website and stuff…

        thanks for helping a faggot out. 🙂

      • Anyone who seriously talks of “armed struggle” should look into COINTELPRO and what was done to the black panther party. The intelligence and counter intelligence capabilities of the modern western state have only expanded since that time.

    • While the armed struggle is somewhat of an exaggeration, it is about time to move from being a silent minority to a vocal minority. From a social media opposition to the current self-destructing system to a real, visible and vocal opposition. Peaceful rallies, meetings in front of the White House and so on.

      Personally, I have kept asking Richard for the Manifesto. Who we are in Alt Right? What our objectives? Let’s stress dreadful demographics, let’s protest anti-White immigration policies.

      Tea Party made a helluva noise by organizing camps and peacefully protesting. Let’s cucks, normies and Congress know that there is a vocal group not interested in cuck items.

      One of the reasons Trump cooled down on the Syrian action was Richard’s anti-war rally in DC. It worked. Kush and neocons were served a notice.

      We must organize peaceful rallies, we must move from the social media group to a vocal opposition.

      More than anything, Congress and WH are tuned to physical protests covered by media.

    • Just like Trump. The Jews and their Central Banks have completely captured the West.

  • We did indeed lose this battle. But we did learn a lot from it. Hopefully we use this failure and learn from it. I really wanted Le Pen to win. But we must not lose hope. The fact we even have this much political influence is amazing. If we try harder, we can hopefully make Europe great again.

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