Boomers Are A Menace To Identitarian Movements All Around The White World

Boomers are really something, aren’t they? I won’t go into too much detail about why boomers are the most entitled, most spoiled and most complacent generation to ever be spawned.

The memes do all the work for me!

They and their equivalents in Europe have allowed and encouraged the ruin of the White world. And you’d think that these geriatrics would just shut up and at least get out of the way in their old age. Nope.

(Thank you to commenter for bringing this video to my attention)

Skip to 6.22 to see these fat idiots counter-signaling us. There are some really good comments in the video eviscerating the Boomer Oathkeepers. My favorite:

“Race is foundational. No coincidence that all in the video are white. Liberal democracy is destroying white people and culture. Time for boomer cucks to stand aside and white nationalists to rise.”

Boomers love to show up to Alt-Right events and counter-signal.

(Skip to 8.47 to see yet another boomer cuck bravely stand up for Tabula Rasa Race dogma)

Richard talks about seeing millions of like-minded types all over the United States. He is not wrong- we have all seen their type before.

And then there was the video of Maine democrats laughing about White men offing themselves in record numbers.

The man in the video, Richard Fochtmann, should have triple parentheses around his name and is yet another example of the Jews pretending to be White phenomenon:

But he is also addressing an audience of Boomers in Maine- the Whitest and most Boomer filled state in our great union. Half of Maine’s population is older than 43.5 years! No other state has a higher median age. Just read this article about Maine’s demographics.

It’s all White Boomers! And they’re the ones in the audience laughing!

And naturally, they’re importing the diversity, all in the name of charity.

Here’s another video that Andrew Anglin wrote up:

Is there a generational thing?

Oh, absolutely.

I have met maybe only one or two young racists that were more racist than their parents.

Almost 100% of the time they’re less racist than their parents.

So, part of this greater America that we see on the horizon and that is arriving daily is just simply waiting for old white guys like me to die off, and we’re gonna have a new America.

And you’re okay saying that?

Oh, absolutely.

With a smile!

Oh, yeah, sure.

Everybody’s gonna be better off when my generation is gone.

Everybody’s gonna be better off.

But he’s wrong isn’t he? Young people are rejecting boomer platitudes.

We may not be in the majority yet, but we have established a definitive subculture that is growing fast.

As for the boomers… They won’t be missed. They have squandered their inheritance, salted the earth for their posterity, and continue to actively derail our efforts. It’ll be poetic justice to see the generation that rebelled against their parents feel the same anguish when our generation rejects them.

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  • Painting with a wide brush guy, 54 years old First,Last and always, White Nationalist, dreaming for a White Ethno-State.

  • I think each generation gets progressively worse. Yeah boomers suck, and generation X are even worse etc. It has to do with comfort levels. There seems to be a law of inverse proportion: The more creature comforts the less spiritual virility.

  • B.S. if the right doesn’t quit this nonsense it will never succeed.

    Lots of boomers could easily align themselves with the alt right and some already do. Trump won a greater percentage of them than younger voters and Brexit passed with a majority of boomers voting for it. It lost with young voters. The bedrock of the populist movements in Europe are boomer males, especially working class. Younger voters are more globalists. France is one of the few exceptions to this.

    Unfortunately, trying to virtue signal how one group is better than the other could doom the alt-light and alt-right to never reaching their potential. While the left focuses on the right, the right focuses on the right trying to say others are bad.

  • Geez, all the liberal policies were created and executed by older politicians. The 1965 immigration garbage was voted in by the
    Greatest Generation and it was this same generation that taught at
    Berkeley and elsewhere. Only a rather vocal minority of the kids bought into the liberal agenda. Every generation was silent as this nation slowly turned to a 1984 type state over the course of the better part of a century. To say that Boomers were the only ones to drop the ball is rather dishonest. They were the last generation that reproduced over replacement levels as well. Gen
    X, Gen Y, Millenials, are dropping the ball as well. I don’t see us reversing the Sexual Revolution, etc anytime soon. In fact all of the younger generations have taken it farther than even any Xer could have imagined it.

  • Could it be that the boomers, mainly the men, feel a bit jealous of the Alt Right men? Alt Right do what boomers secretly wanted to do but were too self absorbed. They really disconnected with our ancestors and the thought of their descendants were, well, non existent. They never gave a single thought to the future & what they’ll pass down. They lived an easier life but in turn left us a broken country.

    • Why should they be jealous? They actually were adults, had families, and had good jobs. On top of that, if studies are true , they got more poon as well. They were the last generation to live the “American Dream”. Xers and Millenials will never have it so good. Blaming one generation for our failures is cowardly.

      • Lol! What you’re saying isn’t untrue. But while it was so easy for them the government was sneaking everything by them that was destroying our chances to have what they have. My dad didn’t even graduate HS & had a very successful business that allowed him to travel and made a great living for us. These days you have to have a degree to work in retail! I say jealous because we are not so gullible & it has made us stronger & more out spoken. The Men in the Alt Right are getting things done! And on THEIR terms.

  • I couldn’t agree with this article more ,the boomers are a failed generation and need to shut up and get to the back of the bus!

      • Just the ones who attend universities ,I think their generation gets a bad rap because of the stupid college trust fund kids who scream facist all the dam time ,but I’ve spoken to allot of millennial whites who aren’t college kids. Who are a major part of the alt right and the manosphere as well ,they certainly far cry from the snow flakes you see on television and you-tube who form the ranks of ANTI-FA. Those groups you’ll only see in cities!

  • If Jews aren’t white, then how are Persians white? How are castizos white? According to Spencer and Enoch Persians and castizos are both white.

    • Saying “Persian” at this point is probably a misnomer. Iran was destroyed by constant Arab immigration and Jewish. After miscegenating they’re not White, or at least those “Persians” aren’t. There are still White Persians, real Persians, but they’re rare. It’s like White people in Mexico.

  • There is absolutely, no doubt in my mind, that the boomer generation in the West has totally screwed up this world. We are bearing the consequences and the posterity will inherit chaos and wars.

    • The current foreign policy trajectory was laid out in the late 40s. Korea and Vietnam were presided by older generations. Can’t blame
      Boomers alone. Do you think
      Ivanka Trump would be any less warlike than W? Psychopaths are everywhere and populate all generations. The “plan” is multi generational and has been in play for centuries.

  • even more than the jews who claim whitehood when it suits the jew agenda, i hate the fat freak in the last video. i do agree with this mental meatball on one thing, however: the world will indeed be a much better place to live once he dies. someone please get his name, then watch the obits in his home town. when this swamp scum is no more please let us know that we might enjoy a grin with a glass of chardonay.

  • Jewart Rhodes of “OathKeepers” is a rather poor example of a “boomer.” The Oathkeepers came about around the ’90s to appeal to the renegade patriotard/libertarian/constitutionalists who were prepping and forming militia groups in order to infiltrate, co-opt and make them known to the “proper” authorities if they might seem to be to dangerous to ZOG.
    Rhodes, by default of being a Jew, can and never will be a White Nationalist. The Oathkeepers are a shill group who show up at various events, mainly for the sake of creating a pseudo intimidating media op. They’re very popular with the (((media))).
    The manufactured generational division is Cultural Marxist in the way it has operated since the 1960’s and basically serves the purpose of creating market niches of material goods as well as ideas, destroying intergenerational continuity as well as destroying the family in general. Before the Cultural Marxist onslaught of the Vietnam War era most people had two or three kids, daily contact with grandparents and quite often there were great grandparents and great aunts and uncles being cared for or living with a younger family.
    It was the Yippie communist Jew Jerry Rubin who exhorted the goyim: “Until you’re prepared to kill your parents, you’re not really prepared to change the country because our parents are our first oppressors.”
    One would expect a pro White Nationalist publication like Alt Right to utilize it’s media power to strengthen the solidarity of all Whites rather than continue the Jewish agenda to vanquish the generations. You may as well just do the enemies bidding.
    I would categorize this article somewhere in the “Anti Whites in the Alt Right Movement” file.

    • Boomers are pretty worthless…. No organization like the Oath Keepers that is founded and led by a Jew is going to be any kind of check on “ZOG”. This goes to show how stupid boomers are that they would join and organization founded by a Jew in the first place. From what I have heard from trusted second hand accounts it is a worthless organization anyways. Just another fake outlet for White anger.

      Boomer cat ladies, and patriotards that support over seas adventures, and the importation of our rivals really do deserve to be shamed and bullied. They are quite contemptible… Besides, what are they going to do to us that they haven’t already done.

      • Boomers are just your typical sentimental Christian cucks who make decisions based on feminine emotions. As long as their lives are nice and safe they don’t give a damn if the rest of the white world goes to Third World hell.

        • That sums up
          America, not just one generation, but all. If that wasn’t the case anti war rallies would be huge and a frequent thing going on in the nation. People are complacent as they still are comfortable, millenials included.

  • The Boomers may have a lot to answer for, but, as some commenters have pointed out, many of the truly bad decisions were made by the “Greatest Generation” in the 1960s. Moreover, over on Sailer’s blog, he’s pointed out that the later Boomers (c. 1954-1960) haven’t fared nearly so well as the early Boomers, particularly Boomers born in the 1940s. And some of us Boomers have taken the Red Pill and are active in identitarian politics.

    • That’s true. There does seem to be a major divide within that cohort.

      Also class seems to play a major role. Obviously “boomers” in this context doesn’t refer to a Midwestern or southern farmboy who lost his leg in Vietnam.

      It’s the grey pony tail sporting leftist professor who won’t get out of the way

      • No, it’s the “muh free markets” idiots who worship guns and let their daughters interbreed with Mexicans that are the problem.

  • Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung focused on Ancestry, Archetypes and The Shadow. He believed a person without a strong connection to his ancestors and folklore would fall mental and spiritually ill and perish. Right now 85% of heroin deaths are White Anglo Americans who have been turned into beta males and striped of the ancestral identity.

  • I have heard this before and it has the smell of a cheap cop-out.
    It’s easy enough to point fingers and you should examine the story you are buying into carefully, especially when it leads you to identify the culprit who causes all your problems.
    More often than not, a careful examination of the facts – including the facts of your own history (having been endowed with more money and learning opportunities etc.) than the boomers had, your own failure to make something better than you have, and opportunistically blaming the government, the old guys, the blacks, the women – everybody but yourself – you betray you own impotence and stupidity – and I add, laziness.
    How many times have you gone into court and fought to repel government with its own tools? What have you done to create and/or support a marketplace for sustainable energy, health or medicinal foods? These are things with some potential to improve life and bring people into organization that can change things.
    Brawling with antif may get your adrenaline pumping. That’s good for you if you want to be a war-fighter – just what we need! But until you start addressing the serious questions, you will always be a victim, waiting to b ehad.
    You guys don’t impress me at all.

    • one further point – we gave you all this communication technology and computing power, hoping you would not waste it on fantasy sex and your own private little jihads. What a damned waste!

      • There will
        Always be hostility to the boomers.

        Truthfully they seem so rotten mainly because there were too many of them relative to other age cohorts.

        They were able to bully other age groups due to numbers, just as they try to do with their successors.

        Upper middle class Boomers never had to really grow up. That’s the way it seems to me anyway.

          • My experience is that all Americans are very eager to express their feelings, regardless of age.
            I see much in the way of “whining” from those 50+, though I would not call it “whining.” They are complaining about the youth, or are fearful for their own actual government entitlements. That or they are equating a millenial wanting a society where he can be hired with actual entitlement, such as Medicare and social security, which isn’t a retirement plan, and in fact gives people much more than they “paid in” as I understand it in most places?

    • >I have heard this before and it has the smell of a cheap cop-out.

      No you haven’t. You’ve literally never heard the term “Boomercuck” before this. Don’t worry, you’ll hear it for the rest of your pathetic life. The shorter the better.

      >It’s easy enough to point fingers

      Yes it is, especially when America was 90% White when you Boomercucks were put in charge. After decades of Boomercuckoldry America is 60% non-Hispanic White and plummeting. The neighborhood I grew up in on the South Side of Chicago was 100% White when I was a child. Now it’s a Turd World shit hole.

      >you betray you own impotence and stupidity

      Says the faggot that made Whites a hated minority in America.

      >How many times have you gone into court and fought to repel government with its own tools?

      How many times have you Boomercucks gone to court and fought against the White race?

      >You guys don’t impress me at all.

      You Boomercucks destroyed our future. Every time one of you gets killed by an illegal, Muslim, or Dindu I hold you up as an object lesson of America’s worst generation. You’re traitors and deserve to die in infamy.

      • You are wrong dick-breath. I have heard excuses from angry fools for longer than you have been alive. What I have never seen is one of you doing something right.

        Whites are not a hated minority in America – but you can make that happen.

        You need to get a hold of yourself if you want to try arguing. On second thought, go back to you little crowd of ignorant bitches and howl. We’ll avoid you until you cross the wire.

        Fool. Your future is in you own hands. If you’re too lazy to do anything about it, you can wallow around in your own filth. Or, sober up and get to work. It’s much harder to take something from you when you’re aware and focused. Maybe you can try that…

        Don’t make me laugh.

        • Go back to sucking nigger dicks to virtue signal you’re not a racist homophobe.

          That was easy.

          • That sounds like your gig – and there you are on the south side, without a clue.

          • You’re a Boomercuck. We get it. You’re a loser. You lost America. You lost everything. No amount of posturing will ever change the fact that you destroyed something beautiful and the only thing you can do is double-down and your faggotry.

            America didn’t have to turn out this way, but you made damn certain it did and you’re here making sure it only gets worse.

          • argument: a coherent series of reasons, statements, or facts intended to support or establish a point of view a defense attorney’s closing argument.

            ad hominem: appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect or reason.

            whiny little bitch:

          • argument – You failed to illustrate how Whites today are better off than you Boomercucks; Affirmative Action, H1B Visas, Open Borders, Amnesty, et al.

            ad hominem – You’re a typical autistic White cuckfag who ruined his country and just won’t stop.


          • You can’t make it because you’re intellectually lazy and have a complex. Poor little ‘cuck’.
            Yes, you can make up names on the fly. Too bad you can’t do something with the tools I put in your box.
            Speaking of arguments – where are yours? Oh yes, finger-pointing is a remarkable skill. I forgot. I’ll put thi son th eline: you will never accomplish anything. Willing to bet on it?

          • yes, you win. I cannot stand up to you withering criticism. You must b a sixth grader . Please don’t hit me, please… .

          • You are why the alt right will never get anywhere. Just want to blame someone else for your predicament. You get overly emotional like a preteen boy or girl. So who is the cuckoo now?

          • Alt right won’t exist in 2020, unless a party of some kind is formed. There is no unity or vision and race politics alone isn’t going to cut it.

          • I guess you’re just a counter-signalling faggot then. No problem. Adjustment made.

          • The real enemies are in
            DC Thomas, that is my whole point. Making enemies with everyone else isn’t a winning strategy. Who passes the legislation or signs it into law?Also, who owns these so called leaders? It isn’t Antifa, so why waste your time with them?

          • America being lost took a bit over a century and it was done over several generations. Blaming one generation isn’t being realistic. Our march toward globalism started in 1898 and progressed slowly till the 1990s. What have millenials done to further white nationalism? Just whine and bitch like saw snowflakes. Babyboomersat least reproduced at replacement levels. Millennial men avoid marriage like the plague!

          • Blaming the last White generation in America that is still fighting against Whites is more than fitting. Boomercucks had the world to themselves. They could afford children you retarded faggot!

            Keep fighting White people! You’re only pushing us further and further to the extreme.

          • Antifa is nothing more than bait on a hook. Why waste time with them. They are just waiting for an excuse to clamp down on the right. It is better to use this time to build a real nationalist political party, not fool around with leftist jokers.

          • It should be clear to anyone by now you’re a fucking idiot.

            Antifa fights normies.
            Antifa literally punches normies in the face and screams Nazi.
            Antifa is the funded strong arm of the Left.
            Antifa is openly anti-White.

            Why fight them? Because the same government that Boomercucks occupy is the same government that WON’T fight them. You have to be completely and utterly retarded to not step in and act as the government the people need when you must replace the government the people have.

          • Antifa is a bunch of clowns that serve as a distraction. You are not winning a god damn thing confronting them. The enemy is in
            DC letting in more refugees and you are playing wannabe freikorps!!! Oh and by the way, I was born in 1970, making me a Xer.

        • The fact that you would write such about your successors is itself problematic.

          Why do you guys think you can be in control for ever?

          • Reality bites!!! People always want to blame someone else for their pass poor predicament, when in most cases, a lot of hard work can get you where you want to be. The Millenials’ sense of entitlement is astonishing. I thought us Xers were bad!!!

          • What is “entitlement?”

            Having a functional society? Not stopped up by those born earlier?

            You must explain to me! Keep in mind I do not gave native English.

    • Exactly!!!! The world is changing and you have to adapt to it. The only thing that is constant in the world is change. Yeah the immigration policies of this country should be challenged, but you still have a poor birthrate with younger whites. That is something that whites can control on their own. Millenials don’t marry or have kids anymore, contributing to the demographic timebomb about to be unleashed.

      • Yes, I think it’s a good idea to forget about blaming either everybody or anybody who came before for everything and get down to work. More than the flood of immigrants and the untethered government, I fear the thing that will do the most damage to us is the curious state of disorientation and/or alienation that younger people seem to be falling into – without going into the causes of this.
        The best way for people to solve problems is to get together face to face and start solving them together.
        If you have to do that in a tribal way, fine, do it. But you should be capable and open to cooperating with other (tribes) if necessary.
        Otherwise, I think it devolves into gang warfare. Not really a solution…

  • Jewart Rhodes of the so called OathKeepers which should actually be called “the GateKeepers,” is most likely there gathering intel and taking names of anyone who may be a bit too dissident for the scumbag Jew World Order.
    Oathkeepers was most likely formed as a infiltration group masked as patriotards to take out western militias in the 90’s.
    From what I see at a lot of these so called “Alt Right” protests recently is a lot of the same old multicult.
    Better to just call yoursel White Nationalist than “Alt Right.”
    This is probably the most anti White article I’ve seen in this publication. Who the hell is this faggot Vince Law anyway. Is he even White? Sounds like he hates Whites more than supports them.

  • Wait, there were boomers in Europe post-WWII?
    I thought europeans were busy with rebuilding the continent-spanning wreck, not having a boom.

    • Yeah, Russia alone was so devastated they didn’t have a baby boom. They didn’t have the fortune (or misfortune) of getting rebuilt by Burgerland. Famine played a big role as well.

  • The generation which may have done the most to destroy America but NEVER EVER gets any blame or even mentioned is the generation (or two) just before the Boomers.
    That is the generation that was the majority of the Congress which passed the immigration reforem act of 1965. For God’s sake, the oldest Boomer was only 19 when that law was passed. I don’t think there were many of them in Congress.
    Yeah, the Greatest Generation my ass!!!!
    We all would be better off if they had lost WWII.

      • American manufacturing worker got quite a bit more orders because of that victory, I`d imagine.

        For a time, anyway.

      • The most fair and accurate assessment is that America’s greatest generation won that war and two or three generations thereafter benefited slowly, but increasingly less. If we benefit today, the benefit is marginal compared to the effects of the moves of the next generation: passing the 65 immigration act, playing geopolitics against the Soviet Union,etc (aiding Afghanistan, Israel) and not reinventing the autoindustry/not stopping foreign-made, cheap things from flooding the market.

        @what Not only did the American manufacturer get quite a bit more orders, he had a monopoly.

    • Agree – Also add the Civil Rights of ’65. The voting age was 21 and I turned 21 in a rifle squad in Vietnam in ’68.

    • True but the Boomers swallowed it all hook, line, and sinker. Boomers inherited an America that was 90% non-Hispanic White. What did they do with it? They doubled-down on anti-White. They didn’t have to. No one forced them to. Everything they inherited is ruined. Their churches compete with comedy to see which is more degenerate. Colleges are completely ruined. Higher education is a basket case. Non-Whites and foreigners are a priority both de facto and de jure over their own people and citizens. Everything from their culture to their country have been wrested from their children and handed over to foreigners and non-Whites.

      • The point is, how are the Boomers uniquely responsible? However, let’s all agree that the Boomers are the Bad Guys. Without them, it all would all have been roses and unicorns. So what?

        • The point is, how are Boomercucks off the hook? Why are Boomercucks STILL fighting against White people? Why are you so fucking stupid?

          • Why are they on the hook in the first place? Moronic article. It could have been written by a sjw. Blaming someone at this point is just a waste of time.

          • > Blaming someone at this point is just a waste of time.

            Says the Boomercuck that literally blamed Millenials one post prior.

          • Nope, just said you aren’t really helping reverse the demographic disaster heading our way or reversing the downward spiral of our culture. Thus you are in no position to finger point.

  • I don’t count.. even at 51… I’m not my age .. I’m my ideas … and these fucks don’t speak for me.

  • The Trump presidential vote was the closest thing we’ve had to a referendum on identitarianism, so far. Admittedly, it’s not perfect, but people voting for Hillary were certainly not on our side. So how did that break out by age, anyway?

    Boomers: 1946 to 1964 – age 70 to 52 in 2016
    Gen X: 1965 to 1976 – age 51 to 40 in 2016
    Millenial: 1979 to 1995 – age 39 to 21 in 2016
    Gen Z: 1996 & later – age 18 to 21 voters in 2016

    37% 18-29 year olds – all Gen Z, most of Milleniels
    42% 30-45 year olds – most of Gen X, a few Millenials
    53% 45-64 year olds – 2nd half of boomers, a few GenX’s
    53% 65 and older – first half boomers, and all of silent generation & previous

    The Boomers and Silent Gen. elected Trump. The heroic AltRight leaning younger age coherts went for the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua. (OK, but that’s still the fault of the boomers for raising them, point taken, but still..)

    • it there fault for letting them drop the voting age. the younger generation is less white, also their fault and most young people what would have voted reasonably gave up on voting it been such a joke for so long. apparently it still is

      • also forgetting that, in general over the years, the trend has been more conservative with age. Whether that means more likely to vote Trump or not is not clear but, on the other hand, it definitely means not as likely to believe in communal, one-world economic left kumbaiyah multiculturalism.

    • The younger generations are no where near as White as boomers. Something like 44% of Millennials are non-White. What percentage of Millennial Whites voted for Trump?

    • Trump won among white millenials, although by not as large of a margin as among older whites.

  • I get that there are a lot of awful Boomers, and that generation has certainly caused many problems, but IMO boomers are becoming a scapegoat for some on the Alt-Right.

    The fact is for every white boomer who is actively anti-white, there are probably 10x as many white millennial who are even more anti-white. Trump would not have won if not for white boomers. Also, I think the vast majority of boomers are not anti-white, but are just indoctrinated in the ‘color-blind’ ideology. This is bad, but not as bad as the vast numbers of millennial shitlibs who are openly anti-white.

    Another bad meme, is that ‘when boomers die, the alt-right will win’. I don’t want to black pill, but this is ridiculous. When all the boomers finally die out, we will probably be a minority in the US, which is bad enough. This argument hinges on the assumption that once whites become a minority, young white liberals will become alt-right. It naively assumes that ‘Berniebros’ are just economically leftist, and don’t care about race. But the fact is ‘Berniebros’ are just as anti-white as Hillary voters, if not more so. Hillary just had no charisma, so they chose Bernie. These people are never coming to our side. The hope should be young conservatives, who may be cucked on some issues atm, but at least have good instincts, and may join us in the future.

    • I disagree with this. I think a large portion of White Male Millennials are more political apathetic than left. I think this does serve as a valid critique of White Female Millennials.

      I do think though the Boomer thing is a little too far but Boomers are incredibly frustrating to talk to. Their world is very small, and often times their only excuse for why they don’t want to lend their hand or why they support the left are the most selfish and pointless reasons.

      At least with a Millenianl I can kind of sympathize and say “Subconsciously, this is his best chance of getting laid” or “There is money on the line.” With a Boomer who is close to retirement, It’s like “I don’t want people to think I think that way” or “You’re just mad because you’re incapable of acquiring money”

      Also, Berniebros types are likely to have rebellious kids or breed themselves out. I doubt anyone seriously thinks that some feminist with a degree in gender studies is going to become Alt-Right.

    • I would have voted for Bernie Sanders when I was younger. I even supported Barack Obama initially because George dubya Bush was so fucking terrible I thought Obama would be an improvement which turned out wrong for the most part. Even though I still don’t think Obama was as bad as Bush was.

      Boomer cuckservatives are the absolutely worse at getting young people attracted to their movement which is why it is believed that cuckservativism won’t last. Alt right will be the future. This is not to say most whites will be alt right but that the whites who are right wing won’t be the cuckservatives of the boomer generation.

  • As they spend their last days suffering in the unimaginable hell that is the American nursing home staffed by barely sentient savage sheboons and beaners I will not shed a tear of sympathy. Its the least of what they deserve.

  • The problem with the Boomers is that they grew up on TV and always had a hard time distinguishing TV from reality. If the TV presented something as “news” or a “documentary” the boomers just believed it. A long standing “joke” among some NatSec types was the idea that if they showed a “V” style “alien invasion” on the TV news, the public would believe it without hesitation. Recall the infamous Orson Wells radio show that had people literally running for the hills in fear of “Martian invaders from space.”

    It’s hilarious going back to the heyday of TV, the 1960s-1980s, and watching the nonsense that people believed just because it was on TV.

    • Another thing they do is reference movies to make any kind of political point they think is edgy but ultimately serves a leftist ideal. Usually goes like this…

      “Thats why Jack Nicholson was like in A Few Good Men but then there were like Willy…”

      “Thats why they killed JFK and MLK because…”

  • Regarding the BTHOOH guy, who claimed to have a Ph.D. in genetics: Did he? Has anyone checked?

    Here’s a suggestion: When, in situations like this, somebody claims to have a Ph.D. – ask them “What was the title of your dissertation”. If they can’t instantly come back with that, they’re full of s**t.

  • Kind of a dumb article. Every generation blames the previous generation for their problems. And while Boomers have generally sucked ass, it’s important to remember that it was two boomers, Jared Taylor and David Duke, who virtually stood alone in the 1990s advocating for white people. Without Taylor and Duke, there’s no Alt Right.

    • David Duke isn’t a boomer. And JT became racist from living his whole life with the racist Japanese.

      • David Duke and Jared Taylor are the definition of boomers, they were born in the early 50s. And Taylor returned to America and went to Yale with his boomer cohort in the late 60s and early 70s.

      • Not according to his own account. Taylor has said that he only became a racial realist in his young adulthood. His family moved from Japan when he was 11-12 or so.

    • ” it’s important to remember that it was two boomers, Jared Taylor and
      David Duke, who virtually stood alone in the 1990s advocating for white

      That proves the point, though. Two boomers out of an entire generation. Meanwhile we have Spencer, Anglin, Enoch, weev, Lana, Heinrik, Sven, Faulk, and many others.

      • The internet was just getting started in the 90s. A lot easier for the Alt Right to gain a following now than it was in the 90s when Taylor and Duke had to rely on direct mail and conferences.

          • Then why did Duke and Taylor keep white advocacy alive? You have to remember, many boomers aren’t internet savvy. They still watch the network and cable news and read news papers. Part of the reason boomers ended up in the sad state they’re in was due to the peak period for mass media existing from the 50s to the 90s. Taylor and Duke got next to no media coverage, and when they did it was very hostile. Like here when Tim Russert played Trivial Pursuit with David Duke on Meet the Press.

        • Yeah, I think there is a selection bias because of the internet. It is easy to see the pro-white millennials because of the internet, and assume there are very few pro-white boomers. But the unfortunate fact is that there are probably more anti-white millennials than anti-white boomers. Boomers as a whole are more moderate, while millennials are becoming polarized.

      • None of them can hold a candle to Duke!!!! He is an intellectual giant, while those you mentioned are pygmies. The process that got us to our present predicament is multigenerational. Morals in the US went to hell after the
        Civil War and progressively worse since then. The drive for bigger government also started then. Playing the blame game is a waste of time and hypocritical as millenials are the most self absorbed generation of adults to date.

    • and they invented the internet by we are talking about the 90% who did nothing but pursue indulgences their whole lives without a care in the world. any boomer will sense would agree not qq muh feelings

      • 90 percent of every generation does nothing. It is a small minority that provides the tipping point for sweeping change.

        • They’re the first generation of Americans to live better than their children. Something seriously wrong here…

          • Has a lot to do with boomers being raised in and benefitting from the post War American economic boom. No Germany, Japan, China to compete with America in the 1950s.

          • Has a lot to do with boomers being raised in and benefitting from the post War American economic boom”
            its not really that. post electrical era there is no need for economy. we could easily provide for everyone and retire at 30. they wanted to holodomor us and humiliate us during the depression. they though they finally had us after ww1 but some resisted, 88. new strategy was to divide us and take us out slowly and carefully. now trying to rush us with immigrations, birth rates and various health war tactics cause the goyim know. to even speak of economics plays right into their hands

          • Dumb to blame them. Globalization was laid out before the guns stopped in 1945. Boomers weren’t even born yet. This whole article was ridiculous. The train has been going down the wrong track before anyone in this forum’s parents were born. Please stop the blame game. That is reserved for sjws.

    • also not fair because the long-term consequences of the post-war liberal ideals being followed did not really surface until the 2000s or so, so the public did not have the impulse to act on the failure. Moreover, the economic afterglow from the war continued to burn until about that same time, too. So overall there was less of a reason to see that this global democracy system clearly isn’t working.

    • Yeah, I have a more deterministic view myself. Sure, the boomers did a lot of bad things, but with an incredibly weak culture (as America was, as a whole, even before WW1) and the greatest prosperity in human history, corruption was bound to occur. The whole Hard Times – Great Men – Good Times – Weak Men – Hard Times cycle thing

      I can’t remember it exactly but there’s a quote like

      “To think that we could be rich and not behave as the rich do is like thinking we could drink all day and not get drunk.”

      Let us learn from this, that even if our descendants, however distant, enjoy even more prosperity than the boomers, they won’t make those same mistakes.

    • That is the problem… Out of an entire generation there were just a handful that stood up for White people…

  • As much as anything, these guys represent a late-stage form of Americanism, which isn’t a concept invented by Boomers.

  • Get off it. I am sick and tired of this anti boomer stuff. Have you looked at the sort of white people who are in the antifa. If you guys are not attacking Christianity you are attacking boomers ….do you want us boomers to unleash on millenials…i doubt you would like the response….you better figure out pretty soon that it is damn stupid to risk alienating anyone on your side…

    • Typical Boomer posting, the white millennial antifa types are the direct result of the failure of your generation.

      Lazy, relaxed, self absorbed parenting created these SJW monsters of my generation. The boomers apathy and utter ineffectiveness in combating and failing to resist diversity, multiculturalism, and faggotry of all sorts in our universities, entertainment, and in our neighborhoods have spawned a plethora of crisises millennials face today.

      Of course there are exceptions, but we already know that exceptions prove the rule, not the opposite. You may well have been a good boomer, and good traditional voice for good in a sea of evil. But you have to concede the fact that overall the baby boomer generation has left the children worse off for the future than they were.

      Don’t take Alt Right attacks against modern Christianity and boomers personally. Vince writes on a meta political level that takes into account global experiences and observations, his criticism of these topics is justified. I believe these criticisms serve to both educate and separate the Alt Right movement from any and all other ideologies that have come before it.

      • Totally. If you’re a based boomer, they’re not directed at you. It’s the cucky boomers who have created this multicultural nightmare.

      • There is no value in attaching specific characteristics to a generation. Mankind has possessed every virtue and flaw from the beginning. It is a common problem of human nature. there are many, many reasons for our societal problems today. They are theological, philosophical, political, economic, resource scarcities, personal and social internal conflicts, personal and social external conflicts, technological, mass communication systems and i am sure i missed a few. In complex systems any trend or thread can be established and used to support a beleif….just unify with your friends, make the compromises you can to build alliances and move toward the goal…if you continue to blame all the problems on previous generations you are giving up your agency. Ex…because mom and dad allowed millenials to not clean their rooms does not mean that their present homes need to look like garbage dumps nor does it mean that all millenials homes look like garbage dumps. We are to some degree responsible for ourselves….

        • its not about characteristics, its about reality. our kids r minorities because of them. our kids eat gmos and drink shit water from plastic because of them. obviously can go on for an hour with this but nm. we have NO power yet. we have 2 choices every election and no way to get a third. they could have, they chose to be complacent and let shtf to the point all whites have to vote together now or we lose every time. worst thing is the pos mfers actually have the nerve to blame us

      • The problem with blaming the parents of a generation is that it becomes a never ending regression. Why not blame the ‘Greatest Generation’ for the ‘Boomers’? And so on. Boomers have their problems, but tbh, there are many more anti-white millennial than anti-white boomers.

        • most sjw just hate themselves and have no outlet. they want to get slapped like their daddy never did. the “greatest” is more to blame than anyone but they aren’t in power anymore anyway. im sad everyday thinking about them getting to pass away without getting their proper punishment. spoiled boomers through em in homes with mean nurses anyway thankfully

        • “Why not blame the ‘Greatest Generation’ for the ‘Boomers’? ”

          I do. The Greatest Generation I call the Weakest Generation. Their idea of adulthood is Blind Obedience to Authority.

          And it was the Weakest Generation that raised the Worst Generation, who ran riot in the 1960s.

      • Agreed, perhaps i should have read that one first but you do know to what I am referencing. As a matter of politics it does little good to run the risk of putting off allies. Of course not all in any group will be with you but the risk is high of casting those who do agree as if they were the all the same. The Alt Right needs mass now. You are obviously a smart man….i would recommend using your time to understand the causes of the issues you dislike and identify in boomers, trace them to their origins and create a counter thought system. While i am on board with the white theme of the alt right i do feel that as the only issue it will be a tough slog to expand the base in the current world and the time frame for success is short. I occasionally try to encourage a broader vision. Begin to address economics, governmental structure, philosphy, theology etc and put ideas out there for people to discuss. Very hard work but their needs to be a set of ideas that people can identify with and support. I can postulate several ways in which a white society could go…some good, some not so….there will be reluctance to join up if the fear is always there that the bad ideas may prevail….this is why the media spends so much time on the nazi meme and the white supremist meme….they do not want your message to be anything more then that because they know the risk of having you paint a picture of a totally better world? Dont know if it can be done but some genius ought to give it a start…

        • If i am not clear let me suggest that Hunter Wallace just put up an article, “the meaning of pikeville” where he is getting to the same point. I have been a bit more expansive but he is correct opportunities are opening up right now for alliances that should be captured. Unity and Congruity are the way to go right now…pick an issue and he chose the first amendment, an excellent choice and drive the wedge between the left and everyone else, force people to pick a side and then tear the left apart.

          • Don’t try and defend boomers, even if you are one. You’ll come out looking like an a$$hole every time. Your time is long past but the damage you left is going to be felt for generations, so spare us your sermonizing.

            And I expect, being Gen X, to be grilled for what I did during my prime years and will proudly and confidently list off how I encouraged the repair and mocked the thieves and liars. Anyone who entered the internet age at age 45 or older will have a harder time presenting a case that they stood against the corrupt – most likely you worked 9-5 and put your family and job above anything else.

          • Right….i guess you just said it all….and as to a$$hole comment right back at you….you are one arrogant self centered twit pal….of the sort that pushes people away…

          • “that pushes people away”

            Serious question here… Where are you going to go?

            Are you going to go back to your pozzed church with single White moms and their mulatto babies?

            Are you going to go back to your schools run by Antifa’s Yvette Felarca?

            Are you going to go back to your town and pray it isn’t targeted for Section 8 Housing or Refugee Resettlement?

            Serious question, where are you going to go?

          • Thomas, i think you know I agree with your point….but there are many tentative people investigating alternatives now to the mainstream narrative and the Alt Right should really keep that in mind. As i said way back in a previous comment….we need to ramp up mass right now….the window is closing if the demographic predictions are correct and yep there is no where to run…anywhere on the planet. I am trying to help here by saying bring people closer to you dont send them packing over issues that cannot be worth the trouble of raising… becomes like the democrats and their rusian/trump connection….i like it when they screw themselves over but not when we do. Wisdom friends…..wisdom is what is called for now….

        • I think you’re right. But the Alt-Right is split on these issues. There are a lot of former libertarians, social nationalists and economic illiterates that care more about race in the movement. Our big thinkers are more concerned about “identity” than any of the issues you brought up.

          • The split is the essential problem. I have been following the alt right for years now and at this point in time there should have been some formation of coherent structural ideas. I can imagine that if there were a civil war and the the alt right won tommorrow we would all be left with nothing but chaos and confusion, bewilderment and disappointment and then the murders would begin anew and we would be right back at the French Revolution each side destroying its own people. Somehow the alt right deeply needs to unify around the issues i described, at least in general terms. If not I suspect it will forever be doomed as only a fringe effort built upon the specialty of race. Either someone needs to surface with real power and leadership qualities that can force ideas upon the group or consensus needs to develop quickly amongst the group, time is awasting. It is a rare occasion when someone even ventures forward with a strawman.

            And sorry i just do not find it tolerable to turn on the so called boomers as if they should have had some exceptional genius to have known better and to have built a different vision when first of all they were at the entry stages of the societal downturn and would have required incredible brilliance to have predicted the future and defeated it when their history gave them no reason to do so. That criticism just looks incredibly shallow when the alt right movement can do no more then identify the problems and just barely at that and by choosing to place all the blame upon others and to deny culpability for the same failures. And what are those failures, well to my mind it is because you are dealing with American people not that i dislike American people nor that i consider them failures but we come from a tradition of liberty and personal conscience. Each man is for himself and the structure is built upon that premise. Your discord in this movement is derived from the idea of the individual that is foundational to the thought systems of this country. You need to either develop a different metaphysical underpinning then the forefathers did and build from there or accept that the American way if just fine but needs fewer outsiders if it is to survive. If you choose the latter then go full bore on America and do the America first theme which Trump used and put your intellectual effort into confirming and showing that America cannot stand on its substantial and important values without white thought….and that is gonna be a hard road.
            The best you can hope for there i suspect is to follow the idea of Thomas Aquinas who thought that no foreigner to a country should even be considered for membership until three generations have passed. He placed all his emphasis upon the common good being maintained and even suggested that were a foreigner to disrupt the common good the government was required to punish them up to and including execution. If we were living under that system there would be boatloads of dead antifa right now….your work is cut out for you but you better get to it cuz the tide is rising…

          • I don’t know why you are taking the whole boomer thing so seriously. If you aren’t part of the problem, then congrats. You should probably hate your own peers more than us because they give you a bad name.

            As for the detailed program, it will take time…and money.

          • You are a smart guy. I have used this as an opportunity to perhaps motivate you to dig into the issues i mentioned and buiild thought systems that fix things. Also it is a rather striking thing to attack boomers as if they were not white people. On the one hand we say we support whites and then on the other hand someone says we need to fry all the boomers and another says they cannot wait until they all die off yet another guy suggests that one was stupid if they worked for their family and tried to secure their lives and on and on. These are the ramifications of pushing on issues that are basically meaningless….some boomers suck, some gen x ers suck, some millenials suck…..if i was to only see the antifa thugs i could easily conclude that the entire generation of those people are the same…but of course it is not true….

            Use your mind to work on solutions now….i think we all get the problems…I actually think everyone gets the problems even the bonzos breaking windows….they are finding scapegoats just like everyone does but it only satisfies for moments and then reality crashes in and you gulp and wish you had spent your time on other matters…..please do not think I am trying to be offensive to you. I have read other of your articles, you are a good thinker…and may have contacts… maybe i have some points that could be of use to you and others….maybe not, but really thanks for replying to me…..i think it worth keeping in mind that politically friends are better then enemies and it just aint worth risking relations with boomers on your side and christians on your side and alt lite people close to your side…..

          • While I am very, very critical of boomers, rightfully so in my opinion, you bring up good points. Everyone knows that there are good boomers btw.

          • I would suggest that attacking the boomers is aiming in the wrong direction. If you asked a southerner what was wrong with this county or the boomers you all so dislike he would say it is the Yankee Mindset. I think the Southerner is correct. There has been a very materialistic and individualistic attitude in this country from its inception. Lots of debate on its derivation…I lean toward Calvinism. Nevertheless what I think people here cling to in their dislike is the Yankee attitude which is one essential thought current in this country.

            The Yankee diverts itself into many streams, the two I mentioned (materialism and Individuality) and as well the SJW. The SJW is linked to a long history of reformer causes following the historical Yankee Progressive discourse. There is little argument that some aspects of the Yankee attitude has been helpful to this country i.e.: restrictions on child labor. lower working hours, etc but when gone overboard we find things really haywire like Temperance movements and all the crap we live with today. So the point is if you waste your time attacking boomers and think you are out of trouble when they all die off you are going to be disappointed. You will be better served to understand the roots of the Yankee mind and divert it either thru better Metaphysics or put them on your side…I am not a southerner but they do have lots of experience and thought around the whole issue. You can find attacks against the Yankee mindset as far back as James Fennimore Cooper and from then on. We have a simultaneous trend of dislike for the Yankee running alongside as well. The Southern experience was constantly juxtaposed to the reforming and changing Yankee worldveiw.

          • If you think it isn’t generational than you have never talked to my parents… The outright worship of Jews is what does it… Not to mention they swallow media racial propaganda so easily. “hidden figures” is their favorite.

            I can at least understand the North/South divide, the absolute obliviousness of boomers is a downright tragedy.

          • Well i keep trying to say that any trend is to be found in any complex system and some boomers carried the Yankee dna and some did not….obviously i do not know your parents but I know mine and nobody even had any idea of the jews and their impact on our culture. But they very clearly knew that things were gojng wrong even as there was nothing to compare against except their Christian heritage. Anyone who wrote about the underbelly of the beast received no promotion and they were soon unpublished and buried historically (who controlled the media and the publishing houses and often even the distribution channels). I would wager that even today most people still have no idea. The jews were not running advertisements about what was gojng on and hid the things done. It was the old story of boiling the frog slowly….it was the same with blacks…only people who lived in close proximity had any idea of how things went in that community. That reality was hidden as well. There was a very clever democratic party ploy played to manipulate the blacks and use them to vote democratic in long term. Same thing with immigration today….repubs like cheap labor for their cronies and dems want the votes…as well we only recently have been allowed to even know that the government had been infiltrated by communists starting in the 1920’s….all that information was hidden. Eugene MacCarthy had been right all along but he is still used today as an icon of degeneracy. Boomers lived in the same matrix we do today. Look how long it took for large numbers of people to even begin to grasp the lies being told every single day here and most likely only because of the rapid spread of counter narratives on the internet. The boomers had none of those advantages and got all their news from Walter Cronkite who leaned left….how can anyone expect they could have been perfect….nobody ever has been or ever will be….so i am saying the issue is not generational…the real battle is an intellectual one over the long term just as i think the real way to defeat Islam is also an intellectual battle. One which no one is engaging except very small voices buried and witheld from the mainstream. It is entirely likely that your children will be facing the burden of the decisions being made by the current generations regarding Islam…and the cost they pay will be high but all we hear is religion of peace and it is unamerican to deprive anyone citizenship….how many are falling for that now and they have the internet…..sorry I am probably going on too long about it all.

          • That is the problem. The other issues affect them every day. Race alone won’t win elections.

  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.

    That’s the only legacy these degenerate boomers will leave behind.

    Good Riddance.

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