Was Moldylocks Serious About Collecting “Nazi” Scalps?

Moldylocks has really blown up as a meme. Her real name is Emily Rose Nauert or Emily Rose Marshall.

We’ve covered her porn career here on And what’s more, we’ve uncovered something new. Antifa came armed to the teeth and Moldylocks was no exception. It turns out that Moldylocks came to Berkeley armed to the teeth. Apart from her weighted gloves, and her glass bottles, she also brought some sort of shank with her.

She also mentioned something about “collecting Nazi scalps” on Facebook.

Perhaps it wasn’t just posturing on her part. Here’s another photo of her with the shank/knife.

Let’s put on our detective caps for a second. If someone says that they’re coming to collect scalps and then show up with a shank to an event, maybe that signals actual intent? And what do we think about this photo? Look closely:

This is what I got when I googled “scalping knives” on Google.

It looks quite similar to what Moldy brought to the event.

Antifa comes to these events ready to cause trouble and draw blood. They were throwing m80s, glass bottles and rocks the whole time at the Free Speech rally.

Glass flies by Nathan Damigo’s face as they face down Antifa.

And it is not just the Alt-Right that has reported on this.

(Skip to 3:05 to see Moldylocks talking about how the revolution requires hurting some grannies).

And we also had someone go behind Antifa’s lines to prove that they were looking to do damage and hurt people.

More information comes to light about Antifa every other day. It is hard to believe some of the stuff that the group is involved in. Many of them are clearly mentally unhinged. Bringing an actual scalping knife to a rally is not something normal people do at a protest rally.

These are terror tactics from a terrorist organization.

  • sane whiteguy

    We should try for a great propaganda victory in this case a do like the best Christians who save “sinners” -this once beautiful young White woman has been corrupted by the worst forms of Anti White, Anti Christ marxist, sexual degenerates – she was corrupted to do the worst forms of porn.

    It would be so great if some young Christian White man saved her from this life and she would change her hair stile from dreadlocks to something natural, renounce porn (get some penicillin shots) and become a loving wife and mother of White children.

    Let’s make that our goal for her. We’ve punched her out once – no need for more of that.

    Her future White Christian husband can spank her ass when she gets out of line, which she certainly will do.

    • WP

      Get to it, white knight.

      • sane whiteguy

        I’m already starting this project.

        • JMB

          Really? I am curious to hear about this. If you’d like to share. This is a big discussion going on around the Alt Right right now.

        • Hildi H

          That’s nice. Just make sure you get her tested for VD and rabies.

    • Joseph Curwen

      You can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

      • sane whiteguy

        yeah we can.

        Alls fair in love and war – this is now both.

        A Viking man can do what is necessary to save/kill – whatever needs to be done.

        • Joseph Curwen

          OK, be my guest…..but keep in mind that I warned you.

    • Frontierland

      All due respect, you’re Delusional.
      Most Anti-Whites will take their beliefs to the grave. And they will.

      • sane whiteguy


        A strong White male taking the dance lead – all these problems will be solved

        • DaveLDN

          Women are more influenced by shame. What happens to this crazy bitch can save many white women. The chances are she will be mentally too far gone to make a good mother.

          • jmi0112

            This chick has no shame or dignity.

        • jmi0112

          Like the Wit Debel that got her into Scat Films?

      • Susan

        I would point out her boyfriend is white.

        • Frontierland

          Two Anti-White peas in a pozed-pod.

          • Susan

            Well I find it rather ironic and telling that, for all her *white privilege* and *patriarchy* she’s dating a very vanilla MAN. Kind of hypocritical of her, and she obviously has not stopped to examine her own life for *privilege*. ….

          • Frontierland

            Yes. Many Anti-Whites complain about White People from their comfortable position in a Western Civilization created by White People.

        • jmi0112

          He’s a White Devil?

    • JMB

      I respect what you are saying but to be realistic, it’s a very small chance that a good self respecting White Man will ever want her. She would have to move, change her name, her looks & keep her past a secret. Even then that would call for her to have to lie about her life. That would eventually be a problem as well. She has walked far down that degenerate path. She is ruined.

      • sane whiteguy

        I’m not “Realistic” – I’m romantic.

        Somewhere, some place there is some healthy White guy that can save this fallen sinner, now nasty porn gal, Antifa street fighter – somewhere there is some romantic White guy that can save her.

        We have to find that guy….

        He might be in prison now… on death row…. but ….

        We need to find that guy.

        • Hildi H

          You’re hired!

        • jmi0112

          He might want to take her to the vet first.

    • I just upvoted for the spanking thing.

    • Pioneer American

      There wouldn’t be talk of ‘saving her’ if she wasn’t still young and beautiful.

      • jmi0112

        That is a stretch Pioneer. She is on the down hill side of both and going fast.

    • Max Wünsche

      I’d rather sacrifice her to the roving rapefugees. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • MylesStandish

    It’s a camping spoon, detective: altright must be totally unfamiliar with basic SWPL culture.

    You guys are pretty bold against little teenage street urchins, but when are you going to drop the dox on Kushner? No, don’t do that. Keep celebrating some middle-aged guy with a macklemore haircut running up and punching a girl in the face for Drumpf and Milo Pedofagolis and that psychotic old-maid neocon, Ann Coulter. Profiles in courage: punching girls and kissing jew ass.

    • WP

      from your disqus account “Be the herald of Light, and the bearer of Love, Till the stock of the Puritans die.” You sound like a garden variety self-hating white man… wait, you said you’re half jewish, got it, you’re not white. Speaking of dropping the dox, why are you using this sock account, Michael?

    • Vincent Law

      You did not just go there. I defy you to find someone more familiar with SWPL culture on the Alt-Right.

  • harman1

    Every single one of the antifa freaks should be doxxed. They love to hide behind their masks and enjoy the violence of the playground.It is only by exposing them to the light that they will finally be beaten into retreat.I suppose really hurting them in defence would also cause the same reaction?

  • Frontierland
  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Emily Rose Nauert………

    Open Bed……


    Fully Sexually Liberated……..

    Wanted to Scalp other Human Beings…..


    Something’s wrong here……..


  • Ike35

    Come on guys, maybe she was keeping it handy for shaving her bush old school and cutting off those stupid ass dreads.

  • SLCain

    She brought a knife to a fist fight. And lost.

  • I don’t care if you comment, but if you spam our disqus, I will ban you.

    • VictoryOrValhalla

      His entire post history is trolling, just gas ’em.

    • SLCain

      Looks like he took the challenge.

      FOAK that guy.

  • Myles Davidson

    For the full battle retrospective go to Red Ice Radios interview with Nathan Damigo.

  • I suspect that the antifas are trying to create 1960s level chaos. My white brothers need to be ready to protect themselves and their families if things get really rough.

  • David Yandell

    Could be a marlin spike.