What To Do About Milo: A Strategic Assessment

Many have asked me: What should we (that is, the Alt-Right) do about Milo and “Cinco de Milo”?

My strategic advice: Ignore him. Don’t participate in anything he does. Distance yourself from him.

This is the opposite of the advice I would give about most any other political gathering: Trump-centric, Alt-Light, free speech, Conservative, Inc., left-wing, etc. With all of these, we should be present. Milo is a different story.

It’s true that one of the reasons for the media’s fascination with the Alt-Right over the past two years is a desire to slander Trump: “See, Trump’s biggest fans are these racist, fascist trolls, yuck!” It wasn’t the only reason for their fascination, neither is it an indispensable one, but it certainly was a factor.

I think we played this game—navigated these stormy waters—as well as we could have. Trump did win after all, despite his association with “muh racism.”

With Milo, the situation is reversed. He will be used to smear the Alt-Right. Here’s why.

Milo still has a very large fan base, to be sure. But he lacks political, ideological backing:

  • The Alt-Right can’t stand him;
  • Conservative, Inc. loathes him, perhaps most of all;
  • The Breitbart staff was preparing to walk off the job if he hadn’t resigned;
  • The Alt-Light isn’t denouncing him, but isn’t associating with him either (Milo wasn’t invited to their various “free speech” events);
  • Conservative celebrities like Ann Coulter (who are bigger than Conservative, Inc.) are no longer associating with him;
  • Milo is “hunting around” for a new movement (apparently, teenage Youtube stars. . .);
  • From what I can tell, only homosexuals, like Jim Hoft and Matt Drudge, are still promoting him as if nothing happened.

Put simply, Milo is a disgraced man, and he is still—despite all his efforts to become a mainstream conservative—associated with the Alt-Right. Milo can thus be used to smear the Alt-Right. Whenever Milo gets coverage, it is often as an “Alt-Right icon.” When stories about us are published, Milo almost always gets a mention.

Needless to say, we don’t want to be associated with Milo’s Liberace-like persona, pederasty, and clerical child abuse.

Milo rode the Alt-Right wave for a while, but he is not Alt-Right or an identitarian or nationalist of any kind. Why should we demonstrate loyalty or kindness to a man who fundamentally does not agree with our basic premises? Even when Milo was most sympathetic towards us last spring, such as in his rather lame and poorly written essay on the Alt-Right, he clearly never even understood us.

I believe Milo did act as a bridge between the mainstream and the Alt-Right for a time. But that bridge has been burned, by Milo and us both.

It is now to our strategic advantage to distance ourselves from this repulsive individual. We must have the courage to be ruthless—to dump a former ally who is no longer strategically useful.

The Milo fans who are secretly Alt-Right or just-about-to-be Alt-Right will come our way eventually. The true Milo fans—the ones who are actually attracted to the “based gay guy who loves Black cock”—will remain in his domain. We don’t want these people.

Indeed, I sometimes speculate that if Milo hadn’t come onto the scene, we might have benefited by inventing him. Milo served a purpose in bringing new people to Alt-Right ideas. Now that he has explicitly renounced the Alt-Right and been personally disgraced, he can act as a magnet for the demented losers who are attracted to this kind of personality.

That speculation aside, Milo is ultimately a sad freak. It’s best not to protest his events or engage with him at all. It’s best to slowly back out of the room.


Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Well he’s back and already reintegrated into Pamela Geller-type circles (Zionist/Christ-Cuck/CivNat/Liberturd). They’ll keep using him as long as he continues attacking Islam and babbling ’bout “Western Kultcha”. Reports say he’s been destroying himself (drugs, alcohol, etc.) but his handlers I’m sure don’t give a fuck. If I was at the capstone of the pyramid of world power (don’t care if you believe in conspiracy) I would NEVER waste a charismatic, well-spoken (somewhat) entertaining creep like that. The system will milk him until his OD’ed corpse is found in a hotel room somewhere. Just watched an interview with him at OAN (evancucks) today, in fact.

  • Cultural Marxism was the Frankfurt School’s analysis of The Culture Industry,
    a term they had to come up with to think about. They were against the
    mass production and de-authentication of culture. To quote Adorno:

    “The Culture Industry not so much adapts to the reactions of its customers as it counterfeits them.” -Adorno

    It is a term for a certain kind of Cultural Analysis (against lazy
    mass produced culture), and has nothing to do with Identity Politics which has its origins elsewhere.

    [edit: Side note, The Frankfurt School “Cultural Marxists” were in fact protested by feminists, individuals within their lineage argue against identity and recognition politics, and members of The Frankfurt School have been some of the key critics of post modernism]

  • Milo has successfully taken on the Hollywood establishment.

    Milo wrote the best ever, negative review of terrible anti White, anti male propaganda movie – the feminist remake of Ghostbusters.

    He’s made it in to the Hall of Fame on the basis of that one single review.

    • Dude nobody cares about the new Ghostbusters movie. It’s just another dumb Hollywood movie for which there are thousands of others. The previous Ghostbuster movies were also stupid, this one just has annoying women in it instead.

  • From the beginning, I considered him to be more of a carnival act than anything else. But at least he got the attention of some college kids who might have otherwise been indoctrinated by the left.

  • Ramping up homophobia can’t hurt either, as straight masculinity should be equal to pro-Whiteness as an Alt Right value. Feminization and faggotry are about as big a part of Western decline as anti-Whiteness.

  • Milo has created a cult of personality. He’s a performance artist like Alex Jones. People with that much psychic power and narcissism will always end up somewhere in the public view.

    My default stance towards the Alt Light is not necessarily to ignore them with passive-aggressive disdain, but rather to avoid making enemies and attacking people we don’t need to who despite disagreement on racial identity do have some crossover appeal with the Alt Right.

    As long as Milo and others in the Alt Light don’t punch to their right, then I see no reason to attack them. We should only do so in self-defense. We have plenty of enemies who want to do us real harm already.

    Even though Milo himself has said that he is not Alt Right and denounces the Alt Right, leftist morons still say he’s Alt Right and even the poster boy of the Alt Right. I recently listened to this Jewish pathological liar and fraud who pretends he’s some kind of genius logician by the name of Sam Harris tell one lie after another about how Milo is the poster boy of the Alt Right and race is only skin color, etc. This is the same lying sociopath who goes on Joe Rogan’s podcast and spends the whole time calling Trump a liar and attacking Cernovich, and then pretends that he’s totally objective and fair.

    • Milo & the Alt-Lite, however similarly vague their politics & ideologies may be, are NOT the same thing;
      namely, the Alt-Lite are presumably NOT a throng of pathological eccentrics who glorify pederasty and heap scorn upon victims of childhood sexual abuse who have the audacity to later speak out against their abusers.
      I agree totally that it’s in most cases unnecessary &/or counterproductive to countersignal or “in-fight” with the Alt-Lite;
      but, Milo is not them. To lump them with him is to denigrate them, tbh.

  • The alt-light is going to become a sort of disjointed Frankenstien monster of our own creation, that we end up having to waste energy to fight and destroy.

    • Bottom line is conservatives have ZERO solutions to our problems. Alt Lightists have ZERO solutions to our problems. Alt Rightists/white nationalists are the only ones who have actual solutions to our Third World and Muslim problems.

  • Milo’s review/take down of the worst ever movie – the feminist re-make of Ghost Busters was fantastic!

    Plus, I always think humor is the best weapon.

    Our side is always so serious – like we are reading from a bad Hollywood Jew script of:

    “The mean, hateful, angry White RACISTS”

    Nah, have some fun in life. Maybe we can get some heterosexual White guy to push our message through humor?

    Probably not.

    • If you think black dick jokes and pedophile jokes are hilarious (even when they aren’t actually jokes)… you might be a Milo supporter.

      By the way, the original Ghostbusters was dumb. It was commercial crap for kids as was the remake. Neither were good or had any value behind them other than being mindless entertainment for people without culture.

      • The Black Dick Jokes were simply defensive in nature when the powers that be were screaming ‘You’re a RACIST, a HATER, a NAZI”. No I don’t think Black dick jokes are funny, I just note that Milo can be very, very funny – he’s a modern day Oscar Wilde – who had similar strengths and weaknesses.

        Humor is a tremendous weapon – the anti White Left loses a huge part of their audience, their support, their power when they are exposed as being humorless censors.

  • Milo is a talented comedian. Why shouldn’t a talented comedian be allowed to perform.

    He once even “named the Jew” as dominating the US media, US financial situations (Interview with Rubin).

    I go with the idea that we can just state the truth that the Left media, Left academia is so hostile, so closed minded so anti White, anti American that they won’t even let a talented Gay comedian speak on TV or on a College campus because he’s honest about radical Islam, the worst forms of feminism.

    This fact takes away the holier than thou position of the Left establishment – “Yeah you guys are really for free speech”.

      • So don’t hang out with homosexual comedians, or clowns and comedians, or Hollywood actors, even if they act like they are conservative.

        That’s kind of…


    • Milo has never said anything that I found genuinely funny. Not only that but he is not a comedian. He is a journalist and advocate for civil libertarianism. You are using the term “comedian” very loosely here.

      • I don’t want to converse with you anymore.

        I refuse to have anything to do with humorless, pretty much out of it dumb as******

        Go play somewhere else – preferably in traffic.

        Go play with your friends, if you don’t have any friends go play with yourself.

  • Clerical child abuse? Was Milo a priest? Grow up. Incidentally, it is documented that *thousands* of communists infiltrated Catholic seminaries in the 1930s. Little wonder then that the pink palaces began popping up in the 50’s and 60’s.

  • Milo just wants a world where he (& everyone else) can say/joke about whatever & not get banned as a consequence. He began to cross dress & talk even more about black men & being a jew (after claiming to be catholic) as time passed. I just don’t see the connection between us & him that is seen by the left.

  • In general, I am not sure why Richard is so concerned with either Milo or, say, Cerno. Why?

    Based on press reports, Milo has raised $12 mil for his next gig. Obviously, he has some financial backing. But he will most likely to spend this money on further promoting and advertising Black dicks. Obviously, not our cup of tea. Would not worry about Milo.

    • It’s because, in the case of Milo, Richard presumably doesn’t want the Alt-Right to be mistaken as being affiliated with or sympathetic to someone who not only glorifies child abuse, but also talks disdainfully about child abuse victims who later speak out against their abusers.
      Re Cerno, I suspect it’s just (admittedly petty) rivalry between he & Richard.
      I don’t personally like Cerno terribly, but I also don’t care whether or not he is mistaken for being Alt-Right. He’s harmless.
      But as for Milo, NO, not in light of what we now know about him.

  • 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • You guys are wrong. Milo understands the experience of a lot of young men in America. Young people don’t hate gays because we grew up with a strong push to gay acceptance taking place. He is witty and bold and even though he may not turn people into nationalists, he restores white people’s sense of pride. You would be advised to support him. This movement is already seen as extremely fringe and racist you shouldn’t care about PR.

    • Milo is not alt right, he is not one of us. He is a zionist western chauvinist who hates muslims because they don’t support his faggot degenerate lifestyle. Well, guess what, neither do we.

      The alt-right is not a “pro western” or even a religious movement. It is a pro white movement. Our main goal is securing the existence of white people by creating our own nations free of jewish influence and degeneracy; This is a goal which Milo does not share.

      He can bash muslims and feminists all day long but in the end how does that really help us particularity when he also attacks white identitarianism and our goal for securing a nation for ourselves? You want a bunch of “based” blacks and mexicans taking over your country and fucking your sister or daughter?

      I don’t care if you were raised to accept faggotry, just as you were raised to not be racists. That has to change. We have to undo your brainwashing, not feed into it.

      • “Milo is not alt right, he is not one of us. ”

        I respond:

        There are other reasons that he’s not “One of us” – not a 24/7 White nationalist MOVEMENT guy.

        1) He’s funny
        2) He’s successful

        If anyone on our side ever has any real success in the real world, the 24/7 “Movement” folks will turn on him with vicious venom.

        “How dare he be successful? I’ve been doing this for 50 years without any success, he must be a sell out”!

        I saw this in the early 1990s when David Duke was having solid mainstream success – Tom Metzger in particular went nuts, like a jealous teenage girl.

        • It’s not that he is or isn’t successful or funny.
          It’s that we don’t want to in any way be associated with promoting, condoning, or otherwise making light of child abuse. This is what Milo has done, & I for one want NOTHING to do with that.
          The reason this isn’t just a matter of “well, just have nothing to do with him then!” is because the general public still seems to think Milo is part of the Alt-Right. I don’t usually care what the heck anyone thinks of me, but when it comes to something like this, NO, I do NOT want there to be any mistaken notions of Milo being part of the Alt-Right or acceptable to it. He ISN’T, & he ISN’T.

          • But, we can’t just accept the worst smears and persecutions from the worst anti White forces. Milo is gay, OK that’s a problem. How did he become gay, get introduced in to this world? Well he described it once when he shouldn’t have.

            There are millions of gay/homosexuals/LGBT that are never bothered because they are Leftists, Liberals, PC and mostly anti White. No one, not even us, is checking their every single comment, post, video for something said that would destroy their career.

            Our enemies are purging anyone and everyone from Fox News, National Review, Conservative Inc or just that Trump Administration that might at all be sympathetic to our people, to our cause – they are usually smeared with being the worst NAZIS, Fascists, Haters – these terrible liars will then come to our side and say “Look he once said something Liberal or defended Islamists or defended the state of Israel – he’s not one of you”.

            Screw that &#**

            Again, Milo is a very clever comedian – a clown for entertainment – a court jester. Our side really needs a laugh.

            So I’m supporting Milo, his private sex life should be kept private and I hope he does a better job of that now.


          • Supporting Milo is your choice.
            But, I understand why Spencer has advised having nothing to do with him, & I agree completely.
            I do recognize that Milo’s downfall was orchestrated by his enemies, but, the statements they found were things he himself said.
            I’m seriously not going to forgive someone for making light of child abuse & mocking victims of it, just because their downfall was orchestrated by enemies. Sorry.

          • Or read Shakespeare – the greatest writer in the English language. Not all of Shakespeare’s characters were super serious or great nationalist patriots.

            The Character “Faulstaff” (sp?) was included for comic relief. He was the drinking buddy of I think Henry the IV

        • Successful to what end? You can’t simply say someone is “successful” and then not define what that is. Do you mean he’s successful because he makes money? No one cares. Only jews define success by the amount of shekels one has. It’s his materialism and flashy lifestyle that makes him repulsive to me.

          Or do you mean he’s successful because he’s popular? Again, how does that help us? Popularity only works to our end if that popularity is used to get out the message we want. Promoting faggotry, interracial sex, pederasty, shallow materialism, and other liberal western values is not exactly helping us.

          • Milo is “successful” at what he does:

            He’s an entertaining
            He’s a comedian

            He is able to draw a crowd, entertain the crowd and get them to laugh

            His politics are overwhelming good – on our side, opposing some but not all of our worst enemies – opposing the Islamist migrant invaders, opposing the worst White male hating feminists, opposing the lying press, opposing political correctness, cultural marxism on American and British universities.

            OK – is Milo 100% perfect? Do we want him as our # 1 leader, do we endorse everything he does in his personal life? NO, but I would say the same about Oscar Wilde – another extremely talented homosexual/bi sexual. It’s just reality that the British have always had a lot of very talented gay writers, actors, singers, artists – and I for one want them on our side. It’s a huge mistake to take a no fun Conservative side and simply write off all actors, artists, singers, comedians and all gay people as – “oh, our Liberal Leftist enemies can have them”.

          • 1. Islamic migrant invaders are not really a huge problem in the US where he does his advocacy. Hispanics are. The white demographic in the US is NOT being replaced by islam. Vast majority of non-whites in the US are christian.

            2. Opposing the lying press while being part of the lying press. Milo is a journalist after all who worked for an Israeli propaganda news outlet.

            3. People have a very vague definition of what political incorrectness is. Is attacking muslims, in the US in particular, politically incorrect? I would say no. Trump said he was going to ban muslims from entering the US during his campaign and that didn’t stop him from becoming president, it only made him more popular. If he said he was going to ban jews I doubt it would have worked out the same. Milo is only politically incorrect lite. The most politically incorrect thing he has ever said would have been his pederasty comments, ironically. The question is: is being politically incorrect inherently good or is there some things we really shouldn’t say?

            4. The last one “opposing cultural marxism.” What the hell does that mean? He’s a race-mixing homosexual who advocated pederasty and sold BBC t-shirts. Is that not cultural marxism?

          • JosephtheGreat writes:
            “1. Islamic migrant invaders are not really a huge problem in the US where he does his advocacy. Hispanics are.”

            I Respond:

            The Presidential candidate who made keeping out all Islamic terrorists and ensuring that Islamic terrorists like the 9/11/01 crew would never again slaughter thousands of our people in our country – that candidate won large public support and is now the President of the United States.

            In contrast the Presidential candidate who said 9/11/01 wasn’t a big deal, plus we supposedly bear much of the blame for alienating and insulting Saudi Arabia and taking the Israeli side against the Palestinians – that Presidential candidate (Ron Paul) won less than 7% and that’s just in the GOP White party, he would have won 0% in the Democrat party.

            OK – so it’s rather OBVIOUS that opposing mass Islamic immigration, Islamic terrorism, Islamists raping our women and slaughtering our people as they are now doing in every single Western European/UK countries – that’s an easy call. The Swiss People’s party is now the #1 party in Switzerland because they made stopping Islamic immigration, Islamic terrorism their #1 issue – they won. Any #*$&@# moron with half a brain would do that. But apparently I’m arguing with someone who can’t grasp simple things.

            I somehow doubt you can successfully cross the street without your mother holding your hand and making you wait until the stop like turns green, the walk sign says “walk”.


    • He denounced White interest politics. Even if we wanted to support him, he wouldn’t support us. Any White person that still follows him is either a cuck or a soccer mom at this point.

      • It’s a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation. As long as he doesn’t turn his guns on us I really don’t care. He pisses off the establishment and pulls people to the right. Does he move the Overton window in our direction? Yes.

        • he does turn his guns on us. That is not really up for debate. Did you see the video he made when Spencer got punched? Go to his channel and check it out. he consistently counter signals White interest politics.

    • Agreed. And maybe a loving woman will straighten him out so to speak. Famous ever British gays like Oscar Wilde, Freddy Mercury, David Bowie had relationships, marriages with women, had families and children.

      The great actor Carry Grant supposedly liked the rumor that he was “gay” as his female dates would try harder in sex. This was said by Carry Grant’s daughter – so Carry Grant definitely had sex with at least one woman, the mother of his daughter.

      American Alt Right, White Nationalists need to be way less uptight about sex. The main problem is….

      There not getting any.

      Women can instinctively sense when some guy isn’t….

      Getting any.

    • Because Milo is a sick pederast faggot. Look, I wouldn’t care that Milo is gay if he contributed more than bullying ugly black celebrities. But Milo’s recent statement that he’s on the “hunt for 13 year old Milos” is disgusting and degenerate.

    • If he brought more to the table intellectually I could respect him, but he offers nothing. And I find him to be distasteful, flambuoyant and arrogant. Some people go for that sort of thing. Good for them. He doesn’t really provide much of anything to us or our interests though.

      • His ability to use logic and facts to destroy feminists is actually at a very high level. That’s where his notoriety started in Britain. He would take on a panel of screeching harpies and destroy them all in record time.

        He does not bring anything of significance to the table in regards to racial and cultural identity. The usefulness of the Alt Light is front-line fodder against leftists.

        • That’s the problem with the Alt Lite: they only go after the low hanging fruit of SJWs and feminists.

        • Yeah pretty much. I’m fine with letting the Alt-Lite fight it out with Antifa while we organize ourselves. That’s about the extent of their worth to us.

    • jealousy

      Same as the jealousy of David Duke having lots of mainstream success in the early 1990s.

      Misery loves company.

      The lowest Blacks do it all the time – treat some Black AA who has some success in education, employment, marriage – they turn on him viciously as a “sell out”, “oreo cookie”.

  • 100% Agreed…..

    MILO is Debased and Degenerate…….

    I used to read some of his stuff on………

    Some of it was actually good…..

    But, then I saw him on Camera………

    I actually thought his Gay Queen Shtick was funny at first…….

    But, then it kept getting more Emasculated, Narcissistic, Trannie…….and WEIRD……..

    And then he started talking about Loving Black Cock……

    And then I started to think he was a Complete Fraud……

    How could any ‘Conservative’ or Based/Red Pilled White Heterosexual Male ever support such a Person??

    I don’t agree with Antifa rioting to Shut Him Down……or attacking his Fans…..

    But, MILO has ZERO Connection to the Alt-Right…….

    We don’t want to be ANYTHING like him…….

    We don’t accept anyone into our Midst who acts like him………


  • I stopped paying attention to him almost as soon as I became aware of him. Unfortunantly no one else did.

  • If Milo would be allowed back on Twitter, you can bet he would amass a much bigger following than you in no time. You know this.

    • Who the hell cares. Milo isn’t serious about anything, he likes to be edgy by sending mean tweets to ugly black actresses. Milo is a dead end.

    • The Alt-Right isn’t interested in competing with the Kardashians…….


    • Muh twitter followers. In the end it doesn’t matter how popular he is, his politics are a dead end for White people.

  • Homosexuality is clearly wrong for any people that want to survive. Celibacy, birth control, abortions, etc. are in the same category. These are all fine for non-Whites and maybe we can even encourage these things that hold down their birthrate. But, they are not fine for Whites. They are evil for us.

    • Celibacy is restraint. It’s something that only Whites and Asians can honestly practice. Martin Luther was celibate and later became a devoted father. The homosexual is a degenerate. There is no restraint to their destruction. The same Whites that defend homosexuals will not defend Whites. Just look at how long it took Richard Spencer to become more pro-White. The less time he spends defending homosexuals, the more effort he devotes to his people. It is 100% unconscious, and just as predictable.

  • Milo’s core audience seems to only consist of centrist, socially liberal, anti-pc under 30s. I don’t think this audience is enough to propel him to higher echelons notoriety, but he’s not going away permanently. He rode the wave of Trumpania and now seems to have no other political message than a kind of worship for self-expression under the label of “cultural libertarianism”.

  • Ignore Milo with another Milo article? Come on Richard, Milo has already gone down the glory, err memory hole.

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