Why Do Whites Choose White Genocide?

You’ve surely encountered it: white people are increasingly idealising the notion of Europeans becoming extinct.  It doesn’t matter where in the West they come from; gender isn’t a major factor; nor is one’s positioning on the left/right paradigm of the modern, liberal political spectrum.  Previously, I have written of university professors who have called for white genocide; note it well, professors have not only called for whites to be subjugated, not only called for us to commit mass suicide, but from Harvard and the top universities, no less, the call has gone forth for the destruction of the white race:

‘We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.’ – Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Professor.

It should go without saying that the agendas of the political classes across the West have been complicit where the preservation of the character of Western nations is concerned.  The MSM too has played no small part in maintaining the volume of the message and ostracised any voices discordant to it.  But how could this have happened?  It seems unthinkable that this could have happened to any of the other people of the world, who would be far too proud to tolerate such a destructive cultural trend.  What’s so unique about white psychology that such a thing could occur?

At least, it seems to me that the root cause is a psychological one.  There is something peculiar to white folks which has resulted in about half of us kowtowing to the negative image portrayed of us by the status quo; something which results in us being so apologetic that absolute white genocide seems like a promising prospect for the human species, every species, indeed the whole planet!  Let’s answer a few questions to get a clearer picture.

What prompts the liberal desire to further white genocide?

Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene is an astoundingly intuitive book, displaying the gene-centred view of all life, which seems to put all social interactions into sound perspective.  Dawkins correctly identifies humans as ‘survival machines – robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes.’  What is the moral of Dawkins’ philosophy?

‘Let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are born selfish. Let us understand what our own selfish genes are up to, because we may then at least have the chance to upset their designs, something that no other species has ever aspired to do.’ – Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene

To the white man, riddled with desires to transcend oneself and possessing the hopelessly repetitive habit of universalising every principle he encounters, this is kryptonite!  White men need just the opposite teaching – they need to be taught to look after their own; they need more Nietzsche and less Dawkins.  White men have famously burdened themselves with ending slavery and promoting liberal values across the world, even to the cost of their own nations.  No, it wasn’t all evil colonialism; whites wanted to teach the world to read and even had dreams of saving the eternal souls of the whole world.  Whites tend to presuppose every single culture does or could or should think the same way, especially for their own good.  Today’s liberals, especially the Neocons, do the same as colonials past by forcibly ‘making the world safe for democracy.’  But, at home, the desire for selfless, transcendent goals is entirely related to aspiring above the desire to reproduce one’s ‘selfish’ (and therefore ‘evil’) genes.

But, why not desire to transcend one’s genes through transhumanism or similar?

Why is it that liberals don’t simply wish to transcend one’s genes through some sort of eugenics or through technological advance?  If they truly cared about society, they could, as the great eugenicist, Lothrop Stoddard, said, ‘relieve nature of her office of discriminating between the fit and the unfit’, in order to properly ‘undertake the protection of the weaker members of the community…[and] assume a corporate responsibility for the existence of all sorts and conditions of men’.  There needn’t be anything involuntary or sinister about this – neo-eugenics proposes using similar methods to IVF screening to choose healthier, more intelligent etc. offspring.  So, what are they really objecting to?

To answer that question, you need to understand the rise of cultural Marxism in the West.  Since the nihilism of the 1960s, this movement took off when it became apparent to leftist thinkers that the socialist experiments of the 20th century were failures and that, for leftist ideology to survive, the West would have to be subverted.  Much ink has been spent on the Frankfurt school etc. and just how the left came to dominate the media, academia and the political institutions in the West but suffice it to say that the doctrine of dividing the haves from the have-nots didn’t take hold.  The real divisive factor which has caused massive division between every conceivable group in the West has been the doctrine of the oppressed and the oppressor.

So, why are white selfish genes worse than the selfish genes of other humans?

Because whites created modern capitalism, developed successful natural orders with hierarchies and have come to dominate the world culturally and otherwise.  By completely subverting everything, and I mean everything, about European civilization, worldwide, then a leftist social order can rise from the ashes.  But, how can you have an overwhelming group of ‘the oppressed’ if policies and the social dynamic are geared to improving every man from every walk of life?  Naturally, the obstacle to the end goal is majority groups of white people and the kinds of cultures and civilizations they have historically produced, which are inhospitable to the weed of communism, even in its softer form of liberal democracy, as they do not appeal to lowest common dominator.

Therefore, the long game has been the deconstruction and now even the apparent abolition of the very identity of white people, nationally or otherwise.  No pride in one’s heritage, strengthening of one’s people for the future or any such heresy is permissible.  Only absolute and hyper-individualism is permitted for the white man; until he is an absolute minority, he can identify as an economic unit and no more.

How can so many whites be so stupid?

Ricardo Duchesne, myself and others have written of the Faustian spirit of the European psychology – how something has evolved which has caused white people to attempt to accomplish deeds which seem bizarre and pointless to most others.  Just as the white man has sought to be the first to reach the poles, mountaintops and even the moon, so too I believe that the white man is endeavouring to be the first to show they have no care at all for their own genes.  The white man would show the world that he is so unconcerned with the will of his genetic programming that he can flout it altogether and be so transcendentally altruistic that he will put the wellbeing of all others before his own people until he has seen to it that they have gone extinct.  Sadly, this fearless quest for glory, inherited from our psychopathic Indo-European ancestors, isn’t accompanied with intelligence or, rather, any long-term thinking.  Our ancestors disregarded their lives and did great deeds to be remembered and to have immortal fame, but they did so to be remembered by their people!

If we are the first to neglect our genetic predispositions towards our own, we will be a proverb of stupidity to the rest of the world, who will not remember us with fondness.  Other peoples wish to recall the great deeds of their ancestors and heroes, not those of another.  Once again, we universalise to our great undoing, but this time we will have no children to mourn our mistakes.


Rik Storey
the authorRik Storey
One Englishman promoting the great libertarian values and sociobiological qualities of the West. Visit my page, That Libertarian Chap.


  • This article isn’t true. Most people, who aren’t black, that date blacks don’t know anything about marxism and are not apologetic for slavery in the past. They’re simply stupid and don’t care about race or physical traits.

    I live in brazil where there are pardos; these are non-black latins, so they’re not white either, but many of them have straight beautiful hair and light skin. These women date and have kids with blacks when they could get something much better.

    It’s not for money, there’s no angle. They simply don’t care that their kids are all black and don’t look like them at all, that the kids have ugly curly hair of blacks, that their black husbands are ignorant thugs. They just don’t care.

    Miscegenation is about having an allele or a combination of them where a person lacks self-preservation, it’s a biological thing, not a cultural thing. Self-preserving whites are happy when mudsharks are beat up by their black husbands, thinking the sharks will learn their lesson. They won’t. They have no self-preservation. Race, culture, a sense of self-preservation, of belonging to a non-black group mean nothing to them.

    They’re incapable of understanding and, therefore, feeling this whole concept of stopping white genocide or the genocide of their own people. Trying to teach a mudshark that a black man is not good for her is like trying to teach Calculus to a dog: it’s impossible.

  • The NWO states planet earth should not have more than 500 million people……what happens to the other 6 billion, 500 million?

  • None of it matters how its happening or that its currently happening. What matters now is Whites who care enough to go to war(civil war/race war/war against the politicians) in a small organized army, of sorts.
    There will be war and we must be prepared and also, there needs to be military intervention, or its going to get so bad that we will be ethnically cleansed.
    Were not there yet but how long does Germany have before the foreigners try to slaughter every last one of them?
    An army must be formed, in every single White country, for when it becomes so severe, that the only option is that army of the people.
    the resistance for the White man.
    This is the last option and maybe the only logical option at this point because odds are looking so grim. you don’t peacefully debate or convince someone who wants to kill you.
    You simply fight the person who’s trying to kill you.
    That is where were at. Who will stand to join the cause for our people? this is a rhetorical question because I’m not forming the army…but its going to happen. be prepared and alert for that may be our only chance of survival. the government is trying to kill all of us. now we must try to attack the attackers

    • He avoids the JQ because he wants to avoid difficult questions, he will um and ah, come up with very long winded arguments that say ultimately say nothing about it, and he will censor comments like mine simply by mention the j-word. I understand it is difficult to live under the tyranny of (((them))), but it is not difficult to state where you stand on (((them))). Since (((they))) have already declared him the devil and treat him as such, the only logical reason to me that he has avoided the JQ is because he is partially sympathetic to (((them))).

      • It’s not about (((them))) though, it’s about the public’s perception. Somehow there’s people that want a Muslim ban but don’t believe that (((they))) are a problem, they would just go directly to “anti-semitism”.

  • There are 88 comments here at the time of this posting…PRAISE KEK!!!

    I highly recommend anyone go through these threads and read the posts of “Been-There”.

    He proves everything he argues. Pay particular attention at the paid for disinformation operatives he goes up against. (((They))) use every dishonest obfuscation tactic imaginable. Watch them concede a point and claim they were not just denying it with the same tactic the post before.

    He proves that there are only one group of Holocaust Deniers. The ones that deny the truth about it not really happening. One group of History Deniers. The ones that DENY this group has INTERNATIONAL INFLUENCE.

    It’s worth your time. It shows you the correct way to argue.

    samuel Untermeyer – origins of a myth, call for a war!

    International Jewry? What was that prior to and after 1939?

    Media NEVER lets us forget it – Holocaust in the ‘news'(?)

  • We’re going through a culling. I’ve never believed in mass awakenings. They just don’t happen. Only a fractions of whites will come through the other side of this. Some will outbreed and many will die off. Best case scenario is that whatever incarnation of white survives will have become a stronger people because of our current struggle. Lucky for us we only need a fraction of the white population to secure our survival. If we’re only able to pull 2-10% of whites, that’s still millions of whites.

  • I still think a Declaration of Independence from Israel, well articulated and widely publicized, would raise white awareness of what we have to do to restore a healthy white society.

  • The Skypes who create the pro-nihilism culture to demoralize white societies apparently haven’t figured out yet that they work at cross-purposes. If nothing in life matters, then the Holocaust doesn’t matter, either.

    • The nihilism only goes one way, and that’s towards anything beneficial to Whites. Everything else is sacrosanct, especially judaism.

        • Womens Lib (endorsed by skypes) is the main culprit. When women are at their most fertile their in school and then pursuing their careers so they can be “strong, independent wimminz.” Back when we had healthy birthrates we had traditional gender roles.

      • Whites would be having more children if there was a critical mass of whites with racial consciousness. The inability to rely on your own people to stand up for you is a serious limitation. I think this is one of the main reasons why whites prefer to put off having children and to run away to the exurbs.

        • Whites refuse to live in poverty, like the other races. They wanna have kids as long as it’s comfortable.

          I’m white but I don’t have any kids because I live in brazil: a corrupt country full of non-whites where you can barely make enough to survive, much less have kids.

          Of course, the other races have many because they don’t mind living in poverty.

  • There are Plenty of Whites fighting White Genocide……..

    Like that Based Mormon Mother on Twitter who has 6 Kids………

    And PLENTY of other White Fundamentalist Christians with Big White Families……..

    The Alt-Right prizes Intellectualism……..

    The Alt-Right is an Intellectual Movement……….

    We Love to Think, Analyze, and Understand our Reality AS IT IS……..

    The Book of Mormon is a Complete Fairy Tale…………

    And Christianity?

    Don’t get me Started……

    But, White Mormons and Christians are Pumping out White Babies………..Non-Stop……….

    So what’s Superior??

    Whose Genes will Predominate the White Gene Pool of the Next Generation??

    The White Intellectual Elites………

    …..or the Religionists???

    • i wouldn’t be shocked if Mormons started becoming muslim in gigantic quantities, they basically already are there without the clothing

    • Mormons and Christians have very high rates of trans racial adoption. They are some of the most cucked Whites in existence and they are passing on weak genes

    • For every extra white kid you have, the people in power will dump ten Somalis in your lap and tell you to feed them. Whites will never win a breeding contest. There’s no substitute for winning the propaganda war and taking power. AFTER you’re in power you can do things like control the border.

  • At least, it seems to me that the root cause is a psychological one.

    The psychological explanation doesn’t hold water, as it fails to show why self-hatred among whites decided to manifest itself at exactly the same time across all white nations.

    [White men] need more Nietzsche and less Dawkins.

    White men need less Nietzsche and less Dawkins, because both Nietzsche and Dawkins are drawn from the same bucket of shit.

  • How is it the Joows fault…….

    …..if White People are so Stupid………

    …….to be Brainwashed and Socially Engineered so Easily??……..

    That seems like it’s a Problem with White People……….

    Like Richard said……

    We have a White Problem……..

    Until we Take Responsibility and Will to Power……….

    We’ll be Stuck on Comment Boards blaming the Joows for Everything……….

    Who is stopping you or I from dropping right now and doing 50 Push Ups??……..

    Who is stopping you or I from Working Hard and Raising a White Family??……

    Latinos don’t seem to be having a Problem…….

    Stop blaming the Joows and start pointing the Finger where it Belongs….


    • Then why didn’t this “psychological problem” manifest at some point in the past? How many White nations committed suicide prior to WW2?

      Seems kinda (((coincidental))) that all White nations started manifesting this shortly after the (((bankers))) won WW2

    • Wrong! Whites don’t have as many kids because they don’t wanna live in poverty. The other races don’t care about poverty, that’s why they keep having a bunch of starving babies.

  • In a recent “hang-out” hosted by Roaming Millennial with Greg Johnson and Millennial Woes – Woes put forward the idea that whites are cautious breeders. If they perceived a threat or risk in the environment then this might deter them from becoming parents. This would only be significant in societies where whites could easily exercise choice about parenthood, ie, where contraception was easily available. This seems like an idea worth exploring since it could be argued that there is a correlation between falling white birth rates and the collapse of traditional European cultures, and increasing proximity between whites and immigrant communities. Plenty of animals are the same and rarely reproduce in zoos, for example, if their preferred environment is not duplicated. Interesting idea from Woes there IMHO.

    • The problem is that whites have historically bred just fine in environments that were far more insecure than the one we have currently. Like, the frontier, with Injuns running around killing people.

      • But unlike today, back then in the frontier days whites were aware and proud of their identity. This feeling promoted reproduction, life was harsh and short so whites felt compelled to pass the struggle along to the next generation.

        Post-Modernism is too easy and too comfortable, Whites desire and demand a challenge to keep going. The rug needs to be pulled out from under us, then the godly process of natural selection will once again resume and whites can thrive once more.

        • This I agree with more. We’re like high energy working dogs who NEED activity and we excel at it when there is something to do. Without a struggle, white people seem to not do very well at all. We essentially conquered the world, and after that there was nothing much to do except fight each other. After that exhausted us we were susceptible to takeover

      • Whites were more tribal then,pioneers that wanted to conquer land & hold it knew full well that ‘demography is destiny’…..Ice Ages, volcanic eruptions or drought might be considered times when it is unwise to have lots of children & perhaps the dread & doom of defeatist whites today not wanting to reproduce may have more to do with the synthetic electric environment than the real world…..the times I’ve heard childless white couples say “who’d want to bring kids into the world with the state it’s in!”..& then they go spend their money on flash cars,gadgets,vacations & a menagerie of furry companions to while away the days before ‘The End of the World’….perspective is everything.

      • I do say “…where contraception was easily available…”. There was no contraception available in Frontier situations, as far as I know. So, if you had sex then there was a good chance you’d have a kid. Also, I think you are simply assuming that white birthrates were high when the Injuns were running round the early settlers. Maybe they weren’t. According to this official account plenty of early American colonies failed completely. Injuns didn’t help no doubt.

      • Frontiersman were in league with history. Regardless of how outre they and their groups may have been viewed from the outside they viewed themselves as a continuation of what had come before and were tied into a community all doing the same thing, forming a trend. Notably no groups of settlers that I’m aware of were setting up new colonies in western Europe by taking land from the powers there, and colonizing Europe with a new civilization. The Puritans were not eyeballing some other part of England as the site for their new nation. Supplanting the indigenous populations in the colonial territories was a completely different prospect from what we have today which is akin to breaking off a piece of civilization’s property to establish a competitor to it.

        Still fecund groups of whites in modernity are just following older (probably moribund) trends, so family formation feels natural to those people still a part of this continuity and those communities. The reality for most white people having families today is that they are following the script of the frontier, but not that of the frontiersman. They are the Injuns and are making themselves and their children into enemies of western civilization which wishes to see them exterminated. Most white people don’t know this consciously but they can sense the zeitgeist. The vast majority who do know this consciously are not one of us, but are young women who view procreation as a sin against civilization and against the continued existence of life on Earth.

        Whites have never been in a worse situation.

  • Once again, we universalise to our great undoing, but this time we will have no children to mourn our mistakes.

    Don’t worry, Rik. I’m sure tales of the white man’s sacrifices will (((echo))) throughout the ages.

  • I don’t think what Rik Storey outlines could have happened outside the political and economic context of the late 20th century.

    In a nutshell, that context led all too many whites to believe that the great problems of human existence had been solved and all that remained was to share the solutions with the rest of the world.

    I suppose it’s not hard to see how someone moved by such a sentiment could cavalierly dismiss racial concerns.

  • Whites must move en masse from all over the world to the old Southern States of the Jewnited States. Once there, we can start our own all White country and secede from the Jewnited States. Whites are being set up to be murdered and eradicated. Look at South Africa and what has happened to Whites there. That is what awaits us here. It is happening to us now, here. If everyone would write this same message on all the boards all over the world, we might could get Whites to moving their arses and doing something to ensure our survival and our children’s survival.

    • Why would I leave my homogenous white community to move to the South, which is already full of blacks and will soon be full of Mexicans as well?

  • Great Read……

    Several books could be written on this topic…..

    In my Urban Neighborhood…..

    ….there are Older Whites Liberals….

    …..who pick up Garbage off the Streets…

    ……thrown there by the Blacks….

    ……..and Latinos…..

    I frequently see Nonwhite Parents Litter while they’re WITH their Children…

    It’s part of their Culture to Litter….

    The Older White Liberals think they’re doing something Noble by picking up Trash….

    The Black and Latino Litterers laugh at their Stupidity and Litter some more….


  • Whites do not “choose” White genocide. They are computer programs running on rules written by Skypes. For them there is no other choice. They can’t even imagine not wanting White genocide because that is the only ideology they’ve been brainwashed into.

    Why is so afraid of the JQ?

    Read Age of Treason blog for why Whites are behaving in a self-destructive way.

    • I was going to say that the “computer program” comparison works as a metaphor, but only up to a point.Then I was going to give my view of the role played by the Js in all this.

      • Most people are repetitive instead of reflective.

        Take a White child and subject him to 18-22 years of brainwashing in the school system and it’s no wonder Whites are totally fucked in the head.

        • Most people are repetitive instead of reflective.

          I agree. What I was going to say is that the effect is more like herding than computer programming, in some ways. If you can keep the sheep together, then you can control them. (((They))) want to keep the thought processes having to do with considering )))white((( group interests suppressed. In my own experience, it is these thought processes that lead to waking up about the JQ. Also, (((they))) follow this advice from (((Noam Chomsky))): “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

          • (((They))) are NOT behind all this……..


            White Goys share MOST of the Responsibility…….

          • Responsibility to do what, however? Responsibility to separate from (((them))), at least. Note that (((influence))) does not stop at national boundaries. If )))we((( can never have anything that does not include (((them))), then that proves how deep the problem goes.

          • (((They))) have been living amongst us for Millenia…..

            Somehow they survived even Mass Genocide….

            …..and gained Power over Us…….

            What does that say about Us??

          • They were kicked out of a lot of nations but nobody ever….

            Tried to shoah them…

            That. Is. A. Provable. False. History.

          • I don’t believe in the Gas Chambers Theory…….

            But, you don’t believe that the Joows experienced a Mass Genocide……

            …..during WWII??

          • Richard I don’t, sorry. I do get that people need to have kids and take responsibility for themselves. Some of us, in our search for truth, only to lead here, have made big mistakes. Some have ruined their lives.

            Reaching the bottom of the rabbit hole is not exactly like finding a pot of gold or winning the lottery. Our reward in finding out the real truth…

            Is to be universally shouted, threatened with exile and violence.

            I have made contributions to our cause. Hundreds of thousands of people have viewed content that I created. I know that I influenced many people that wouldn’t have been in the Alt Right had I not done that.

          • My name is not Richard……

            And you’re My Brother…….

            I don’t wish anything Negative upon you…..

            I wish you as much Goodness and Positivity that’s Possible……..

            And that’s how WE solve the Problem…….

          • they gained power because we fight to defend ourselves or if u get in the way of our exploration. they don’t have power but they undermined us in key areas to the point we are confused and debilitated

          • What does that say about Us??

            That we need to work on our sense of racial loyalty and on the ability to determine who is one of us and who isn’t. Also, that we need to act accordingly. Your comments suggest that you do not want (((whites))) to do these things. Instead you just want to find ways to blame (((whites))) at every step.

        • A single Jewish family owns like 85% of all Swedish media and that is only because of the Internet and shift away from traditional media. Up until recently the Bonnier Group was basically synonymous with Swedish media.

    • Exactly,what are they afraid of?….(((Noel Ignatiev))) is not a white ethno-masochist for crying out loud,he’s a Jewish supremacist who wants whites wiped out & who was behind the Frankfurt School & Cultural Marxism in the first place?…but no lets ignore that blatantly obvious fact & talk about loud-mouthed atheists who don’t know shit & white Fabian Socialists who want to self-destruct because of overactive altruistic genes… one up is how the Arabs run Hollywood lol

      • The big problem with many right wing movements is that the leadership is always a step or two behind the rank-and-file supporters in terms of rhetoric and energy. Everyone who comments here knows Skypes are pretty much the ONLY reason why any of this awfulness is happening, but the contributors continue to play dumb and go over the same tired shit with articles like this.

        Richard Spencer is increasingly ineffectual in his participation in this movement. His vague speeches, fear of the JQ, and harmful rhetoric of “we have a White problem” (no we f’ng don’t; if a dog is infected with heartworm you don’t blame the dog) are dragging it down and preventing it from becoming the racial, anti-semitic movement it has to become.

        • Who are you?

          Post your Real Name and Location and take Leadership in the Alt-Right then…..

          We have a White Problem……..

          We have a White Problem…….

          We have a White Problem……..

          Get it through your Thick Skull……

          • The largest part of that problem being the refusal to name and fight their enemies.

          • Name the Actual Joows in your Life right now……

            ….stopping you from Fulfilling your Dreams/Goals??

          • If any j_ws found out the identities of those commenting…

            Yes. J_ws that live where they live would demand their loss of employment. Yes, individual j_ws would oppose the nameless commenters on the internet for speaking about politics freely without self censorship.

          • That’s all True…..

            But, is Commenting on Disqus the Realization of your Alt-Right Dreams/Goals??

          • “Name the Actual Joows in your Life right now……….stopping you from Fulfilling your Dreams/Goals??”

            To paraphrase: “you are just blaming ‘Joos’ for your personal problems.”

            That is the line that every hasbara troll on the internet uses anytime someone criticizes them for anything. Why this particular commenter is using that line I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader.

          • We are already in a war for the minds of our people most of whom would have us locked up for (((hate speech)))
            This a controlled demolition implemented over decades with every opposition scenario anticipated & prepared for.
            There is a difference between acknowledging war is inevitable without a reversal of the “diversity” lie & calling for war which is more likely to feed the enemy who currently have the “Law” on their side.

    • Oh I just saw that Rik Storey is an Englishman. Of course. That’s why he’s dishonest and doesn’t mention the Skypes.

      Perfidious Albion strikes again.

      • The Communist Revolution of Russia that led to the mass genocide of over 40 million indigenous Eastern Europeans, was a Jewîsh orchestrated movement led by Jewîsh Bolsheviks, including: leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein), Lazar Kaganovich, Lev Kamenev (Rosenfeld), Maxim Litinov (Wallach) Solomon Lozovsky, Alexander Parvus (Israel Gelfand), Jacob Sverdlov, Genrikh Yagoda, Yankel Yurovsky, Grigory Zinoviev (Apfelbaum) and many others. (BTW, feel free to copy the above post.)

        We are not going to remain silent on (((their))) tyranny. Study this following video and copy if you can, so many postings have been removed. The original had over 150k views, now it’s hard to find it anywhere.

        • 40 million did not die. That’s a blatant exaggeration and it does nothing for our cause to throw out numbers like that. Say 60 billion next time for all the validity it has.

    • I agree. Whites have never displayed this kind of behavior until very recently; this is not inherent to Europeans.

      Also, someone get the scotch glass out of Richard Spencer’s hand, as a Nationalist and Identitarian, i didn’t join the Alt-Right for this:

      “The recent obsession with trannies is based in a much deeper mind/body distinction. One can have a male “soul” in a female body.”

      “”Toni” Tony Judt on Jewish identity and consciousness”

      • I’m about 90% sure that Spencer is a closet homosexual, basically, a toned down MILO. Most of the alt-right “leadership” is just alt-virtue signalling attention whores.

    • Most of the submissions we get are from racist libertarians. Perhaps years of reading jooish literature and imbibing jooish ideas has made them loath to bring up the JQ?

    • from the moment were born, were told were evil and we should all die. there must be war. there must be war

  • I think of this often where I am in East Asia. No one contends (yet) that the mongoloids are bad people yet they are for their own people. I mean, they are not bad, evil, malicious and all that we are accused of being. But they live in their hive and their hive mind tells them to make the hive strong, to grow the hive, to expand and so on. Our hive mind is defeated and disabled by having foreign types in our hive. I was thinking the other day if the Asian women started popping out half breed babies how that would disrupt and ultimately destory their hive.

    Our hive MUST become homogeneous if we are to survive.

    • The Chinese and their hyperfertile African slaves are rapidly wiping out all the beautiful wildlife of Africa.

  • Not a bad article, however it misses analyzing in deep for the real causes of this phenomenon.Kevin MacDonald who talked about the ‘altruist punishment’, others blame cultural brainwashing, others mention metaphysical causes, etc. But in the end we will never understand why this white people hate themselves and their whole race and civilization.

    • We can understand. Our present experience is similar to what was done to the American Indians and which is done to dogs who are whipped into submission. Too many Whites internalize all the anti-White hate speech and become dispirited and feel worthless. They blame themselves and their kind for most of the problems of the world and want nothing more than to not exist because they believe they are evil.

      One needs to develop self and group esteem to resist this.

      More…it is fairly well known that many children are hurt more when they are made to believe that they have let their parents down than when they are physically punished. Whites who hate themselves experience this same type of thing.

        • Kristina should not blame anyone for the recent El Clasico loss. As a matter of fact, Florentino Perez, the President of Real Madrid, is said either related or connected to the JQ. That is why Real gets favorable ref decisions and drawing ties quite often. But its an Italian Overman, the genies out of this planet, a viking looking Leo Messi to blame.

          • No offense, and please keep commenting, but you will find that most of us on the Alt-Right are not big fans of the “sportsball,”

            Go play sports with your friends and family. If you are too old for that, go watch your younger family members play.

            Don’t waste your time and money watching people who don’t care a wit about you play.

    • You can analyze history going all the way back to prehistory, but this current anti-white phase “just happens” to appear at the same time as the technological mass media development known as “television.” It also “just happens” that the programming (appropriate word) on the television has been controlled since the beginning by a hostile group with white skin that most White people think of as “fellow whites” but who themselves think of White people as hostile outsiders.

      But that’s too easy and obvious so we have to come up with ever more complicated explanations. Although now, thanks to the internet, we see the first cracks in the anti-white narrative appear in a generation, due to the fact that the internet is two-way communication instead of one-way and that particular hostile white skinned group doesn’t control the internet programming to the same degree.

  • Too many Whites have bought into the false notion that all humans are the same except for different paint jobs. And, with that false notion in mind they see no reason for White survival.

    More understanding about how nature and evolution work and the fact that Whites generally bring goodness and light to the world as well as an upward evolutionary trend as a result of our unique DNA Code may help awaken many now half asleep Whites.

    The more Whites in existence the better is the planet.

    • Even if whites were the laziest, most despicable people of all I would still want them to survive. Partly this is because I am white, and desire the continuation my phenotypes, as do all healthy organisms, but it is also because I want to see human biodiversity preserved. African pygmies have contributed almost nothing to any civilization, but it will still be a great tragedy if and when the Bantus wipe them out. A race should not need to justify its own existence, it should be axiomatic that all peoples should continue to exist. Liberals, despite pretending to like diversity, are its greatest enemies. They want humans to become one boring brown mass of idenityless consumers. By advocating that all people have their own ethnostates, we are the ones who are protecting human diversity. You can’t protect diversity without segregation.

      • Hmmm, I was with you up to where you veered off about African pygmies, and from then on I respectfully disagree.

        The reality is that the greatest danger we Whites face comes from other races of humans. This is so because they can mate with us and turn us into non-White baby factories. We simply must not care about other kinds of humans. We must care about and take care of ourselves alone and they must care about and take care of themselves alone.

        Nature doesn’t care who survives and who goes extinct. Each distinct people must care about itself for itself.

        • While I disagree that we shouldn’t care if other races go extinct, I do agree that we cannot afford to worry about other at this time. Crying over the pygmies will have to wait until the nations of Greater Europe are all independent ethnostates.

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