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The Alt-Right is quite often accused of collectivism by libertarians and conservatives. While there is a degree of truth to this, the fact of the matter is that groups will always out-compete lone individuals. And, contrary to what self-proclaimed individualists claim, free thinking can go hand-in-hand with ethnic consciousness. In fact, the classical liberal ideals championed by contemporary individualists were created by ethnonationalists.

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A hymn to Hermes

The whole debate over “Individualism” versus “Collectivism” is invoking the Law of the Excluded Middle. Neither is an actual position and holding up this dichotomy is only meant to hide an entire spectrum of other possibilities which encompass the actual beliefs of almost all people at present and historically. Americans in particular have been trained to think in this two-options paradigm which is almost never correct. Anyone claiming there is some dichotomy between just these two poles is almost certainly mendacious and anyone who is 100% individualist or 100% collectivist earnestly is cognitively deficient and probably psychopathic.

Ed Edgerton

According to Wikipedia, the “law of the excluded middle” refers to a valid principle of logic, while the “fallacy of the excluded middle” refers to the use of false dichotomies.

Jeff Goddin
Wow, I’m getting all tingly. I’m a Green, love everybody, but I believe the world is in crisis, and the biggest threat is globalism. We need to shut down and get local. I hate racists, but if you want to have your own white community, fair enough. And this is what’s blown my mind. I believe in community, not individuals. That’s why I’m Green and not Libertarian. We need each other. And yes we should be able to be in a community which reflects our values. That’s why I’m for less Federal, more State and even better County determination.

Sounds to me as if your instincts are sound, so far. I suspect that you’ll find few Greens who will go very far with you.


I think Richard said it best recently. “Individualism is for fags.” Amen.


Cultural individualism is for fags, cultural collectivism & in group preferences are natural and need propaganda or coercion to be offset. But economic freedom is a good thing, economic individualism is good because the most competent people are free to generate value that benefits the nation. Economic collection makes people lazy and unvirtuous. (And by economic freedom I do not mean shoveling in cheap 3rd world workers.)


The greatest victory of collectivism is to make a race whose essence is individualism is, not, to make that race sacrifice its essence to fight on collectivism’s terms; but to blind them to their essence, hence, the value of what is being sacrificed.

Yes, it is too painful for women and children to face.

Man up.

Hipster Racist
The entire libertarian rhetoric about “collectivism” seems to come from Ayn Rand, who preached “individualism” and a rejection of “collectivism” for Whites while calling her Jewish ingroup “the Collective” and promoting Zionism – a collectivism for Jews. Typical chutzpah, typical Jewish double standards: nationalism for me but not for thee. “Individualism” in the Enlightenment sense tended to mean a rejection of a hereditary aristocracy and instead an embrace of a hierarchy of individual merit. That sense of individualism was compatible with duty to a people and a nation, and no one thought of individualism as somehow in opposition to one’s… Read more »

Sargon and his fellow YT “skeptic” faggots pull out muh collectivism and muh horseshoe constantly to show that WN’s are “just as bad as SJW’s”

Max Triggers

“All that was a long winded way of coming to my main point, which is that
people who are part of a collective based around “anime” should be
placed in death camps.”

LMFAO… serious meme jiu-jitsu


A good insight. The collectivism that should be rejected is forced economic collectivism – coerced wealth redistribution through state power. Loyalty & dutifulness to one’s kin & heritage is VOLUNTARY, a natural non coercive collective behavior

Jonathan McCann

I love every bit of what you just said so for now on I will promote all your comments

Rik Storey

I’m a libertarian and I approve this message