Arktos Newsletter #59

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Ur ruinerna: 2000-talets höger växer fram

by Joakim Andersen (22 USD)

Generace Identity

by Markus Willinger (12.50 USD), Czech edition of Generation Identity

Travels in Cultural Nihilism

by Stephen Pax Leonard (24.50 USD)

Supranational Union and New Medievalism

by Lance Kennedy (12.95 USD)

Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age

by Ricardo Duchesne (21 USD)

A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth

by Julius Evola (27 USD), Hardback

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Videos, Podcasts and Articles

How Sweden Became “The Most Alt-Right” Country In Europe

Buzzfeed: ‘Alt-right activist Richard Spencer is building a global media company with partners from Sweden, a country with an alt-right of its own that’s helped transform national politics.’

Mød den globale alt-right-bevægelses svenske bagmand. Han spår en europæisk borgerkrig ‘Daniel Friberg er en global spiller i det yderste højres kamp om at erobre den offentlige samtale, sandheden og i sidste ende magten. Hans projekt: at forene den amerikanske alt-right-bevægelse med højreradikale bevægelser i Europa. Zetland besøgte ham i Budapest.’

Ricardo Duchesne: ‘Radical Liberal Norms That Lead to the Decline of the West’

Red Ice Radio: ‘Ricardo returns to Red Ice for an engrossing conversation on multiculturalism, history, and liberalism.’

‘Dharma, Natural Law: A Remedy to the Spiritual Crisis in the West?’

Red Ice Radio: ‘Acharya joins us for an enlightening conversation on the intersection between spirituality and politics. After a hearing about Acharya’s ideological journey, we discuss his book, The Dharma Manifesto, which uses ancient wisdom to solve modern problems.’

‘Metaphysics with a vengeance’

Inside Story: ‘What is the alt-right intelligentsia talking about?’



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  • Joseph Curwen

    I have problems with Dugin. His acceptance of the theory that races are just sociological constructs is problematic and could be harmful and divisive for the Alt Right.

    • race is a construct you are taught to believe in and ppl spend a life-time trying to prove their construct is valid. In the end, our real problem is Jew instigated intentional culture clash that leaves their first cause pursuits out of bounds for part of the discussion

      • Joseph Curwen

        Races is not a construct. Are you sure you are in the right (literally and figuratively) place?

      • Pioneer American

        > race is a social construct
        Maybe on the fringes, but you’re not going to say a martian couldn’t tell the difference between a Swede and an abo are you?

        • right, two of the greatest guitar players of all time are Prince and Hendrix. What I am saying, you are hanging with ppl that obsess on one thing and scapegoat it for all their problems. Culture clash is way more important than race diversity. It is possible to undertake intelligent assimilation when ppl come here. Obviously flooding borders has nothing to do with intelligent assimilation and why we have to expose the war on terro whcih gives sanction to our colonizing the world for good and is a false claim to better help the rich race achieve it’s end game

          • Pioneer American

            Race /is/ culture(*), we have different temperaments. Blacks have been here forever and their culture isn’t white. Nathan Damigo tells of how he grew up in San Jose CA and had Mexican and Vietnamese friends, but never felt as sympatico as when he was overseas in Iraq with white guys from Ohio. I’ve felt that too. Temperament, intelligence, and maybe some things that haven’t been measured yet, go into how you feel around people, how much they feel like ‘your’ people.
            (*) yes too simple, but I don’t know how to say it better.

          • you have learned your lines well, but it’s someone’s self-serving dogmas none the less

          • the fact that you get along with ppl with the same background better than with ppl of different backgrounds is hardly newsworthy. Is that a reason to ban all those not in the fam? No, the problem is Jewish subversion and has been the problem since 1492 and beyond

      • Crud Bonemeal

        Let’s skip the race-deconstruction stuff. Human biological diversity is real and it matters

        And it matters quite a bit in countries like the United States where there are all sorts of different types of people forced into the same “society”.

        You can’t understand America and our seemingly insane policies without understanding HBD

        • diversity always was america if you consider blacks and Indians people, not property but I agree that Jews are exacerbating the problem, today. Racism is being scapegoated for intentionally created culture clash. However, it is nothing new. Jewish entrepreneurs and their goy suckups have always undermined native populations for profit and agenda setting. Does that mean I don’t believe race matters. Yes, your heritage matters. Yes, it helps to grow up in a home that speaks fluently and reasons intelligently, but not only whites have access to the possibilt]ity of that. What the alt-right has done is substitute the Jewish problem for a race problem. In the end it is moving deck chairs on a sinking ship but folks like Spencer may profit. He is from the rich race, actually, and is a go between between the owners and slaves, us

          • Crud Bonemeal

            Whites, Blacks and Mestizos have significantly different BIOLOGICAL TRAITS, which significantly influence their behavior. This causes a lot of problems when they try to live in the same society together. Notably blacks are less intelligent, more violent.

            Yes, blacks have always been around the U.S. but in the past they were treated differently, allowing some mitigation of the problems they caused. This is no longer allowed, and we have mandated equality, which results in all sorts of work-around behaviors to deal with these differences…. like all whites fleeing the cities to live in the suburbs… or jailing a huge percentage of young black males… or forcing employers to hire unqualified blacks.

            Normal countries don’t have these problems to the same degree, because variation between groups is less dramatic, although the issues with gypsies may give some hint of the sort of problems we’re dealing with. But Europe is importing a black underclass so they will start to experience them soon enough.

            The Alt-Right is not just a movement dedicated to criticizing Jewish foreign policy, although that is rightfully a primary topic. It’s a movement dedicating to helping whites survive (and possibly escape from) the dystopian / declining multi-racial empire that is the United States.

            Race is central to understanding the United States. (which is a topic of interest to us, maybe not to you).

          • Well, the Kalergi plan isn’t a black or brown plan, it’s a Jewish and rich race plan to blend everyone together over time. Your concerns with the fact blacks are no longer, rightfully (according to you) slaves, are trumped by the plan that black subversion is mostly created intentionally through Jewish subversion.
            It’s hard for you to believe, but colonial America forced racial separation to guarantee safety for those that ruled us, not because they couldn’t work together. n the Bacon Rebellion, they demonstrated they could.iiII

            it became against the law for races to interact if they were not in service to masta by that interaction. I would submit that without Jewish-rich, race slavery invoked on America, without Jewish subversion behind the scenes with state forced diversity, whatever natural cultural interaction that occurred otherwise would not be worthy of serious discussion so again, any race problem you have is a Jewish problem at core
            It is also my contention that most Jewish acknowledgement in the alt-right movement is occurring n the comment area and indeed, the focus of editorials are primarily the symptoms of the root cause and if you only address the symptoms without recognizing the cause it simply devolves into one more of the may wars that have been fought by goy against other goy with the behind the curtain Jew on both sides, cheering both sides and funding both sides
            Moldylocks may believe she’s fighting for inclusion but she’s really fighting for Jews and she may very well know it

        • forced into the same society from day one, right? Indians, blacks whites and later, yellow. You want the best crumbs of the lot. You want to shuffle deck chairs rather than tackle the real problem. Jewish colonialism which, in fact is what is now occurring in Europe with Arabs and blacks and run by the same folks that oversaw the 1600-1900 variety. Don’t like being on the receiving end?

  • Just another form of Jewish liberalism that alt-right continually tries to sell as they bring in women that won’t say the word Jew

  • Anglo alt-Right doesn’t seem to pronounce the “alt” that much, really. They often seem to be the same old supporters of Americanism, Capitalism and “Constitutionalism” with just some racism added to the mix. The “identitarian” and anti-Capitalist moment you can find in Benoist’s “Nouvelle Droite”, Dugin’s “Fourth Political Theory” and Germany’s “Neue Rechte” (at least outside of the internet) seems to be far less pronounced. The Anglo alt-Right often feels like they wouldn’t have too much of a problem with wars against Iran or China.

    • all gentile wars are wars fought for Jews

    • Ed Edgerton

      I don’t know what you are talking about. Can you give an example of an “Anglo” alt-righter who supports the things you listed?

      • Johnny Fash

        I’ve been called a ‘crypto-commie’ by Alt-Rightists numerous times. While criticisms of Conservatism are common, Capitalism remains a sacred cow that not many criticize. Much of the Alt-Right are essentially either racist libertarians or rebranded paleo-conservatives. They want reform not revolution.

        • Ed Edgerton

          White racial consciousness is revolutionary. This is why our Jewish-dominated establishment works so hard to keep it suppressed.

          • Johnny Fash

            True, but it’s only part of the problem. Capitalism creates a hyper materialist, consumerist landscape that the the Jews are able to thrive in. “A country gets the Jews it deserves” as Codreanu said. Removing the Jews from the equation won’t solve the foundational problems of our people.

          • Ed Edgerton

            There is a difference of emphasis. In general, the alt-right puts white racial consciousness before any race-neutral political ideology. We can see that race-neutral ideologies are used as a distraction. It is part of the herding strategy of the (((anti-whites))). They encourage whites to commit themselves to race-neutral ideologies, while discouraging white racial consciousness. Commitment to a race-neutral ideology becomes an impediment to white racial consciousness when the ideology is put before the interests of the racial group.

          • Evolver1

            Very nice comment and very true. We must avoid being distracted by race-neutral ideologies. They take us off into secondary causes which too many of our people then think are primary when they are not. We must put Whiteness before all else, and secondary things must still be spoken of with Whiteness as necessary. Thus, if we are to speak of capitalism, we must speak of White capitalism. If we are to speak of religion, culture, whatever, these must be preceded by “White.” That’s how we stay focused on what is really important: Our survival and expansion as Whites.

          • Pioneer American

            … and communism creates, well, all the communist countries that stay that course.

          • Johnny Fash

            I’m not a communist. I support National syndicalism and Corporatism.

          • Clark Kent

            Codreanu was a great man

  • Pioneer American

    I liked the ‘dharma’ video – I thought it’d be ‘woo’, but he says it’s natural law, the same as /dao/, and a few other systems of belief. I looked up his book on amazon – haven’t read it, but from the comments, its recommendations looked a little severe. Still, I like it as a prospect for an alternative, post-Christian metaphysics / quasi-religion. I’d like to look into it more.

  • Marathon-Youth

    ‘Dharma, Natural Law: A Remedy to the Spiritual Crisis in the West?’
    Fascinating since the concept of Dharma is central to Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. Volumes of literature and centuries spent on Dharma.
    -Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is centered on Krishna’s sermon to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. that battlefield between the Pandava and Kaurava is an alllegory of Dharma. Krishna’s sermon to Arjuna about his duties as a soldier to every aspect of man, civilization to the heavens centers on Dharma (law, code of conduct, code of honor, code of duty etc.)
    Many more in Hinduism
    -Kalama Sutta: Discourse on how to think
    -Dharmachakra (Wheel of law)
    -Dhammapada :(Path of the Dharma and part of the Tipitaka- the Buddhist “bible”)
    -Dharma Shastra (Treaties on Law)
    -ArthaSastra: The science of Political economy -15 volumes on the role of Dharma and state craft.
    The Lotus Sutra- Dharma of the divine.
    are some of the main documents on Dharma in Buddhism and Hinduism with a lot more

    “Fascism and Dharma” by Columbus Falco

  • Geiger

    Dugan and hist National Bulshivism can suck my ____.

  • Adele Moran

    It would appear to be settled. Race is culture. It’s that simple. Show me an african tribe that has White cultural attributes. Show me an asian group that has african cultural attributes.

    Yeah, NO. We are what we are. Let’s stop pretending that we are all interchangeable. There is no way a japanese woman could ever twerk as well as an african woman. I will not even begin to discuss intellectual differences. As far as I am concerned, the twerk defense is the best defense.

    • Clark Kent

      So what kind of person would be an equal mix Euro, Asian, African?

      • Adele Moran

        A potential suicide.

        • Clark Kent