Trump “OK’s” Julian Assange Arrest In AP Interview

Donald Trump used to be Wikileaks’ biggest fan:

Trump seems to have changed his mind about Wikileaks. He recently gave an interview with AP:

AP: Jeff Sessions, your attorney general, is taking a tougher line suddenly on Julian Assange, saying that arresting him is a priority. You were supportive of what WikiLeaks was doing during the campaign with the release of the Clinton emails. Do you think that arresting Assange is a priority for the United States?


TRUMP: When Wikileaks came out … never heard of Wikileaks, never heard of it. When Wikileaks came out, all I was just saying is, “Well, look at all this information here, this is pretty good stuff.” You know, they tried to hack the Republican, the RNC, but we had good defenses. They didn’t have defenses, which is pretty bad management. But we had good defenses, they tried to hack both of them. They weren’t able to get through to Republicans. No, I found it very interesting when I read this stuff and I said, “Wow.” It was just a figure of speech. I said, “Well, look at this. It’s good reading.”


AP: But that didn’t mean that you supported what Assange is doing?


TRUMP: No, I don’t support or unsupport. It was just information. They shouldn’t have allowed it to get out. If they had the proper defensive devices on their internet, you know, equipment, they wouldn’t even allow the FBI. How about this — they get hacked, and the FBI goes to see them, and they won’t let the FBI see their server. But do you understand, nobody ever writes it. Why wouldn’t (former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John) Podesta and Hillary Clinton allow the FBI to see the server? They brought in another company that I hear is Ukrainian-based.


AP: CrowdStrike? 


TRUMP: That’s what I heard. I heard it’s owned by a very rich Ukrainian, that’s what I heard. But they brought in another company to investigate the server. Why didn’t they allow the FBI in to investigate the server? I mean, there is so many things that nobody writes about. It’s incredible. 


AP: Can I just ask you, though — do you believe it is a priority for the United States, or it should be a priority, to arrest Julian Assange? 


TRUMP: I am not involved in that decision, but if Jeff Sessions wants to do it, it’s OK with me. I didn’t know about that decision, but if they want to do it, it’s OK with me.

Say what you will about Julian Assange. He’s not exactly Alt-Right by any stretch of the imagination. In many ways, he was the epitome of the rootless cosmopolitan, floating around from country to country, free-lancing and hacking (greyhat stuff) in his free time. He got very serious with his WikiLeaks project though and has undisputedly left his mark on history by releasing the information that he did when he did.

He’s a sort of information anarchist and while one can disagree with his views, no one can say that the man does not act on his principles. (For those interested in some of Assange’s ideas about freedom of information, Cypherpunks is a good primer.)

Julian Assange basically handed Trump the election on a silver platter with the release of the DNC hacks. You’d think the Don would be grateful. After all, Assange could have displayed typical Lefty hypocrisy and cowardice by sitting on the information.  But no, he even went on King Jew’s show and called out the DNC on their corruption AND on Bill Maher’s hypocrisy:

Assange acts like a true neutral actor, unlike Edward Snowden who decided to lash out at Trump during the campaign in the hopes of getting off easy once Hillary won.  It is probably because Assange actually practices what he preaches that he has never been claimed as a hero by the Left.

The Alt-Right is all about speaking hard uncompromising truth to power. In that sense, we have a lot in common with Julian Assange. We can respect someone who tells the truth, shorn of ideological bias, even at great personal cost.

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  • I wonder why (((Donald Trump))) wants to fuck this country up. Maybe it has to do with (((ivanka and kushner)))

  • There are only two people doing real, hard core, muckraking journalism today — Julian Assange and James O’Keefe (of Project Veritas fame). They have very different approaches but they’re both doing the work the mainstream journalists refuse to do.

  • Some of you are extremely naive and childlike. Trump can’t just disregard our laws and give Assange a pass for crimes. You must want to see Trump impeached.

  • when Trump got elected, I thought: there’s no way he’s going to be
    allowed to drain the swamp, he will be dealt with by the CIA in either
    one of two ways: character or bodily assassination. It looks looks like
    the CIA found something on him that enabled it to pursue the preferred
    less explosive option, and Trump has quietly acquiesced.

  • Trump has been captured by the Deep State. Were I president I’d just tell everyone in my administration: Don’t do anything you’d be embarassed to see on Wikileaks.

  • You Ride the Exciting Wave of Rebellion and Revolution……..

    But, Le Chatelier’s Principle………

    …….Always Confounds…….


    The Alt-Right isn’t a Nation……….

    And many of our Enemies want us to be a Tiny Speck Island in the Pacific……….

    Let’s not Help Them……

    We are a Burgeoning Movement………….

    I would think it’s Best……

    … Push the Overton Window………

    …….without Ideological Purity or Rigidity……….

  • I support Assange. Even if he’s “liberal” he’s one of the most principled and likable liberals I have ever known. Trump and Sessions are being idiots by going after him. Should be going after Hillary instead like they promised.

  • What law did Julian Assange break? He’s not an American citizen. He doesn’t owe the USA anything. If he was releasing information embarrassing the Russians, no one in the USA would mind and all the western governments would be cheering. If the New York Times or another big news organization obtained such information, they would insist on their write to print it and would do so, regardless of threats by authorities. But Assange isn’t even American. He obtains this leaked information and releases it. If Australia believed in protecting its citizens it would come to his defense. He hasn’t broken any laws, but some in the US gov’t are being embarrassed and the US is being weakened. It’s all been for the good.

    • Liberals thought he was great when he was leaking the dirt on the Bush administration. Trump probably see’s him as a liability. It’s a smart move tbh, though I don’t agree with it. Julian did not nothing wrong!

    • I agree. I can not see any basis on which Assange could be indited and convicted in the US. He did not commit any crime in US jurisdictions including US Embassies and Consulates abroad. He is a foreign national and does what he deems appropriate based on his convictions.

      What if we deem that President Putin interfere in our elections and complied with the Assad chemical attack, can we arrest him?

    • trump is a globalist who mascarades as a civil nationalist, which essentially means nothing at all but not to the masses of fucking retards, who have been brainwashed since birth to believe that alll White people are nazis. Trump is a great leader for useful idiots and for people with no self respect. rather intriguing, if you ask me but again , very pathetic, as per usual

  • This video from last fall mentions some odd things about the ongoing Assange saga. My take on this is that the Assange saga is not just a creation of the CIA. There is talk about a “civil war” behind the scenes in the deep state. If this is correct, then it seems reasonable to wonder whether Assange is a creation of one of those factions.

    Some say that posting “conspiracy videos” discredits this site. I don’t agree with that. I am an anonymous commenter who aligns with the “real” alt-right on matters of race, war, and the JQ but who also sees that we are being lied to repeatedly by the mainstream media and official sources in other contexts. Trying to banish this type of discussion and keep strict firewalls between the alt-right and other alternative spheres of thought serves the purposes of those who keep lying to the public. In my opinion, many of the people who work hardest to put up this kind of firewall are actually agents and/or people who are compromised by relationships with agents.

    • And here is a very good bit about Snowden. He supposedly gave his life up only to hand the documents over to Greenwald who monetized them by creating a quarter billion dollar company and proceeded to sit on the information. I would think a leaker would be a bit angry that the information he risked his life for is dribbling out so slowly that at this rate 40 years would pass before all the documents are revealed.

  • “Donald Trump used to be Wikileaks’ biggest fan…”

    “I love Wikileaks.”

    When Trump does a drive-by “I love [XYZ]”, it doesn’t actually mean anything. We do understand this, right? E.g., when he said that he loved less-educated Americans. Trump loves himself, money, and his children/grandchildren… probably not much else. I’m not sure that this is hypocrisy – to me, it seems like just another illustration of his speaking in an exaggerated way that attracts attention.

    Of course, gratitude would dictate that he take it easy on Assange, but gratitude is not high on his list of priorities.

  • Check out the weird cult group that Assange grew up in – it was some sort of intelligence agency experiment. You could make a Hollywood movie out of it.

    I don’t know who exactly Wikileaks is working for but even if Assange himself is some sort of objective idealist dedicated to “transparency” it doesn’t matter because obviously Wikileaks is being used by intel agencies for their own agendas.

      • Note the dates and read between the lines:

        Christine Assange then became involved with Leif Meynell, also known as Leif Hamilton, a member of Australian cult The Family, with whom she had a son before the couple broke up in 1982.[9][18][19] Assange had a nomadic childhood, and had lived in over thirty[20][21] different Australian towns by the time he reached his mid-teens, when he settled with his mother and half-brother in Melbourne, Victoria.

        Anne Hamilton-Byrne acquired fourteen infants and young children between about 1968 and 1975. Some were the natural children of members of The Family; others had been obtained through irregular adoptions arranged by lawyers, doctors and social workers within the group who could bypass the normal processes. The children’s identities were changed using false birth certificates or deed poll, all being given the surname ‘Hamilton-Byrne’ and dressed alike even to the extent of their hair being dyed uniformly blonde.[14]

        The children were kept in seclusion and home-schooled at Kai Lama, a rural property usually referred to as “Uptop”, at Taylor Bay on Lake Eildon near the town of Eildon, Victoria. They were told that Anne Hamilton-Byrne was their biological mother, and knew the other adults in the group as “aunties” and ‘uncles’.[5] They were denied almost all access to the outside world, and subjected to a discipline that included frequent, severe beatings – often for little or no reason – and starvation diets.[15]

        The children were frequently dosed with the psychiatric drugs Anatensol, Diazepam, Haloperidol, Largactil, Mogadon, Serepax, Stelazine, Tegretol or Tofranil.[5] On reaching adolescence they were compelled to undergo an initiation involving LSD: while under the influence of the drug the child would be left in a dark room, alone, apart from visits by Hamilton-Byrne or one of the psychiatrists from the group.[5][16]

        I know we like to pretend that such things are anomalies, random craziness, as opposed to a reoccurring phenomenon throughout human history. We can discuss the Janissaries or the Assassins or Ceausescu’s Children or even talk about the puppies in Animal Farm, but such things today are a “conspiracy theory” and mustn’t be mentioned in polite society – even in the case of Wikileaks and Assange when it’s staring us in the face.

        Assange’s public persona as a “libertarian hacker devoted to transparency and free information” is just the Hollywood plot line, he was almost certainly born into an intel cult and was groomed his entire life for what he’s doing now. The distinction between victim and perpetrator is often a fine one but Assange spending the rest of his life in some cramped apartment in an embassy in London is something he spent his entire life being conditioned to, apparently.

        Want to know who Assange is working for and what exactly his agenda is? Just look at where he came from. You know many biologists say that humans, like wasps and ants and naked mole rats, are eusocial too. Human eusociality is an under appreciated phenomenon I think.

        • No, all it says is he had a messed up childhood. That’s assuming it’s all true. When people want to attack someone’s character it’s not unusual that they will try to point to an abusive childhood as it if proves that the person they are now is flawed simply because they had a flawed childhood. But you know having a really bad childhood can actually make someone stronger as an adult. Not that I’m endorsing child abuse but going through that kind of struggle early in life can give you insights and strengths that people who grew up normally don’t have. It doesn’t always mean you’ll grow up to become a bad person yourself.

          Also you’ll be surprised how easy it is for anyone to grow accustomed to a life in confinement. Some people spend almost their whole life in prison. And what choice does Assange have? He knows once he leaves the embassy they are coming for him. So it’s either confinement in the embassy or confinement in prison where who knows what will happen to him. You don’t need childhood conditioning to make the same choice he has.

          • This isn’t a matter of him growing up with a dad that beat him, or an alcoholic mother that neglected him. The “Family” cult was a textbook intel operation of the kind we’ve seen since WWII and the OSS days. It’s a pattern, in fact it’s likely a franchise.

            I’m not making a moral judgement about “good” or “bad.”

          • An academic study of the history of intelligence agencies shows they are similar phenomenon. Former CIA director William Colby described the CIA as a “cult” and numerous 20th century “religious cults” were fronts for intelligence operations. This is as heavily documented as any historical development. I could give you a long list of academic citations.

            Assange’s “Family” was not some two-bit group of religious Bible-thumpers like the Jesus People USA. The medical sophistication alone is a tip off, it’s shades of Jonestown. The fact he “just happened” to become a major international focal point of a leak war between the world’s superpowers should tell you something.

            It’s the Hollywood movie that tried to make it out as just a “religious doomsday cult.” It’s a franchise of the kind we’ve seen since the OSS days.

          • But many other kids were also brought up in that cult, none of them turned out the way Assange did. The idea that this cult is somehow linked to the CIA and the work he is doing now was programmed into him as a kid is far-fetched and doesn’t have any real backing to it, you are simply grabbing at straws and throwing out conspiracy theories. It’s impossible to say what kind of impact growing up in a cult had on him, whether good or bad. But one thing is certain, I have no objection to the work he is doing now. .

          • You are now arguing with a strawman as opposed to the facts I presented and also begging the question. Whether you agree or disagree with what you think Assange is doing is just your opinion. Frankly I’m glad Trump is out there bringing up immigration, but that doesn’t mean that, therefore, he is “good” not “bad” or that he is doing it for “the right reason” and doesn’t have other motivations.

            You also made the weird accusation that the Hollywood movie plotline about the cult was made up, but now you acknowledge it, but simply declare it’s not relevant.

            I’ve written about the subject extensively and you’re welcome to read if you wish. But as to the topic of the thread: Assange’s entire life in connected to the intelligence agencies, since birth, so the fact he is now involved in a major intelligence agency fight between the superpowers of the world is hardly some sort of random coincidence.

      • The whole movie was a work of fiction designed to make assange appear as some rogue villain. They even made up some BS about him dying his hair white due to some kind of cult he was in as a kid. In reality his hair just naturally went white at an early age which happens to some people. But they wanted to make him appear weird and unhinged so they added the made up story about him dying his hair.

  • Deep State has obviously got to Trump. Do they have the piss sex photos of when Trump went to Russia?

    • Trump has been working at the nexus of CIA and Mossad for his entire career, willingly or unwillingly. He’s always been a front man for intel agency money laundering. You don’t go broke running casinos unless you are supposed to.

      This “Good Trump vs. Bad Deep State” stuff is willingly missing the complexities. Trump was never “one of us.” I don’t want war with Russia anymore than anyone else does but why should we reflexively take the side of Putin over America and Europe? Putin is no more “pro-white” than Trump or Merkel is.

      The pro-white movement needs to stop being predictable reactionaries.

      As for whether or not they have Russian piss photos of Trump? I mean – come on. This is the guy that bragged about public orgies at Studio 54 and was good buddies with Jeffrey Epstein of “Lolita Express” infamy. Of course they do. Doesn’t anyone remember anything anymore? Trump was the poster boy for the “Playboy Lifestyle” of the 1980s, literally being featured in the magazine numerous times even in creepy photos with him and his daughter in bed together. Of course they have something extremely unsavory on Trump – probably lots of things.

      • Of course they have something extremely unsavory on Trump

        I think this is likely, although I don’t have an opinion on whether the Russian photo rumor in particular is correct.

        • when Trump got elected, I thought: there’s no way he’s going to be allowed to drain the swamp, he will be dealt with by the CIA in either one of two ways: character or bodily assassination. It looks looks like the CIA found something on him that enabled it to pursue the preferred less explosive option, and Trump has quietly acquiesced.

      • ” Why should we reflexively take the side of Putin over America and Europe?”

        Because Putin didn’t destabilize the Middle East and create a flood of non-white refugees into Europe?

        Let me know when (((America))) and (((Europe))) start running a foreign policy that benefits Americans and Europeans.

        There is a good chance that we’re going to find ourselves back in the familiar position of opposing everything that the (((American foreign policy establishment))) does and thus grudgingly respecting any tin pot foreign leader who stands in their way even slightly.

        Sadly with Qadaffy off the scene this position is no longer going to be nearly as fun as it once was.

        • “There is a good chance that we’re going to find ourselves back in the
          familiar position of opposing everything that the (((American foreign
          policy establishment))) does and thus grudgingly respecting any tin pot
          foreign leader who stands in their way even slightly.”

          Yes, I’m fully aware that the pro-white movement is completely reactionary and that is why it’s always been so utterly ineffective. I use the Tom Sawyer and whitewashing the fence metaphor because it’s so applicable.

          America hates North Korea, therefore we must love North Korea therefore North Korea is Best Korea, QED. Hey at least it would give us a break from the stupid Hitler nostalgia.

          • Best Korea is semi-ironic, but take Assad for an example.

            “Our” pro-Assad propaganda probably played a role in making Obama’s potential intervention in Syria very unpopular with both left and right.

            So, it worked out to be a positive, even if it was somewhat misleading in exaggerating what a good guy he was.

            Because there is no way White Americans benefit from that intervention.

            I am all for a pro-active strategy, but foreign policy is one area where it is difficult for us to be pro-active, given the deeply entrenched and utterly anti-white foreign policy establishment.

            Even when we elect our guy, he immediately gets swallowed up by that establishment and our hopes, pro-active or otherwise are completely disregarded in favor of the same old shit. We actually had pro-active hopes for Trump’s foreign policy but he couldn’t even do the basic shit like not bombing other nations based on TV commercials.

            America and Europe’s establishment is the real enemy, not Kim or Assad or Saddam.

    • They’re probably afraid whatever is holding them blackmail will be brought to light by Wikileaks. Of course that will be doing Trump a favor even if he doesn’t see it that way.

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