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LIVE: The Third Battle For Berkeley

Last updated 2:26 pm, Apr 27 2017

The showdown starts at 2pm PST.

Watch the Livestream:


Updates to follow.

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  • Oh dear: another Trump rally full of deluded retards and hillbillies. So these people are fans of Coulter, McInnes and the vomit-inducing, grovelling, boot-licking shabbies of (((Rebel Media)))? The cringe-factor here is off the charts.

    Kosher conservatives pretending to be for free speech are dumber than Trumpfags pretending to be for “America First”. There is no entity more virulently opposed to the 1st amendment than the zionist lobby. The real story of Berkeley is that the left has turned on isntreal. BDS is ascendant, and Trump, that slavering zioturd, is despised by all sensible people, right, left and center. So it’s time to roll out the shabbies and duped morons. Honestly, the black bloc is looking better and better, while the Trumpfags look truly pathetic.

    It’s truly hilarious how these self-styled “red-pilled fascists” are such big fans of Coulter. Poor Ann; poor, poor Ann. Every New England family has a few of these batty old maids; they’re sharp and clever in a certain way, but not to be taken too seriously. God bless the maiden aunts, but following them as political leaders is nothing but madness. These old gals are all crazy as loons.

  • Looks like the Antifa has been cowed and shut down. So, when is Richard Spencer coming to Berkeley? How about Thursday 9 November 2017 to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall? Having Spencer speak on 9 November will also trigger certain people.

    • I knew they weren’t going to escalate the situation by bringing guns. If they no show at Pikeville their over.

      • They’ll wait for things to die down. But we really need to provoke Antifa. Spencer speaking at Berkeley on 9 November is the perfect storm.

          • Spencer has announced he will speak at Berkeley within the next year. Its too late in the academic year for Spencer to organize everything and come to Berkeley this academic term. Spencer should focus on speaking at Berkeley 9 November 2017.

      • I can’t imagine them showing up in Pikeville. I could be wrong but I don’t think Kentucky is much of a bastion for libtard nonsense. If antifa does show up I’m thinking they’ll be outnumbered.

        • The most redneck place I have ever been is rural Kentucky. I stopped at a place in Kentucky that was a general store. It was like something out of that book Where the Red Fern Grows.

  • The scenario

    In a development which has surprised no-one other than the Alt-Right opinion-makers who have a self-estimation of their own influence that is not commensurate with the actually ever-diminishing level of influence that they have over the political process, the following key observation is really shining through everything:

    Rebel Media and its fellow travellers has complete control of the narrative, the speakers, the everything. It has been so for a while, arguably, you could say that between Rebel Media ( http://uk.businessinsider.com/what-is-right-side-broadcasting-2016-9 ), Right Side Broadcasting ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rebel_Media ), and Breitbart ( http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/11/17/breitbart-news-network-born-in-the-usa-conceived-in-israel/ ), the entire field of Trump’s campaign and presidency has been media stage-managed by those groups.

    Given what is known ( http://thehill.com/policy/international/310948-mossad-chief-met-with-trump-team ) about Trump himself ( http://thehill.com/policy/international/311972-trump-stay-strong-israel-my-inauguration-is-approaching ), this should actually not have been surprising.


    On a sidenote there is also this: https://news.vice.com/story/lauren-southern-is-the-alt-rights-not-so-secret-weapon


    I suppose it was pretty easy.

    Lauren Southern would’ve totally gone for Canadian intelligence, maybe she was interested in Information Operations. But then Ezra Levant managed to get her to join The Rebel Media instead, which is basically like a kind of IO role anyway, right? That’s just one example of many similar ones, in open view. It has been very obvious.

    The people who are now ‘surprised’ to find that ‘the movement’ is pro-Israeli, were simply not paying attention. Whether that lack of attention was deliberate or accidental will never really be known.

    • “Rebel Media and its fellow travellers has complete control of the narrative”

      TRS is more influential than Rebel Media is. At best you could say that Rebel media has a minority of vocal guys with non-White wives who roll within its circle. I’d say Cernovich or Infowars are way more popular in the Alt-Lite than Rebel Media.

      Haven’t heard of Right Side Broadcasting, but would agree with you on Breitbart.

      Either way, anyone under the age of 40 knows about the difference between the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite. Why did you think Antifa failed to show up?

      So many black pills on this site, reminds me of Radix.

    • Southern was in the process of becoming a military intelligence officer but she decided to be a leader of the Alt Right instead?

      That’s just delicious. I mean the conspiracy theories just write themselves.

      Look – Israelis started Breitbart.com. The Israelis are pushing soft WN in America because they think it will be friendlier to them then the traditional left. The Israelis made common cause with “anti-semitic” Evangelical Christians for decades. John Hagee said that “Hitler was a hunter sent by God to drive the Koshers back to Israel” – and the Koshers love that guy. One of the guys that edits the Ben Garrison cartoons into “anti-semitic” memes with the Merchant rubbing his hands is Kosher. Koshers have long been open that a little bit of “anti-semitism” is good for them as it keeps them together as a community. The infamous Joshua Goldberg was one of the Alt Right’s favorite Naughtzees.

      Some of us has been pointing this out since before Trump announced.

    • Not surprised. Always wondered how many of these “controversial” figures manage to come out the woodwork and become public speakers. You have all kinds of regular, normal people being doxed and CEOS of big corporations basically ruined over blurting out even the mildest accidental truth.

      So, the Usual Suspects have taken the national temperature and realize that it’s starting to get too hot for them to handle and it’s time for a schwerve to kosher White Nationalism? That’s fine. There’s a big part of me that genuinely wishes they could succeed, but it’s a little too late for that. They passed that point in the nineties when they passed those stupid trade deals that were bad for America, like NAFTA and put in those H1B visas and didn’t put a screeching halt to Non-White immigration, legal or otherwise.

      The smart thing to do was turn down the heat instead of put it on full boil. Syria and DACA were not the way to do it. The shit that they’ve started is about to hit the fan and its momentum can’t be stopped. I truly wish them luck though.

  • Apparently, there will be no Alt-Right speakers at Berkeley.

    The Alt-Right wasted a fantastic propaganda opportunity by sitting back and allowing basic-bitch (((Civic Nationalists))), and (((Rebel Media))), to step in and grab the spotlight after Ann Coulter cancelled.

    Gavin McInnes, Faith Goldy, and Lauren Southern are going to speak instead of Ann Coulter (Though Coulter may still appear).

    So Gavin McInnes is co-opting the momentum, built up for Ann Coulter’s appearance, to build up his (((Proud Boys))) group as the “true warriors for free-speech and Western Civilization”.

    • And, no. — Gavin McInnes and his (((Proud Boys))) are not allies of the Alt-Right. — They’re enemies.

      And, just to drive that point home, just a few hours ago, McInnes uploaded a video on (((Rebel Media))) entitled “We Don’t Let Naz1s in Proud Boys”.

      In the video, Mcinnes defines anyone who talks about Jewish power and subversion, or Black incompatibility with Western Civilization, as “Naz1s”. — And that represents the entire Alt-Right.

      McInnes literally defended Blacks with the “Dank Black guy in a Trump hat! F***ing based!” argument.

      It’s time to get serious about destroying the existential threat of the (((Civic Nationalist))) movement.

      (((Civic Nationalists))) are much more of a threat to White survival than the (((Marxists))).

    • If Gavin (shove a d!ldo up my own ass) McInnes is what Western Civilization has come to, maybe it’s time to pack it in.

      But I hope he is not truly representative of what we are. He is just a schill.

    • How come Altright.Com has the lamest comment section?

      Everyone who follows /pol/, reddit and anything to do with the online world knew antifa wouldn’t show up. A lot of Alt-Right guys weren’t there either. This was an Alt-Lite event and it looked incredibly gay.

      No momentum was lost, heck nobody even cared to show up for battle really on either side. Just a bunch conservatives looking like losers and cucks.

      No one is going to remember this vis-à-vis the Spencer events

  • Why are the majority of comments made at Alt-Right Dot com held for moderation?

    Do they have the word “and” set as one of the banned words that triggers moderation?

      • Yeah. I figured out that it’s the word “Naz1” that they have set to trigger moderation.

        But, it’s not Disqus who’s banning the word — it’s Alt-Right Dot com.

        Hey, Alt-Right Dot com. — Why the hell are you banning the word “Naz1”?

        This is the Alt-Right. — Banning the word “Naz1” is like banning the word “cuck” or “degenerate”. — We use these words all the time.

        In fact, why are you banning any words at all?

        If this site turns into a joke, by continuing to push pagan LARPing, abortion, government-controlled healthcare, and language banning, the Alt-Right will turn its guns on Alt-Right Dot com and attack you mercilessly until you change the name of this website.

        • You guys are like an STD. You already have DS/TRS and 4chan. You claim you are “the movement” and you’re all totally really more hard core than everyone.

          So why are you trying to infect everywhere else? Are you bored playing in your sandbox? AltRight.com is basically “Alt Lite” – don’t you hardcore tough guys have better sites to be on?

          • You sound as lame as the NRO cucks who bitched when the Alt Right took over their comments section. One fag “Aristotleian” even had a 50s dude in a suit avatar like you do.

          • The purpose of the Joshua Goldberg trolls at (((DS))) is to keep normies from coming to real White Nationalism. We have a highway from basic bitch Trumpism to “Alt Lite” to real White Nationalism.

            The Goldberg crowd’s purpose is to put a roadblock between real White Nationalism and the “Alt Lite” to keep normies in the pro-kosher camp. So they make WN as clownish and offensive as possible, they attack white women, they promote the cuck fetish that white women secretly want black men, they promote (((Hollywood Naughtzeeism) and they always attack normie whites and people who are still in the “lite” camp to keep them from coming over to the real pro-white side.

            That’s what Joshua Goldberg’s stated intentions were and his articles on (((DS))) and TRS were perfect for that. These tactics were spelled out in the FBI 1960s documents, they were also spelled out in the Edward Snowden leaks, and they were even used in the 1990s when the ADL had infiltrated the Palestinian movement.

            What we learned from the “He Will Not Divide Us” gimmick in NYC is that most of the kids in the 4Chan culture aren’t even white – it’s a bunch of Asians. So it makes sense that the Goldberg crowd is led by Koshers and their footsoldiers are Asians with an anime fetish.

          • I remember that asshat, from before I completely abandoned conservative.inc.

          • Everyone knows who you are, Hipster Racist. — And we all hate you.

            You infect every Alt-Right comment section with your insufferable ramblings.

            Not only are you a degenerate pornographer, as confirmed by your website, but you attack anyone in the Alt-Right who is making progress and pushing the Overton Window.

            You attacked Richard Spencer for the last NPI conference — when it was obvious to everyone, with even the slightest tactical sense, that the conference was huge propaganda victory.

            You hate to see the Alt-Right succeed. — Suspicious.

            I’ve seen many commenters call you “Chaim” because everyone assumes that you’re a Jew/FBI, D&C shill.

            If Alt-Right Dot com banned you, they would immediately see more participation in their comment section. — You’re a plague. — And it’s intentional. — Every Alt-Right website should ban you.

            You’re the enemy, Chaim.

            Go back to (((Rebel Media))).

          • “You attacked Richard Spencer for the last NPI conference”

            Liar, I defended Spencer and NPI from subversion, two years in a row. Funny how of the five people doing the clown act, two were Kosher, one was married to a Kosher, and one was a Vietnamese porn star. Funny, that.

            The fact that the Joshua Goldberg set doesn’t like me because I called them out is a badge of honor – I expect I will be attacked by kosher subversives working for SITE Intel.

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