Amazon Needs To Be Nationalized For The Good Of The American People

It was just three books. It always starts this way.

In February of this year, Yad Vashem and The World Jewish Congress converged upon Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Their complaint? They wanted him to remove from the site three books critical of the accepted Holocaust narrative. Those books violated Amazon’s own corporate standards against hate you see.

My gut instinct says this was due to the increased influence of the Alt-Right and the mainstreaming of and rising interest in ethnonationalism. We’ve been demonized in the press as neo-Nazis and blamed for a supposed rise in anti-Semitism since Trump took office. The left keeps trying to analyze us, because they are afraid of us. The GOP, propelled in part by young, energetic Alt-Righters, controls all three branches of the federal government and thirty-two state legislatures, while Democrats control only thirteen. These are numbers unseen since 1920.

Democrats, and let’s be honest the vast majority of Jews are Democrats, must feel powerless. Though Jewish organizations have been pressuring Amazon to stop selling the books since 2013, the recent uptick in pressure must have been an attempt to feel as if they were still in control of something.

So influential leftwing Jews are worried about the rise of those willing to question the Holocaust narrative. It’s that simple. And they have the power, stemming from money and media presence, to force some of the largest companies in the world to capitulate.

The narrative must be preserved. Whites, especially Europeans, must be made to hate themselves for the crimes of their forefathers. If we learn to love and embrace our identity, the first step in identitarianism, pushing white guilt will be nearly impossible.

Once upon a time the left valued free expression, questioned what they had been told, and championed intellectual curiosity. Today they treat young people to lectures supporting the suppression of “hate speech” which has the effect of turning college students into Loony Tunes characters. Some even try to convince us that words are no different than physical violence. Hey if race and gender are social constructs, why not reality itself?

For those liberals who so often pose as champions of logic, skepticism, and freethought, corporate censorship is not a First Amendment issue since the actions rest in the hands of a private entity. Or at least that’s their excuse for supporting censorious behavior. Never mind that when private Christian bakers would rather not bake gay wedding cakes those same nose gremlins will enlist an army of ACLU lawyers to force the small business owners to violate their conscience. It’s bake the cake or go bankrupt.

But those who view themselves as our betters are not interested in consistency. That’s not surprising considering how badly Gen X and the Millennials have been miseducated about American history. I blame Howard Zinn and his zombie-like worshipers, but that’s another article.

The First Amendment isn’t just a legal tool. It’s a spirit. It exists because our founders, who were primarily English and no doubt schooled in the writing of the immortal poet and free speech advocate John Milton, agreed that like Satan, all should have the opportunity to speak.

And because they were students of The Areopagitica they understood that the right of free speech has a corollary, the right to hear what is being said. The framers understood that the only speech which needs protecting is dangerous and offensive speech. From the Areopagitica, “Who kills a man kills a reasonable creature, God’s image; but he who destroys a good book, kills reason itself.”

Sometimes I wonder whether the First Amendment would exist if we had to re-draft the Constitution and Bill of Rights. To be honest I’m not sure it would. A poll taken back in 2015 found that 51% of Democrats wanted to ban that nebulous, undefinable boogieman of mental midgets, “hate speech.”

I’m sure TruCons and EconoCucks in the Chambers of Commerce are grateful the left now seems to have embraced corporate rights. Still feelin’ the Bern lefties? That’s just more proof that the political axis has shifted from the left-right, socialist-capitalist paradigm to a globalist-nationalist one. It won’t be surprising to turn on the news one day soon and see progressives defending Ford’s right to move factories to right-to-work states or to employ strikebreakers.

This may not be comfortable to those new to the Alt-Right but it needs to be said. It’s time to start nationalizing internet-based companies such as Amazon, Twitter, Google, Kickstarter, Patreon, YouTube, and Facebook. And we can apply that to any company that has a near monopoly on large sections of the internet or that performs a service which, because they were a first mover in the space, they have a near monopoly of. At this point they’re service providers no different than a power or water company.

And these corporations should not have the right to deny anyone use of their services, which have become a vital and important part of modern life, simply because that person has expressed a dissident opinion. The law won’t let a phone company deny service to Jared Taylor because he uses their technology to talk to others about race realism and white advocacy. Why should it allow authors to have their work removed from the world’s largest book provider?

To further understand the nature of the removal of these books think of it like this. Allowing Amazon to remove books some find offensive is no different than allowing a railroad to single out an offensive farmer and keep him from bringing his crop to market using their railway. Denial of service can be incredibly powerful in silencing dissent. Deplatforming is a part of the plan to control the West.

On a level playing field ethnonationalist ideas will always win because they are rooted in the true nature of man. If we find a philosophy that is consonant with our hearts some whites will start standing up for themselves. Soon others will join them. If the Alt-Right is to achieve anything we need to be free to speak to those who are not already nationalists. Do not underestimate the importance of free speech to our movement. The great rivers of the world are fed by smaller tributaries.

But wait, isn’t Holocaust denial something we can all agree is bad? What about corporate social responsibility? Doesn’t Amazon have a duty not to carry “fake history” or to provide access to the tools of hate? It’s in their own policy to not promote hate.

As a man with a curious mind, I want the right to read controversial books and ask questions about the history I’ve been taught. Where else besides the virtual shelves of Amazon (and for now Google Books) will one find works evaluating the evidence for and against the conventional Holocaust narrative? Certainly not at Barnes and Nobel. And as much as I love quaint little bookstores most simply cannot afford to carry inventory that is unlikely to sell.

Where do the seekers go to find dissident views on one of the most written about events of the Twentieth Century? The world has changed from when I was a kid in the 80s. Today, to be absent from the internet is to be absent from the world. For an author to be missing from Amazon is for that author to be effectively a nonperson. It is to be damnatio memoriae.

Is the destiny of honest Americans to stand in a dark alley away from the eyes of SJWs, activists, and the professionally offended and wait for an underground book dealer? Will those looking for answers be forced to track down PDFs on the dark web?

As a graduate student I was in a World War II history class. That week we were discussing Christopher Browning’s book Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland. We were discussing the role of “he did it too” in preventing guilt among the men. Another student raised his hand and asked, “Did the Jews have a role in causing the Holocaust?” He was new to academia and thus I believe it was an honest question. I don’t think he was trolling.

His question elicited shock from most of the class and our professor. But despite the disruption no one bothered to answer. We simply moved on. This left me feeling cheated. Don’t I have the right to explore ideas, to buy and read books, which indicate or imply that European Jewry may have been at least partially at responsible for antagonizing ordinary Europeans? Can we not ask difficult and uncomfortable questions in an ostensibly free society? Is it a free society if a near monopoly can defy the spirit of free speech?

To the issue of corporate social responsibility I would simply say, is my mind my own? Who is qualified to determine what answers I may seek or where I may seek them? Who is so much better than me that he could act as my censor, governmental or corporate?

Let’s talk a little about what happens to those who defy authority.

In the profession of history one is free to question the historiography of virtually anything. The Jewish Holocaust and the uniqueness of Jewish suffering though are the exceptions. In 1986 the great historian of Poland, Norman Davies, was denied tenure as a professor of history at Stanford University. Some believe that negative critical commentary by Jewish historian and Zionist Lucy Dawidowicz (it should be noted that she subscribed to the Sonderweg theory of German historiography, a theory that is no longer widely accepted today) played a part in the denial of his tenure. He sued Stanford on a number of claims that can be summarized as discrimination.

Davies is not a Holocaust denier. David Hoggan or David Irving he is not, nor has he ever tried to be. What triggered Dawidowicz’s criticism? He simply reminded the world that non-Jewish Poles also suffered and died at the hands of the Nazis. Regarding his lawsuit, a lengthy legal battle ensued with the state of California ultimately deciding that it has no jurisdiction to force a deposition of another professor due to the state’s privacy laws. Denial of tenure is serious and most who suffer such a fate never recover professionally. But Davies did recover and now thirty-one years later he is a well-respected professor and the author of many wonderful books on Poland and Europe. But the message was chilling and clear in the historical community: there is a price for dissent.

Amazon’s removal of these three books is a black mark on the company and Bezos. But this was only a first step. Now that blood has been drawn do not expect to see anything less than hemorrhaging in the coming years. After all the busybodies at The World Jewish Congress have offered their help in identifying other books they find unacceptable. If Amazon will genuflect to “the Cathedral” (or dare I say, “the Sanhedrin,”) if it will bow to pressure to remove books to which some take offense, what or who will be next, Kevin MacDonald, Michael Hoffman, Madison Grant, Alexander Dugin? Would Amazon sell an English language copy of Two Hundred Years Together?

But there is a solution. There is a way to keep the world of dissident authors and controversial books open to the searchers. Jeff Bezos has demonstrated that he lacks the backbone to stand up for the authors and readers who rely on the company he helms. He has proven that he cannot resist the forces pushing corporate censorship of controversial ideas. It is time to give those curious souls the protection of the First Amendment in no uncertain terms. It’s time to nationalize Amazon.

It’s time to nationalize Amazon.

Everitt Foster
the authorEveritt Foster
Everitt Foster is a former geologist and historian. He holds an MA in military history. He is also a novelist and short story writer. He is the co-founder and co-editor of Follow him on Gab at


  • All you need to do is start your own book selling company, and start selling those titles refused by amazon. I have ordered lots of nationalist books from Amazon in the past. They carry Arktos titles, for example.

    Government monopoly will only make things worse in the long run.

  • What triggered Dawidowicz’s criticism? He simply reminded the world that non-Jewish Poles also suffered and died at the hands of the Nazis.

    I think they were more angry that he pointed out that entire families of Poles were loaded on boxcars and shipped off to Siberia or Kazakhstan.

  • They really need to control the historical narrative at all costs. It seems as though the holocaust could almost be considered the template of all the false flags and big lies that forms the basis of their power identity. Without protecting the big lie they lose their power. I saw a video on Youtube titled “6 million Jews,” where the plea to help the 6 million from being exterminated was printed in all the major newspapers from 1915 up until the WW2.
    And then when you see the cases of Ernst Zundel brutal harrassment and imprisonment along with the arrest of his lawyer Sylvia Stoltz for merely defending him in court, David Irving, the recent arrests of 87 year old Ursula Haverbeck and the reincarceration of Horst Mahler to finish out a ten year prison sentence, the need to squelch those who rationally question a lot of the nonsense of the narrative should also be publicly questioned.
    Also the lie is not dissimilar to the lies that lead to global wars, social demoralization and civil chaos from the World Jewish Congress push to bring the US into WW1, the Hitler boogie man of WW2, Pearl Harbor, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, King David Hotel bombing, Tonkin Gulf Incident, to the Oklahoma City bombing (Federal Bureau of ZOG Investigation) 911, weapons of mass destruction, and hands up don’t shoot.
    The media blosters the lies from the past to the present by daily input into the public consciousness depending on what the particular agenda that it may be applied to is, global war, racial tension, keeping the boogie men alive.
    It’s only a hop skip and a jump to the gulags from here.

  • Amazon is now going to do to the gaming stream service Twitch (which they own) what they have already done to reddit and mainstream media outlets.

    Their new chat integration system outlines how they will now turn the chat function into another commercialized space to sell their processed junk and influence opinions to their globalist masters.

  • What triggered Dawidowicz’s criticism? He simply reminded the world that non-Jewish Poles also suffered and died at the hands of the Nazis.

    He also wrote how entire Polish families were loaded into boxcars and shipped off to Siberia. No doubt many died on the way and many more died in Siberia. (Or it might have been Kazakhstan:)

  • What would nationalizing Amazon accomplish? Were Amazon already nationalized then under our current government it would long ago have removed Holocaust revisionist books from its offerings. The first amendment places no obligation upon our government to sell Holocaust revisionist books, it simply prohibits the government from banning other people or businesses from selling them.

    • Exactly. The entire concept is retarded from top to bottom. If the concern here is defence of freedom of speech, so that people can write all kinds of things regardless of who they might offend, nationalising the company that sells the books would only accomplish the exact opposite of the stated goal. You are correct in pointing out that the US government is not held to any obligation to honour freedom of speech within state institutions.

      Is Everitt Foster seriously going to claim that the Trump administration is more likely to publish Holocaust revisionist literature than a global multinational corporation is? Because that’s the only rational way to interpret the message of this article. It’s simply an astounding idea on two levels. Firstly, astounding because there is no empirical evidence to support that as being the case. Secondly, because simply imagine the optics on having a pitched political battle to nationalise Amazon because it won’t publish Holocaust revisionists. Whatever bill would be written for that, would become the longest and most legalistic-sounding political suicide note in history.

      Also, completely aside from that, another burning question is, why is Foster trying to start a conversation about Holocaust revisionism in the first place? What is the point of that?

      • The HR books are published almost entirely by other publishers, Amazon simply made them available.

          • I don’t really care much about HR literature. The precedent is the problem and the fact that Amazon has close to a monopoly on book sales in the US.

      • I realize you have a fixation on the Holocaust, but you should have read the entire article:

        Amazon’s removal of these three books is a black mark on the company and Bezos. But this was only a first step. Now that blood has been drawn do not expect to see anything less than hemorrhaging in the coming years. After all the busybodies at The World Jewish Congress have offered their help in identifying other books they find unacceptable. If Amazon will genuflect to “the Cathedral” (or dare I say, “the Sanhedrin,”) if it will bow to pressure to remove books to which some take offense, what or who will be next, Kevin MacDonald, Michael Hoffman, Madison Grant, Alexander Dugin? Would Amazon sell an English language copy of Two Hundred Years Together?

          • Your comment makes no sense. At least for now, when the current SCOTUS rulings on the First Amendment are still in place. Why do you think NPI and Amren are able to hold meetings on govt property when they are de facto barred from doing the same on private property? Your claim about the prospect of USG actually publishing Holo Revisionist lit is pure strawman. THe fight over Amazon would have to be based on its being a monopoly that sells about 80% of the books in the US, not the fact that it bans specific dissident authors.

    • The govt is obliged to adhere to the First Amendment. That’s why NPI was able to hold conferences at the Ronald Reagan Building and Amren has been holding its conferences on public land for the last several years. Amren had to start using public facilities because they were barred by numerous private venues that succumbed to threats.

      • The American government publishes many things. None of the things it publishes include holocaust revisionism. And the First Amendment doesn’t require it to. You have an mistaken understanding of the First Amendment.

        • You’re kind of missing the point, which is about freedom of speech and assembly. Nowhere did I imply that the govt is obligated to publish books on Holocaust revisionism. My comment had nothing to do with publishing, but you could also point out (pointlessly) that USG is also not obligated to publish the works of Shakespeare or Chaucer.

        • Are you saying that those books are barred from the Library of Congress? Govt publishing books for its own internal purposes is different from making materials published by private publishers available to the public.

    • Amazon is a nationwide (leave out the intl part) general marketplace for books (by far the largest in the world-a virtual monopoly ),not a National Park Service bookshop or the GPO. Arguably, laws and court orders would be needed to prevent authors and publishers from marketing their books in such a venue if it were nationalized. It’s entirely different from a govt publishing operation which has a mission to publish books solely for internal governmental purposes but also (in some cases) may sell those books to the public. GPO also publishes a lot of classified material which cannot be sold to the public.

  • Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel barred from moving to the U.S., though his wife is an American citizen

    Comment 1: If the U.S. now bans Holocaust revisionists from entry, is this a first step towards legal enforcement of Holocaust Belief, as in Germany and France, etc., with jail terms for unrepentant skeptics? As the article states, there is an insinuation that something about what Zundel has done is illegal under U.S. law.

    Comment 2: President Trump’s limited, six-country immigration ban order, we will remember, floundered and failed quickly, but here we have Zundel, whose wife is a U.S. citizen(!), successfully banned. I think I missed the coverage of all the protests there must have been on this blatant violation of our rights to free speech!

    Oh, wait…

  • I would have preferred some economic argument for nationalization, especially given the libertarian taunt.

  • ‘Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2…

    Six million died and…

    Alas only five million survived.’

  • My redpilling began years back when I asked “Why did Hitler do it?” I always had a natural dislike for the jews. Mainly from their treatment of Jesus, but there was something else more I couldn’t actually explain. Once I began to research about Hitler (and it took years) the answers made undeniable sense!)

    • JMB Hmmmm.. want to help, little lethargic, not enough oxygen going to my brain at this point. “Mainly from their treatment of Jesus…” start there, Hitler was commissioned by the Catholic Church to combat Communism, and in return for his services he would be granted political asylum along with his party. He did not die in the bunker as most of us have been taught! There are over 1,200 German scientist in the United States who also have families now; numbers have quadrupled since the end of WW2, hence operation ‘Paperclip’.

      Now Jesus, he was a stud… biblically speaking, big flirt with the women; I want to say he even got laid in the tomb, but that would be stretching it a bit! I can’t prove that Jesus Christ ever existed, doesn’t mean for a moment that he was made up, right? Just that the bible was permitted to journey down to our founding fathers who in turn extracted the principles from the bible and created our constitution. Such a lovely story if it were half true…

      Go back to Alexander the Great, read about the 72 or 70 Rabbi’s that were forced into oral.. my bad, forced to translate the five books of Moses into Greek. Why? Is the key question… Christianity had it’s start in the Greek tongue if you will. The very language from which the Jews/Hebrews had their holy books translated into. Start there… the pieces should fall into place. I claim that these parasitical rats created Christianity and are f*cking all of us today with the economy we have to live under. Richard Spencer is well spoken but ‘wet’ behind the ears still. Brother he is indeed.

      • I love your comment! That is all I really can say back to you! I will definitely read up! Thanks!

        • When I’m not drinking I’m more level headed. I’m a little mystified why Richard Spencer deleted my comments on Hildi H’s comment (((666))). There was a lot of good info there; I don’t know what to make of it. Now he knows what I know and I’m a heavy hitter. Stay the course JMB there’s so much info out there, find where you fit in to the big picture. I’m going to be operating my own organization out of Spokane, WA. It will improve the lives of all of us who identify as White! Much love!

          • Don’t worry about me too much. I figured out about the Great Hoax from the Reference section and histories written before 1945 from the library in 7th grade 😉

  • “As a man with a curious mind, I want the right to read controversial books and ask questions about the history I’ve been taught.”

    But as a man with a fat ass you’re unwilling to get up off of, you won’t bother forming your own company to sell such books. Spare me.

    • Speaking of ‘sparing you’, John – how did your special evening, a few days back, go?

      • I’m pleased to say, Junius, it was as enjoyable as I’d expected it to be, and I appreciate your asking. Early in the course of it, coincidentally enough, I was surprised to see a photograph of three youngish men who were in U.S. military garb and who grew up in none other than your own North Carolina. They were nephews of the ancestrally-Ukrainian wife of the second cousin at whose house I was having dinner. The wife’s brother and his own wife had moved to North Carolina, for job reasons, when the first of those three boys, their sons, had been a toddler maybe. Though there was no military background in the family, each of the boys pursued a military career. In the conversation that ensued–after I’d seen the photograph, that is–my cousin told me, in response to my direct question, that the boys (well, men now) do not speak with a Southern accent. I’d be surprised if you yourself wouldn’t have taken them for ancestrally-Southern men–from their appearance, I mean.

        • Yes, John – well, I do not speak with much of a Southern accent, as I arose from the capital city of Raleigh, where such was considered bad form.

          My mama,s as well, had been convincet by UNC that being a redneck was a bad thing, and, thus, she spent untold time in effort to erase her accent, before I was born.

          To this day, I have yet to hear her speak as her true voice must be, that of something beyond Elly-Mae Clampett, as her parents spoke thus.

          I didn’t think much of it, then, though, nowadays, I have come to see it as a sign of submissiveness that we allow aliens to so define us.

          I like Ukrainians, as I do Eastern Europeans, though, admittedly, ‘Ukraine’ is really three distinct places, the eastern and western parts which are not much fond of each other – and now we have a 4th, around Crimea.

          As to Tarheels in the Yankee military, it is customary, (see below) as most of us like to shoot things, and even enjoy being shot at, as well.

          I’m so glad you enjoyed the evening.

          • That’s a good welcome-sign, Junius. I’m kinda wishing there were something similar at the border of my neighborhood.

            Out of curiosity, a year or two ago, I checked Google Maps for the distance between two Tennessee locales. One was Limestone, which seems to have been where Granny Clampett grew up (and where Davy Crockett was born, before it was part of Tennessee); the other was a place called Locust Ridge, where Dolly Parton grew up in a “rustic, one-room cabin,” according to Wikipedia. As you’ll see in the map below, the two places are only about sixty miles apart. From what you’ve said in the comment immediately above, I gather you have memories of your mother’s parents, who, if I’m correctly recalling things you’ve said in earlier comments, might have been from somewhere in Appalachia, too. Interesting that you sense your mother has a voice different from the one you’ve always heard from her. Well, probably I’ve never asked you about her, since my own very-simple existence generally leaves me disinclined to ask others about their lives.

            Elly May — Some years ago, I was struck by how appealingly that character was conceived: voluptuous but apparently unaware of it, as if her passage through adolescence had been completed physically but not yet psychologically. Much of the appeal, I suppose, owed to the actress, Donna Douglas, an “honest-to-goodness Southern Belle, similar to [the] character,” as is said in her bio at Many years after the show, I saw her for a minute or two on one of those afternoon-type talk shows, where the guests take questions from the audience. She was just as she had been, a delight to eye and mind.

            Anyway–here’s the map …

          • Well, yes, before I go to bed : the Ellie-Mae character was conceived as a symbol for undisturbed Southern virtue.

            The character passt ‘phyically through her adolescence, yet, not psychically – another rhyme for, ‘Southern Agrarian Christian civilization untouched by mechanized modernity.

            She is precisely the human embodiment of how my grandparents lived and thought about their world.

            Miss Donna was a good selection for the role because she was a good-ole-girl from Louisiana and, though she was a towner, I believe from Baton Rouge, she knew well those who souls were like Ellie-Mae, and, as well, what the symbolism had to be.

            She was very disciplined in that part, playing it, in publick, until the day she died.

            In my view, she brought great credit to our kind, though, admittedly, it was through a minor field.

          • Yes, I fell in love with Miss Elly-May when I was but a child.

            I loved her, in part, because she was beautiful, but, I loved her all the more, because I reconized that she is what every Southern daddy ought want his daughter to be – ungreedy, unmaterialistick, unconniving, honest and forthright, warm hearted & compassionate, uncalculating, straight-laced,
            rural & earthy, loyal to her own kind, and unfailingly Southern.

            In pop culture, Miss Elly Mae is our Southron Saint Jeanne D’Arc…

          • One more thing – Locust Ridge is only 30 miles from where I spent much of my boyhood, on my granddaddy’s farm, in Buncombe County…

          • That’s wild, Junius. Colonel Buncombe, for whom the county is named, is buried here, in Philadelphia. He was captured at the Battle of Germantown, which, as you probably know, took place not very far from my own grandparents’ place. Strange that you and I always seem to have these little connections. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a black-and-white photograph my father must have taken, in 1952, while my mother and he were en route to their honeymoon stay, in the Smoky Mountains National Park. On a simple sign near which my mother is posed is an arrow and the distance to, I think, Asheville. They might have driven within hailing distance of your grandfather’s place.

          • Yes, we have a lot in common – particularly our warm/faithful, yet, peevish natures of our souls. As well, we both are interested observers of the world, particularly the human one.

            Probably where your parents were cuddling was right next to my granddaddy’s farm on the unbelievably scenick ‘Blue Ridge Parkway’, as it has been call since constructed, around that time.

            Their farm was about 13 miles from Asheville – in the midst of endless rolling brooks, gorgeous hills, and the smell of dairy cattle, which I always liket, though, for some more urbane folk, it can be jarring!

            When you come to visit, please bring the pictures, or, better yet – your mama! We’ve got plenty of bedroom parlours for you both!

          • Thank you for that information, Junius, about the Blue Ridge Parkway. When I saw that photograph, years ago, I wondered, naturally, “Where is she standing? What is that road?” Now that you’ve told me of it, I’m thinking yes, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a strong candidate.

            In the small, meadow-like area in front of my second cousin’s house, where I recently spent that evening, is a full-size model of a black-and-white cow. This is about an hour north of Philadelphia. My cousin’s wife, who, as I’ve told you, is of Ukrainian ancestry, grew up on a little farmstead in a suburb much closer to the city. Its three-and-a-half acres were about ten percent of the farmstead her maternal grandparents had bought at some point after their U.S. arrival (which took place in the 1920s, I think). She, my cousin’s wife, had for some reason always wanted an artificial cow in front of the place my cousin and she built, and eventually he and she found a suitable one for sale, somewhere in Texas. Because their property couldn’t be reached by the delivery truck, a bit of juggling was involved in getting the cow into position, but they succeeded. When first cousins of mine moved to Illinois, forty years ago, their schoolmates out there were struck by their fascination with the cows that would sometimes be seen alongside their school bus. A century earlier, our ancestors in Ireland had been on farms, one of which is still held by a distant cousin of mine–but our own experiences had been urban and suburban.

            Anyway–maybe I will one day pluck up the morale for a visit your way. I always appreciate the generosity with which you speak of such things, and I appreciate, too, your warm regard for my mother.

          • Yes, John …

            I see the cow symbol as a gentle bird being popped to modern technogical mechanized culture. In fact, it may be so gentle, that even those posting the symbol may be unaware of all the many things it is saying, though, deep in their subconscious, they surely know.

            On the positive end, such a symbol is an affirmation of Arcadia and the eternal rural idyll, and the stubborn refusal to relinquish a grip on such a thing.

            The irony of it may be that in this day and age, even that symbol is made from ‘artificial material’ … or not.

            The wife and I look forward to you finding the particular ‘pluck’ you need to drive to Dixie and pay us a visit.

            Though it will be a foreign land to you, it will be a great adventure you will never forget, as you will attain a greater intimacy with those ghosts you have come to perceive in your mind.

            Thank you, as always, for your gracious and kind words to me. Be well!

          • You’re welcome, Junius, and you know I always thank you in return.

            You’re probably right about the symbolism of the cow. As I was reading what you wrote, I was reminded of times when my Sicilian grandfather would point out cows in fields alongside the Pennsylvania Turnpike, as our family would be driving out to Harrisburg, about one hundred miles west of Philadelphia. My grandmother and he would be joining us for a visit to the home of his daughter, the eldest of my paternal aunts, and I can still hear him with that accent: “Look-a, John, look.” Funny how such things stay with you.

            I really do believe I would find a visit to your area quite an adventure, as you say, and I hope both your wife and you will know how much I appreciate your welcoming words. May you never know the paralysis of unprosperousness …

          • I’m sorry about your ‘paralysis’, John. I understand all about it, as my wife and I both lost our businesses in the 1990s and got so poor that, for years, we lived in a hovel and had to use a dang hand-cart to tote our dirty laundry up to the laundromat to be cleaned!

            Worse still, we had no money to hire a lawyer to combat my wife’s evil ex-husband, who took my wife’s children from us, and did not raise them right.

            If you don’t find the money before we do, we’ll send some so you can visit!

            Now, on a turn of the dime, let me ask you : what’s your take on Trump and his administration?

          • No, no, Junius–generous though your offer is, I would never accept money from your wife and you for the trip. From what you’ve said about the difficult period through which you passed, I think you’ll know what I mean when I say the paralysis is not necessarily a matter of having literally no money (though, of course, there are persons who get knocked down to that most desperate of positions, in which they are literally penniless). No–it’s that the inability to make even everyday purchases with ease destroys the capacity for joy. As I recently said to a young, female relative of mine: “If you don’t prosper, you can’t have fun.” I’m pleased to add, by the way, that after a moment’s pause, she looked me in the eye and said: “Words of wisdom.”

            As to Trump: Maybe you remember my mention of the blog “Cambria Will Not Yield.” In his May 6 post, that blogger–who posts only weekly–defended Trump against those like me (and, I think, Hunter Wallace, of Occidental Dissent), who gave up on Trump with the Syria bombing. The blogger said that “that is not how you should respond to the only president since Teddy Roosevelt who has shown the slightest bit of white pietas.”

            That’s not an unreasonable view, but I’m afraid the Syria bombing did destroy my ability to give Trump attention. Maybe you know, from my remarks at Occidental Dissent, that I was bothered by the Navy SEAL’s death, in the Yemen raid, ten days or so after Trump’s inauguration. During the Presidential campaign, Trump’s insulting of the attractiveness of the women who’d accused him of sexual assault marked the point at which I began to feel he’d crossed the line from the unusual to the unacceptable; and to my mind, the death of that SEAL pretty-much locked him on that line’s wrong side. The Syria bombing was a double-lock.

          • Well, I see.

            So I am to understand that you have detacht yourself to the extent that you have no idea what is going on in international and national affairs?

            Certainly I do know people like this!

            In case you are not like this, I’ll rephrase the question : where do you consider the body politick to be?

          • Yes, I think your assessment is right, Junius: I’m so detached that I have very-little idea what’s going on. Over the past week or so, for instance, a friend e-mailed me some obviously-wry remarks of his about the Comey situation, and I wasn’t able to grasp his points.

            As to the body politic: Part of me thinks the Racist Front, which, now that I think about it, is the term I myself would probably use for what’s called “the alt right,” is weak; but it does have a number of figures I like (but whom I prefer not to specify in a public forum). Unlike the average white man, the average Jew knows that one does not flourish by what one pursues but by what one avoids. Avoid what does not conduce to strength, and strength will form.

          • Interesting.

            About Comey – you did not miss much. He was fired, as folks usually are – for displeasing their boss!

            As to the Alt-Right – they are very new, and just learning how to do publicity. Good measurements will come in 3,5, and 10 years.

            Think of where the NSDAP was in 1924, as opposed to 1928 or 1932.

            As to their basing themselves on race, it’s difficult to see that there is any other alternative, for, when a vine digs under a tree or house, one must dig below it, in order to usurp the usurper.

            Of course, the approach has been mined, and is covered by heavy artillery and guns of every kind. Still, every other approach is a landscape so tenuous as to render any offensive operation all for naught, before it even begins.

            As to Jews, and their strategies, I think they follow not just the tact you mention, but, many simultaneously, as, while they may seem to avoid what does not conduce to strength, they still attempt to set up longterm contingencies to change that unproductive land, as they farm areas of short-term gain.

            In essence, they put many contingencies into play, going along patiently and resolutely, as each matures in it’s own time and way – a circular strategy of 360 degrees.

            Have a good night!

          • Thanks for the summary, Junius, of the Comey situation.

            Yes, when I called the alt-right the Racist Front, I meant that, for me, that’s what it is. My concern is the white race–its flourishing.

            That’s a pretty-good description you put forth there, of the Jewish method.

            As it happens, I did have a pretty-good night, since I basically worked out a small matter that I was obliged to address for a cousin of mine–so I’ll wish you a good day.

          • Well, how do you think things are coming for The Whites Races, since May 2016?

          • Hmm–throughout this day, Junius, this question of yours has come into my mind, but I haven’t been able to find an answer. Well–for instance: one thing that never really grabs my attention is–what’s the word?–exhortation, maybe. If I see, say, a Richard Spencer exhorting a crowd to something or other, I attach little importance to it. Well–here’s the difference: Some years ago, a friend of mine said something that amounted to the following: “There are unintelligent Jews–but there are no Jews that don’t esteem intelligence.” The day an equivalent statement can be made about whites is the day I’ll feel whites are in a good position.

          • Thank you, John.

            I guess, since you mention Richard Spencer, I would say his developing prominence, as well as that of the rise of Alt-Right news groups, and, as well, growing alliances between various White groups, I would compare it to where the NSDAP was in 1923.

            The sensibility has moved from being in utero to being born.

            I’m not sure of whither this will go, however, though, I do suspect that, unlike previous decades of permanently marginalized White Groups, that this won’t remain the same way – if, for no other reason than the slothful disregard and arrogant hypothetical meddlings into which the ruling class has entered.

            The continued and glaring failures of their attempt to design a patently artificial society, will, if for no other reason, be the greatest facilitator of this new mentality.

            Just in the last two years, I have seen a very ascertainable change, in this regard.

          • Each sentence in those few paragraphs of yours reflects an interesting read of the situation, Junius. I can’t say I myself have been struck that anything of significance is happening, but I can’t say I think you’re wrong. When you say you’ve seen a change in just the last two years, I’m not sure whether you mean in internet activity by what is now called the alt-right or in other areas. I was struck by your phrase “a patently artificial society.” Just last night, I saw an online comment–maybe a few years old–in which someone expressed the view that resistance to multiculturalism is mostly encountered in older persons, like us. The commenter was reacting to a 2011 comment in which John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, had said London is no longer an English city.

            Well–here, if you’ll be interested:

            What I just linked is not the comment-page I encountered last night, but it’s a similar page. Commenters are reacting to that comment by Cleese. Only a very few of them seem to me to be in sympathy with Cleese’s resistance, as I took it, to multiculturalism.

            If you’d like to hear it for yourself, Cleese’s comment, which is about thirty-five seconds long, is at

          • At this time in history, John, it seems that the Western governments have sort of reevolved a medieval landscape – that is you build castles around certain cities and try to dominate the rest of the surrounding land with these trade-zones.

            Please note that when Western Governments try to dominate foreign lands, they do so by controlling Baghdad or Kabul, yet, never succeed much beyond that.

            The system is apparently attractive to the multinational corporate barons who, too, like the medieval times, finance ventures in countries that seem to know no national boundaries.

            Over twenty years ago, when my daddy died, I chose to leave my childhood home of Raleigh. Why? Because it no longer felt like North Carolina.

            I am just like John Cleese – an ardent internationalist of the old school who speaks languages, relishes foreign cultures, and yet – I despise ‘multiculturalism’, because it is not ‘internationalist’, but, merely a ruse for a legal invasion and, thus, the nihilism of group identity.

            Of course, part of this is age, which I liken to an old Southern maxim which goes like this – ‘no man dies in the town in which he was born.’

            So, some of this is the dying process of aged ones, and yet, I do know plenty of youth of despise it.

            They are, However, Southern and rural – NOT Northern and urbane!

            All the best to you, Sir!

          • Yes, I wonder about that: Are white youngsters enthralled with multiculturalism–or even merely indifferent to it–or do they despise it as much as you and I do?

            PS “No man dies in the town in which he was born.” Great.

            PPS And always the best to you in return, Junius.

          • Postscript: At is the comment-page I’d mentioned. The comment that had struck me includes the following:

            “Personally, I like walking down the street and hearing fifteen languages, seeing people from all over the world on the Tube, and finding all sorts of food you’ve never even heard of when you go to the shops. What’s the point of being alive if you just want to huddle in a bubble? All the greatest elements of humanity and indeed of Britain come from the cross-pollination of different worlds and cultures.

            “Some people like being at the crossroads of the world. Most people aren’t fussed one way or the other. Some people are discomfited by unfamiliar things, or they want to preserve everything the way it was when they were younger and happier.

            “So no, London doesn’t have a problem with multiculturalism. It has multiculturalism, and it has some people who have a problem with multiculturalism.

            “They’re mostly the subset of the elderly generation, who, if they weren’t complaining about this, would instead be complaining about too many cars on the road or the quality of the air being ineffably different or saying ‘They don’t make them like they used to” every time something breaks.'”

            I wonder, Junius, whether that’s true or whether, on the contrary, there are a great many young English who are discomfited by what London has become, just as the non-young Cleese is.

          • I enjoyed the Henry James passage, too, Junius; but as you were reading it–in that context, I mean, of the discussion of Cleese’s remarks–did you feel you were witnessing an attempt at rhetorical sleight-of-hand? The commenter who cited it appeared to have a non-Western name, and I felt he was using the quote to justify the “ruse,” as you termed multiculturalism in your other comment. What’s going on in London and in Europe as a whole does not have a precedent–or so it seems to me–and the use of the passage from James seemed intended to suggest the contrary.

          • I guess, John, after pondering your line a bit further, and now this, here, I have to say that early medievalism is rearising.

            Yes, this notion of the traditional economy being pillaging bands of tribal relatives who make their economy out of what they can pirate away from other nearby bands of tribal relatives, is being competed with by another concept – that of the franchised pirate, and the enterprises of such.

            I think the tribal pillaging organization, being what we think to be the oldest notion of an economick shape, has long been in competition with the latter; that which has sought to replace it, but, which, in the end, has never been quite able until perhaps recently.

            And that economic shape which has sought to usurp the tribal pillaging organization, is that of the large pirate-like body of international commerce – ( and all the pilot fish and proxy agents who swim with it) has even done so by inserting itself between all known and accepted tribal lines to racketeer, usurp, and scam off all it can.

            After that step, the booty is relocated to certain centres of piratical power which, allowed to fester as a cove for a time (weakness and or corrupt susceptibilities of certain rules of conventional nations), endeavour, during that time, to further ursurp and exert their sway over larger areas around the cove, though, in the end, because the glue is rapaciousness, and not culture, must fall apart, or move on with their ill-gotten gains

            I say this because London, for the sake of the example, began to undergo a gradual conversion process as being a centre for monarchy-driven tribal pillage of the Angevin and Plantagenet days to a large shark-like centre of pirate-like pillage, when the head of Charles’s I fell into Cromwell’s bucket.

            And this pious prig of a Puritan rake, grateful and faithful agent of the would-be Bank of England, set up the welcoming circumstance to this pirate-like pillage which, every after, has employed London as it’s ‘Tower of Plunder’, all whilst, until WWII, was ever solicitious to maintain a certain dissembling semblance of being what it was not – a tribal centre.

            During those days, though the populace of England perhaps realized it not, The Union Jack underwent a subtle transformation from a tribal stamp to that of a piratical corporate brand.

            Yet, these days, most of that erstwhile centre has moved to Washington D.C., and, in recent decades, has fanned out all across the globe into what are now referred to a multinational globalist conglomerates – fancy words for nation-less pirates, built upon the premises of Rothschild’s faceless franchise.

            At this point in history, the ruling stock of bankers (civil seeming pirates) is much more bullish than that of the puny little tribal heads (would-be kings, presidents, chancellors, and senators) whom they easily toss and push around, merely by the use of printing machines, ironically, protected for them, and paid for, by those tribes they usurp.

            You could see these two systems in another way – that one system acts as a driving economick piston, which both steals from, tries to topple over, and yet, contributes to the chassis where it sets itself up.

            You could also see all of this as a cutthroat struggle between Jewish internationalist governance, and Gentile nationalist governance, the former which, presently, has the latter quite by the balls.

            Jewish international governance has made certain Gentile host governances richer than their wildest dreams, and now those Gentile hosts dare not dream other dreams, even if certain portions of their populaces see the arrangement as a nightmarish affliction

            I think all of this is that to which is being alluded in the Henry James.

          • And, if you look at a farm or an industrial concern, John, you see that each has an area where they do god-awful things and dump God only knows what into there – so that the rest of their property, and or concern can be profitable, and relatively pristine.

            So, in this conversation within, and or between, groups, either peoples or concerns, there is always this issue of whose ground will get dumpt on and whose will be pristine.

            Those who are a part of the largely Jewish inspired, and advocated ,world of borderless piratical commerce are going to continue to advocate for a kind of flexibility which suits their creative needs – and this means that more and more human borders, both -stract and ab-, must be torn down.

            If the old Gentile model of nations is to survive in this, somehow, it will have make crystal clear to it’s peoples, (now unconsciously addicted to the flexibilities of the piratical model, while maintaining a sentimental sensibility for what was not) why it must be so, and why more definitions of entities must not only be protected, but, restored.

            This, ultimately, is the reason why the Alt-Right has come into existence.

            Can it fulfill the role given to it by destiny?

            I don’t know.

            It seems that every action creates a reaction, though not every reaction is up to the task.

            At this point in the conversation between the two systems, the borderless piratical system of international commerce has begun to eat it’s way through the layering of geography and blood that once kept it somewhat at bay.

            The survival of the White Race, White Races, or, indeed, any race, at all, is, right now, up for discussion, because if the borderless system of piracy persists, it will cut down them all.

            That this system of borderless piracy and groundless kingdoms must continue to feed on real defining flesh it must do, as doing so is the only thing that can feed it’s furnace.

          • An excellent addendum, Junius. You’ve skillfully assessed the state of play.

          • A succinct and insightful analysis, Junius. I’d add only that the new dispensation, under Cromwell, was reflected in the acceleration of the English advance to the Caribbean, which advance ultimately spawned the South.

          • I agree, John.

            The culture which sprang here was born of the hybridizing of the ideas that had been in conversation with each other in Olde England –

            This namely of the Jewish idea; – a geographick fixt-pointlessness pursuit of individual, and single enterprise, creative aspiring to find booty at one point and then transferring to to somewhere else; – it synthesized with those ancient Brittanick tribal ethe of a fixt values and a fixt people on a land, with fixt values, customs, and resources.

            Having grown up in this conversation, I am proud of how well we have done with that conversation and only wish others had done so well, too, though, the imputed justice of Eden I have never quite located.

            In the end, the American idea, East & West, North and South, has been a long continuance of this conversation between Jewish aspirations and those of the Gentiles.

            Right now, we are at the pinnacle of the Jewish, the side-effects of which already gave rise to a very powerful ‘Alt-Right’, in 1920s and 1930s; and so now those left grumbling in the Gentile camps are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new.

            Time remains to be seen whether they will be enough or too few.

            The conversation would seem to me a hopeless one, until the visage of Chryst enters the heart of the picture; this because, when Gentiles stop trying to make for 3rd rate generick Jews, they recover more than a bit of their lost glow.

            The Recovery of Lost Glow – The Gospel of Jesus Chryst.

          • It’s history’s strangest story, Junius, this contest between the two casts of mind; and the odd thing about it is that there are many persons who are completely unaware that it’s been taking place–and that it is still taking place.

          • I think they are better off not knowing about it, John.

            I think that life is much easier, and more rewarding, as a whole, to have a limited depth of knowledge.

            Someone very dear to me is a psychiatrick-therapist, and she has often remarkt that, ‘life is designed for those of average abilities; – as those too intelligent and too sensitive suffer far more than either those average or those who below average comprehension or empathy.’

            That said, if you want to push below the terrain of which we have been talking, we can go further still – we can get into the motives behind it, because, really, if you think carefully about it, rarely has there been a system, in The West, in the past 2,000 years that did not feature a ratioed synthesis between these two competing systems,

            Furthermore, though I am heavily biaset towards the tribal Gentile nationalist model, I think it does not require great intellectual courage to posit that plenty of harm and evil has been, and can be, perpetrated by those operating principally under the system.

            Likewise, there can be those operating under the globalist system of locationless piracy, who can use it to the good – a principle we, of English descent, could readily dub, ‘The Robin Hood Concept’.

            So, now we enter into the arena of motivations – God or The Devil.

            That said, if classical Christian dualism puts you off, I’ll leave you with this : the early 19th century Transcendental German philosopher, Shelling, had this to say…

            ‘Evil is the unconscious will, and good the conscious.”’

          • Because this contest is of mentalities, Junius, the contestant that is losing can improve his position only by adjusting his mentality. That’s why, as I said above, I’m little impressed by exhortation of the kind at which Richard Spencer has recently been trying his hand–or his lungs. I’m reminded of Nietzsche’s comment about a bowler’s post-release effort to affect his ball’s course, down the alley, by twisting his body in the way he wants the ball to go. At the moment of release, as shouldn’t have to be pointed out, everything the bowler is able to do, to affect the course of the ball, is in the past. He can’t change the trajectory of the ball by gyrating or by shouting at it.
            Maybe you’ve noticed that this is why some of our fellow commenters, at Occidental Dissent, are miffed by comments of mine there. What those commenters want from such a website is a good old tribal pep-rally, a bit of hearthside shouting about “manhood,” “courage,” and all the rest of the blather that has put whites right where Jews want them. They don’t want to be told of the actual manliness, of pausing, reflecting, considering.

          • Well, Junius, as I just told you in a comment that I managed to post at, I found it impossible last night to reply to your post above, the one that begins with “I think they are better off not knowing about it, John.” That was when I tried to reply to it directly at Now, I’m replying to it at my Disqus page itself, and maybe it will work out.

            Anyway, the thrust of what I tried to post last night was that a contestant who is losing a contest of mentalities can improve his position only by adjusting his mentality.

          • ‘a contestant who is losing a contest of mentalities can improve his position only by adjusting his mentality.’

            I agree with that, though, too, it is possible that there are times when it is better to preserve your mentality and accept the bad position.

            Along these lines I am thinking of a quarterback being sackt, who, going down, has the presence of mind not to struggle, but, secure the ball – OR …. when one is pinned down under gunfire.

            Often the best thing one can do, in the latter circumstance, is to accept the fact that one’s position is bad by hugging the ground, because, it is very likely that any attempt to improve one’s position is going to be fatal.

            Sometimes playing a losing hand is superior to trying to win outright, because there are often times when winning outright does not exist.

          • You’re probably correct, Junius, that there are times when winning outright is beyond one’s power. My sense–and your sense, too, I’d guess–is that the white race is not at such a point, but we could both be deluded.

            Some years ago, at YouTube, I saw a video in which a white man was discussing the aftermath of a motorcycle spill in which a young son of his had been slightly injured. In the first few minutes that I watched of it, there did not seem to be a single moment of reflection, not a single moment at which the man reviewed the accident with the son and attempted to identify the error that had resulted in it–the error, that is, that was to be avoided thereafter. The man’s concern was solely that his son “suck it up.” That struck me as characteristically, American-ly “white,” which is to say wrongheaded. “Manhood,” “courage,” “honor,” “sucking it up”–these are the things white men prattle about, while the Jews have their eyes and minds on reality and thus improve their position over the long term. If the quarterback about whom you’ve hypothesized has a good mind and is well-coached, he will hug the ground, as you say–but after the game, he, his teammates, and their coach will identify the error that is to be avoided.

          • ‘a contestant who is losing a contest of mentalities can improve his position only by adjusting his mentality.’

            By the way, Sir – this is Eastern thinking – perfectly laudable, in many cases, though not very common amongst Westerners of the non-corporate type.

          • Hmm–I guess those few weeks I spent with the Beatles, in Rishikesh, paid off. (Joke.)

          • As leisure permits, John, I think you will take an interest in this report on matters unfolding…

          • Thanks for the link, Junius. Mr. Sellner was mentioned in an Occidental Dissent entry, right after the presidential election, but I found this recent video about him interesting.

            I’m noticing I’m having trouble posting here, at Whether the problem is with the website or with my own computer or my Disqus account, I don’t know; but I seem to have been unable, last night, to respond to your comment that begins “I think they are better off not knowing about it, John.”

          • I’m glad you found it interesting, John.

            I’m sorry about your posting problems.

            I’m here whenever it works!

          • Postscript: Have just been at Wikipedia and other websites, Junius, from whose information I’ve assembled the following timeline:

            1625 – First arrival of an English ship in Barbados

            1627 – First permanent European settlement, by the English, on Barbados. Eighty settlers, ten indentured laborers.

            1640 – Introduction of sugar cane from Dutch Brazil to Barbados

            1644 – Population of Barbados estimated at 30,000. About 800 African slaves, the remainder mainly English.

            1649 – Charles I beheaded

            1654 – January: Portugal completes its capture of Dutch Brazil. Jews fleeing the
            Portuguese arrive in Barbados.

            1654 – April: End of first Anglo-Dutch War. As soon as the war ends, Portuguese
            rabbi Menasseh ben Israel, of the Netherlands, sends his brother-in-law to England, to present a petition for readmission of the Jews to that country (whence they’d been expelled AD 1290).

            1654: December: An amphibious expedition led by Robert Venables and William Penn (father of Pennsylvania’s founder) leaves England on the order of Oliver Cromwell, who has turned his attention to the Spanish West Indies.

            1655 – May: An English force under Venables and Penn captures Jamaica, advancing England’s Carribean position from Barbados and other eastern islands to the heart of the Caribbean Sea itself.

            1655 – September: Menasseh ben Israel himself, whom Oliver Cromwell has induced to come to England, arrives in that country.

            1655 – December: Whitehall Conference, in England, to debate readmission of Jews to that country. Cromwell stops the discussion, to prevent an adverse decision.

            1656 – To avoid their being expelled, as Spaniards, when England declares war on Spain, Marranos in England reveal they are Jewish. Cromwell apparently gives Jews informal permission to reside and trade in England.

            1657 – Portuguese-Jewish merchant Antonio Fernandez Carvajal and Simon de Caceres buy land for a Jewish cemetery in London. Solomon Dormido, nephew of Menasseh ben Israel, (successfully) applies for membership in the Royal Exchange, from which Jews are excluded and through which wholesale trade
            is mainly carried on.

            1660 – 27,000 blacks, 26,000 whites in Barbados

            1666 – At least 12,000 small landholders in Barbados have died, been bought out, or left the island. Many of the remaining whites are increasingly poor

            1680 – 17 slaves for every indentured servant on Barbados

            1700 – 15,000 free whites, 50,000 enslaved blacks on Barbados

          • Thank you for assembling that, John.

            It’s really quite telling, vis-a-vis, that about which we have been discussing, i.ei – how the footprints of certain economick and governmental shapes may be ascertained, merely by observing human footprints.

            And, really, though I do not have such a meticulously indicative timeline, such as you have assembled here, for this sort of history of other Western countries, I suspect that the symmetries would be eerily harmonious.

            Below the anthropomorphick and culture exteriors, there is a nagging question : what is self-interest; and how best to pursue that?

            This debate, I suspect, will never be finisht in the human realm, because, just as soon as one side seems to have the hand over the other, something happens to break up what is perceived to be the hegemony of that shape.

            That just may be why, a very long time ago, it dawned on the architects of the free-roaming landless international piratical model that their millenia long failures to hold a fixt geographical point had amply demonstrated to them why the unseen nationhood of certain protected, and influential, localities were a better model upon which to venture their creative aspirations in this world.

            Make others engage in what is ultimately an impossible task – defending a tangible people and a land from and endless array of usurpers, and whilst they worry themselves with that, go about the business of redistributing the booty one acquires from someone’s midst, to whatever pirate’s cove happens to be the most secure for the coming month, year, or decade.

            The nature of things is biaset towards mobility and instability.

            It seems God made it that way to ensure the primacy of the appearance of novelity.

            Maybe someone understands the difficulties of fighting God, and His proxy, Mother Nature, a little bit better than some others do.

            Anyway, all the best on this glorious late Spring day!

          • You’re welcome, Junius. I’m struck by your reference to the landless pirates’ “redistributing the booty [they acquire] from someone’s midst, to whatever pirate’s cove happens to be the most secure for the coming month, year, or decade.” In 1654, the same year that Jewish refugees from Dutch Brazil went to Barbados, another group of them went to what was then New Netherland, where director-general Peter Stuyvesant did not give them a warm welcome. (He wrote to the heads of the Dutch West India Company, I guess it was, to find out whether he should permit those members of “the lying race” to stay.) Within a decade, the Jews are asking to get into England; and a decade after that, New Netherland is New York. I guess the motto is: If one cove starts to seem unwelcoming, find a new one.

            PS This day was a nice one, though not quite Springlike. Thank you anyway, for the good wish–and I’m glad it was a Spring day for you.

          • And thank you for the tidbit on Buncombe.

            When he was at Germantown, I imagine it was but a cow-occupied suburb of a distant Philadelphia…

          • You’re welcome, Junius–and I’d guess you’re right about the Germantown of those days. I’m glad you understood, in the face of my faulty wording, that I was speaking of the EVENTUAL home of my grandparents, whose presence in Germantown began well more than a century after the Revolutionary War.

          • John, please feel free to ask as many family questions as you want. I ask and I like to be ask.

            As to this…

            ‘Interesting that you sense your mother has a voice different from the one you’ve always heard from her.’

            My daddy’s brother, who met my mama several years after she finished studiously destroying her accent, happened to overhear my mama in a surgical recovery room.

            Out of her mind on anaesthesia narcoticks, she was carrying on deliriously in her true voice (must have been exactly like the deep Southern drawl of her parents) which shockt my uncle, as he had only heard my mama in her new effected ‘American’ voice…

          • Very interesting, Junius. I imagine you yourself were a bit surprised by your uncle’s report.

            Well, yes, at some point maybe I will put you some questions. Because, as I’ve said, I can find it difficult to do so, I tend, instead, simply to note the pieces of information that appear here and there, in comments you post on the internet.

  • The Jews have boxed themselves into a corner. After promoting nihilism and demoralization in the white population for generations, why does it surprise them that we have become cynical about their Holocaust propaganda now? If nothing matters in life, then the Holocaust doesn’t matter, either.

  • This. There is still way too much boomer-cuck, free market worship on the alt-right. Capitalism isn’t your friend, guys.

  • Here are three books:

    1. True History of the Holocaust. Did six million really die?
    2. The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry
    3. The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews.

    I don’t think anyone denies that there was a sort of genocide of European Jewry during WW2. Jews were rounded up and expelled from parts of Europe for a few years, and many Jews died. If people want to call this a holocaust, moreover, that is up to them. The problem is that the official version of this “holocaust” is full of lies, exaggerations, and selective omissions. What the World Jewish Congress calls “holocaust denial” is actually just people taking up the task of identifying and refuting the lies, etc.

    The main lie is that gas chambers were used for the mass extermination of Jews and others.

    • Jews have a weird obsession with the number 6. They were using the 6 million number in their propaganda for decades before the war. Another good book that was removed from Amazon is Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides.

          • JewKnowAlaska What is the sum of 666? Do you like to count? 1+2+3+4+5+6 all the way up to 36, you get the number 666. In Revelation 13 you are told to count (provided you have understanding) the number of the beast. There’s so much more information I’m to plastered to type it all out, perhaps if these lovely ladies from the alt right would give me a quick gander at their …!@#$% I might be compelled to continue! Messing with you

          • Nothing Much Thinking is a good thing for White people! By the way, consider taking away the 2 parallel lines in the Star of David and you now have the ‘Square and Compass’, and if you place one of the letters from the 26 letters in our alphabet in the center, namely the letter, “G” you will see it is now a Masonic symbol. Makes Ya think doesn’t it now!

          • I read it before it was deleted. Intriguing really. Once you uncover how interconnected all these things are the more you begin to feel like a spider has woven a web around you.

          • The Star of David with a G in middle is a Masonic symbol. The Mason’s support The New World Order, i.e. One World Government. Several of the Founding Fathers and members of the first Congress were Masons. The Masons/Illuminati supposedly worked in tandem with Cabalist Jews in creating the US for The New World Order.

          • Holy shit, that means my country’s been cucked since its foundation!!

          • Hildi H I am great full you got a chance to glance at it. I’m in the process of moving, I’ll surface again at the head of an organization, I promise I’ll make all of this information available.

            When I came across this info in 1996 it was so interesting but than the bitterness set in, meaning everything I thought I could stand upon as concrete was nothing more than sand. I still love family, Christmas time, good spirits if you will, any hoot… don’t mean to talk your ear off! Onward we go!

          • I actually posted a little bit ago how a good chunk of the Founding Fathers (George Washington etc) and first Congress were Masons.

    • Holocaustianity is a religion, a belief system that can not support its claims based on any evidence, period.

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