White People Need An Anti-Globalist Church

The French government’s decision last year to demolish 2,800 churches across the country is a dark omen for the West; especially when much better-attended mosques are given luxury renovations.  Whether you are a Theist or not, for the state to destroy exquisite Neo-Gothic architecture is an attack on Western civilization and a manifestation of our utter disconnect from our ancestors.  Meanwhile, across the Channel, the Church of England cash crisis spells a similar end to English cathedrals.  But how do Alt-Righters feel about this?

Many, of course, see Christianity as a big mistake – an oriental religion which was imposed on our ancestors by the sword; after all, it has gradually feminised our men into pathological altruism.  Yet, others meme, ‘Deus Vult!’ and hope the next Pope will act as the voice of Europeans who want an end to the mass immigration, which is destabilising homogeneity and radically changing national character.  Many insist that the alt-right should rather aim to reform liberalism and leave behind the significant role of the Church in the history and development of Europe.  After all, liberalism has dominated the West for centuries now, including Christianity.  Therefore, it is asserted that we should push race-realism and attack liberalism’s core tenet of hyper-individualism.  If people still need religion, they should look to the Pagan religions of their forefathers which didn’t teach any of this ‘turn the other cheek’ nonsense.

I, however, find this to be a very disjointed view of all three movements – Paganism, Christianity and liberalism.  They are so intrinsically linked in Western history that, for one to be reformed, would require the reformation of them all.  For instance, when I think of liberalism, I do not necessarily think of the modern hyper-individualist, globalist democracy, reducing man to a mere economic unit and promoting cultural Marxism worldwide; I think of the development of libertarian systems of law, uniquely produced by Europeans – systematic and rational systems of law, descended from the libertarian primus inter pares of the Indo-European aristocracies of old.  And which institution produced Western law privately?  The Church.  But, the essential tie which binds the faith to a reformed liberalism is stronger than this.

Answer this: what fundamentally needs to be reformed in liberalism? 

As Alexander Dugin has identified in his ‘fourth political theory’, the historical subject of liberalism proper (whether classical or modern) is the individual, to liberate her from everything that was external to her (faith, tradition, authority).  The consequences of this hyper-individualistic liberalism are mapped nicely by Alex Kurtagic in his review of Dugin’s The Fourth Political Theory, ‘Unthinking Liberalism’:

‘[W]hen you get rid of the transcendent, you end up with a world that is entirely rational and material. Happiness then becomes a question of material increase… When you get rid of the transcendent, you also eliminate hierarchy: all men become equal. If all men are equal, then what applies to one must apply to all, which means universalism. Similarly, if all men are equal, then all deserve an equal slice of the pie, so full democracy, with universal suffrage, becomes the ideal form of government.’

In a nutshell, no Church – no hierarchy, no natural order.  Sure, the libertarian values of Europeans as developed by the Romanised, Germanised Church sought to strike a balance between the power of the proud paterfamilias of the Northern tribesman and the sovereign.  The common conscience could not allow a father the right to brutalise his wife, children and slaves; their defence by the king was only an obligation and afforded him no superior rights, as ensured by the Church.  But, as Kuehnelt-Leddihn demonstrated in his great works, especially Liberty or Equality, equity and equality are not synonymous – this sort of legal liberalism was in no way egalitarian, democratic or leftist.

On the contrary, the political aim of the Church was the natural order, as opposed to the artificial equality of tyrannical democracy or the artificial inequality of tyrannical oligarchies (the broad-brush typically used to depict all of medieval history).  On the subject of political power, Pope Benedict XVI asserted that the Church ‘forms the only definitive protection against the power of the collective and at the same time implies the complete abolition of any idea of exclusiveness in humanity as a whole.’  No strong Church – no strong platform to reform liberalism.

Furthermore, the Church satisfies our inherent sense of transcendence, something liberalism can never do.  We cannot think in terms of ‘if’ our people need religion; religion is a social necessity.  Indeed, in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-transcendence is that highest of attainments which our species yearns for.  This makes the Church our silver bullet against liberalism.

In its current form, soulless and without our noblest of human needs being met, liberalism has caused the West to lose its culture and its common conscience toward one’s folk or even immediate family.  Today, the ideal man is a mere economic unit with increasingly bizarre and degenerate peripheral quirks invented to pathetically garner some semblance of an identity.  The ideal man of the Church is the knight or warrior-king who was a gentleman towards his people – all of his people – but ready to protect them from outside threats.

But isn’t Christianity too weak to handle the threats the West faces today, within and without?

To begin, I’m just going to dismiss all contradictory arguments made by Pagans, such as that Christianity was both really mean in taking power over Europe but is also too pacifist to defend Europe; or that Christianity is an effeminate slave ethic, for there’s nothing more masculine than taking care of your people and treating them like family.  These arguments are not intellectually consistent.

Of course, the pros and cons of the Church’s influence in Western development must be weighed.  For instance, without the Church, a unified Europe with a transcendent, long-term vision to harness the Faustian spirit is unthinkable – this is best illustrated by the heaven-conquering gothic cathedrals which dominated the continent.  But, whilst Belloc could quite rightly say that ‘Europe is the faith, and the faith is Europe’, the same universalist spirit which united Europe comes from a Church which does not distinguish herself as an exclusively European religion.  The chief complaint is that the Church was never designed to focus on such natural identitarian instincts, as did Paganism.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that Christianity is a universal religion for every tribe, tongue, people and nation, to paraphrase The Revelation.  However, this does not contradict where the New Testament writers speak of ethnonationalism, nor instances where early church fathers, such as Tertullian or Augustine, write of the same.  Contrary to popular belief, the Romans were thoroughly ethno-nationalistic; such considerations were ubiquitous for the early Church.  In traditional Roman Christianity, the spiritual and temporal swords (the Church and the state) are not one and the same; it’s not the place of the Church to implement an immigration policy for the good of the people (although they have often pushed to expel certain groups).  Nevertheless, Christianity has evolved for centuries to become a thoroughly European religion.

Even before the rise of Christianity, the influence of Indo-European and Indo-Aryan religions on Judaism was enormous.  The myths of Genesis, monotheism, angels and demons, heaven and hell, spiritual warfare and even messianism – all were developed from ‘the white man’s’ religions.  Many have written of the influences of neighbouring Near-Eastern groups, especially the Persians, on Judaism, but Hengel’s work on the Hellenisation of Judaism, following the conquests of Alexander the Great, shows how the all-pervasive influence of Greek civilization on the region paved the way for the rise of Christianity.

First-century Judea was rife with Hebrew supremacism and rebellion against Rome.  But those who would transcend beyond this, submit to Caesar and seek an abstract, ideal kingdom would be saved from the destruction which was to come upon Jerusalem, during the Jewish-Roman Wars.  It was these very Indo-European elements of Christianity, crystallised in a way, which made it so appealing to Europeans.  And, for centuries since, we have been making it our own.

Everywhere we look in Catholicism, we see a thoroughly Romanised religion and institution.  Of course, the influence of Greek philosophy, especially Aristotle, cannot be ignored.  Moreover, the ‘Germanization’ of early medieval Christianity in Europe, as expounded by James C. Russell, is just as big a milestone in the development of the European Church.  Yet, how many of us see it as our own?

Whilst Eastern Europeans have returned to their churches, understanding that the Church represents our most powerful cultural technology for fighting the daily mounting threats to European civilization, we take her for granted.  They emerged from the ashes of communism with this lesson, yet Alt-Righters sit at their computers, mourning a lack of like-minded community, while our churches are being physically destroyed for lack of attendance, except for old ladies and third-worlders.  The Church has saved us before from the threats we now face and it’s staring us in the face now as our best solution.

Rik Storey
the authorRik Storey
One Englishman promoting the great libertarian values and sociobiological qualities of the West. Visit my page, That Libertarian Chap.


  • Historic Christianity has been infiltrated and subverted to be a tool of the new/Jew one world religion – the Orthodox through the World Council of Churches, but the Roman Catholics are expected to do the heavy lifting as far as folding in all the other religions. That is what Assisi was about.

    With the Catholic Church, the organisational and material structures are now in the hands of the novus ordo post Vatican II church (a new religion that subverts Roman Catholic faith and morals).

    There are a lot of traditional Catholic communities which observe the traditional faith. Nationalism – the nation and the right nation to have its state and society is a big part of traditional Catholic social teaching. That is why in the former Christendom of Europe you had so many small principalities, little kingdoms that were essentially ethnostates. The ambitions of more powerful neighbours were very often checked by the larger polity of the Christendom. In the France of the kings, for example there was an entire Provencal culture and administration. The Brettons had their own parliament. But the Jew financed Republican revolutions swept all of that away.

    There are many Christians who do not have anything much at all to do with the infiltrated and subverted church of their religion. These people first of all strive to persevere in their faith and are loyal to their nation and its heritage and interests. They are building communities and having large families.

    Their interest in ideological politics is about zero, but if a nationalist organisation with a Christian basis were to arise – the true Christian social teaching on the rights of the nation would give them a reason to support it.

  • I have a favorable feeling towards historic Christianity (Catholic and Orthodox) but if the churches continue to work against White survival then it will be time for something new. I’d assume see every Cathedral in Europe collapse before accepting White death. At the same time I’d find it almost as repugnant if Whites lived on through Islam.

  • For those interested in how “Love your enemies” used to be understood vs. how it is understood today, I recommend the transcript of this speech given by Ivan Ilyin in Paris, in which he draws upon the teachings of St. Theodosius of the Kiev caves.

    Basically, the term at issue here is “enemy”. What does that mean? Ilyin makes the case that throughout most of history, this was thought to mean “personal enemies”. So, people who might slap you in the street, brothers who might insult you, etc. It can thus be interpreted as another way of saying “don’t be wrathful”. However, external enemies were different. These were believed to be “enemies of God”, and thus we had no right to forgive them on God’s behalf. To think that our ancestors just weren’t understanding the religion or ignoring it, is an exercise in arrogance. In fact, they just had a different understanding of the same text, and in retrospect, their interpretation makes much more sense.

  • While Christianity does teach altruism and to love our enemies, many of the passages used to promote pacifism are taken out of context, and most have to do with resisting the temptation of revenge which may lead to repaying evil with evil. They are almost always about not using violence on the offense, and not about avoiding self-defense. Jesus didn’t want Peter to defend Him the night of His arrest because He knew He had to fulfill prophecy and be crucified, yet this story is where most pacifists point to for their “proof” that Jesus taught pacifism. In context, this was an isolated incident and not a generality. Most of us hear that the 6th commandment says do not kill, but the actual translation from Hebrew is do not murder, there is a difference depending on the context of the word kill as one may kill in defense, but murder is always offensive. All of these Scriptures are fairly self-explanatory when read along with the former and latter passages surrounding them, but people often “proof-text” in order to manipulate others into believing whatever narrative they are trying to push, or use the wrong word in the interpretation altogether. There are just as many passages advocating for self-defense and defense of others who are more vulnerable than you as there are about not repaying evil with evil. The point that Jesus is making in these passages is that anger and revenge usually lead to evil, so it is best to avoid putting ourselves in these types of situations, especially when pride is the driving force. While there is much contention as to whether Star Wars was loosely based on the biblical Messiah story, Anakin Skywalker turning to the dark side as a result of his own personal hubris and desire for revenge is a great example of this premise. Another one that authoritarians like to use is that the Bible says to obey the government, but this has to do with God-ordained leadership, or truly just leadership, not if they are using their power to control us by unjust means.

  • “Turn the other cheek” was taken out of context & twisted to make us weak. “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself ” is completely Identitarian. And of course jews being the chosen is a lie to stop Europeans focusing on ourselves & serve (((them))). This Christian refuses all of that. It is nonsense. I will not attend any church until I find one that teaches against these lies. Christianity is European/white & just like everything else it has to be stolen & perverted to control us. Today Christians just give in & go along with whatever. Just like the “always Trumpers” when it comes to POTUS.

    • You do know, of course, that Jesus was Jewish, right? He was the first Christian and without him there is no Christianity. Thus, Christianity is really a Jewish cult.

      • No Christ was not Jewish the way you present it. Christ was a Galilean not a Judaian. the word “Jew” is European and not a term used by Jews during the time of Christ.
        What separates Christ from Judaism and Jews are a few important facts.
        -Palm Sunday when Christ came to Jerusalem during the “Jewish” Passover, & turned the money lending tables over in the Temple of Jerusalem. That act broke Christ from Judaism. 5 days later he was brought to Pontius Pilote and accused of treason (some of the coins were of Ceasor Tiberius) and blasphemy for Christ’s act against the money lenders in the Temple. that led to his Crucifixion.

        -Since Jews never believed in Christ’s resurrection, his death on Good Friday was permanent and our belief that he rose on Easter Sunday is a myth, legend and fake for Jews.
        -Christ claiming to be literally the Son of God was blasphemous. God the Father would never impregnate a mortal woman by thought or deed.
        -The Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary’s mother St. Ann by God the Father to the Holy Incarnation of Christ born to the Virgin Mother are rejected by Jews
        -the Resurrection and the ceremony of the Holy Communion are rejected by the Jews. The New Testament is rejected by Jews while we accept the Old Testament.
        The Talmud goes out of its way to condemn the holy family and Christ in the most ugly vile manner.
        If not for Christianity Judaism would be a provincial faith in the Middle East with no global role.

        • One might also try to argue that Karl Marx wasn’t Jewish because he was an atheist. In fact, Marx had two grandfathers who were Rabbis.

          The point is that one can be an ethnic Jew and not follow orthodox Judaism–and Jesus was an ethnic Jew and much of his teachings are straight out of Jewish teachings with a tweak here and there.

      • Everything from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Resurrection are completely rejected by Judaism, including the miracle of the last Supper.

        • I didn’t write that Jesus followed orthodox Judaism and it is clear that he was teaching things (especially the fact that he was the son of God) that were rejected by religious Jews of his day (and our day as well).

          No, I wrote that Jesus was Jewish. And, he was.

          • More…One does not change one’s race or ethnicity by changing religious teachings.

      • I respectfully disagree. The jewish pharisees (zionists) condemned Jesus and refused salvation. Therefore giving gentiles salvation. This was foretold to happen therefore making salvation for non jews.
        I say “respectfully” because I see why you believe it is a jewish cult. Jews took it over long after the crusades, weakening us by demanding for us to serve them because they are the “chosen”. A true Christian will see through that BS.

        • A Jew is one who is born of a Jewish mother. Jesus was a Jew. The fact that he taught some things that other more religious Jews of his day rejected does not change his ethnicity.

  • Christian Identity is the truth of what Christianity is. Christianity has been our racial religion from the beginning but the Edomite offspring of Satan have been attacking it with lies like Christ said to them at John 8.

  • Instead of churches we should strive to have places to gather. A get together for Sunday lunch for people to meet, kids to play, help each other (for those struggling to find work or food), etc. Basically what churches used to be about. Community outreach to our brothers and sisters will win a lot of hearts and minds while changing our perception to those still on the fence.

  • I am creating a new Aryan religion with popular Christian elements, which in turn are actually originally Zoroastrian, Germanic, Greco-Roman and Keltic elements, and thus Indo-European. We just cannot go BACKWARD to the moribund and discredited Churchianity, nor, as AH said, to Odinism, and certainly not to anything rooted in the horrific Old Testament, which is just the Early Talmud. There is massive evidence of NDEs (“Near Death Experiences”) and even reincarnation, and those are indisputably ancient Aryan doctrines. Life after death means a warrior who falls in battle for his race lives on in honor and glory.

  • Our Sunday school nun taught us that rock music was, “primitive, similar to African music.” Say it, Sister!

  • I noticed two of my comments have been censored on this subject. They weren’t threatening or anything like that but just pointed out why Christianity is not good for Whites who want to survive.

  • We have a spiritual vacuum,we can fill it once again as a race.Women will become wives and mothers,the natural order will be re-established and all else will follow.Liberalism is dying,we can show the way.

    • The “dead Jew” aspect is what the Jews believe. As I see it the Resurrection is the act Christians believe and Jews reject.

  • Jesus was just another Jew with a self-help plan to be sold to an easily suggestible and gullible people, much like the Jews today who give all those self-help, high energy talks about everything from vitamins to how to flip houses, etc.

  • I don’t think I’ll ever step inside a church again. As a child I went to Methodist church but my memory of it is vague and uninteresting. All I can remember is a bunch of standing to sing and boring sermons that I honestly never paid attention to. About at the age of 8 or 9 my mom stopped taking me to church because her and my dad got divorced, and that’s where my experience with Christianity ends. I gained nothing that would attract me back to it. While we still celebrated christian holidays, there was nothing else I ever did that made me feel culturally christian. I have no desire to return to christianity anymore than I have a desire to rediscover paganism which was lost to our ancestors thousands of years ago.

  • Do you know why Islam tears down the monuments and idols of those it conquers? It is to break the spirit, and to eradicate his past. Men without a past, are men without a future. With no statues and no temples, no books and no songs, the physical foundation of his culture is obliterated. His past is forgotten by the next generation. His will to fight is reduced to mere primal self-preservation. A tactic of conquest employed by imperial Rome, now perverted and used against us. Men need faith – that it why (((they))) destroy it.

    The question of “has christianity been good or bad for the White man” is irrelevent – a debate of turbulent history.
    What matters is that it was enormously influential, for good or bad, and a symbol of our past. Our statues and idols. Many of our brothers draw inspiration from this font of history – and they will be spiritually crushed beneath the rubble of magnificent architecture.
    I am not Christian – I do not believe in the Christian God. Their faith has become twisted against them, as so many things have been by our greatest allies.
    White Christians will however be forced into survival along with the rest of us, and I’ll be damned if I am not standing shoulder to shoulder with them when it all comes crashing down.

    • That’s why Confederate monuments are being torn down as well. The Confederates were our bravest fighters, the most stubborn. That’s is why the Scot-Irish were brought here. I think the spirit of Christianity is important although in my experiences, the churches suck. I don’t need to be abused by white men anymore than I already have. But look at shows like The Andy Griffith Show or Father Knows Best. We were a kinder, gentler nation without significant drug abuse, divorce, or school shootings. The basic principles of kindness and civility were worth something. But I don’t mind when Richard Spencer says he is “culturally Christian.” I am too. Churches are no longer relevant for an educated, more sophisticated population. We need something else.

      • I go with the idea that some people are Jewish, some people are Muslim, some people are Christian. I’m Christian and try to make the best of things. Most churches suck. Same as most TV shows, Cable News, Hollywood movies suck.

      • I am atheist and believe most people have a built in moral code, unfortunately that leads to individualism which makes us weak as an ethnic group, we need collectivism if we are going to fight off both the collective ideologies of Marxism and Islam, it’s like a pincer attack, and not only that, they have the propaganda machine pointing both barrels at our kids. Seems like we need to get back to a religious footing, take back the education and spiritual upbringing of our kids, cut ourselves off completely from government dependency and government interference and start working together as a collective again.

  • I said a few years ago that we should fill the churches.Churches would become ‘our place’,our community,defining us as different form the chaotic and violent mobs.I was mocked for my suggestion but have since returned to church and glad of it. Attending church has not softened my stance on Nationalism,I am strengthened by it.

  • There is a danger in trying to make the religion fit the current day politics. The Bible says do not worship false idols, this could include nationalism, ethnocentrism, etc. The religion must inform the politics not the other way around. Christianity becoming to explicitly political is a cause for its decline in recent decades, in my view.

  • If people don’t need religion, then why do they need drugs and therapy? Churches became irrelevant long ago. We are better educated and more sophisticated than people used to be. We don’t need some old, white guys telling us what to do. I think we need connection to our soul. I believe in God and I believe in miracles. My husband will attest to the fact that I have had some pretty stunning ones in my life. I believe we need some kind of spirituality that allows us to come together and access the Spirit, especially when so many people are isolated due to tech. They need to connect with humanity.

    • >They need to connect with humanity.

      Let’s talk about “humanity” and where America is heading…

      “Before the camps, I regarded the existence of nationality as something that shouldn’t be noticed—nationality did not really exist, only humanity. But in the camps one learns: if you belong to a successful nation you are protected and you survive. If you are part of universal humanity—too bad for you.” ~ Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

  • Anyone who would say that Christianity feminized our men, hasn’t been around for very long. The sexual revolution and feminism feminized our men, as per Charles Murray. Liberalism is the core tenant of hyper-individualism? These days, it’s all about following a certain train of thought or you’re out. It’s about walking in lock-step with the crowd. America was built on rugged individualism and it seems to have worked out quite well.

  • In “theory” we could have a pro European Catholic Pope.

    In “theory” we could have pro White, pro European American, pro traditional English Libertarians with sensible views on mass immigration….

    But, the reality is we don’t live in theory. We live in the real world.

    The latest CINO (Catholic in name only) Pope Francis wants to be a pop liberal rock star featured in glowing terms on Rolling Stone Magazine – which he was.

    This Pope likes to do propaganda photo ops where he literally licks the boots of invading Black/Muslim male migrant invaders to Italy.

    Libertarians just D*&$*# suck on immigration. They have to include a dead guy to find 3 leading libertarians that aren’t bat sh** insane, treasonous on immigration.

    A good rule to follow is that Whites who manage to avoid any type of honest labor (Libertarians and paid clergy) tend to be universalist BS ers.

    Our response to them is:

    Shut up and work or even, yes,

    Work shall set you free.

  • I noticed that forced inclusion is emphasized more than anything in the RC and mainline protestant churches. You can be pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, trans-whatever, even an atheist and they’ll accept you “as you are,” but reject forced inclusion and you’ll be called a “sinner.” What this means is that the churches are just another institution controlled by the globalist enemy. The former USSR was more “white nationalist” than the West today.So institutions are a reflection of who controls them.

    The question is, when it comes to Christianity, is whether racial destruction is inherent to it? I know some will argue that for 1900 years Christianity was not cucked. Nietzsche would say that it took 1900 years for Europeans to become sick enough to truly internalize it.

    I really have an appreciation for Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, but I’m still trying to figure out if racial destruction is part and partial of its blood?

  • Russia recently banned the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Good.

    I was at a Taoist temple here in East Asia the other day, as a tourist that is. Anyway, it is not like they would request I don’t visit because I am a racial alien. The same for Christian Churches in the West. That just is not their function. The Church is not going to save the White race. But if the White man is to save himself it is well and good for him to have a Traditional religion like Catholicism or Orthodoxy to fill his spiritual needs.

    It is such a complicated picture in the states though because of all the countless sects. Unfucking that would be quite the task.

    • I don’t know anything about Eastern Religions.

      But if we tried to take over the East, the way they are taking over the West… I’d bet that a few of those Eastern Religions would have something to say about it.

      Christianity is just failing us badly when it has nothing to say about #WhiteGenocide

  • Christianity just doesn’t have anything interesting to say about the most important moral questions of the day.

    Like, “what kind of people will live on this continent”. It says they should be Christian people.

    But it doesn’t seem to care what race of people they are. Which is short sighted, given that race is a major determinant of behavior. African Christian Europe and European Christian Europe will be very different places.

    People can be Christian or not, but it should not be expected to save us. And normal people probably shouldn’t take it too seriously.

  • My parents keep trying to drag me to their church but the one time I went it was all Filipinos and race-mixers in the pews.
    My parents dont get that what I want is racial kinship. Filipinos are nice, but I don’t want to make Filipino babies.

  • According to all kinds of studies, devout church-goers allegedly have lower blood-pressure and fewer symptoms of anxiety. This might well be the case, but if you don’t actually believe in God, if you’re not actually devout and just try to use religion as a kind of medical trick to lower your blood pressure, it won’t work anymore. And the same is the true in regards to the socio-cultural functions of religion.

    Charles Péguy once defined a “modernist” as someone who doesn’t believe what he believes. And if you don’t have faith in God but faith in faith, don’t believe in God but believe in religion and its effects on a people’s birth rate, you fit that definition pretty well. And are, ironically, as much of a modernist as all these liberals who don’t care about religion, either, and just use it for a “liberal”, while you want to use it for a “right-wing” agenda.

    Furthermore, the problem with all these “globalist” churches is that they are intermingled (if not outrightly dependent on) the state and the current ruling class. Richard Dawkins once had the genius idea of describing memes (e.g. ideas, religious and cultural norms, etc.) as cultural analogues to genes; both replicating, mutating and responding to selective pressures. Some having an advantage to replicate, some having a disadvantage to replicate. I don’t know his exact wording anymore but he says something along the lines of “turned up speakers.” Teachers, college professors, journalists, “activists”, artists AND THESE KINDS OF CHURCH-LEADERS (the Vatican couldn’t even wait these couple years for old Ratzinger to die but had to quickly get rid of him so that this grinning Argentinian Jesuit could kiss the feet of immigrants on Lampedusa ASAP) are essentially the “meme replicators” of the ruling class; the latter handing the former “turned up speakers” so they replicate those (and only those!) memes the ruling class likes.

    The alternative to this are obviously independent churches but they, again, only work if you have actual religious zeal and care about the religious truth rather than about socio-cultural side effects of what you deem a “good” religion. Also, I think one of the mistakes you guys make is that you believe that the current ruling class is motivated by racial interests rather than by economical interests. But one of the saddest “red pills” to swallow is that the ruling class is not a race or an occult group, trying to achieve a metaphysical goal of some sorts, but simply opposed to the nation state and borders because they want cheap labor. They want mass immigration in order to drive down the wages, drive up the rents and make strikes impossible.

  • I don’t see whites returning to paganism, and an atheist population has no investment in the future. We really need to recapture our churches from the modernists.

    • But so many futurists are atheists. Do you actually know any atheists or are you just reciting things you read somewhere. It sounds like the old canard ‘without god you can not have any morality’, and yet atheists are under-represented in prison populations.

      • Why does it matter if I know any atheists? My experience with individual atheists won’t tell me how an entire society of atheists would turn out. If I know some nice Marxists, that doesn’t mean a Marxist society would be nice.

        A population that denies God’s existence will see humanity’s existence as absurd, because if God doesn’t exist then there’s no conscious reason for man’s existence. An atheist population will lose the will to pass itself on. You’ll get existentialists and nihilists, not futurists.

  • The Communal and Social Aspects of the Church is what a lot of White People miss……

    Some don’t miss it…….because they never knew it…….

    But, how do you go to a Church when you’re an Atheist??

    It seems rather Dishonest…….

    Even as an Atheist…….I still Pray…….

    I Pray to my Ancestors every day………

    I know they’re Dead……..but, they still Live Inside Me…….in a Way…….

    I’m sure New Religions/Churches could be created……..for Whites without Faith………

    Where we Play Music……Sing……..Perform Rituals………Give Thanks for Good Things…….

    Honor our Ancestors…….


    Listen to Sermons, Poetry, or Homilies…….

    Reorient ourselves towards Positivity and Optimism…….

    The Kids could play……….the Adults talk……

    People could meet New People……..

    Communal Dinners and Activities could sustain Social Connections…….

    If it wasn’t too Weird…….I’m sure it might gain a Following…….

    • What you’re describing sounds a lot like the Agnostics or the Unitarian Universalists but I think they support globalism and they’re definately into the multi-cult.

  • I seriously question whether this is worth saving:

    Matthew 10 KJV
    21 And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.
    35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
    36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
    37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
    38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.
    Luke 12 KJV
    53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    But if you want to try, good luck. Impress me.

    • The Bible is full of Insane Stuff like that…….

      Go read Revelations……


      LSD might have been discovered a lot earlier…….

    • For the Matthew passage, Jesus is telling his disciples to be prepared for persecution. And that people will be divided by those who believe in him and those who don’t.
      For the Luke passage, Jesus is referring to how people will be divided by those who are baptized and those that aren’t.

        • No, I’m Lutheran. And they became Christian when they were baptized. Still ethnically jewish I guess, but Jesus isn’t saying they’re going to be persecuted or divided because they’re “jewish” but because they’re following Jesus. I’m trying to help answer Scott’s question.

          • Huh??

            They didn’t call themselves Christians until long after Jesus died……..

            Jesus’s Jewish Followers thought that their Religion was the Fulfillment of the Prophecies……..

            …..and the True Jewish Faith……..

            The Point is…….

            Why as a White Goy you feel the need to believe in a Jewish Religion is Strange………

          • I was born into it and it’s been my family’s cultural tradition for generations. Religion isn’t all scripture and dogma. Community, culture, and tradition are where I find a lot of value in my church.

        • Well… He’s saying God before blood but if you don’t believe then that’s your interpretation.

          • Yes, God’s word. But if you want to make Christianity pro-white, good luck.

          • The most pro-white churches I’ve experienced are the ones that combine their ethnic culture with the church. The Orthodox churches are mostly like that, a few Lutheran churches are still like that. But thanks, we’ll need the luck. I honestly believe that the more pro-White people are in the church the more pro-white the church will be. The church lost a lot of people because they cucked and people that were altrighters in spirit left.

          • So……

            Paul says in the Epistles that ‘Everyone is One in Christ Jesus’…….

            So, why don’t you invite Blacks and other Non-Whites into your Church……

            … be Consistent with your Biblical Christianity??

          • Paul is referring to spirituality not race. God calls for the nations to be separate as he created them. In the same way we were created man and woman, God also divided men into nations.

          • Is Batman going to finally save Gotham??

            Tune in to Batman III!

            Evolution created Life on Earth, My Brother……..

            Nations were created by Migrations, Separations, and Bloodshed among Different Human Groups……


            This is pretty pointless……..

            We believe in Different Cosmologies…….

            But, we’re both White…..

            And so we’re in the Same Family……


          • People are starting to speak up. My pastor prayed last week during church for God to remind us that He created the nations. It’s happening. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

          • Tried to inform my White Brother of the Folly of his Ways……

          • And my pastor telling the congregation that separate Nations are Gods will is “facepalm”?

          • Separate Nations are based on the Collective Will of Races/Ethnicities……

            Thus Sprach Richard Spencer…..


            But, anyway……

            I should just mind my own business……..


          • God’s word??


            How does God speak to you while you read Leviticus??

          • Believe what?

            That Jesus ‘ascended’ into Heaven?

            Where’s Heaven??……..

            Up in the Clouds somewhere??

            How did Jesus climb a High Mountain with Satan and see all the Cities of the World……..

            ….if the Earth is a Sphere??

      • NT is so transparently full of crap, it baffles that people can’t see it. Church fails man? Blame it on original sin. Church is born to fail? Tell people to be prepared for persecution. And on and on. It is like the whole religion is based on deflecting its own short comings. I am NOT an atheist, but surely gods exist who don’t require paradox.

  • Sorry, I don’t believe in God…….

    I grew up in a Christian Home with a Pastor Father and went to a Christian College…….

    I’ve thought through all aspects of the Debate………for years……..

    I have a Degree in Science……..

    I’ve studied different Religions……

    I’ve studied Philosophy……

    I’ve studied Myself……

    I’ve studied Life…….

    I just don’t believe it……

    Does that mean that if I was on a Plane falling into the Ocean…….

    …..that I wouldn’t cry out “God, Please Save Me!”????


    But, to me that just proves my point……..

    But, I’m not a Totalitarian…….

    Christianity helps a lot of People………

    Christian Ethics are very useful in Benefitting Family Dynamics……

    Selflessness, Sacrifice, Forgiveness, and Mercy…….

    But, to the Anti-White Cultural Marxist Left……

    I will NEVER Turn the Cheek……..

    I bring the SWORD…….

  • The church has always accepted the old testament as divinely inspired, placing its proto jews in a privileged position ahead of our own ancestors. This is something that Christian Identity people try to address in their own way, but when you read the OT honestly it is clearly a document of proto judaism. That europeans should have a holy book in common with our greatest enemies, and one that tells their story and not ours, is a problem. Catholics can complain about protestant judaisers, but the rot was there from the beginning. Dante has Virgil in hell and Isaac and Abraham in heaven.

    As for the new testament, it is at best neutral from an ideological perspective. And the fundamental idea of salvation coming from without as a gift from god available to everyone regardless of their effort or attributes is egalitarian. Further the concept of the millenium makes worldly politics appear unimportant, especially politics based on particularisms like race that according to Paul’s letter to the Galatians are spiritually unimportant.

    • “The church has always accepted the old testament as divinely inspired”- yeah but it’s also abolished by NT, at least that’s a position of Orthodox church.

        • Well yeah, i don’t really get all Protestant branches, but if i’m not wrong those “Judeo-Christian” put = between OT and NT, which leads to some idiotic loyalty toward Israel, among some Americans. Christians for Israel for example.

      • I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in assuming you are just missing his meaning. If the NT “abolished” the OT then the OT and the general knowledge of ancient Jews shouldn’t be in the Bible or a part of Christian tradition at all.

        • Maybe i’m missing his point, English is my 3rd language, and honestly i suck at it.
          And about OT/NT actually you need an OT to get context of NT. Otherwise you would act as an Muslim, for example imams study bible, but it’s highly unadvisable for common Muslim that do it on its own. Which is kind of dishonest.

    • I believe a WN blogger came up with the term “Semitic Mind Weapon” for Christianity. Good term. HIs blog “MIndweapons in Ragnarok” was proto-AltRight, he got doxxed in 2014 and suspended publication, but the original content is still up.

  • Many of us simply cannot accept theism or other supernaturalisms. For those who can, fine, but many cannot. If we’re going to unite as a people, it will have to be on some ground than Christian faith.

  • I think the best path forward on the religion question is just to take an organic approach. If nationalism and traditionalism continue to surge in popularity, churches will naturally take more right-wing approaches. This will not be overnight, and churches are not going to go full 1488 anytime soon, but that is fine.

    The problem with making a explicitly ‘pro-white’ church is that it essentially ruins the religious aspect. Most people who advocate for this don’t even believe in God; it is nothing but a cynical infiltration. A blatantly political church would gain no more followers than the cucked churches of today. People will only go to church to fulfill their metaphysical and/or social needs. For religion to work, people actually have to believe in it and be on the same page. You can’t just create a religion.

    I also cringe at anything involving white people being the real Israelites. That is just as bad as those black guys in NYC.

    • The church is right wing.It’s traditionalist approach naturally puts everything in order.The pastor at my church is very right wing,no to gay marriage and he makes no apologies for his views.

  • With all due respect to the pagans, most Europeans, especially Americans of European descent, are Christian in orientation. The reason why Christianity is in such crappy shape is because it was allowed to mutate to Judaeo-Christianity which likes to manifest itself in its most virulent form of Christian Zionism.

    We need to reform Christianity by appropriating those parts of different sects that would work best for Whites. And I would even recommend incorporating certain pagan practices as long as it uplifts Whites.

    I was raised Roman Catholic, but I think we need to look at the Christian sect that has remained the most resistant to (((outside interference))) and incorporate it along with certain aspects of Mormonism without the silly underwear and some of the more flaky beliefs. That being that all their charitable efforts are reserved to their own parishioners instead of wasted on outside altruism. They have a strong built-in network and wealth-building ethic to rival the Jews. I honestly suspect that Mormonism was Joseph Smith and especially, Brigham Young’s way of incorporating everything that had worked for the Jews to make it benefit White Christians.

    The one thing that I think would be useful from Roman Catholicism is their men’s guild, the Knights of Columbus. They have a tandem women’s guild called Daughters of Isabella. Something like this would be a great way for Whites to network, but still allow space for the “boy’s tree house” and the “girl’s playhouse” to keep gender issues from screwing up the works.

    • I don’t believe the Mormons were very influenced by Jews, instead they were influenced by the Freemasons – Freemasonry in America being very White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

      I’m mostly just engaging in the joy of sects here, but Presbyterianism, really any traditional American Protestant strain, can do exactly what the Mormons do. The Klan, after all was also a Mason-like fraternity and Presbyterians are generally allowed to be Freemasons. Our WASP secret societies were once the foundation of White America – it wasn’t until the era of the radio that they began to be demonized by the Jew run mass media and that continued with the mockery of working class fraternities via Jew TV shows like the Honeymooners.

      The Knights of Columbus was specifically started by Catholics as an alternatives to Freemasonry since Catholics were forbidden by Pope something-or-other from being Masons – the Masons didn’t mind Catholics joining.

      I’m also frustrated by the constant need to reinvent the wheel – all the social and cultural strategies we need to rebuild White America are right there, waiting for us to pick them up and start using them again. We do not need to engage in Hitler fetishism, bizarre imported political ideologies like fascism, or even reinvent “paganism” in a hokey way (our pagan traditions never went away, they are all right there embedded in the Freemasons and well as Christianity itself.)

      As someone said below, you can’t retake the Catholic church unless you have a bunch of men willing to give up sex for the rest of their lives and fight off the homosexual advances from the “celibate” priests and as Americans it’s pointless anyone as you’d have to relocate to Italy.

      But traditional American Protestantism is ours for the taking because of our Constitutional freedom of religion and the generally congregational Ecclesiastical polity of American Protestantism.

      For our radicals we could even leverage the anarcho-syndicalist model – just don’t tell the leftists who don’t realize that the world’s largest and most successful anarcho-syndicalist institution in the world isn’t Spain’s CNT, but the Southern Baptist Convention.

        • The UCC is a wealthy rural based White church—that pays for much of the urban leftoid anit-White agenda. The only thing I can figure is that the urban actions of UCC must be kept secret from their rural White farmer membership who pay the bills.

          It’s a bizarre situation with the UCC.

        • It’d be the easiest to take, just why would you want to? You can strum guitars and signal SWPL status in ugly buildings without bringing religion into it.

      • “We do not need to engage in Hitler fetishism, bizarre imported political
        ideologies like fascism, or even reinvent “paganism” in a hokey way
        (our pagan traditions never went away, they are all right there embedded
        in the Freemasons and well as Christianity itself.”

        Your narrow intellectual isolationism is what got us into this mess to begin with, and it’s continuation is what prevents you from “rebuilding” using the cultural and political strategies which you (wrongly) think will succeed.

        • I’m not the one who has narrowed my entire world view into a 12 year time span from 75 years ago in a country across the Atlantic that never spoke English and expect to start a serious cultural and political movement by third hand Hollywood style reenactments.

          I’ll cheer the Germans if they want to retake their country and honor their past, but they will have to do that.

    • I am Roman Catholic as well. Early years studied in a private Roman Catholic school . Had to learn Latin. did that just up to conjugations.
      I see in Catholicism the Latin language, Roman laws, Greco Roman Architecture, Christmas tree, yule tide, Christmas carols, Christmas day, So many of the saints and their holidays… come from pagan cultures and faiths.
      the Vatican’s museums are full of ancient Greek and Roman art and artefacts and Popes commissioned art depicting pagan themes and Gods. That is just the first couple of Chapters of the Catholic church…does not include the Byzantine Empire or the later centuries of the Roman C. Church.
      the names of all the months of the year are based on Roman Gods ,Kings or acts done by Rome

  • Christianity, Paganism and Judaism are strongly linked as I see it.
    -Judea was a province of the Roman Empire and Christ was a subject of that Empire (not a citizen). Ultimately he was tried by a Roman.

    -The Western Roman Empire officially fell on 444 AD. While the Eastern Roman Empirel later fell in the 14th century AD. & Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity.

    -The Ottomans invaded and destroyed Constantinople, burned the library of Alexandria and ended the Byzantine/Roman Empire.

    -Greeks & Christians fled Constantinople, taking with them works and copies from the Library of Alexandria to art & philosophy from the Roman/Byzantine Empire to Florence, Rome and Venice in Italy. The Renaissance was just beginning in Florence when this infusion from Constantinople takes place.

    -During the Renaissance Catholic artists like Michelangelo painted pictures and carved statues of the Divine in Judaism to all her prophets and Rabbis. Before this Judaism did not have any art that showed the face of God the Father as seen in the Sistine Chapel or that of Moses or David.

    -It took European Christianity using Greco/Roman artistic traditions to give full expression to both Christianity and Judaism. During the “rebirth” the religious of ancient Greece and Rome came alive as in “the Birth of Venus. Christianity became the voice of ancient Greece & Rome, the voice of Judaism and gave herself her own voice.

    -What we have is a Greco/Roman Christian faith. Judaism would have died as a regional religion in the Mid East if not for Christianity. Judaism gained her greatest artistic expression because of Christian Artists and the artistic tradition of ancient Greece and Rome.

  • Real Americans are Protestant, so the standard alt-right denunciations of Christianity don’t hold any water for us. Protestantism is originally folkish and nationalistic, especially the one true faith: Presbyterianism. Presbyterianism expresses the inner world and aesthetic of the North Sea peoples -spare, stoic, and confident in the certainty of divine election.

    Our people conquered the vast oceans, the wilderness of the New World and the legions of bloodthirsty savages who opposed us. Who could now doubt the verity of our Election? Surely our Creator has favored us with handsomeness and bravery as well as keen intellectual and mechanical ability. New enemies may trouble us but we will defeat them as well. That is life in this world: an errand in the wilderness with the outcome predetermined by fate and logic.

    Hold fast: be careful not fall into primitive idolatry and superstition.

      • From our great Presbyterian kinsman, Ezra Pound: The Ballad of the Goodly Fere

        Ha’ we lost the goodliest fere o’ all
        For the priests and the gallows tree?
        Aye lover he was of brawny men,
        O’ ships and the open sea.

        When they came wi’ a host to take Our Man
        His smile was good to see,
        “First let these go!” quo’ our Goodly Fere,
        “Or I’ll see ye damned,” says he.

        Aye he sent us out through the crossed high spears
        And the scorn of his laugh rang free,
        “Why took ye not me when I walked about
        Alone in the town?” says he.

        Oh we drank his “Hale” in the good red wine
        When we last made company,
        No capon priest was the Goodly Fere
        But a man o’ men was he.

        I ha’ seen him drive a hundred men
        Wi’ a bundle o’ cords swung free,
        That they took the high and holy house
        For their pawn and treasury.

        They’ll no’ get him a’ in a book I think
        Though they write it cunningly;
        No mouse of the scrolls was the Goodly Fere
        But aye loved the open sea.

        If they think they ha’ snared our Goodly Fere
        They are fools to the last degree.
        “I’ll go to the feast,” quo’ our Goodly Fere,
        “Though I go to the gallows tree.”

        “Ye ha’ seen me heal the lame and blind,
        And wake the dead,” says he,
        “Ye shall see one thing to master all:
        ‘Tis how a brave man dies on the tree.”

        A son of God was the Goodly Fere
        That bade us his brothers be.
        I ha’ seen him cow a thousand men.
        I have seen him upon the tree.

        He cried no cry when they drave the nails
        And the blood gushed hot and free,
        The hounds of the crimson sky gave tongue
        But never a cry cried he.

        I ha’ seen him cow a thousand men
        On the hills o’ Galilee,
        They whined as he walked out calm between,
        Wi’ his eyes like the grey o’ the sea,

        Like the sea that brooks no voyaging
        With the winds unleashed and free,
        Like the sea that he cowed at Genseret
        Wi’ twey words spoke’ suddently.

        A master of men was the Goodly Fere,
        A mate of the wind and sea,
        If they think they ha’ slain our Goodly Fere
        They are fools eternally.

        I ha’ seen him eat o’ the honey-comb
        Sin’ they nailed him to the tree.

      • Back in the late 1700’s the Presbyterians and Methodists split over the doctrine of “once saved always saved”, the Methodists led by John Wesley said that one could lose Salvation by rejecting Christ. The Presbyterians led by George Whitfield disagreed.

    • I think you are speaking of the whole Protestant nexus that includes many forgotten Protestant Reformers.

    • You wouldn’t by any chance have a copy of MARCH OF THE TITANS under your pillow, would you?

    • No, we need to recover the concept of Christendom, which was Catholic, with Rome at its center. We need to counter-reform the Catholic Church, turn the clock in the direction of paganism & euro-centrism

  • Christianity traditionally supports ethno-nationalism. The modern, secularized, politicized churches like to forget that fact which supported by text in the Bible:
    Acts 17:26
    “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”
    Deuteronomy 32:8
    “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, When He separated the sons of man, He set the boundaries of the peoples According to the number of the sons of Israel.”

    Not all churches are cucked or POZed either. Fortunately, the church I attend is 99% white (in an area where whites are less than half the population) and last Sunday our pastor, during the prayers of the church, asked God to bless President Trump and to remind us that God created the nations.

    It makes sense for altrighters to join small traditional churches and lead the Bible studies or be on the Church board or lead youth group activities. It can also a “safe space” for Altright thought in the guise of Christianity.

  • Interesting. Every culture, every where, at all times, has had some form of religion. The communists utterly failed to delete it. Perhaps a certain percentage of humans simply need it to get through life.

  • In my opinion, relying on Christianity is not a solution. Christianity has a deadly weakness: its core supernatural claims are not believable and without them, Christianity cannot exist in any meaningful, useful way. Because of that, even an explicitly racialist form of Christianity would be dangerous and
    counter-productive. Once its supernatural claims are inevitably debunked, they would most likely also compromise
    the racial solidarity for which that racialist Christianity provided

    • The first Protestant martyrs in the New World were a colony of Calvinists in South America that were discovered by Catholic forces and made to write out a “statement of faith.” They stuck to their beliefs and explained that they did not believe the Communion host physically transformed into flesh and blood, but was instead a symbolic transformation. For this, they were executed by the Catholics.

      When Northwest Europeans broke from the Catholics and started reading the Bible for themselves, the first thing they did when they finished reading it (it’s a really long book) was to craft “confessions of faith” that summarized the Bible into a simple sort of religious “constitution” that often played down supernaturalism or at least began the process of replacing supernaturalism with allegorical interpretations.

      The entire fundamentalist/modernist controversy in early 20th century mainline Christian denominations followed this pattern. The modernists wanted to replace supernaturalism with allegory but the fundamentalist put up a very strong resistance, which unfortunately led to institutional splits.

      I don’t see why those who interpret religion as allegory can’t just take back the institutional church. It’s clear that those with higher IQs tend to be on the allegorical side and the supernaturalist side is very much aging and hasn’t been intellectually relevant since the infamous monkey trials.

      I believe the code phrases are “doubt plays an important role in my faith” and “faith means loyalty” or formulations to that effect.

      • “The first Protestant martyrs in the New World were a colony of
        Calvinists in South America that were discovered by Catholic forces and
        made to write out a “statement of faith.” They stuck to their beliefs
        and explained that they did not believe the Communion host physically
        transformed into flesh and blood, but was instead a symbolic
        transformation. For this, they were executed by the Catholics.”

        Nice cheap shot.

        “When Northwest Europeans broke from the Catholics and started reading
        the Bible for themselves, the first thing they did when they finished
        reading it (it’s a really long book) was to craft “confessions of faith”
        that summarized the Bible into a simple sort of religious
        “constitution” that often played down supernaturalism or at least began
        the process of replacing supernaturalism with allegorical

        Rome, which collated the very Bible Prot idiots (like you?) base their anti-Roman beliefs on, never intended the Bible to be read other than allegorically or metaphorically. She also understood that once the Bible was misused by dumb Nordics, it would inevitably lead to all sorts of stupid and vulgar interpretations. She was right.

        • You know what? I can’t help you. I don’t take the Bible literally. I’m a Presbyterian not because I did a comparison of the various sects and thought that was the best, I’m a Presbyterian because I was born one – it’s my tribe.

          But you are a great example of why Christianity can never really unite Whites, and it’s not really an issue of Christians vs. pagans, or the religious vs. the non-religious, or even Protestants vs. Catholics.

          It’s totalitarians vs. federalists. The Sedevacantists and Nazis are totalitarian LARPers.

          I don’t really want you to join the Presbyterians. Feel free to be a Catholic. Or a Nazi. When you restore the Catholic church and the NSDAP, let us know.

          It also wasn’t a “cheap shot” – it’s a historical anecdote about one of the foundational conflicts between Catholics and Protestants years ago.

          You’re triggered because someone has a different view and not everyone believes in your particular Catholic religion. But it’s ironic because you yourself aren’t even a real Catholic. So you are just taking offense like an SJW because other people LARP slightly differently than you do.

          I can’t help you.

          • For the record, I’m not a Catholic. Listening to you however, almost makes me want to become one. Almost.

          • You’re a “former” Catholic that dropped Catholicism for Hitler fetishism, right? You replaced One God, One Pope, One Church for Ein reich, Ein volk, Ein Führer.

            The problem is your totalitarianism not the particulars of whichever ideological system you are adopting today.

          • You grow more absurd by the day. Draw a line under it mate.

        • The Catholic church teaches that Christians are the “Israel of God.” E. Michael Jones, the Catholic, appears on a TV show called “Israel” – the title referencing the fact that the Christian Church is the “New Israel” not the Zionist entity in Palestine.

          Protestants of course also teach that the Christian Church is the “Israel of God” not the Zionist entity. “Christian Zionism” is a rather fringe American thing that was mostly popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

          • The Catholic conception is that Christian believers OF ALL NATIONS are the inheritors of Yahweh’s superceded preference for the Habiru.

            Anglo-Zionism takes the position that US/GB are the exclusive successors of ancient Israel.

            British Israelitism even goes so far as to boast (!) that Anglo-Saxons are descendants of the ancient Habiru.

    • Quite apart from believing / not believing supernatural claims, Christianity is not in any sense a state religion, in the way some are, eg. Islam or Judaism. It is a totally individualistic, personal faith… indeed, that is probably one reason why The West is so individualistic…. in the past Christianity has been twisted into a sort of state religion, but it is a poor fit and requires extensive reworking. Usually what you get is a type of Judaism (Old Testament) applied to a new set of people – which makes sense, because Judaism *is* a national religion.

      • That’s false. Ethno-nationalism is supported in the Bible in both Testaments. That some churches choose to ignore this is a modern phenomenon.

      • Also, the Church is not traditionally individualistic either. Christians refer to themselves as “One Body”, “family in Christ”, etc. In some Church traditions salvation cannot be attained without the Church and being a part of the church community is highly encouraged.

        • I know what you are saying, but it kind of cuts across ethnicities rather than staying within – consider statements like “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” – and when I say individual, i mean in the sense of personal choice. I don’t chose to be white, but i do chose to be christian – if ya get me.

          • Well, I think you could debate whether you choose to be Christian or whether the Holy Spirit called you, but then we’re going to go way off on a theological tangent. I always thought “one in Christ” was meant to mean spiritually. It’s supported by scripture that God didn’t make us a gender fluid raceless mass.

          • @Hildi H and Martin:

            I seriously doubt that the Apostles (who all came from a fiercely ethno-nationalist tribe) ever foresaw the Marxist infiltration into Christianity mutating its doctrine into what is now called Christian Liberation Theology. They assumed that people’s natural racial preservation instincts would kick in before it got that far.

            I think they envisioned all peoples living in their own separate ethno-states but trading peacefully with other ethno-states, i.e., The Golden Rule Writ Large.

            No, I don’t think Christianity in and of itself was meant to create a new ethno-national tribe, like the Jews, but I do believe that it was meant to enhance and improve what was then in place and the way different people dealt with each other.

    • As far as I know, churches which promote an allegorical interpretation are declining and they are also on average more liberal.
      Besides, I really don’t see how we can have a recognizable form of Christianity without at least some relatively concrete supernatural claims.

      • It is interesting that the more “liberal” churches tend to be Whiter in practice, if not in theory, than the fundamentalist churches who, while growing, are growing via more non-Whites.

        It’s the ultra-liberal PCUSA that is at the forefront of the Christian BDS movement, making them an avowed enemy of global Jewry. PCUSA’s ultra-liberalism tends to manifest itself in telescopic charity in far away lands while maintaining a very White congregation at home. Left to their own devices, their “liberalism” tends to mean lesbian ministers and gay marriages and not miscegenation.

        The Whitest of the White allegorical churches is UU, which doesn’t even consider itself a religion anymore, and while they are constantly “struggling” to become more diverse, it remains a congregation of high IQ, over educated “liberals” that are Whiter than a Tea Party – and far Whiter than the Southern Baptist Convention.

        These churches are not growing, true – which is exactly why they are so ripe for takeover. We could become the source of that growth, and allow the fundamentalist “conservative” churches to continue to brown out.

        It seems like a win-win to me.

  • White people owe no loyalty to any institution that isn’t loyal to them. What has Christianity done for white people lately?

    • The institution isn’t loyal to us because we allowed it to be taken over by people who aren’t loyal to us. At the end of the day, an institution is the people that it is comprised of.

      In America, the Church is aging, why not start taking it back? All you have to do is start showing up.

      • OK, fine. What I object to is people who say if we just go back to the church everything will fix itself or that the problems we have are the result of a lack of faith in Christianity. The problems we have are overwhelmingly the result of white traitors betraying their own kind.

        • I keep asking Christians to point out something in their operator’s manual that justifies the long term existence of white people. Since there isn’t, that makes Christianity problematic and forever subject to subversion.

          • Acts 17:26
            “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”
            Deuteronomy 32:8
            “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, When He separated the sons of man, He set the boundaries of the peoples According to the number of the sons of Israel.”
            The Bible actually supports ethno-nationalism and anti-semitism.


          • I tried replying to you earlier but my comment seems to have been removed. The Bible does advocate for Whites existence, for all people’s ethnic separation and existence actually. Acts 17:26 and Deuteronomy 32:8, and other passages as well, say pretty much that God created the nations and purposefully divided men and gave them their own lands and languages. So, God purposefully created White people and their homelands therefore destroying that is against Gods will.

          • Yet it says nothing about White people explicitly.

            Show us where
            Christianity is pro-White. I want to read the most explicit argument.
            Where are Whites “God’s Chosen people”? Where is that written? Show me.

          • Because the Jews didn’t accept Jesus as the Messiah they broke their covenant with God (which partially made them God’s chosen people). Jesus called the Jews who didn’t accept him as Messiah the children of Satan. Jews today aren’t the Chosen Ones any longer. That’s my interpretation anyway.

            As for pro-White, I’d say it’s implicit. The Bible is openly pro ethno-nationalism and anti-globalism which is implicitly pro-White. God says he created the different nations and gave them each their own homelands to self-govern. Seems pro-White enough to me.

          • Christianity is a universal religion. He came for all people. If he followed your notion of race, he would have only come down to save the Jews, but he came down to save everyone, no matter what race the person was. He saved Jew and Greek alike. If you want to know who is exterminating white people, all you have to do is look in the mirror most likely. Have you procreated yet? It is funny how Ann Coulter wrote about immigration and how the white race is dwindling, but she is a 53 year old childless woman. It is sort of hypocritical to bitch about the dwindling numbers of whites if you are not doing your part in increasing its numbers. It will be interesting to see if a few years down the line if Laura Suthern and the Virtue of the West girls actually get hitched and start families or are they going to be like Coulter and come off as hypocrites.

          • Some justification in your operator’s manual for the long-term existence of white people.

          • People are people. Jesus loves everyone, including white people. He was more worried about your soul, the transcendent part of your being, not your color or race. He loved people of all races. As for mating, he left that up to you. Now get out there and get a white girl and knock her up!!!!!!!!

          • We are not the chosen race Scott, neither are the Jews or anyone else for that matter. Christianity is a universalist religion that plays no favorites. The Bible does talk about staying true to ones race, but the religion itself is for anybody that comes to it.

          • You’re saying Christianity is completely indifferent to whether a single white person exists 100 years from now. Why should white people support such an institution?

          • There are several verses in both Old and New Testaments that support ethnic homogeneity, but Christianity supports all races.

          • No, but we never were anything more than 13% of the worlds population at our zenith anyway. But if you are so concerned about our extinction, do your part and procreate. If you don’t do your part, you have NO reason to bitch.

          • Pro-whites need to win the propaganda war and take power. If pro-whites are not in power, for every extra white kid you have the people in power will dump ten Somalis in your lap and tell you to feed them.

          • Can’t take power in a democracy there jack, where your numbers are going down. Propaganda war means nothing in terms of voting, with you only a plurality and your race is split. Do you expect to keep power once you take it if you and your millennial friends don’t propagate the race? Replacement is 2.1 kids per couple, but to maintain a majority it is at least 3 to 1 and even maybe 4 to 1. So again Mr. Schroeder when are you going to get cracking? With more and more white males going MGTOW you aren’t going to get that, and most millenial white males don’t give a shit about procreation, so you a screwed. Winning a propaganda war without action is worthless. Demographics is strictly a numbers game there bud. That is the harsh reality of things. Again, get cracking on finding yourself a babe to knock up.

          • Power goes to whoever controls public opinion. Borders can change.

          • You can be a universal particularist. You can say all races have rights to homelands, self-determination and existence.

        • I share your objection to annoying Xian LARPers and I tend to ignore them. I’m less interested in which mythologies you pretend to believe and more interested in the Church as a civic institution. Even though I was raised Presbyterian, I think that’s a rather Catholic view, the Church as institution.

          • My MAIN point stands: Whites owe no loyalty to any institution or politician or anything that isn’t loyal to them as white people.

          • The Catholic Church has a hierarchy that is difficult or impossible to infiltrate. (Unless you are willing to dedicate your life to it). Because lay people have very little say in how the Church is run. (This was a key innovation that helped the church survive over 1000 years in the West, so while we all like to belittle celibate / homo priesthood it has had an undeniable utility up till now)

            Thus, there is very little that AltRight Catholics can do to change the direction of the Church, which is almost completely anti-White in the USA (that is it’s a major supporter of both legal and illegal immigration from the 3rd world, especially Hispanics who are almost all Catholics and unlike most of the American-born goyim still go to church and put their dollars in the baskets on Sunday.

          • I’ve always enjoyed your commentary Hipster, starting way back at Mind Weapons.

            I have to imagine what a small group of hard, fighting, Christian warriors could accomplish with regular attendance at a Church that was foundering… it could be a staggering turnaround.

            My Father had a Priest that was a former pro boxer who had killed a man in the ring before turning his life over to God. Now that’s a far cry from the faggotry that is the Church today. Unfortunately, the boomer generation was lost in abundance and the worship of Mammon, and abandoned Christ for shekels.

            I see a change on the horizon, and those pews could fill in a hurry. This is a huge fear of the tribe.

          • No institution is loyal to white people if said people abandon that institution, especially if that transcendent institution is universalist in nature.

          • White people left the church there Scott. WASP churches are dying. I am Lutheran and was very much involved s a youth in my old church and it no longer exists as the numbers tanked after the old pastor retired. My family went to a new church, that was all white like the previous one and now that one is dwindling. Young people do not go to church anymore and it doesn’t have anything to do with the clergy becoming anti white all of a sudden. The church is dead because middle and upper class white kids are wrapped up in Xbox, I phones, sex, drugs, and rock n roll, etc. Quit coming off like a SJW. White youth have been won over by materialism. WASP churches are pro white for the most part, with the exception of maybe Presbyterians, Anglicans, etc that tend to be liberal. I am 47 and never have been in a church that was liberal and anti white.

      • I don’t think it is as simple as that. I come from a background tied into Protestant Church administration and the kinds of people who occupy these religious institutions are not primarily political infiltrators. They are people serious about their religion who are only as concerned about politics about as much as the average person. Their political beliefs extend from the religion and not vice versa.

        I’m sure megachurchs and televangelists are propped up by Jews cherry picking out the worst doofuses for artificial popularity but that’s not the mainstay of Christianity in America, which is run by actual gentiles whose religious views preclude them from being genuinely right-wing and whose claim to any such affiliation is only due to Red Team v Blue Team conceptions of political division which are farcical.

        We would be the political infiltrators cynically co-opting a religion for the benefits of our secular agenda. Which I’m not against, but telling white atheists on the Right to take over Churches and steer them for their political agenda is a different prescription than “Go to Church because what you learn there will help you and help us”.

        • “We would be the political infiltrators cynically co-opting a religion for the benefits of our secular agenda.”

          Well, yeah, that’s the idea. I was raised in the Protestant tradition and I’d say that at least half of the congregation tended to fit that description. It tended to be something that the wives like to do for social reasons, and was seen as good for children, and the men talked about football afterward. All very WASP.

          “Their political beliefs extend from the religion and not vice versa.”

          In my experience that is only true for the left end of the bell curve, and they are easily led. I’d also point out that those people are likely the ones with one foot in the old folk’s home so they will be irrelevant in the next decade or two.

          • I think the problem is that we abandoned the Protestant churches, because we didn’t want to get involved in church politics—which would mean making a lot of silly people cry.

    • Same thing it has always done, given us salvation. The Church is failing because of the pervasive materialism that has permeated everyday life. This materialism has been introduced because we humans are rather corruptible. Also, the Reds are experts at infiltration. Look at our current Pope. A typical Latina American priest that adopted the outlook of dependency theory during the fascist stage of Latin American politics that coincided with the one in Europe in the 30s and 40s, then again in the 80s. In short, they became SJWs to the peasants that were getting beat down in a myriad of ways if not outright whacked. Before that you had the Calvinists like Woodrow Wilson that thought it was our job to “save” the world and now we are bombing everyone.The Church is made up of people that are indeed corruptible, as like I said above, all humans are corruptible. Paganism is satanic. Sure in Beowulf there is the glorification of heroism, etc, but the Vikings were ruthless and sadistic. What is the honor in slaughtering unarmed monks? Christianity gave the world art, music, history, and yes even science. What did paganism give the Western world? Just a lot of death and destruction.

      • It’s insane for white people to be loyal to an institution that is doing everything it can to destroy them.

        • Scott, it is not trying to destroy white people. The Catholic Church is appealing to Latinos more and more since they actually still go to church. Whites are basically apostates anymore. They just go for social reasons, to come off as proper, law abiding citizens, etc. For the affluent it is just a show. And the numbers are declining rapidly due to the total infusion of materialism in the lives of the average white person is astounding. People are rejecting the central tenets of Christianity for good ole sex, drugs, and rock and roll(rap now), and have been for going on 4 generations. It doesn’t help that modern day hucksters have taken over and have turned even more people away. Most self professed pagans are half assing that as well. You see those freaks in Germany wearing those Hammer of Thor necklaces, while they are getting drunk or high and just going to black metal shows. Nothing transcendent about that now is there?

  • Christianity is dying in the West and European cathedrals will soon essentially be museums.

    • I did a study abroad in Poland and Russia in the spring of 1997. Almost all of the great Cathedrals we visited in Poland were pretty much museums like you said. Only the one in the Jasny Gora fortress seemed to actually have services going on in it.

  • “Christianity [sic] has gradually feminised our men into pathological altruism”

    Its so sad that so many in the Alt Right repeat this transparent falsehood so brainlessly. The only way this narrative is works is by pretending 1900 years of Western History don’t exist. How can any honest person take these people seriously?

    • Absolutely agree. If I could have gone into more depth, I would. Thanks very much for the comment.

    • Well, women getting involved in the church kinda did it too.

      Women getting involved in everything kinda fucks everything.

      • But somehow the women knew that Drumpf was a conman, while the “based patriarchal sh*tlords” were played for fools.

          • Every time you use the term “cuck” as a generic insult, you weaken its utility. The Alt Right was cucked by Trump, and Trump himself is a literal, biological cuck, with three Israeli grandchildren.

            Also the entire Alt Right is built on counter-signaling, what you are complaining about is counter-counter signaling which, to be frank, is sorely needed right about now. Don’t worry, Trump is already the President so no one can “ruin” it for you by not worshipping the Mighty God Emperor Trump.

            Third, you are misusing the term “autistic.”

          • And he always is right thus far from what I have seen. Also, the term “cuck” has been way overused by you folks. I think it is time to put it to bed. All it is is a smear for someone that doesn’t agree with you, even on smaller points. It just is a dumb term to use in general.

        • 51% of white women voted for Trump too. He was still the best available option, just not the Kalki we were hoping for.

    • Lets not pretend that the Catholic Church was some kind of virtuous institution during the life of Martin Luther. In his time it was rotten to the core. Many rightly saw it as a racket. Luther was disgusted with how the church would take money from peasants who were told that their loved ones would be guaranteed passage to Heaven.

      • Yeah, but then Luther decided the solution was take all of Europe back to the Jewish Old Testament Bible – we’re stuck with Jehovah – the tribal God of the Jews that brings down plagues on Gentiles like the Egyptians.

        We’re Gentiles.

        Jehovah and his tribe are still bringing terrible plagues down on us – S*#&@ like Marxism, feminism, open borders immigration, Neo Conservatism etc.

    • And the Church is the best place to start. Also, Mormonism was designed to be just that originally. It was only a lack of folks like yourself which changed it.

      • There’s some validity to that, but the betrayal of white people by those who should have been their leaders goes back over a century and encompasses every civic institution. I don’t think it’s reasonable to believe that one single church could have held up against the across the board anti-white onslaught we’ve been subjected to for decades. If our leaders had done their jobs, we would still have pro-white institutions including Mormonism.

        However, I still ask: is there anything in the Christian operator’s manual that justifies the long-term existence of white people? If not, maybe it’s not the best vehicle for promoting white survival.

          • Christian Identity ≠ Christianity
            just a “muh cathedrals” stance, then. not a religion

          • CI makes the mistake of assuming that Whites are the real Jews and the people calling themselves Jews are not. (Some actually are, most are Khazars). But I believe they are in error when they say that Whites are the real Semites, long lost Israelites.

            Going by the decimation of Troy and other city-states routinely sacked and destroyed all over hell’s half acre throughout human history, I have no reason to believe that many Israelites survived God’s purging from the land. There may be some out there, but they are miniscule.

            I honestly believe Whites are not Semites but Japhethites. I can see some possible truth that we are descendants of Abraham through a couple of Keturah’s sons, and I saw where there was a settlement of the descendants of one of Judah’s twins by his daughter-in-law.

            But any connections of our antecedents to Abraham are just speculation. The one thing we can take to the bank is Jesus’ own words where he made that analogy about a King whose invitation sent to chosen guests to his son’s wedding was disregarded or met with insolence, so he ends up sending an open invitation to anyone who wants to attend.

            I have to laugh at the Sarah Silverman types who wish Jesus had gone to Rome where he’d be eaten by lions. I don’t think so. The Bible is on record as showing that every interaction Jesus had with a Gentile was positive There is an excellent chance that if Jesus had taken His mission to Rome, they would have crowned Him emperor and worshipped Him as a god if not God Himself.

            So, yeah. I think that Christianity is uniquely European. The tampering that set in almost from jump street is not. I do think Saul of Tarsus aka the Apostle Paul was a big fraud and troublemaker, but God used him anyway. We just need to dispose of the garbage without throwing the baby out as well.

          • “CI makes the mistake of assuming that Whites are the real Jews and the people calling themselves Jews are not. (Some actually are, most are Khazars). But I believe they are in error when they say that Whites are the real Semites, long lost Israelites.”

            False, very faulty premise. Firstly, the word “Jew” never appears in the bible. Jew is a word that arose a few hundred years after the events in the NT. CI does not argue that white people are the true Semites.

            CI argues that the indo-europeans are the chosen people of the Christian God and that from the 10 lost Tribes the peoples of Europe arose. There is ample evidence for this, most notably that the places that the apostles were sent to were areas that hosted indo-european languages, ie Galatia, Collosse, Rome, and Greece. Also, if you look at the paleo-hebrew alphabet, you would have a very hard time distinguishing it from ancient latin, paleo-greek, or Norse Futhark.

            “Going by the decimation of Troy and other city-states routinely sacked and destroyed all over hell’s half acre throughout human history, I have no reason to believe that many Israelites survived God’s purging from the land. There may be some out there, but they are miniscule.”

            Look at the paleo-hebrew alphabet and then ancient European alphabets.

            “I honestly believe Whites are not Semites but Japhethites. I can see some possible truth that we are descendants of Abraham through a couple of Keturah’s sons, and I saw where there was a settlement of the descendants of one of Judah’s twins by his daughter-in-law.”

            Japhet is of the tent of Shem and and can be “grafted” unto the olive tree.

            “But any connections of our antecedents to Abraham are just speculation. The one thing we can take to the bank is Jesus’ own words where he made that analogy about a King whose invitation sent to chosen guests to his son’s wedding was disregarded or met with insolence, so he ends up sending an open invitation to anyone who wants to attend.”

            Yes, I have heard this argument before. Your argument assumes that the Jews are who they say they are and are you really going to believe a Jew?

            Also, that parable ends with the king throwing people out saying “many are called, but few chosen.”

            This parable does not say that the message is intelligable to other races or those not of the house of Israel, just that the promise is made to a certain elect.

          • You’d need to find examples of Hebrew script which predates at least the Babylonian captivity to really make this claim, which to my knowledge doesn’t exist. Regardless Hebrew isn’t a PIE language, it’s Afro-Asiatic. Paleo-Hebrew’s alphabet wasn’t invented by the Jews at all for that matter.

            Paleo-Hebrew’s alphabet is Phoenician, who were a people that traveled all over the world (so who knows, maybe they taught it to some PIE speaking peoples as well). It’s also the basis of the Greek alphabet because they taught literacy to the Greeks after the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization.

            So basically you are saying the Phoenicians could have been related to modern Europeans. Who knows? I’d like to think so. Don’t know what that has to do with Jews.

          • If one goes with your pure-blooded racial theme of a Judahite, no. But you forget l that John Hyrcaneus annexed Edom and forced them to convert and then his son, Aristobulus did the same with Galilee. The tribe has had its fits and started with proselytizing and getting converts for various reasons. This happened as recently in Kazaria. When I was in my twenties, the Jewish elite noticed all their young people marrying out and there was a big push to get their spouses to convert (that was in the late seventies).

            You also forget that the tribe has always, always engaged in strategic mixing by marrying the elite of other tribes. So, if you factor all this in and realize that the basic character of Jewry hasn’t changed since Abraham and Sarah grifted the Kings of the Egyptians and the Philistines, and Jacob swindled Esau out of his blessing, then the Jews are probably who they saw they are. Descendants of Abraham and Sarah who mixed with the Egyptians, the Kenites (descendants of Cain), and people whose countries they annexed and whom they converted like the Edomites and most recently the Khazars A people who became corrupted in more ways than one.

            Look at the Hindus of India. They still practice a lot of their original traditions, but they are further related genetically from the Aryans of India who founded their traditions than you are. The difference is that the Jews did not mix with less intelligent people, they always found a way to absorb high IQ people who were at the top of the hierarchies they lied in.

            I respectfully disagree with your reading on the King’s Wedding Invitation, because I believe that Jesus Christ came to fulfill the promise God made to Adam and Eve as (all of) mankind’s redeemer. I have met people of other races who are more devout Christians than I am. They just exude godliness.

            That is not to say I believe in the universalism of Christianity as it is now. I disagree with the notion that miscegenation is okay if the spouses are both Christians. The Bible makes it clear that Christ will rule over all the separate peoples in each of their own nations. I assume they will worship him separately in their own congregations.

          • According to my understanding (imperfect admittedly) it does so by tendentious mistranslations of verses from the pentateuch, coupled with equally tendentious anthropological speculations. Abraham, isacc, jacob, joseph et al were not aryan. They were cowardly lying sycophants who grew rich by acting much like todays jews.

          • Christianity only lives in White people.

            You know what happens to churches in africa when whites leave?

            They turn to voodoo.

          • Jesus becomes a vengance God in other cultures. Something used to smite earthly enemies.

          • Jesus called out our enemies,he named the Synagogue of Satan,he was the first.What a pity he wasn’t listened to.

          • I agree.

            However, other races tend to turn Jesus into one of the demo-gods and ask him to smite their petty enemies.

          • It doesn’t matter what other races do,we are here,we know the enemy and I believe that Jesus has called for us.Look at all the wonderful history that we have shared only to be defiled by the primitive.Time to turn to God,a Christian God.All good flows from him.

        • Also St. Paul – the former Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarsus is a complete BSer – preaching a John Lenon “Imagine” style universalist world where are Jews and Greeks, male and female, slaves and free will come together and become one with Jesus Christ.

          St. Paul/Pharisee Saul was preaching this nonsense to communities of Jews and Greek Hellens on The Road to Damascus Syria and Palmyra Syria.

          How are those beautiful classic White Greek Hellens doing now in these places with nastiest untermenschen from British and European prisons returning to Syria to Join ISIS and kill or enslave anything White – ISIS even destroys the classical greek ruins in Palmyra Syria.

          So St. Paul/Rabbi Saul really wasn’t telling the truth that the new Judea Christian religion would end all divisions between peoples and make the world one with Jesus.

          • I always thought Saul of Tarsus’ conversion to Christianity was a fraud.

            I think that Peter was the apostle that the Lord had originally chosen to take His message to the Gentiles. You saw that early in the Book of Acts where Peter dreams of the Lord showing him “unclean” animals and telling him to “kill and eat,” and when Peter protests, the Lord says something to the effect of “what God hath cleansed can’t be unclean.” Then Peter is called to a Gentile and his family where he preaches to them, they convert and speak in tongues. (If I recall things correctly).

            Who did Saul make a point of interacting with first? Peter, a simple fisherman who grew up in awe of the Pharisee elite of his day and was inclined to defer to them. For some weird reason, he managed to avoid meeting with James the Just right away. And with all his rants with warning his converts about the “Judaizers,” I believe that was James trying to send people to stop Saul’s mischief. And I will always suspect Saul of Tarsus behind James’ eventual execution in Jerusalem.

            Saul’s BS universalism obviously wasn’t in God’s plan. Peter didn’t stick around after he converted that Gentile family in the Book of Acts. He left it to them to spread the word to their own people. Almost like he delivered the Lord’s guidelines or templates to this Gentile and his family with the idea that they would spread those templates/guidelines to the other Gentiles.

            And if you think about it, that makes a certain amount of sense. Who better to be a missionary to a people than one of their own? Some form of Christian syncretism that throws out the bad stuff or pagan beliefs that are out of sync with God’s plan while not unnecessarily violating customary traditions. Which adheres to the final vision of Jesus Christ ruling over separate peoples each in their own nations.

        • There is. The word Adam means ‘being able to show blood in the face’. In Genesis where it says that eve is the mother of all the living it can also be translated as mother of her race. In the book of Henoch (quoted frequently in Scripture) it says that Noah was white with blue eyes. Thus Adamite=white=Aryan. Fornication refers to race mixing (read how this word is used in the Old testemant). Jesus Christ is referred as the second Adam. In this interpretation the nations are the Adamic nations as opposed to the others. Download the e sword app with the old KJV. You can then see the original words linked to the meanings of the translated words, well worth it! We need another Reformation!

          • God the Father is described more than once as a man with white hair & eyes like flames. The hottest part of a flame is blue.

      • Whatever its utility as a tool or social mechanism, a religion simply can’t be whistled up. A made-up religion like Mormonism or Scientology is an obvious fail, but Christianity’s main trouble is that few people believe it, I suspect because its origin stories fail the smell test.

        As a Germano-Celt, I respond to the idea of the old Northern relgion, and much prefer its stories and myths to those of Christianity. However, do I think there was an entity named Odin who rode an eight legged horse and has a spear which, when thrown, returned to his hand? No. Do I think there was some jibber jabber jew who walked on water and rose from the dead? No.

        Also, it would be nice if someone from the head office would show up from time to time and fire up the troops.

        Whether inconvenient or not, we should devote ourselves to the reality of this world and let the next world take care of itself.

        • How is Mormonism an obvious fail? They claim 16 million members world-wide. They act as a fertility cult for their members, guaranteeing continuing demographic growth while other groups shrink around them. They have outsized political influence, including but not limited to Utah, they got one of their top guys nominated for POTUS by a major party …

          It would be awesome of the AltRight could “fail” this badly!

          • Let me ask you this: do you believe that an angel revealed to Joseph Smith the location of golden plates buried in a hillside in Elmyra, New York? Do you believe that the angel also gave Joseph Smith a key to translate those plates, upon which were inscribed the Book of Mormon? Conveniently, after Smith transcribed the plates, the angel retrieved them, but we do have the Book of Mormon, written in Smith’s own hand! Supposedly the original, hand-written version is still owned by Smith’s descendants. Wow, so much for the New Testament!

          • It’s just religious myth.

            Do you believe Jehovah – the tribal God of the Jews parted the Red Sea so the Jews – God’s Chosen People escaped across the floor of the Red Sea and the Evil Egyptians (not God’s Chosen people) were all drowned?

            I got news for you.

            We’re like the Egyptians, not Jehovah’s Chosen People.

            We don’t own a movie studio or a major television news network.

            The (J tribe) Chosen children of Rupert Murdoch are now purging anyone at Fox who is even remotely opposed to the Neo Conservative, Zionist, Lib party line.

          • No, of course not. I’m not a Mormon. I think Smith was a freaking weirdo, he made up strange cultic rules to get more pussy and money from his followers.

            Still I can’t say the cult he formed is a failure, just based on the utilitarian view that many people take it seriously, it’s still growing, adherents seem to be highly productive and happy (from what I see from outside), etc.

          • My point is that it that replacing one form of fantasy thinking with another is simply building a foundation on sand.

          • Their fail is a new thing for the Mormons and it started when they became just another church of what’s happening now when they had a convenient new revelation that Blacks were okay. Now, much of the grown in membership is in non-White lands.

        • I think most of the pagan gods were probably real people who achieved greatness in life and overtime mythology was built up around their lives. Geneticists say that half of European men descended from one Bronze Age king. Perhaps that kings name was Odin. I’m really more of Deist or Panentheist myself, but there is a lot to Paganism that appeals to me. I like the idea of honoring ancestors and asking for their help in this world. Pagans also seem to be much closer to nature than followers of most other religions.

          • That Bronze Age King was probably Japheth, son of Noah. The Bible seems to lose all interest in him or his descendants pretty early in Genesis, but his line greatly expanded from Europe to India and he was worshipped as a god by his descendants.

        • I disagree.One cannot disavow the existence of God,the crucifixion is mentioned in numerous historical documents in different languages.You would never doubt the existence of Abraham Lincoln,Stalin etc It is the very plan to mock and make light of Christianity that draws me to it.Why have the Jews for so long hated the Gentile?There is power in Christianity and it cannot be destroyed.

      • Exactly, if we could incorporate the Pro-White aspects of Mormonism into Eastern Orthodox Catholicism (which seems to be the most resistant to Zionism), we could have a Christianity that benefits rather than harms our people.

      • We have written extensively about the LDS Mormon church at Occidental Dissent – they still have lots of good practices, but the top political leaders like Orin Hatch, Mitt Romney are cucks.

        It’s turning in to a club of nice White people and those that want to be in, around nice White people. This clean, well groomed nice White people will tend to agree with whomever is in the room with them at the time:

        Marxist Jews
        Neo Conservatives

        And LDS Mormons always, always bow down to anything in a military uniform. LDS Mormons are the ones that keep re-electing John McCain.

        • I was a Mormon for twenty years. I left because my daughter (pictured left) and I were horribly abused. In addition, they now support amnesty and are filling their churches with Mexicans, including illegals, and encouraging young women to “help the refugees.” Young, beautiful fair girls should not be around people who embrace a rape culture. I wouldn’t be caught dead there now, for these reasons. I do not want to spend my time with any more nonwhites and I do not support them.

          • Kind of my experience – without any abuse. Seems like mostly a club of nice White people who try to be liberals and put the word out that they’re not racist anymore and want to help all Mexicans, Central American Muslims etc – I hate these kind of people

            If you have some free time, go on BeliefNet and go to the LDS section and explain why you left, finesse the racial, mexican thing a bit – instead focus on Islamic terrorists. Why do LDS Mormons have to be so pathetic and bend over backwards never to offend Islamic extremists that are terrorizing us, invading Europe?

          • She shouldn’t finesse the racial/Mexican thing at all. That is what is now happening in the Mormon church. They are aggressively trying to become a less White church by building temples in non-White lands and converting more non-Whites than Whites.

            And, if you watch their Annual conferences on TV, you’ll see them pandering from the highest levels to non-Whites. Disgusting.

          • They want more followers and more cash, like politicians looking for more voters, problem with organised religion is it is corrupted by power. That is what always put me off it, my wife is catholic, went with her to church a couple of times and was so angry I wanted to get up and knock the priest out, the shi-t that came out of his mouth. Basically they want to take credit for all the good you do, and shame you for your mistakes, any con artist can pull that trick. Religion is a personal thing, but how else are we going to stave off these ideologies (Marxism/Islam) that seem to be hell bent on our destruction, if we are all acting as individuals we do not stand a chance, a real conundrum.

      • Right. Unfortunately, the Salt Lake City Mormon Church has become just another church of what’s happening now.

        That disgusting cuck Mitt Romney said he pulled his car over to the curb because he was crying tears of joy when he heard on the radio that his Mormon church had a new revelation that Blacks could now be priests in the Mormon Church. And, since then, the Mormons have been building their temples in Africa and other non-White areas of the world.

        Joseph Smith must be turning over in his grave.

    • Something that breeds religious fanaticism, where you can have four wives and eight kids, and anyone not in your religion is your sworn enemy, that kind of religion.

        • I got your original point, was thinking same thing yesterday, was looking at Orthodox Christianity, but their presence is so weak (UK), we need something where we can get everyone on board.

          • Once whites have their own homelands and we end the anti-white propaganda that makes white people hate themselves, white birth rates will be just fine. Whites don’t breed well in captivity.

          • Just finished The Greatest Story Never Told and two thirds of the way through New World Order, Communism Through The Backdoor, bloody depressing stuff, even when you know the truth it feels everything is stacked against us. If Germany could not even succeed in defeating the Jew/Communist alliance, what chance does anyone else have, unless there is a massive worldwide awakening and institutions are all cleansed of commies and socialists which is highly unlikely, they are everywhere at this point.

          • I just sent emails to Homeland Security saying the same thing. Why is Trump helping dairy farmers when California is falling?

      • The FLDS believe in polygamy. It is an offshoot that started when the mainstream church opted out.

        • A couple of years ago, I went to the Fundamentalist Church down my street and attended a few services. I don’t like them, for the most part. They have sticks up their butts like most Christians. But the thing I did like was that they were all white. It was like being in God’s country again.

          • Just compliment the good things they do – have beautiful, large families. Finesse the racial issue, don’t get in to arguments about marriage, politics.

  • Context denial and straw man argument:

    “To begin, I’m just going to dismiss all contradictory arguments made by Pagans, such as that Christianity was both really mean in taking power over Europe but is also too pacifist to defend Europe; or that Christianity is an effeminate slave ethic, for there’s nothing more masculine than taking care of your people and treating them like family. These arguments are not intellectually consistent.”

    Christianity *was* “really mean”–for instance, in his crusade against the pagan Baltic kingdoms, Charlemagne adopted the method of conversion “by the sword” that had been used by Muslims in Spain. However, it *is now* not so much too pacifistic (i.e., mid-east wars are promoted by Christian Zionists) as too universal, as its “own people” comprises all Christians regardless of ethnicity. Poles using the Church as ethno-religion is the exception, not the rule, among Catholics today, and for all its Orthodoxy Russia is a multi-ethnic state full of Muslims.

    That Judaism and Christianity were influenced by Egyptian, Greek, and Roman paganism only proves that Christianity is incidental to, not required for, European survival. Furthermore, Judaism is a counter-tradition, an inversion of pagan values, and Christianity was palatable to Europe precisely because it was modeled on an Egyptian/Greek mystery cult.

    We should not deny the Christian phase of our civilization but we should recognize that it was a phase. Both the Renaissance and Romanticism, the great flowerings of European civilization, represent the resurgence of pagan themes (i.e., Classical myths, folk tales) and the re-enchantment of a world, whereas under Christianity, God is elsewhere.

    Our origin lies with Homer, not Christ. Please read Dominique Venner for more on this point.

    • Then what would you replace it with? How would you satisfy that need for transcendence that, in my humble opinion, is part the unique European soul’s drive towards the heroic, to excel and innovate?

      • Who said European polytheism is not transcendent? Who said that Christianity necessarily is? Who says that transcendence is the same in all cases? Was atheistic futurism any less transcendent than Catholic monarchism? My point is that this need for transcendence will find an outlet in every time, one way or another. To me, it is a question of authenticity. Nothing changes the fact that Christianity is an alien, Eastern religion, in spite of its adaptations to preexisting European religious formulas. Moreover, we must start from where our people stand with religion, today, not well-wish about restoring Christendom to its former glory. Much hay is made over the Church uniting Europe, but in reality, Christianity was fraught with schism from its inception. In its failure it embodies the tragedy of our “Faustian spirit” and it will never achieve homeostasis. Christians sough foolishly to overcome our essential tragic flaw, promising an eternal kingdom at the end of history, whereas pagans were familiar with human tragedy as their myths, folk tales, and tragic plays demonstrate. If to transcend is to pretend to be something other than what we are, I want no part of it. If to transcend is to escape delusion (i.e., humanitarianism and other essentially Christian projects) and accept the limits of nature, I am for it.

      • They were a part of a religious tradition. “Myth” actual means sacred truth. My biggest problem with Christianity from a historical perspective is that it totally lacks a European myth. It essentially sanctifies the Jews through the Old Testament just by preserving their mythology and never creating a set of myths of Christian peoples including Europeans.

        The works of Homer were part of an Old Testament for Hellenes, but it was actually about Hellenes and not some other group of people and Homeric works as well as the extant plays written centuries later on mythological foundations juxtapose the contemporary with the ancient creating a continuity. Christianity is half a religion.

        • Aren’t most saints Europeans? When I go into old churches in Europe all I see is scenes of Aryans all over the place. No muddy joos to be had.

        • Christianity appeared under Vespasian and Titus, who were engaged in what became 300 years of war between Romans and Jews. Vespasian and Titus recruited turncoat Jews, like Josephus, who declared the Flavians emperors avatars of the Hebrew god and his son. Vespasian and Titus were declared the fulfillment of Hebrew prophesy, and they destroyed the Jewish temple, thus ushering in the age of Christ.

          Vespasian and Titus I believe took Jewesses as wives and concubines and combined the Hebrew mythology with the Roman religion, and a few hundred years later another Flavian, Constantine, declared Christianity the official state religion.

          I always think of Christianity as a religion with a Roman father and a Jewess mother.

          When the Protestants discovered the Bible, especially the Old Testament, they adopted the Israelite myths as their own, but that really only lasted for a few hundred years until the Enlightenment gave us modern society.

          We could always just do what C. S. Lewis did and combine pagan mythology with Christian theology and use that for the children.

          • Actually, the Protestant Reformers translated the Old Testament as an after thought.

          • “Vespasian and Titus I believe took Jewesses as wives and concubines and
            combined the Hebrew mythology with the Roman religion, and a few hundred
            years later another Flavian, Constantine, declared Christianity the
            official state religion.”

            Your history is a little off there, champ.

            “I always think of Christianity as a religion with a Roman father and a Jewess mother.”

            You need to quit thinking and take up another hobby. How about polo?

            “When the Protestants discovered the Bible, especially the Old Testament,
            they adopted the Israelite myths as their own, but that really only
            lasted for a few hundred years until the Enlightenment gave us modern

            To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant. Sorry mate, someone had to say it.

          • I was just trying to explain the historical reason why the Roman religion merged with Hebrew mythology, and you mistook that as something to do with “Protestantism.” Of course, no Protestants teach what I just said. It actually comes from the higher critics of Germany in the 19th century, but of course anyone who ever bothered to read Josephus, or Suetonius for that matter, would know.

          • @Hipster Racist:

            I always think of Christianity as a religion with a Roman father and a Jewess mother.

            In a certain sense you’re right. The Romans officially believed that their emperors were gods in human flesh. Once they died, they ascended to Mount Olympus to be with the other gods. The word for it is apotheosis. However, when their emperors got on their nerves too much, the Romans would dispatch them to Olympus with all prejudice.

            At the same time, each Roman family, while worshipping the Grego-Roman pantheon, also had their own household family gods. All in all, approximately, forty three emperors had been dispatched to Olympus by fed up Romans and Vespasian was the fourth emperor to be installed in one year called The Year of the Emperor.

            At the time that Constantine adopted Christianity, the elite were actively looking to install monotheism in Rome. They were probably inspired enough by the insane power the priest class held over the average citizen in Judea to realize that it was better to speak for God than to be a god. It finally came down to a contest between Mithras and Jesus Christ. Mithras remained a tad more popular with the Romans, but worship of Mithras didn’t pacify the citizenry the way that Christianity had the potential to.

            On the internet is one site detailing how the elite imposed Christianity on the peasants while reserving MIthras-worship for themselves and showed how many temples to Mithras were hidden under Christian churches.

          • Cly: Julius Caesar was the first deified Emperor. Much of Catholicism is essentially the cult of Divine Caesar; Christ=Caesar. When the Flavian dynasty took over, they had to deal with the Jews – they merged the cult of Divine Caesar with the Hebrew mythologies – thus, Vespasian became God the Father, Titus because his Divine Son, and later his other son Domitian became the Awful Spirit, the third personage in the Holy Trinity. It was these three Emperors, the Flavians, that merged the Roman religion with the Hebrew mythologies. As part of their conquest, they had Jews like Josephus and the family of Philo of Alexandria work the Hebrew mythologies to explain how the Flavian Emperors were the fulfillment of the Hebrew prophecies, and of course the Flavians destroyed the temple in Jerusalem, thus doing away with the old Judaism and institute the reign of Christianity.

            After the Flavians lost power, you saw a resurgence of “paganism” – which was the Roman religion without all the Hebrew gloss that the Flavians had brought in, but later Constantine, also named Flavius, brought back the Flavian/Hebrew gloss and defined Christianity proper as the official Roman religion – and it stuck.

            When the Romans conquered the Germanic tribes, they used the same technique. Jesus Christ/Divine Emperor became the fulfillment of the “pagan” Germanic mythologies. Instead of a Hebrew mystic fulfilling the Old Testament prophesies, he became a German warrior-king fulfilling the pagan prophesies. There are two Germanic “New Testaments” about Jesus Christ fulfilling the Germanic myths that served the same function for the Germans as our official New Testament did for the Jews. Although at that point the Hebrew gloss had become institutionalized in Rome and the Germanic myths only really made second place via various stories about saints and such.

            The universalism we decry in Christianity isn’t really the fault of the Jews – it’s the fault of the Romans. It was the Romans that were the imperialists merging all religions into a One True Faith and forcing everyone to bow.

            When the Protestants discovered the Bible, they LARPed as “Israelites” for a few years until the Enlightenment and then the cultist aspects of Christianity mostly just faded into the background.

            Interestingly too, rabbinic Judaism was the only official Hebrew religion that the Romans allowed after the conquest, as it was neutered and politically loyal to Rome. The Hebrew Zionism that the Flavians destroyed just moved south and east and was reborn a few hundred years later as Islam. Islam is virtually identical to the Hebrew Zionism that was destroyed by the Roman-Jewish wars.

            This is all terribly interesting only to people who were raised Christian and had a knack for obscure history. In the Current Year – 2017 – if White Americans want a civic institution that promotes families and can be implicitly, even explicitly, White, I suggest they just go ahead and join a generic Protestant church and the attached fraternity/sorority and be done with it. Obviously Catholics have their own deal, so they can do that too.

          • Cly, and for even more fun, if you want to see a modern parallel of this process, you only have to go to Pennsylvania and read the story of Fethullah Gulen.

            In the early years of the Iraq war, the USA was trying to figure out a way to pacify all those crazy Muslims. This was actually proposed in the Wall Street Journal: use Gulen to be a new Islamic leader to promote a Western-friendly form of Islam. Gulen was to be used in the same way as Josephus and Philo were used by the Roman Flavians. Take Islam and merge it with Western style separation of religion and state, neuter the most barbaric aspects of sharia, and have an American asset like Gulen run the whole thing from Pennsylvania the way Josephus and Philo ran the operation from Rome and Roman-controlled cities like Alexandria.

            And it would have worked too if it wasn’t for those meddling Erdogan kids!

    • “…Our origin lies with Homer, not Christ. Please read Dominique Venner for more on this point….”
      I am Macedonian. Homer was of Antic Macedonian origin. ( not “greek, hellenic”, as the hellens inhabited Achaia)
      I grew up reading the “Odysea” and the “Ilyada”. Still there are some things that surpass Homer and his values; I know much better than everyone what you mean when you say our origin lies with Homer.
      But Homer doesn’t teach us everything. Christ does. And there is the difference. The Christianity did not feminize the men – take for instance the Orthodox Russian men; or the Polish Catholic males. They know to lead fierce battles to protect their families and country.
      The Western society has been cooked; It is the school/television / jewish lobby brainwashing that has changed us ;and it’s not their (entire) fault. —– Why our parents and later us, let those evil-doers manipulate us and shape our minds ??? Is it the fault of the virus who attacks your body, or is it the fault of your body’s immune system who did not react on time, on virus’s attack ?
      We must assume we were feeble species. It is time now for our spiritual regeneration through Christ. Meanwhile, let be smart and make explode the White birth rate — for the sake of Christ. Because he loves us.

      • I did not claim that Homer teaches us everything, but neither does Christ. And I did not claim that Christianity feminized men. I think your examples of European virtue are good ones, but those virtues predate Christianity. I posted my original comment because I don’t think it was necessary for the author to misrepresent pagans in order to make his point. If alt-right writers are going to ridicule pagans, they should expect some push-back as there are many European polytheists in our movement. That said, if you feel called to go to Church, by all means do so. I do not see that as a bad thing. However, European civilization ≠ Christianity. This is not meant to diminish its contributions, but the fact remains that European culture predates Christianity, and will survive it, as long as we find the will to survive, whatever faith we hold.

        • ” However, European civilization ≠ Christianity. ”
          Christianity is indivisible of the European Civilisation. As the European Civilisation is indivisible of the Christianity.
          Remove the Christianity, it will rest to us the Stonehenge, the Runic alphabeth….
          the spiritual emptiness…. Except, maybe, the Eternal beauty of the Antic Roman Civilisation..especially the one from Pompei, which will not be enough to “feed” our souls and to propulse our minds to seek for solutions for our survival .
          Feret gens Alba.

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