New Orleans Begins Removing Confederate Monuments

This is deeply disgusting on so many levels:

“On the same day that some southern states were honoring their rebel heritage, masked workers in New Orleans dismantled a monument to that past — chunk by chunk, under darkness and the protection of police snipers.

“We will no longer allow the Confederacy to literally be put on a pedestal,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) said after a 19th-century obelisk honoring what the mayor called “white supremacists” was taken down early Monday. …

After a small group of protesters dispersed about 1:30 a.m., police officers barricaded surrounding streets, and snipers took position on a rooftop above the statue, according to the Times-Picayune. By 3 a.m., workers were drilling into the obelisk’s pale stonework.

Contractors wore face masks, helmets and what one reporter described at a news conference the next morning as “militarylike bulletproof vests.” Landrieu said the workers were disguised for their protection. …”

What lessons can we draw from this?

1.) We stayed out of these heritage fights for a reason. We wanted to illustrate that groups like the SCV are incapable of preserving our heritage with their preferred methods. I’m sorry, but all these fanciful stories about millions of “Black Confederates” are just a waste of time.

2.) The removal of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans is a direct result of multiracial democracy. This is just one of the consequences of black majority rule. The violent crime you see in New Orleans, the terrible public schools, the blight, the corruption and other indicators of civic failure are also features of black majority rule. See also Memphis and Birmingham.

3.) We’re often told that multiracial politics isn’t “a zero sum game.” Yes, it is! In a multiracial democracy, someone will always rule. Racial demographics will determine who rules.

4.) The Confederate monuments in New Orleans have been repeatedly tagged with graffiti like “Die Whites Die.” In a multiracial democracy, those sentiments will be reflected in municipal politics. That’s because there isn’t a single people, but several races with different identities.

5.) In Charlottesville, Virginia, we see a similar effort to remove the Lee and Jackson statues. The moral of the story is the same there: Southern heritage won’t survive without the Southern people. If you import aliens and transplants who don’t share your identity, they will be empowered to transform the public landscape in their own image at your expense.

6.) Conservatives are too weak to preserve our heritage. They are too beholden to business interests. In South Carolina, the Chamber of Commerce engineered the removal of the Confederate flag by using the Dylann Roof shooting as an excuse to do what they had always wanted to do.

7.) All of these Confederate monuments were erected by a strong people with a healthy and positive sense of ethnic and cultural identity. They are being torn down because our people have lost their sense of identity. We’re now just a bunch of atomized individuals. We’re nothing more than consumers with appetites. We’re taught in our public schools to have a purely negative sense of identity.

If we want to preserve our Southern heritage, we have got to start thinking about it in a different way. We need to nurture a strong sense of ethnic and cultural identity. We need to recognize that our interests are often conflict with other groups. We need to accept that someone always rules. We need to get highly organized and more active in order to ensure that we rule in our land. More than anything else, we need to accept that Southern heritage won’t survive without the Southern people.

Hunter Wallace
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  • There is not one man in DC with the moral character of these Confederate leaders. In New Orleans there is not one man. Period.

  • What are we going to do about this? It’s obvious they’re going to keep destroying our culture. The attacks simply won’t just stop.

  • “Snipers took position on the rooftop”. Where were snipers during the Ferguson riots? When it comes to White people the police will go so far as snipers? Hunter is right. The South cannot survive without southern people. However, we don’t get to chimp out. We barely get to protest! SNIPERS!

  • al Qaeda blasted the ancient buddas in Afghanistan.
    ISIL destroyed the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria.
    democrat Landrieu removed the civil war monuments in NO
    is there a pattern here?

  • The Stars and Stripes flew over African slavery in America much, much longer than the Stars and Bars. Eventually, it’s going to come up. Once the Confederate flags all go down, the American flag must follow. It won’t surprise me at all, if America needs to get a new flag or, God help us, just hoist the globalist symbol that is the flag of the United Nations. Because … racism and Black Lives Matter.

  • This is what the Reds do. Erase the symbols of your heritage, erase your history, and then there is NOTHING for your people to rally around with a sense of pride; no memory of a noble past equals no SOLIDARITY or resistance to an ignoble future of dispossession. . “Who controls the past, controle the future. Who controls the present, controls the past.” – George Orwell. This is just another important milestone on the pathway toward our future status of dispossession and ultimate extinction. Let us not go “gentle into that good night.”

  • Mitch Landrieu is an R-word C-word and educated in their university and law school.

    We are being separated by time from our Confederate ancestors. How many kids today know who their father is, let alone who their great-great-great-great-grandfathers were? There just isn’t that connection with the past, and genealogy is “iffy” at best. Characters like Mitch Landrieu take unfair advantage of time and other factors to denigrate and destroy our American heritage & history.

  • Do we need any further proof that the entire Black Belt South is hostile territory and should be abandoned so the Black Belt becomes the third world hellhole it destined to be?

  • It’s like the Taliban with the Buddhist statues, or the Communists with the Church of the Savior, or the Eastern Europeans with the Communist monuments …

    It was the Dylan Roof thing that set this campaign off, wasn’t it? Too bad no one looked into that event, which was shrouded in lies, like the completely fake “Scott Roof” cousin character, and absurd propaganda, like the self-described “Communists” “hacking” the Russian website and “discovering” all those pictures of Roof and his “manifesto.”

    What people used to mean by “racism,” these days is virtually 100% directed against White southerners. Hate speech, demonization, and eliminationist rhetoric against White southerners is absolutely mainstream in America. It’s allowed on Facebook and Google and Twitter, on TV, in Hollywood movies and everywhere else in society. A film like “Mississippi Burning” is essentially the Der Ewige Jude of modern America.

  • We’re often told that multiracial politics isn’t “a zero sum game.” Yes, it is! In a multiracial democracy, someone will always rule. Racial demographics will determine who rules.

    If )))whites((( would just start taking their own side then they wouldn’t have to lose so often.

        • it just pisses me off everytime I have to hear someone say,” who do you think attacked on 9/11″ I will forgive you when you blame the worshippers of the devil that bow to the monument of the lying satanic false prophet mahomet who was a child rapist that bought and sold women as sex slaves.

  • If the shitlibs who support removing monuments like this, they’re gonna love when the Jefferson and Washington monuments come down over having owned slaves.

    • Let’s get Lincoln out of DC as well for supporting the removal of negroes from North America.

  • We stayed out of these heritage fights …

    That’s interesting. I would like to see more details on this. Are there any previous articles in which Mr. Wallace said that he and like-minded people were staying out of the heritage fights? Who is included in “we”?

  • As a Southerner I say sad but expected. This type of thing is normal when a people are defeated and replaced by another. Having the spirit that us White people have we at least kept some of the native Indians names in places names such as Mississippi or Alabama. I am certain with the Blacks and Browns eventual complete take over everything will be called MLK or Kuenta Kinta or Queen Latiffa or Prince Shaquel or something like that.

    That bearded man in the first video yelling about permits is just retarded and will not get us a victory. You meet fire with fire. We must play whatever game is in town and play dirty when we need too.

    All is fair in love and war.

    • i feel damn guilty about what my ancestors did, had some in the war, of course they were all born in germany, yup who were the northern armies? Immigrants! Dont even think about race here, the immigrants who come here are always more ignorant than the people before them in language and politics and they always buy the shill, what was a federalist shill then is the globalist shill today.

      • It makes my blood boil to think about it. Well, chew on this, the new immigrants from Pacoland South of the Border (PSB a new name) are ear marked to fight us in their next civil war to disarm and finally destroy us. What the Muhamedeans are ear marked to do to our brothers in the Europe.

        It is very unfortuate that the Germanic people, though among some of the finest of our people, are also among the most gullible and liable to fits of moral outrage that end in genosuicide. Read MacDonald.

        I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. It may be that in order for the White race to survive the Germanic/Nordic branch must be isolated and cut off lest they destroy us all. I hope for another solution such as their coming back around to reality.

  • This is both amazing and depressing….i do not live in the south but i offer condolences….and the sub title is absolutely right on target. I suspect this is the beginning of the end. I am sorry to say that everyday my distaste for this country and its people grows. I feel no allegiance to it and only wish there was someplace to go. A few mornings ago, on my morning walk i realized that i have no connection to anything or anyone where i live. Very few people will even say a hello to you here. Everyone is alienated and depressed it seems or just flat out rotted. There is no shared sense of anything. Nobody even takes care of their own home…they all pay somebody else to do it. In the evening there is no one on any street. There is nothing left, our degenerate leaders have destroyed everything i once knew about my homeland….it is gone….we have only the choice to finally fight it out or just retreat inside to finish our lives in quiet desparation. There is no rebuilding possible…this mess is too far gone.

        • the lack of communication came from the introduction of the television and now the internet and smart phones. people used to communicate to find out was going on in the world, then tv came and we all thought we were getting the story… problem is the TV was run by them, parenthesis, and everyone got the same story, it was not like having a large group of people passing information, it was a small group passing false information to a much larger group. The Communist indoctrination centers known as American schools teach kids a game called telephone, they have the children whisper something into each other’s ear and then whisper it again and again and whatever is being said goes from child to child. Then the teacher ask the kid that made the first whisper what they said and then they ask the last kid to have heard the whisper what they heard being whispered to them, the phrases never match for the kids have always changed what is being said. This lesson is done to take away a child’s confidence in the knowledge of their community and peers comma we know perfectly well a group of adults could pass a whisper amongst each other and retain its contents. Of course the kids know the point of the game and they want to please their liberal Handler and so they purposely mix up the information they’re passing around with childish absurdities. This is not how communication used to work Word of Mouth was the television it was the radio. I think the internet and smartphones actually returning Europeans to an older interconnectivity. Of course people still are not communicating they are just looking at their phone but at least the content is not coming from the same anti-white Center that was coming from since the rise of political correctness and the leftist religion of white guilt

          • We have to reverse engineer…take the gramsci approach and run it back on these leftist low lifes….start with churches and schools….and once we get the people head for the government and take it back as well….

          • At least we know history, like the cultural marxist you referred to, the only problem is we love the truth that sets us free, and cultural marxism is all about subversion, using something for other purposes than what is intended for, didnt your grandpa teach you not to play with his tools? We are clear about what we want, white state, white religion, white laws, the current model doesn’t need to be preserved for we still yet have the foundational spirit of Prometheus in our race.

          • I am not trying to be difficult but i do think the vision of what we want is incomplete…there are many open questions….a vision needs to begin to be formulated that will define the endpoint….once that is done and if it is based on reality the people will follow but it has to touch everyone personally and represent a somewhat total picture…..obviously not every contingency can be addressed but high level stuff should be…for example….what is to be the role of religion in society, how does liberty play out….indeed what is liberty anyway….what sort of govt, centralized or dispersed, democratic, monarchical, dictatorship etc….how about economics…capitalism, socialism, distributism, communism….what is the essential meaning of life that the culture will express….all these things may seem self evident to you and others but as we see in this country the chasm between each person is vast and it unlikely to be closed without serious intellectual thought….i would propose that without a preliminary understanding on these and many other issues we may be dooming ourselves to revisit the historical struggle that white europeans have already been thru…..thanks for replying

    • I hear you. When you don’t have a community you don’t have a nation or anything to take pride in. The US and Canada are just places on a map, that anyone from anywhere can come to to earn money and buy stuff. Growing up I knew who all my neighbors were, we used to have block parties in the summer and a real sense of community. Now most of my neighbors speak different languages in their homes and nobody knows each other. It’s depressing.

      • You are so right….at this stage i am left to only love the landscape….i have nothing in common with the people around me. I think some of us older folks will be the last of those who can remember that it did not have to turn out like this….once life here was good….we knew our neighbor, helped each other out, never locked our house door let alone worry that someone would break into a car. As kids we could roam all day and nobody worried that they would never see us again….now you can get slaughtered at church or at a christmas party thanks to all our genius politicians….how did we elect them….were we that stupid….

    • this is great. it only radicalizes more. they are continuing on with the plan as if we never exposed 9-11 and the false wars. we took the narrative and they never expected it. only thing that could stop us is people settling for spoils they may shower on us in desperation. its very dangerous though cause we would use it for babies and land which defeats the whole purpose

      • But this is only the latest evidence of the lefts intent….we have been watching similar stuff gojng on for fifty years and we keep saying it is great cuz they will expose themselves but it keeps on happening. It is a circle and sooner or later someone needs to break it…hard

        • not on the scale the internet allowed us 2 achieve. so many people are aware its spreading like wildfire

          • Well you are correct about the expansiveness of the inet but let me just point out as examples something like affirmative action. The very same criticisms of this existed back then as today. People knew what it was all about yet it went forward and nothing could stop it….lets look at something even more controversial….abortion….nothing was gojng to stop it…..lets look at the gay agenda, nothing was going to stop it…..lets take foreign policy….it was always questioned from ww2 on and nothing could stop it…..look at the takeover of our schools…all the wrongs of that were discussed and predicted….but nothing stopped it….taking religion out of the public sphere…..same discussions and nothing was gonna stop it…..take woman in the work force….all the downsides were discussed and nothing could stop it….need i go on because here we are now at the logical extreme of all this and facing the precipice looking down….i sure hope something will stop it….because a crowd is forming to give us the final push….

          • yeh politics are not going to change (((American))) policies. only the good old stick. might as well recruit for as long as they let us. I wish people would start talking about emergency plans cause they will try to shut us down. might b sooner then people think

    • As a southerner, I am qualified to explain. Smaller towns that have 40% or less of the negro population still cling fairly strongly to their roots. The state flag of Mississippi is a good example, also You will see countless confederate statues when driving through these small towns.

      The problems like this article happen in urban areas where the negro population has exceeded 50% and many times is as high as 80%. The white people living in these areas are too preoccupied about getting safely from their car to inside their home due if they live in a majority black area. Another problem is the last generation of southerners who uniformly felt strongly about their heritage is literally all but gone.

    • There is resistance. There’s so much resistance that they had to do it in the middle of the night with bulletproof vests on, with snipers on the roof, with private funding, and without telling anyone until after it was done.

      The biggest problem is the people running our government.

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