The Trump Phenomonon Proves That Patriotism Is A Threat To Nationalism

Submitted by Evola Linkola


To begin I would like to put forth some definitions. A Patriot is a person who supports their country against all detractors. A Nationalist is a person who believes in the sovereignty of the nation and its people.

I am reminded of this by the first 100 days of president Trump. When Trump descended on the escalator in Trump tower, no one knew what was going to transpire. What we got was glorious. A speech wrought with nationalistic overtones. He really felt America’s pulse. Especially the mood of middle-class whites who were being disenfranchised and replaced by Latino immigrants/invaders. He was almost overtly pro-white. Throughout the entire campaign, Trump kept with his overarching theme of American Nationalism. I for one was proud. I was excited by Trump. For once in my life, I even voted.

That was candidate Trump. We now have president Trump. What a difference.  He has either reneged or failed on almost everything he set out to do in his first 100 days. He has become a Neocon. Let’s just leave it there. Ever since he won the primaries he started becoming a politician and as everyone knows, politicians lie. My point here isn’t really about Trump but about his supporters.

We all became fans because of that bold speech. We felt the pull of his nationalistic undertones. We wanted to be united as one people again. That innate desire in us to be a tribe was ignited. The Alt-right joined hands with the Alt-Lite and other groups to unite behind Trump. However, we find ourselves splitting here at the 100 day mark. I believe the underlying cause of this split will be ignored because of the constant bickering we engage in.

It is the divide between those who are nationalists and those who are patriots that has grown. We have the patriots who always cheer “USA! USA!” for no damn reason. They’ll cheer and cheer like it’s a sporting event to go to war with other nations. They pretend that it makes us safe. In other words, they never question the official line. These idiots destroy movements and ultimately countries. They cheer for whatever the cause du jour is because it makes them feel good and like they belong to a group bigger than themselves.

This was never clearer than when Trump bombed Syria. The Bill Mitchell’s of the world cheered “USA! USA! Trumps got balls for doing this!” Of course, on the Alt-Right, we all knew this was a clear ideological break from the promises of the campaign. Patriots however, felt that they could not criticize Trump for his blatant betrayal. Even before that, when Trump was pushing the Ryancare Act and the bill fell flat in congress, the patriots screamed 4-D chess!! We understood that the bill was an abject failure. The ACA 2.0 wouldn’t even fix the healthcare system at all. It only made tiny improvements and would have probably pushed the healthcare system off the cliff quicker.

Following a leader blindly is reprehensible. We cannot allow this in our movement. Yes, we need leadership and even hierarchy. But we cannot let foolish lemming-like behaviour lead us off a cliff. The push back on patriotism must be strong so that nationalism remains the core goal of the Right. As Alt-Righters, Nationalism is our goal. Ethnonationalism to be more specific.

When we abandon love for our people and in its place worship ideas and abstract concepts- we begin to lose our nation. The design of a nation has to include the preservation of its people. This is the main reason why America is no longer great. The ideas of the west cannot survive if we don’t defend its people. Patriots do not understand this. They will keep worshipping the hollowed out husk of a nation as long as it keeps the trappings of a formerly great country. That is the difference between us and them, between Patriots and Nationalists. Let’s not forget it.

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  • There is a lot of racist trash in this comment section. Let’s not forget, America was built by multiple races. Though the constitution may have been created by white men, the workers that built this nation were from many different places and races.

  • The irony of this article is that the alt-right seemed pretty ‘patriotic’ throughout the entire election, unable to find any wrongdoing with a loudmouthed, proletarian, primitive candidate who bragged about molesting women. Just because Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, lying member of the bourgeoisie doesn’t mean that we should pitch our support for a candidate that is just as rich, two-faced and mildly nationalistic at best. All the alt-right ever does is bitch and moan and then some more when someone criticizes them. You sound like the regressives and the libertarians, maybe worse given your incessant complaining. America is a spiritual nation in need of a non-economic identity. Integralism is the future at

  • Donald Trump did so much cocaine that he fell asleep with his dick stuck in America’s ass.

    The dirty bitch likes it.

  • respectfully…you have the sentiment backwards.

    I confidently trust that the American people will prove themselves … too wise not to detect the false pride or the dangerous ambitions or the selfish schemes which so often hide themselves under that deceptive cry of mock patriotism: “Our country, right or wrong!” They will not fail to recognize that our dignity, our free institutions and the peace and welfare of this and coming generations of Americans will be secure only as we cling to the watchword of true patriotism: “Our country — when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right.”

    The man who in times of popular excitement boldly and unflinchingly resists hot-tempered clamor for an unnecessary war, and thus exposes himself to the opprobrious imputation of a lack of patriotism or of
    courage, to the end of saving his country from a great calamity, is, as to “loving and faithfully serving his country,” at least as good a patriot as the hero of the most daring feat of arms, and a far better
    one than those who, with an ostentatious pretense of superior patriotism, cry for war before it is needed, especially if then they let others do the fighting. “About Patriotism,” Harper’s Weekly (16 April 1898)

    George Kennan: A Study of Character: For patriotism, according to Lukacs, “is the love of one’s land and its history” (which Kennan possessed in abundance), “while nationalism is a viscous cement that binds formless masses together.”

    Orwell’s distinction between patriotism and nationalism: By “patriotism” I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one…has no wish to force upon other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the
    desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to securemore power and prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unity in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality.

  • “Following a leader blindly is reprehensible.”

    I would qualify that, “Following an unworthy* leader blindly is reprehensible.”

    Straight-up: the idea that people in a hierarchical organization can pick and choose which orders to follow based on their own personal sense of morality is a recipe for the destruction of that organization. Which is not to say the Alt Right is such an organization or that Trump would be the leader if it was. But eventually we will have some kind of organization like that, and eventually we may be required to follow its leader and follow him “blindly”.

  • I laugh when conservatives (totally delusional creatures) say “but he got Gorsuch in”. That sums up Trump’s first 100 days.

    • Don’t forget about all those natural Syrian conservatives that have been granted refugee visas in the last 100 days. ISIS is conservative, right?

  • For many people I knew this was their 1st time voting. I am just trying to figure out if Trump caved or lied. Either way it doesn’t really matter, I guess. Those that are ok with everything he does really didn’t listen to or understand his campaign speeches. I don’t even believe they understand what is wrong with our country.

  • “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” – Samuel Johnson

    By this he was referring to false patriotism. The idea that traitors and warmongers who in reality have no love for their country will use patriotic rhetoric to make themselves appear good.

  • Save America as a nation?

    Most Whites just don’t have the stomach for it. Nations are defined by shared language, ancestry, culture, and heritage. To save America as a nation means resetting the demographics to White. That means Cucked Stickman and his Hapa-papa crew isn’t welcome. They’re the patriots you speak of. They’re the ones that want America to look more like Brazil than Mexico. They’re the patriots that fight against White interests. Same with the police, government and military brass. All of them are committed cucks.

    In the long run it doesn’t really matter what the civic nationalists and Cuckstitutionalists want. They already lost. Culture is a racial construct. America is either White or it doesn’t exist. The patriots that fight against White interests have no place among us. It’s imperative we form nations within countries. Let the cucks die.

    • Yes, the effects of being subjected to constant propaganda from the classroom to the radio to the tv should not be underestimated. Don’t condemn other whites who have not been exposed to reality too quickly – unveil their minds!

  • The whole issue here is that Nationalists have *zero* political power within the Republican party. So once Trump decided to sell out, there was nothing we could do.

    The white business class that controls the Republican party wants
    wholesale illegal immigration because it keeps wages low, profits high,
    and Labor power non-existent.

    Spamming twitter with racist trolls isn’t going to build real power, nor will more-deviant than thou competitions among boutique fringe ideologists of the far right. Backstabbing your hated rivals for Youtube views isn’t going to work either.

    So unless the Alt White comes up with some new ideas, you got run over, and you will get run over again.

    • We need a leader. We thought we had one, or at least someone who was a transitional figure to that eventual verum est princeps. Sovereign nations can only endure for the long haul if they have a leader, i.e., one man who calls the shots. And, unless that man acknowledges the fact that legitimate authority to rule comes only from God–unless he believes in God and publicly professes that belief–he will be a tyrant. There must be an overt acknowledgement of God as the source of law (and, therefore, civil harmony) by a nation’s ruler. There is no other way. It looks as though the people of the USA are going to have to learn that lesson the hard way. The United States of America is collapsing and, barring some miracle that makes it do a 180, it will soon end and be replaced by…, what?

      • When I look around I really don’t see a suitable leader for White Nationalism in America (someone who can take power, actually be serious about purging all enemies of the regime on the left and right, end all new immigration etc.) On the Alt-Right we’re still debating how to define what the Alt-Right is, and who is and is not a part of it. No manifestos or doctrines have been produced. Very few institutions have been established. Almost no feet on the street activism. Almost no community building or engagement. I hate to black pill, but we’re nowhere near taking power of anything anytime soon, and time is not on our side. The Alt-Right has been good at propogating white identity and ethno-nationalism, but now it has to build on that. Pepe memes, funny parody songs and MAGA hats is not good enough.

        • I know. It’s troubling. The sheeple are asleep and don’t want to be awakened. We do what we can. It’ll have to do.

          • I mean Trump did prove that American Nationalism is a useable political platform that can win elections, and the Alt-Right definently played a role in the information war last election. We can build on that, it’s just we have a lot of work to do. Too many people are still afraid to be open about their views (for understandable reasons) which makes transitioning from an online community to an IRL community difficult.

            Also the system as it exists right now (the people behind the scenes) will have to be gutted for any real change to be made into a reality. If they corrupted Trump in under 100 days, the likelyhood of them doing the same to anyone else we get elected is high.

  • The Constitution was, indeed, a “gentleman’s agreement.” The gentlemen in question were intent on fashioning a program–a business model of sorts–that would allow for the institution of a system of government which would reflect, in pragmatic application, the tenets of Enlightenment philosophy. Anyone who is familiar with the Enlightenment could not honestly disagree here. As a little sidebar, the system of government resulting from the Constitutional Convention just so happened to nicely enrich the very signers of that Constitution (a mere coincidence, I’m sure).

    The problem is, however, that those who forged and signed the document that we Americans are supposed to live by were not specific about just “who” WERE those people “created equal.” Of course, they had no way of foreseeing the machinations of the (((Marxists))) in Hollywood, New York and DC, which would gradually transform society into the PC monster it is today, a monster which gorges on white people and never tires of pushing race mixing and the “equality of races.” Had they seen this they would have undoubtedly specified that the “people” and “men” referred to in the document were “white” people.

    But it’s all really a moot point, isn’t it? The Constitution means whatever the cabal presently in power SAYS it means. And we know who is presently in power, don’t we? BTW, It’s not the party-boy goons in Congress or the White House who are in power. It’s the people behind the scenes–people on Wall Street, in Davos, in Hollywood, in academia. It’s not difficult to identify them. Just ask yourself whom it is that you are most emphatically forbidden to criticize: that’s who it is that rules over you.

    • “Had they seen this they would have undoubtedly specified that the
      “people” and “men” referred to in the document were “white” people.”

      They spelled in out in the legislation restricting immigration to “free white people of good character.”

      “The Constitution means whatever the cabal presently in power SAYS it means.”

      Of course. So it’s rather pointless to blame the American Founders for “not being specific enough” – which they were via legislation – because the people in power now would have simple declared everyone in the world “white.”

      • Nowhere in the Constitution are the words “God” or “Christ” mentioned. That is no accident, hence my assertion that the men who fashioned the system of government we live under were devotees of The Enlightenment. That is no small matter. I’m convinced that the house of horrors that we are witnessing in this nation today is the effect of the cause initiated 229 years ago. Those who dismiss that assertion will one day see its truth, and, given this nation’s hellish spiraling descent into moral and ethical decay, that day doesn’t seem to be too far off.

        • I of course agree they were devotees of the Enlightenment, I don’t think that’s ever been a controversial opinion. While the Enlightenment may have had its downsides, it’s certainly my opinion that it was better than what came before it and we obviously are not going to go “back” to pre-Enlightenment thinking.

          “Those who dismiss that assertion will one day see its truth”

          No, that isn’t going to happen, just like the Catholic church is never going to be the central focal point of the West ever again. If I were a Catholic, I’d be far more worried about the fact that Catholicism is a majority non-white religion and making sure the next pope isn’t brown. I think us Enlightenment types already have enough on our plate so you’ll have to deal with that problem yourself.

      • It is a stupid piece of paper, and believing it has some kind of mythical value is the worst kind of retarded boomerism.

        • Thankfully I’m neither a boomer, nor believe in any kind of “mythical” value of the Constitution – the value is all practical.

          I had to look up “Akira Z” – am I right in assuming that it is a cartoon car based on Japanese anime?

        • And the Bill of Rights is stupid too? Thank goodness. You, self-proclaimed from Mecha (or Mecca), have given Whites permission to pursue self-preservation. Thank you.

        • Actually, it’s a very intelligently-conceived piece of paper. You think you’re clever by dismissing it, but that’s probably because you don’t appreciate the philosophical framework upon which it was built.

    • A good chunk of our Founding Fathers (George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock) and founding Congress were Freemasons (see Illuminati)… which support the New World Order whose objectives are:
      1) Abolition of all ordered governments
      2) Abolition of private property
      3) Abolition of inheritance
      4) Abolition of patriotism
      5) Abolition of the family
      6) Abolition of religion
      7) Creation of a world government
      George Washington was a Freemason, so was Karl Marx.
      I’m sure Ed Edgerton could back me up on this.

  • America Inc. and its liberalism/globalism is a cancer to the world that threatens all nations identity and sovreignty. For Nationalism to flourish America has to die. Sorry to the patriotards, but America is corrupt from the ground up and there is very little worth saving or preserving.

  • Let’s not be hasty about that definition of patriot. I think it is significant that among people who call them selves patriots are a large number of people who have tried by all lawful means to recover rights and control from the grasp of corrupt and dishonest individuals in power. They do not deserve to be painted with the brush of mindless war mongers who cheer at every opportunity to celebrate the illegitimate use of military power.

    There is no inherent divide between ‘patriots’ and nationalists.

    The impetus to further divide us from each other, when what we actually need is to bring us together may be understandable, but this has little potential to strengthen your cause, unless that is to splinter us into little impotent groups of angry, impotent idiots who couldn’t organize a party, much less a country.

    Pardon me. I thought I was among frinds here…

    • I’m starting to make a list. Find out which people/handles counter-signal against America, trash American culture constantly, and see how many of those people are: 1) fascist LARPers 2) sedevacantist LARPers and 3) not even actual Americans.

      I think the overlap is quite wide.

      The Constitution is a gentleman’s agreement among Whites. The “men” in “all men are created equal” are White. This entire Ellis Island “immigrants” “give us your tired and hungry” nonsense is an anti-American sentiment started by Jews.

      We have plenty of patriotards and Constitution fetishists that are a serious problem. Cuckservatives are a serious problem. But if you are literally against the American people – which are a White people – you are clearly no friend of White Americans, thus have no business even pretending to support White Nationalism, which is an American movement. (Europeans already have their European nationalisms, and good for them.)

      • “The Constitution is a gentleman’s agreement among Whites. The “men” in “all men are created equal” are White.”

        While that might be true, the US government disagrees with you, so it’s irrelevant.

        I have nothing against Americans in general, but the people who govern it and the principles it is founded on are a cancer to the world. If Trump was a man of his word, and made America isolationist again, my attitude might be different, but that didn’t happen and probably won’t happen as long as the two party system stands.

          • So you want to “replace” globalism, liberalism, democracy, capitalism and Marxism (?) with what, exactly?

            I can guess but tell us.

          • In the North American context I support segregated semi-autonomous city states (For Whites, Blacks, Indians, some Hispanics. Asian, Mid or Far East have no claim to land on North American soil) or Balkanization into ethno-states.

            I’m a smaller tent white nationalist. I don’t want Anglos near my ethno-state.

            Politically I identify as an Integralist. Bascially centralist economics, socially very conservative and a reverance for traditional European cuture and values, including the Church.

          • “segregated semi-autonomous city states … national syndicalism”

            Sounds like the kind of libertarian localism that Jefferson supported. “City-states” are essentially what the original sovereign states were.

            “I don’t want Anglos near my ethno-state.”

            You’re speaking English on a continent settled by Anglos … unless you are Québécois or Mexican …

          • Yeah, different regions face different realities economically, socially etc. And should have the freedom to conduct their matters in a way that is beneficial to the people of that community. I’m against overbearing federal control in the context of a nation as large as the US.

            I differ from Libertarians in that I don’t care about peoples individual rights. People are part of a community and should be expected to contribute positively to their community. I support social and class co-operation.

            I define Anglo as “of British origin.” Prior to 1965 Italians weren’t considered White and I know that in the context of a white ethno-state we’d go right back to the status we were at before actual non-whites were brought in. The biggest lynching in US history was against Italians not blacks. (,_1891_lynchings) Many still don’t consider Italians white and I don’t want my people going back to being the scapegoats for the Anglos. We can co-operate with one another, but we must have seperate communties.

          • “Prior to 1965 Italians weren’t considered White”

            That’s Jew propaganda, same thing with the Jew book “How the Irish Became White.” But to be blunt, the fact you are still nursing that grudge shows that we real Americans made a mistake letting certain types in in the first place. Ben Franklin was prescient when he warned against even letting Germans in.

            It’s fun to place joy of sects and I myself enjoy a bit of LARPing. But that’s all mostly water under the bridge now. I wish we could “go back” to a WASP only country but I know that isn’t going to happen. There are the sedevacantist LARPers that pretend we’re all going to convert to some sort of White Catholicism, but that isn’t going to happen either – it would be even more absurd to tie American White Nationalism to the Vatican city-state half way around the world.

            We really can only go “forward” and the idea that Italians are ever going to be considered “not white” in a future America is even less likely than the typical LARPing.

            But I personally have no problem with some Italian state. I used to suggest giving Long Island to the Jews but I’ve come to realize all of them belong in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. So you Eye-ties can have Long Island, I’m cool with it.

          • I mean debates about whether Italians or Greeks are white or not are common on /pol/, DS, here, pretty much everywhere ethno-nationalists hang out these days. We are white, but culturally we are very different from WASPS. As are Slavs. We can get along and work towards common goals, but I think people are happiest in communities where their own culture is dominant. European cultures are diverse and a Nation defined by shared whiteness is only marginally more attractive than a nation defined by shared American values.

          • They may be common on /pol/ and (((DS))) but they aren’t common here. Of course /pol/ and (((DS))) are for entertainment purposes only.

            If you don’t want your daughter marrying a WASP I’m fairly certain no one is going to complain (except maybe her.) One of the reasons I’m not giving up Americanism and one of the reason I’m completely opposed to fascist and sedevacantist LARPing is precisely because they are totalitarian systems that are not only outside of the American experience and character but also are completely pointless and serve no purpose than to start fights over irrelevant fantasies.

            America has never really had a problem with localism and our system was designed as federalist which is perfectly compatible with Italian autonomy on the North American continent.

          • I don’t see 1930’s style Fascism as workable in America. I am communitarian, traditionalist and nationalist though so I do identify as a Fascist. It informs my world view it doesn’t define it. Politically I’m closer to Salazar than Hitler, so I don’t think I’m one of the LARPers you’re referring to.

            I’m also sympathetic to the Sedevacantists. Vatican II is bastardized Catholicism and I don’t acknowledge the authority of the current Pope. I disagree with the “seperation of Church and state” that America was founded on. I think it’s important for a nation to have an official religion and for the laws of that nation to reflect that. For America I would make the official religion big tent Christianity, not Catholicism, and let people practice which ever sect they choose to. Pagans, Atheists and Agnostics would be tolerated. If a white person wants to be a Buddhist I don’t really have a problem with that, it wouldn’t be illegal, but no special privelages would be granted. Islam and Judaism are incompatible and wouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstances.

          • “I’m also sympathetic to the Sedevacantists … I don’t acknowledge the authority of the current Pope”

            I have to admit I find this entire sentiment to be absolutely hilarious. You joined the Protestant reformation, just 500 years too late for it to matter. Welcome to the club, I don’t acknowledge the authority of the current Pope either! You may want to rethink that “separation of church and state” thing.

            ” For America I would make the official religion big tent Christianity,
            not Catholicism, and let people practice which ever sect they choose to.
            Pagans, Atheists and Agnostics would be tolerated.”

            Sounds like something Thomas Jefferson would say … remember most of the sovereign states had an established church. I believe Maryland was for the Papists …

            I don’t understand why you bother to use the term “fascist” as it just carries a lot of baggage and what you are describing is basically classical liberalism.

          • I’m a Fascist because I’m opposed to classical liberal concepts like democracy, I’m not opposed to benevolent dictators, I place little value on the individual and so on. The term “Fascism” carries a lot of baggage because after WWII Jews took control of media and education and have spent the better part of a century demonizing it. In Italy Mussolini is still a somewhat revered historical figure, Roman salutes are common and many old timers maintain that Italy has been in decline since the Fascist era. My grandparents were very pro-Mussolini so the term doesn’t raise negative feelings in me personally. When normies ask what my politics are I usually just say Socially conservative and economically liberal though.

            The Catholic church is in need of serious reform, but my stance on religion and its role in the state remains.

            I am actually a fan of the Jeffersonian Agrarian ideal, so it would make sense that I agree with him on some things. I used to be a libertarian, and I still probably have some of those tendencies, but there are higher ideals than individual freedom that take precedence. If man weren’t fallen, Libertarianism would be ideal, but people are imperfect. It’s not that their bad people exactly, but their weak and they need to be led.

          • I understand what you say and agree with the general principle, but I don’t get the sedevacantist discussion.
            Maybe it is because I am Japanese.

            Do you mean traditionalists? I am a traditionalist but not a sedevacantist. I do believe that in Europe Catholicism will return to preeminence and eventually will play a major role in American development. In America it won’t displace Protestantism but it will replace the protestantized Novus Ordo. I support reforming the Church from within, restoring the ancient liturgy Church-wide, which will build power in a world that lacks sacredness.

            I generally support Alt-Right ideas, I’ve just never encountered sedevacantists playing a significant role in it. Traditionalists yes. I also do believe that Catholicism has not reached its peak in the world. The post post Vatican ii Church, once restored, will be a powerhouse.

            But the whites have to stop the self hate first. And that means dealing with something that transcends Catholic/Protestant, America/Europe, North/South, or even East/West, and that is the defeat of the Jews.

            The problem with trump is that while he is still a good man and better for the world then Clinton by far, he has had too many Jews in his life and unfortunately is very vulnerable to their machinations. Allowing his beaitiful daughter to be corrupted by a Jew has in turn begun to corrupt his administration.

            He must diminish the Jewish Neocons influence, which also means opposing Shabbos Goy like McMasters, and possibly even Mattis.

            Then again I’m not American. I live in America now and my boyfriend is American but ultimately I have no real understanding outside of US politics.

            I did very much enjoy your post. I’m not disputing anything. More just trying to learn more from it.

          • I don’t have any problems with Catholics, or even actual sedevacantists. I have a problem with the LARPing. The LARPers always demand rigid ideological conformity to the ideologies they pretend to hold and it’s the sedevacantist and nazi LARPers that are the worst offenders, and those two LARPs seem to go together. That’s all.

          • Johnny, Italians are white, in an increasingly non-white America, there is almost zero chance of that changing. You can always join your people in Italy ya know. They could use the numbers considering their abysmal fertility rate. Northern Italy seems more your fit for smaller city states. My I suggest South Tyrol. It’s beautiful and the skiing is great.

          • I’ve thought about it a lot. I’ve got family in Southern Lazio. I want to see how current events develop first.

            And yeah, Southern Europeans are white, I agree, but they are culturally distinct from other European cultures. I want all European cultures to preserve themselves, and that won’t happen if we all mold into one entity defined by shared whiteness, while foreigners over run Europe.

          • In the Fatherlands I generally agree with you but in our diasporas it’s nearly impossible to hold onto your ethnic identity but that’s ok with me because as long as the genetic material is correct, white europeans will create new ethnic identities wherever we my roam.

      • Well said, but flawed. Calling someone a fetishist by virtue of having cited an event or document – like the constitution – is not proof of any defect in his thinking.
        Having spent a considerable effort on the law and the constitution and more recently white nationalism and identity politics, I can tell you that there is nothing historically significant that supports the contention that patriotism is anything as insincere or logically deficient as your proposition claims it to be and that nationalism (of any variety) is in some way superior (provably superior) as a concept for the purpose of organizing or implementing a just system of government (if that is really your aim).

        Both lack some essential elements by themselves. So, while insufficient, I would take either as a motivation. What is needed is a sound philosophical base and that is where I suspect white nationalism is clearly lacking because it relies solely on race. If race can be proved to be unambiguously the only factor in determining the outcome you desire, then you will have shown it to be superior to patriotism. But I doubt that you can prove that.

        Can you? And please, I understand teh attraction of name-calling and labelling, but is is really not very useful in a serious discussion. If you are doing that to appeal to you friends, perhaps you should consider a little upgrade in that area.

        • There is most certainly a such thing as a Constitution-fetishist but of course not everyone who thinks the Constitution is a valuable system of government is a fetishist.

          As for the rest I’m assuming you are responding to the article as opposed to my comment.

          • I may have strayed from ‘1) fascist LARPers 2) sedevacantist LARPers and 3) not even actual Americans.’ into some of the article itself, but I got there by way of your use of labels – it’s pretty much an ad hominem and even if you drew it from some experience with 1) 2) 1nd 3) – it sort of puts your reader into the position of having to identify a distinct difference between himself and them.
            I take your point. To answer as to whether the constitution is a valuable system of government – it is as valuable as those who adopt it and and exercise their power through it can make it
            And that, is the whole point of it.So, in case you find yourself (and others interested enough to make something of it) it has more potential and actual power to be of value.
            So I think it is not a fetish to presume (since it exists, is supported in fact, and can be accessed, it is better than the alternative. I’m not speaking of a theoretical alternative, which could be better, but , given the ignorance and other problems of the people as a group, it will outperform anarchy. I don’t even need to identify some of the other contenders.

        • I’m fully on board with bashing where it’s due. Cuckservatives deserve to be bashed. The real Constitution-fetishists – who value the paper more than the people – deserve to be mocked. There are reasonable and serious criticism about the philosophies of the American Founders. All well and good.

          But the bashing of everything American is coming from LARPers who are simply not Americans, so they are no different than the English bashing the Germans, or those who engage in petty forms of nationalism that divide global Europeans (including Americans.)

          France isn’t Spain which isn’t Poland which isn’t Canada.

          I’ve identified the two ideologies of those who typically engage in this, and while some are serious philosophically, some are just LARPers and they are just counter-signaling because it makes them seem edgy.

          The NRx types do this as well – they counter-signal White Nationalism in an attempt to posture as smarter – but at least the NRx people are typically smarter than average and philosophically sound (although I disagree with them on many issues.)

          Some people just hate White America, which is their right of course, but why should White Americans care? Certainly they are not White Nationalists and they cannot be partners in the American White Nationalist project.

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