Bill Nye the Chosen Guy Goes Full SJW

When I was growing up, I got to see a lot of Bill Nye in school. The teacher would pop in the video and even the rowdy Dindus would shut up and watch mesmerised as Bill Nye talked about magnets for 20 minutes. The shows were really quite good, and they remain a pleasant “90’s kid” memory for me to this day.

But it seems that Bill Nye’s tribal instincts (which lay dormant for decades) have surfaced and now he is a walking advertisement for progressive causes, appearing on TV shows and on Netflix to shill for shekels and promote degeneracy.

He has this new show called “Bill Nye Saves the World” on Netflix.

Check out this clip.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Youtube video with such a one-sided like/dislike ratio.

You could say that this video is a sort of high water mark. Where future Chinese scientists can point to as the moment when the collapse started in earnest. But I don’t think so. This video is ridiculously cringy, it is like some no bullying video that you are forced to watch in school that makes everyone guffaw at the acting and try-hard amateur actors.

No one likes ham-fisted propaganda like this. It will undoubtedly backfire.

As for Bill Nye, well he has been cashing in on his “science” credentials and the nostalgia of Millenials to talk about Global Warming, among other things in recent years. I can honestly say that he has single-handedly made me doubt the truth behind the greenhouse gas theory…

In Western Universities, there exists a certain group of try-hard numale nerds that have this whole “I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE” cult that worships other sexless nerd robots like Bill Nye. Needless to say, despite their protestations to the contrary, no one thinks these people are “cool” no matter how many times they sprinkle profanities into their geekspeak about magnets and atoms.

Bill Nye has been making a big media comeback. Here is a recent video of him on Tucker Carlson’s show. Spoiler, he gets Tucked:

But let’s go back to that video of Bill Nye making a fool of himself.

Is there anything sexy or appealing about an old man dancing to the tune of an overweight diva singing about her vagina?

See, the Left does this all the time. They love to talk about sex, but they fail to come off as erotic or sexy. Instead, they come off as shrill and incredibly grungy. Jonathon Bowden once remarked on this in his Western Civilization Bites Back speech:

But never forget the thrill of transgression. Right-wing ideas are transgressive. And are therefore interesting, and sexy. Herbert Marcuse once wrote about the eroticism of the Right. Susan Sontag did as well. And the Right is more erotic than the Left, is more exciting than the Left. The Left is boring, the Left is extraordinarily grungy and erotically unexciting, you know, despite its prevalence and its penchant for decadence. There’s a degree to which it is not as radically outside the box…One should never lose sight of the reason that people are opposed to our ideas is because they are thrilled to be frightened by them. They are thrilled to be appalled by them. It is the political equivalent of Satanism to many people. I’m saying nothing that is at all original. And in doing so we actually make ourselves tremendously attractive at certain levels of consciousness—not to some Southern Baptist chapter, admittedly. But you make yourself tremendously psychologically appealing. You may not have a halo over your head but you are transfigured in a sort of dark and sepulchral light, which makes you deeply spiritually ambivalent to people who exist now…

We should be thanking the Left for making it so damn easy to be counter-cultural and on the Right in 2017.

My favorite part of the video is where they start singing about giving handjobs to strangers. Remember kids:

You’ll scare the kids off handjobs at this rate, Bill.


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  • BIll Nye has become the mascot of this Left-wing fetishization of politicized science. They love to hammer creationists for fun, but then cling to their own version of creationism when it comes to sex/gender. They ignore biology, much like evolution deniers, and create new ‘gender identities’ out of thin air.

  • (((Bill Nye))) gets one thing right: “The parasites are showing up sooner and staying around longer.”

  • I have a feeling that this might be some 3D chess on Nye’s part. If he’s a part of Accelerationism, I would say this is an ingenious move.

  • So Rachel Bloom’s sex junk video has been doing the rounds in in the alt-right lately. I love how we all get worked up about a particular piece of degeneracy. The closest thing we have to a national culture right now.

  • Rachel Bloom sings about “butt stuff”, and other deviant sexual practices. Are there any lyrics in there about genital warts, prolapsed sphincters, and anal cancer?

    And, of course, for a super-sciencey science-guy like Bill Nye to deny the reality of sex – not the made-up po-mo concept of gender – but the biological reality of sex, seems rather……………superstitious and anti-science.

  • The “I F**king Love Science” crowd doesn’t really f**king love science. They just f**king love telling you how much they f**king love science.

    Science is, to many of them, just another received religion – a mystery cult – which confers upon them divine favor, and makes them members of an elect set. Bill Nye is just one of the lesser shamans of that sect.

  • So glad I never saw this cuck’s show in the 90s. He means nothing to me. I grew up watching Mr Wizard’s world in late 80s. He appeared to be a real science guy and not a faggot

    • Mr. Wizard was great. Bill Nye, to me at least, just comes off as a creepy spaz whose show fostered that jump-cut no-attention-span style that is the last thing kids need, especially kids who aspire to learn some science.

      Real science requires long, arduous, concentrated thought and work. It isn’t quick, and it (mostly) isn’t fun.

  • Fk that Pathetic Pseudo-Scientific Cracker who’ll break like an Actual Cracker…..


    The Misanthropic End of the White Family Tree………Glee in His Eye…….

    …..really gets the MSM Worked Up……..


    I’m more FEELING This…..

    • I know whatcha mean. You literally can’t make fun of it, it stands on its own. Could we even come up with a better parody than they’ve come up with for themselves? Another commenter mentioned that these clowns must be working for us now. I have to agree.

  • I think all generation Xers watched Bill Nye as a kid. It was indeed a good show and good times. I remember when the teacher would pull out the TV on the roller and all of us kids would sit indian style on the floor to look up and watch it. Some how Bill Nye was able to make learning about things interesting and fun, it was so much better than hearing the teacher lecture while we nearly fell asleep over our open books.

    And that’s what makes this all the more disturbing.

  • For true cognitive dissonance, watch any liberal deny the reality of real average differences among races or between the sexes, and the evidence that these differences have a large genetic and hormonal basis. They spend their lives denying basic facts about our lives that are far more concrete than global warming.

    • I was wondering about that, since the article insinuates twice that Nye is one of (((them))). According to IMDb: “His maternal grandmother, Lucy Marie Berta Briot, was French. His other ancestry includes English, Welsh, and Irish.” His surname is not ((())). Neither is his mother’s maiden name. It seems unlikely that he is ((())). If he is, then he has hidden it pretty thoroughly.

      • I hope the mischaracterization isn’t a new alt right trend. Something strikes me as deeply counterproductive about tossing the echoes around a white person’s name every time they do something cucked.

        • Perhaps, but with this guy, I think we can let it slide this time. He’s doing one hell of an impersonation of one.

          • He looks like a goofy anglo to me. Is the alt right so full of confused americans and slavs now that nobody knows what anglos look like?

          • Relax buddy, I know what anglos look like, I’m one myself. It was just a bit of levity on my part, that’s all.

          • Over the last year I’ve seen plenty of poison pills slip into the alt right, hiding inside the trojan horse of “relax buddy it’s just levity.”

          • God sake man! Lighten up. It was a joke. Ever heard of TRS, they tell alot of jokes, funny guys, you’d like’em. Much more funny than I am that’s for sure.

          • i dont like TRS, i think they’ve damaged the movement. Humor can be great; it can also be a poison pill. Grouches like me tend to be better at telling the difference.

  • “Muh Dik” – The battle cry and raison d’etre of the lesser breeds. Americans have long been ruthlessly mocked for our intrinsic prudishness, but look at this mess: we are right to be prudes. The Anglo-Saxon prudery so unpopular with ethnics is a vital component of our national character. In the true American culture, sex is something that is simply not discussed. If the topic is unavoidable, then euphemism must be employed such that a child could overhear and remain innocent. Prudishness quite suits us, while this lecherous degeneracy just looks ridiculous and pathetic.

    It’s no accident that fertility has collapsed with the ascendancy of the “muh dik” cult. The purpose of the carnal impulse is to produce children, not to become an animal-like, sex-obsessed carnival freak.

    • I actually agree with you for once. That little song and dance number was crass and tasteless. Is Bill Nye’s target audience still elementary school age children? It’s just wrong.

  • in the Carson vs Nye video you could replace the words climate denial with shoah denial and it would have been the same debate

  • The Youtube video, to me, represents the death of human ambition. When we not only cease to strive for beauty and skill, but we actively celebrate their opposites. Nothing in the video was remotely skillful or even funny, and it was done so intentionally. The women were fat, untalented, and wallowing in mediocrity like pigs in mud.
    As always, this is another sign of the dying West… in some ways, I await the collapse, so we can at last start anew. Cull the degenerates and mental weaklings, and return to a time of strong ideals and strong men.

  • I’m an Atheist.

    After watching that video I prayed that God would burn this planet in a cleansing fire.

    Some time later I googled ” Does Bill Nye have children? ” because I couldn’t imagine that someone with biological offspring could bring themselves to push such degeneracy, sheckels or no. Turns out Bill has a daughter. Wonder if she’s a promiscuous genderfluid freak? It’s the only explanation that makes sense to me. Bill failed as a parent so the only answer now is to corrupt the children of others.

    Bad as the above video is, the Ice Cream one is probably worse.

    • Atheism as such has nothing to do with progressive-utopian fantasies any way. A logically parsimonious atheist can hold the tragic view of man: Not only do gods not exist, but neither does “social justice.”

      • Remember the big debate in the “atheist community” about “atheism plus?” There were plenty of “hard atheists” that hated the SJWs trying to co-opt atheism proper.

        • Prior to the New Atheists I’d always associated atheism with the tragic
          sense of life and loss. The New, yellow smiley face button, Atheists ushered in by Dawkins, et al, were all so earnest to demonstrate that one can be “good without god”, that atheism doesn’t equal moral nihilism and that, since pie-in-the-sky doesn’t exist, one must seize the day, etc. It’s not surprising then that so many of them jumped on all of these progressive causes but demonstrate themselves to be just as wilfully ignorant as any young earth creationist when the science contradicts their progressive, egalitarian religion.

    • If Bill Nye is in fact (((Bill Nye))) chances are he promotes healthy sexuality for his own daughter while promoting this dysgenic crap on the “goyim.” That is how (((they))) tend to operate.

      He will encourage his daughter to marry a “nice Kosher boy” while telling the “goyim” how blonde shiksas all secret long for “black cock.”

      • The Black threat, so to speak, is grossly exaggerated by WNs. Not to be crude, but every single girl in interracial porn videos can be found to be moaning and screaming just as loudly when performing with White men. It’s just a marketing ploy for cucks.
        The real threats of interracial mating are from Indians and East-Asians.

    • According to his Wiki-page (of course, not an infallible source of information), Nye was only married once, for a period of seven weeks, until it was annulled, and he took out a restraining order against his (non) wife. There is no mention of any other spouses or any children.

    • >Turns out Bill has a daughter. Wonder if she’s a promiscuous genderfluid freak?

      “You still haven’t changed your gender, shaved the side of your head, caught a few STDs, covered yourself in piercing and shitty tats and do fetish porn for a living? I’m so disappointed in you, dear.”

  • A comment from the youtube video:

    “I used to love Bill Nye, because he was all about the scientific method and discovering the truth.
    This hurts so much. It’s like finding out your dad is a pedophile.”

  • This whole left faux-science cult was a reaction to the “Creationists” – Evangelical Christians that would put “warning stickers” on biology textbooks saying that “Evolution is Just a Theory” and would argue about how many dinosaurs fit on Noah’s Ark. The “right” lost an entire generation because of those morons.

    Since those people mostly don’t exist anymore, the leftist faux-science cult has been trying to pivot into other issues like global warming or aberrant sexuality, claiming that “science” proves their politics correct, which of course it doesn’t.

    One of the reasons the left has had the upper hand here is by gaining control of various scientific institutions and censoring findings that go against political correctness, mostly anything to do with racial and sexual differences.

    This is an area where the “right” could gain because truth is on our side when it comes to these issues, and it’s a sign of low status to be out of step with “science.”

      • No, limpy. You know less about paleontology than you do the Bible.

        Go back to your Viagra and IFLS! memes.

    • These creationists goofs also tended to believe in the Skypish propaganda that Israel’s existence fulfills bible prophecy and shows that we have reached the “end times.” How many white evangelicals have followed Tim LaHaye’s example of passively waiting for the rapture, instead of getting off their asses and working to take our country back from its Israeli colonial administrators and the hordes of lumpenbrowns brought in to dispossess us?

      • I’ve written quite a bit about the history of “Christian Zionism” and the fundamentalist culture it spawned from. Some things I discovered: it’s really quite a new phenomenon, it was not at all an “organic” development in American Christianity, in many ways it was a development of capitalism (see the Moody Bible Institute which was a business more than a religion, or the original “Fundamentalism” started by the Lyman Brothers, two oil men who used religion to quash labor unions threatening their business) and – yes – much of it was designed and coordinated by the political Zionist movement, which “just happened” to appear at the exact same time as “Christian Zionism.”

        It’s almost a mirror image of the Republican party itself – wealthy White oligarchs teaming up with (((Kosherites))) to screw the “goy masses.”

        • I grew up in “rapture ready” Tulsa in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and from hindsight it just pisses me off how the pastors in the Southern Baptist churches I attended used this end-times bullshit to scare children into “accepting Jesus.”

          I remember one youth event I attended at my aunt’s church in west Tulsa in the early ’70’s. The church set up a movie screen in a park, showed one of those bad Hammer Dracula movies to its youth group of junior high school aged kids, then during an intermission for hot chocolate, the pastor asked us what we would do if Jesus returned that night and demanded an accounting of our souls.

          In the context of watching a vampire movie in the middle of the night, he made Jesus sound like a character from another horror movie or a ghost story.

          • Or how they allied with the Homos to scare kids away from having sex with the “AIDs Affects Us All” campaign.

          • _The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS_ by Michael Fumeto. I read it back in the day. What ever did become of that AIDS epidemic that was supposed to hit the heterosexual community? I remember trying to discuss the thesis of the book with a friend at the time who didn’t want to hear that AIDS wasn’t an equal opportunity disease. He sounded downright religious about it and I knew he wasn’t. Years later he came out as being gay. . .imagine that.

          • Good theory!

            Unfortunately, it’s debunked by the facts. Atheists have (a) less sex and (b) no children.

            If it weren’t for Viagara (thanks, science!), atheist men wouldn’t even be able to get boners for their webcam dominatrixes (see: Amazing Atheist banana-gate. NSFW!)

          • The less sex thing really amuses me because both Christians and atheists have propagandized us for generations that atheists have wild sex lives because they don’t have superstitions holding them back.

            Of course it doesn’t work that way. What happens when a sexually unattractive Christian man renounces his belief in god because he thinks it will improve his sex life? He becomes a sexually unattractive atheist guy, probably like the one who tried to pick up Rebecca Watson (“the SkepChick”) in a hotel elevator at an atheist conference a few years ago.

          • Interesting. Approximately, the only gutsy White Western Christians left on the planet are the various American evangelical groups plus maybe, Mormons and TradCaths. And if you had to sum up what’s characteristic about the former in a word that differentiates them from their trad-Prot, mainly Calvinist Reformed, roots, the word would be eschatology.

            I’ve always figured it had something to do with isolation in the New World, but maybe it’s a natural result of pre-existing Calvinist obsession with the Elect (‘if it’s pre-ordained, am I John Smith in or out?’). Once mainline Prots showed signs of decay, end-times thinking looms larger and can be used to scare folks.

            Also, there was a class element back when WASPs had power and evangelicals distanced themselves from that.

          • I suppose end-times thinking in our lifetimes has some rational basis because of the invention of nuclear weapons and the prospects of ecological disasters. Also we know more about things like supervolcanoes and cosmic catastrophes, thanks to the sciences of geology and astronomy.

            Gary North, the Christian Reconstructionist, has his own load of nuttiness to account for; but he says something sensible about the dispensationalist theology in American Christianity that promotes a woo version of the end times. Basically the belief in the rapture appeals to people who show a high time preference, in Austrian-economics jargon. Having high time-preference throughout your life practically amounts to a definition of “lower class,” and that makes dispensationalism a lower-class way of thinking. Why exert yourself to get an education, become more employable, save money, build a business, and in general plan for a worldly future, if you expect to fly up in the rapture at any moment?

            Left Behind Culturally

        • “Damn Xtians worshiping their volcano gods!”

          LOL – I only suspected you were a troll, now I KNOW you are a troll.

          The idea that the Old Testament god is based on a volcano is extremely fringe knowledge. Virtually ZERO atheists or “pagans” even know of the concept. As far as I know, there is precisely one blog about it.

          But you do know of it, and are trolling us by pretending that “atheists” and “pagans” accuse Christians of believing in a volcano god. Except no atheists or pagans actually do that.

          So it seem like you, yourself, are the atheist, here trying to generate hate against Christians by making yourself the most obnoxious parody of one that you can.

          That and the whole “White Boner” impotence thing – the same gimmick you had on Radix. You’re a hostile troll.

          Are you even White bro? I’m guessing you’re more like (((White Boner))) now.

        • White people can make mistakes like everyone else. We have a distorted view of what a “Christian society” looks like any way because the invention of printing in the 15th Century transformed white people’s minds by making mass literacy possible. European Christians before then experienced a different kind of Christian faith that probably looked more like animism than we would care to admit because they lived on the land, under the discipline of natural forces and cycles, and they couldn’t read. Their understanding of the doctrines depended on the hit-or-miss things their indifferently educated priests told them.

    • Nicely put. How do we make it “low status” to believe and espouse the BS that the left does? It seems we are making some headway with just the criticism that’s levelled at, say, feminism on social media such as Youtube but these bad ideas still hold sway politically and corporately.

      • Controlling the status system is one of the most important things in any society. Kevin MacDonald has written about this quite a bit. Mass media has been the status system for the last two or three generations but the internet is disrupting it.

        A good start is having Richard Spencer sneering at the idiot college kids repeating anti-white talking points.

        • The two primal forces in life are sex and violence. Therefore you gain status by being prepared for sex and violence: lift, train, dress cool.

          That is why our upward trajectory in Berkeley, that globalist Weimerican redoubt, is so important. That is why it was so foolish of Richard, perhaps our highest status rep, to cede them a propaganda victory back in January, a bit of poor judgment he has since overcome nicely.

    • lol. Only here could atheist shitlibs be blamed on….white Christians.

      Just because you atheists are impotent doesn’t mean you have to rage at the nice, vaccine-free Christian families you hate.

      For those (few) interested in an excellent, comprehensive explanation of how modern science is bullshit, this article’s the best survey:

      • You are projecting your own hangups onto me. Who is it you a really made at? Atheists? Pagans? Or yourself?

        “you atheists are impotent”

        I remember you from the old Radix Journal. You talk about impotence a lot.

          • Oh yes, SJWs of MMA – that was you old handle right?

            You’re a (((troll))) always trying to start fights over religion by pretending to be the most obnoxious stereotype of a Christian imaginable. You also accused everyone of being secret homosexuals right when the SPLC was trying to stir up trouble two years ago.

            I remember you now, (((White Boner))).

          • Also, the “vaccine free” thing is another dead giveaway. That is yet another leftist parody of Christians. Which is all you are doing, a hostile parody of conservative Christians using every stereotype in the book.

            You are no Jon Stewart Liebowitz, (((White Boner))). Don’t quit your day job.

    • Low-IQ Christians turned me off of Christiantjy hard as a teenager.
      They can’t understand something as simple and observable as natural selection, but they are somehow convinced that phenomena like “luck” or “evil spirits” are impacting them in their daily lives. Somehow it makes more sense to them that some cigarette-smoking fat old bitch like Sylvia Brown has more knowledge and wisdom than Aristotle.

      They set a whole generation of young men back who had to rediscover the basic process of thinking.

  • Another piece of my childhood soiled by the POZ.
    I was only able to get through 37 seconds of that video.

    • I just saw it all… You did miss a bad trauma that will stick to you for the rest of your life, wake and not!


      How did anyone thought that this could accomplish anything? It is like that beige power video, from Canada and that blandau filth from Sweden:

      I just give up on logic, these people work for us right now!

      • Dude my tax-payer dollars went into paying for that “Beige Power” video.. It’s public domain, I think Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) produced it.

        • I ‘d be happy to give to them some people to viciously play with…

          14/88 guys were the first to enter the culture war, alone though they achieved very little. Still I ‘d only like the idea of using them as enforcers.

          ALL whites need to believe or at the very least to agree to the 14 words, if not then they are traitors.

          • The hardcore 14/88ers consider everyone else to be a bunch of pussies, yet they have not had much tangible impact on mainstream whites. The manosphere in general has had a much greater impact, because it started from the bottom and grew organically.
            Julius Evola wrote some interesting stuff (I can’t cite it for you atm) on how he believed the Dadaist art movement is the right approach towards freedom and self-determination. I consider Pepe, Murdoch Murdoch, and the like to be the modern Dadaist movement. Embracing the absurd and stirring up the pro-life-impulse through art has definitely been the right move, and the 14/88ers can’t really make much claim to that.
            I respect those guys though; the genuine ones.

          • The “manosphere” movement was the thin end of the wedge – it worked perfectly. It got young men to think about social dynamics and question the received “SJW” wisdom on things like sex, which of course leads to race. Sex was a great lure. Right after the election. did an article explaining how the “alt right” used manosphere ideas to “radicalize” young white men (and women.)

            I thought to myself, “yep, guilty as charged.” That is exactly what we did. It worked.

          • That is what drives me crazy about the “you making white babies?” argument.

            These skypes have not merely hidden their political influence. Everything is a lie and their fingerprints are on all of it. Textbooks, media, movies, etc. The reason people are not making muh white babies is because they are fucked up in the head. Because of all this bullshit programming.

          • Guilty as charged. My red-pill journey started on Return of Kings. I couldn’t lie to myself about women anymore and RooshV offered a place for guys to sit and compare notes, on everything.

          • Yes, I’ve written about the Rooshv phenomenon before. It got a lot of people into White Nationalism even if Roosh wasn’t white.

          • Our society’s screwed up sexual situation doesn’t exist independently from the project of dispossessing the white population with the world’s lumpenbrowns. They work synergistically, and when you start pulling on the threads you find in the Manosphere, you’ll see that they lead to the more comprehensive analysis of our problems in the Alt Right.

      • Lana needs to keep repeating that is fine to race mix for “love”. No it is not. And if Lana and Henrik believe this then they must understand that the White race is doomed to extinction if this is not stopped. We must have laws forbidding sexual relations with the lower races or we will go extinct. Period. Your so-called love is secondary to our biological survival as a people. Many Indian tribes (feather Indians) exile members who marry outside the tribe. The Amish do the same. We would be no more “evil” than they are if we were to do the same.

        Lana, you say this whenever this topic comes up. If your have mixed race friends and family then leave them out of our struggle and just remain silent on the topic. It is a terrible message for you to give and especially to impressionable young women who may come to us and look up to you. Please stop.

        • For the time being ’till our race’s future is secured any race-mixing would be treason. When that is done (the minimum it requires is 100 years) some leniency to honorary whites could be granted.

          • I couldn’t disagree more. We never now or in the future need our people to be genocided by race mixing. There are no honorary Whites. How dumb. What is M &M (that is what he sounds like to me) an honarary Blackfrican? And is Bruce Jenner an honarary woman?

            We need strick laws against this sort of evil we need 100% homogeneous homelands where they are forbidden to ever set foot.

          • By honorary whites I mean those very very very few non-whites that have done a tremendous service to whites. Roosh v qualifies… I do not believe that these will be a cause of a problem due to how few they are.

            The rest should be to not let them in our countries at all and if one wants to marry one our of love well then we will send them both packing.

    • That’s not even the half of the bullshit taking place… I’ve been using kikecast who now mandates it’s contractual customers to subscribe to Netflix in order to see movies, TV series, on a lot of their stuff; they didn’t state this shit when we were signing a 2 yr. agreement. Kikes suck! I imagine the Kikes own a controlling share of Netflix; that would make sense. Shame Hitler’s squad didn’t get them all! If Hitler was alive today, he’d have used a microwave to rid us all of those parasites! PS. Wonder how the Spencer family is doing in Whitefish living amongst Kikes?

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