Trump is Right: No More Brothers’ Wars

Christmas Day Truce between British and German armies, 1915.

So Trump was a little fuzzy with dates[1] . . . nothing new there . . . but in his remarks on Andrew Jackson, he gave us a pearl of wisdom:

I mean, had Andrew Jackson been a little later, you wouldn’t have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart. He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War. He said, “There’s no reason for this.” People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War — if you think about it, why? People don’t ask that question, but why was there a Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?

What Trump said is radical and triggering—and not because he was playing fast and loose with historical facts. Trump didn’t say “The South was Right!” or “We Shall Rise Again!” which could have been easily dismissed by the chattering classes, and which would have been a rather strange sentiment for a Manhattanite in charge of the federal government.

Trump’s statement is, arguably, more radical than the good-old-fashioned “Resurgamus!” because it envisions a world without European brothers’ wars.

None of the modern wars—especially, the “good” ones—have advanced the White race and our shared civilization. The Civil War decimated Anglo-America, which was replaced by the Melting Pot. The Great War brought an end to the Westphalian order, and European preeminence in the world, and opened up space for Bolshevism. The Second World War not only led to the deaths of tens of millions but permanently neutered European states, turning them into vassals of “capitalist” America or “Communist” Russia—an arrangement that eventuated in unipolar “Americanism” and the dispossession of White peoples in their own lands.

Trump is right. Better that none of these wars were fought. Better still that White men never imported Africans into the North American continent, removing the catalyst for Civil War as well as countless other tragedies.

Pat Buchanan’s book Hitler, Churchill, and the “Unnecessary War” (2008) was radical in the same way, not because Buchanan “apologized for Hitler” (which he didn’t) but because he recognized the civilizational catastrophe of the Second World War—and how European states could achieve greater flourishing together.

More important still, Trump’s statement undermines the post-Christian guilt complex at the heart of contemporary American “conservatism.” A figure like Ted Cruz would neither argue that the South should have won nor that the Civil War should have been avoided. In his imagination—and that of the entire Baby Boomer cohort of “conservative” thinkers and leaders—the Civil War was entirely necessary. As Cruz stated in 2015:

We fought a bloody civil war over the original sin of our country, which was slavery. Slavery was grotesque and immoral and some 600,000 Americans spilled their blood on American soil and lost their lives to expunge it.

Slavery and racism were America’s Original Sin. The Debt was paid through the blood sacrifice of half a million White people, Northern and Southern. Redemption came as a shining post-White America of individualism, race-mixing, and civic patriotism. And because of America’s peculiar history— its reenactment of the Christian narrative—we are able, indeed, required, to redeem the rest of the world, bringing them the democratic Gospel.

Trump seems unburdened by this political theology. This indicates that, despite his failings, he remains “uncucked” in his heart of hearts.


No more brother wars



  1. Technically speaking, Trump isn’t factually wrong either. He said “had Andrew Jackson been a little later,” which could be read as “had Jackson been President in the 1860s.” That said, the remaining paragraph does seem to indicate that Trump thought Jackson was alive during the Civil War crisis. Important to note that North-South political animosity was certainly present in Jackson’s time. ↩︎
  • Jason R.

    Good article.

  • Bill Jackson

    A Real President would bring the troops home and put them on the border.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Trump isn’t a real President, but imagine Pres. Hillary. Hate speech laws now and another dyke Jew lesbian on the Supreme Court.

      • Robert Bruce

        Exactly why I ended up voting for him. I almost abstained from voting.

      • Bill Jackson

        We have a fake president because we haven’t woken up Whites to their genocide so that they demand a real president.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    The Civil War was stupid. Anyone with a functioning brain understands this. Ron Paul made the same point as Trump during his campaigns, to the befuddlement of the media.

    Trump’s word salad on the Civil War today shows he still serves a purpose in the deconstruction the shibboleths of the left. The Civil War was not fought over slavery but rank and open Yankee Domination of the federal government that occurred with the election of Lincoln. Had Stephen Douglas or John Bell been elected rather than Lincoln, some sort of Compromise of 1860 would have occurred just as Trump described today. Lincoln’s election was one of the most disastrous events in American history.

    Trump’s unannounced pro-white outbursts and amateur attempts at historical revision provide the Alt Right cover to start smashing the leftist and Jewish historical narrative.

    • Bill Jackson

      What was silly was Southerners joining the USA permanently in the first place. No different to the silliness of France or the UK joining the EU, so they could be ruled by foreigners. It was always going to be a disaster.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        How was it silly for English speaking colonists from the Southern colonies to join with English speaking colonists from the Northern colonies in 1776? Slavery hadn’t been abolished anywhere in the world in 1776 and no one really cared that the South was an Agrarian slave labor society because this was before the Industrial Revolution.

        • Bill Jackson

          The New England Puritans were booted out of England for their religious fanaticism and they haven’t changed one bit.

          When they threw down their Bibles and became Atheists, they picked up Karl Marx and started practicing the new Religion of Political Correctness.

          If you want to subject yourself to the rule of a SJW protest culture, good luck, but it will be a disaster.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I agree, many of our problems have their roots in the New England Puritans and their continual embracement of weird cults from Calvinism to the Great Awakening to Abolitionism to Progressivism to Civil Rights, and now LGBT Rights.

          • DavidFinklestein

            The damage done by Calvinism can not be over-estimated.

          • Robertus Antoninus

            The Scots-Irish who dominated the south came from a Calvinist background. It’s more complicated than just religion.

          • craicher

            Read Cracker Culture Celtic Way in the Old South and the classic Albion’s Seed. Southern Crackers were mostly illiterate and would have hardly been thought of as part of the Elect by true Calvinists. In fact they were most unwelcome in New England. Blood is thicker than water and the Puritans are Germanic blowhards. Some things never change.

          • ☪rooked Hitlery Merkel

            ‘Blood is thicker than water and the Puritans are Germanic blowhards. Some things never change.’
            Like that white people bash each other harder than their enemies?

          • craicher

            We must recognize and be realistic about differences within our race and each branch must have its own homelands. Many wars have been fought over this very issue such as 800 years of conflict in Ireland that is still ongoing in the North and is relevant to Scotland too. Germanic people are prone to absolutist puritanical moralizing and when they can, they impose it on other people, other White people that is. I have lots of respect for Germanic people (what most of my fellow Americans are) but we must deal with this. All White nations (tribes) must have their own lands. Just as the English (Germanic) Puritans went on a chest thumping self righteous fit in 1861 or when the Swedes financed Mandela and the ANC, the Germanic element among us is the primary force (excluding the joos) behind our current situation. The people of Minnesota are much more liberal on race than the people of Alabama.

            That is not bashing other White people. I want us all to succeed and we need to see things for what they are in order to do that.

          • Triptolemus

            Your solution is relevant to Europe, but most White Americans are of
            mixed European descent, therefore White, which is an ethnicity unto itself. We have our own divisions among ourselves, entirely distinct from those in Europe and in other former colonies, but ours are more cultural and historical than ethnic. I cannot see a re-shuffling of Whites in America according to main countries of ancestry, as it is highly impractical. In any case, Americans whose families have been here for 400 years are likely to have ancestors from every corner of Europe. The section they grow up in, and whether rural or urban, has a lot more to do with their cultural particularities than whether they are 1/8 German or 1/2 Irish, etc., and even “German” and “Irish” can be broken down by region and religion, etc. I submit that all Whites have more in common with each other than with non-Whites, and that we stand or fall together.

          • craicher

            I agree with some exceptions. A New Jersey descendant of Italians has little in common with a Nebraska descendant of Germans. Americans are still somewhat different depending on where you are in America. But yes we should stand together and if ever we prevail then other details could be worked out. That is a myth, one that most of the world buys into, that Americans are a mix of all European peoples. The newer version (that is becoming reality) is that we are a mix of the entire planet. In the part of American I am from the people look like British people. We are Anglo-Celtic. That some people might have some ancestors from other places in Europe is irrelevant as that is the exact same situation in any European nation.

            But we do need to be aware that there is a Puritanical strain in the Germanic/Nordic people that can and has many times in our history be turned to our disadvantage. Prof MacDonald writes extensively on this.

          • MylesStandish

            > “classic Albion’s Seed”
            ‘Albion’s Seed’ is classic the same way ‘A People’s History of the U.S.’ is classic: both are slanderous anti-American propaganda cooked up to deceive the ignorant. Best seller pop-history direct from (((Brandeis))) should never be accepted by Americans as legitimate.

            The entire thrust of ‘Albion’s Seed’ and all such moldbuggian garbage is to disparage Anglo-Saxon America. That’s because jews are insanely jealous of us. They’re still salty about being excluded from certain clubs and neighborhoods and they know full well that their sad little shtetl culture can’t hold a candle to ours for beauty, for order and for glory.

            Here’s a little hint for the dummies: “Scots Irish” people are not Celtic (Gaelic). They are Ulstermen of Scottish lowland ancestry who spoke Lallans, an Anglo-Saxon dialect and the language of Robert Louis Stevenson and Rabbie Burns.

            Finally, let’s consider the Mayflower descendant and archetypal Anglo-American, Clint Eastwood:

            And now look at Moldbug:
            These guys are jelly, full stop.

          • craicher

            From the guy who lives in a 17th c. New England village. Albion’s Seed is a great book and way too long to be pop-history. it is neither leftest nor anti-American. We are not a homogeneous nation. Deal with it. A Tennessean does not look like, think like, or act like a blowhard like you Standish.

          • Carson Allen

            What are you talking about? It’s Armenian mega church Cultural Marxist crap that is destroying the country.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein


          • Carson Allen

            I was referring to followers Jacob Arminius, not the Ethnic Armenian race.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            If you have time, would you mind discussing a little of how Calvinism relates to modern SJWs, or direct me to websites that you suggest on the topic?

            I do not know much about Calvinism other than john Calvin and predestination.

          • Carson Allen

            Are you seriously asserting that Modern Calvinists such as James White, Jeff Durbin, (Apologia Studios), John Piper etc, are pro LGBT?
            A proper doctrine of Calvinism or Reformed Theology asserts no such thing. . This is a pro white Reformed Calvinist movement, or Kinism.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            No. But Calvinism and the idea of the Elect is a retarded theology.

            Calvinists thought everyone blessed was predetermined to go Heaven, so they focused on this world and tried to perfect life in the secular world. This is a common thread running through American history.

          • Vincent Law

            Its Judaism for the goys.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Excellent way of crystallizing Calvinist Protestantism.

          • craicher

            Some even claim Calvin himself was a Cohen. One thing is for certain the Calvinist Cromwellian gang brought the Jews back to England and the British Isles.

            Calvinism is also heartless to the less fortunate (they are damned) among their own people thus traitors to their own kind. Calvinism is stick-up-the-ass Christianity and fortunately is nearly dead.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            How do the two relate?
            How does it relate that because you are predestined to heaven that you then try to perfect this world?

            I’m very interested in this and would like to know more!

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Read Max Weber’s seminal “Protestant Ethic.”

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            I have heard of it. It may be over my English reading level. I will try to find a Japanese version.

      • They didn’t know they were joining permanently. Also the South dominated the union at first.

      • ☪rooked Hitlery Merkel

        How can you compare the EU to the US. The EU is something worse than the USSR, an elite project to rule over people, and it was planned from the very beginning to lead to the destruction of white Europeans. The 13 colonies were all overseas territories of England used to be under the same ruler, with the same language and culture, despite all differences.

        • Vincent Law

          It was a project to create a common market and compete with the United States. Nothing wrong with the idea, just its current execution.

    • J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia

      The Civil War was fought over slavery.

      • Junius Daniel

        Down here it was fought over keepin’ y’all up there:::)))

        As it is, y’all have the best gyros & hoagies, and, as such, y’all have no business lookin’ for ham hocks and grits, down here…

        • John Bonaccorsi

          Just as long as you let us come down once in a while for a bit of that sweet tea …

          • Junius Daniel

            Certainly, Sir, though, if I had to recommend something to you, it would be our rural women.

            A very true and faithful lot they are, and good mamas.

            We look forward to your visit, one day!

          • J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia

            I trust your assessment, Mr. D, of those women, who sound as if they’re quite my type. How I wish I were prosperous enough, even at my late age, to look for a bride among them. Well–maybe I will one day have the wherewithal for a visit to your great region.

          • Junius Daniel

            Thank you for your generous words, John. Have a great, ‘prosperous’ day!!!!

          • J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia

            You’re welcome, Junius. Without taking up the comment-space of with details, I’ll say I am expecting a very-nice evening, and I hope yours will be an enjoyable day, too.

          • Clytemnestra


            That’s the kind of North-South discourse I like to see. Was listening to the Sean Hannity show today. A New Yorker was filling in for him and a Southern lady called and she and another Southern gal were teasing him and the producer, Linda, whose NY accent is so thick you could cut it with a knife, about accents.

            I loved the way they went back and forth. I taped the segment for a French foreign exchange student who is studying American accents and she was in hog heaven, listening to how distinct they were.

            The cutest Southern comeback was “God talks like us!” I hope so, I love Southern accents.

      • freewoman

        it was fought over state rights vs federal power. The dems couldn’t give up their slaves (still can’t) so they tried to secede and then went to war. California may follow the same footsteps.

  • Robert Bruce

    Are you frigging kidding me? The guy says some nice words to placate the anti war paleoconservatives and alt right and his heart is “uncucked”? The guy talks out of both sides of his mouth!!!!!!! Please get real, and I would distance myself a tad from Trump. Haven’t you already hurt your cause by joining yourself at the hip with him in the beginning? No more brothers wars huh? It looks like his group sure wants to take out Russia in the not too distant future. Talk is cheap, very cheap. The guy’s main job is to keep everyone on edge and confused if he is the real deal or not, well he isn’t. His job is to implode the GOP. I am embarrassed that I felt compelled to vote for this guy.

    • Bill Jackson

      Trump did this in the election campaign as well. Whenever his base began to doubt, hints were dropped that this Jewish Mobbed Up Guy was anti-Semitic or Pro White, and the base was back in the palm of his hand again. Some people are gullible and not worth following I guess.

    • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

      Trump and Putin seemed to have agreed to work together on Syria, as of today.

      Hope springs eternal.

      • ShikokuPrincess91


  • One good thing about Trump is that he personally does not seem to be particularly fond of war or foreign interventions. He does seems more like a deal maker.

    Sure, Bush made some noises about a “humble foreign policy” knowing full well he and his team were preparing to invade Iraq as soon as they got their “New Pearl Harbor,” but Trump’s rhetoric seems rather different.

    Trump will be comically bellicose – “bomb the hell out of ISIS and take their oil!” – but it comes across as just much machismo, like wrestlers taunting each other before a highly choreographed performance.

    However Trump doesn’t seem like he has the will nor the inclination to stand up to Likud so I expect things to be business as usual and Trump will just keep the Bush/Obama foreign policy going.

    Here’s hoping he will find his balls again and say “no” to his Jewess daughter and his Mossad spy son-in-law who should be thrown into Pollard’s old cell and only be let out for visits to Gitmo.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    The Comments section at the Atlantic for this article is like the Passover Seder at the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto.

    • Charles The Hammer

      Jackson is literally Hitler now.

      • “In the future, everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes.” — Adolph Warhol.

        • Stefano

          Every New Hitler has his 15 minutes under the spotlights.

        • Andrej


        • JMB

          No! I demand 20 minutes

        • McHappy

          Your tired troll routine is anti-white because it sucks so bad.

  • Krafty Wurker

    Andrew Jackson is credited with saying, that he would go down to South Carolina and hang those bastards, personally.

    The difference between Trump and Jackson. Jackson would have done it. So far Trump has rolled over and played dead on all of his important promises. Too weak to even fire the really deserving of being fired. Or defending those worth defending.

    Jackson would have probably caned a Jew or a Roman Catholic politician for even speaking to him, and there are some Jew and Roman Catholic politicians who deserve caning.

    • nunyabidnessfoo

      Hate to break it to you, but most of the politicians who have sold us out are of Protestant backgrounds.

      • Better Dead Than Red

        This cannot be said louder. True Catholicism is longtime dead. See the Mortara case or the black legend on the Spanish Inquisition.

        • ShikokuPrincess91

          True Catholicism isn’t dead.
          There are many traditionalist Catholic orders, most comfortably in tune with Rome.

      • Krafty Wurker

        You are just another well intentioned Roman Catholic who refuses to see that every piece of anti-White legislation passed by Congress since 1964, has been an alliance of Jews & Roman Catholics vs. southern and western Protestants. That’s not speculation, that’s a fact. It’s very easy to see in the US Senate.

        • ShikokuPrincess91

          Wasn’t Lyndon Johnson a southerner and a Protestant? Nixon was a Protestant as was Reagan, and my understanding is that they sold their country as much as hart-cellar did, which is madness to a Japanese as we have nothing that suicidal in our history, well, except actual ritual suicide lol.

          I get what you are Saying. The kennedys screwed America over big time. Well Ted Kennedy did.

          But how much of it is Catholicism?
          To me it seems like both Catholics and protestants fell for the judaisizers. Maybe in different ways, with Catholics idiotically buying into the immigrant myth and protestants serving Israel at all costs and embracing many leftist Jewish agendas such as the Great Society. Furthermore you have Catholics like Bishop Fulton Sheen and many Protestants who set an example for whole world in resisting Judaism/communism.

          Really the only constant in ALL of the destruction of whites (and Japanese) is the dominant presence of the Jew. I’m guessing you know much more then me.

          I just wonder why any whites would seek division at this point. You’re doomed if you don’t start sticking together. The Jews and darker races are getting bolder and bolder with hatred of whites each day.

          • Krafty Wurker

            What’s that have to do with Congress, and the Jew and Roman Catholic alliance in politics?

            Btw, US Senator Philip Hart of Hart-Celler was a wealthy Roman Catholic lawyer, whose father in law owned the Detroit Tigers.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            My point is that there were plenty of Protestant Shabbos goyim.

            I’m not disputing that the Jews and Catholics in the USA had an alliance. That is a fact. The issue with those Catholics though is that they were corrupted by their resentment of Anglos and traditional America, due to their ethnic identities, not to the Catholic faith. I’m guessing Anglo-Catholics or French Catholics in louisiana felt very differently about their coreligionists siding with the Jews to destroy civilization.

            The Church has actually been the main resistor to Imperial Jewry, going back to the stoning of Stephen. Many American bishops became corrupted after the end of WWII and sought to align with the liberal “mainline” Protestant groups in abandoning tradition and embracing the political left. This spirit is what produced the self-hatred and wickedness we see today. It’s also the same attitude that brought on the numerous perverts into the priesthood.

            We have and are triumphing over these people. They don’t represent true Catholicism. Trust me; seek out a traditional Latin Mass or a truly Orthodox Novus Ordo. You’ll see a different spirit. One of respecting tradition.

            I cover my hair whenever I go to a Church and I never speak out against a man in authority; that is night and day to these liberal so-called heterodox “Catholics” who think they can change Truth and ordain women priests or support abortions or some other great evil.

            Still, I have much respect for the evangelical traditional protestants. They have guts and I like that.

          • Clytemnestra

            Perhaps if the Protestant elite had left ethnic White Catholic neighborhoods alone instead of importing Black workers from the South and instituting block-busting measures, Detroit et al wouldn’t look like war zones and there’d be no rust belt.


            You aren’t the innocent victims in all this.

          • listenupbub

            This Krafty Wurker guy is clearly just an idiot.

            Catholics were the original bad immigrants in America, but it really doesn’t matter anymore. We are dealing with a worldwide liberal paradigm shift now, not some historical squabble in America.

            You just have to tell the dumbasses here “shut up,” and then move on.

          • Krafty Wurker

            Look what your Roman Catholic political leader in New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu is doing defacing and destroying the Confederate monuments. That’s White American heritage that you Roman Catholics are now destroying.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            That’s true.
            We need all countries to embrace their own sovereignty.

          • Dillon Francis

            Are you Japanese? If so why are you interested in the alt right? And what are your thoughts in Japan’s submissive and servile relationship with the USA?

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            Thanks for asking.

            I am concerned about Europe and America collapsing. It would be horrific. We would be at the mercy of China, which would be the main power in the world.

            Whites play a major role in the world. Without them the amount of the world that is civilized and productive drops considerable, also the number of dateable men plummets!

            But also, every country has to be acknowledged as having the right to control its own destiny. If the west is forced to commit suicide Via mass inmigration, those pressures may be put on Japan.

          • Clytemnestra


            Why do the Chinese and Japanese hate each other so? I’m aware the two countries were enemies during WWII, but is there some older history on this animus? Thanks.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            It has to do with a couple of things.

            1. In Asia you don’t have serious “diversity.” Even in China where you have minorities with millions of people, those people are content to remain in their historic homelands. From my experience in the USA, Japan and I think China and Korea too are very close knit in terms of people within these countries being close to each other. So there’s much less tolerance for others.

            2. The Chinese hate us much more than we do them. I don’t hate China though I don’t respect modern Chinese. They resent us for trying to help them modernize their country and fight against Britain, France, Russia, etc. in the war and instead they back stabbed us and turned against us.
            We only attacked the USA because we were at war in China

          • In Nixon’s case it felt more like they figured out how to take advantage of his paranoia. His tapes all “name” the right people, but he missed the daggers closer to home.
            Seems he was so set on avoiding playing into their hands he slipped and fell right in.
            Like at the same time he was railing about Cohn possibly being a double-agent, he was led to appoint Kissinger and we know how that’s turned out since.
            Old assets were sacrificed in public to cover the entry of the new.
            And thanks to his resignation, no one since had the guts to kick Kissinger out of there. He was the only one that could’ve excised that parasite.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            Interesting. Thank you.

        • Clytemnestra


          It’s a two way street.

      • WalterWinchell


    • craicher

      You need to quit making everything Protestant v Catholic.

      • Aurelius

        Yea, both are typically cucky

      • Krafty Wurker

        If you look at every piece of anti-White legislation passed by Congress since 1964, you will see it has been an alliance of Jews & Roman Catholics vs. southern and western Protestants. That’s not speculation, that’s a fact. It’s easy to see in the US Senate.

        • ShikokuPrincess91

          True, but trad Catholics are friendlier to the alt right and opposed to immigration.

          The political Catholicism in the U.S. was more aboyt ethnicity than the faith.

          Most American “Catholics” treat their Catholicism like an extension of their ethnicity and “outsider” status. I very much doubt that thr descendants of recusants in Maryland favored the left so. Then again I am not American so some of the history is quite fuzzy to me.

          The US Church tipped towards heresy and innovation in many places before Vatican II. Many American Catholics are as spiritually dead as the Anglicans as a result. This was the case even before the ugly Novus Ordo in many places. That’s one reason the Novus Ordo was so massively popular in my understanding. It was Americanism filtering Catholicism.

          The trad Catholics are way more sympathetic to the evangelical protestants in America than the fake Anglicans and Unitarians and all of that stuff. It’s certainly true in Japan. We want to see Europeans tightly embrace borders. It’s necessary not for our own survival but it is necessary for our children’s prosperity. If East Asia alone has to carry civilization the entire planet will be in for a very rough time.

          Historically American Catholics have acted against America due more to their immigrant past than their religion. They have idiotically sided with mestizo invaders, thinking they have a shared experience.

          I think that will change though with the new breed of trads, which tends to embrace race realism.

          • Krafty Wurker

            LOL. A “trad” Catholic, isn’t that sort of like being a “conservative” Jew?

          • freewoman

            kind of, meaning orthodoxy. One actually following ones religion.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            A trad Catholic is more like an Orthodox Jew or hardcore Southern Baptist than a conservative Jew.

            Trads in the vast majority oppose mass immigration. Many are race-realists.

            The loose definition of a tras is someone who seeks out the traditional latin mass, instead of the lord feminized and protestantized Novus irdo (as practiced in many places, against the will of the Vatican).

            I urge you to seek it. If there is a traditional Latin Mass near you, seek out a solemn high mass on a Sunday. You might like it. At least you’ll understand

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            You’ll understand why we use the term, I mean.

          • WalterWinchell

            ah , then someone had better inform the Pope as to what his position on immigration should be, the Church has always been pro-immigration

          • Jack Burton

            The Pope and most Christians are all for converting and inviting the entire world. We’re all the same in God’s eyes, right? We all have the same souls? Sickening.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            Someone should inform him.

            Inmigration is not doctrine. It is up for debate.

            Immigration without assimilation is colonization. Will the Church support the disappearance of Europe and itself there?

            Mass inmigration violates Natural law, it is an indirect form of genocide as state in the U.N. prescription.

          • Clytemnestra

            Vatican II alienated a lot of Catholics. To fill those pews with butts, the Catholic Church embraced illegal aliens. That further alienated White Catholics. I haven’t set foot in a Catholic church in decades. Nowadays I attend a non-denominational Christian church. However, I’m seriously looking at the Eastern Orthodox Church.

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            I’ve thought of orthodoxy also.

        • Jack Burton

          There is definitely something to that. Funny that Spencer idealizes Romans, when Romans and their conquer and rule over everyone with their culture is the same mentality Yankees and Jews have. How about leave people the fuck alone and let them have their own sovereignty?

          • McHappy

            The Confederacy was anti-white!

          • Krafty Wurker

            Here’s a good example of two Roman Catholic US Senators pushing highly questionable Roman Catholics from Central America on us.

            Standing behind Irish Roman Catholic Casey is Italian Roman Catholic Joe Manchin,

          • Clytemnestra

            You forget the number of WASP politicians who like unfettered Third World immigration. But then politicians themselves might be a different breed, regardless of their color, religion or ethnicity.

            There isn’t a single Native American of any race, ethnicity or religion who likes all this cheap scab labor pouring into the country and diluting their own vote. That’s why Trump had support from every quarter. They all wanted him to build the damn wall

      • Yehudah Finkelstein


    • JosephtheGreat

      Exactly. Jackson was a man of his word. He was afraid of nobody. A risk-taker and fighter who managed to live a long life. Trump doesn’t have the balls of Jackson. Trump is too in love with himself and his money to be the kind of no nonsense savage Andrew Jackson was.

    • Sam Cru

      Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam are all Semitic in origin. No more Semitic religions for white people! A Semitic religion cannot serve a Caucasian people.

      • Krafty Wurker

        Is belief in God, a “Semite concept”? No one can argue that the origin of Protestantism is not northern Europe.

  • SLCain

    “Slavery and racism were America’s Original Sin. The Debt was paid through the blood sacrifice of half a million White people, Northern and Southern. Redemption came as a shining post-White America of individualism, race-mixing, and civic patriotism. And because of America’s peculiar history— its reenactment of the Christian narrative—we are able, indeed, required, to redeem the rest of the world, bringing them the democratic Gospel.”

    This particular view, so popular among many Republicans – the post-hoc retconning of the Civil War into some kind of bloody passion play (and I suppose for some in the North, it was one even at the time) – is truly sick and demented. If slavery was the original sin of the Republic, then it shared that status with the kind of crazy-eyed puritanism that makes the kind of view that Ted Cruz expressed seem sensible and normal. America is not, nor should be, the Christ of Nations, offering up it’s body for the expiation of man’s sins. The Civil War was a disaster, better avoided.

    Increasingly, I can’t help but think that America was snake-bit right from the start. There is something not quite right about this nation, something that prevents it being a normal, healthy nation, and it goes all the way back to the founding.

    • Stefano

      I was considering the other day that ,for my experience ,even African blacks(not that I am a huge fan but the fact is…EVEN them..) are a little saner and more comfortable in their skin..even they have a lower percentage of absolute ,unredeemable psychos and insane nuts than our africanamericans whatever right here in our land.
      Which tells a whole lot about Richard Spencer point,about how bad it is to be ” a minority” ,a reality extirpated by own’s own land and own’s own culture.

      This simple thought has been surely thought millions of times ,by hundred of millions of Americans,even if just in their own minds,of course:
      ” Why are this people so effing crazy??
      WHY do they act like this?
      What’s wrong with these people?”
      ..and similar.

      But the real questions should be:
      ” When do we stop paying for the slavery curse , this eternal Inferno”
      But it all should be compounded by:
      ” When do we stop paying for the insanity,the compounded mistake added to mistake of the Civil War?”

      • SLCain

        “..even they have a much lower percentage of absolute ,unredeemable psychos and utterly insane nuts than our africanamericans whatever, right here in our land.”

        The history of Africa would tend to indicate otherwise.

        • Stefano

          You don’t have to sell me what I already possess.
          The point is very specific, it’s not an historical or generically political point.
          It is a simple human observation that the Africans in Africa are , in their own land, race and culture at least not 50% made up of screaming to themselves while walking in the street raving lunatics or utterly unstable individuals acting like senseless clowns at anytime of the day in any place they find themselves , like the black American population.
          Their presence here most definitely does not make us better but it also makes them worse.
          Slavery , compounded by the Civil war and ending cycle with the Civil Rights has been nothing but a curse to both of our races.
          A curse we still observe and pay for.

      • listenupbub

        There was a study in Sweden (I think) that found that Somalians are 5 times more likely to develop schizophrenia if they grow up in a diverse area than if they grow up in a Somalian area.

        Being surrounded by people of other races makes people go crazy. This is probably because we begin at age 6 to associate people of other races with bad things. So if you grow up around the “other,” you are constantly distrusting and fearing, and the stress of it all can lead to psychological problems (it is thought that constant stress can be a cause of many psychological problems).

    • Ozymandias

      It’s a metaphor.

      He doesn’t mean it’s a sin in the sense of literally being a sin, but rather in the sense of it being responsible for causing a chain reaction of white suffering that began with the civil war.

      • SLCain

        I think people like him often do actually think of it as a literal sin.

        • freewoman

          well of course, that was drummed into our heads in leftist school

  • Scott Schroeder

    The last war America participated in that benefited the average white American was the Mexican War.

  • Stefano

    The only way to justify the horrible,horrifying outcome and karma of America participation into WWII was of course to make the alternative(fascism) so absolutely evil and unbearably worse of anything imaginable by a decent mind that the good,mid of the road normie christian conservative American could not for a second consider the idea that there was anything but rightness and heroism involved in the partecipation to that war.

    A war which,in reality was actively on the side of Stalin,giving him half of Europe, on the Italian mafia side ( the USofA actually put back the mafia in power in Southern Italy,and with a vengeance,after it had been utterly extirpated by Mussolini)and most of all,underlying it all ..a war to give a few banking families their European,tyrannical throne.

    So bad an outcome had that war ,even from a moderate but sincerely conservative American viewpoint,that it could only be justifed by absolute evil as the only possible alternative.
    And they are actively working the hardest,day to day,minute to minute even as we speak to keep that demonization solidly in place .

    But,even forgetting about zilklon b’s..logistics of Auschwitz , funny jewish soaps and fuzzy holocaustic maths ..EVEN forgetting that whole melodramatic ..and comical thing.
    Some of the stories one dares to study in depth out of his own initiative,for example about Italy’s most heroic(yes,believe it or not) fascists to the last minute of La Repubblica Sociale in Northern Italy or ,the reasons of Franco..some of the most peculiar stories one dunks his head into ,staring deeply at any detail and viewpoint of the time,would be enough,if sincerely observed to make even the middle of the road non-nazi,moderate republican think,for a second…
    And even the just moderatly intelligent see a different scenario and maybe even wonder, for a few seconds:
    ” Were we really on the right side?” .
    I would LOVE to tell some of those stories,sometime..if anybody wants them.

  • Stefano

    Good article, it makes me reconsider El Trumpo the human being there for a second.
    I will give him a few more minutes I guess.. a tiny dose of hope still..what do I have to lose..

    Our all hat zero cattle cowboy was not much in my best thoughts of recent.

  • Einar von Vielen

    We need a plan how to get rid of all who divide us.

  • Martin Eden

    The key to understanding Jackson and Trump, is they are both against radicalism. Jackson didn’t want to see the Union tear itself apart over two extremes. He believed that the government should yield to the States and to the people. Hence he is called a populist as is Trump. He was willing to make concessions to the South and secure a peace. The question, is what concessions will Trump make in this conflict?

    He obviously is hinting, that there are interests that have been ignored for a long time. He sees that these interests are giving rise to a radical nationalism/communism confrontation. Both of these are bad for the Union. He sees what the media is, and what they are doing and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the world the liberal Jews want, is no world worth ruling.

    Here, he employs the more ethnocentric of them, which is both good and bad. What does it boil down to for the Goy? You have to pick between two masters, one which is not shy about slaughtering you outright and one who wants to keep milking you- cattle. This administration is of the latter strain.

    Now, which is best for us? That is hard to say, right? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The key here, is to do what Spencer has been doing, use this Presidency for our own ends. Establish a political party, create networks, begin to push Pro-European interests mainstream and eventually prepare the way for a Bull to crush these “farmers” and replace them with gardeners. A nation is a garden not a farm.

  • Teutonic Butts

    The U.S. government could have bought all the slaves in the U.S. at triple market rate, shipped them all back to Africa and saved a fortune in lives and gold. If only.

  • Undercover Lover

    It is time to set aside petty differences and work together to preserve our race.

  • SM Kovalinsky

    Very perceptive and eloquent piece.

  • Evolver1

    The fundamental forces of natural selection work themselves out in the affairs of man. There is always competition among closely related peoples to bring forth the best of the type. Once, when Europe was almost all White, this process worked out in wars among brothers and cousins for the slightly better one.

    Now, we face an external threat–all non-White peoples–and we can no longer afford to have brother and cousin wars where nature makes very fine line distinctions among Whites. Now, we face an existential threat. We face our genocide–our extinction. Now, we must turn out cannons outward. Now, we must be ONE, UNITED White people.

  • SmashCulturalMarxism

    He’s actually thinking about how to avoid wars using lessons of past wars (war is a failure of civil politics). If you start from the premise that war is a failure, not a glorified event, avoiding it seems a noble start.

    He is exploring a popular, if perhaps obscure, historical topic
    “Did Slavery require a war to end in the USA? Could it have been ended another way?”

    Not to go into the whole historical analysis here, many say yes, it could have possibly gone a direction of Peaceful Emancipation.

    Regardless of the academic debate, the bigger picture here is Trump, as president, is seeking ways to achieve positive outcomes that do not require war.

    In any event, this idea of it being an “American Original Sin” is ahistorical nonsense. It was an economic system that was installed under the rule of the British Monarchy, assigning it to the American Republic is historical sophistry. It was a problem to solve, a system to work around, and unfortunately it was solved in a bloody way. And, the culture clash of the Africans in this country persists.

    A culture evolves to fit the people within it (by the people within it) and their traditions and morays. Once you realize that it’s not a one-size-fits all thing (anywhere), you stop believing in the myth of the melting pot (perpetuated by globalists).

    Thank you for your article. If you really want to dive into the academic debate:

  • ☪rooked Hitlery Merkel

    ‘because it envisions a world without European brothers’ wars’

    A noble goal. Yet you seem to be naive here, because you promote some sort of single government for white people. You won’t get your white unity without war. War is the father of nations. Without wars, you can’t build empires. And every strong government is built on power. If entities aren’t kept in line, everything falls apart. Like the British Empire, the Roman Empire or the present-day UK (Scotland). People will walk out if they think they gain something by doing so. Ultimately, the willingness to defend the Union with war avoided a white fragmentation in North America.

    It is also a fact that the wars between whites made the race strong and promoted competition. It was the perpetual Darwinist struggle in Europe that caused whites to soar over the huge monolithic bloc that was Imperial China, forever stuck in the Middle Ages. Conflict drove out whites from Europe and let them claim the world,it made whites want to outperform their neighbors on every battlefield, including science and culture.

    Your blind rejection of the virtues of ethnic nationalism means, plain and simple, that you ignore what made whites great in the first line – starting as early as the Greek city states like Sparta and Athens. That is why I don’t trust you to lead them to the promised land.

    No, wars have become too destructive to advance the race. But peaceful competition between white countries should exist. The EU isn’t a good idea run by the wrong people, it is a straightjacket that is killing Europe. Also Trump doesn’t remain uncucked, he says whatever is on his mind.

    • Vincent Law

      If competition and warring is good for Europe, it would be doubly good for the United States right? There should be a Civil War every couple of generations or so, no?

  • JMB

    Civil War was fought to abolish slavery. 2017 slavery still exists all over the world. When will there be a war to abolish human trafficking? What about the muslim countries that still have slaves? The Civil War was the worst thing for the U.S. The 1st division of our country & it didn’t even abolish slavery in the U.S.

    • George Clark

      the civil war was never about slavery, it was about states rights.

      • JMB

        True. I guess I worded it wrong. What I meant was, all of these people keep swearing it was about slavery. If it was then why does it still exist here in the U.S. through outlets like human trafficking, etc.
        It was about states rights & it was a war that could’ve been prevented with a much better ending. Pardon my lack of verbiage.

        • George Clark

          No problem , we are all slaves now. Less privacy and less respect.

  • Wolf
    • Ed Edgerton

      I strongly disagree. Anti-whiteness is the real problem. Things would be fine without it.

      • Wolf
        • Ed Edgerton

          Context is important. )))Whites((( are not even in control of their own societies. They are not capable of asserting their own group interests. I think Nietzsche was talking about people asserting their interests, not large groups of young men being led into a metaphorical meat grinder to serve the agenda of the (((financial elites))).

          • Wolf

            Yeah, nothing good ever comes out of “meat grinders.”


          • George Clark

            That’s right we are not fighting and dying for our benefit.

          • Ed Edgerton

            This is definitely the case for the recent wars in and near the Middle East.

            As for the two world wars and the American Civil War, most )))whites((( thought they were fighting for their interests, but they actually were not. War is part of the Judeo-Masonic strategy of order out of chaos. They get two opposing sides to fight each other and then take advantage of the resulting upheavals to implement their true agendas.

    • Undercover Lover

      We don’t need war. What we need is our own nations. Why send more Whites to die in wars? Especially fratricidal wars like the US civil war?

  • David McNight

    That had to do with Masonic Brotherhood you idiot! Stop drinking would you?

  • Stefano

    America has fought two actually Good Wars.
    Two correct ,justifiable uses of organized violence and force.
    One she has won.
    The second one was fought by one section of Americans, The South, and they lost.
    That loss was the beginning of the end, and part of such constant decline has become an apparent incapability to fight a single just war.
    We have become utterly uncapable to pick the correct, ethical side or to give any real, logical purpose to our war enterprisises.
    Since the glorification of the Republican criminal hero, Lincoln,America has fought only for the wrong, most illogical purposes or
    even directly on the worst possible villuan side.

  • Sandy

    Better still that White men never imported Africans into the North American continent, removing the catalyst for Civil War as well as countless other tragedies.

    My understanding is it was jews, owned the slave ships, and ran the slave trade. We fell for it, as always. IF the Civil War was necessary, it was to preserve a ‘union’ of sorts, that we are stronger together.

    No More Brother Wars, indeed.

    It will take a united front, to prevail against this enemy.

    • Joseph Martin

      Hi, Sandy.

      I know I’ve posted this before and I apologize if I’m being repetitive.

      “There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil. It is idle to expatiate on its disadvantages. I think it is a greater evil to the white than to the colored race. While my feelings are strongly enlisted in behalf of the latter, my sympathies are more deeply engaged for the former.” – Robert E. Lee 1856:

      • Sandy

        I had occasion to review an old convo of ours yesterday:

        Egyptian Journalist Minimizes Holocaust Numbers, Argues Hitler’s Murder of Jews Was Justified

        As you are still engaged with our friend, I thought you might get a kick out of it. 😉

        • Joseph Martin

          Thanks, Sandy.

          Great article. I love Red Ice but the white text on black background gives me a headache for some weird reason. Plus I can’t bring myself to feign sympathy for the Palestinians even though I am no fan of Israel.

          Stay awesome an thanks for being there.

          • Sandy

            Wasn’t the article so much as our comments to each other. Take another look.

          • Joseph Martin

            OK, Duh! I am so slow sometimes. That was a great exchange. It seems like years ago. You are the best!

          • Sandy

            Somebody ‘liked’ some of my comments, and, curious because they were old, I went to look. Remember, we’re talking about LB here. Did I call it, or what? We’re still in the same place, with him. Time to cut him loose? He doesn’t seem worth the trouble, I’d leave him to his jews. Knowing jews, and their propensity to argue every little thing, he’ll find himself arguing with them, soon enough. 😀 Too wicked?

          • Joseph Martin

            I know, right? I was following someone else’s comments and in a lapse of judgement posted on the channel. I think I got in some good shots and escaped unscathed ;-)There are some good people engaged there. I like Goblin a lot.

            I have a lot of personal distractions lately and am not very focused.

            All the best to you, Sandy!

          • Hello Sandy, LB is one of those who despise the English as much as the Germans. People who consider us irrelevant, want us to renounce ourselves and our ethnic identity.
            People who are NOT English and consider our very identity and any mention of it as a “slur”.
            Their command word is: “shut it down!”

            I’ve had this problem in my own Country, and they are not English who treat us like this. They see us as a “racist problem”.

            If one applied this same measure to any other ethnic group of people, you would have the same result: everyone would be a “problem” owing to their ethnic identity.

            So, if I had given in to that and renounced being English, the same would apply to the French, and the Front National would just be a “horrible racist group”.

            I sincerely believe that by holding true to my English allegiance, I did a service to all Western nations that are currently on the trend line to racial replacement.

          • George Clark

            I am of English German and Irish descent, The west European Anglo Saxons are the ones that created modern civilization. The rest except the orientals have contributed such a small amount that it is not even worth consideration, They are just along for the ride and breed profusely . Their offspring are raised by their grand parents usually. And the lie that Civilization began in Africa is a united nations propaganda agenda. We did not originate in Africa, Only the Black Africans came from there, They are a different species and are at least 200,000 years behind us in evolution. The Muslim tribe is handicapped due to inbreeding. There will never be a species of human that will have the problem solving and four dimensional thought processes like the white Anglo Europeans, particularly the west European and Scandinavian The two that are the closest are the Germans and the English the Italians are next those of that gene group that have the different eye and hair color. The Africans are so far away that they do not even belong to the same species. The agenda is to breed this species out of existence or kill them off.

          • AoE says Britannia defeated the Italians and took their queen and their queen’s daughter from the chessboard.

          • George Clark

            He is a sick man like I said. That forum of his is just a bunch of liars and fraudulent losers . They have no skin in the game . One is a self proclaimed communist . B is a cuck. He is for the replacement program. He is probably gay. The way he described this black man was sickening. Those primates will kill him and not even bat an eye, what a fool. And no I am not a Jew. But I sure caused a riot over there. They deserved it, all hypocrites and liars. Thanks Sandy.

          • Sandy

            I quit posting BRI long ago, can’t bear to read him. Only go in now to upvote, and have to skip over comments on their side to do it. But sick is right, I’ve seen him advocate for miscegenation.

          • DerBuzenPuken

            Either that or a massive cuck insulting everyone’s intelligence.

      • ShikokuPrincess91

        Your Robert E. Lee was amazing!

        Shame what they are doing to the memory of his cause.

    • ShikokuPrincess91

      Seems to be true by my limited knowledge too!

    • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

      “Fell for” what?

      • Sandy

        That we allowed it to enter our shores. Did you read the article? IF we had not, there’d have been no Civil War, and no White Guilt over slavery today. Jews brought it to us, and now they beat us over the head with it. As Europe is White Guilted with the holyco$t.

        It’s no coencidence, western countries are flooded with third-worlders. No coencidence, we’re called “racist bigots” as we attempt to cast off the shackles of White Guilt, and “just say no” to our Great Replacement Atonement.

        • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

          Seriously? “Jews brought it to us”?

          First of all, despite the fact that Jews were overrepresented among slave traders, there were still plenty of non-Jewish Whites involved in slave-trading. Secondly, even in a hypothetical scenario in which every single trader were Jewish, Whites would still be culpable for having purchased the slaves. Whites have agency, just as adults of every race do.

          Blaming slavery squarely on the Jews truly approaches every-time-a-Jew-rubs-his-hands-it-rains levels of stupidity.

          • Sandy

            Oh no! Somebody didn’t like my answer. Almost like he took it personal. Or something. Maybe you shouldn’t ask questions you really don’t want answered.

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            If White Nationalists engage in hyperbole, it provides an attack point for anti-Whites. It’s that simple.

          • Sandy

            IOW, don’t highlight jew subversion, lest we be called names. Better to ignore it, or cuck appeasement, and hope they stop.

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            That’s not even remotely related to what I said. The influence of organized Jewry has been deleterious for Whites, and must be freely discussed.

          • Sandy

            Oh but it is what you said. You took issue, because my OP highlighted jews, introducing slavery to America. You could have walked on by. Instead, you engaged in Whataboutism as deflection (whites are culpable for buying)

            Following your logic, we shouldn’t complain of anti-white academe/media messaging at all – after all, we’re consumers there too, and thus, “culpable” also.

            It’s jew apology, and deflection. Sorry, not a consumer of that. YMMV

          • Hildi H

            Hail Sandy!!

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            Your OP didn’t merely highlight Jews; it placed them atop the pyramid of blame for (African) slavery. As though, like disease vectors, they brought the plague of slavery to an unsuspecting and helpless White America.

            No. The early Americans were adults who made the mistake of importing African slaves, and we’re living with the consequences of those actions today.

          • Sandy

            Yawn, more Whataboutism deflection jew-philia apology. Now you’re just repeating yourself, and since I’m not buying what you’re selling, there’s no purpose to this convo. Last word is yours, if you’re a person needs that.

          • Hildi H

            Just stop. Either read some real history or shut up.

          • Dunnyveg

            Wrong again. Slavery was actually brought to these shores by a negro:


            Further, slavery was introduced to these shores by the British, and long before America and Americans were ever thought of. Are you really not aware that the Pennsylvania Quakers tried to outlaw slavery only to be overruled by their British masters?

            It’s hardly coincidence that Newport, RI was both the locus of the slave trade and also had the largest concentration of Jews.

          • DerBuzenPuken

            LOL! The slave industry was “closed for business” during joooz holidays.
            Over 600,000 White Men died, with millions more casualties for that “mistake”. How many joooz?

          • Hildi H

            New meme:
            )))The Six Hundrend Thousand(((

          • DerBuzenPuken
          • George Clark

            But that war was not even about black slavery, it was about centralization of power , taking the individual states power and giving it to the federal government. They just changed it to a slavery issue afterward. Think about it, after the south was destroyed there was no work or jobs for the slaves. Most of the rebels left and went west. Many of them were shot, The land was seized by the federal government, all white men lost their voting rights as well.

          • DerBuzenPuken

            All true, George.
            But (((they’ve))) stamped the poisonous perception of dem ebil White slave masters in order to destroy White Christian European American society through centuries of deception.

            The chosen wouldn’t want anyone to learn that (((they’ve))) controlled the slavery industry since before Biblical times.

            Hence, the Civil War angle has been printed in our educational textbooks for more than a century, and followed by a plethora of (((hollywood productions))). Swallowed hook, line, and sinker by many generations of pavement apes and cucks.

            So (((their))) perception must also be addressed. My meme serves as a nice mic-drop.

          • George Clark

            That is right, The guilt complex brought on early in life. There is no white privilege only white hate by all the other groups.

          • Hildi H


          • George Clark

            I like you Sandy.

          • Hildi H

            Why doesn’t anyone demand Jews to pay reparations then? You admit they were over-represented in the slave trade. It’s a safe assumption that they were Enablers of slavery (or worse… Merchants of slavery).

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            Blacks see most Jews as white (if not White), and to them, it’s one big oppressive group.

            (Obviously, the only reparations due are efficient ferries to Liberia.)

          • Hildi H

            And the only reason Blacks see Jews as White is because Jews are deliberately elusive and want Whites to take all the blame.

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            Blacks see Jews as white/White because many Ashkenazi Jews have skin tones that more or less resemble those of Whites.

          • Hildi H

            So, are you saying blacks are stupid or that Jews are deliberately elusive?

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            We know that both are true.

          • Hildi H

            And so, I will direct you back to the OP.

          • Dunnyveg

            Sandy is right. Those “non-Jewish whites” you allude to are liberals. These liberals–your predecessors–didn’t turn against slavery until the slave trade was outlawed and they could no longer make money off it.

            It is certainly true that Southern elites had to buy the slaves. But only the most disingenuous liberal would claim that drug kingpins, such as Escobar, are no more morally culpable for the drug problem than the junkie buying the stuff on the streets.

            I hope Americans are never as smart as you and your liberal comrades.

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            Why does it take a “disingenuous liberal” to expect people to not do stupid things like allow themselves to become addicted to drugs?

          • Dunnyveg

            The better question is why you think liberals don’t do stupid things. Whether we’re talking about Smith’s concept of “enlightened self-interest”, the hippie motto of “do your own thing”, to the yuppie battle cry of “greed is good”, liberalism is a celebration of selfishness, or moral retardation. So, people become junkies for the same reason doctors overcharge to the point where it is destroying our economy: It feels good, and that’s all that matters.

            It speaks volumes that you can’t understand liberal moral cretinism.

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            “The better question is why you think liberals don’t do stupid things…”

            Something I’ve neither said nor implied.

          • George Clark

            There were white slaves , in Savanna Georgia there is a cemetery full of Irish slaves that were worked and beaten to death by their black slave masters. The negro slave was somewhat of a novelty because of their skin color. Just like a new color on a car. Every body wanted to have one. Not just the large land owners had slaves. They in the beginning were necessary because this country was mostly forest. Land that had to be cleared and tilled was done with human labor and hand tools. Men were needed. Even smaller families would purchase slaves. Slavery would have ended after mechanized equipment became available.

        • DerBuzenPuken

          Yup. No cohencidence!

  • J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia

    I’m not sure Trump was off-target in suggesting Andrew Jackson was alert, decades before the Civil War, to the tensions that would culminate in that conflict. At is an 1833 letter whose authenticity I’ve never seen questioned. I’ll copy-and-paste from that page:

    A Private Letter Written By General Jackson, on the 1st of May, 1833, to Rev. A.J. Crawford

    Washington, May 1st, 1833

    My Dear Sir—I have just received your letter of the 6th ultimo, and have only time in reply to say that General Coffee well understood Mr. Shackleford, and urged your nomination in his stead. I had nominated you; but, on the serious importunity of Col King, your Senator, with General Coffee, the change was adopted, and you nominated for the office you now fill.

    The Senate cannot remove you, and I am sure your faithfullness and honesty will never permit you to do an act that will give good cause for your removal; and, if Moor and Poindexter discovered that you were related to me, that would be sufficient cause for them to reject you. Therefore it is, that I let well enough alone, although I know it would be a convenience to you to be located where you are; still a rejection by the Senate might prove a greater inconvenience, and, for the reasons assigned, it was not done.

    I have had a laborious task here; but nullification is dead, and its actors and courtiers will only be remembered by the people to be execrated for their wicked designs to sever and destroy the only good government on the globe, and that prosperity and happiness we enjoy over every other portion of the world. Haman’s gallows ought to be the fate of all such ambitious men, who would involve the country in civil war, and all the evils in its train, that they might reign and ride on its whirlwinds, and direct the storm. The free people of these United States have spoken, and consigned these demagogues to their proper doom. Take care of your nullifiers you have amongst you. Let them meet the indignant frowns of every man who loves his country. The tariff, it is now known, was a mere pretext. Its burthen was on your coarse woolens—by the law of July, 1832, coarse woolen was reduced to five per cent. for the benefit of the South. Mr. Clay’s bill takes it up and classes it with woolens at 50 per cent., reduces it gradually down to 20 per cent., and there it is to remain, and Mr. Calhoun and all the nullifiers agree to the principle. The cash duties and home valuation will be equal to 15 per cent. more, and after the year 1842, you pay on coarse woolens 35 per cent. If this is not protection, I cannot understand. Therefore the tariff was only the pretext, and disunion and a Southern confederacy the real object. The next pretext will be the negro, or slavery, question.

    My health is not good, but is improving a little. Present me kindly to your lady and family, and believe me to be your friend. I will always be happy to hear from you.

    Andrew Jackson
    The Rev. Andrew J. Crawford

    [Note: With a little Googling, you’ll be able to find out who A. J. Crawford was and how Jackson’s letter to him came to light. I don’t quite remember the details, but I have encountered them on the internet, where I have also seen images of the letter itself–in Jackson’s handwriting, that is. The person who posted the letter’s text at the webpage I linked above indicates there that he doesn’t know the identity of A. J. Crawford.]

  • Cobbett

    But war against North Korea and Iran Is OK? Trump is a meanace to global peace.

  • eli3k

    I will never raise arms against a White man. We cannot be divided by the Jews anymore.

  • SmashCulturalMarxism
    • Hildi H

      It probably has to do with the link at the bottom. I recently posted a comment with a link at the bottom and it was similarily marked as spam. It’s a disqus thing. Breaking the link or posting it separately seems to fix this. Idk why.

  • Jack Burton

    The South was and is the only actual American ethnicity. The idea of a rootless white melting pot comes from Yankees, and Jews turned it into a worldwide monstrosity.

    The South had the legal right to secede.

    The South fought a legal war of defense. The South was not trying to conquer the North. The North was conquering the South to rule over the South. The South held on to our culture and racial standards even after losing the war. Since we were conquered and ruled by Judeo-Yankee feds, Southerners were eventually forced at gunpoint to integrate.

    Spencer lies by omission. Spencer leaves out a lot of important context. Similar to how Jewish media intentionally leave our racial details. It’s called lying by omission and taking things out of context to deceive people.

    • craicher

      Southerners are the only only ones who still mark “American” as their ethnicity on the census. With the exception of small towns in New England the South is the only place left in America where most of the people and the dominant culture come from the British Isles and Ireland. We are the last of the Mohicans.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    “Slavery and racism were America’s Original Sin. The Debt was paid through the blood sacrifice of half a million White people, Northern and Southern. Redemption came as a shining post-White America of individualism, race-mixing, and civic patriotism. And because of America’s peculiar history— its reenactment of the Christian narrative—we are able, indeed, required, to redeem the rest of the world, bringing them the democratic Gospel.

    Trump seems unburdened by this political theology. This indicates that, despite his failings, he remains “uncucked” in his heart of hearts.”

    MIC DROP……….