Was Emily Nauert Serious About Collecting “Nazi” Scalps?

Emily Nauert–known to the Internet as “Moldylocks”–has really blown up as a meme. Her full name is Emily Rose Nauert or Emily Rose Marshall.

We’ve covered her porn career here on And what’s more, we’ve uncovered something new. Antifa came armed to the teeth and Moldylocks was no exception. It turns out that Moldylocks came to Berkeley armed to the teeth. Apart from her weighted gloves, and her glass bottles, she also brought some sort of shank with her.

She also mentioned something about “collecting Nazi scalps” on Facebook.

Perhaps it wasn’t just posturing on her part. Here’s another photo of her with the shank/knife.

Let’s put on our detective caps for a second. If someone says that they’re coming to collect scalps and then show up with a shank to an event, maybe that signals actual intent? And what do we think about this photo? Look closely:

This is what I got when I googled “scalping knives” on Google.

It looks quite similar to what Moldy brought to the event.

Antifa comes to these events ready to cause trouble and draw blood. They were throwing m80s, glass bottles and rocks the whole time at the Free Speech rally.

Glass flies by Nathan Damigo’s face as they face down Antifa.

And it is not just the Alt-Right that has reported on this.

(Skip to 3:05 to see Moldylocks talking about how the revolution requires hurting some grannies).

And we also had someone go behind Antifa’s lines to prove that they were looking to do damage and hurt people.

More information comes to light about Antifa every other day. It is hard to believe some of the stuff that the group is involved in. Many of them are clearly mentally unhinged. Bringing an actual scalping knife to a rally is not something normal people do at a protest rally.

These are terror tactics from a terrorist organization.

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