Sheltered French Villagers and SWPLs Let The Front National Down

Zerohedge brought up a fascinating finding from the first round of the French Election:

Despite coming second in the results, trailing Macron by just over 2% in the final vote, there were several places in France where Marine Le Pen didn’t manage to get a single vote: 56 places in fact. The map below, courtesy of, shows a zoomed out version of the map (so not all 56 points may be fully visible) displaying the villages, all under 100 inhabitants strong, where not a single box was ticked on the ballot paper for Le Pen. It shows two clear clusters of non-Le Pen voting villages, one large group in the south-west, and another tightly packed group of FN-shunners between Grenoble and Marseille. The rest are spread across the east and north, creating a crescent of Le Pen no-go zones.

Here is the map:

Well well well! It seems that those living far away from the diversity can allow themselves to not worry about the changing demographics of the country. As long as their pension money keeps coming, what do they care? After all, voting for Le Pen seems a bit rash. What on earth is wrong with the kids these days??

We saw the same thing in the primaries with Donald Trump. His rival, Ted Cruz got the support of the bible belt and areas far away from diversity. It was whites living much nearer to diversity that voted for Trump.

Sheltered Whites are probably the biggest problem that any nationalist party or movement faces. They have the luxury of not having to think about race.

The SWPL phenomenon in a nutshell

And another map showing what regions of France voted for Le Pen and which didn’t:

I don’t know much about France, but I know for a fact that the little tip sticking into the Atlantic is one of the Whitest parts of France left. And that sea of blue around Paris? Thank the migrants and the White Bobos (French SWPLs) living in the nice segregated parts of Paris for that.


Vote for a nationalist? Ew…that’s like what uneducated white proles do..


Le Pen has a VERY steep obstacle to overcome in the upcoming second round and it is the SWPL instinct. The cloying desire to indulge in universal feel-good fantasies about the vibrant multicultural future of France- while living far far away from any of the diversity is what prevents Le Pen’s ascent to the Presidency.

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  • well the france have voted to kill themselves. maybe they deserve to get slaughtered? It doesn’t matter how much propaganda there is, if they decide to lay down and die.
    if they are that pathetic, then perhaps I don’t even consider them White because I don’t want to be associated with such weak Whites. I only associate with Whites who have pride and love our people

  • Actually, most of the places you are citing as 0 LePen are places where there are almost no French left.
    Surrounding Paris, Marseilles, the Toulon and Toulouse area- none of these are packed with “white bobos”- these are places that are almost entirely Zones Sensitif.
    These are strongholds of various Muslims and Africans.

  • looking at that second map i would say that France overwhelmingly wants the National Front but too bad their government is run by the globalists now with their refugee army

  • people are soooooooooo uncomfortable with the black on white violence and why it exists … good article.

  • “We saw the same thing in the primaries with Donald Trump. His rival, Ted Cruz got the support of the bible belt and areas far away from diversity. It was whites living much nearer to diversity that voted for Trump”.

    Yep, having spent most of my life in areas that are/were 85-99% white, those folks tend to go with whatever name has an “R” beside it because they don’t see the broader issues. They think that the “liberal” and diverse areas are aberrations rather than the coming norm. They still think it’s the 60s and that it’s simply outvoting the hippies and communists that they have to worry about rather than demographic displacement.

  • My sister and I live in the same town in New Hampshire. I voted for Trump. I had moved from a very diverse town in New York. My sister doesn’t like Trump at all — she has lived in New Hampshire her whole adult life, and grew up in white areas of New York and Massachusetts. So my sister’s understanding of diversity largely comes from listening to NH NPR. She actually believes that the only reason blacks do worse in school than whites is because they are poorer.

  • Is this one of those situations where the French ought to let the Breton go their own way?

    • Like Scotland in the UK, Catalonia in Spain, or Quebec within Canada, Breton tends more towards the left than France as a whole. All of these places insist on their regional identity without much concern about mass immigration. It’s common, though not by any means universal, for regional nationalists to adopt lefty-style grievance politics.

  • It is a the white race that has facilitated the endless invasion,violence and other heinous practices.We,who oppose the invasion and reject primitives are essentially survivalists.We have been gifted the genes by our ancestors who recognised an enemy and dealt with it.

  • It’s a pity Le Pen couldn’t get much more than 20% (prob ~30% of the white vote), but it’s still streets ahead of what any Anglo nationalist (in any country) can manage.

  • It is depressing to see the lack of FN popularity in Brittany, which actually has an active, although not particularly strong secessionist movement. Normandy went for Macron as well. There are none so blind as those who will not see!

    • These must be internal racial problems that transcend the Arab and Black Menace.

  • Trump won because he is not just a person or politician, he is a brand. He already had yuge media recognition and he’s also a master at capturing the spotlight and manipulating the media. Le Pen is not. She’s good, but nothing like Trump.

    Normal rules just didn’t apply to Trump. Things he said would normally ruin people. It didn’t even phase him, and in fact it probably helped him.

    Trump is just a unique case and probably will never be replicated again.

    France is coming off of a terrorist attack and they still won’t vote for Le Pen. They’re done.

    • Like voting for anyone is going to make any difference..America is just as ”done” as anywhere else in Europe

  • The only way whites en masse are going to wake up from their slumber is for a full on economic collapse to occur. Financial ruin will force even the rich whites into accepting more radical measures needed to overcome the infestation of multiculturalism and diversity currently plaguing the western world. So long as whites can enjoy the comforts of first world living they will idly accept their own extinction.

    • thats bullshit. they are going to wake up when they are getting slaughtered in mass, which is going to be pretty soon because the government refuses to essentially let europeans live

  • Like a callow lamb who wanders away from the herd just a little too close to the crocodile-infested lake maybe the French are just too damned stupid to exist.

  • At this rate, by the time Europeans do something about our impending genocide, half of Europe will be composed of African rapists. I shouldn’t get personally angry at the Bretons, but I momentarily wished that Macron would FLOOD Brittany with Muslims so those prissy, ignorant, selfish Celts could get a taste of what they are forcing upon the rest of France and their European brethren. Selfish behavior like that pisses me off.

    But then again, they are victims of the Jewish domination of the MSM so I can’t get too angry at them. They’re just ignorant of the facts. Getting angry at people raise by the MSM for believing in “diversity” is like getting angry at a child for believing in Santa Clause.

    • by the time west europe wakes up, or is it east? i forgot which one is fucked up. by the time that area is fucked up, then there is going to be massive war because it will be so unbelievably damaged. everyday is a nightmare, hearing this.

  • William Pierce was absolutely right when he said that Whites will not fight for our own existence until we are backed into a corner. It is frustrating because it seems as if we will literally need to allow ourselves to nearly be completely replaced before White people wake up and DO SOMETHING about this bullshit.

    If Whites can possibly ignore a problem, we will. God!

    • Whites are backed in a corner in South Africa and are still not fighting.

      People don’t fight until leaders arise. We haven’t had one since Hitler.

      • Good point. That actually kind of blackpills me a little because the (((globalists))) have killed people who arise who have the ability to lead us like GLR when their marginalization campaign fails.

  • Well the clueless boomer cucks have chosen sectarian warfare instead of a possible political solution by voting for LePen. So be it. We’ll still win, it’ll just be more bloody.

  • France is doomed! They have now a Rothschild-Globalist-Whore in charge who is the worst case scenario! It hurts me to see the country of great conservatives like Balzac and Chateaubriand rotten under the mudslime invasion and the cultural marxist left.

  • The tip is Brittany. It’s white, but Celtic, not French. They historically have had tensions with the French, and so Le Pen’s francocentric rhetoric falls a bit flat. However, her economic message does resonate there, and it’s also the area which her father was from.

  • Soixante-huitards are France’s Boomers. Boomers everywhere must die off before we have a prayer. May they all rot in hell.

  • Deport the Boomer scourge to Africa. Their screwed up little generation has caused possibly irrepairable damage to the western world and they have forfeited their right to it. Boomers ruin everything.

    • I rather make an example out of them and convert them to fertilizer but ill go along with whatever as long as they can no longer burden the youth of white societies

  • “As long as their pension money keeps coming, what do they care?”
    I have read somewhere that a lot of old people weren’t inclined to vote for Le Pen exactly because of their pensions. They were too afraid that leaving Eurozone would have a negative effect on them.

    • Older people who either remember WWII or its immediate aftermath often have an emotional attachment to Europe that is hard for others to understand. They genuinely fear another intra-European war if the EU doesn’t grow stronger. It causes them to miss the much more immediate threat of racial dispossession by Arabs and Africans

        • diversity heretic, that is a retarded assumption. the older people who fought in the war are horrified by the destruction of their country. they don’t give a shit about the eu. they knew about the soviets/commies. if i was a vet who fought in the war and saw my country turning into a diverse shit hole, id probably put a fucking bullet through my skull. this is total genocide and i haven’t a clue why the war hasn’t happend yet. we need war or all our people are going to die and suffer before they die.
          the commies have infiltrated most western governments and we need war to cut these tumor commies out.

  • News like this sometimes makes me think “to the hell with the white race, if they want to commit suicide, so be it”.

      • Ludovici said that Darwin was right when he talked about survival of the fittest, but asked: who’s the fittest to survive in this world? That’s the greatest triumph of judaism and his lackeys: they are building a world in which is practically impossible to be a racially and culturally conscious white.

        They are exterminating the white race by ‘terraforming’ the entire planet through cultural marxism, feminisn, miscegenation, etc. Take for example feminism: almost everywhere in the western world (thanks to movies and TV) women are being brainwashed into this nonsense. Where a racially and culturally conscious white man are going to find a white woman in order to carry his seed?

    • Wouldn’t it be easier to rig the cities? Locals in a 150 close-knit community would be harder to fool if suddenly the whole village voted for Macron and no one there actually liked the guy, right?

      • You are probably correct. The Michigan recount stopped when they got to Detroit. If you are gonna steal votes you might as well steal them were there are lots of them.

        “I rob banks because that’s where the money is.” – Willie Sutton

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