The Saker and Other “Dissident” Bloggers Are Completely Out Of Touch

Like many Russia-watchers, I enjoy reading the Saker’s blog.

He has gotten really big, especially after he started to be featured on Unz – a community of dissidents and HBD enthusiasts.

But I find myself increasingly frustrated by his inane babblings about the true nature of Islam and the future of Europe. The man is a brilliant analyst with excellent contacts, no one is disputing that. But like a typical member of his age cohort, he seems to have no problems with a future in which Europe and all White countries becomes non-European. Naturally, he lives in Iceland, (or did) the Whitest island in the whole wide world. And before that in Switzerland, the Whitest country left in Europe.

Remember this meme?

Just apply it to the whole damn country of Iceland AND Switzerland.

He wrote a post recently that sums up his analysis of the situation unfolding in Europe. He blames the terror attacks on a Zionist/Security services false flag using radical “Takfiri” muslims as useful idiots. He starts out talking about the future of Europe as he sees it:

Does that mean that the EU will become ISIS-occupied territory where all women will end up wearing burkas and/or raped, all men forced to converted to Islam or murdered, that slave markets will spring up all over the country, that Sharia law will be imposed on everybody, and that homosexuals will be stoned to death?

Of course not! This is a silly caricature of Islam created and promoted by the AngloZionist 1%ers who run the Empire and who are trying to artificially create a clash of civilization which would allow them to remain in power and to continue pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

For one thing, Muslims will remain a rather small minority in Europe for the foreseeable future. But even more importantly, the kind of “Hollywood ISIS-Islam” which I portrayed in the paragraph above is not at all the kind of Islam most Muslims want to live in. In fact, many of them fled their own country precisely to avoid living in a Takfiri “Caliphate”.

You might ask me about those Wahabi crazies who have already murdered many Europeans with screams of “Allahu Akbar” on their lips. Aren’t they bona fide ISIS-types? Well, that is a complicated issue. For example, did you notice the vast majority of these so-called “Islamic” crazies had strong ties to the European security services? That some of them even had traveled to Israel? Doesn’t it seem strange to you that their attacks somehow always seem to be scheduled to coincide with important political events in Europe? Could there have been a genuine ISIS attack in Europe? Yes. But I am pretty sure that most of them were Gladio-style false flags executed by EU or US special services.

Several points:

  • Yes, Islam is diverse, but blood and soil patriotism doesnt care what religion they worship. We care about race and they are still alien invaders. That doesn’t make us Anglo-Zionist shills.
  • Perhaps there was coordination with intelligence organs…or if we apply Occam’s Razor, perhaps violent low-IQ inbred Semites are simply prone to ackbaring wherever we find them in the world.
  • Yes, Shiites seem relatively better than their radical Sunni counterparts. Let’s support them in their struggle against ISIS, Israel, and the Gulf States, sure. But let them stay in their countries, and let us stay in ours.
  • Yes, the Jews are deliberately trying to stoke tension between Muslims and Christians. Yes, there is even reason to believe that the United States and Israel helped direct refugee flows to Europe. Being anti-Zionist does not make one automatically pro-Islam, just because they are not afraid to call Israel “the great Satan”.
  • Blaming it all on intelligence special operations, false flags or Jewish machination is to deny Muslims AGENCY. You’re basically saying that they are drooling retards with no say in the matter at all, just unwilling, stupid pawns. Let me throw some DR3 your way, you racist.

Saker isn’t the only one who seems to want Muslims (Arabs) to work together with Christians to defeat the “Anglo-Zionists”. It is a strange split that exists in the alternative media/dissident community.

Alain Soral is a great example.

You also see it when left-wingers protest Jewish Supremacism and come out in favor of Palestinian rights. I strongly suspect they get away with it because they portray Israelis as White (they are not) and label their government as Fascist (you could logically argue that tbh). They are fairly numerous and seem to enjoy punching right at blood and soil patriots. And hey, they are sometimes right in their criticisms. “Nationalists” that are pro-Israel and anti-Islam, (but won’t touch the race question) are clearly obfuscating the truth when they shill for the Jews and demand that we bomb Iran.

No one is denying that on the Alt-Right — we just call them Neocons.

But back to the article. Saker makes this whopper of a claim:

Mosques are here to stay in Europe too, and the short-sighted who don’t know history will view this as the end of their civilization and they are the ones who, without ever realizing it, will uselessly delay the eventual defeat of Takfirism in Europe and elsewhere. Those who do understand the real dynamics at play will see this as something very different: a chance at rebirth and a fantastic opportunity to truly crush Takfirism both at home and abroad.

He then uses Russia as an example of Muslims getting along well with the locals.

“Look how peaceful the mosque in the background looks!”- the senile old man proclaims.

Spoiler, THEY DON’T.

So who is the Saker? He got doxxed by a Serbian lady as a result of a dispute around the Charlie Hebdo massacres, so we know quite a lot about the guy. The story starts with a disagreement about the blog’s stance towards Muslims:

…By opportune chance, through a mutual friend, I chanced upon an article by the talented Serbian expat writer Aleksandar Lambros, in which he lambasts (no pun intended) the idiots who were not “seeing the connection” between Islamic fundamentalism and the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I have little in common with Mr. Lambros, aside from an admiration for his writing style and intellectual integrity, but I was happy to translate his Serbian into English in order to achieve a sense of balance with respect to Charlie Hebdo. Being neither Charlie nor prepared to massacre satirical staff, I was somewhat in a quandry.

I was gently (and I do emphasize ~ gently ~) reprimanded by my “brother Russian” that although I had complete editorial freedom, this did not extend as far as insulting members of the Muslim community (as the article of Aleksandar Lambros apparently did). I told him (most ungraciously, I admit) to go fuck himself and who was he, after all, to explain to a Serb, 600 years under the Ottoman yoke, the situation with Muslims? His response was that “all Serbs are crazy” (meaning me and Aleksandar Jovanovic, I guess) and that I just didn’t see he was properly respectful of Islam (whose teachings he openly compares with the teachings of the Holy Fathers of the Christian Church) “just like Putin admires and respects Kadhyrov”.

The Grand Strategist he is not. I did my research on Andrei Raevsky aka the Saker ex post facto and determined that he was a Swiss citizen who had already some difficulties with the Russians with respect to Chechnya. By his own admission, he was sent there as an employee of the International Red Cross and subsequently fired for his pro-Chechen bias. He later went on record in several published works as being critical of the Russian Army’s “heavy-handed approach” towards the Chechen terrorists.

He was then apparently hired on by the  United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) out of Geneva, which sent him on several tours to ex-Yugoslavia, specifically, he claims to have been involved in “disarmament negotiations” (which can only have been detrimental to the local Serbs) in Croatia and Bosnia. Having thus cemented his friendship with the Serbs, he immigrated to the USA and underwent further grooming at the Paul H. Nitzke School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, the happy hunting ground of the likes of Madeleine Albright, Condoleeza Rice. He now lives on the Atlantic coast of the state of Florida within a stone’s throw of some 30 military installations who have no problems with his primary activities: broadcasting war against the phantom “Anglo-Zionist empire” (in the cartoon where the Western sponsored ISIL are the good guys) and soliciting donations from his (chiefly left-leaning) supporters in exchange for kitschy wallets imprinted with the Saker image, and autographed copies of his book. Like any good apologist for Islam, Raevsky is also a rabid anti-Semite.

I still believe Russians are our brothers but I don’t believe that Andrei Raevsky is one of them. He is a hybrid, a GMO if you will, of Russian soul fertilized by select Western ideology. It cannot thrive, it should not multiply. It will perish.

The greatest problem that we face now is the quiet ethnic replacement of White people in their ethnic homelands. Choosing to side with the cancer that’s killing you to defeat the other cancer that’s killing you is missing the point.

The Alt-Right stance in a nutshell.

Saker’s constant Boomer blubbering about the differences between radical Takfiri Islam and all those other benign forms of Islam completely miss the point. And he’s not the only one. The Alt-Lite makes the same mistake with their BASED X nonsense.

True blood and soil patriots do not differentiate between pacifist Buddhists suddenly starting to immigrate to Europe en masse or vegetarian Hindus in colorful saris that just want to worship their elephant god in peace.

Saker’s character is just like that of the clueless old monks stumbling towards the beach to greet the arrivals at the end of the book.

But wait, Hindus don’t have a “convert or die!” mentality!


Muslims are by the worst of any immigrant group (except perhaps Blacks). I would prefer a massive immigration of Thai people if I had to choose. We would be flooded with massage parlors, Pad Thai and lady-boys instead of bombings, beheadings, and cheap kebab. But I would still be against a massive non-White immigration into my country to replace me and my own.

I would be against mass Thai immigration on the grounds that they are racially alien. It’s not about Shintoism or Daoism or Jainism or BASED ___ religion. I don’t care if Muslims are better at keeping their women in line, and are anti-degeneracy (debatable). I don’t care if Takfirism is a subversion of a great religion of peace and tolerance (very debatable). None of it belongs in White countries. Saker and his kind of “dissidents” are completely missing the point on the greatest issue of our time. If the Saker is arguing in good faith (and I believe he is) then it just highlights what I believe to be a generational divide.

Men like him will never know what it means to live in a White minority. They have never truly experienced Vibrant Diversity. The much younger members of the Alt-Right have, and we are shaped by that experience in ways that an older White man living in Whitetopia never will. Our form of dissent is the future, and we will soon dominate the alternative media narrative. At least, in this case, time and demographics are on our side.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • To be fair Europe is dying without any help from Islam.
    Crashing birthrates outward emigration and poverty have all conspired to send Eastern Europe into the dustbin of History by the Century’s end.
    Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, all dying, their populations are simply not breeding enough to save them.
    And these are statistics from those countries own social scientists, not some U.N scaremongering.
    We should actually encourage those countries to enjoy their moments in the spotlight, seventy years from now all that will be left of them are stray dogs and subsistence farmers.

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  • Good Article.

    I take what I can from the Saker.
    He hits some high notes with his analysis on Russia/ Putin… He called it early as the Deep State Swamp pulled Trump under, just before the Flynn resignation.

    I disregard his, totally annoying, Anti-Nazi rhetoric and the Islamoworship when it enters frame.

  • The Saker is an Eastern Orthodox by religion. They hate Catholicism and Protestantism, and would be glad to see the Europe built by them destroyed.

  • Actually Trump humiliated by Neocons was huge defeat to Alt Right movement itself. Now more and more Alt Right former followers have feeling of been “useful idiots”. In reality Trump humiliation was beginning of end to AR-movement. So where do they go now? Of course to same old GWB bullshit. Neocons won, you lost, losers. 🙂

  • Re: the little anti-citizenism cartoon up there… you guys need to get your stories straight. So. “based black” don’t count, because not white. And “based gay guys” don’t count because …. white guys aren’t gay? … gay guys aren’t white? … you guys can’t think straight? Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

  • The Saker and Soral are far more reliable than Jew-friendly “muh Crusades” alt-lite cucks like yourself. Better side with Muslims than with (((Rebel Media))) and Gavin McCuck types. You are irrelevant and your Jew-and-fag infested movement will die with Trumpster the swampster’s failed term.

  • Is there anyone so obvious, boring, and tiresome as a conspiracy-enthusiast? Yes, there are conspiracies. No, not everything is one. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. He’s probably just an enemy who is otherwise occupied.

    I am grateful to Ron Unz for publishing Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, Pat Buchanan, Paul Gottfried, and Phillip Giraldi…….

    …….and for nobody else.

  • Excellent article, there are plenty of people out there trying to pretend our only choices are getting shot or getting stabbed, so to speak….. but:
    >if I had to choose. We would be flooded with massage parlours, Pad Thai and lady-boys

    You’ve decided to just run with the whole ‘implicit’ thing now haven’t you. I mean hey, may as well run with it since it’s never going away.

  • The best-case scenario for Europe if immigration isn’t stopped is a permanent dark-skinned underclass of Muslim Africans and Middle-Easterners whose economic contributions to society will never outweigh their costs leading to permanent inter-generational welfare dependence.

    This underclass will prevent any electoral movement to achieve national greatness – why waste money on the European Space Agency when Muslim kids aren’t getting good educations and are failing in school?

    The few that do manage to integrate and achieve middle or upper-middle class status will interbreed with their host population, diluting what it means to be European and providing fodder for those who insist on saying ‘not all Muslims…’.

    • It is all part of the plan, dilute any nationalist cause that can unhinge globalization, and create a diluge of cheap labor to drive wages down, down, down. Until the anti immigration forces hit on the economic aspect of what is driving this, it will in the end be a lost cause.

  • The elites are geniuses, they are bringing in the Muslims to keep whitey busy fighting them, while the elites use the predicament they have caused to stay in power, while the average wages in the West hit rock bottom. The reasons for the flood of refugees is nothing more than getting rid of any nationalist force that can take out the elites by making everyone half breeds and of course, to lower the average wages of workers across the globe. You want to win converts and actually gain non white allies? I would suggest hitting the lower wages meme out of the frigging park and tie in the ethnic nationalism in with it as a cherry on top. Ethnic nationalism is really a loser guys and gals on its own merits for the simple reasons not only because of the libtard programming whites have had for at least 3 decades, but the simple fact that the youngest generations of whites physically capable of procreating either don’t want to participate in it(MGTOW, hyper feminism) or just can’t afford to, as many live in their folks’ basement. They avoid it because they can’t afford it or don’t want to get burned by divorce. Also, quit focusing on the symptom of the problem(immigrants) so much. The globalists always use a noble scheme to cover up the reality of the nefarious plans hiding behind the curtain, so start calling them out on it. Too many are still duped about the refugee thing being a noble cause, bring the reality to them. I am not saying drop trying to stop the immigration, but get to the meat of the why is it happening or why are the elites wanting it to happen. It’s always money.

  • Here’s the thing: Muslims fight jews in the middle east but in Europe they more often than not work with jews. Most Muslims support the jewish agenda when it comes to Europe, if they didn’t they wouldn’t flood Europe in the first place. Most muslims will not support Europe nationalist candidates instead they will vote for the jewish globalist. They cannot and don’t want to be allies in Europe.

    Some people think that if you criticize muslims in Europe you are a Zionist when in fact the ones supporting open borders and muslims in Europe are the ones supporting the Zionist agenda. The jews want two things:

    1. Wars in the middle east and in Africa
    2. Open borders for Europe

    While most muslims don’t support the first, they support the second. Why? Because they only care about their own interest. For this reason muslims don’t make good allies. The only way to ally with muslims is to support the ones in the Middle East who are fighting ISIS such as Assad and his forces. Much like Hitler allied with non whites but he didn’t invite the Japanese and muslims into his country.

  • Islam doesn’t belong in the West and non-Europeans don’t belong in Europe.

    That being said, he’s not wrong about the connection between virtually all of these Muslim terrorist groups and the Western security services. He’s also not wrong that various groups literally dress up like radical Muslims. See, for instance, “Yoseph Al Katab” in New York City post 9/11 and his comedy troupe “Revolution Muslim.” Of course his real name was “Joseph Cohen” and he was an Israeli, but the media spent at least a year covering him as a “radical jihadist” and the NY Post would show pictures of him holding up newspapers cover a terrorist attack while giving “thumbs up.” The whole things was absurd but people really believed it back then, until FOX went ahead and “exposed” him as being Jewish and fake.

    In the last 15 years, these sorts of fake Muslim groups have been covered in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and other very mainstream publications. FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds has written about these groups a lot as well.

    Then of course there is “Adam Gadahn” – real name “Adam Pearlman” the Jewish kid from California that was Osama Bin Laden’s number three man in “Al Qaeda” for five years until he disappeared somewhere. Yeah, everyone believed that one too.

    • It is so bad that I could make the argument that Islamic terrorism creates more leftist faggots.


      Look at the reaction after these ‘events’. The outrage is reserved for anyone that objects to ‘diversity’. People objecting to ‘diversity’ are the problem. Not the terror attack.

      Because NAMALT or NAAALT. This has been demonstrated constantly.

      • Maybe it’s sort of the boy who cried wolf. You would think that Islam is bad enough, but for some reason the security services literally have to organize Muslim terrorist attacks themselves. The FBI gives them the bombs. This goes all the way back to the Clinton administration and the first WTC bombing.

        Why they are doing it is an open question, but that they are doing it is not.

        • Here is the formula…

          (Terror attack happens)

          Libs be like “pray for paris”

          Cons be like “bomb x country then bring them here”

          Nazis be like “no arabs”

          Libs and cons be like “nazis are so evil”

          Arabs be like “nazis are so evil”

          Jews be like “nazis are so evil”

          Niggas be like “nazis is sheeit”

          • We have to bomb them over there, so we can bring them over here.

          • “jewKnowAlaska”
            Man, I get the wittiness and all- but that’s fucked up when “jew” and “Alaska” are anywhere near each other in the same name.
            Alaska is awesome.
            Alaska is the reason I’m alive.
            Any chance of tweaking that a little, Brah?

          • Thanks for the votes. I was just thinking about you. Are you taking a break? I miss your posts. I hope you’re doing great.

          • Sorry Budroe; between my Civic & Veterans’ duties, and Family in town, and Game/Water/Fire mgmt, new bldgs/fence work, putting in a new 500yd firing range, etc. out at the ranch, I’m pretty busy and plumb tuckered out.

            A wise Man on these blogs once told me:
            “Before enlightenment, fetch wood, fetch water;
            After enlightenment, fetch wood, fetch water.”

          • I figured you were doing good and important stuff. Just making sure.

            500 yard firing range! Wow! ?

            Carry on!

        • Jews want Whites focusing on Muslims, not on Jews. David Horowitz and FrontpageMag is the epicenter of this. Get the working class Whites frothing about Muslims so they ignore Jews.

        • The .gov orchestrated terror attacks (real violence false flags or fake staged dramas) are done to pass anti-freedom legislation; increase .gov budgets & power; allow private/revolving door security contractors to make bank and further centralize power. Some events are done with specific goals, such as gun control, in mind. Sandy Hook (fake drama), would be an example. Charlie Hebdo & the Bataclan, which I also believed were fake dramas, severely restricted the rights of French citizens and to this day they’re under a state of emergency in France. Of course, these kinds of things always serve multiple agendas, too, so that has to be considered, as well. 9/11 got the pre-written USA PATRIOT Act passed and many made a killing on insurance payouts and security contracts and the very outdated and asbestos ridden WTC was gotten rid. Ultimately, it’s exactly as Aaron Russo (Jew!) waned, not long before he died, when relation what his Rockefeller buddy said about the elites wanting total control over the rest of us while they are free to move about and do as they please.

    • Don’t forget Joshua Ryne Goldberg, and Rita Katz and the way that she “discovers” all of these ISIS videos online before everyone else does. And it is reasonable to point out that Salafist/ Wahhabist/ takfiri Sunni Muslim groups seem to play a disproportionate role as both proxy armies for ZOG, and officially-designated bogeymen/ Emmanuel Goldsteins.

      None of this is a reason to import sand people to White countries, of course.

      • I’m getting less and less patient with people who screech “conspiracy theory” when people don’t believe literally everything they see on TV anymore. It’s like listening to children who should have figured out Santa Claus is actually daddy years before but like Peter Pan just don’t want to grow up.

        “Footage of Syrian boy ‘braving sniper fire’ to rescue girl was faked by Norwegian filmmakers . Professional child actors were used to make the film in Morocco.”

        A video appearing to show a young Syrian boy braving sniper fire to rescue a girl was faked by a Norwegian film crew as an experiment, it has emerged.

        The unidentified boy was labelled as a hero after footage circulated showing him apparently dodging a shower of bullets with the terrified girl to drag her to

        After being shared by Syrian activists and the Shaam Network, it attracted international attention and has so far garnered more than 5 million views on YouTube.

        But now a group of Norwegian filmmakers has come forward to say they faked the video and deliberately presented it as reality to “spur debate”.

        • I can still remember the kind of videos coming out of Syria up until 2013, when Barry punted to Congress on the bomb Assad idea– shaky, grainy cellphone videos with uneven ambient lighting. All of them. Once the media started to market ISIS more heavily as a bogeyman, a different kind of video appeared– professional-quality filming, lighting, editing, cutting to different views, etc. It was a fairly obvious change. You even have Israeli comedians joking about it:

          This one was kind of interesting, too.

          The “White Helmets” is a similar deal. Came out of nowhere, prominently marketed on the teevee. Isn’t there an organization called the Red Crescent? Been around for quite a while? Not good enough, apparently. Gotta have a new organization for the new narrative.

  • Yes, a lot of Jews are very bad but the mudslimes are comming for us right now! At first we must defend us and our nations against them! Then we can take out the marxist jews! The far right jews i actually really like. They are ethno state defenders!

    • The Jews and the Chinese are a bigger threat than the Blacks or Muslims tbh. They are clever, disciplined and willing to take over by stealth. I really do believe that Muslims in Europe are the useful idiots of international Jewry. Yeah, their disgusting and useless excuses for human beings that never should have been let allowed in in the first place, but dismantling Jewish control is infinitely more important. Any attempt to remove Kebab will be blocked by (((them))) anyways.

        • Correction: Granada had felt to Christian kings in 1492 but the Moors (Moriscos) were expelled in 1609, not in 1492.

          Ironically, Spain’s Golden Age started in 1492 and lasted until the middle of 1600s.

          • Spain is the perfect example for us that they can and will be sent home.

          • Well, that was a LONG time ago. More recently Spain granted citizenship to any Jew claiming historical roots to Spain (I think that’s how it went). Shitloads of Jews also converted to Christianity under duress. How many remained crypto Jews while pretending to be something else?

      • Fight both and make it a point to fight ANYONE who defends Muslim invaders. There are many Sakercucks out there who must be destroyed. We have to fight against the invasion to smoke out the cucks and Jews. Those that try to stop us are the people that don’t belong among us anyway.

    • Or folks can concentrate on one of these two enemies – fighting both at the same time isn’t practical.

      • Fighting both at the same time IS practical because it reveals they’re both alien invaders. The most important fight is for White identity. Fighting both aliens means we’re fighting for White identity. We’re saying, “They’re not us and they have no magical right to live among us.”

        • But effectively “fighting” both of these very different enemies is not the same as just complaining, lamenting, or longing for the past.

          Fighting entails hurting enemies. Who is effectively fighting vile Js like the Weinstein Brothers who mass open anti White, snuff porn movies like “D’Jango Unchained” and do the mass opening on Christmas Day.

          I believe I was the only person in Chicago who opposed this desecration.

          • Objectively false.

            Not all of our people will be effective in the same theater of war. We won’t win by sending all of our war vets to debate podiums. We need to fight on our terms wherever we’re strongest. Some go here, others go there.

        • My opinion is somewhere between what’s written here and the Saker’s. Overly focusing on “white” is a losing battle. It should be CULTURE. You know, there are people who call Hungarians mongrels (because of history of invasion) yet Hungarians are standing up for Christian civilization. Do you consider them “white”? They certainly don’t have the same DNA as, say, native Brits or Swedes, most of whom long ago caved to Marxist multiculturalism and would be considered “white”. What about nationalist Italians? Italian DNA shows a long history of mixing between Europe and the Maghreb. There are lots of Spaniards who look more Arab (and probably are in terms of DNA) than white, yet they’re European, historically and culturally. So called “white” natives of “Europa” are not some monolithic group so to make an appeal on that basis is foolish. It should be European culture, sovereignty, languages, borders, tradition that is fought for. Even in that are great differences. Very Catholic Poland is a far cry Orthodox Serbs & Greeks but they’re all European. There has to be a better basis than “white”.

      • Victor Orban is doing it. Sure, he has to make public statements against “anti semitism” but he’s gone straight for the head of the snake with his war against Soros and his EU lackeys. At the same time, he’s not allowing Hungary to be invaded by migrants. Polish leadership is not far behind Hungary. Those Visegrad countries should unite against Soros. Not sure why that hasn’t happened, yet.

    • Jews let the mudslimes in. The mudslimes are the foot soldiers of the Jews. Do you want to keep killing replaceable pawns or do you want to go for the king?

      The far right religious Jews are, yes, more amenable in a sense. But they do not care about you at all. If given a choice between, say, paying their gardener a dollar more an hour and the destruction of your race, they will choose the latter.

  • “You’re basically saying that they are drooling retards with no say in the matter at all, just unwilling, stupid pawns”

    Thats what they are!

  • i hate people making execuses for Islam and mudslimes! I hate people defending the enemy!

  • Good article – makes sense.

    We’ve written extensively over at Occidental Dissent about the 3 way between White Europeans,White European Americans, Muslims, Arab Muslims, Turk Muslims and Other (Paki) and the Jews.

    As crazy as it sound to most “normies” Jews have historically taken the Muslim side against Whites, especially against White Catholics, White Royalists (Russian and French).

    Most regular Americans do not know that Arab Muslim Moors invaded and occupied Spain for….

    700 years!

    The Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 or forced to convert to Catholicism, watched by the Spanish Inquisition in large part for taking the Arab Muslim Moor side, serving as tax collectors, usury lenders, trafficking White girls in to White slavery for Middle Eastern Muslim buyers -kind of like the porn thing today.

    Jews are making alliances with folks like the Saudis today – the terrible ugly political marriage of New York pervert Anthony Weiner and Hillary’s extremely ugly Saudi Arab Muslim chief of staff showed these 2 anti White tribes conspiring against us. Both the Saudi Sunni Royals and Israel, Zionists in the Diaspora strongly support mass Muslim migration invasions of Europe, UK, USA – anybody that objects is an evil NAZI (that’s us).

    Pleas share this best ever history lesson:

    Spain 15th Century Whites, Muslims and Jews
    Occident Dissent

    • The expulsion from Spain is of course the infamous Spanish Inquisition. In the (post-)Protestant Anglosphere this is usually held up as the example par excellance of the oppressive authoritarianism of the Catholic Church (Monty Python etc.). Yet it is almost never mentioned that it was a reaction to foreign invasion. The usual narrative is that the Church just decided for no reason at all other than being dicks to go around and make sure people who say they’re Catholic actually believe it. But the somewhat elaborate tests of belief had a rational basis, namely that Jews and Muslims would pretend to convert but then go along practicing their original religion.

      BTW Huma Abedin is Pakistani, not Saudi. And, come on, she’s kinda cute except for the horse teeth 😉

      • ” Huma Abedin is Pakistani, not Saudi. And, come on, she’s kinda cute except for the horse teeth ;)”

        I respond:

        Huma Abedin is one ugly, nasty creature – barely human! Her disgusting ex husband Anthony Weiner is even worse. Their child might have been Rosemarry’s Baby.

    • Jews have hated Christianity since Jesus walked the earth. All Jewish machinations against “whites” are actually against Christian civilization. Islam is their weapon. It’s that information that needs to be mass communicated. Unfortunately, western Christian civilization, as Putin rightly observed, has become, largely, Godless and, in many cases, Satanic. There’s an enormous spiritual vacuum in the west and that serves the atheist Marxists very well. A good example is how Planned Parenthood co-sponsored that stupid pussy hat women’s march with Muslim groups. Muslims are not pro abortion and leftie feminists are not inclined to Islam’s oppression of females but they came together – both for their own reasons – to attack what they perceive as pro life Christian culture.

  • I’ve never even heard of this guy. He sounds as bad as Alt Liters who blame everything on Muslims while avoiding the Jewish Question. Both Jews and Muslims don’t belong in White nations.

    • If he was part of disarming program in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he’s a Muslim lover, really big Muslim lover. Almost all modern (well not so modern now) tanks of army of Republika Srpska is in Muslim hands. And yeah Boshniaks were never harassed and disarmed by NATO soldiers, on other hand they were taking army knifes from Serbs.
      Islamophile of worst type.

      • The Bosnian service in his bio alarmed me as well. I’d like to expel Bosniaks and Albanians from Europe and replace them with Syrian and Lebanese Christians.

        • Well i live here so nope, i don’t want them. Maybe those Boers from SA to Albania wouldn’t be bad idea (so they could go away from Zulus), but that’s a wishful thinking. Anyway, when you mentioned them real name of country is Shqipëriaëria , Albania is crusader name, that they got from in medieval time from someone of Anjou dynasty . And they also used Kastriot dynasty who were a bit of Serbian/Greek mix (some spoke Serbian ,some Greek) as a national heroes. Irony is that famous Skanderbeg fought majority of battles against Shqip. A bit confusing country, not all of them are Muslims, and those on(far) south are decent, although those on sout could be mainly Aromanians One more note, Shqips are biggest lovers of USA today, you will not find people that are more pro-american today as they’re. Ofc. i guess you don’t like same “americansim” they do.
          About those Christians from ME they could/should reclaim Lebanon, or at least majority of it, and get their own homeland. Maybe getting some chunk of Syria also, if country is going to fall apart.

        • Ahhhhhhh, noo, lets not do that either. Lets not go too nutty. Besides liberals can troll the hell outta that position. Well, there’s plenty of Christians in Africa, we should let them for christian charity. Gimme a Bosniak over a Nigerian christian any day. Oftentimes they’ll end up like the savage who beheaded Lee Rigby.

        • I’ve lived in the most Syrian heavy city in Absurdistan and then moved to the city with the most Bosniak and Albanians (I didn’t know it at the time when I moved there), I can tell you, Christian Syrians aren’t better than the Muslim convert “Evropeans”, they are both equally as bad. Syrians are collectivist and when they engage in politics they are corrupt (Scandianvians and their pathological altruism, handing over political power to tribes that will increase their own power…), plus they brought in hard drugs, and ditto for the Albanians and Bosniaks in the other city that I lived in for some time.
          Albanians are the Somalis of Evropa, and Syrians, well they’re non-Evropeans.

    • But the Muslims and the worst Jews are different types of enemies.

      The Jews don’t generally form mobs, do sexual grooming (they do promote the worst forms of Porn) and do suicide mass murder like the Muslims.

      The Muslims don’t own Hollywood studios, CNN, MSNBC now Fox – the anti White Jews run these terrible anti White institutions.

      The Muslims do other terrible things like disrespect our women who aren’t covered head to toe in a burka.

      The anti White Jews promote mass Muslim migration to the White countries, White neighborhoods. The Saudi Sunni Muslims also promote this mass Muslim migration invasion.

      So here the Anti White Jews and Muslims are on the same side.

  • Small correction: The Saker lives in the US. (This is not a doxxing – he has said so numerous times himself).

    Anyhow, I agree. He has some weird obsessions (e.g. against Catholicism), performs mental acrobatics to avoid ever blaming Islam, has obviously never read Sailer despite being published on the same site, and most importantly, he really doesn’t know a lot about Russian realities despite writing about it so much.

    I wrote about some of this back in 2015:

    • Funny enough, the Swedes seem to be funding Tatar separatism. THE ETERNAL SWEDE STRIKES AGAIN.

  • The most recent articles for this website are not showing up consistently. The articles on the front page are all a few days old. The same is true on the “news” page (including the ones under “latest”) . I didn’t see this article until I went to “perspective.” I also didn’t see the article “Antifa Is Arming Up And Preparing A “Maidan” In America” until I went to “perspective.”

    Has anyone else noticed this problem?

  • We’re the only ones who can be honest about race so we’re the only ones who can be honest about anything. We’re the only ones who can analyze anything rationally or propose rational solutions to anything. For example, police work and border security are only rational if you profile by race.

    All the geopolitical and geostrategic analysis I hear is mostly nonsense because they don’t properly take race into account. The overwhelming factor in the nature of any nation or civilization is the race of the people who inhabit it. Brown people create poverty unless they have a lot of oil. White people create wealth unless they are silly Communists. White people create countries people want to live in, brown people create countries people want to escape from.

    Historical analysis by people like Khaldoun and Spengler is almost completely worthless because they don’t properly take race into account. White civilizations fall, but it they come back greater UNLESS they brown out. If they brown out, they decline permanently. Orientals can rise to the level of whites but no further.

    No convoluted rationalizations, just the simple Occam-approved truth.

    • Serious Question: How does Genghis Khan forming the largest empire of all time fit into all your theory?

        • Did I miss the section that discusses Mongolia? I searched the page and didn’t see the reference. Perhaps you could give a more detailed explanation?

          • Trying to coherently organize this discussion is about as useful as reorganizing the crayons you just finished nibbling on.

      • Genghis Khan was Northeast asian, many in the alt right would not consider northeast asians “brown.” For one being a northern people their skin is more fair, they just have the dark hair and dark slanty eyes. And they have the higher intelligence of northern people that makes them capable of building empires.

        • Mongols are “yellow” not brown. They have 100 IQ, slightly less than North East Asians, around the same as Europeans. Well above most browns.

          original claim was “The overwhelming factor in the nature of any nation
          or civilization is the race of the people who inhabit it.”

          The Mongol Khanate was a reflection of the national character of the Mongols, plus the various subject peoples.

          That’s not even controversial.

      • Do you consider the Khaganate to be at a “higher” level than any of the various white civilizations? Genghis Khan controlled on one hand a lot of empty space and on the other the most densely populated part of the Earth which became so through the success of a much more advanced civilization than the one his own people had produced.

        The “largeness” of this empire is less impressive than various other empires in regions more fraught with difficulties and triumphs for their builders in both Europe and Asia. The uniting of China under a single banner is a more impressive story than the Khaganate or Yaun dynasty. The “Mongol” empire rose to the level of Chinese civilization. It in some ways revitalized it briefly but did not surpass it.

        I see in the triumph of Genghis Khan the same kind of scenario we see with the rise of Islam in a dejected barbarian horde of Arabs conquering Persia, becoming a quasi-Persian civilization, casting aside the sclerotic and stagnant Persian social order giving some brief vitality to that ancient civilization but never really dwarfing its’ accomplishments.

        Funnily enough no one really talks about the “Germanic Empire” even though the Germanic barbarians essentially did to/for Rome what the Mongols did to/for China and the Arabs did to/for Persia. I’m thinking western civilization actually has a more realistic grasp of western civilizations and is correctly viewing the situation vis a vis Rome and ‘Germany’ as “The Fall of the Roman Empire” but views non-white civilizations in a completely different context. The historical view of the Mongol “Empire” would be viewed in a completely different context if its’ most lasting expression was an identity crisis stricken Mongol squatting in Paris instead of Beijing.

      • I’d say most people on the Alt-Right have a healthy respect for Northeast Asia, i.e. Mongolia, China, Japan and Korea. They are the only people in the world that offer a legitimate alternative to White civilization.

    • Why is Spengler or say Evola worthless? They are god damn Nostradamuses with what is going on!!!!! The rise and fall of civilizations are cyclical. Whitey got complacent, wanted to become a do gooder, and whammo we have become a bunch of risk aversive pussies to the point of being self loathing. The barbarians are at the gate, while we have our thumbs up our asses, to scared to do anything that might jeopardize the status quo. We also totally dumped the transcendental for the material, which is the real root of the problem. Kids are seen as nothing more than an expense anymore, and with the faltering economy, people that do want kids, hold off on it or put it off for good.

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