Heineken’s New Pozzed Ad Wants Us All To Just Get Along

Heineken recently released a video about different people with different points of view getting along over a bottle of cold Heineken ™ beer.

Funny how the evil white men without Current Year views are the only ones depicted changing their opinion and giving ground… And apparently, this whole trans-gender thing is going mainstream. I remember only hearing about these sorts of people on /pol/ a couple of years ago and thinking it would never ever catch on with the public. How naive I was…

There’s a lot of truth to this video, but you can only see it if you read between the lines. This is a fairly accurate depiction of what Heineken and just about all other MNCs want. They just want us to all get along…and buy their stuff. They want us to be conciliatory…so that we buy their stuff. They want us to meet each other halfway and agree to disagree…except when it comes buying their stuff. That part is non-negotiable. Our natural identity ought to be replaced with brand loyalty, that’s the only real way we can express group solidarity anymore. Team Mac vs Team PC. That’s what really defines us in 21st century Weimerica.

Heineken isn’t the only company that’s been cashing in on volatile political times.

The now infamous Pepsi commercial gives us a glimpse into the world that the MNCs want as well. Hipsters and Vibrants getting along, united in their righteous hate love against the White man (symbolized as usual by the police). Everyone wears the colors of their new tribe, the blue team, Team Pepsi of course. Surprisingly, the spontaneous uprising of the oppressed POC and the fake poor Hipsters is entirely attended by thin, good-looking, fashionable folks. The Multi-Kulti future, of course looks nothing like that.

The multi-culti corpo future looks a lot more like Wall-E world.

Meanwhile, reality looks nothing like what paid actors hired by MNC in-house marketing teams portray it as…

A disturbing hate crime has come to light. From the New York Times:

A man killed one student and wounded three others on Monday at the University of Texas, walking calmly from one to another and stabbing them with a bowie knife, setting off panic and rumors of a larger wave of violence.

The university police identified the suspect as Kendrex J. White, a 21-year-old student who was quickly arrested. Witnesses described the suspect as eerily composed during the episode near Gregory Gymnasium, and said that when he was confronted by police officers, he did not speak or appear to hurry.

Rachel Prichett, 19, a student from Austin, said she was standing at a food truck when she heard screaming, turned and saw a man holding what looked like “a small machete” approaching her, “just walking calmly with the knife to his side.”

The suspect walked behind a man a few feet away from her, then grasped the man’s shoulder with one hand and with the other hand stabbed him in the back, thrusting the knife “all the way in.”

Ms. Prichett said she fled, running past another victim, his head bloody, who was slumped over a table.

In recent weeks, fraternity houses at the university had been vandalized with messages accusing them of promoting racism and rape. Many people on campus speculated Monday that the knife attack was related.

But Chief David Carter, of the University of Texas at Austin Police Department, said the authorities did not know of a motive for the stabbings. Speaking at a news conference, Chief Carter said that he was aware of the rumors but that he did not know if the victims, all men, were fraternity members.

Mr. White is black. Chief Carter said the four who were stabbed, all age 20 or 21, included three white men and one Asian-American man. One died at the scene, and the others were taken to the university medical center. The authorities did not immediately release the victims’ names.

School officials in Graham, Tex., identified the student who died as Harrison Brown, according to The Austin American-Statesman.

It is a strange state of affairs isn’t it? The man who was killed was a White guy who’s last name was “Brown”. He was killed by a Brown Guy whose last name was “White”. Like Ebony and Ivory. Hmm, I wonder, if they had just shared a Heineken ™ or Pepsi ™ together, maybe then they would have been able to get along? Tell the marketing department to start working on the script for that ad.

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    • He rambles and just look at the cancer in the comments section that the blog attracted.

      • Dunno, in between the ramblings there is an interesting perspective on advertisement. The comment section is throroughly autistic, doe.

  • Notice the title is “BANNED Pepsi commercial.”

    It wasn’t banned. The “controversy” was fake; some leftist may have written an article about it, but so what? Lefty nutjobs bitch about anything. There was no “controversy” and there was no “ban” and the entire “story” is literally part of the marketing. It’s a fake “viral” video that say that it is “controversial” and “BANNED” so people will want to know what the fuss is.

  • So they make 4 minute commercials now? Or what is that? I could only watch a few seconds before I got bored.

  • That Multi-Kulti future photo looked like a horrible class reunion. You could rub that womans belly in the front row and she’d grant you 3 wishes!

    • See the “alien” picture on the beam on the top left? That’s the Reddit alien logo. This is a picture of a reddit meetup.

      Next time you are reading some anti-white “progressives” on reddit – these are the people you are talking to…

  • Aren’t advertisers supposed to get you on the hook, not ambush you and then beat you over the head with a club.

  • Interesting article but there’s one really big problem. The image which you presently have subtitled as ‘multiculti corporate future’, which has all the disgustingly and hideously fat and retarded-looking people depicted, is an image which contains 100% fat White people. Everyone in that image is White and retarded.

    It doesn’t look very multicultural at all, and so you guys might want to get the optics on that one checked out.

    In contrast to the Pepsi commercial, it actually makes the ‘multicultural’ Pepsi commercial look pretty decent. It’s like you’re accidentally making their point for them.

  • This video was bad, but not quite as bad as John Cena’s Patriot PSA, which was required watching at my work, last year.

    I don’t drink beer, but if I did, I wouldn’t buy a brand that promotes social justice pozzery. That video depicts the lie that most of us are forced to endure M-F, 9-5. Who wants to be reminded of it when they go home and unwind with a drink?

  • Unfortunately, some boneheads from our side put up some racist flyers after the event. You idiots have got to stop this. You are begetting more violence.

      • Don’t be a fool. Not everything is boiled down to “being a cuck” or “not being a cuck.” Life is not about dick measuring, and proving how immune you are to feelings of fear or doubt.

        Successful people (such as myself) realize that posturing does not win anything. Understanding the effects of your actions, and acting in a way that brings about good effects, is the key to success.

        So I ask you: how the hell do racist flyers help us?

        • So I ask you: how the hell do you know it was our guys that made the flyers?

          (Quit being a fucking cuckfag)

    • Are you sure those flyers were from our side? It wouldn’t be the first time a (((group))) has tried to pin us with racist or anti-semitic flyers, graffiti, etc…

  • Any Heinecken I have ever tried has been skunked. Do I have to go to Holland to get a fresh one?

    • I’ve lived there for 8 years and yes you do have to go there for a fresh one unless you get it in cans.

  • That’s a shame. Heineken is the only brand of cheap beer that I will drink. The others all taste like swill.

  • The “transgender” thing works because it triggers most people. Since gender dysphoria is a completely fringe phenomenon it doesn’t affect anyone in real life. So it’s a cost-free source of signaling – AND the advertising agencies know that people will be titillated/outraged and spread the advertisements thus making them viral.

    What is so frustrating is that everyone is giving Heineken and Pepsi brand exposure – all publicity is good publicity – but no one is publicizing the ad agencies who actually create this stuff. Can anyone name even a single ad agency off the top of their head?

    Pepsi did a great job of playing the right against the left and got all sorts of free brand exposure thanks to outrage on both sides. There is of course no successful boycott of Pepsi or Heineken, so it’s a win-win for the Corporate Left.

    • I took an advanced marketing class with some marketing genius who apparently put “Kikkoman” on the map as a condiment staple in American households. He was incredibly PC and progressive. Sample size 1 I know…but I don’t think you have Don Drapers sitting there and cynically manipulating both sides to get more sales. I think the Globo-homo industrial complex really does believe in what they’re selling.

      • Not Don Drapers anymore, but certainly Max Goldsteins. The eternal question of whether they “really believe in PC” or “cynically use PC” doesn’t even seem to particularly matter.

        Then again, the viral video/online thing has most certainly changed the nature of the game, so we’re not only past Don Draper now, we’re also passed the Max Goldsteins of the previous generation.

        There are not enough mix raced couples or people who love transgendereds to matter, so they are clearly not the target audience. Some internet whiz kid pointing to a dashboard showing how “viral” this ad went to his bosses does in fact say “doesn’t matter that it’s controversial it got hits.”

        But even if they “really do believe PC” – it is the ad agencies originating these things, not the brands themselves.

        • Actually their target audience loves the mixed race/tranny stuff they peddle because they’re peddling it to SWPLs with disposable income looking to define themselves through a trendy, progressive brand.

          • Cheerios, Heineken, and Pepsi are not particularly associated with SWPLs but are generally downscale brands – they are not at all aspirational brands.

            Again, we are specifically discussing online advertising, and there is most certainly a completely different set of rules than the prime time television ads of old. Youtube advertising has a completely different strategy than broadcast or cable TV. “Controversy” gets the videos embedded and these ads are pay per click.

          • I disagree about Heineken and Pepsi. Sprite is the whole rapper, ghetto drank. Coca-Cola is the generic Americana drink, Pepsi is the striver drink for the striver class. Heineken tries to portray itself as suave and yuropeen- which SWPLs also like. Its definitely not trying to go for middle-america like Bud or Coors or Yuenling.

          • Pepsi is to Coke what Burger King is to McDonald’s. There is zero “striving” about Pepsi. Heineken is one step above Budweiser – it’s not Guinness, it’s the generic “lite beer that is not totally girly.”

            I simply cannot see the brand positioning posited here at all. The Pepsi commercial had zero political content – the focus of the ad was Kardashian – it was meant to appeal to teenage girls; it was a music video. The “left” reaction was that they were co-opting Black Lives Matter. Teenage white girls that Pepsi was trying to get don’t like Black Lives Matter which is why the “protesters” were non-threatening light-colored music video extras. The cop was the main romantic payoff.

            This Heineken ad isn’t even attempting to “position” the brand at all – it’s specifically designed to get embedded on political blogs, right or left. It’s little more that product placement in fact, a generic pretend “political” commercial with a product placement.

            Sure, I’m just speaking anecdotally as well but these are following the new rules of internet “viral” ads, not one pagers in travel magazines or prime time TV ads selling a lifestyle or an aspiration.

            WE are the audience. “Alt Right” has been a marketing demographic for longer than the “Alt Right” name has been in use. Five years ago we were discussing some “racist” beer ads showing white boxers beating up thuggish blacks – that was an aspirational ad.

            I believe taking these ads at “face value” is completely missing their real significance. I know for a fact that we “Alt Right” people are squarely in the sites of ad agencies – especially for online ads.

          • Blacks drank grape drank and jungle juice not sprite. Well, not sure if jungle juice is around anymore but that is literally what they drank when I was a kid. They like something very sweet with an artificial fruit flavor. Given the choice of a real juice and some grape drank or the like they would choose the grape drank.

      • I really do believe we are being played for suckers here. I’ve spent my entire life around SWPLs, hipsters, urban “liberals” and the like. None of them gives two thoughts to transgenders. Occasionally, a dedicated “progressive” white women will include them in a long list of “causes” – far below “rape culture” and “pussy hats” – when bashing Trump and Republicans on Facebook. No one cares and there is zero status to be gained by talking about transgenders among SWPLs, hipsters, and urban “liberals.”

        I’ve read more about transgenders on Alt Right sites than I have on liberal sites.

        Same with mixed race stuff – that is clearly directed toward poking the eyes of “racists.” There is zero status to be gained among SWPLs, hipsters, and urban liberals by dating blacks – quite the opposite. You will get the SWPL equivalent of a Southern woman’s “bless your heart.”

        Liberals signal as “anti-racist” because they themselves are, of course, very racist. We always talk about how white liberals live in white neighborhoods while hypocritically talking about “diversity. Well, this is another example of it. The real “liberals” wouldn’t think twice about a transgender UNLESS a “conservative” complains.

        And conservatives reliably complain about every one of these things, because they are deeply reactionary. Because they are deeply reactionary, they can be reliably manipulated.

        There are, what, 50 “transgenders” in all of North Carolina, yet the entire conservative establishment was successfully baited into hysteria over that “issue.”

        • “Same with mixed race stuff – that is clearly directed toward poking the eyes of “racists.” There is zero status to be gained among SWPLs, hipsters, and urban liberals by dating blacks..”

          Depends on the race. Lots of left-wing Whites in the sciences date East-Asians, although I’m not certain whether this is about signaling as much as it is about mutual physical attraction between groups with compatible IQ levels (East-Asian women tend to find White men very attractive, and a distressing number of White men find Asian women attractive in an exotic sort of way).

          • I believe it’s even simpler than that. Asian women are not hostile to White men the same way White women are, thanks to Feminism and Liberalism. White women are just hostile to White men. It’s a general statement and it’s true.

          • For every shrieking feminist harpy, there are probably 25-30 normal White girls who just want to be with a handsome White guy. For all the degenerate ads in cities, the All-American White guy is still the standard for attractive masculinity.

          • Regarding white men dating non-white women, I have noticed a general imbalance in looks. Generally speaking, the non-white women are more attractive than the white men they date. A lot of white men would rather date an Asian 8 than a white 4 or 5.

            Not so much the case as it used to be, but still more often than not, most white women who date black men are hideous and morbidly obese.

            In general, there seems an imbalance in looks, in inter-racial relationships, with the white person in the relationship usually being less attractive than the non-whites.

          • This is true. It’s not usually the football players.

          • And since the alphas tend to hog a disproportionate share of the women, I can understand why some white men miscegenate. The good looking white women are taking turns with the alphas and the average and ugly ones are piercing their faces and dying their hair unnatural colors.

        • I’ve definitely seen a change in the way races, relationships, and family are portrayed in msm and advertising.

          Do a google image search of “white man white woman” and all you will see is white women with black men.

          I agree that we shouldn’t be so knee-jerky that we become predictable, but I don’t know how to respond to stuff like this.

        • I like this phrase directed at liberals when they accuse racism.

          “Everyone is racist. It’s not the end of the world.”

  • It would be enormously helpful if someone were to put together a list of products/brands that were associated with anti-White/pro-“diversity” marketing (preferably with links to evidence). IIRC, there was a buzz a couple of years ago about an American auto company (might have been Jeep) running a commercial during the Super Bowl about diversity or immigration or something along those lines, and it really weakened my intentions to “buy American” when I start making enough money to buy something other than 15-year-old cars.

    Anyway… no more Heineken for me.

    • We need to smear the anti-Whites and ensure their products are neither sold, nor produced in our countries. That needs to happen and fast!

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