“White Supremacist” Nathan Damigo Rescues Latino Man: Lying Media Silent

Nathan Damigo Saves Latino Man: Media Silent

At Berkeley, a new Alt-Right legend was born when Identity Evropa founder and contributor Nathan Damigo was filmed punching an Antifa terrorist square in the forehead during an all out brawl at the Freedom Rally. The edited video immediately went viral and was replayed on national television with cries of outrage. The legacy media played up the fact that Damigo is an identitarian activist who leads the fastest growing white advocacy group in the country. Labelling him a “white supremacist” (whatever that means nowadays), Damigo was attacked ruthlessly over the fact that the individual on the receiving end of his blow was a woman.

However, less than 24 hours later, unedited video and pictures emerged showing the young woman, Emily Rose Nauert, to be a member of the international left-wing terrorist organization, Antifa. Far from being the innocent victim that the media portrayed her as, Nauert’s statements on social media revealed her to be looking to “disrupt” the free speech event with her gang, the Oak Roots Collective, by collecting “100 nazi scalps.”

In an interview with award winning journalist Tim Pool at the Freedom Rally, Nauert was asked if she condemned the use of M-80’s and other projectiles her gang had been throwing at attendees to which she replied, “Well, the revolution isn’t going to be fucking easy.” She went on to make as-of-yet unsubstantiated claims that she had been kneed in the face and pepper sprayed in the eyes (all at a rally she went to disrupt with her terrorist organization, mind you).

Prior to the heroic blow, video, as well as a still image captured by Reuters photographer Stephan Lam, show Nauert wielding a foot-long glass bottle by the neck while engaging in the brawl. It was then that Damigo initially engaged Nauert and was able to disarm her before she had a chance to seriously injure anyone. His quick action likely saved those around him from serious injury.

Source: Reuters

It was only several moments after this initial contact that the second (and now infamous) engagement occurred, in which Nauert is seen running back into the brawl to continue fighting and achieved full equality.

Far from being an innocent bystander, Emily Nauert is a left-wing political terrorist who was engaged in violence against her political opponents. The corporate media’s attempt to smear Damigo is overwhelmingly transparent, and the alternative media has literally raped this false narrative to death. There is, however, much more to this story that bears our attention. While the lying press were busy finding ways to edit film and omit facts to slander Damigo’s heroic act, other film and pictures show that his engagement with “Moldylocks” was not the only selfless act he performed that day.

Witnesses claimed to have seen Damigo running along the sidelines of the battle looking after and performing first aid on wounded attendees. At one point during the “Battle of Berkeley” a latino man, A. J. Alegria, was drawn into the black bloc by Antifa after attempting to catch a man who assaulted a rally goer in the head with a wooden stick. Alegria, who was then ruthlessly beaten by the mob, is seen being rescued by Damigo immediately after he was kicked in the head as an Antifa member held him in a chokehold on the ground. Damigo’s valiant act of running into the mob to save Alegria, who received 4 staples and multiple stitches to heal the gaping wound in his forehead, is nothing short of an act of bravery. Alegria recalled the incident in a vlog he published after the event.

This valiant rescue, in addition to the information that was omitted by outlets like CBS, does not fit the narrative that corporate America is trying so hard to create and wishes so much to be true. These vile “journalists” attempted to turn a hero into a demon, and they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that damn alternative media and their “fake news.”

Unshaken by the media storm that ensued after last weekend’s event, Damigo returned to Berkeley in protest after Ann Coulter’s event was cancelled. There he was greeted by several speakers at the “Fuck Antifa” rally with attendees rushing to thank him and getting pictures to show off to friends.

Damigo is a free-speech activist.


Nathan Damigo has shown himself to be a true leader. He is a much-needed role model for our youth to emulate.  It seems as if, for now, the Alt-Right and the Alt-Light have found common ground through bleeding together on the battlefield, but this alliance is still an uneasy one. It is yet to be seen if this big tent coalition can move forward together without breaking apart, but as for right now, it is looking optimistic.


Vincent Law
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  • blatant friggin communists as evident by her posts,they should be imprisoned immediately for treason and acts against the American people

  • Why are we supporting the guy who punched a woman in the forehead? What if that was just a contrived situation, designed to make the alt-right look bad?

    Let’s stay focused on the big picture and ignore these little “iconic scenes.” Iconic scenes can be manufactured.

  • I loved watching Ben Shapiro disguised as my Nigga Damigo, punch out Moldi Locks, that was awesome , Hail the Alt Right , Damigo dindu nuffins

  • It’s really amazing that the (((MSM))) can continue to be so brazen in playing loose and fast with facts when there’s so much video footage out there floating around. They really are completely shameless

  • Is it possible that the A. J. Alegria incident was a hoax? To me it is. The wound we see on his forehead could be a prosthetic. I am not saying it definitely was a hoax, but there have been many, many hoaxes in the last few years, and there is no rule that says that none of the hoaxes could be on “our side.”

      • It could be a prosthetic. I am just suggesting that people be vigilant.

        Some alt-righters (maybe a bit before it was call “alt-right”) were supporting the flat earth theory. This suggests to me that there was infiltration in the past, and there is likely still infiltration.

        • Is flat earthers code for FBI informants? If so, I agree. I assume the FBI have infiltrated all of these groups that have come along — antifa, alt-right, alt-lite, proud fags, oathkeepers, BAMN, BLM, etc. People should always keep in mind the FBI’s penchant for turning ex-felons and compromised people into informants and be vigilant.

          • Is flat earthers code for FBI informants?

            Not really, but I agree with the rest of your statement.

            There was a “flat earth” craze on the internet recently. In my opinion, anyone who is promoting “flat earth” is either a paid shill or not very bright. The former seems more likely than the latter, but you never know.

        • Being Vigilant is Necessary….

          I agree….

          No Educated Alt-Righter would ever support Flat Earth Theory…….

          Thanks for the Heads Up…..

  • Better not give too much hope on that AltRight-AltLite Coalition.
    The alliance forged in Berkeley was brought about NOT by a shared value or ideal.
    It was forged for a cause much more important: Survival of a People

    The Communists (with their SJW, BLM, Antifa Deep State Underclass) presented an existential threat to the people… and both “Alts” were left with no option but to temporarily close ranks.
    Alt-Liters like Based Stick Man and the Proud Boys would NOT have been able to hold the line without those Identity Evropa and WN outfits present in the Battle of Berkeley.
    Even among Kekistanis, WNs abound.
    The Identitarians held the line when NO ONE ELSE would. They held fast when smoke grenades were tossed to their line.

    The Alt-Right can;t be opitmistic… especially since they still cling to Trump even at a time when he is in the process of flip-flopping on every one of his promises.

    • If not Trump, who? There were no better alternatives to Trump then and that is the case now. In fact, there are much worse alternatives to Trump from both the Democrat (Wannabe Black Nationalist) Party and the Republican (Wannabe Mestizo Nationalist) Party.

      There are certain (((agendas))) that have never changed since JFK. There have been two one-term presidents. Cohencidentally, regardless of whether they were incompetent (James Earl Carter) or very successful (George Herbert Walker Bush), they lost the election when they ran for their second term when they refused to implement them..

      Trump is not Jesus Christ. Moreover, though he has a Congress which is majority Republican, the majority of them actively opposed his candidacy and want him to fail. However, unlike previous administrations, I do not think Trump wants to throw Whites under the bus. I think he is far more sympathetic to the White Working Class than any of his predecessors, Republican or Democrat.

      I one of the few sentences I could take from Sarah Palin’s word salads, was that the people of Wisconsin need to “Cantor” Paul Ryan. Well, he isn’t the only one. It’s time for us to network, go to the primaries and vote out the incumbents who have done nothing but played games with their constituencies their whole tenure in office.

      Hammer home the face that these incumbents ran on the promise that they would get rid of Obamacare and replace it with a plan that did not bankrupt American families and when they finally got the White House it was nowhere to be seen. Emphasize the cynicism behind running against a program they had nothing to replace it with.

      Every single Pro White without a paper trail needs to challenge these bozos in their primaries and the rest of us need to fund their campaigns. I mean as many “David Duke Without The Baggage” Types as we can find. Brat managed to oust Cantor using a fraction of Cantor’s campaign war chest. It can be done.


      Before Trump can implement any of his promises to us, he has to be backed up by overwhelming numbers of Congress who agree with him. Let’s get them for him.

      • I agree that Trump is the only choice.

        As painful as his flip-flopping may have been, his ascension to the WH bought us some time to bring our ideas over to the mainstream marketplace of ideas.
        But deep inside, we knew that the Jews will eventually get to him.

        I understand that this will be a long-drawn out struggle.
        But I also understand that this movement is not just about Trump.

        Perhaps he can be our Samson Card.
        But such a sacrifice may be too much to ask of him, and too selfish of us to ask for.

  • Scumbag white nationalists. Just read the comments, it’s a shame these people call themselves American.

    • What does being an American mean to you?

      What American Values do you hold to be Sacred?

        • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness……..

          Problem is……

          Those Words in the Constitution……

          ……were written by the Founders……..

          …..’just for those with Pale Skin’……..

          Whites will experience more Idealistic………

          ……Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness……….

          …….far away from Urban Areas like Detroit, Baltimore, NYC, Philadelphia……

          Whites will experience more Idealistic……

          ……Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness………

          …….when we can fully control our own Destiny……

          ……..without (((them))) and Others…….

          …… the Way…….

          • Who’s we who’s them? The other problem you have guys like you trying to dismantle the Constitution. Also guys like you writing way to long paragraphs repeating yourself with multiple…. Honestly I feel sorry for the way you think

          • You’re not too Smart……..

            We don’t miss your Membership in the Alt-Right……

            See ya…..


          • wtf do you think life and the pursuit of happiness actually entails? People like you are so shallow. Your entire political philosophy fits on a bumper sticker.

            Also, stop upvoting your own comments, it is pretty gay when you do that.

          • The point is, White nationalism is the most American thing there is. It quite literally created America.

          • Do we have to get into this with honors discussion about the founding fathers knowing they too had flaws? Please spare me. Nothing wrong with treating your fellow human the same no matter skin color. Let and individuals actions determine what kind of person they are not generalize and shut down

          • Your muh individualism is a shallow perspective. Like I said, your entire political philosophy can fit on a bumper sticker.

          • I love these idiots who show up here trying to shame us into giving a shit about “muh constitution.” We care about survival, and they care about abstractions. We’ll survive and they’ll be dead. It can’t happen soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

          • Muh individualism because you should treat individuals by their actions not their skin color? You can still judge someone by the outside like how they dress because that’s an action they took. Again instead of having a decent discussion you just shut down and attack me.

          • Your first comment is calling people “scumbags”, retard. Your morality system is moronic and leads to nothing by lower trust societies and conflict.

          • Yea and anyone who chooses the action of becoming a white nationalist in 2017 is deserving of the title scumbag. No it’s people’s hysteria spreading like you that leads to fear and conflict. Damn you’re thin skinned if you’re so scared to be around another skin color. What about a different eye color? How about hair? OoooooOoo those gingers are taking over. Why are you so fucking scared in life?

          • Those like you who think Americanism is about worshiping MLK and Israel are pathetic and your lame movement is dying. Whites are beginning to value themselves again, and there is nothing people like you can do about it but cry.

          • Wow that was just a mess that you wrote lol who said I worship MLK or Israel? Just because you have some hidden hysteria you were conned into believing doesn’t mean there’s some ploy against someone with pale skin. Sad you think you have to use hate and divisiveness to have whites value themselves. Pathetic really.

          • Sorry buddy, you have come to our sites sperging. You are the one hating as it were. You should practice your own BS morality and just let us be us. Go on a mission to Africa or something, and leave well enough alone.

          • Your site? Alt right means white nationalist/supremacist? Lmfao “hating”. Maybe you should lay off the Percocets and foil hats.

          • And that makes it right some how? Are you saying we should have slaves again?

          • Hey you are the one quoting Jefferson and saying he is what America “means.” So clearly you support slavery and White supremacism.

            Why do you want to put black people in chains, Ronnie raygun? Did a black guy steal your boyfriend in high school or something?

          • So we should disregard the declaration of Independence? Forget anything that someone that owned a slave ever wrote? What’s your point? Should people of all races be given those rights yes or no? I don’t get how wanting everyone to have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness equals putting black people in chains to you. In 2017 shouldn’t we be disgusted with racism, yes or no?

          • Look Ronnie, you aren’t fooling anyone. You hate America, the Founding Fathers, and everything this country stands for. You aren’t even “disgusted with racism” – you are racist as hell. You have been told all your life that you’re the good guy but you come to this site and spew hate and name-calling and you actually used the “current year” meme.

            Get a life.

  • That Latino Man is a White Man…….

    He’s not Mestizo……

    Spanish is a White European Language…….

    We should embrace Spanish…….

    It’s not Swahili…….

    Having some Racial Aryan Purity Test………is MORONIC…….

    Should the Alt-Right reject and ostracize those who have 23 White European Chromosomes out of 46 Total??

    Even Richard Spencer has a Small Amount of Native American Ancestry……

    And I’m sure……there are other Whites in the Alt-Right who would be surprised to learn they’re not 100% White European……

    These and a Million other Complexities………are what you are going to encounter…….

    …….when you move from Neo-Reactionary White Identitarianism…….

    ……..into the Politics of White Nationalist Ethno-Statism……

    The Alt-Right is the Most Attractive and Logical to Normies…….

    …….when we stick to defending White Interests……

    The Alt-Right is the Weakest and Most Repelling to Normies…….

    ……when the MSM interviews Alt-Right Leaders…….

    …….about Future White Ethno-Nationalist Statism…….

    • Spencer posted his 23andme and I didn’t see any “Native American Ancestry” in it. It was vast majority Northern European with like 2% Southern European, which is a lot different than “Native American Ancestry.”

    • Wooo! To be the Alt Right man, you gotta beat the Alt Right man!

      There appears to be two Ric Flair types. The older guy with long, dyed blond hair who is about his age and then the younger guy that most people refer to is more like Based Son of Ric Flair, LOL.

  • It’s not “LATINO”, it’s “LATIN AMERICAN”. Please learn. Latino means Latin and it doesn’t have anything to do with speaking Spanish or being Mestizo or being from Latin America. Latino/Latin is the language spoken by the Romans and their culture. These are the people who are linguistically and culturally Latins: Italians, French, Romanians. Portuguese and Spaniards. Hispanics come from a region of the Americas called by the French “Amerique Latine” reason being that the languages spoken there French, Portuguese and Spanish originate from the Latin or Roman Italy. Any person originating from Latin America is a “Latin American” by location only. History cannot be changed.

  • THE PROPAGANDISTS who slandered Hitler and Germany and National Socialism — in order to get us pepped up to fight and kill the people who were trying to save us — told a lot of lies. They told us lies, the “Holocaust” story just one out of many, designed to whip us into a frenzied hate so we would kill on command — and mostly, it worked.

    Actually,these propagandists would better be called “projectionists,” not so much because they use their media to project a false picture in our minds — but because they are projecting, in a psychological sense, theirown actual characteristics and behavior falsely onto the Germans.

    The Germans under Hitler wanted to dominate Europe and the world with their military might, we are told. What exactly is US-armed and nuclear-armed Israel doing in the Middle East, if not dominating it? And
    what exactly is the Jews’ most egregiously slavish puppet, the United States, doing with its thousands of troops and innumerable military bases in dozens of countries all over the world — if not dominating it?

    Just look at this map, that shows US military bases around the world — Europe is occupied and surrounded, the Middle East is occupied and surrounded, much of Asia is occupied and surrounded, Russia and Iran are certainly surrounded.

    This US military occupation of and dominance over a huge percentage of the Earth’s surface is so well known that it is now the stuff of Internet memes: “The Russians want war! — look how close they built their country to our military bases.” So true. This worldwide empire of power and dominance is far beyond anything that Hitler and Germany were ever even accused of wanting, much less achieving. And this worldwide empire of power and dominance isn’t even for the purpose of enriching the American people or giving them power — no, far from it. The regime in Washington works instead to enrich the Jewish elite, the vultures of Wall Street, the media oligarchs, the banking parasites. It is for them we slave, for them we send our sons to die.

    They say that the Germans wanted the people of other nations to be their slaves, to be exploited economically. What do the mega-corporations funded by the Jewish banks do on a worldwide scale,
    protected by the military might of their American Janissaries? Don’t they have factory after factory after factory, staffed by Third World labor, oftenchild labor, working for pennies an hour and living in hovels not too different from cages? — working at pay rates so low that the workers could never afford to buy the electronic trinkets or branded sportswear they churn out amidst toxic fumes? — working under economic compulsion so great that the difference between their condition and slavery depends upon an extremely fine, perhaps even illusory, definition?

    And, speaking of exploitation and slavery, isn’t it slavery when one class of people — the Jewish bankers — have a monopoly on the creation of money and force everyone (even the State!) to pay a percentage of their wealth just for the “privilege” of using their own credit? Isn’t it slavery when every dollar in existence is really a dollar of debt to the bankers who created it with a bookkeeping entry? — when you work all your life and end up with nothing, while they don’t work and end up with everything? — when you have no privacy whatever, and every aspect of your life is tracked by their banking and credit system, and you have no choice about participating, aside from being a hermit? Haven’t Hitler’s enemies set up the ultimate exploitative system imaginable? — and weren’t the National Socialists trying to free the world of just this same parasitic system? — the system that now misrules us?

    Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish people, they tell us. That, they further tell us, was the greatest crime in all history — a crime for which Germans must atone and pay forever. A crime so great that that in
    compensation not only the Germans, but all the kindred peoples of Europe, must forever renounce nationalism — must forever renounce any kind of racial solidarity or consciousness — must forever criminalize any act which tends to favor White Europeans in their own homelands or even dares to assert that White Europeans have a homeland or are a people.

    Yet we see around us every year, every day, every hour mounting evidence that the Jewish power structure that destroyed Hitler and enlisted our people in destroying Hitler is committing a genocide —
    the first genocide in history to aim at the extermination of one of the Earth’s major races, our race, the White race — the scale of which is hundreds of times greater than what Hitler was accused of doing by the wildest story-spinners and most audacious lie factories of World War 2. The borders of all White nations, and only White nations, must always be open — say the Jews, whose own border in Israel is closed, defended, and patrolled better than that of most maximum-security prisons. White nations must never define citizenship in racial terms, say the Jews. White nations must criminalize and prosecute any of their own citizens who prefer the company of their own race in hiring, in education, or as neighbors or customers.

    In other words, everything which keeps a race alive is forbidden to Whites, and anyone who is perceived as being even faintly favorable to Whites and White survival must be hounded from the public stage,
    smeared, and, if possible, imprisoned, financially ruined, and made unemployable.So we can see that every major charge made by the Jews and their media against the National Socialists — world domination, economic enslavement, exploitation, genocide — is a charge that ought to be leveled at the Jewish power structure.

  • For whatever reason, the media focus remains on Richard Spencer as the Alt Right “Fuehrer,” but he has never impressed me that much. He just seems like your typical ironic hipster. But there is something real and charismatic about Nathan Damigo. He’s the one who strikes me as having natural leadership ability. I got that impression when I saw this interview with a Young Turk’s reporter:

    As you can see, it wasn’t your typical clutch-the-pearls, point-and-splutter lecture accompanied by the raised eyebrows, reproachful eyes, and head shaking. The reporter was far more respectful than those I’ve seen with old hands like David Duke (and even Richard Spencer).

    • Spencer is intelligent, well spoken, and telegenic. He serves his purpose as the public face of the Alt Right to do interviews with legacy media. Now that the Alt Right is growing, we will create more activists like Damigo so Spencer doesn’t have to do all the work.

    • The problem is that is now known for being involved in street brawls, there is no way that he can considered a leader, the left would love it though if he was considered it. I need to add that I have nothing against confronting antifa in street battles, but the people partaking in it can never be considered the leaders of anything.

        • dam he was great till he btchd out at the very end. idk y he couldn’t say our movement is to make sure the government no longer walks all over whites and that they stop disrespecting our contributions to this country

        • I thought The Rebel Media thought the Alt-Right was stupid???

          They’ll sway whichever way the wind blows… The Alt-Lite is irrelevant other than giving coverage to people who are actually making a difference.

          • Faith seems more sympathetic than Jay. I know Lauren is far more red-pilled than she lets on.

          • I got that impression too.
            She’s smart enough to know her race is going extinct if things just continue on as they are. The Rebel isn’t radical enough.

      • As shit will continue hitting the fan, scenes like Damigo’s will see their occurrence increase. Expect to need Freikorps-style forces on the street in the next couple of years.

        • I’ll bet you $50 that there will be nothing even close to “Freikorps-style forces on the street” in the next year. My email address is hipsterracist (at) We can come up with a metric for what “Freikorps-style forces on the street” is and set a specific date one year from now.

          Instead what will happen is eventually, probably in the next three months, people will get bored of this silly cos-play with the bike helmets and “Based Stick Man” costumes and life will go on as usual. The DC Antifas just had their charges increased yesterday and some are looking at 3-10 years. Antifa will go back to smoking pot and trolling online.

          • That will probably be the case. Anyways, shit gets real because of unexpected catalizers. We’ll see.

          • I disagree. Maybe not this year, but I believe political delineations will slowly solidify to the point of political assassinations as the economy worsens.

          • But political assassinations have been going on since the founding of America, so that wouldn’t be a new development, that would be a continuation of business as usual.

      • George Washington was involved in the Revolutionary War……

        He’s considered one of the Greatest Presidents in US History……

    • The Key Point in this Interview for me was when Interviewer asked Damigo about all the Other White People who come from White Homogenous Areas……

      …..and say they feel Refreshed and Alive when they ‘VISIT’ Heterogenous Areas……

      Damigo did a Great Job representing the Alt-Right in this Interview….

      Better than I could ever do……

      But, Damigo missed the ‘VISIT’ part…….

      Of course, a lot of White People like to ‘VISIT’ Heterogenous Areas………

      The Question is:

      Why don’t most of them want to STAY??


      • To be honest, he was great in that interview. Especially since I first knew this guy from the infamous punch. He knows what he is talking about. We need to acknowledge the interviewer, also.

      • The argument that we should be flooded by the Third World so liberals can have ethnic restaurants is the dumbest thing ever.

        Japanese have a solution to that. Japanese chefs travel to other countries and learn their cuisine, then they come back and open a Mexican, French, American, etc restaurant instead of allowing foreigners in.

        Japan and China are about 99.9% Asian. Their “minorities” are just other Asians and ex-pats.

    • Spencer is not a warrior and Damigo is. Damigo is a war vet. This is probably part of what gives you this positive impression.

      Spencer has a background in theater and this comes out in his speeches, especially the one at Auburn. Spencer is able to put on a performance like most white leaders can’t. White leaders are traditionally very boring, dry, no humor, and all stats. The thing is your average person really doesn’t care nor understand statistics. They want to be entertained and they are influenced more by emotional appeals. That’s a big reason why Trump won. Trump’s career in media trained him in a type of psychological warfare that was necessary for him to overcome his opponents and media propaganda.

    • Ironic hipster snobs have a higher social status than sincere-sounding guys like Damigo. Although
      I do think that Damigo presents very well and he’s also quite good at doing media interviews, so I’m glad he’s getting out there. He’s great.

      Come on, Spencer single-handedly reversed the stereotype of “WN.” The fact Spencer is a snotty, snarky, slightly arrogant preppy trust fund baby is awesome. He’s great for the same reason that Lana Lokteff is great. Lana is the ultimate Haughty Hottie Mean Girl.

      I’d say 80% of this game is social status signaling. I want as many good looking, well spoken, naturally aristocratic Whites as our spokesmen and women as possible.

      • You have made an excellent point about the ironic hipster snob appeal of Richard Spenser to the status-hungry bourgeoisie. Some of the optics of the old-time WN were cringe-worthy to any White in terror of losing social or financial status. That’s why the media does handstands to portray any and all WNs as total losers and malcontents. The David Dukes are not wrong, but they are about as welcome to such Whites as a stage four cancer patient is at a cocktail party.

        But I still prefer Damigo. I may be fanciful, but I just think he is more honorable than Spencer. There is a quality in him that reminds me much of the young guard who stayed at his post in Pompeii (when Mount Vesuvius erupted) to the bitter end which caused him to be immortalized in an ash cast to be found hundreds of years later.

        I may be wrong about both of them or either of them, but I believe that Damigo is inspired by a sense of duty. I think Damigo’s entry into WN was his response to what he saw happening to his country and his people after “defending our freedoms” in the Middle East.

        Whereas I strongly suspect that Spencer saw an opportunity to either get into politics OR make a lot of money as a political activist. And he jumped on even if it seemed a little early, because the timing was just right. But he saw an opportunity for himself.

        For whatever reason, I think TPTB have decided that it’s time to ALLOW Pro-White sentiment. Either they are doing so, because the internet makes it impossible to stamp it out without stamping out commerce, too. OR they have lost control of the Blacks and Mestizos they were using as shock troops against us. Especially since those two groups have proven even more :”Anti-Semitic” than Whites have. And there is no appeal to Holocaust Guilt to be made with them.

        I do notice that New Wave Nationalists seem much more kosher than the Old Wave Nationalists do. We seem to be at the same fork in the road England was facing when the BNP was co-opted by the very pro-Israel, anti-racist EDL and then was basically put out of business by UKIP.

        Since I think it would take no less than a divine intervention from Jesus Christ Himself to end the death grip of AIPAC, I’m fine with Kosher Nationalists hanging around as long as they realize that, as long as they understand that the right of Israel to exist depends very much on the survival of America … White America that is. If a wall is good enough for Israel, than it is great for the USA.

        • Spencer was well on his way to being a highly paid defense lobbyist or even a basic bitch neo-con Congressman, and he threw all that away to do this. It surely isn’t making him any money.

          And yes, the “establishment” is allowing pro-white sentiment lately, and it’s also pretty damn obvious why. The left is starting to show far too much solidarity with the Palestinians and the Holy People aren’t so holy anymore now that Christianity is gone and it’s impossible to pretend they are being kept out of the country clubs by the Evil WASPs.

          So, Trump. Exactly as ICAReviews and I have said since day one of Trump’s campaign. We were 100% correct on virtually all counts.

          As for all the cartoonish “anti-seemitism” – that is not in any way threatening to them anymore than John Hagee was threatening to them when he said “Hitler was sent by God to hunt the Holy People back to the Holy Land.” Netanyahu has been best friends with the most “anti-seeemitic” Evangelical Christians for decades. They aren’t a threat anymore than the silly gas chamber Pepe cartoons are a threat. In fact, as they have said on numerous occasions, a “little bit of anti-semitism is good because it reminds us of who we are” and keeps the Tribe from intermarrying.

          It’s such a burden being right all the time, but I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

          • The only thing that the jews are afraid of is for their phony holohoax scam to be exposed on a global scale. Short of that?

            They are not worried.

          • allowing? wtf r u talking about . its all over the internet to the point they cant pretend its not there. the left just gave 38 billion to Israel a few months ago. the Palestine crap is just signaling

          • still gets Fortune 500 advertising. We see after the election Kellogg’s dropped out but so far they are still getting corporate money. is an Israeli site that allows a bit of pro-white sentiment because they need to corral Whites away from the left because the Zionist entity is almost completely isolated internationally.

            The powers that be couldn’t really care less if you hat dindus, make jokes about beans, and they laugh their asses off when you post Happy Merchant memes (they actually draw those memes for you, in case you didn’t realize.)

            This new pro-white “civic nationalism” Trumpism is being allowed. Trump was put into office by Zionists, and much, if not most, of the “grassroots” online Trumpism is actually astroturf.

          • Respectfully, Trumpism is also giving rise and cover to fringe elements of the right that have never, ever before been allowed to be taken seriously, not in my lifetime. It does not seem like they’re just trying to co-opt everything, they’re also probably banking on the extremists carving out new ground for them, if he’s backed by people who realized the left went too far.

          • “ is an Israeli site that allows a bit of pro-white sentiment because
            they need to corral Whites away from the left because the Zionist entity is almost completely isolated internationally.

            The powers that be couldn’t really care less if you hat dindus, make jokes about beans, and they laugh their asses off when you post Happy Merchant memes (they
            actually draw those memes for you, in case you didn’t realize.)”

            Yeah, it’s the same problem that led the original neo-cohens to “convert” from Trotskyism to “conservativism.” Gentile leftists have an unfortunate tendency to treat leftist concepts like “anti-racism” as universal rules that should be applied to the chosenite homeland, not just to Western countries.

            Breitbart tolerated me pushing back pretty hard on the standard holyco$t narrative and taking other fairly counter-semitic positions, but opposing bombing Syria over Gas Baby, and mentioning the Yinon Plan/ “A Clean Break”/ PNAC connection to “our” ME strategy? Shoahed.

            Joshua Ryne Goldberg claimed that he did several of the Ben Garrison cartoon edits, btw.

          • ” opposing bombing Syria over Gas Baby, and mentioning the Yinon Plan/ “A
            Clean Break”/ PNAC connection to “our” ME strategy? Shoahed.”

            Yep – amazing isn’t it? MacDonald wrote an article pointing out that they really don’t have a problem when you make jokes about “big noses” and the like. They don’t even really mind if you point out that they are “liberal” – that actually reinforces their narrative about themselves. Of course they love it when you talk about Hitler constantly.

            But start criticizing the apartheid regime of Jewish bigotry in Zionist occupied Palestine from a “right wing” perspective and watch the censorship hammer fall.

            When Trump was being roasted, he allowed jokes about his hair – he did NOT allow jokes suggested he wasn’t as rich as he claims to be. Some “criticism” is harmless and even reinforces a narrative. Other criticism – the kind that gets close to the truth – can never be tolerated.

          • Oops, sorry – didn’t realise I was logged into a Breitbart sock.

            Did you have any luck getting past the ban on Breitbart?

          • No. IP address doesn’t matter– looks like they banned the account. I have several “friends” with active accounts on Disqus, though.

          • Ok, glad to hear about your friends 🙂

            And please let me know if you’d be interested about the other thing.

            Thank you!

          • “the other thing” was to let you know that a small group of us who are active on Breitbart have moved to a private forum, which we use as a base for Breitbart – to bounce ideas off each other, strategy etc.

            It’s private, or at least as private as anything on the internet is..

            I just wanted to ask if you might be interested in joining us, as you are such a great poster. We’re a small group and you’ll be familiar with most of the names.

            I edited down the original message after posting to you – just out of a sense of caution as you never know who might be reading. Didn’t mean for it to be confusing!

          • Great!

            So that I may send you an invite, could you please let me have an email address for you.

            Any email address is fine, a “fake” one even.

            Thank you!

          • Hey Smash,

            Never heard back from you.. not sure if you weren’t comfortable with the email thing? That’s just the way the platform we use is set up and it actually works quite well.

            S’ok if you’re not interested – please just let me know either way.


          • threw away? any other year you’d have a point, but he’s not exactly doing poorly

          • Agreed Hipster. Spencer isn’t honorable?! I don’t understand how someone can make such a claim. The man is tireless in his work for the cause. How is that not honorable.

          • I claim nothing. I don’t even want anyone to think I know of or have any dirt on Spencer. I don’t. I just don’t like him. There is something about him that rubs me the wrong way. Bad chemistry. It’s more than likely a knee jerk reaction to a life time of interactions with yuppie scum. I have always preferred working class or military men. The older I get, the more I appreciate them.

            I can see Damigo in Pompeii staying at his post; I can’t envision Spenser doing that, and I’ll admit my own hypocrisy, I’d be racing him to the harbor and I’d beat him even at my age.

            HR, whose opinions I have come to respect over the years of posting with him on many boards, even though he pisses me off now and then, did make me see that Spenser is better optics than Damigo where the yuppie scum media are concerned. So, with apologies to Spenser for any personal animosity, I appreciate all his work on behalf of the cause. As HR pointed out, it would have been very easy with his background and education to be one of the yuppie scum plaguing us right now.

          • I always liked American Renaissance, of the ethno-nationalists, Jared Taylor is probably the most agreeable. Greg Johnson, while I disagree with him on nearly everything, he is easily the best advocate white nationalism has, and is (ideologically) among the purest white nationalists there are. Spencer always put me off, but he is nowhere near as irritating as TRS, TDS, or Lana Laktoff.

      • “The fact Spencer is a snotty, snarky, slightly arrogant preppy trust fund baby is awesome.”

        Exactly. Just as, if you’re going to take a right wing stance in something like The Atlantic comment section, you should take extra care to avoid typos/ spelling errors, use relatively complex sentence structure, be a little condescending intellectually, and throw in a few 10-dollar words. They’ll still shadowbox with their mental image of “muh trailer trash Cletus,” of course, but it won’t look right.

  • Nate really is a great dude. He is definitely a leader to be venerated. Smart, articulate and brave. We need more guys like him to step up and step out of the shadows.

    • The bio says: “Intern at Clinton for Circumcision.” Obvious parody. Some of the Jew parody twitter accounts were so good and impossible to tell from real Jews that Twitter basically put an end to them. I know, I had one.

  • In this video OathKeepers President Stewart Rhoads threatens physical violence against Identity Europa.

    Vincent, we need leadership from you and Dr. Greg on actionable steps we can take NOW to politically defeat these OathKeeper Boomer Cucks and prevent them from recruiting young white men.


    OathKeepers President threatens physical violence against Free Speech.

    ( Fast-Forward to 6:22 )

    • They are Virtue Signaling to the Left…….

      They aren’t that Well Educated in the Alt-Right which is a Younger Peoples Movement primarily……..

      It sounds like they might be from Areas where the Aryan Brotherhood and Nazi Low Riders…..

      ……Criminal Organizations……..

      …….give White Identitarians like Nathan Damigo/Identity Europa…….

      ……..a Bad Name…….

      This is why giving Roman Salutes in Public and wearing Swastikas and worshipping Hitler…….

      ……just repeats the Stupid Failures of the Past…….

      …….and repels possible Allies……

    • Oathkeepers are a great example of a stupid “muh streets” group that is long on violent rhetoric and tough guy posturing and short on anything close to an accomplishment.

      It’s not that their rhetoric and ideology was bad – “muh constitutionsz” and “conservative black guys.”

      It’s that they are a bunch of gun fetishists. OK, they have a bunch of guns … now what? They can’t actually use them for anything because they’d get arrested. So, what are they trying to accomplish?

      • I see many Oathkeeper window stickers on cars here in Texas. They are subverting more young men with this B.S. than many realize.

        Young Veterans see them as a way to “do something” while looking “tough” walking around with a load vest and AR. How to counteract that?

        Publicly Humiliate Oathkeepers. I thought a lot about this last night. This is the only way. As you say, they can’t use their guns during melee.

        Mike Enoch spoke about the benefits of “bullying” in Friday’s episode of the Shoah. I think this needs to be done to Oathkeepers.

        • I think they should be referred to as “The Cuckeepers.” Protecting political cuckoldry until every last white person is in the grave.

      • It seems to me that ‘violent rhetoric and tough guy posturing’ are an end in themselves to these people, not a means to an end. They are fat boomers that want the world to see how tough and patriotic they are. It’s about appearances, so no wonder they turn their tough guy rhetoric on anyone like Damigo who threatens their precious image (or at least what they think their image is).

      • Anyone following an egalitarian model is a loser no matter how honorable they pretend to be. Most whites don’t seem to get it. Liberalism and egalitarianism work when in a white environment. When it’s a multi-racial environment, especially with Jews in leadership positions, liberalism is used to exploit and ruin white nations.

        The only progress we’re making is towards white genocide which they first deny, then sadistically laugh and gloat about.

        • >Liberalism and egalitarianism work when in a white environment.

          This is why I like to focus on liberalism being a good thing, and you destroy it if you flood the countries with illiberals.

          • “Liberalism and egalitarianism work in in a white environment.”

            Liberalism, in its classical form, only works in high IQ, and works best in culturally and (by extension) ethnically/racially homogeneous societies. Egalitarianism, the foundation myth of leftism, is the biggest of big lies. Anyone who takes egalitarianism seriously, either hasn’t thought about it (normies) or suffers the worst case of cognitive dissonance imaginable (sjws.)

        • Excellent point on when egalitarianism works – only in a White Supremacist environment…

      • Don’t worry brown people love post enlightenment abstractions made by white people for white people. What third world savage dumpster fire wouldn’t be enthralled with our hallow sacred parchment, that nobody in gov’t or the media takes seriously.

    • Check out the YT comments on that video:

      Sgt. Giggle Mittens1 day ago
      Identity Europa stands for something, you stand for keeping oaths to a government that doesn’t give a fuck about you.

      Tommy Rogers1 day ago
      Not the government, the constitution and the bill of rights. You might want to read a little bit more.
      1 upvote

      Rabi Babypeepeesuckerstein1 day ago
      Haha, “we believe is freedom of speech unless you resist the browning of America. We will beat your ass with our canes.”


    • Do they know that Nathan Damigo is a veteran and comes from a family of military and law enforcement service? Is he not a brother? Guess not.

      These oath keeper morons probably think we fought the nazis so America could be blacked, and they completely ignore the fact that the founding fathers, who they idolize, were racist who founded this country for free whites. I don’t think they had multicultural America in mind when they wrote the constitution.

  • A Lesson to the Alt-Right…….

    This is what too much Daily Stormer will do…….

    And too much Anger, Lack of Education, Mature Adult Leadership, Drug Addiction, Stupidity……

    …….Lack of Discipline, Personal Responsibility, and Lack of Shrewdness and Street Smarts……

    I’m sure that a Significant Amount of the Impetus was Rooted in True Red Pilling and Moral Outrage……

    But, all it accomplished was Destroying the Lives of 5 White Men and Harming their Extended Families……

    This is NOT the Alt-Right Way…….

    • It goes without saying that selling meth is not what the Alt Right is about. There is no vetting process involved. Any crazy person can join “the movement.”

        • The topic was the Alt Right/white nationalism, not Identity Europa. Individual groups have their own rules. I’m sure Damigo and Spencer don’t want to associate with felons and drug dealers.

          Shady groups are probably infiltrated or fronts. That’s another reason to vet people. Could be an undercover agent trying to set the group up. You don’t want to end up like Matt Hale and Edgar Steele.

          • Identity Europa is Alt-Right…….

            And it’s very smart of them to Vet Newcomers……..

      • Are you American?

        Can you imagine a Political Candidate for Office in America…..

        …..saying he reads the…….

        …..and it’s just ‘hilarious’……

        …..and ‘what’s your problem with them?’…….

        • I can’t imagine a political candidate announcing he reads any of the sites I or most of the people on the Alt-Right read. So?

    • I disagree. Although not impossible…

      …I think it is far more probable that this is “fake news”…

      …The kind that we are going to start seeing MORE AND MORE OF….

      …all of a sudden…

      …as if (((someone))) hit a switch or something….

      LIKE FAKE THREATS TO JEWISH CENTERS done by (((somebody)))


      • They were arrested by multiple Law Enforcement Agencies who were Tracking their Activity……

        Paranoia will destroy your Thinking Mind……

        Healthy Suspicion is Useful……

        Not Paranoia……

        • You don’t understand what I am implying. I am saying law enforcement arrests their own undercovers. Then release them, discard the phony identity they embodied, then repeat the same operation in a different location. That is how it is done. It is theatre.

        • I didn’t read about this particular story. Might be a different case. I am referring to a story last month where…

          A group of cartoon nazis moved into a house and lived there for six months. They then seemed to have gone out of their way to draw attention to themselves in every way possible. They were then “raided”.

          Is this that “story”?.

  • Antifa is level 1 physical threat, dumb White/mulatto kids with rocks.

    Level 2 is ethnic gangs, like the bloods and MS 13. This is where the race question becomes unavoidable. This is where firearms are present in every engagement.

    Level 3 is local police sent to disarm and arrest “White Supremacists”. This is the beginning of paramilitary level engagements and the beginning of 4GW.

    Level 4 is National Guard/US Military under martial law. Watertown, MA after the Boston Marathon bombing was a good example.

    Level 5 is UN/NATO international peacekeeping forces sending millions of African/Muslim/Chinese troops to help the US Government quell the “Nazi White Supremacist” uprising.

    We have a long way to go from punching women.

    • Right, it’s mostly anti-social white and Asiatic misfits ATM. When Third World psychopaths like Hispanics and Negroes get involved then you’re going to see murders and arson just like you do any time Negroes riot.

      Whites are usually self-healing and a force of order. Negroes are a force of entropy.

      • Antifa are middle/upper class Whites, Jews and some token mystery meats. The savagely violent brownskins are (somewhat) pacified by welfare and free shit. When the free shit disappears and that cycle of violence starts, we’re all going to see “Rwanda x Bosnia”. New Orleans during Katrina was a preview.

    • that y we need to just see antifa as potential recruits. they r nothing. their leaders are shills but the rest would b with us if they only knew. I cant imagine ethnic gangs targeting us before police. war is the only way 4 others unless we just wait 20 yrs and it will be drone city by then

        • yeh I guess they r a problem for some. I forget how they kiss ass when they are afraid and swarm on soft targets. actually is a very big problem. easy to deal with though if not for the police

    • Very good analysis; I didn’t even consider the U.N. sending ‘Peacekeeper’ Asians/Sand-Niggers to fight us in America & Europe.

    • Level 5, Mr. Frosty, would make good skeet-shooting for rural Southern hunting clubs.

  • “Alt-Right and the Alt-Light have found common ground through bleeding together on the battlefield, but this alliance is still an uneasy one.” Time will tell. But apparently old one eye boomer Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers, is having none of it and wants to beat up alt right gnotsies. Too funny. He only scurried into the sun in 5 minute increments to admonish the right and then would retreat back to the shade to hang with the Alt Lite Inc leadership cadre.

      • Gee what a great idea. We should really take these boomer cucks serioiusly. Lets arm nig nog thugs with guns because “muh constitution.” What could possibly go wrong? Oh,,,yeah that’s right.

  • Very good job on countering the lies of the Mainstream Media on this one.

    I still think we should make a big propaganda push to “save” (in a Christian sort of way) this young woman who has fallen in to a life of sin with the worst forms of Antifa, Leftism and degenerate porn.

    It would be a big propaganda victory for us if we “saved her” and she joined a healthy, wholesome positive White Alt Right side and she could give a speaking tour of what it was like to fall in to Leftist Hell.

      • It’s not white knighting – it would be a great gimmick, a “come to Jesus” example. Frankly we should just hire a White girl to pose as antifa for a year then “turn” Alt-Right and give speeches about how she gave up leftist bullshit and became pro-White. That would be catnip, especially for young women.

  • The left has overplayed their hand by doubling down and now have lost the moral high ground. Antifa are horrible optics for the Left and it is counter-productive to disrupt them. The reception to MTV Decoded, the Pepsi commercial, “my sex junk” and other SJW enterprises is nearly universally negative. The media is striving to take a more centrist position and is actually using the phrase “far left” now in describing the opposing side in Berkeley.

    We are now in a new paradigm and must adjust our tactics accordingly. Radical leftism should be supported and amplified wherever possible. Anti-White propaganda needs to become more overt and should be plastered all over white neighborhoods, thus invading the “safe spaces” of white people. More attention needs to be turned on Trump and his recent cuckery, the memes that built him up must now be used to tear him down or at least hold him to his promises. Our danger presently is that Trump is seen as an alternative to radical Leftism but his actions are not in line with his image, he must be held to his former positions or be mocked mercilessly and his support base turned against him.

      • I think he means in terms of the legacy media narrative (which is largely how the average person sees the world). Not in objective terms.

          • Mr. Islamophobia is correct. Morality is merely socially consensual behaviour. Under extreme survival pressure, all morality vanishes like the phantasm it is. Antifa is currently acting contrary to American values; instigating violence and restricting free speech. This is abhorrent to most centrist and even old school liberal Americans and is driving people into our sphere. The more radical Leftism becomes, the more sharp the reaction will be, and the process is already well underway. The Left has dug itself into an ideological hole and they are deeply institutionalized. They are unable to ideologically manoeuvre and thus, are forced to accelerate their positions or retreat; either way they lose.

          • Two big signs the tide was turning, #1 at the debates when all the Republicans chastised the media for their extreme bias and #2 the backlash at that feces Hollywood served up in the Ghostbusters reboot.

          • “Morality is merely socially consensual behaviour. Under extreme survival pressure, all morality vanishes like the phantasm it is.”

            In this context, I think that the definition that Heinlein has Mr. Dubois give in “Starship Troopers” is quite useful: “The basis of all morality is duty, a concept with the same relation to group that self-interest has to individual.” It’s just a matter of realizing this, and correctly defining your group.

        • hell yeh but if we get caught lying at this point it could set us back big time. we have the moral high ground despite what they try and label us as. don’t sour the redpill, its working great

      • Good Guys? Like the felon convicted of a hate crime that runs a White nationalist website? The Good Guy Discharged from the marines for armed Robbery? Nathan Damigo Is a Convicted Felon, Racist, and a marine who couldn’t Hack It. How dare you paint him otherwise

        • convicted of hate crime says nothing. white nationalist is obviously reasonable. many smart and talented people fit that despite how taboo it is and with what marines get paid I would expect them to rob stuff. how dare I? what r u a soccer mom?

    • I thought the Pepsi commercial was pretty good. It is telling that the SJWs got angrier about it than we did. Our side is the one that wants to hand out colas and talk about politics, they want to set off bombs and throw transphobes in reeducation camps.

    • Yes, Jotunn – it is ‘counterproductive to disrupt’ Antifa.

      They are a godsend in the political wars for The West.

  • “Nathan Damigo has shown himself to be a true leader. He is a much-needed role model for our youth to emulate. It seems as if, for now, the Alt-Right and the Alt-Light have found common ground through bleeding together on the battlefield, but this alliance is still an uneasy one. It is yet to be seen if this big tent coalition can move forward together without breaking apart, but as for right now, it is looking optimistic.”


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