Ann Coulter Shut Down At Berkeley; Alt-Right Still Coming Out In Full Force

The Third Battle For Berkeley is almost upon us.

If you haven’t been following, here is what has happened so far.

Ann Coulter has been effectively no-platformed. It seems that her supporters on campus backed out.

The Berkeley College Republicans, which invited Ms. Coulter and was supposed to sponsor her visit, also backed out and joined Young America’s Foundation in saying the atmosphere had grown too hostile.

Now, it must be very difficult to be a conservative at a campus as liberal as Berkeley. We don’t know what kind of pressure was put to bear on these young Republicans. After all, UC’s president is none other than Janet Napolitano. She served under Obama as his DHS tsar…and may or may not have just been caught trying to steal 175 million dollars in university funds.

Oh yeah, and after running the Department of Homeland of Security, now Napolitano is being praised by Liberals for her desire to fight for undocumented students: (read: Illegals)

Fast forward to today. Napolitano has emerged as one of the leading defenders of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which at least for now President Trump appears to have spared, despite vowing during the presidential campaign to rescind it. The program has provided temporary relief from deportation to three-quarters of 1 million undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, including many attending the University of California.

Everything about California and especially Berkeley is pozzed and rotten. There is a reason that Berkeley has become a battleground. The Alt-Right is taking the fight right into the filthy hive of the criminally insane.

But there’s more to Ann Coulter story. From another source we find out that the police are de facto working with Antifa:

“We discovered that the University of California Police Department at Berkeley has an official ‘stand-down’ policy for any situation that develops on campus as long as the situation doesn’t involve the imminent loss of life, allowing the leftist thugs who have terrorized Berkeley’s campus to do so without consequence,” conservative group Young Americas Foundation said when pulling its support. Berkeley police did not respond to a request for comment.

“The leftist mob wouldn’t have gotten away with it — if YAF hadn’t pulled out,” Coulter told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday. “I’d still like to dash onto Sproul Plaza with a megaphone, but with my sponsor basically allying with the administration to keep me off Berkeley, I think that may be nuts.”

It is difficult to say at this point, but it looks like the “conservatives” cucked out. There is no excuse for cucking out on Iron Ann.

Coulter was set to speak on Thursday even though the university told her she had no permission to do so and that she should instead re-jigger her schedule to appear the following week, when fewer students are available for outside activities because classes are not in session in preparation for finals. Coulter declined and YAF, along with Berkeley College Republicans sued administrators— including University of California president Janet Napolitano — for damages and to try to force them to allow Coulter on campus Thursday.

The college republicans are suing the University of California, just like Spencer sued Auburn University for caving to a Heckler’s Veto earlier this year.

In letters back and forth between Berkeley’s chief counsel and YAF’s attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, the university acknowledged that its police department “received mounting intelligence that some of the same groups that previously engaged in local violent action also intended violence at the Coulter event.”

Berkeley has been a hotbed of rioting since the election of President Donald Trump, but most notably in February when Milo Yiannopoulos was set to appear. Police were criticized then for an alleged “stand-down” policy after 90 cops “took a hands-off approach” and “largely stood to the side” while 150 agitators “used metal rods, Molotov cocktails and commercial-grade fireworks to overwhelm police and smash bank branch and storefront windows,” the Associated Press reported at the time.

In the lawsuit Dhillon filed on behalf of YAF and BCR, the attorney wrote: “Defendant freely admits that they have permitted the demands of a faceless, rabid, off-campus mob to dictate what speech is permitted at the center of campus during prime time, and which speech may be marginalized, burdened, and regulated out of its very existence by this unlawful heckler’s veto.”

Ann Coulter stands alone. We are now living in post free speech America. If you do not espouse views slightly to the left of Comrade Trotsky, you are a Nazi and it is now ok to deny you your 1st amendment rights.


Things have escalated. Any patriot who wishes to give a talk needs an army at their backs now.

Guess who’s got one?

The leader of Identity Evropa and one of /ourguys/ Nathan Domigo had this to say:

I am heading back to Berkeley in protest of left wing terrorism. Ann Couter was to give a speech on immigration, the most imporatant issue of our time, but backed out due to threats of violence. We will not be intimidated by globalist thugs. We are the future, and they are the past.

Oh yeah, and Gavin’s crew will be there as well.


Tune in for the showdown at 2pm PST.


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  • Can’t really take the Alt Right that serious anymore. You want to expend all your energies trying to confront Antifa in their backyard with speaking engagements that very few people will care to listen to or follow anyway. This movement more and more is looking like a political cul de sac that leads to nowhere. Where is your mission statement, your manifesto, your policies about the economy, foreign policy, education, etc? Seriously, this whole thing is coming off like a bunch of right wing SJWs that have no clue about where they want to go or what they are doing. Antifa is a big distraction, the left’s goon useful idiot brigade whose sole purpose is to keep you wasting precious time. People know who Ann Coulter is, but Gavin McInnes and co? Not so much I am afraid. This is becoming a big joke. I am sorry to say that, but this whole thing is coming off like a bunch of rank amateurs trying to just make a name for themselves in cyberspace and maybe sell some books, etc. Millenials make Boomers and even Xers look like geniuses. That is the trouble with the democratization of the internet. Any shmuck can make a podcast or You tube video and have nothing really worthwhile to say.

    • In Spencer’s second to last video, he acknowledges that he doesn’t want this to be about “fa vs. antifa” and he clearly understood that much of the point of this Street Theater is to produce cool viral internet videos and blog posts. If Spencer becomes a minor celebrity and gets his message out – and I think his message is just about right, just about what we want – then it’s mostly worth it.

      You just have to ignore the stupid internet LARPers talking about “muh streetz” and “muh Hitlerz” or continue to mock them so at least the audience knows they are just the left end of the alt-right IQ scale.

      In fact, when we have MORE people calling for and advocating violence, that is a sign we are being effective, because people calling for violence are, of course FBI and SPLC.

      Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, etc. I urge the smarties to read the history.

      • Meanwhile our esteemed President has dumped the Alt Right, and is single handedly destroying the GOP, totally discrediting it beyond what W even did. Is the Alt Right going to start running candidates in 2018? If not, what is the point. We are already at the point of no return really, and to be wasting time with ANTIFA and not getting really politically active is moronic. Social media is just a waste anymore.

        • Again – last year Spencer was telling us that NPI was going to be putting our white papers and he clearly implied he had the ear of at least low level people on Trump’s team. Many of us thought that NPI was poised to be the pro-white ADL or SPLC.

          A year later, Trump has denounced us and we’re playing Commies vs. Naughtzees with Antifa and trolling each other on “the socials.”

          I can’t say this is a positive development at all.

          • Hipster, a serious nationalist party needs to be created like ASAP. I know I am an aging Xer, but god damn, what is going on with this movement is downright sad. A lot of the ALt Right podcasts are almost embarrassing. They seem too busy joking around than seriously talking about issues. A platform needs to be nailed down, mission statement, and like you just told me Spencer promised this stuff and has dropped the ball. I am really thinking this is all some big joke.

          • Politics is downstream from culture, as Breitbart said. There’s no way a White Nationalist is getting into the White House at the moment; The culture won’t allow it. We have to win over the younger generations so the road is paved for a legitimate WN party in the future. Give Richard’s approach a real chance or just go back to listening to Jared Taylor interviews; Your choice.

          • But Richard is wasting his time going into the Berkeley Lion’s Den and Andrew Anglin’s teenage Anti Semitic memes aren’t respectable!

          • Anglin spent all last year doing nothing but shill for Donald Trump. Now you are calling people who have been critical of Trump since the very beginning “cucks” and telling people to not vote.

            You aren’t a serious political actor. You’re just an internet troll.

          • If you actually take everything Anglin says seriously then you might want to look into buying the Brooklyn Bridge. Like I said, he’s the National Enquirer of the Alt Right.

            You never answered the question of why the hell anyone should vote for basic bitch Trump 2020 over some basic bitch centrist Democrat.

          • I don’t take anything Anglin – or his trolls like you – say seriously at all. It’s you and Anglin that spent all last year doing nothing but fluffing Trump and posting cartoon pictures of him online. Now that you realize that Trump was never on the White side you are telling people to ignore politics and go play dress up with Antifa. You are actually pretending that you are in 1930s Germany fighting in “muh streetz with muh Hitler.”

            I mean, at the end of the day, you are just like Anglin – you are the Fa Tweedle-dee to the Antifa Tweedle-dumb.

            Which is fine – it makes the rest of us look moderate. Normal white people – including da yoot you pretend you speak for (you don’t) – think that you and Antifa are both a bunch of retards.

            We want Spencer and NPI to be the serious pro-White lobby and to create an effective pro-white politics and culture. To the extent Anglin’s clowns are busy circle-jerking with their Antifa buddies – fine.

            As we can see, it’s actually the “Alt Lite” out there in Berkeley right now and whatever they are doing is far, far more effective tha nwhat you are doing.

            But why are you here as opposed to at Daily Stormer?

          • I can’t help you with your own Sperging and consequent inability to distinguish arguments.

          • First, I want to express how impressed I am at your mastery of the English language. Truly, I have not seen anything put so eloquently in some time.

            Second, Gavin and his like are pushing the Overton window rightwards extremely effectively. I know boomers who will listen to Gavin and can even watch him talk with Jared Taylor and agree with Taylor. The people we most need to win over are not useless NEETs, but university students, young businessmen and bureaucrats. We sympathize with white NEETs, because they a potent sign of our dispossession and decline, but they are not the demographic we need on our side.

            In the latest episode of ‘The Daily Shoah’ Mike Enoch talked about the rise of the South African National Party. (Mike Enoch is an intelligent man, and his work has a lot of value to our movement, although much of the silly trolling he is involved in has the potential to make our ideas less palpable to normies) By the time Verwoerd came to power Afrikaner nationalists had already firmly planted themselves into the bureaucracy and apartheid could be implemented with great ease. This is what we want. We want to recruit well adjusted people. Many are going to have to be eased into this, starting with Gavin and Ann Coulter, and easing their way onto Jared Taylor and then Richard Spencer, and finally becoming edgy enough to enjoy Sven’s music videos.

          • Yep – politics is downstream from culture – and the morons are dead set on aping Antifa culture – the same tactics, the same rhetoric, even the same stupid costumes. So this “culture” is ripping a big smelly fart that is going downwind to the politics – who are increasingly distancing themselves from us. That isn’t what we want.

            We also don’t want a third “WN” party – we want to have a caucus in the GOP. We don’t want to make the perfect the enemy of the good.

            Spencer’s way was to get the smart people – the people who create culture – on our side. Spencer’s way was to give speeches to college kids, to hold respectable conferences, to lobby the government. To use Trump to get publicity.

            Then Antifa attacked and now the entire thing is being derailed by the morons at the (((Daily Stormer))) who want to play in the mud with Antifa. We actually have morons who are fantasizing in their head that they are in Germany, 1933, “fighting in “muh streets” against the Commies along side of Muh Hitlerz.

            You do realize that Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor held a conference together now long ago, right?

            The pro-white movement doesn’t exist to give white trash an excuse to play with their lefty buddies in Antifa.

          • All you do is bitch and cause division. Its obvious from your use of the term “white trash,” a favored epithet of Juice against our people. No real Huwhite advocate ever uses the term white trash, I’ve never heard Spencer, Taylor, Brimelow, MacDonald utter that phrase. You use Juice terminology to attack downtrodden Whites rather than focusing on our enemies.

          • You want to turn heads, get some alt Righters into office. That is the best publicity there is in the realm of politics. Also, why does the party have to be strictly white nationalist? That is moronic at this point. The demographic time bomb is coming, and unless Ms. Suthern and co want to start cranking out a bunch of white babies in the near future, a white nationalist will never gain office/power.

          • NPI has zero political power. You wonder why Trump is listening to the thousands of people around him who are against us, when there is not one person who is Alt Right with any political power advising him, unless you count Bannon and Sessions which is extremely doubtful. Sessions just wants to enforce the law. That’s how sick and corrupt our system is. Enforcing the law means you’re racist, LOL.

            Media exposure is nice. Going on Kamau’s show is funny. I doubt it’s of any real value by itself. If Spencer uses it to become more popular and then run for political office it has meaning. If it’s just a go on this show and that show year after year, that doesn’t change anything. We need real political power. That scares the hell out of them.

          • I agree, but I also think Spencer and NPI are the best shot we have at gaining serious political power – which is why I’m so critical of those doing their best to turn him into yet another Clown Act.

            A certain celebrity in the “movement” – who has been published here – actually said that his “strategy” is to “build radical subcultures.” This celebrity has a history of wearing costumes, standing out on the street corner screaming like a maniac, and has all sorts of weird sexual obsessions.

            “Radical subcultures?” I want the exact opposite of that – I want to be mainstream. My ideas ARE mainstream. Your average White American agrees with me on 80% of the issues. I want to reach the mainstream, not play act with Antifa clown in “muh streets” with morons who are living in a fantasy world where’s it’s eternally 1933.

    • “You want to expend all your energies trying to confront Antifa that very few people will care to listen to or follow anyway ”

      How to win good PR for the Alt Right:

      1. Richard Spencer announces speech at Berkeley

      2. Antifa shows up and gets violent.

      3. Press coverage of violent Antifa attacking free speech is blasted across the world.

      4.. Normies who have never heard of Richard Spencer are now sympathetic to the Alt Right.

      • How do you plan on getting #3? Isn’t it far more likely the press coverage will be “Neo-Naaaazis clashes with Anti-Racist students at White Supremacist rally.”

        You can’t even control the media coverage in America, how do you expect to get good press internationally?

        • In case you missed it, legacy media spin is dead. Social media now drives news as it happens.

          • Maybe with young folks, but then again most young folks are pretty apathetic and don’t give a damn. The MSM has the money, the production, etc and they still are in control. When Spencer gets over a million hits on a regular basis, then you can really start talking.

          • Anyone under 40 is a cord cutter. ESPN, the dumb Juice sports network, just had to lay off 1000 people because its hemorrhaging money. If ESPN is in trouble broadcasting the bread and circuses of sports, then you know that Cable news and legacy news media are in dire straits. All the ads on Fox News are Wilford Brimley Die—uhhhh—–beeet—-usssss ads.

          • Yehudah, not saying you are wrong per say, but the MSM in terms of politics still has more pull and will for a bit longer. The images of two groups of idiots protesting each other looks just like I described it. I don’t see anything of substance with that imagery, do you?

          • Who the hell cares if the MSM holds sway and declining influence for another 10-15 years while the Boomers die off? Spencer and the Alt Right are playing a long game, we are sowing the seeds for the future.

          • I have read some Gramsci….I’ve never heard any serious ideology out of you…just a lot of bitter old bastard type posts….

          • So have you actually read anything, or do you just fap to Alt Lite Youtbe videos?

          • It’s two steps forward, one step back apparently. The other thread has a “death to Antifa” graphic – that’s the stupidest and most tone deaf crap I’ve ever seen on this site.

            Last year NPI was promising to be a serious political lobby putting out white papers and Spencer was telling us that he had friends in Washington and implied he had the ear of at least some low level people in the Trump administration. NPI was going to be our version of the SPLC and the ADL.

            A year later and the Alt-Right is focused on playing street theater with Antifa in Berkeley.

            I’m not saying all is lost – I just hope the Alt Right and Spencer don’t allow themselves to be corralled into the playpen with morons like Antifa. That clearly gets a lot of attention and cheers from the anime masturbators in their mom’s basement but are those people even old enough to vote?

            Even the left mocks the Antifa and the sub-culture idiot “anarchist” types – is that was the Alt Right is going to devolve to?

          • Battle of Berkeley huh? What a prize to be won. Yeah look at us we held our ground with a bunch of leftist idiots. Didn’t accomplish really anything politically since it is well Berkeley after all.

          • Running the enemy off of their home turf has never been a successful tactic.

          • All politics is friend-enemy. Read some Schmitt. If you have read anything of consequence.

          • You sound like an anarchist, “read some Bakunin. If you have read anything of consequence.”

            You are doing cos-play with white lefties on a college campus. You are the same level as anti-fa. You have zero influence on the reality of politics.

            Wouldn’t you time be better spent trying to get Trump to start deporting people?

          • Trump isn’t going to deport people. Wake up. He’s an enemy. Philo-Semite and all. Trump served his purpose. Time to discard Trump, not vote in mid terms and 2020, and move on.

            Your posts sound like they have no serious intellectual grounding. Watching RamzPaul 4 minute clips is not enough to inform political theory.

          • ” not vote in mid terms and 2020″

            Voting is bad, but “muh streetz” with the anti-fa is effective? Because, Schmitt or something. Also this is just like Naughtzee vs. Commie street battles in 1933!

            You aren’t a serious political actor.

          • Voting for Rino cucks in 2018 and Traitor Trump in 2020 will accomplish so much!

            You are the definition of a Cuck, how often are you gonna let Trump play you?

            We will vote again when it serves our purpose. This is not to say refrain from All voting, but in 2018 and 2020, Trump and the Republicans will be wiped out because the white working class that you hate will stay home.

          • Not an argument. So why should we vote for Republican congressmen and Trump again?

      • Not to be a pessimist, but… It’s still the same 30 commenters very day on the site. Was the same way with Radix.

      • Why am I a coward? Wasting time fighting Antifa? Do you think those in power are worried about two factions wasting their time fighting each other? It is like trimming branches when you need to be cutting down the root. I think the lords of international finance will be sleeping very well whatever does go down in

        • At least you did something. Johnny come lately Boomers and Gen Xers who criticize the same movement that got us this popular are worthless.

          Millennials and Gen Z who do nothing but troll comment sections are worth more than these people. They should shut up and pick up some Pepes.

          • Right uh-huh. The most unskilled generations in modern times, with a full 40%+ still living with their parents are going to set things right. Every generation thinks that and things stay the same and steadily get worse. If some concrete steps aren’t taken to create a serious political movement where candidates actually run for office and gain power, there won’t be an alt right past 2020.

        • He cucked out and picked a black female as his VP. That was really pathetic and stupid. Blacks do NOT vote for white candidates no matter what you do. Blacks vote as a bloc 90+%.

  • Apparently, there will be no Alt-Right speakers at Berkeley.

    The Alt-Right wasted a fantastic propaganda opportunity by sitting back and allowing basic-bitch (((Civic Nationalists))), and (((Rebel Media))), to step in and grab the spotlight after Ann Coulter cancelled.

    Gavin McInnes, Faith Goldy, and Lauren Southern are going to speak instead of Ann Coulter (Though Coulter may still appear). — So Gavin McInnes is co-opting the momentum, built up for Ann Coulter’s appearance, to build up his (((Proud Boys))) group as the “true warriors for free-speech and Western Civilization”.

    And, no. — Gavin McInnes and his (((Proud Boys))) are not allies of the Alt-Right. — They’re enemies.

    And, just to drive that point home, just a few hours ago, McInnes uploaded a video on (((Rebel Media))) entitled “We Don’t Let Naz1s in Proud Boys”.

    In the video, Mcinnes defines anyone who talks about Jewish power and subversion, or Black incompatibility with Western Civilization, as “Naz1s”. — And that represents the entire Alt-Right.

    McInnes literally defended Blacks with the “Dank Black guy in a Trump hat! F**king based!” argument.

    It’s time to get serious about destroying the existential threat of the (((Civic Nationalist))) movement.

    (((Civic Nationalists))) are much more of a threat to White survival than the (((Marxists))).

    “Gavin McInnes: We Don’t Let Naz1s in Proud Boys”

    • “In the video, Mcinnes defines anyone who talks about Jewish power and subversion, or Black incompatibility with Western Civilization, as ‘Naz1s’.”

      Uh, no, that’s not what he said.

        • He’s clever, just like RamZPaul. I kind of agree with your idea that he sees himself as a “protective big brother.” He does far more good than harm.

          The big problem with the WN movement, since the days of Rockwell, is that it’s always been an exercise in clownery and LARPing with a heaping spoonful of actual Three Letter Agency subversion.

          I’d suggest people look up the old FBI documents from COINTELPRO, and compare and contrast the kind of tactics used then with many what many people ostensibly in this “movement” do now. We see textbook examples of making the perfect the enemy of the good, purposeful attempts to cause people to “purity spiral,” laughable macho “tough guy posturing” about guerrilla war or even just the trollish non-violent version that the NSDAP-LARPing is.

          The entire purpose of the faux-“hardcore” is to drive out moderate pro-Whites. That way, people have two choices: either nothing but “implicitly white cuckservatism” like Gavin, or full-on quasi-illegal violence and Costume Clownery or morally autistic nonsense like exterminationist rhetoric.

          Just plain old fashion “White countries for White people” – which appeals to a surprisingly large percentage of the White population – get squeezed between Gavin and Anglin. Of course the reality is that Gavin will win, while Anglin will lose in this scenario. So actually Gavin is a great ally because he won’t counter-signal against Spencer – who is the reasonable moderate – but will counter-signal against the “Naughtzees” which are either trolls (which is ok) or actually subversives or clowns (which is very much not ok.)

          The reality is that it’s McInnies and the “Alt-Light” that is moving the Overton window for us, while those posturing as “more right wing than thou” are just there to move the far end of the Overton window left.

          Again, all you have to do is study the history of various movements to see this in action.

          • “So actually Gavin is a great ally because he won’t counter-signal against Spencer – who is the reasonable moderate – but will counter-signal against the “Naughtzees” which are either trolls (which is ok) or actually subversives or clowns (which is very much not ok.)”

            Disagree. Youtube virtue signaling is easy, but When its gets down to street violence, McInnes will not disavow outright neon notsees because at that point traditional politics are out the window and were in a Schmittian friend/enemy dichotomy. Neon Notsees are willing to fight alongside proud boys when its nut cutting time This happened in Berkeley. Same phenomena happened in Weimar Germany between the SA radicals and German monarchists.

            How else to explain this photo?


          • “Street violence” is mostly a distraction. Even all the ballyhoo at places like Berkeley lately – that’s almost all theater. There’s far more anti-white violence “on the streets” every day by blacks and browns than the white and Jewish Antifa. It may not be “political” – but it’s sub-political.

            Frankly people like you are the reason the WN movement has been spinning its wheels since the days of Rockwell – you can only think in terms of “street violence” and radicalism. So your effect is simply to marginalize the movement.

            “when its nut cutting time”

            You aren’t a serious person, you are simply playing a Hollywood action movie in your head. You think it’s about “hot lead and cold steel.” You think there will be a Final Battle, a Revolution, then after the action sequence, the good guys win and the bad guys lose and we all live happily every after. After all, that’s what you have been programmed your entire life to believe by Jewish TV shows. You can only think of Fantasy Revolution instead of evolution.

            Thankfully we have a serious movement now – if you want to “take it to muh streets” and fight it out with Antifa – be my guest. When and if real violence comes, it will involve the organized and trained military and police forces, not a bunch of cos-playing Anglin fans. I can only assume you’re like 22 or something.

            “Same phenomena happened in Weimar Germany between the SA radicals and German monarchists.”

            They say history repeats, first as tragedy, then as farce – you are clearly preparing for the farce stage.

          • A lot of text written to say nothing. Go ask Richard Spencer or Jack Posobiec if street violence is a distraction.

          • The Berkeley police have orders to “stand down.” If and when the government decides to stop allowing Antifa and Fa to cos-play with each other with their D&D outfits and cardboard shields, they will just arrest a bunch of people on both sides. You are both allowed to play “muh streets” because you aren’t a threat to anyone important. Nobody gives two shits if an Antifa and a “muh streets Naughtzee” beat each other up – big deal. Look how many people get killed in Chicago every day.

            Because you are too busy play acting and you don’t even understand how the FBI – or even the NYPD or the Berkeley police – operate. You’re just playing your assigned roles. Have fun. If it’s good optics for Whites, I’ll cheer you on.

            But your childish and hilariously stereotypical fantasies that you are the SA battling in the streets in 1934 – let’s just say you’re like Woody Allen talking about using bricks and bats to fight the Naghtzees.

            Let me give you a hint: the US Army has been gaming these sorts of scenarios – with the sides draws exactly like they are now – since the late 1990s. All it is going to take is one more Timothy McVeigh and people like you will be rounded up and made an example of. So enjoy it while you can.

          • RamzPaul and McInnes are far, far more important and effective than Anglin. SPLC won’t ever sue Richard Spencer, because that would be really bad optics. But suing Anglin is GREAT optics, because it’s easy to turn him into a boogeyman, and he’s too stupid to avoid it. I wish him luck.

            He should get himself a good leftist Jewish lawyer just like Frances Cohen, Anglin’s predecessor, did.

          • SPLC could easily sue Spencer, they don’t care about optics. SPLC tried to get Kevin MacDonald fired from his Professorship. Even Gorilla Lawyer is calling the Anglin-SPLC case the free speech case of the year. Basically SPLC and this Montana Juiceess are claiming she can’t be attacked on the internet publically by Anglin. Anglin clearly told everyone to do everything peacefully if they contacted Tanya Gersh.

            I’m not a huge fan of Anglin, but he’s like the Alt Right National Enquirer and converts testosterone fueled 16 year olds over to the cause. Anglin serves his own purpose just as RamzPaul fills a certain niche.

          • They could, but they aren’t.

            I have no idea why you are trying to make Anglin’s legal case to me? Maybe you should file an amicus curiae or something.

          • I’m not making the case to you. I’m introducing the Anglin case in this thread to get people donating to the Anglin We Searchr rather than watching lame Squaw man whore and RamzPaul videos. There’s a great Sam Hyde comment about the Juice, he just dropped a $5k donation.

          • ” A lot of text written to say nothing.”

            You’ll find Hipster Racist does that a lot.

          • It might very well come to Revolution at some point. Infiltrating and taking over the Republican party is wishful thinking at best. That’s what we tried with Trump and it’s not going so well is it. Or maybe we really are just doomed and we should all give up before we’ve even really started.

            For now I’m fine with letting the Proud Fags and Antifa roll around in the mud with each other. Our idea’s are still too fringe to “take it to the streets” and win anything but it most likely will go there eventually. Throughout history territory has only been claimed in one way. The skypes that run the country are not simply going to give us our right to exist if we behave ourselves. We’re going to have to take it.

          • “It might very well come to Revolution at some point. Infiltrating and
            taking over the Republican party is wishful thinking at best.”

            You’re young, this is your first election one assumes. If you think taking over the Republican party is hard, think about how hard staging a “revolution” against the world’s only superpower is. Let’s be honest ok – the NSA likely has one 20 year old dude assigned to read the Alt Right’s emails at this point – that is how much NOT a threat you are to the system.

            When the Alt Right figures out how to recruit among the police and the military, and actually run candidates for local office – then, and only then, will you graduate from “internet trolls that play act in the street occasionally” to a serious political force.

            ” We’re going to have to take it.”

            And you are never going to get it as long as it’s at this level. Right now, the best the Alt Right can hope to achieve is to get good publicity for Spencer, who is the ONLY even half way credible pro-white spokesman we have, save Jared Taylor.

          • “When the Alt Right figures out how to recruit among the police and the military”

            There are many ex military Alt Righters. Those still in the military can’t be open about it. The Police are a different story and infiltrated by ADL and SPLC. But Policemen who are fellow travelers also have to keep their views to themselves.

          • You think the military doesn’t have liasons with the ADL and the SPLC? I can assure you there are ex military and ex police that are probably more radical that anyone who reads this site – sympathy isn’t organization. You aren’t even anywhere close to organizing among police and military. All you got is “muh streets” fantasies and silly analogy about the Naughtzees in 1933.

            Do you realize that every single post-9/11 Muslim terrorist attack during the Bush administration that was “prevented” by the FBI was actually set up by the FBI? That’s been extensively covered in the mainstream media – it’s public knowledge. If “they” wanted to shut you down, all it would take is for them to find some dope like Dylan Roof – and here you are, on a public internet forum with a profile as high as, all but calling for violence, revolution, including “muh Hitlerz” analogies.

            You aren’t a serious person, this is all internet game playing to you – you’re living in a Hollywood WWII movie. Thankfully everyone realizes you’re just an internet troll.

          • Another whack as fukk post. Nowhere did I call for violence and revolution. You must be a real crank to take me pointing out the actual occurrence of the Alt Lite fighting alongside Neon Notsees at Berkeley to be an equivocation of violent revolution.

          • I agree, that we aren’t anywhere where we need to be at yet. And propagandizing is where our efforts are most useful for now. We also shouldn’t let Antifa dictate how we conduct ourselves. “If we hold a rally, Antifa will attack and we’ll get bad press. We should stay inside and make based youtube vids instead.”

            No. If Gavin is stealing our shine it’s because they confronted Antifa head on and won. People respect that. And it had nothing to do with them getting good press. The Skype media shilled for Antifa like they always do and it had little effect. Antifa definitively lost and the legacy media has little control over the narrative anymore.

            The Auburn speech was a good look for the movement. We should be doing more of that for now. The police won’t always be as good as they were in Auburn and sometimes we will have to defend ourselves. We should be ready for that. That’s really all I’m saying. If we can accomplish our goals with out revolution great. If it comes down to that we should be ready. I don’t want to black pill so I’ll leave it at that.

          • Gavin is your best friend, as the other commenter said. Antifa is getting bad press – they are the “Naughtzees” now. IRL trolling the Antifa is more effective now that Trump won than it was last year. It’s way, way better optics to have the sides be “Supporters of Our President Trump vs. radical leftist Antifa” vs last year’s “Anti-fascists confront neo-Naughtzees.”

            Auburn worked because the police didn’t allow Antifa to wear masks thus they couldn’t be all that violent.

            Come on, just consider this: Trump actually made a tweet about cutting Berkeley’s funding if they didn’t protect free speech righta. Ann Coulter had her speech canceled. If Trump isn’t going to do anything for Coulter, he’s not going to do anything for you.

            Talk of “revolution” is 100% absolute counter-productive circle-jerking that makes the entire movement look stupid and clownish. Don’t let this turn into Antifa Cheech vs. Fa Chong. Right now, the BEST you can hope to achieve is to make Antifa look bad to normies and make Spencer look good.

            There isn’t even enough support for our ideas to even have a GOP caucus at this point – the goal is to get the public on the pro-White side. Whatever helps with that cause is good, whatever interferes with that cause is bad.

          • the NSA likely has one 20 year old dude assigned to read the Alt Right’s emails at this point ” yet the deep state’s favored candidate mentions us by name

          • Hitler and Mussolini played the game and both came to power ultimately peacefully. Neither one of them were afraid to engage in violence when necassary to get there. In Spain it required a civil war. All roads lead to Rome. Hopefully we can accomplish our goals peacefully. There’s a strong possibility that won’t happen.

            Regardless, as I’ve already admitted, right now we don’t have the numbers to secure “muh streets” let alone “muh ethno-state” so I wouldn’t advise anyone going out with guns and trying to take back “muh country” at this time. Still, the Proud Boys (and friends) have managed to push back the Antifa for now, which is a positive development. Violence works.

          • ” Violence works.”

            But it’s not violence that made Alt Lite win in this Alt Lite vs. Antifa fight – it was optics. They are successfully baiting Antifa into making fools of themselves. The violence, such as it is, is incidental and less than bar brawls in the nightclub districts in any given city on a Friday night.

            If White Nationalists (like me) really want to win and think strategically, we’d be pushing for McInnes’s Kosher, Israeli-funded “Proud Boys” to be in “muh streets” fighting the Antifa while we White Nationalists take the moderate, middle ground and appeal to normie Whites. After all, the Zionist Left (Antifa) and the Zionist Right (Proud Boys) are just having a family feud. We aren’t either one of them.

            But of course we have to deal with the (((Joshua Goldberg))) faction, Koshers pretending to be “hardcore” telling us we really should be playing Naughtzees in the streets, saying stupid and contradictory things like “Alt Lite is the real enemy” and also that “we should be in muh streest alongside Alt Lite fighting Antifa.”


            If and when violence comes, it will be real violence the way real White men do it: organized, quick, and deadly. Playing dress up with “Based Stick Man” and throwing punches with Antifa clowns is just theater.

          • I see the Alt-lite as useful idiots that we can use to our advantage. While their leaders are not on our side, their followers are angry about a lot of the same things that we are. They just don’t see the entire picture yet. Essentially their demoralized right now. Their entire “movement” was dependent on Trump not selling them out. When Trump doesn’t follow through on the wall, slowing down middle eastern immigration or doing anything meaningful to counter illegal immigration, many of them will come over to our side. We just need to make sure our message gets out to them.

            “Playing dress up with “Based Stick Man” and throwing punches with Antifa clowns is just theater.”

            While I agree, it still has its value. With the Antifa pushed back it will make more Auburn style events possible for us. I agree with Yehuda, that trying to organize an event at Berkeley might be a good idea.

          • Completely agree that the Alt Lite “leaders” are not on our side, but their followers very much potentially are. We want to keep the highway going: from basic bitch Trumpism, to “Western values” Alt Lite, finally to real and authentic White Nationalism.

            The goal of the (((Joshua Goldberg/DS))) crowd is precisely the same as the goal of the Kosher Alt Lite leaders – to put a giant roadblock between the Alt Lite and authentic White Nationalism so that normie Trump fans and Whites get stuck on the Alt Lite Kosher Plantation. That’s why the (((Joshua Goldberg/DS))) people play-act as (((Hollywood Naughtzees))) and go out of their way to be as divisive and insulting as possible – so their partners like McInnes can say, “hey just be Alt Lite, don’t be pro-White because look at those clowns!”

            It’s a really simple trick, it’s been used forever, and anyone who does a bit of reading can see it happening historically.

            My goal is to use the opposite tactic – I’m the middle. I’m mainstream. White Nationalism – White countries for White people – is normal. I’m neither “far right” nor “far left” – let the wingnuts fight each other. Let’s The Zionist left Antifa and the Zionist right Proud Boys fight among themselves. We can use both of them for our own purposes if it’s useful but always recognize both sides are useful idiots. We don’t want to be useful idiots. Just like we never let Trump use us – we used him.

          • Why the focus on Berkeley though? It is a waste of time. I know it is like the capital of leftism in the US, but c’mon, I thought the goal was to grow a movement. Whites are divided and a lot of people open to the message that aren’t really that aware of the alt right are found on campuses everywhere. The Midwest and South would be good places to start, where their might be a better reception. I give the guys credit for having the balls to go to Berkeley, but the focus needs to be recruitment and organization.

          • It’s one of the lefts strongholds on the West Coast. It’s the birthplace of Free Speech. It’s a symbolic victory that we won’t be pushed out of the narrative anymore. Spencer doing a Speech in Berkeley would attract a lot of media attention. He’s already done two college talks in the South (Auburn, Texas A & M) that were a good look. He should continue to do talks in the South and Mid-West, but if something at Berkeley could be organized as well it wouldn’t hurt anything.

    • I’m not a fan, but McInnes isn’t an enemy of the alt-right. His is basically on the same point of the left-right spectrum as Coulter, if you can filter out all of his stupid schticky stuff.

    • Gavin had Spencer and Taylor on without being hostile. Gavin is a degenerate and a cuck, we all know that. I wouldn’t say he’s an overt enemy though. Gavin is soft opposition.

      After his nonsense about being a pussy if you don’t watch interracial propaganda like Get Out, I had to stop watching him. One can only tolerate so much.

  • Does this mean that alt light is Alt Right again? Did the old Rebel News gang drop the cuck light and go full Kek? Baked Alaska did, now, I see him on the bus to Berkeley with Gavin’s ‘Proud Boys’, uh, I mean Alt Right men-boys, uh, I mean I don’t know what I mean, exactly, none of it rings true. Anyway, if alt light & Alt Right are friends again, as long as Gavin et al keeps the peace and doesn’t bash Richard again, then by-gones be by-gones.

    • Rebel lost Lauren so they are now desperately trying to clone her using Faith Goldy.

      Faith will likely try to ride Lauren’s coattails the entire time.

    • I think Gavin sees himself as a protective big brother type to Richard.. I honestly do.. plus I think they are on good terms… both have a sense of humour which is essential.

      • I think both are just hucksters at this point. They carved for them a little niche in social media circles and make some money off of the whole charade.

    • No way. They wouldn’t let him keep his show if he got real about blax and jooze. If he wants to keep his job he’s limited to trannies, muzzies, and illegals.

    • Vincent Law seems to think so, I don’t know anyone who would consider Gavin and the Alt-Lite, Alt-Right.

      I just came back to the comment sections on here and am surprised to find these sort of September-tier articles about the Alt-Lite. The rest of the movement on twitter, DS, TRS and /pol/ don’t consider Alt-Lite Alt-Right.

      If you want more reliable sources of information and outlook, you’d be better off heading to those places I just mentioned.

  • If we actually had the president that we thought we voted for, he’d be throwing himself into these Culture War battles like threatening to send in Federal troops, threatening Berkeley with an investigation over civil rights violations or whatever it took. What a disappointment.

    • Trump is a politician, he tells people what they want to hear. How could anyone believe even half of the nonsense he was spouting during the campaign? “Lock her up?” “A Big Beautiful Wall?”


    • He had the momentum after the election. He could have practically instituted martial law in Chicago and Berkeley, and a plurality of the country would have supported him… and the Left would now look like a deflated balloon.
      Instead, he opted to steer toward the center. And that capitulation is why he’s nothing more than a mediocrity, and why virtually everything he now touches fails embarrassingly.

      • He is a democrat that effectively infiltrated the GOP, and told the idiots what they wanted to hear, but never intended to follow through. He is like the frat boy who gets a sorority girl tipsy, tells her a bunch of sweet nothing to get her clothes off, only to use her as a semen receptacle til the cycle repeats itself next Thursday night.

      • Dave, the guy is all probability is a plant. He was a democrat at least through 2000, then all of a sudden does a 180? Sure it can happen, but not when you are an older adult. The guy is putting NYC democrats into minor cabinet positions, etc. He mission was to destroy the GOP, or to at least neuter it. Mission accomplished!!!!!!!!

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