Nordic Youth Counter-Demonstrates Open Borders Rally

We’re all a bit bummed out about Le Pen’s loss. Electoral politics on the continent seem to a wash for nationalists…

But our street politics game is getting much stronger.

The Nordic Youth went out to an open borders rally on Sunday in Stockholm and made a stand.

Nordic Youth showed the gathering of rich Boomers (40-talisters in Sweden) and their Diversity pets what they thought of their open borders cucking. Seriously, look at the video. Who is in the lefty rally? Do you see that massive age gap? I’ll tell you what my lying eyes tell me. Geriatric spinsters whose maternal instincts have been triggered by poor Afghan boy toys hammering at the gate getting up in the faces of the young men from Nordic Youth and trying to give them a scolding.

They are joined by frumpy virtue-signaling urban SWPLs (with a net worth probably in the millions) also getting up in the face of Nordic Youth. And yes, there was Vibrant Diversity that tried to get in Nordic Youth’s way. There was a look of fear in their mud-colored eyes as they got pushed back like rag dolls.

The demonstration was led by social workers (ie post-wall cat ladies) from Botkyrka plan in central Stockholm, next to the Parliament. They called their demonstration the “No One is Illegal” march. Minor scuffles started almost immediately as Nordic Youth arrived on the scene. The police showed up 5-10 minutes after Nordic Youth started its counter-protest. No expense is spared as 4 cop cars are sent out, as well as a helicopter to keep an eye on Nordic Youth.

After an hour of counter-demonstrating, Nordic Youth peeled off (and was followed by the helicopter all the way to the outskirts of town). Overall, it was a good showing. /Ourguys/ are getting bigger, getting stronger and getting tougher everywhere around the world.

The leader of Nordic Youth, Fredrik Hagberg..



  • Cynic

    Sweden NO!

  • Ivan Prihhodko

    Great job, guys.

  • Joseph Curwen

    This is actually pretty sad to watch: Nordic Youth are literally 5 cats, they clearly are not trained in hand-to-hand combat (they are not protecting their 6 o’clock, their stance is wrong, etc), that colombian nigger with her commie salute trying to get the spotlight again (0:56), all those hysteric white people shouting against the ones trying to save them, the amount of empowered muds……

    Rest In Peace Sweden.

    • Robin Holmgren

      You havent been in a proper demonstration, clearly. Shut the cookiehole, internetwarrior.

      • Joseph Curwen


    • ThomasER916

      Fuck off you counter-signalling faggot!

    • White Dragon

      Perhaps not the best showing, but check out the the Nordic Resistance Movement’s most recent march on May Day.
      I can’t think of any other western country that could get these numbers for an explicitly National Socialist group. Sweden may be hugely cucked but they also have one of the largest and most active far-rights in western Europe.

    • Identitet14

      They never intended to start beating up the old people and their pets. This is done for propaganda and lots of people would dislike it if you beat up old people even when they are hysteric old fools.

      I happen to know there is some cross-breeding between football hooligans and nordic youth, pretty sure all they wanted to do was push the idiots away and continuing demo, not have a proper stance and beat up a bunch of fools that clearly are not a threat. I guess anything less then using your special katana-sword folded over 9000 times is being a pussy according to you?

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      F You, Cuck…….

  • From Ohio

    Keep up the good fight!

  • Johnny Fash

    That old lady at 3:24 is pretty cool.

  • Hildi H

    I was pretty black pilled after Le Pens loss but Based Grandma made my day lol

    • harman1

      Notice the primitive’s expression,akin to I’m going to kill you later.A woman hitting him,an old woman,shaming him is not going to be forgiven anytime soon.

  • JewKnowAlaska

    They look like a brood of vipers. Cackling hyenas. Demon possessed inhabitants from hell.

    And the other guys holding the sign seem like total bros.

  • astrofrog

    This was a beautiful thing to see. Really made my day. Nordisk Ungdom are doing good work. The total chaos in the ranks of the cucks, catladies, and invaders was a sight to behold.

  • Jen

    Way to start fighting back!

  • practicallyperfect


  • Vlad le Putin

    Lol good showing lads

  • craicher

    Way to go boys. Bring the struggle to the streets. It is the only way we will win.

  • Kate Hikes

    Nice to see some young lads getting involved. And the productive on video was nice, although not to my taste, so perhaps effective as a recruitment tool.

  • VictoryOrValhalla

    Could use a brush up on small unit tactics, but honestly they were literally facing “piss and run” liberals so it’s not as bad as it could of been and it looks like it went quite well.
    Gods guide our Swedish brothers.

  • ThomasER916

    We need to find out where the cucks live and ruin their lives. They must be destroyed.

  • Sam Nelson

    The world us social security turds have left for the children of the future is a disgrace. That is unless the plan of the leadership is something quite different than what we suspect, gather it is by all the signs we see around us today. Let us hope our leadership is not nearly so crazy as they seem to be by all the signs.

  • kaarekazai

    Bror Sverige. Vi er med dere.

    Look at the old feminist hags and femanist eunuchs standing side by side with their islamist cuckoo bird chicks. Pathetic!

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Nice Job, Nordics!!

  • Bob

    pipe grease + magnetic dust + blue die (for Swede) + pigs blood ….mix it all up = a good time….

  • JD Williams

    The model of generation identitiare needs to be duplicated everywhere. They have workouts, fighting instructors, class study, and social gatherings for women and men to encourage marriage.

  • Churchillian

    A step in the right direction. I’d like to see more cross-border cooperation in Europe. I’m sure many British lads would have gleefully stood beside our Swedish brothers. There is no one on earth we’re afraid of, right?

  • harman1

    Is the white testosterone rising at last?

  • ForlornHope

    Good work, gentlemen!