“White Supremacist” Nathan Damigo Rescues Latino Man: Lying Media Silent

Nathan Damigo Saves Latino Man: Media Silent

At Berkeley, a new Alt-Right legend was born when Identity Evropa founder and contributor Nathan Damigo was filmed punching an Antifa terrorist square in the forehead during an all out brawl at the Freedom Rally. The edited video immediately went viral and was replayed on national television with cries of outrage. The legacy media played up the fact that Damigo is an identitarian activist who leads the fastest growing white advocacy group in the country. Labelling him a “white supremacist” (whatever that means nowadays), Damigo was attacked ruthlessly over the fact that the individual on the receiving end of his blow was a woman.

However, less than 24 hours later, unedited video and pictures emerged showing the young woman, Emily Rose Nauert, to be a member of the international left-wing terrorist organization, Antifa. Far from being the innocent victim that the media portrayed her as, Nauert’s statements on social media revealed her to be looking to “disrupt” the free speech event with her gang, the Oak Roots Collective, by collecting “100 nazi scalps.”

In an interview with award winning journalist Tim Pool at the Freedom Rally, Nauert was asked if she condemned the use of M-80’s and other projectiles her gang had been throwing at attendees to which she replied, “Well, the revolution isn’t going to be fucking easy.” She went on to make as-of-yet unsubstantiated claims that she had been kneed in the face and pepper sprayed in the eyes (all at a rally she went to disrupt with her terrorist organization, mind you).

Prior to the heroic blow, video, as well as a still image captured by Reuters photographer Stephan Lam, show Nauert wielding a foot-long glass bottle by the neck while engaging in the brawl. It was then that Damigo initially engaged Nauert and was able to disarm her before she had a chance to seriously injure anyone. His quick action likely saved those around him from serious injury.

Source: Reuters

It was only several moments after this initial contact that the second (and now infamous) engagement occurred, in which Nauert is seen running back into the brawl to continue fighting and achieved full equality.

Far from being an innocent bystander, Emily Nauert is a left-wing political terrorist who was engaged in violence against her political opponents. The corporate media’s attempt to smear Damigo is overwhelmingly transparent, and the alternative media has literally raped this false narrative to death. There is, however, much more to this story that bears our attention. While the lying press were busy finding ways to edit film and omit facts to slander Damigo’s heroic act, other film and pictures show that his engagement with “Moldylocks” was not the only selfless act he performed that day.

Witnesses claimed to have seen Damigo running along the sidelines of the battle looking after and performing first aid on wounded attendees. At one point during the “Battle of Berkeley” a latino man, A. J. Alegria, was drawn into the black bloc by Antifa after attempting to catch a man who assaulted a rally goer in the head with a wooden stick. Alegria, who was then ruthlessly beaten by the mob, is seen being rescued by Damigo immediately after he was kicked in the head as an Antifa member held him in a chokehold on the ground. Damigo’s valiant act of running into the mob to save Alegria, who received 4 staples and multiple stitches to heal the gaping wound in his forehead, is nothing short of an act of bravery. Alegria recalled the incident in a vlog he published after the event.

This valiant rescue, in addition to the information that was omitted by outlets like CBS, does not fit the narrative that corporate America is trying so hard to create and wishes so much to be true. These vile “journalists” attempted to turn a hero into a demon, and they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that damn alternative media and their “fake news.”

Unshaken by the media storm that ensued after last weekend’s event, Damigo returned to Berkeley in protest after Ann Coulter’s event was cancelled. There he was greeted by several speakers at the “Fuck Antifa” rally with attendees rushing to thank him and getting pictures to show off to friends.

Damigo is a free-speech activist.


Nathan Damigo has shown himself to be a true leader. He is a much-needed role model for our youth to emulate.  It seems as if, for now, the Alt-Right and the Alt-Light have found common ground through bleeding together on the battlefield, but this alliance is still an uneasy one. It is yet to be seen if this big tent coalition can move forward together without breaking apart, but as for right now, it is looking optimistic.


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