Eurocentric #2: Killing Captain Sweden

This week, Daniel is joined by fellow Swedes Christoffer Dulny and Gustav to discuss the “Captain Sweden” meme and its usefulness.

The panel’s conclusion is that the meme should be nuked from orbit and never ever used again.

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  • Cynic
  • adopt from your local shelter

    If the Swedes do not save themselves, the choice is simple — we must invade.

    • “Save ourselves”? Saving the entire Western part of Europe — which are equally or worse off than Sweden — will obviously need to be a joint effort.

      • adopt from your local shelter

        All of Western Europe must be liberated from the clutches of (((Globalism))) by hook or by crook.

        • eggs

          the callous globalist left elite are fighting tooth and nail with censorship, propaganda, smear campaigns and funded street terror to make sure that will be incredibly hard to achieve without outright civil war

      • eggs

        the cultural marxist oikophobic white guilt theme seems particularly strong in Sweden though, considering how many migrants the politicians get away with immigrating dispite the welfera abuse, rape and violence. The Swedish state seems to have been particularly successful in brainwashing the people.

        • That is undeniably true. However, the pendulum has recently started to swing in the opposite direction…

          • eggs

            Good to hear, I hope the country will be saved

    • Maktstrukturen

      “We”? What “we”? What country’s armed forces are you talking about, and how are they “we”?

      Also: listen to the damn podcast before you post. One of the main points in the discussion was that nothing is gained from dwelling on the victims of terror/rape/murder, etc. We don’t need to see any more pictures of Ebbas dismembered body. It serves no purpose here, everyone who is on this site knows who she was, and why she died.

      • adopt from your local shelter

        I meant no offense. My comment was meant to convey the message that nothing is off the table when it comes to saving Sweden (and Europe in general).

  • VictoryOrValhalla

    Wow Buzzfeed, congrats, you unveiled Spencer’s “secret” collusion with Swedes who don’t want to be raped to death by Muslims. I can’t believe Spencer has been working with non-Americans right under our noses.

    For real though I love our Swedish brothers.

    • Thank you, brother.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        White people aren’t allowed the right to collude and create racist media empires.

        Now shut up and read the Bonnier Group news and books.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      There’s no dumber website than Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed’s reading audience has to be Millenial Northeast Corridor Jews and SWPLs. Their reporter on the election last year was Olivia Nuzzi, a 22 year old.I remember Olivia said some retarded shit about signaling against Trump opposing the Iraq War and Justin Raimondo mic dropped that Olivia was 10 when the Iraq War actually happened. Olivia covering the election was like the kid in Idiocracy cabinet.

  • MagnaEuropa

    “Friberg has the same concerns and said he was uncomfortable with Palmgren’s broadcasts with the Nordic Resistance Movement.”

    Uncomfortable? Lol why?

    • That is not a literal quote, or even a quote at all. They said that I sounded “surprised”, which then became “uncomfortable”, and then later on portrayed as something I actually said. We are talking about Buzzfeed here…

      • MagnaEuropa

        Ah okay, I figured something was up.

  • Sean Fielding

    ‘Germany created the greatest catastrophe since the last time they created the greatest catastrophe.’

    You mean the catastrophe where Germany tried to show the White world what a parasitic menace Jews are and wound up showing the vicious lengths Jews will go to avoid being denied access to their host, in the process suffering worse Jew parasitism than ever?

    Swede-cucks never stop gratuitous signalling, even when they go Alt Right.

    • How do you know what Christoffer is referring to? Are you some sort of mind-reader? If you are referring to WW2, I am inclined to agree with Christoffer, as it was in its entirety by far the “latest great catastrophe”, considering the number of European lives that were lost and the poisonous liberal/socialist dominance of the World that followed and that brought us to our current civilizational crisis.

      Oh, and please use the word “Swede-cuck” again and see what happens.

      • Sean Fielding

        It’s all words, Swede-cuck: go ahead and ban me.

        • If you have an urge for more than words, you can contact me at [email protected], and we’ll arrange something. I am traveling a lot, so I am sure we can set something up, cuck-boy.

          • Oh, and I will obviously ban you nevertheless, just for fun. And also put “Swede-Cuck” and related words in the filter that sends comments directly to the spam-filter.

      • craicher

        “Liberal/socialist dominance of the World” happened because those that were fighting it, the Axis Powers, lost. We do not need to use the language of our oppressors. We must speak the truth. I realize that you are in a political battle and must dance around issues and try to garner support from ignorant people who do not understand but it is an undeniable truth that fascism arose as a response to the attempt of communists (and communists being heavily Jewish) to take over Europe and the world. The fascists were the good guys.

        • But Fascism and National-Socialism ultimately failed, and there is not a single example in history where old ideologies that were defeated were ever revived and successful again. We are also dealing with an entirely different situation today, which requires not only different language but also different solutions. Therefore the Alt-Right.

          • craicher

            It is difficult to succeed when your cities are being firebombed and mongol communist hordes are invading. But yes, we should learn from their mistakes and never make the same ones again. Keep up the good work Daniel. You’re a warrior for our people and deserve our respect.

          • Thank you!

          • WHAT

            >mongol communist hordes are invading

            Vae victis, honey. Shouldn`t have touched that steaming pile of Gzegosh probably.

          • craicher

            I taught young adults at a folkhogskola in Sweden so I know that most Swedes do not buy into the lies and assaults upon them by the 68ers. The future is ours. Let’s not fuck it up this time.

  • Monarchism

    Don’t you think that the Captain Sweden memes are helpful? I mean it’s so degrading that Swedish men seeing it might be woken up and inspired to change. Just my thoughts on it.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Swedish men are some of the worst Cucks. Feminists have goaded Swedish men into sitting down to piss.

      • craicher

        Actually that is in Germany. Swedish men do not sit down to piss. But it is true that feminism is a curse upon Swedish society. The groundwork was laid centuries ago by the Lutheran Church’s domestication of the Swedish man. Sweden is one of the saddest stories ever told. I lived there for 12 years, speak the language fluently, have read their literature (what little of it exists, like Strindberg) and worked there and so on and on. it is nearly impossible for a normal man to live in that nation. Everyday is an assault upon your being.

      • That is a total media myth. No “Swedish men ever sits down to piss”. The cuckiness of Swedish men are completely exaggerated and simply “fake news”.

      • Hoosh

        Damnit, I was sitting and pissing while I read that. But to be fair, I had just finished shitting.

  • Frank Saxon

    Don’t hurt the Captain Sweden! He is just over sensitive sometimes, but wishes everyone the best!

  • Jotunn Dovregubben

    We are morally manipulated into our dispossession. Morality is simply an agreed upon set of behaviours to advance the genetic interests of the tribe. This instinct has been hacked,and through the media we are told over and over again that certain positions are “abhorrent” and “outrageous” and others are “progressive” and “righteous”. It is through this simple onslaught of external stimuli that we are domesticated much like the oxen is broken to the yoke. Is there any action white people can now take that is morally acceptable to preserve themselves, or is each and every protective measure considered ‘racist’ in today’s dispensation?

    Morality is now created and handed down to us by the media. It is now moral to mutilate the genitals of children to assist them in “transition”. A mere decade ago, this would have been considered complete insanity.

  • Edgar Aethelred

    I don’t have time to sit here and listen to a slow, ponderous, wordy radio broadcast. Can anyone please tl;dr the message here? Thanks