Will There Be A Wall After All?

Only the old school left, libertarian right and the Alt-Right cares about Trump’s flip-flop on Syria. Even less people care about Trump’s bizarre moves against North Korea. The Wall is what it all comes down to. It will either make or break the Trump presidency.

Ann Coulter sounded off recently on Donald Trump’s promise to build his big beautiful wall on the southern border:

No one voted for Trump because of the “Access Hollywood” tape. They voted for him because of his issues; most prominently, his promise to build “a big beautiful wall.” And who’s going to pay for it? MEXICO! You can’t say that at every campaign rally for 18 months and then not build a wall. Do not imagine that a Trump double-cross on the wall will not destroy the Republican Party. Oh, we’ll get them back. No, you won’t. Trump wasn’t a distraction: He was the last chance to save the GOP. Millions of Americans who hadn’t voted in 30 years came out in 2016 to vote for Trump. If he betrays them, they’ll say, “You see? I told you. They’re all crooks.” No excuses will work. No fiery denunciations of the courts, the Democrats or La Raza will win them back, even if Trump comes up with demeaning Twitter names for them. It would be an epic betrayal — worse than Bush betraying voters on “no new taxes.” Worse than LBJ escalating the Vietnam War. There would be nothing like it in the history of politics. He’s the commander in chief! He said he’d build a wall. If he can’t do that, Trump is finished, the Republican Party is finished, and the country is finished.

Ann has been getting frustrated with Trump and she’s not the only one. But for all the frustration she feels with Trump, it doesn’t compare to the hatred she feels for the Republican party.

Republicans are both corrupt and stupid, so it’s hard to tell which one animates their opposition to the wall.

Why is Ann so angry? Well, it seems that the Republicans decided to definitively prove themselves to be an old man’s party of globo-homo oligarchs yesterday.

The Guardian breathed a sigh of relief when they ran with the headline: US may avoid government shutdown as Trump softens demand for border wall.

Congressional leaders sounded confident on Tuesday that they would be able to row back from the brink of a government shutdown after Donald Trump signaled a softening on his demand for immediate funding of the wall along the US-Mexico border.

Though Trump insisted that his controversial plan to build a barrier along the southern border would begin “soon”, Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill were reportedly pressing ahead with a spending plan that included no such funding. Congress has until Friday to approve a spending package to avoid a shutdown of the federal government.

“The president’s 11th-hour demand threatened to upend the progress. We’re pleased he’s backing off,” the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, said during a press conference on Tuesday.

It is encouraging to see Chuck Schumer so dead set against allowing for the funding of the wall in the budget. Chosen men like Chuck Schumer have a knack for proving to the still-skeptical that Jews are indeed bad news.

Trump’s own party is trying to sabotage him- but this is nothing new. On top of that, his Vice-President seems hell-bent on undermining him as well:

The US has confirmed it will honour a refugee deal with Australia to resettle 1,250 asylum seekers that President Donald Trump previously described as “dumb.” Vice President Mike Pence said the deal would be subject to vetting and that recognising it “doesn’t mean that we admire the agreement”. “We will honour this agreement out of respect to this enormously important alliance,” he told a joint news conference with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

And his lovely daughter, Ivanka Trump seems to be a bleeding-heart liberal:

Ivanka Trump, juggling dual roles of White House adviser and daughter of the president, said in an interview aired on Wednesday that the United States might need to admit more refugees from Syria, a pointed public departure from one of her father’s bedrock populist positions.

The report continues to suggest what many have already been gossiping about. The Kushner/Bannon civil war within the White House:

But two advisers to Mr. Trump, who declined to be identified talking about an internal White House dispute, described the statement as a political misstep. Her comments, they said, revealed a simmering private policy debate in the White House that pits Ms. Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, against hard-core nationalists like the president’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, and the policy adviser Stephen Miller, who see the crackdown on immigration from Muslim nations as fulfillment of a core campaign promise to Mr. Trump’s white working-class base.

So now we have to wonder if the Wall will be built after all. It seems that a lot of people in Trump’s own party, his cabinet and his own family don’t like the nationalistic ideas that Trump ran on. The will of the American people catapulted the man into the White House with the hopes that he would be their champion. We always knew it would be Trump and us against the whole rotten establishment.

But is he still really with us?

Many of us on the Alt-Right were let down by his shenanigans abroad, but the Wall is what it really comes down to. This is what will become the defining symbol of his promise to the American people. That Wall HAS to be built and the demographic flood HAS to be stemmed. If he caves on the Wall, there will be nothing left of the Trump that we all voted for in November.

And then all bets are off.

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  • Donald Trump does not have to build a wall. The mexicans will do it at their expense. All we have to do is tell them how high we want it and they will build it to our standards. No problem. We don’t need to spend a dime. How does this happen? Simple. No patriot should vacation in Mexico. No spring breaks, honeymoons, fishing or diving trips, etc. Not one American dollar spent in the mexican tourist industry. No tourism dollars and the country will tank. The mexicans will be building that baby in record time. No patriot goes across the border to shop either. When an American vacations in mexico they are supporting a country that is out to destroy us. They harbor every kind of violent offender because the American judicial system is too tough on cop killers, rapists and child molesters. Any informed American would never spend a dime in that accursed country. One more thought. Why aren’t we using drones to kill cartel members? They kill far more people with their poison than any terrorist group. We stop sending American dollars to mexico? They will build the wall. Believe me

  • I live in San Diego and two days ago, the San Diego Union Tribune had a big beautiful article that said prototypes of the wall will go up in the summer. The money has already been appropriated. So Trump doesn’t need the money for the entire wall right now. I think he needs to do a better job of connecting with the people like he did on the campaign trail. He’s largely leaving us in the dark.

  • The answer is to primary every single establishment Republican. Paul Ryan is the biggest obstacle to an American nationalist agenda in the House of Representatives and there are a lot of his ilk in the Senate, as well.

    The more we can replace the GOP-e with American nationalists, the better. If you know anyone from Wisconsin, you need to point the finger of blame at Paul Ryan for why their factories aren’t back on line.

    Donald Trump is only one man. He can’t do it by himself. He may be a conman, but there is no one enthusiastic supporters of the platform he ran on in Congress. That’s why the swamp must be drained in Congress.

    It is time for the voters of each district and state to carefully examine their representative’s record. There are report cards all over the place. Read them and if you are as dissatisfied as you say you are, you need to find a candidate to run against them and then vote for him.

    Let’s refer to it as OPERATION PRIMARY SCHOOL.

  • One last thing I meant to correct is that I meant to say border crossings are down.
    *Crossings are down not deportation.
    Pardon me.

  • I campaigned hard for Trump, knowing he was a gamble. I never deluded myself about it. What other choice was there? At this point I don’t think any voting matters anywhere, because the problems are systemic.

    I am convinced he is a liar and chosenite puppet. I would love to be proved wrong. With a more cynical perspective the whole Ivanka in the WH while his wife lives back at the tower is very creepy.

  • The Wall is a must. Human smuggling cost $1000 per person. The New Mexico areas without neither natural no man-made barriers are very porous. Smugglers use upgraded SUVs to carry illegals. Immediately, illegals buy fake papers and receive benefits and indicate that they have lived in the country for at least 10 years. The current system is totally inept to reduce the flow of illegal immigration. Plus, they do not want to work due to benefits.

  • I GIVE UP!
    I can’t believe I donated twice to the Trump campaign.
    I should have used the money to buy some really good whiskey.

  • I would like to see the wall, and I suspect that Trump will still try hard to deliver the wall. Sometimes in politics, you have to bide your time. On the bright side, Trump has made a big difference in immigration just by changing the tone, stepping up enforcement, and cutting back on the number of refugees who are accepted in to the U.S. Illegal immigration is way, way down.

  • We now have to make Ivanka the most hated woman in America since Hanoi Jane Fonda.

    Look at the successful smear campaign done by English populists to dox the bleeding heart $ millionaire writer of those terrible Harry Potter books who demanded that England take in all the refugees in the jungle camp in Calais France.

    The English patriots demanded she house them at her spacious castle estate.

    Let’s start burning Ivanka in effigy – also do what the Left did to Sarah Palin, put her as a hard core porn performer.

  • Trumpty Dumpty promised a wall
    Trumpty Dumpty said “In the fall.”
    All of the fashy alt-right men
    Decided not to trust him again.

  • They can’t find a few billion dollars here and there, because (I guess) we have to pay for an ever-more-bloated military-industrial complex and the healthcare of generations of people too stupid to realize that sucking in tobacco smoke every day is actually bad for one’s lungs.

  • There will be no wall. There will be almost nothing of anything that Mr. Trump has promised during his deceitful campaign. He is just a liar, a deceiver, and a part of the swamp.

  • At this point I almost want him to drop the Wall. What good does that alone do if the rest of his presidency slides into globalism and neoconservatism anyways? It’d crush the hopes that our problems can be solved by voting, even for an outsider, along with the belief that the GOP is anything but ineffectual if not controlled opposition. I’ll bet that the disillusioned Trump voters are far more likely to move towards our side than sheepishly back to the Cuck Right or crossing over to openly anti-white Democrats.

    • You read my mind. At this point, I’d rather he didn’t build the wall. If he builds it then the peons go back to sleep because they think that something concrete has been done in their favor. But if the wall is all we get then virtually nothing has been done to improve our position because the son of a bitch is going to increase legal immigration, he’s not going to do anything about the refugee swindle. In fact, they’ll be more refugees if he keeps up the necohen foreign policy. But he’d be able to point to the wall and say that he kept his promise while busily double banging his core support.

      • Exactly, Trump has been the president of token victories so far. In many ways he is more harmful, one of my fears has come true is that he is acting like a pressure release valve for the elite to finish their strategy without resistance. “look people I banned 4 muslim countries that don’t issue passports anyway ain’t that swell” “look at this wall I am making while not deporting illegals if they aren’t “criminal” or deporting dreamers”

        • He made a comment about how he is a nationalist and a globalist. He sure didn’t say that while on the campaign trail.

        • Well, if he did that then it would make it harder to poz us with diversity from Syria and the entire middle east. We can’t have that now can we goy.

      • If it were combined with severely restricting if not stopping immigration I would agree, but I have to concur with Ike down there.

      • It only gives us breathing room if it is combined with effective action of other areas of immigration policy, to slow the overall flow of migrants.

        The wall is mostly a symbol, but it remains to be seen whether it will be an empty symbol or not.

        An empty symbol (IE: a wall combined with increased immigration) is worse than nothing.

        • A wall helps, but it’s no panacea. There are, for instance, millions of illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. on tourist visas, and overstay.

          • Yup, I had forgotten about the tourist visa scam. Also lets not forget anchor babies through birth tourism scam. And the student visa scam. Damn, just thought of another, the diversity lottery scam.

        • Immigration policy? I don’t get that at all. We are all full up. No more immigrants from anywhere until we dispose of our illegal alien problems. Which is pretty simple really. Deport them all. California does not want to deport illegals. They want sanctuary cities in violation of federal law? Fine. No problem. No more Federal money going to California until they get their stuff straight. No more food stamps, section 8, highway money. California will get on board pretty quick

    • At this point, I do not plan to vote again . . . ever. I may change my mind if Trump shapes up but I am significantly disappointed. He needs the wall. Just hearing about it in Latin America has caused illegal immigration to drop by 69 percent.

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