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  • I’ll believe it when my autism finally appears in the comment section unimpeded.

  • I think this comment has been in purgatory for 24 days. Here it is again:

    Our race is riddled with secret societies, which provide hidden conduits for Jewish influence. If and when we (pro-whites) finally start getting the upper hand for control of our people, we need to remember this. Secrecy is a tool of the Jews.

  • I’ve told this before, but here it is again. When I was a kid I heard some relatives saying negative things about Jews. I asked why they didn’t like Jews and the reply was “Because they’re cliquish and just care for themselves.”

    I didn’t see anything wrong with being cliquish and taking care of one’s own kind and I still don’t.

    A major problem I see for us Whites is that we’re not cliquish enough and we not only don’t often seem to want to take care of our own kind, but too many of us fail to even see that we Whites are even our own kind at all. Indeed, too many of us Whites think of Whites as some sort of raceless universal human that is inside all other humans but that some other humans simply got different paint jobs from us. But under the hood, why, we’re all the same. This is, of course, utter nonsense.

    So, my fellow Whites, do be cliquish and do just care for yourself and your fellow Whites and let other peoples care for their own kind.

    • I rather doubt that Jews are smarter than most whites. It’s just that there is a lot to be said for “Jewish” mothering helping people to reach their potential. I also don’t think that Jews are evolved to be better at running Hollywood or the media, it’s just that they promote each other.

      • Smarter and not smarter are very relative terms. There are different kinds of smart and the smart that we Whites must now develop is to take care of ourselves. When we really get that into our subconscious minds, watch how we rise to the top of everything.

      • I believe that the Ashkenazim have a higher average verbal IQ. They may also have a higher average IQ for analytic reasoning, but not spatial reasoning. Or maybe they do have a certain kind of spatial reasoning ability that does not readily translate into artistic ability. This would explain why Jews have done so well in theoretical physics and pure mathematics. These fields have become more abstract in recent decades, which may have something to do with Jewish tendencies/preferences.

      • When Whites become wise to the JQ then all of a sudden Jews don’t appear that smart anymore. The mask has been removed and the air of genius is gone. They’ve been revealed as swindlers and pathological liars.

        • Without Jewish crypsis they are very easy to deal with. Jewish power comes from not being allowed to discuss Jewish power. Once it’s out in the open the scam no longer works.

    • This is inevitable as a result of Jewish dominance. To compete with a dominant clannish ethnic group everyone needs to similarly become clannish. However this is no model for a modern nation, and so nations which adopt this model will look like the Middle East where you get “impressive” figures of how advanced Syria is because 60% of the Arabs there consider themselves “Syrian” rather than only identifying with their particular inbred merchant/bandit clan.

      Societies are the product of a gene-culture and the Aryan gene-culture is one which simply isn’t “cliquish” and allows for millions of people to march under a single banner and have a unity of purpose which isn’t possible under a society led by what are essentially high IQ gypsies. We are slowly returning to the Bronze Age which is about the level of social sophistication Jews are capable of producing and which they feel comfortable in. The goal is to be the new Athenians rather than the new Philistines which is what the Jews have in mind for us.

      • In his book “Culture and Carnage” the historian Victor Davis Hanson argues that Western individualism is an inheritance from the ancient Greeks. They may have developed this individualistic mind set from their particular economic circumstances. However, Greek men were able to set aside their individualism in order to work together with great success on the battlefield. The Greeks developed the strategy of the phalanx, which required soldiers literally to stand together in order to repel an enemy force. White people must now form a metaphorical phalanx in order to defend ourselves from the forces arrayed against us.

        • It is a cultural idea, but is not genetic. It is no more a part of our genes than was the belief that the Earth is flat.

        • I haven’t read VDH’s book but I’m assuming he’s citing mind/body dualism as the origin of individualism, which certainly has done a number on our understanding of the world in general. The opposing conception of human existence is essentially not present in the western canon.

      • Terrific analysis !!! As Whites lose power, it is a Darwinian certitude that we will raise our consciousness. And I agree, let’s don’t fall into the trap of becoming the type of “enemies” Jews wish us to be. Athenian is the right idea. We can transcend AND protect out people.

        • Transcend what? Being White? Ensuring our survival and success? Our new model must ask of everything: Is this good for Whites. Screw the idea of a universal humankind (that really means all humans are White inside). It is a failed idea.

      • I disagree that being cliquish is “no model for a modern nation.” In fact, what you praise as a “modern nation” is where Whites miscegenate themselves out of existence and this is no nation at all.

        As for me, I carry my nation within my DNA. It is also my religion and my philosophy and my way of life. I want to live in an exclusively White nation. And, such a nation will clearly understand who is like us and is not like us and will circle the wagons for the benefit of Whites only.

        • Americans/Whites are not miscegenating themselves out of existence. I assume what Hermes means is that clannishness is no replacement for a White nation. Whites tend to be not clannish, we prefer civic institutions – and we can only have those in a White nation without a clique of outsiders infiltrating our institutions and economy as described in the Wright Island Model.

          • You can’t have both clannishness and a high trust society. The only possible alternatives for a high trust society are to exclude clannish peoples, or allow them to parasitize that society.

        • You misunderstand me, and what is taking place. A clique is not an abstraction. A clique are people that you know personally and this will be your “nation”, and other white people you don’t know are not a part of your clique and are at least potential enemies and never friends unless their interests become intractably entangled with your own. Just like in the Middle East, which is an extrapolation of the gene-culture of the Jewish racial stock. Stereotypical Jewish behavior is greatly mitigated in that milieu because everyone is trying to fuck everyone else over all the time and everyone is suspicious of outsiders. An “outsider” being anyone not known personally and whose well being is not entwined with your own, not someone of another race because a race is not a clique.

          What you are describing is in no sense a “clique” at all. What you are describing is the basis of a modern nation which is ethnic belonging. If you want to live in an exclusively White nation then “nationhood” based on tightknit groups of people whose only concerns are for their intimates (who are naturally of the same race in almost all cases) and whose enemies are simply other people regardless of their race isn’t the way to go. Although things are going that way as we spiral into a low trust society.

      • Modern nations like Western European countries? The ones where the natives are literally being disposed of? I think I will pass on that one.

    • Because they’re cliquish and just care for themselves.” bs they are shysters that take advantage of simple people cause they think they are to good to do their own work. the Talmud even encourages it

    • whites are like cats.. hard to herd .. don’t even try… they’re also really good at getting along with all kinds of races on the planet .. i think whites came from another planet .. we are very different and very curious to other races .. we’re also very trusting to a fault .. become like jews, never… its not how we are wired .. the insular nature of jews comes from their desire to survive … they have a shared understanding … Elaine Dewar writes a little about that in her 3rd book “The Second Tree” which covers cloning and chimeras which when watching Alex Jones’ press conference about his divorce recently he spoke about when he went off on what of his tangent.. Elaine’s jewish.. her latest book ‘SMARTS’ is excellent as are all her books… she married a goy.. I’m a goy .. I appreciate people who work with Creation.. never mind their colour.

      • Whites are all too easy to be herded. The problem for us is that anti-whites have the upper hand and that they have been working on getting the upper hand for a long time.

    • “I’ve told this before, but here it is again. When I was a kid I heard some relatives saying negative things about Jews. I asked why they didn’t like Jews and the reply was “Because they’re cliquish and just care for themselves.””

      My Grandfather who was a veteran of the Bulge and met the Red Army at the Elbe expressed the same sentiment and said the Jews were clannish and always stuck together.

      Jared Taylor remarked that part of what makes huwhites attain greatness is our curiosity and altruism. Yet Nietzsche traced the beginning of the downfall of whites to Ancient Greek democracy and the granting of so called individual rights to the hoi polloi. In essence, we planted the seeds of our own ascension and our own collapse.

      Non Whites like Jews and Chinese may also succeed but they lack the inquisitive nature of white people and consequently develop disgusting cultural practices.

    • You don’t understand what your relatives were saying. Your relatives were saying, “We’re good people but Jews still don’t want to assimilate. They don’t care about us or our neighborhood.”

      Whites instinctively want high trust societies. POCS, Jews, and Muslims don’t. Jews want to live parasitically off of Whites. They instinctively want what Whites have but they just want to take it and blame Whites, the same way a parasite blames the host.

      The problem with your outlook is simple: non-Whites don’t belong among us. You’re coming from a position where Whites, Jews, Muslims, and POCs are here to stay so it’s up to Whites to just take care of ourselves. That’s not enough. Whites must have explicit White countries that explicitly take care of Whites and explicitly never help non-Whites. Ever. If some dipshit White talks about assimilation you ridicule them until they curl up into a ball then you kick them into the corner.

      • You’re spot on about Kikes, I’ll give you that much ThomasER916. The strength of the Jew is simply their support of one another, there are a few who have a little more brain cells but they have to stay their course which makes them predictable. Rest assured not all Whites are unified. PS. We are going to attack N Korea in May, get your affairs in order!

    • Evolver1 That’s absolute nonsense! Carry that thought over to capitalist and apply it… see the problem. I advocate that ALL JEWS (pretenders regardless) return to their State of Israel. Granted the Arabs don’t acknowledge the Jewish homeland and I don’t blame them, but for Jews to remain in host countries and meddle in our politics is wrong, somebody is going to get hurt. I disagree with you and your ankle grabbing opinion. Suck it! xXx

      • Huh? You seem to be responding to something I didn’t write. My point is that Whites need to look out for Whites and no one else. I was using an anecdote from when I was a kid that helped me awaken to the reality that Whites too often fail to practice good and healthy self and group egoism and that we need to get away from thinking we need to help non-Whites.

  • Here is the text of what I complained about being “moderated”. I mistakenly used that word, I did not actually believe it was being moderated. I knew a setting or something was blocking it. Here goes…


    THE PROPAGANDISTS who slandered Hitler and Germany and National Socialism — in order to get us pepped up to fight and kill the people who were trying to save us — told a lot of lies. They told us lies, the “Holocaust” story just one out of many, designed to whip us into a frenzied hate so we would kill on command — and mostly, it worked.

    Actually, these propagandists would better be called “projectionists,” not so much because they use their media to project a false picture in our minds — but because they are projecting, in a psychological sense, their own actual characteristics and behavior falsely onto the Germans.

    The Germans under Hitler wanted to dominate Europe and the world with their military might, we are told. What exactly is US-armed and nuclear-armed Israel doing in the Middle East, if not dominating it? And
    what exactly is the Jews’ most egregiously slavish puppet, the United States, doing with its thousands of troops and innumerable military bases in dozens of countries all over the world — if not dominating it?
    Just look at this map, which I’ll include with the text version of this broadcast, that shows US military bases around the world — Europe is occupied and surrounded, the Middle East is occupied and surrounded, much of Asia is occupied and surrounded, Russia and Iran are certainly surrounded.

    This US military occupation of and dominance over a huge percentage of the Earth’s surface is so well known that it is now the stuff of Internet memes: “The Russians want war! — look how close they built
    their country to our military bases.” So true. This worldwide empire of power and dominance is far beyond anything that Hitler and Germany were ever even accused of wanting, much less achieving. And this worldwide empire of power and dominance isn’t even for the purpose of enriching the American people or giving them power — no, far from it. The regime in Washington works instead to enrich the Jewish elite, the vultures of Wall Street, the media oligarchs, the banking parasites. It is for them we slave, for them we send our sons to die.

    They say that the Germans wanted the people of other nations to be their slaves, to be exploited economically. What do the mega-corporations funded by the Jewish banks do on a worldwide scale,
    protected by the military might of their American Janissaries? Don’t they have factory after factory after factory, staffed by Third World labor, often child labor, working for pennies an hour and living in hovels not too different from cages? — working at pay rates so low that the workers could never afford to buy the electronic trinkets or branded sportswear they churn out amidst toxic fumes? — working under economic compulsion so great that the difference between their condition and slavery depends upon an extremely fine, perhaps even illusory, definition?

    And, speaking of exploitation and slavery, isn’t it slavery when one class of people — the Jewish bankers — have a monopoly on the creation of money and force everyone (even the State!) to pay a percentage of their wealth just for the “privilege” of using their own credit? Isn’t it slavery when every dollar in existence is really a dollar of debt to the bankers who created it with a bookkeeping entry? — when you work all your life and end up with nothing, while they don’t work and end up with everything? — when you have no privacy whatever, and every aspect of your life is tracked by their banking and credit system, and you have no choice about participating, aside from being a hermit? Haven’t Hitler’s enemies set up the ultimate exploitative system imaginable? — and weren’t the National Socialists trying to free the world of just this same parasitic system? — the system that now misrules us?

    Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish people, they tell us. That, they further tell us, was the greatest crime in all history — a crime for which Germans must atone and pay forever. A crime so great that that in compensation not only the Germans, but all the kindred peoples of Europe, must forever renounce nationalism — must forever renounce any kind of racial solidarity or consciousness — must forever criminalize any act which tends to favor White Europeans in their own homelands or even dares to assert that White Europeans have a homeland or are a people.

    Yet we see around us every year, every day, every hour mounting evidence that the Jewish power structure that destroyed Hitler and enlisted our people in destroying Hitler is committing a genocide — the first genocide in history to aim at the extermination of one of the Earth’s major races, our race, the White race — the scale of which is hundreds of times greater than what Hitler was accused of doing by the wildest story-spinners and most audacious lie factories of World War 2. The borders of all White nations, and only White nations, must always be open — say the Jews, whose own border in Israel is closed, defended, and patrolled better than that of most maximum-security prisons. White nations must never define citizenship in racial terms, say the Jews. White nations must criminalize and prosecute any of their own citizens who prefer the company of their own race in hiring, in education, or as neighbors or customers.

    In other words, everything which keeps a race alive is forbidden to Whites, and anyone who is perceived as being even faintly favorable to Whites and White survival must be hounded from the public stage,
    smeared, and, if possible, imprisoned, financially ruined, and made unemployable.So we can see that every major charge made by the Jews and their media against the National Socialists — world domination, economic enslavement, exploitation, genocide — is a charge that ought to be leveled at the Jewish power structure.

    • I share this due to my belief that this is OUR MORAL ARGUMENT against the charges of being inhuman monsters akin to cannibals.

      This is the argument.

      Should be fairly obvious that it is undeniably true.

  • Good news.
    I guess this comment won’t get filtered for containing bad words like “Jewish” or “antifa scum” then?

  • OK, let’s then start talk about the ***s and their role in the *** that goes on in our societies. I would personally like to say that every *** *** is a good ***. In fact, we should make all *** societies ***-free zones!

    Bah, everything still gets censored. 😉

    • Ha!!

      But, not all **** are our Enemies……

      And plenty of our Fellow ***** **** are just as Bad…..

      …..or even Worse…..

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