Could The Refugee Crisis Be the Best Thing to Happen to Europe?

Submitted by Jossur Surtrson


“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last,” – Winston Churchill

It would seem that experience is indeed the teacher of fools. After some thought and a brief phase of anger pertaining to the “refugee” crisis, I have reached a different conclusion then perhaps most others. The migrant invasion currently ravaging Western Europe is precisely what it needs. It is a wake-up call, a self-inflicted punishment for her transgressions against her folk. At the risk of sounding like a traitor to the nationalist cause, it is true that Europe clearly needs a swift boot to the face, and perhaps even to suffer tragedy, if that is what it takes to disturb its complacency and force it to fight back. Europe has finally backed itself into a corner from which there is no escape. There are only two choices. It can lie down and die, or come out swinging.

A confluence of events involving the European Union, international “banksters,” Europe’s pathologically egalitarian left and opportunistic right, with a dash of American political hegemony helped to create the circumstances that lead to this crisis. Now Europe must suffer for letting it happen. But it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Europe’s hand is being forced and its mettle will be tested.

Don’t get me wrong. I wholeheartedly support a complete moratorium on any and all non-European immigration to Europe and European diaspora countries as well as expeditious deportation of all those who have slithered in seeking to join the parasitic horde suckling at the teat of European altruism.

A popular adage holds that a Liberal is merely a Conservative that hasn’t been mugged yet. This is already ringing true in the hearts and minds of many of those who stand at the train tracks to welcome refugees with sustenance only to have their generous alms thrown back in their faces; those who graciously received these refugees with open arms but are now are forced to clean up the mess left behind as their new, overwhelmingly male friends parade from town to town, country to country looking for benefits, handouts, and European women to forcefully bed.

This is not a refugee crisis, it is a racial one. To deny it is madness and folly. This crisis, though, is exactly Nationalists need to take advantage of if we have the courage, intelligence, and commitment to do so.

Liberals tend to learn the hard way when it comes to politics and economics. Because of their hiveminded soi-disant individualism and anti-authoritarian stance, they refuse to heed the warning signs screaming from the annals of history and the mouths of nationalist contemporaries.

Dealing with Liberalism is analogous to child rearing. A parent can only offer wisdom and warning when it comes to the child’s desire to touch the stove. Ultimately the child is left to make the decision for himself whether to listen to his parents, or find out for himself if it really burns. The Liberal track record consistently leans toward the latter and, as such, they are unwittingly forcing Europe’s hand toward the burner. Europe will learn its lesson soon enough and the pendulum will once again swing toward Conservatism, hopefully an ardently nationalist version.

The inevitable cost for this nationalist resurrection, however, will unfortunately be the loss of innocent life on both sides. Men and women will both suffer humiliation and degradation. European women specifically will be systematically disrespected, raped, and murdered; and European children will suffer all the more at the hands of their invaders.

Bear in mind, though, that the blood of Europeans spilled as a result of this invasion will stain only the hands of the Liberal establishment. Blame for the consequences following this invasion rests squarely on the shoulders of those holding an anti-European stance. Those of our folk who have eschewed traditionalist values, besmirched their heritage, and dishonored their lineage; from the top of the political establishment to the bottom of the socio-economic barrel. All are responsible, all are to blame. Wherever Liberalism wins, it ultimately fails and it is proving itself a failure yet again after this most recent victory, despite a rise in nationalist thought and activity across the whole of Europe imploring her people to listen to reason.

This invasion is precisely the shot in the arm that Europe needs in order to be jolted from its slumber given that every means short of a coercive nationalist putsch of European governments has been exhausted. We nationalists must act as the parent standing by as the child learns its lesson, and it is already bearing fruit.

It has served to expose the heinous use of media propaganda to illicit sympathy for these refugees, such as in the case of Alan Shenu who was photographed drowned and face down on a Turkish beach.

It will continue to serve expose the Liberal agenda behind the Great Replacement, an active and conscious effort lead by malfeasants and bleeding heart egalitarians across the globe to decimate the European race and replace them in their own homelands.

These invaders, consisting primarily of young males, have proven themselves to be even more vitriolic and vicious than was initially presumed, resulting in cognitive dissonance in liberal brains. Reports of beatings, rapes, murders, and other atrocious acts committed against their European hosts are beginning to roll in, and more are most certainly on their way.

Finally, it has served to vindicate Nationalists as being right all along in warning the European people of their impending doom should they continue down their path of mindless benevolence.

So to those who still support the deluge of invaders, I say carry on. Let them in. Open the floodgates wider and let the bodies pour across the borders. Tomorrow you will watch from waste-ridden street corners while your countries and cultures crumble. You will bear witness to the rape of your women and the kidnapping, sexual slavery, and subsumption of your children. European men, once gallant and defiant in the face of opposition, will be relentlessly mocked for their cowardice and murdered as a result of their capitulation to the enemy. When you look back at the wreckage caused by your willing participation in the Great Replacement, remember…we told you so.

Thankfully emotion rules only temporarily, but reason ultimately prevails. Truth will out, as they say, and it will be the weapon we wield against liberalism to restore Europe to its former glory. When Europe finally comes around to realizing its mistake, it still will not be too late to turn the tide. This crisis and its consequences are temporary and will only help the nationalist cause. It could very easily be the catalyst necessary to shotgun nationalist thought and practice back the forefront of the pan-European mind to rid Europe of this infestation. As nationalists we stand vindicated having a strong foundation upon which we must build a proper framework for the purpose of formulating a bottom up resistance to the masses of refugees and traitorous politicians. The rapacious and ungrateful invaders will do much of the dirty work for us through inevitable attacks on our culture and people. Our response should be swift and merciless with complete disregard for any convention, covenant, or compromise, for they will do the same and so deserve no better.

In summation, the refugee crisis will, in the end, serve the whole of Europe more so, and in different ways, than they might believe. Europe lost its identity long ago. She has been wandering blind and aimless, sanctioning her own passive oblivion. This crisis may just be the switch that turns the lights back on and helps Europe remember who she is. For that is the only way we can turn this around in Europe’s favor.

To all European nationalists across the globe, now is the time to band together. Put aside your petty differences and realize the larger picture. We need no longer fight as Germans, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Americans, or Swedes. We need to realize our pan-European idea, against a global enemy that wills our destruction. If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately…and the world will suffer greatly for it.


Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • After the mass Rotherham rapes and the way the vast majority of British people still vote for open borders candidates, I am convinced that nothing is likely to wake Europeans up until it is far too late to do anything.

  • I like the hopeful tone of this article and it seems to be logical, but I just don’t believe there really is going to be enough of a wake-up call to change things.

    Urban whites who are exposed to the worst of what diversity has to offer on a daily basis are also still the most liberal, still the most likely to welcome rapefugees, and still the most hysterically opposed to whites uniting on the basis of race. I believe there is some type of Stockholm syndrome mentality that takes place, and that cucked mentality, rather than resistance, may be the most likely thing to occur as diversity becomes more common in more places. For some sick reason, it is easier for people to convince themselves that things are actually okay and normal (even as they’re surrounded by third worlders and all the constant anxiety that causes) than it is for them to resist the status quo.

    But if the scenario in this article is going to play out, then it would be best if chaos and violence ramps up to much more extreme levels, and quickly.

    I wanted LePen to win and for the French to save themselves, but now a big part of me would like to see Paris reduced to ashes, because it’s essentially what they’ve chosen long term. Of course, eventually these so-called nationalist parties would not be strong enough to hold the tide anyway, so maybe with some drastic acceleration there will be some type of fascist movement that could actually take power, but it’s hard not to be skeptical.

  • Don’t ever quote (((Winston Churchill))) again. That’s the reason why is a little player compared to The stormer hates that fat jewish cunt that attacked the great german people.

  • Despite having read articles and websites produced by something calling itself the alt-right I have never really met a single person who held the belief that white populations are being replaced and that this is a serious problem. White guilt may not be a real thing, it might just be a term being thrown around by a few internet addicted neurotics, the course of Europe and the future of the European race appears in reality to be an Islamic and Africanized future.

  • Don’t get your hopes high, see what happened in south Africa or Zimbabwe or even Brazil. The future of Europe is gonna be similar to Brazil, Segregated, mongrelized, degenerate and violent, yes some people are waking up but most will accept this as the new normal and move on. As much as i hate to say this, Europe needs a violent and bloody revolution but then again you cant expect a feminized society to fight back.

  • Saving ‘our’ women is not what’s all about(as I couldn’t care less about them) It saving Europe from the parasitic cockroaches currently infesting it.

  • There is not going to be any Pan-Euro Nationalism in the short term. The UK & old Eastern Block countries will assert their sovereignty & begin firmly blocking migrants later this year. Italy, Austria, Finland & Switzerland will likely be next to defend themselves. Possibly Denmark will wake up. The increasing migrant populations will then be sloshing around the 7 states of Germany-Sweden-Benelux-France-Spain, and that is where the real flashpoint will occur. The totalitarian iron fist of Brussels & its pliant member states will amp up efforts to suppress resistance to the invasion. Nationalist efforts to survive the demographic takeover may ultimately lead to guerilla warfare, but those populations are weak & disarmed so it won’t go well, unless there are pro-nationalist mutinies in their armies.

  • I agree with the Author. When I see a white woman marching, holding a “refugees welcome” sign then allowing one of those nasty perverted 3rd worlders to live with her then later reading about her horrible rape & murder I can’t help but feel a little gladness. To my opinion, she got what she asked for. There is no way these women could be this stupid or this trusting. As much as I hate to admit this, being a woman myself, but liberal women are to blame for the most part! I believe there are more American women that are still anti refugee/immigration. I am proud of that!
    And have the men of Europe given up? Many of them are libs, as well. I feel it’s best to get to the White Men of Europe. I am afraid the liberal white women are too far gone.

  • Europeans will not wake up on their own, they need leaders to do that. Hitler and the Nationalists didn’t sit around asking themselves, “When will Germany wake up?” They went out and woke them up.

    Right now, Europe has no leaders. This needs to change, or Europe is finished. America is already gone because of our famously bad leaders that go all the way back to Lincoln and probably before.

  • I tend to share this opinion (that the refugee crises is good for Europe). Europe has been in decline since 1945. Even in the 70’s when Europe was overwhelmingly White it was degenerate and purposeless. Had there been no refugee crises Europe would have died anyway, just slower. The refugee crises gives Europe the shock it needs. Someone once told me that sometimes when a tree is having trouble growing that you should hit it with something like a bat.

  • Things are moving agonizingly slowly from the perspective of a single human life, but rather rapidly from the historical perspective. As recently as five years ago (the blink of an eye in the history of Western civ) it was unthinkable that an explicitly pro-white movement like the Alt-Right could emerge into the political mainstream. Okay, it (or “we”, if you’ll have me) are still in the margin of the mainstream, but that’s better than the fringe of the fringe. The same in Europe. Americans used to a two-part system understandably don’t always realize this, but the nationalist option is gaining ground all the time, almost everywhere. The recent Dutch elections, painted by the MSM as a “defeat” for Wilders, were a good example. There is no need to win an absolute majority — only a position strong enough to force other salvageable parties to adjust their policies towards something resembling sanity. The next real bombshell I expect will the Swedish elections next year, where the SD will almost certainly become at least the second largest party in the country, possibly the largest one.

  • Petty Nationalism is stupid and it’s the reason why I oppose irredentist fucktard parties like Jobbik. Jobbik larps that they’re Turkish steppe pagans while they attack fellow Romanian and Slovakian White people.

  • I keep seeing the claim in manosphere circles that we need to stop the refugees from entering Europe because our poor poor girls are going to be raped omg!!!

    I think a harsh red-pill truth that some on the alt-right haven’t digested yet is that European women actually want a patriarchal force to come and rape them. White men continue to pay taxes to be cuckolded, continue to live and work in environments that punish them for being masculine, and don’t seem to have the nerve for violence. Women’s hindbrain registers this as weakness, regardless of how much they bitch about being “oppressed by the white male patwiarchy!”.

    Arab and black men are in a strong position to invade the West and live off the back of the white man’s labour. These men are in the position to conquer, and they have the nerve to try. Whether you like it or not, this is the kind of shit that turns women on.

    The modern woman is fucking miserable living as a childless cat-lady who works in a cubicle surrounded by oblivious video-game nerds. Deep down she’d rather see her country invaded by a patriarchal gang of inbred fanatics than admit to herself that she can’t stand the nonsensical hypocritical existence she worked every day of her worthless college life to create.

    All she has to do is cast her ballot to not open the front gates to let in the barbarians, but she continues on her long march towards maybe possibly something interesting happening in her life. Trump only won the American election because they use an electoral college system, and the hard-working conservative women of heritage America had their families to think about. The cosmopolitan woman on the other hand secretly aches for the bitterness in her heart to manifest.

    • The women I know do not in any way want to be raped by Blacks and Arabs. You seem like you are an isolated man having some really sick fantasies.

        • Apparently you boys don’t have much real life experience with women and read about it online.

          • I’ll try to slow this down for you.

            Based on my experience “out there,” my reading of game/PUA writers, and my observations relating to women and politics, I’ve concluded that women desire to submit to strong men.

            Do propose that they do not?

          • Yes they do. But most (and you can see this by who marries who) do not want a Black or Blackish thug. Most White women want White men and most of them marry White men and have White babies.

      • Women follow strength and do what feeds their vanity. Nature has designed women as sexual objects and they enjoy the hell out of being admired and pursued by half crazed males. It’s validation of their social value. The rape thing is a distortion of this, but on the same continuum. The women who side with the west already have strong men in their lives, generally speaking. The women weaponized against us don’t because of cultural Marxism, or the strong men they know teach them cuck philosophy.

      • Women love to create drama and they need creatures to nurture. The refugee crisis is a perfect opportunity for brainwashed Western women to virtue signal, “adopt” migrants like cats and create drama.

        Women want to be dominated and forcefully taken by a strong, violent man, female psychology 101. They would prefer Vikings and Crusaders, but they’re all playing video games and jerking off to porn. Achmed and Paco are just the next best thing.

      • “A quarter of straight porn searches by women are for videos featuring violence against their own sex. Five percent of searches by women are for content portraying nonconsensual sex.”

        With that being said, there may be some selection bias. Women aren’t as visually stimulated and don’t watch porn to the same extent as men but women undoubtedly want a strong man who takes charge and for lack of a better word, fucks them. The sex act consists of men penetrating and women being penetrated. This has profound effects on their behaviour and psyché.

        So whilst I don’t think viewing women as being made of sugar, spice and everything nice is wise, rallying men to our cause with calls to protect women and children is strategically useful propaganda.

    • It took me a long time to see and then admit this but you’re 100% correct. Women want to submit to strong men and resent Western men in our weakness.A woman’s Will to Power comes through men.

      • “A woman’s Will to Power comes through men”

        Well put.
        The women will not care for long if the barbarians take over.
        It is a harsh truth, but I think guys are better off realizing that ultimately they need to do this for themselves.
        We should enjoy and love our women, but we should not view them as the defenders of Western civilization.

        • I really do not think White women desire this as much as you do, I think it has to do with the moral teachings of the Jewish run educational institutions, white guilt is to blame not so much feminine weakness

    • This general read of female nature was once common knowledge. Why ((((feminism)))) is blamed, accurately, for our decline. It’s a big lie to us, and to women, about their role and capacities. The whole discussion must begin and end with ((((who))) is behind all this.

    • Excellent comment, really.

      Consider changing you avatar though.

      Superman was created by (((Jerome Siegel))) and (((Joe Shuster))). Clark Kent is a Metaphor for the Jew roaming unrecognized among the goyim.

      • It’s too late for me to change this avatar.
        I initially chose it because it shows how a man with infinite potential is reduced by participating in the modern world. It’s interesting that the Jews created it as a Jew living in the Gentile world.

        I’m not changing it at this point. Cultural appropriation baby.

        • The character is an expression of Jewish neuroticism. Clark Kent is a Jew but Superman is Aryan.

      • He was Stalin, the man of steel. And the only thing that could kill him was kryptonite, which was green the color of American money, that is capitalism. And he was the eternal Jew, a man without a nation.

          • I believe Clark Kent was a journalist at the Daily World and at the time The Worker’s World (or Daily) was the international communist paper.

            Also the villian Lex Luther was a capitalist. I wonder if Luther is a jab at Christianity?

    • Who cares for them? The invaders are vermin…crawling over Europe, they should be eliminated for that reason only…but it’s interesting know you have no mother, sisters, girlfriends.

  • Agreed. Every species needs some kind of threat to keep them sharp, fit, and driven. Too many whites have grown fat, lazy, and stupid. An outside threat is just what we need to cull the herd. In time, only the strong whites will remain and at that point we will unleash hell on those who stand against us. I look forward to that day.

  • I have faith in White men. Even though I believe all the wars that Europeans have fought against one another has certainly decimated those countries of virile males. We Whites have survived famines, pestilence, and plagues. We have risen triumphant over all. Trust me, we will again.

    Do not despair. Since we have created this problem (well, someone has, with our compliance), we have the wherewithal to extricate ourselves. If the so-called immigrants to our White countries are a problem (they are), then, they must be removed.

    By any means necessary.

    Adios, mother …….

  • I am skeptical of this line of thought to say the least. Take the case of South Africa as the ultimate black pill:

    You could have made a similar case in 1994: “Now that whites will actually have to experience black rule and criminality, no longer shielded by apartheid , they will no doubt rally behind white nationalism and seek their own state.” Well, South African whites experienced (and continue to experience) the farm murders, rapes, punishing affirmative action programs, and other indignities of black rule. However, this has not produced a white nationalist movement capable of seeking self-determination for whites, or even serving as a deterrent to the dindu-run government.

    My impression is that life in South Africa has reached a kind of horrific, but sustainable normality. The society is utter degenerate shit, but it still “functions,” in the sense that it has not collapsed to a Zimbabwe or Haiti level of social disorder. The white middle class hides behind gated communities, serving as a tax farm for the black government, while working class whites get the worst of it, but are too demoralized for an armed revolution to take place. This may very well be the fate of European peoples around the world.

    Keep in mind that, it will not be the upper class (((white liberals))) who will be murdered. It will not be their daughters who will be raped. Politically isolated, militarily disarmed, demoralized, economically superfluous, drugged out, and with their family structures in ruins, the white working class might not be a sufficient enough force on its own to overthrow the multiculturalist order. They will suffer more or less in silence, as they did Rotherham for over a decade.

    We cannot count on accelerationism. In my view, rightists who fantasize of an inevitable social collapse that wipes the slate clean are just a secular version of religious right Christians who believe that the rapture and Christ’s return are just right around the corner. You used to see it also with Ron Paul/ Peter Schiiff style libertarians. I am still waiting for the “inevitable” hyper inflation that the federal reserve was supposed to create. Such thinking is utopian and ignores the capability of a vile status quo to maintain itself for a long time.

  • When there develops a critical mass of men who see the act of dying courageously in battle as the most noble act possible in this short life that we humans live, then we will see the enemy turn and run: like they did at Lepanto; like they did at the gates of Vienna; like they did during the Granada War (Alhambra). They act tough until Christians suddenly grow a pair and no longer care if they die–in fact, they actually WANT to die in battle. Then the little muzzie cowards show their true colors. It’s always happened in the past. It will happen again. Just you wait and see.

    • Everyone knows the White man is a superior warrior and the mud races cowards. The Muslim armies were led by White slaves and their descendants.

    • Of course, we’re in an age when physical courage and skill doesn’t count so much in battle, although it may in politics, if we consider that our enemies use a crime syndicate model.

    • .357 magnum travels at a range of 1100 – 1600 feet per second depending on your preferred brand and type. Average FMJ is ~1300. Muzzle energy is hawt too.
      45 is more than adequate though yes. Bit cheaper, and solid choice for semi-auto.

      For real though I would prefer the lowest amount of women raped and murdered as possible to wake up Europe. Seize control, shut the gates, torch the camps, and the women will figure it out. It’s worked for millenia non?

  • I’ve come to the same conclusion myself after getting after recent elections. It was impossible to standby when the refugee shenanigans happened in 2015-2016 without going into a natural instinct rage induced frenzy, but it happened at the right time in our political season where the rest is to follow in Europe creating the opportune moment to raise peoples consciousness. The struggle that many have spent years, or decades fighting, with little to no reward, now seems to have a momentum all on its on only requiring little pushes.

    However, this crisis isn’t enough and time isn’t on our side. I found rooting for Erdagon assuming massive powers with threats of unleashing a 3 million horde to Europe as being yet another sign that all moves are in our court. Time has always been the crux of our struggle as many would have sooner rather than later. That may still come to pass much quicker than Europe is even prepared for, and to quote Barbara Spectre, “That’s a good thing.” We don’t need to break-through to our people, we need to shatter their illusion and break their minds. Only then will they see the failure their worldview has been and be prepared to do something about it.

    Do your best King Turkroach. Unleash your horde of 3 million. Hell make it 30 million, pussy.

  • I agree. Europeans have been tucking their balls between their legs for too long. As Diversity is death, Diversity is new life. Breed. Breed into the Middle East. Breed into Africa. All the world will receive White Diversity. Every country in the world will be 50% White if we believe in The Diversity Destiny.

    Where the Jungle of Diversity tears down precious gardens, Europeans may come. No longer are we bound by the old mantra of “sustainability” in Europe. We’re morally vindicated to re-craft the world in our diverse image. The white boy who sires children is honored, for there is yet so much of the world begging for Diversity.

    Diversity Europe is only the first step in Diversity Middle East, Diversity Africa. We are entitled to it. 50% in every country. White Diversity for the world.

        • OK. Take your diversity and go somewhere else. I don’t like being around Negroes or mulattoes. I don’t hate them. I just don’t like hearing their loud mouths, their hip hop inanity, seeing their physical ugliness, their stupidity, their destructiveness, their propensity to kill people, their overall aggressiveness, their throwing McDonalds and Church’s Fried Chicken boxes and bags out of their car windows as they speed down the street, their boom boxes booming. They’re just radically different from whites and there will NEVER be any harmony between us. Just ain’t gonna happen. That should be obvious by now. But then, that’s not the real issue with non-whites, is it? Non-whites need us. Without us they’re a basket case. Can’t do anything by themselves other than eat, sleep, get high and fuck like rabbits. The fact is that whites invented everything. Negroes and mestizoes are so overwhelming dependent on whites (and they KNOW it) that without us they will rapidly descend down a vortex of degeneration, self-genocidal inner conflict, and overall destruction. In short, a return to their African or Mexican way of life.

          • Yeh, I guess I need to not use a black avatar. This just logs into whatever i had 5 years ago when i was a lib.

            Can the diversity argument be re-tooled to promote neo-colonialism?

            If the goal is not to take over the world, what’s the point?

            The narrative might be re-tooled that there’s an entire world yet to be “diversified” with an unintegrated white ruling class. Liberal minded whites get motivated by big moral sounding ideas.

            If our families are big enough, we’ll have people to export.

    • Eww. A Beige New World? No thank you. All those men spreading “white diversity” (lol) should be raising white families.

      • Yes, colonially, in other peoples countries, too. The world need make room for whites to diversify places without enough whites.

        This reconceptualization of the diversity argument maybe is I guess targeted towards a liberal audience.

  • >Europe will learn its lesson soon enough

    Europe had every opportunity already, and exactly nothing came out of it.

    • Yeah. The author said Europe has a choice, fight or suicide. I’m sadly inclined to lean toward the latter as more likely. Just being honest. Whites are now a minority in London, supposedly up to 70% of births in Paris are non white. I don’t know what beyond that is going to cause people to wake up. Another terrorist attack? Already had a few and Macron is still ahead. IMO the only real hope is in Eastern Europe.

    • No one has gone hungry yet. Within a decade the pension/social security system will collapse. Things change very quickly when you have hunger and unpaid police/military.

      • Problem is, with the current trajectory we`ll have social collapse and nonwhite police/military which alone will be paid. True, niggers are too dumb to insinuate themselves into any position and thus are only useful as extremely low quality cannon fodder, but not arabs, and France has plenty of both.

      • I believe this is the key.Shortage.It is on its way and we must prepare.The aliens imagine that they can take because at present they are supported by traitorous regimes.Cracks are beginning to widen and the whole edifice is looking decidedly shaky.I don’t believe we will have ten years.

      • The shitty reality is that boomers will never go hungry. Their descendants whose futures they’ve mortgaged in order to virtue signal and live comfortable lives are the only ones who will be impacted.

    • I assume these sand-monkeys are being put on the bus to be deported, but to where????
      Also, that woman right at the start of the video seemed to be speaking pretty good Italian. I guess that means she was INVOLVED with the sand-monkey behind the glass.
      Who the f&%k are these White fathers that raise daughters so willing to let themselves be degraded by Muds?!?!?!?!?!?
      I just don’t get it, and I’m not talking out my ass; I have a daughter in her 20’s. I raised her well. She never has and never will disgrace herself like that.

  • The only possible outcome will be selection pressure resulting in strong in-group preference and a coveting of Whiteness as it becomes increasingly rare.

  • My essential point is: self-segregation. People just want to be around their own kind.
    People form their ideas regarding the niggers based on the wrong question. They think the question is: has this being a right to live. And they answer: yes. But that wasn´t the question! The question is: do you actually want to form a community with these people. There, the answer is: no.

    Just make people ask the actual question at stake. Then it´s easy to win the identitarian cause. But of-course the jewish terror media see to that the correct question will never be posed.

    • Right. Negroes can’t help being the way they are. God made them that way. He did not, however, mean for them to live with other races. He made them to live in Africa. Whites need to get the hell out of Africa and not go back. People thrive in the homogeneity of their own race, not in a mixed-race, multi-cultural hodgepodge. Given the enormous and rampant global discord between various races in this or that country, shouldn’t that be clear by now? Every tribe needs to stick with its own and live on its own plot of land. Finis.

  • The French will vote for Macron not Le Pen because The National Front has no economic record, it is a party that has never held office. The same thing happened with Tony Blair. Everyone wondered why he got back in after invading Iraq with Bush. Unless people live in the ethnic conflict zone, people’s priorities are short term and financial. Once the diversity spreads across the country, which will be in the next few years, then things will be different.

      • nonsense there goy, he actually has a record of Rothschild banking and being “mysteriously unable” to account for multi-million dollar sums of money.

        Oh and now he appearently has a huge email hack scandal just like Hillary Clinton.

      • Macron HAS an economic record, he was basically the author of Hollande’s (catastrophic) economic policies. He is a textbook case of “the cure actually made you worse? Let’s double the dose then”. Amazing that the French will probably elect him as their president.

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