East London Is One Big No-Go Zone For Whites

This video shows what happens when a vibrant force meets a soft White object.

You will notice several things from the video. First and foremost is how badly the Whites defend themselves in this video AND how no one else defends them either:

At about the 15-second mark, another White guy comes into the frame. He watches on and does nothing. This is normal. After all, we are all rational, enlightened individuals in the West. While groups of Blacks seem to instinctively understand that it’s them vs the pale-skins, random White bystanders do not lift a finger.

But perhaps I am being too harsh. After the second White man is knocked out, some fashionable metrosexual Londoner comes to his aid, makes himself look big by waving his arms around and dissuading the Dindus from finishing off their kill.

By the end of the video, victim #1 is sprawled out on the ground with a crowd gathered around him. It even looks like some of his attackers squat down to snap a pic. The video pans out to the crowd that has gathered around the first felled White guy. It is overwhelmingly black. A quick look at the demographic data around Maryland Station, in Newham (where this attack occurred) and the London Borough reveals what could already be easily guessed. This is a very diverse area. It is part of East London’s sprawling greater immigrant suburb.

It even makes it onto the Mirror’s list of crime hotspots.

Speaking of crime hotspots, you can’t do nice SWPLy things like have marathons when you reach critical Dindu mass.

This happened in Deptford, also East London.

The time for wishing and hoping that the Diversity will go away is long past. These invaders are not leaving anytime soon, and for any White unlucky enough to not be able to afford White Flight, this is the reality that they will have to face day in and day out. These videos show the reality of what Diversity truly means for those Whites that are left behind.

For Whites not lucky enough to live in the White parts of town, it’s time to start getting tough and thinking tribal. Enlightened rational individualism will not save you, but boxing classes and ethnic solidarity might.

What is even more maddening is the knowledge that for the first time in history, we can document and catalogue what could only be conveyed in the past through gossip or the crime section of the evening newspaper. Easily available alternative media and unfiltered primary sources are all just a click away in the West. A quick trip to Liveleak will show hundreds of similar videos from East London, the suburbs of Paris, American Ghettos, or Husby and Rinkeby in Sweden to the curious web surfer.

There’s simply no excuse for getting caught with your guard down anymore.


Vincent Law
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  • When you’re being shot, bombed, raped, stabbed, dismembered, maimed etc. You’re pretty much already at war, you’re just not fighting back.

  • This is why I’m hopeful about the situation in Catalonia. The sooner war breaks out in Europe the better. A lot of this garbage will just flee the aria to save themselves when the communists and nationalists start shooting.

  • so.. what will you do boys? gonna sit and watch your country fall? once a great empire .. soon to be caliphate?? nuke the fucking kebab asap!

  • Vincent Law, is not telling the truth from the title story. When you go through boroughs of Tower Hamlets Hackney and Newham, you will see plenty of white people around. Those who lived in the area for or ones who have d come into the area some years ago.
    Yes, there is major problems around that the councils, police and other interested parties, but they are not really bothered. The police in particular knows and tends to rely on CCTV.

  • Colin Flaherty’s youtube channel will make your head spin with just how rampant black on white crime really is in the US…

  • Considering the pure black race is nearly dead except perhaps in parts of Africa and the pure brown race is as well (with the red race having been mostly genocided generations ago), it is no surprise the criminal psycho elites want to wipe out the white race, then the yellow–and they’ll do it by racial intermixing. Folks, most blacks are mixes of other races as well, as are most browns. More whites and blacks are intermarrying, as are whites and yellows. Whether they “kill whitey thing” ever gets put into place, in the long run it won’t matter.

    • Answering my own query… my post has been “Pending” for so long because it contains the word naz1 (not in a bad way) and it appears that this message board will automatically flag a post for moderation if it contains the word naz1. Be warned my fellow posters.

  • There aren’t really any “white parts of town” any more. There are just more and less hostile areas.

  • Used to go there quite often to see a now ex girlfriend. Fortunately she was only there for two years and made it out alive and unscathed. She was street smart and thus always wary of the danger of the Arabs, Africans and assorted muds that have conquered the territory formerly known as East London. I found it a terribly bleak and depressing place. One day we went to a nearby graveyard. It was like the fall of Rome. The place was unkept and in ruins. I thought to myself, in the not too distant future the invaders will just bulldoze this place as an affort to Islam. Then I spotted an Anglican Church in nearby Leytonstone. Again, fall of Rome. The church was like a Roman ruin and shuttered. I read on the plaque outside how this area used to be where all the well-heeled people of London lived! Amazing. Neither of us are English (she Irish, me American) so we didn’t have any emotional connection to the place except as fellow Whites and Westerners. It is really sad. All Whites should visit there to learn a lesson about the ethnic cleansing of our peoples not only in our conquered colonial lands such as North America but in our ancestral homelands in Europe. There literally is nowhere for us to go. Back against the wall. Cornered. Nothing left to do but fight our way out or die trying.

  • If any White idiot does not believe in White genocide – watch this video.
    If any White idiot does not believe that our race is over if and when we become minority – watch this video.

    • White people have been lulled into a false sense of security, especially those whites who could afford to engage in white flight. The mainstream media would never, ever broadcast videos like those above. They consider doing so to be racist and unfair to “vulnerable communities.” But thanks to the internet, the truth can no longer be hidden and suppressed. Videos like those above are a great tool for red pilling naive white people.

  • And black men become OUTRAGED! OUTRAGED, I tell you! when they hear white people locking their car doors as they drive past black men on the street. How dare whitey think he might get attacked by a black man! Or maybe black men are just outraged that some whites are smart enough to protect themselves, and are denying blacks an opportunity.

  • It’s pretty pathetic that the Crown has stooped to this level of using negroes as a moat to secure their interest in London! The video is upsetting regardless of how you all characterize the victims in this case. I don’t care for the Negro community and I’m up front about it. Let us all pause for a moment and listen to what Richard Spencer has to say on the matter! He was just recently interviewed by a Negro. My gut tells me you guys in the alt-right are part of the problem; I’ve seen these kind of tactics before where you post incite full videos of White people being beaten so that your ratings become ‘erect’. You Kikes can go piss off! Cheeky ass sand niggers!

  • All Whites need to arm themselves and practice self-defense by shooting their attackers. Whites and only Whites can put forth the image of Whites being dangerous prey to predators. Attack a White person and end up DEAD. When on a jury, refuse to find any fellow White guilty of shooting a Black regardless of circumstances.

    • Britain practically banned guns. British law states their citizens do NOT have the legal right of self-defense with a gun. Worse yet British people mock Americans for our ability to defend ourselves. Having spoken to British people on many occasions and watched their nationalist groups, I’m of the opinion that Brits no longer have the will to live and so they won’t.

  • Half a dozen coons attack a white guy who’s probably never had a fight in his life and you get a load of cunts claiming he’s some kind of pussy…sure, if you’re going to be attacked best to make a fight of it and hurt at least one of them, but then not everyone is like that.

  • The southern man knew how to deal with the niggers. Your ancestors came down and killed him and burned down his house, and burned down his town even at their own peril. You now deserve everything you get. I know this is in England but it may as well be America.

    The sins of the father return to visit the son. Now it is your turn 150 years later for your kin to be killed and your women to be raped. I don’t enjoy seeing it but I know it must be so.

  • Perhaps they took Oxford University’s advice and went out of their way to make eye contact in order to not be perceived as “races”. Anti-Racism is driving nerdy canadiens to not give a crap about their insanity anymore. So that is the good news.

  • To be fair to alot of normal whites, the kind of whites you find in these areas of London are your typical liberal swpls who think it’s fun and ironic to live in the “vibrant” and “gritty” areas of London. I love that word “gritty.” They also can’t afford to live in the nice areas because their Gender Studies degree is worthless. But they feel compelled to live in the city because they’re the hubs of degeneracy or to put it their way the “happening place” to be. Long story short, they’re the whites who are the most likely to not defend themselves because violence is icky and racist.

  • The same white Londoner who got knocked out would mock Americans for our racism and gun rights, so f him and f’em all. I’ve stopped caring about British nationalist groups because they’re all losers. None of them are explicitly racial. They all accept non-whites and like Muslim immigration. They’re only against extremist Islam. LOL! Britain is finished.

      • Look at BNP and NF elections. They usually don’t even break 1% of the general vote.

        Tommy Robinson had a relative who was a victim of Muslim sex grooming. He has been attacked and had friends attacked. The government wrongfully imprisoned him. He has my sympathy, but at the same time he also is still okay with Muslim immigration as long as they’re not extremist.

        British people are beyond help.

          • You didn’t fix anything and don’t try to speak for other people. That will get you punched in the face IRL.

            The subject is about British whites specifically. Of course whites worldwide have similar problems, but British nature is peculiar in itself.

            Germany gets a pass because Germany has actually been occupied since the end of WW2.

          • Anyone who would punch someone over something so trivial has a serious psychological problem.

        • 1965 = America was 90% white
          2017 = America is 63% white

          Looks to me you got your own immigration problems.

          • No shit. Honestly, most Europeans have no idea how to handle non-whites, especially blacks. They’re just deer in the headlights. American Southerners and white South Africans know how to handle them.

            You have Germans and Scandinavians who lament not being able to walk the streets at night now. LOL, we’ve been living with that since forced integration. European whites are sheep to the slaughter and they never seem to learn.

    • they have been on speech lockdown and living with surveillance for 40 plus years. they are there they just cant say it like we can

  • Vincent, please write an essay about why (((Abby Martin))) struggles to understand why Richard Spencer makes her panties wet.

    (Fast-Forward to 38:22)

  • Nice try mate, but these are isolated incidences of violence. I live in East London, 15 minutes away from West Ham’s stadium, and the anti-white sentiment you claim exists is BULLSHIT. Fake news. Google violent crime in London. go for it, it’s easy. Then compare it to American cities and their statistics. Again, it’s easy, takes 30 seconds. The results speak for themselves – the author is a liar and a demagogue.

    • Which cities are you comparing exactly ? It is hardly a secret that the more blacks there are the more crime there is.

      As for the anti white sentiment, how about you walk around with a shirt saying “white pride” vs walking with a “black pride”. The fact that you undoubtedly say that one is ok and the other is not simply indicates how ingrained the anti white narrative has been hammered into your brain, you don’t even think twice about it, its simply automatic to be anti white, it is beyond your comprehension to see just how anti white your regime is.

      • Any city, violence and crime in America is much higher than it is in Western Europe (hint: it has to do with the availability of guns).

        Black pride? I have never seen a shirt that says that. Mate, our country is not like yours, we’ve had people of all colours here for far longer than you, and the level of racism is not comparable. Racial tensions may exist in some areas, but overwhelmingly there is no problem with people of any race.

        ‘it is beyond your comprehension to see just how anti white your regime is.’

        Are you high? Have you seen our parliament? Both commons and lords are over 95% white. Just that fact that one of our houses is called the house of lords is testament that there has been no relinquishing of authority from the traditional ‘top’ (or ruling/aristocratic) social classes in England. Just like the author of this trash, you’re making sweeping statements about a country and a culture you know nothing about. The author does it to spread the alt right narrative, which is a vile and cowardly act of propaganda. I’m not sure why you spread it, but please stop, East London and it’s majority white population thank you (as do the minorities!)

          • What on earth happened in Rotherham? Honestly, I live here, read the BBC and watch national news everyday, and I don’t know what you are talking about.

            Not even the BBC knows:

            So, yeah, what happened there? And how is it not an isolated incident if it didn’t make the news here?

          • Yet more idiot signalling from you, if you are truly this ignorant what happened there, then you are simply proving our point. The mass rapes of white girls continues to this day, but you can continue living in your fake make believe world.

          • No my ignorance does not prove your point that the UK government is anti-white. My ignorance proves I’m ignorant, and it pretty much stops there.

            Women, sadly, are victims of abuse everywhere, I still fail to see the link between the fact the perpetrators were not white, with the argument that England is ‘anti-white’. Are the rapists not being sentenced to prison?

          • Thank you cynic, the fact I was largely ignorant of the details (I had heard of this, but it’s not as big an issue – albeit tragic – in the UK as you lot are making it out to be), and you didn’t resort to insulting me, like the others, is welcome. I appreciate it.

          • We would appreciate it if your group would stop raping our kids. We’re not interested in being reasonable with you. How dare you lecture us in our own countries. Your people can act like a tribe, and now we’re going too. Guess what happens when we do that. You’ll be going back to the howling wilderness from whence you came. What you think or feel about anything doesn’t matter to us. Piss off.

          • Mate, I’m from sutton coldfield and whiter than most. Not that it matters, keep thinking what you will, I’m pissing off

          • Keep thinking that we won’t. Having you in a comfortable state of denial is exactly where we want you. So I won’t say another word. Btw, you’re right, it doesn’t matter if you were born there. We don’t give a damn about post enlightenment abstractions on citizenship. You don’t belong in Britain. Thanks for pissing off.

          • Actually the msm in Britain covered it extensively. Over 1400 underage girls were sexually assaulted and or raped. Not that I’d expect someone like you to care about that. You’re a vile disgusting traitorous scumbag who is obviously beyond help. May I suggest suicide.

          • I stand corrected. But he should still kill himself. He was prolly raping little girls with his cousins at the kebab shop.

          • If my ignorance, which I’ll admit to, gives you authority to say this:

            ‘You’re a vile disgusting traitorous scumbag who is obviously beyond help. May I suggest suicide’

            Then please, lead by example.

        • Any city in the world that has more black people has more crime (hint: it has nothing to do with gun laws). South Africa has strict gun laws, that does not stop it from being a crime champion, it does however have a lot to do with the black population.

          You are an idiot, its that simple, your regime is utterly anti white, it has laws that jail people for white people saying bad things about non whites, but not the opposite. Those white cucks in parliament are anti white, there is absolutely NOTHING they have ever said that was pro white, the opposite is however very true, they will fall over themselves signalling their virtue by pandering to every non white there is.

        • There has not been large numbers of blacks in Britainia until the Judenreich, the guy claims the US has not been racially diverse for as long as Britain? Maybe he was talking about the picts and kelts and welsh and anglos and such?

        • The US cities that are majority white and have the most lenient gun laws also have the lowest crime rates. The cities that are the most, ahem, vibrant and have the toughest gun laws have the most gun crime. Guns don’t kill people. Black people with guns kill people. And they will obtain guns no matter what laws are on the books. The people doing the crimes are not going to apply for permits and go through the proper procedures… Their criminals.

          • Well, it’s become clear we see the world very differently. No problem, I appreciate the time you took to respond. Have a good one Johnny.

          • I saw a crew of 4 black highschoolers selling firearms in the back of a transit bus a few weeks back. Never seen anything like that before in my life, especially in my neighbourhood just outside the main city
            You can choose not to believe that since you weren’t there.
            I’m still having trouble believing it and I was there.

    • Peter is one of those British imbeciles I referred to. Brits like him wallow in their misery and mock Americans for being able to defend ourselves. You know in Britain it’s actually NOT a legal right to defend yourself. They explicitly say this in law, that the very few who are able to get a gun permit, that self-defense is not a legal reason.

      These people are just beyond pathetic.

      Hey, Peter, you plonker, black and Hispanic violence are the cause of the majority of American violent crimes.

      • ” You know in Britain it’s actually NOT a legal right to defend yourself”

        Oh do f*ck off you ignorant c*nt.

        • You’re the one who’s ignorant. British law clearly states that self-defense is NOT a justification to own a gun. Look it up yourself, you stupid cunt.

          • Carrying around a shotgun wouldn’t be all that practical…and while shooting unarmed nigs in the back might seem like fun it would be considered “illegal” by the authorities.

    • police wont let us. we need to deal with them first. only when we make it not worth it for them to get involved can we take back our land

      • I believe we should take the Golden Dawn approach. We should not confront the police as that means confronting the military even if we win. They’d wipe the floor with us.

        Instead, we should create charity organizations that cater to White people. Also, we should try to take control of police departments. If any of us do not have careers planned already, we should consider joining the police force. Take control of our own opposition.

        • I love what you’re saying but affirmative action stands in our way. And if we only cater to whites then the powers that be will revoke our charity status. All charities have quotas of helping non whites.

          • Who cares? No matter what organization we create, the (((globalists))) will fight us tooth and nail. They will break all the rules that they themselves tell us to follow.

        • wipe the floor my arse, they are predictable and often under armed. not to mention how many of them are slobs that couldn’t jog around the block. the fit ones are usually simpletons. they would cuck out as soon as they knew people weren’t going to put up with their shit anymore. they aren’t soldiers, just bullies or well wishing fools. only tough when they have you outnumbered, out flanked, out gunned and surrounded. the executive branch controls the country, we need to take it back one way or another. getting a president in office obviously doesn’t work

          • >Golden Dawn are simpletons and cowards
            Um… what? I think you watch way too much Vice & CNN.
            Golden Dawn control entire neighborhoods in Greece. Pay attention to real news.

            >We should try to elect our way around White Genocide
            No. We tried that. I think we have conclusively proven that trying to get a decent man in the White house is not possible. The System is so thoroughly corrupt.

          • was talking about cops not GD. also the mercenary groups like blackwater or whatever they are calling themselves are what would really cause us problems. they will probably abandon ship as well first sign of real resistance though

          • My bad.

            I wouldn’t underestimate the police. I think any of us who wants to be useful but doesn’t know what career to invest in should try to become a police chief. We need more sympathizers in the police force. We will need them when the orders come down from (((you know who))) to round up White resistance to the NWO or if we are more successful, ordering the police to stand down as we retake control from the ZOG.

          • hell yeh that’s ideal. im just talking about it there was no other choice. of course they would be tough to fight they are obviously somewhat brave and trained. u just got to believe u can win going into a fight or its alrdy lost

          • Agreed. We will win in the end. one way or another. You cannot suppress a people forever.

      • We don’t actually have to confront the police. Buy masks on Amazon, so you can’t be identified, when confronting these clowns who are ruining our cities make sure that any physical evidence that may be used by them (audio/video recordings in particular) has been destroyed. Don’t be in the area that the police are in, and don’t be there when they arrive.
        Then it’s just another assault/battery, which is pretty low in their priority.
        We could start to concentrate in single areas; if we all moved to one area that is already predominantly White, we could essentially magnify our effectiveness through concentration, instead of being spread thin and dispersed.
        We need to repopulate. As far as I’m concerned every single White man, and woman owes their ancestors three descendants. One child replaces one parent, thus the third child creates a net gain of one. This means making some sacrifices in life, but this is how we win.

        • you would be risking enough jail/work release time to ruin your life/breeding years and not putting a stop to our foes imo

    • And don’t you just love it when the left call us white supremacists? While the ones that claim to WS are the ones covered in face tats, in prison or in trailers cooking meth to sell to other Whites? We have many options & could be unstoppable if we would just use our resources & stop being scared of our progressive government.

    • The only way we are going to win this battle is through violence: political power comes from the barrel of a gun. Sadly, most people in the ‘movement’ [sic] are afraid of this undeniable truth, they think we are going to win with internet activism, which is basically a form of mental masturbation.

      • Agreed. The System uses violence to stay in power & cares nothing for the “democratic” values they claim to uphold. But we must build a strong organization to fight them.

        This time, the world.

          • So? there is nothing impossible for the white race: we built this entire world, we can get rid of some unpleasant characters as well, even if they are hard to kill cockroaches.

          • We can, if the will is there, but quite the opposite is the case in a very large number of our fellows.

      • well whatever happens now started with the pen. I wouldn’t say these town criers are jerking. they saved us from being disorganized edgy brutes but it might be past noon at this point

        • I don’t remember the exact line right now, but La Rochelle (or was Brasillach?) said that intellectuals in the movement are totally useless unless they are educating the political soldiers. Education is necessary but not an end for itself. If you make education an end for itself, then is basically mental masturbation.

    • Deal with ur jooish problem first. Who do u think brought them in and controls ur gov. This is happening cause you “have not get learned how to be multicultural. Its a huge step for you to take. Without it u won’t survive”.

  • In an honest world London would be classed as a dangerous city that should be avoided by the State Department / Foreign Office of most governments. I often wonder how white people who work for the tourist departments of London, Paris etc can do so with a clear conscience.

    • Despite all the propaganda, the news of cities like London and Paris rapidly becoming third world cities is slowly starting to filter out to even the most sheltered of people in the world, by sheltered people I am talking about the average Chinese, Japanese and American (SJW/patriotard American) tourist that is generally very compliant and obedient to the elite narrative. Yes, they will obfuscate it with “finding cheaper alternative destinations” or “terror attack fears”, but ultimately the fact is that these people do not want to go on holiday to places full of Africans and Arabs and spend a lot of money at the same time in doing so.

        • Brazil has 25 of the top 50 dangerous cities in the world and i have lived in some of them, i will go back there again before i ever set a foot in Eurostan. things in the world are bad, i really would rather be hurt or killed by a nominal Christan dindu or not than to be harmed for the cause of Satan’s jihad

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