Boomers Are A Menace To Identitarian Movements All Around The White World

Boomers are really something, aren’t they? I won’t go into too much detail about why boomers are the most entitled, most spoiled and most complacent generation to ever be spawned.

The memes do all the work for me!

They and their equivalents in Europe have allowed and encouraged the ruin of the White world. And you’d think that these geriatrics would just shut up and at least get out of the way in their old age. Nope.

(Thank you to commenter for bringing this video to my attention)

Skip to 6.22 to see these fat idiots counter-signaling us. There are some really good comments in the video eviscerating the Boomer Oathkeepers. My favorite:

“Race is foundational. No coincidence that all in the video are white. Liberal democracy is destroying white people and culture. Time for boomer cucks to stand aside and white nationalists to rise.”

Boomers love to show up to Alt-Right events and counter-signal.

(Skip to 8.47 to see yet another boomer cuck bravely stand up for Tabula Rasa Race dogma)

Richard talks about seeing millions of like-minded types all over the United States. He is not wrong- we have all seen their type before.

And then there was the video of Maine democrats laughing about White men offing themselves in record numbers.

The man in the video, Richard Fochtmann, should have triple parentheses around his name and is yet another example of the Jews pretending to be White phenomenon:

But he is also addressing an audience of Boomers in Maine- the Whitest and most Boomer filled state in our great union. Half of Maine’s population is older than 43.5 years! No other state has a higher median age. Just read this article about Maine’s demographics.

It’s all White Boomers! And they’re the ones in the audience laughing!

And naturally, they’re importing the diversity, all in the name of charity.

Here’s another video that Andrew Anglin wrote up:

Is there a generational thing?

Oh, absolutely.

I have met maybe only one or two young racists that were more racist than their parents.

Almost 100% of the time they’re less racist than their parents.

So, part of this greater America that we see on the horizon and that is arriving daily is just simply waiting for old white guys like me to die off, and we’re gonna have a new America.

And you’re okay saying that?

Oh, absolutely.

With a smile!

Oh, yeah, sure.

Everybody’s gonna be better off when my generation is gone.

Everybody’s gonna be better off.

But he’s wrong isn’t he? Young people are rejecting boomer platitudes.

We may not be in the majority yet, but we have established a definitive subculture that is growing fast.

As for the boomers… They won’t be missed. They have squandered their inheritance, salted the earth for their posterity, and continue to actively derail our efforts. It’ll be poetic justice to see the generation that rebelled against their parents feel the same anguish when our generation rejects them.

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