Eurocentric #2: Killing Captain Sweden

This week, Daniel is joined by fellow Swedes Christoffer Dulny and Gustav to discuss the “Captain Sweden” meme and its usefulness.

The panel’s conclusion is that the meme should be nuked from orbit and never ever used again.

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Daniel Friberg
the authorDaniel Friberg
Daniel Friberg is a co-founder and editor of He is furthermore an economist from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University who has conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant, business analyst and as a CEO within the Swedish mining industry. He is also co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Arktos, 2015). (Official Facebook page)