The Battle For Berkeley

Richard Spencer discusses Ann Coulter, Berkeley as the battlefield of the current culture war, and why “free speech” isn’t free.

Richard Spencer
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  • No its not. You have a bunch of idiot snowflakes trying to re enact the 60s and in the case of some of the alt right folks the 30’s. Notice how all of the cop shootings have died out as the election is over. You won’t have anything near a race war until the economy tanks again… for good.

  • She should have been there (Berkeley). If she believed in what she was saying and in the 1st Amnd… like she said… she would’ve been there… Berkeley on the 27th had no rioting (possibly because the Berkeley mayor was found to have ties with Antifa?). Modesto had no rioting even though the city was <2 hrs from Berkeley. She let a lot of people down who showed up to support and share our message.

    • She is just trying to stay relevant, but I think she missed a big chance to do just that when she did not show up.

  • Tell me again what Miss Coulter brings to the alt-Right:

    “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war.”

    – National Review
    Online, 13 September 2001

    What we got in Berkley was three light-weights – Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, and Brittany Pettibone – who clearly had nothing to say bloviating about their right to say it.

    Without a meaningful message, the right to speak is meaningless. Antifa, who didn’t bother to show up, apparently realizes this. They won by default.

    • Ann Coulter recognizes that nonwhite immigration is destroying the West. Even though East Asians do better economically than other nonwhite racial/ethnic groups in the West, mass immigration of East Asians is still bad for the white populations of the West, which is why we oppose it. The alt-right is about white group interests, first and foremost. Everything else is secondary.

      The reason why the alt-right opposes most wars and military actions is because we realize that they do not serve white group interests. We recognize that it is best to leave well enough alone in other countries and that military involvement is usually sold to us under false pretenses by people who do not have our best interests at heart.

    • First of all, that “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity” was said tongue-in-cheek. Also, Ms. Coulter has changed a good deal over the last sixteen years. She’s far from being a neo-con nowadays. She is now one of the most alt-right-like people who regularly appear on television and have a public presence.

      • Bottom line is she is just trying to stay relevant. She made a great living basically rewriting the same book over and over again nailing Obama and liberals, then did the book on immigration that was pretty good and off the usual theme.

  • Americans of all types who love free speech and being free Americans need to stand up. Enough is enough. Once they get your 1st they got your 2nd then churches and bibles are next.

  • Spencer says “Coulter backed down and I don’t know why.”

    Let’s review. Last week in Oregon a extremely mainstream community parade was canceled because of threats of violence from Antifa directed against the local Republican party.

    Let’s all stop pretending that America is on the verge of some sort of “civil war” and deal with reality. The Republican party has the Presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and close to 2/3 of the 50 state governments.

    For the last 15 years, the USA has been a police state. Snowden shows us that the Fed are listening to everyone’s phone calls and reading everyone’s emails. Obama passed a law saying that the Feds can arrest American citizens, even kill them, for “terrorism” whenever they want. The FBI has spent the last 15 years infiltrating radical movements and “preventing” terrorist attacks “just in time.”

    Clearly, Antifa is being allowed to operate – by the government controlled by the Republican party. The GOP is even allowing Antifa to shut down their own Republican events. We know that police forces have been told to stand down and not interfere with Antifa violence. This is happening under a government completely dominated by the Republican party.

    So, what does that tell us about the nature of Antifa? We know that protestors were arrested and charged when they interfered with Trump’s inauguration. We know that all it would take is one word from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the entire leadership of Antifa could be arrested within 24 hours.

    So why are they being allowed to do what they are doing? Answer that question and you know how to proceed.

    • They are bait on a hook, and if you do get some major league violence ala the Freikorp type of stuff, that will be the impetus for martial law. That is why even confronting these people is moronic. It basically is a trap, and a waste of time. If there isn’t a bona fide attempt at trying to create a viable nationalist political party from the Alt right soon, I am going to have to chalk it up as a non movement and just a bunch of guys trying to gain some notoriety off of Trump. Thing is he ditched them as soon as they put out. Now slowly, but surely they are going to fade away. By 2020 they will be gone like the Tea Party if they don’t get serious soon.

    • That is true, and she might be one of the first to admit it. Still, Ann Coulter has a lot of guts. She has been a lightning-rod for going-on twenty years now, speaking up for white interests (without explicity mentioning white interests). Maybe she’s just getting tired of being the object of so much vicious hate. I wouldn’t blame her. She’s on our side, more than just about every single member of Congress.

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