Marine Le Pen Is A Prelude To Revolution

Submitted by Kai Murros


I have the greatest respect for Marine Le Pen. However, I am afraid she is fighting a losing battle. Current populist parties in Europe are only the first wave of nationalism. These parties still operate within the framework of liberal democracy — and often the activists in these parties actually believe that they can change things by playing according to the rules set by the enemy and while society at large is vehemently against them.

The parties of the first wave of nationalism do not challenge the very concept of liberal democracy (for practical reasons this is, of course, perfectly understandable). Also, these parties seldom challenge the prevailing paradigm of modern economics and therefore they do not challenge globalization as such either. Marine Le Pen, however, is a refreshing exception to this and deserves our respect for it.

The parties of the first wave of nationalism often represent the attitude of “business as usual but without the immigrants” or “business as usual and only those immigrants who work [serve us with low pay]”. The parties of the first wave of nationalism often reflect middle-class egoism and bourgeois social opportunism. Unable to grasp the true causes and effects of globalization, these parties often descend into reactionary “conservativism” complemented with economic liberalism and in the worst cases to outright anti-nation state libertarianism.

Marine Le Pen is, thankfully, free from this ideological blindness but as a representative of the first wave of nationalism she can never be radical enough. What Marine Le Pen is lacking is what the Germans call “Wille zur Macht”, the will to power.

However, what Marine Le Pen and the parties of the first wave of nationalism are doing is that they are resurrecting ethnic nationalism, making it culturally acceptable and helping to transform it from an undercurrent to mainstream – racism will be the new black. The radical left is absolutely right; you should never give a platform to nationalists – but this socio-economic/cultural process is beyond anyone’s control and the material forces in history also make it unstoppable.

The second wave of nationalism would be impossible without the Great Paradigm Shift – Marine Le Pen and the first wave of nationalism are indispensable for this shift. The second wave of nationalism is then ruthlessly radical and aims at nothing less than a total destruction of the liberal capitalist system. The violent and totalitarian nature of the second wave of nationalism simply wouldn’t wash without the masses being already conditioned to it by the Great Paradigm Shift.

For a serious political movement to reach the pinnacle of power always requires the collapse of the economy – already nicely under way – and the ensuing revolution/civil war. Islam is the new communism, the fear of which will pave the way for nationalists to absolute power. This unpalatable truth is, no doubt, too much for Marine Le Pen to digest. Therefore, FN is not a revolutionary party and has no chance of achieving even a fraction of what it promises to people. The second wave of nationalism then finally delivers.


Charles Lyons
the authorCharles Lyons
Charles Lyons is the Chief Administrative Officer of Arktos Media.


  • I have always had that feeling about Le Pen &co. Even Trump, to a point. I think Trump is little more than an invitation to think differently, not pushing any particular direction. I just think he is a pause or a slowing down of the figurative train. Le Pen is a bit different. As a lite version of her father, she has spent her leadership trying to broaden her party’s support base (which is made worse by France’s Two-Round System), but some (mostly the media) will still hold their past against them (not that people in these circles really care).

  • Destroy capitalism? Instate North-Korean style topp down elitism? Institutionalize violence? Hey! This is the ALT right not the old stupid, almost got us all killed or turned in to slaves right that nobody wants exept the lunys that think they are going to be “elite” but are just going to end up in some prison tower them selves.

    Power is of course necessery but not an end in it self. It is a tool of necessity for a short period in a certain situation.

    But this 30s wet dreams is also just bullshit. We are lightyears away from that. Read “End of Power”

    Yes for sure it might be a civil war. But it will be 4. gen and decentalized.

    We need to deport a lot of people and we need to reverse globalism. But we don’t want a bloodbath (with 100 years of white guilt again.) And we don’t want to live in a shitty topp down stupidcrasy.

    Alt right is better than that.

  • I feel hopeful after reading this. Maybe it’s such a long term process that I personally won’t see much benefit from it, but it’s nice to think that Trump and LePen are just the first shots fired in a long war that we’ll actually win.

  • Very astute, I think you’re exactly right. The democratic process as it currently stands is moribund the real nationalism as you say has yet to show itself

  • Good article. Win or lose, Nationalism is here to stay. First wave Nationalists like Trump and Le Pen, won’t make the changes we want them to, but their pushing the overton window further right. When they don’t follow through working class white people will be ready for something more militant.

    • Yes,but I came to think that Trump is even weaker than all major european nationalists.
      They all at least had a negative reaction to the Trump bombing of Syria,Le Pen included.
      They seem to possess a little more sincerety and depthness in their historycal knowledge than our homeboy.
      The all hat zero cattle cowboy ,who has zionified the White House as much as any modern president in American history.

      • Yes. Trump has been a huge disapointment. Still, he has redefined what kind of platform a Republican candidate can run on and get elected with. It’s still a step in the right direction, just a smaller step than we’d all like.

  • i think le pen is going to win, bataclan, charlie hebdo, Bastille day… how stupid can the French be?

  • “business as usual but without the immigrants”

    Fine by me.

    The second wave of nationalism is then ruthlessly radical and aims at nothing less than a total destruction of the liberal capitalist system. The violent and totalitarian nature of the second wave of nationalism simply wouldn’t wash without the masses being already conditioned to it by the Great Paradigm Shift. For a serious political movement to reach the pinnacle of power always requires the collapse of the economy – already nicely under way – and the ensuing revolution/civil war.

    This entire article is written as if the steps he outlines are somehow inevitable and that history always repeats this cycle. Are there any examples of this EXCEPT for 1928-1933? The “radical right” seems to have an extremely narrow view of history – it’s forever 1933.

    As for a collapsing economy, this seems extremely unlikely. Any inventory of the physical economy in North America and Europe shows that there are enough natural resources and enough easily obtained energy for the economy to keep chugging along nicely for another 100 years without a blip. Radicals, both left and right, love to predict the IMMINENT TOTAL COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMY ANY DAY NOW and it was fashionable to discuss “Peak Oil” back in the Bush administration, but there’s no really no reason any of this is true.

    Radical are always for “revolution” but it may be thinking in terms of evolution is better. Revolutions are by nature left wing anyway.

    • Even the Nazis were not anti-capitalist. German corporations like Bayer and Mercedes-Benz did very well under the Nazis.

      • Not true. Nazis were not anti-corporate, per se. Capitalism puts profits before people. Communism puts classes before people. Both are globalist insofar as they will eagerly replace their own people with foreigners. In both systems all people are interchangeable, especially when they’re White.

      • The Nazis saw trade and markets as a means to a nationalist (racial) end. Those who we call “capitalists” today seem to think trade is the end itself. That’s really the difference. If trade contributes to the public good, great. If not, regulate or do away with it. Capitalism wasn’t ideological for the Nazis the way it is for contemporary libertarians or other market fundamentalists. It wasn’t a set of normative ethics or a philosophy, but simply a policy tool that either produced useful results or it didn’t. Modern capitalism in practice is about radical individualism and bringing the state into the service of private capital. The Nazis would have called it out for the Jewish bullshit that it is and opposed it.

        • It’s not “Jewish” bullshit, it’s just bullshit.

        • I have often had this same argument with dogmatic capitalists. They regard private ownership, free markets and free trade like a Christian regards the Trinity. They are often to abysmally narrowminded that they can’t understand that an economic system exists to serve a society/people; NOT the other way around.
          I have actually found most communists to be more reasonable in this regard than these mantra reciting capitalists.

    • We have an economic meltdown and/or financial crisis every 8 to 10 years and each is worse than the last. The last two produced “jobless recoveries.”

    • “The “radical right” seems to have an extremely narrow view of history – it’s forever 1933.”

      Murros is one of the most fierce accelerationists. I would like to see him treat your argument, as he is a historian and should be able to back up his view. I think he did in his book, but I did not read it. His specialty is chinese history.

    • I disagree with your certainty that the Western economies can continue as is for another 100 years.
      The debt of the USA alone may trigger a collapse and if it happens it will almost certainly occur rapidly and with almost no warning.

      • The debt is in dollars which can be created or destroyed at will. As we saw in 2008, default is easy to avoid, you simply inflate the currency.

        Oh, but what about inflation? What about it? Prices are determined by supply and demand, not monetary quantity. Most of the new money never even filters down to the real economy anyway because the debt is mostly institutional and it’s a matter of bookkeeping as opposed to anything that directly effects the real economy of goods and services.

        Hence, looking at the physical economy of goods and services and the all important energy sector, we’re good to go for another 100 years.

  • If you’re serious about taking power, you NEVER affirm your enemy’s weaponized terms, talking points, or narratives. You discredit them and impose your own. You never argue about whether you’re a racist or say “XYZ are the REAL racists!” or the real McCarthyites or real Watergaters or the real bigots.

    Take diversity. What anti-whites CALL diversity is in fact mass non-white immigration and forced integration in ALL white areas and ONLY white areas. Actual racial diversity can only be maintained by physical separation of the races. What anti-whites CALL diversity destroys real diversity, but it’s only targeted at the white race. No “diversity” in Japan or Liberia. Diversity is a code word for white genocide. All anti-white weaponized terms are code words, smokescreens, squid ink to hide their true intent to force blend white people out of existence. So, if an anti-white asks “what’s wrong with diversity?” you say “What YOU CALL diversity is just white genocide.”

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    • The neo cons;the breitbart crowd do that all-the -time.
      That’s all they do.
      I think the most ridicously obvious example of it would be :
      ” The fascist left”..
      “The progressives are the REAL fascists”..
      And I always think :
      “Wait a minute.. I AM the Fascist,somewhat ,and proud of it”.

      The left is the left.
      That’s what they are.
      a commie,a progressive ,an antifa..those are offensive and oppressive words all by themselves and they have always been.

      • Have you ever heard a lefty say “Republicans are the REAL Communists!” Lefties know how power works.

        • Funny thing is that “Republicans are the real communists ” ,after the complete neo-con take over of the GOP of the 50’s-60’s, actually DOES make
          Most of the neo-con “intellectuals” (if anyone could seriously call them that)had been not just “liberals “but declared trotzkyst communists.

      • Breitbart is a neo-con site started in Israel, so of course they are against “fascism.” To that crowd, you are supposed to hate Muslims but love Jewishes. You are allowed to be “racist” against Blacks, but only because they are “liberal” – you have to love conservative Blacks. It’s ok to be against the Social Justice Warrior types too.

        Breitbart will always be against White Nationalism because it’s a site for Jewishes, not Whites. The purpose of Breitbart is to get Whites into kosher conservatism because too many leftists are starting to show some sympathy with the Palestinians.

        • Look:
          Today Breitbart has an article about the first 100 days of Trump’s admin.
          They put the Syrian attack as number 2 in the top 5 of best things Trump has done so far.
          I think that that tells the whole story on Breitbart and that they reached rock bottom right there.
          They can dye, as far as I am concerned now.

          • Of all the discussions about Trump’s attack on Syria, no one seemed to point out that it was likely a retaliation for Syria shooting at Israeli planes that have been bombing inside Syria to support ISIS. This happened about a week before Trump bombed. Only the commenter “eyewide” ever mention it AFAIK and RamZPaul made an indirect allusion to it.

            Everyone else just punted saying it was the “neo-cons.” No one wants to say it openly: the Israel lobby.

            My partner and I predicted that Trump would be more pro-Israel than any other President, that he would be taking orders from Likud, and we predicted this the day he announced. All the signs were there.

        • The only way Breitbart et al can get Whites into kosher conservatism is if they make it clear to the whole damned country that they will do whatever is necessary to protect and preserve a White racial majority.

          Culture: They need to notify their media/advertisement/entertainment connections that the miscegenation program needs to be terminated. Stop pushing the whole Blacks on Blondes crap. Neither Blacks nor Whites really like it. Stop the Stupid Whites versus Smart Blacks commercials.

          During the “Whitest” post WWII decade AKA the evil fifties, entertainment was full of very talented Jews like Milton Berle, Jack Benny, Phyllis Diller, Joan Rivers, etc. who became beloved cultural icons. As a Star Trek fan, I’ll add Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. All of these entertainers became beloved cultural icons. Compare and contrast to Sarah Silverman and Lena Dunham, etc. who are loathed as symbols of cultural degeneration.

          The one takeaway from Blacks on campuses demanding “safe spaces” is that even Blacks prefer segregation unless the Whites indicate that they themselves want it. Start with commercials.

          Push law and order enforcement. Put an end to knockout games, with prejudice.

          “Business as usual, but without the (Non-White) immigration” (or in and outsourcing) is one of the best ways to get Whites into kosher conservativism. The H1B visas for Hindus and Asians must be eliminated and only Americans must be hired. The only way capitalism can survive is if neocons in the government make it stop actively hurting Americans.

          Big Ag must be encouraged to automate as much as possible rather than using cheap human labor and then deferring the costs of feeding, housing, educating and imprisoning them when they get violent.

          Allow only NON-Muslims into this country from the Mideast, i.e. Christians. Allow the Whites of Africa, especially the poor, dispossessed White Rhodesians of Zimbabwe and Boers of South Africa into the country. That is the clearest Pro-White and Christian message the neocons can give.

          Last, but not least, BUILD THE WALL. If Trump breaks his signature campaign promise and does NOT build the wall, the fact that Israel (for whom all these engagements in the Mideast are bankrupting this country and preventing us from rebuilding our infrastructure) has one is going to become a huge bone of contention that is going to stick in the craw of ALL White Americans.

          Without the wall, the country WILL swing left with a vengeance, but it will be swelled with frustrated nihilistic Whites who will be drawn to the left for the very reason that it is pro Palestinian. The Usual Suspects have expended so much of its energy hammering and silencing the right for suspected anti-semitism that they are unaware that they opened the back door of the left to antisemites. You have to wonder how many antisemites realized that and were drawn to the left because their alleged antifascism and antiracism gave them cover.

      • All nationalist leaders across the West of any significance fall under the classification as “First Wave”. Greece might be a little different since they’ve been at it for decades with the same consistent message. It’s the economic destruction for the past 10 years that even allowed them to be what they are today, and even that isn’t enough.

        Something has to break and always will before radical thinking has a chance to be taken seriously. It’s just how it is despite being extremely frustrating.

        Trump broke the back of PC and indirectly gave whites a platform to come together as a collective mass. Regardless of what he does, which shouldn’t surprise anyone to be honest, he’s burning down the entire goddamn system. You expected someone to stem the tide and instead you got a man who opened up the flood gates (accelerationism) leaving the discourse wide open. His reversals I think are intended to keep the flames and emotions of everyone on both sides HIGH. The last thing we want is for the fire on either side to burn out.

        • Trump is an interesting proposition. He seems to surround himself with people in conflict with each other. He keeps NJ Governor Chris Christie as a friend even though his daughter is married to Jared Kushner, the son of the man he prosecuted, Charles Kushner.

      • All hat zero cattle.
        And then you are supposed to reasonably go:
        “But ..he is still better than Hillary mkay”
        When matter of fact he is not,he is actually worse because a direct,frontal enemy is always slightly preferable to deal with than a traitor within your ranks,operating behind your back.

  • Kai is a prophet, he’s been right all this time. The tide is indeed turning just as he said it would years ago.

    • paradigm shift always gets my attention .. and that could include an energy revolution .. I follow for the times I need optimistic feels.

  • No possibility of militarized globalist intervention here? The one thing that the globalists must prevent is a domino effect, and a domino effect will most certainly occur should France clean house–THOROUGHLY clean house, that is. Just can’t imagine the Brussels/Wall Street boys sitting idly by when this nationalist resurrection gets underway (and it’s not really underway just yet). I see a probable trumped-up excuse given by the globalist cabal to invade France at some critical point in the house-cleaning process.

    • It is. Therefore white nationalists must work for undermining the very foundation of US – the main tool of globalist juggernaut imperium. white nationalists must cooperate with other ethnic groups in US towards secessions into etno states; white north-west, black deep south, latino south west etc. This work must start NOW.

      • Yes, but can such a Balkanization of the US be accomplished without bloodshed? Can you see the (((Bolsheviks))) allowing such a thing to occur? Remember, they own the military–and Congress, and the Trump administration as well. To effect such a Balkanization will require a leader of stellar ability. May God grant us one.

        • Use the weapons of ethics – like Ghandi. It is ethical that blacks get their own homeland to end discrimination and exploitation, it is ethical that latinos get what once was theirs, it is very ethical that US is divided into smaller units because of agressiveness – such arguments was used against Prussia back in the days. etc, etc, etc. Create peaceful massmovements of blacks and latinoes working for these aims, and bloodshed will be hard to support by the Hydra.

          • when i look through the panel of people at .. I see mostly whites .. whites while a small number on the planet should never be overlooked .. ever..

          • you are way to optimistic. If there is no exclusive white awareness, then there is no defence against subversive forces. the cucked vanguard at globalbem are children of the idea of an utopian global village, and will willingly piss on their heritage. A sudden reawakening will NOT happen. The scisma is real. The aim must be to get scientist over to our side.

          • Just want to say you are exactly right. Have you read “Antifagile” by Nazim Takeb?

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