The United States Should Seriously Consider Peaceful Partition

Submitted by Everitt Foster


People on the left made this critique throughout 2016: you can only Make America Great Again for “old white men.” This is absurd of course, but it touched on a deeper fear held by many on the left, and that I suspect is at least sensed by many on the right. Go to any major city, find someone under thirty, and ask what the words “freedom” and “liberty” mean.

Let’s look at two amendments in particular, the second and fourteenth. The second amendment guarantees all Americans the right to keep and bear arms. The fourteenth guarantees us equal protection under the law.

The left hates the second amendment. To be honest I’m not exactly sure why, and I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist. So for me it is enough to understand they want to repeal at least most of it. They’ve used the courts in the past, and they exploit every gun related tragedy as an opportunity to perhaps win a few more to their cause.

But the language of the second amendment is clear, even if we’ve made a few compromises about felons and background checks. Yet the argument from the left persists: the founders didn’t know we’d have AR-15s therefore they should not be protected, only muskets should be protected.

My favorite rebuttal to this lately has been “Oh well if the framers only intended for their contemporary technology to be covered under the law then certainly we’ll apply that logic to the fourteenth amendment and reverse gay marriage. I mean post-Civil War America had to pass a law protecting blacks from being disenfranchised and mistreated. Clearly, they didn’t intend for it to apply to twenty-first century gays. Right?”

But consistency of argument when it comes to ideas like liberty, justice, equality has fallen prey to the Cold War era left/right political divide.


See here is the thing, America has a different history depending on what part of the country you are in. Liberty to a gay actor from West Hollywood does not mean the same thing as it does to a religious homeschooling couple from Oklahoma. Words so integral to the foundation of America as “rights” and “equality” have come to mean very different things as the demographics have changed, and as the voting franchise has expanded.

There is such a thing as Southern culture. There is such a thing as Texas music and cuisine. New England is a very different place than California, though they generally vote the same way. Why deny this? Why not celebrate it. I enjoy visiting other states, but frankly I wouldn’t want to live in most of them. There is tension, there is anger. People feel as if in this republic they don’t count. And indeed they are kind of right. The 2016 presidential election was decided by a few million white people in four states.

I think a lot of people sense this, but can’t yet articulate it. We are a nation “divided by a common language.” And I think we need to take this seriously.

At one point in my life looking at the American Constitution filled me with pride. I understood it to be a wonderful document; it spoke to people for hundreds of years. It inspired people to seek national sovereignty everywhere from France to Vietnam. But to hear American millennial college students speak you would think it was designed to create systematic oppression of all non-cishet white males.

There were a lot of angry people in America in 2008. Bush had left a sour taste in the mouth of the right, and the left believed he was Literally Hitler. So the left and a few moderates went all in on “Hope and Change” for eight years. It was a nice slogan but what exactly was it the left wanted to change?

After eight years of what I’m sure historians will call a failed presidency, Obama and his supporters are left rallying around Obamacare – a policy designed by conservative think tanks to slow the move towards a national single payer healthcare system.

Black Americans’ anger led them to rioting. Statistics about likelihood of being shot by a cop be damned, there was a lot of rage bubbling under the surface in the black community. After eight years of lies and failure to change their lives the Black Lives Matter supporters seem to have come to the conclusion that Obama wasn’t on their side. Indeed the smarter members of the movement have long recognized that Obama had more in common with Bush than he did with Trayvon Marin.

In 2012 Texas secessionists submitted a petition to the newly re-elected Obama. The right was mocked and harassed by the left in the Legacy Media for insisting it could do what had been “decided” in 1865. And it achieved nothing, but it sent the point to him that he was the president of a divided America. With Calexit Trump’s administration is getting the same message, often from the same people who mocked Texans in their desire to leave the union.

So let’s ask the question, why can’t we peacefully divide our nation?

California doesn’t like Texas and Texas doesn’t like California. That’s not going to change any time soon.

Throw in the tensions between New England and the South and you’ve got a recipe for major anger and hatred between Americans who, prior to the 1960s, could generally be counted on to settle their political differences peacefully.

I’m not a secessionist in the historical definition of the term. I do not believe that “the South shall rise again.” But I believe in peaceful separation. I think the time has come for America to have a serious conversation about our identity as a people.

Separation does not mean we have to destroy the interstate or start sinking our military’s ships. It’s possible to have mutual defense agreements and mutual trade agreements. Most of your life simply won’t change when (not if, but when) separation occurs.

As our demography changes, and not just racially, but also generationally, religiously, and financially, the different regions of the country need to be free to pursue policies that reflect their values, and that are in the best interest of their people.


Everitt Foster holds a Bachelor’s degree in geology, an MA in military history. He is an expert in modern military history, specifically wars of the 20th Century. He blogs at He is also a novelist, having published two novels and a collection of short stories all dealing with issues such as nationalism and traditionalism. He is currently working on his fourth book and will soon launch a short story web magazine called Uprising Review which focuses on diversity of ideas rather than diversity quotas.

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  • I tried to add it to my Pinterest and it said “link is blocked because it might lead to inappropriate content.” Do you know how many whores are on Pinterest showing photos of their underboob tattoos? Hell, I’ve even seen actual porn on Pinterest. Fucking Skypes, I swear.

  • Weak article-all smoke and mirrors and no substance. You tell us what we already know then stop with no answer or even a suggestion in sight. Why even bother. Separation by region is silly. Segregation by Race is ,was and will always be The Key. That’s what nature intended-not Forced Integration. People move,Race doesn’t .Land is sold ,Race doesn’t.As oil and water doesn’t mix neither do black and white. Asian, Indian ,Arab and Hispanic-each to their respective locations exclusively- with very limited mixed areas for the liberal or socially confused.

  • I agree but I’m going to need help getting out of California. The old man and I are on Social Security. I resent it when people say “California” as if we are all left-wing loons. My family has been fighting illegal immigration for four generations and now anchor babies are running things.

  • Okay, succession it is. Whites will secede from non-Whites and kick everyone else off their land. Injuns can stay, but no more reservations.

    Blacks can secede to Africa. And everyone else can secede to whatever 3rd world cesspool they belong.

  • Secession is never peaceful. The best we could do is engage in a campaign to drive the POCs out. Make it unsafe to live around us while simultaneously increasing Welfare to Leftist states. This is defacto secession and it’s a LOT less messy.

  • I’ve been giving this some thought since this article first appeared. Any attempt to partition the United States must eventually confront the question of, how can one put this delicately?

    There is no way to put it delicately: Who gets stuck with the Negroes? Negroes are so far and away the most dysfunctional racial group in the United States that any partition attempt will probably end in bloodshed over this issue, even if every other issue could be resolved peaceably. No other racial group in its right mind wants to live in close proximity to Negroes. I see two possibilities: every region has to take its share, or the Negroes are herded into their own North American reservation and confined there. The first solution recreates the problem that we now have in several separate countries. The second will be the equivalent of putting Ghana next to Switzerland–as their society falls apart Negroes will seek to swarm to adjacent countries to partake of the magic white man’s juju.

  • If with secession we bring along our chemo, vaccines, drug culture, Walmart’s and Mc donald’s drive ins then whats the point?

  • I do agree that in the modern context it’s very hard to see any solutions to issues discussed in the article other than succession due to technicalities and logistics involved in reverting back to following the consitution. However we wouldn’t be in a situation where succession is necessary if not for the misuse of the elastic clause and the abandonment of the 10th amendment. Ideally we should be no more than a collection of sovereign States.

  • They won’t even allow us to have historical monuments. You think they would allow peaceful partition? They don’t want peace. Like Islam they want submission. They can all go to hell.

  • It is the best option. California needs to go as part of a long term strategy. It will continue to receive mestizos who will prefer to move there than America (more “tolerant” of them, many of them are already there, it is wealthier than any region of Mexico) and most Whites in Cali will learn about “diversity” the hard way.

    A few decades later they will be begging for it to be returned to America simply because of how bad their experience with independence will be – the cartels and lesser criminal groups, and the corrupt Mexican political institutions will all become well entrenched there, Mexican revanchists will become extremely violent… there’s really nothing good that can become of it for those living there.

    And all the while, millions of leftist trash will not be influencing American elections anymore.

    • If California were to succeed from white America, it would most likely be reabsorbed by Mexico. Any whites foolish enough to stay in California would be begging for admission to New Europe in short order. And we should let them in. A future white ethnostate should be open to all the white diaspora, especially whites who are suffering, like those in South Africa.

    • > mestizos who will prefer to move there than America

      Until they turn it into a shithole and they want to move on to where the order, wealth and action are. How would we stop them? We’re having a hard time building the wall as it is, California’s would be much longer. And, may I say, California is too beautiful to give up without a fight.

  • All peaceful, western, modern, integrated Americans come to Europe. We will welcome you with open arms.

    Just remember to respect our secular, non gun slinging ways, our social economies, and we would love to have you here as our brothers and sisters. Together we can ensure a Le Pen victory in the run off, and for an end to the feudal EU. If you come in peace and respect, come to Europe. 🙂

    • We can’t just immigrate to Europe. Change your immigration laws so Whites can go to Europe easier than Muslim invaders who just walk in and get free welfare, and you might get White immigrants returning to Europe in large numbers.

      • I understand, I was speaking rhetorically, as in “wouldn’t it be great if…” Yes, of course you are right. But just know anyway, many of us would welcome you with open arms. As long as the immigrants are prepared to become Europeans, colour isn’t such an issue for me, but of course, White immigrants are a safer bet for peace and prosperity.

  • Encouraging California to split seems like a logical first step. Self-segregation would likely then follow.

  • The deep state would never allow this. Secession will have to be fought with blood, and it won’t come until whites here are forced to deal with a genocide situation similar to south africa

  • This is a good article, I like the morality and practicalality. In tune with one of my favorite morality-plays: Breakdown of Nations by Leo Kohr, available free online and a concise summary of it is too. Fact is, local diversity is not our strength (search for Downside of Diversity), but global diversity is. Vive les differences.

  • yes, it is now time to seriously talk secession. the only good thing to come from trump was to prove to 62 million whites that they cannot vote for survival. while we should work for peaceful separation, we must prepare even harder on a violent solution.

    • Well, but here comes the catch. The silent majority does not work. We have voted for the president but he is capable or unwilling to deliver. There must be a vocal majority to get something changed not a silent one. The current system has to be dismantled. Can’t go like this anymore.

  • The sooner this happens the better. It could be done regionally, or in the case of states like TX, HI or AK, on a state by state basis.

  • Nice article, Everitt! I think the LARPing of ethnic cleansing and retaking the entirety of the USA is just that. LARPing. Peaceful partition can actually be achieved. And it will be extremely beneficial to everyone involved.

    • I just hope to God it is not a bloody affair. I hope it’s more like the peaceful transition of Czechoslovakia into the liberal Czech Republic and the much more traditional Slovakia.

      Not to mention the way in which the USSR managed to end without a world war with the constituent Soviet Socialist Republics going their way; though, of course we’re now still seeing the (((civil war))) in Ukraine being instigated by the usual (((trouble makers))) in the US and some elements within Europe.

      It is very dis-heartening watching Whites decreasing rapidly in the US and Europe and worldwide. We are definitely under ruthless attack and under siege, sadly not only by (((the usual suspects))) worldwide, but also by those inside our own racial kind.

    • what do u think we did to the Indians? we took it with far fewer men, far weaker weapons and no engines

    • We can start by seceding from Israel.

      That type of secession will be THE most difficult to achieve. In fact, it is precisely THAT entity that holds together the artificial multi-racial nightmare that has become the ‘land of the free.’ Without the approval of the Chosen ones on ANYTHING, it appears our hands are tied.

        • Our ethnic state surrounded by hostile neighbors will only be able to survive as a highly militarized and vertically controlled one.

          Again and again: The State of Israel: They are only liberal and democratic on paper. When push comes to shove they shoot their liberal leaders or highly militarized settlers create chaos to block any diversions from the ethnic line.

        • The vast majority of white people will be open to a white ethno-state when the implications of black/brown rule finally dawn on them. However, you are never going to get all white people to agree on social issues. A “New Europe” ethno-state would still have political battles over abortion, gay rights, gun control, etc.

          • I don’t feel like keeping around white libtards until the day that reality dawns on them. Their a liability. Right wingers can sort their differences out in a civilized manner, or we can just “night of long knives” them if they don’t stop being fags.

          • Then don’t fight pro-choice. Most White libtards are going to be full of career women who will limit their children if they have any at all. I believe they will cease to exist before the end of this century.

            If you take Hillary Rodham Clinton as a model, she was pregnant several times and kept aborting until she was told it would look better if she had a child. I’m surprised that as smart a woman as she is touted to be, she didn’t have her tubes tied and then adopt a White child. It’s not like the Clintons didn’t have the money by the time she birthed Chelsea.

          • I’m a Catholic and abortion is a sin. I’m fine with liberals having their multi-ethnic state far away from me and getting bred out in a couple generations. Pro-choice just encourages bad behaviour.

    • The Commies can have Ontario, who will miss it. But I’m not willing to give them the Maritimes. Quebec should be it’s own Nation too. Dual language laws are a pain in the ass and they really are unique from the rest of North America.

      • Making various mini nation-states won’t work. Unless you want North America to become like Europe, decentralized and utterly helpless against foreign powers.

        • Your probably right. Quebec will have to be its own entity though. Unless they want to be part of the Commie state, which I’m pretty sure they don’t. I love the Maritimes and just don’t want to see it fall under Communist control.

        • The only large white population of racial nationalists is in the South. Canadians won’t go for it. Vast majority of non-Southern white Americans won’t go for it. It would only work as a New Confederacy and then possibly a “white ethnostate” portion, and then the rest of of America would be just as it is now as a North Brazil in progress.

      • I would think that Quebecers would be the most white nationalist, given their strong ethnic, francophone, identity.

        • They are, and they have a strong tradition of Ethno-Nationalism. But their Ethno-Nationalism is French specific. They hate Anglos.

        • You’d be wrong. They don’t care about race. That would make them logical and intelligent. Nope, they don’t care if their family turns mulatto as long as they speak French!

      • Simple solution with Quebec. Make Quebec a protectorate like Hitler did with Bohemia and Moravia.

      • Canada is garbage. It would have to be conquered which wouldn’t take much. Canada, like Britain, will never go pro-white even if they had a choice.

        It would be better just to let the minority of white Canadians who aren’t mentally ill and anti-white immigrate to the white ethnostate. We’ll take all of their Lauren Southerns!

        • “Canada is garbage. It would have to be conquered which wouldn’t take much”

          Which is you I’ve always said Canada needs to be annexed and attached to a new white ethno-state.

        • Canada is rich in natural resources. The US is not. But yeah, culturally and socially the Kali Yuga is severe here and it’s future is Brazil but with shitty weather.

    • Southwest BC should be purple. Nunavut should be blue. Quebec should be its own thing. If that black in the Deep South is a supposed to be a black nationalist state, that won’t fly. And most importantly, where is the WN state. Or is this a pre-New Albion map?

        • LOL, you’ve glossed over the fact that at least half if not more of the red area would be retarded liberals and cucks. You’re living in a fantasy world where all whites suddenly become white nationalist.

      • Vancouver should be taken by force if necessary, it’s either that or the WN state takes Seattle. We can’t sacrifice both the South and the whole of Cascadia.

    • Why is Quebec part of a Northeast state? I say expel the Juice to Israel and absorb the entire Northeast and Canada. Quebec and Nunavut become protectorates with their own sovereignty and their taxes to the Greater American Empire only supporting common foreign policy and defense.

      • I don’t want niggers anywhere around me, that’s why I don’t live in the South. Remove your head from your ass and realize that the demographics of the South are far beyond repair, saving the Upper South is the only hope you have left.

  • I must warn, warn, war race realist folks here to not fall down with the Constitutionalist who talk endlessly about secession, state’s rights etc. Be especially on guard against Ron Paul, Rand Paul Libertarian Constitutionalist cult members. These idiots will mouth nonsense that they want to “talk” about Secession because the Federal Government supposedly does too much border control preventing the free movement of goods and services in a market economy.

    These nut jobs want to talk about secession because the Federal Government is supposedly conspiring to prevent the whole population of Central America from moving to anywhere in North America that will give them a low wage job.

    That #*$&#@ idiot cowboy Cliven Bundy was the worst – we exposed him over at Occidental Dissent – this idiot thinks all the Amer Indians in Guatemala and El Salvador are Spanish and they supposedly have better family values and better work ethics than we White Anglos, so we should just welcome unlimited numbers of these happy, low wage workers.


    • Constitutionalism is civic nationalism. It’s easy to expose but hard to convert. The Cuckstitution crowd fights against globalists because they’re obvious enemies. However, they’re perfectly fine with race replacement. That’s what needs to be exposed.

  • Hypothetical: Here’s my suggestion for you guys. You should only need to cut once and cut cleanly, using existing state lines to make the cut.
    Let all the states in the Southwest of the United States secede and become the ‘Pacific States of America’. In one move, you would have allowed almost all Hispanics and Asians (who for whatever reason you do not like) to leave your jurisdiction.

    You guys in ‘White America’ would then be left with simply yourselves and African-Americans. It would be up to you to decide what to do after that.

    Trade-wise, it also would make complete sense. The west coast is the part of the American continent which most keenly wanted trade with Asian countries anyway, and so the Pacific states could join RCEP like Australia and New Zealand are going to, and pursue policies that resemble those, without dragging the east coast and the midwest unwillingly into it ( ).

    The remaining states in ‘White America’, let’s call it the ‘Atlantic States of America’, could continue to recognise Washington DC as their capital, and could enact whatever protectionist trade policies against the Pacific economies that they feel like, and could sign a trade deal with the European Union without dragging the west coast unwillingly into it ( ).

    Everyone in that situation would finally be getting what they really wanted.

    • “Asians (who for whatever reason you do not like)”

      Whatever positive qualities they may have in their own countries, Asians in the U.S. strongly align themselves with the non-white / anti-white coalition.

      In fact, some exit polls have Asians going as much as 79% for Hillary.

      How are we supposed to feel about foreigners coming in and voting to open our borders?

      (Yes, we’re all aware of the limitations of Trump, but voting for Hillary is still an attack on White Americans)

      • Well, that is as I said, precisely why partition is the solution to the problem, and why I think Vincent Law’s idea is basically a good one.

        The states in the Southwest of the United States could secede, and you could then have peaceful ‘ethnic cleansing’ on both sides of the line.

        The Southwest could become Hispanic and Asian.

        The rest of America could be a White ethnostate.

        This kind of split has happened before, as well. In the aftermath of the First World War, populations rearranged themselves to fit new partitions that were drawn, and so it would not be unprecedented to see a multiethnic society disassemble itself in that way, through ethnic-based partition. A lot of problems can be solved that way.

        • Nope. Asians can all go back to Asia, with all that wonderful feng shui going on. Seeing as China is full of bachelor villages, any Asian woman with a hankering to marry should have no problem finding a bridegroom. That warms my matchmaking heart.

          Hispanics have all of Mexico, Central and South America to frolic in. They’re taken care of.

          As for Africans, all the yammering about reparations is to atone for the “original sin” of buying their ancestors from the slave merchants who stole them from Africa. Obviously, only going back to the motherland is the only way to heal that wound. I’m for reparations, but only if it is coupled with repatriation. Then it would be totally worth it. That forty acres and a mule was in Liberia, baby!

          Once the good old USA and Canada are reserved for nothing but the Europeans, there will be this little thing called “Affordable Family Formation.” That means, once we have kicked The White Man’s Burden to the curb, we can then afford to have more White children.

          Problem solved.

          But thanks for your imput.

          • You present an interesting perspective, but there’s one problem. Just one problem there. You forgot that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution exists, and that people generally don’t take kindly to asset forfeiture.


            Let’s say that hypothetically in 10 to 20 years from now, people who think like you are in control of the United States Federal Government, and you attempt to forcibly relocate the Hispanic and Asian populations in the Southwest of the United States and to seize the assets and guns.

            Demographically speaking it would mean that the US Federal Government would have just tabled a declaration of civil war against a large section of the population — roughly 60% of the population — which is just going to be coming into working age (and fighting age) at that time, and firearms will be freely available for all.

            Now, you might say, “But the full-auto is not allowed, and no RPGs or bazookas.” The reality is that once you start a war, you don’t really get to control what arms get dumped into that war, and you don’t get to demand gun control. At the beginning maybe you’d see a lot of girls and boys using ‘ghost triggers’. But eventually they’ll just be full-auto outright, and eventually RPGs would come in from Mexico, and so on.

            It would also have the effect of incentivising the travel of Hispanic and Asian adventurers, mercenaries, and etc, into the location to join the conflict against you.

            At that point you would then realise that you’ve inadvertently transformed your country’s situation into merely a higher-IQ version of ‘Iraq’. Are you sure that you’d want to do that?

            You could just skip all that and have peaceful partition instead.

          • There will be no partition of my country, peaceful or otherwise.

            Asians and Mestizos have no sense of connection to my country. Their loyalties are to their countries of origin. Asians routinely spy on us for their governments. At soccer games, Mestizos boo the American team.

            They always vote with Blacks against Whites, because even though common sense would dictate that they should vote with Whites for things like low taxes, gun and property rights, and law and order, they feel that they benefit financially more from an Anti-White government who routinely takes money from White taxpayers and disperses it to so-called people of color.

            So they are here for the GibsmeDat Gravy Train. When that train derails, they will self-deport.

            The question will be whether these dubious propositions leave when White Nationalists take over the government and enact laws that remove the incentives to stay. That gives them enough time to dispose of their property by either selling it or having a property company manage it and send the rentals to absentee landlords back home. Time to gather all their goodies, go home and live large …


            Ride the tiger. Wait until the very last minute when the Lunatics Running This Asylum inevitably bankrupt America, allowing it to fall into violent chaos. The EBT machines stop working, the cities erupt into flames and the looters go after anyone with any property. Which means they have to flee for their lives with nothing but the shirts on their backs, going home broke.

            Either way, I get my country back. So, there’s no need to partition anything.

            But thanks for the suggestion.

          • It’s like you don’t understand that the Second Amendment is not a suggestion. No one is going to leave.

            In fact, the purpose is to cause the precise ‘bankruptcy’ scenario that you have described. Whether the system of social transfers becomes ‘bankrupt’ at the federal level due to ‘running out of money’, or whether it becomes ‘bankrupt’ at the federal level due to ‘the money being cut off by right-wing Whites voting for fiscal conservatives’, the question which arises from that phenomenon is the same.

            What phenomenon, you ask? The phenomenon of people in the Southwest of the United States arriving at the question, “Is the federal government of the United States a useful thing to have around here?” And once the answer to that becomes, “Actually, no”, then the partition has been hastened.

            People are not in the Southwest for social transfers. They are there to own businesses, own land, and establish meaningful lives for themselves. They are also there to placehold for future geostrategic moves of the sort that has been seen time and again ( ).


            It’s strategic depth. While that article focusses on China, in fact it’s a whole list of countries who are very interested in getting in on this over the coming 30-year period.

            Consider this. The Westward expansion process that the US federal government engaged in during the 18th and 19th century was a prerequisite for the United States becoming a premier Pacific power at the dawn of the 20th century as they finally ended up ‘securing’ all land right up to the ocean beachfront. That caused a lot of trouble, firstly for Mexico’s top families who lost 40% of their territory, but also for Asian leaders who had to face the unfortunate strength of the US Navy’s growing capacity to meddle in everyone’s affairs time and again.

            A number of interesting things happen if all of that land in the Southwest of the United States and the GDP associated with it, were to be taken away into a new jurisdiction because of political differences arising from demographic change which lead to separatism ( ). It would put the United States expansion process into a sharp reverse.

            The potential for that to happen is enhanced if some actual buffoon like Donald Trump were to accidentally accelerate the reversal by incentivising Mexico itself to sideline its own economic ties with the United States to cultivate then with Asian states instead ( ), and if Central Asian states were to do the same ( ) along with Britain ( ).

            While all that is going on under his nose, what is the US government doing? Looking the other way, wasting time with Angela Merkel ( ).

            So, there’s that.

            Really, if you seriously thought that all of this was about social transfers, it would mean that you have been playing checkers while Asians and Hispanics have been playing multigenerational chess. The only European group which seems to realise that it’s chess are the British government, and they seem to be betting financially against the United States on this.

          • Why isn’t North America still a wilderness populated only by warring Indian tribes? And the reason why I bring up Indians is today, thanks to partitions, peaceful and otherwise, they are fighting the occupying power for their own water rights on what little land they have left. But I digress for the time being.

            The United States IS “the land of immigrants,” isn’t it? When there is no benefit to a people to stay in a country, they leave. Even if it is a country they are completely invested in. It may be a horrible wrench, but they go. Especially if is a country to which they have the most superficial connection to, like being scab labor or taking advantage of their welfare programs. Once the jobs evaporate and the welfare benefits run out, there’s no reason to stay.

            That’s been true of every other single country in the world. I don’t see why the United States would be any different. I don’t believe in “American exceptionalism.”

            Nor am I interested in grabbing your guns. Feel free to take them home with you when you go, wherever you go, and you will go, one way or the other. It’s just a matter of time. Methinks if you had guns in your home country, you would have taken care of business there and ordered things more to your liking, making emigration here unnecessary. Because an armed society is a polite society.

            I completely understand the second amendment as well as the fact that once these dubious propositions get enough numbers, White Americans will be told that they can wipe their collective behinds with the second amendment just like they have been told to wipe their behinds with the right to freedom of association, free assembly, and free speech.

            When the pundits that are government shills bleat how “diversity makes us strong,” they aren’t lying. Diversity creates the necessity of giving government greater police powers to keep our fingers off each other’s throats. Of course our public “servants” who leave office as multimillionaires with Cadillac Health and Retirement Benefits love diversity! I myself don’t like living in a police state.

            Nor am I interested in being part of an expensive, over-bloated American EMPIRE with a bunch of client states who flood my country with hostile aliens as cheap labor who then vote themselves my tax money to pay for their benefits. My country was at its best when that dubious honor belonged to the British who at least had the sense to service their clients in their own countries as colonies rather than bring them home.

            I am fine with China being the next empire as long as the Asians go home, taking a Mestizo under each arm to their new expanded turf. Feel free to help yourselves to our Africans as well, while you’re at it. You don’t have to thank me, but you’re welcome.

            That’s why I remain a convinced isolationist. Yes, my country will be poor for a generation or two after we stop being “enriched” by diversity – the more vibrant the better(!), but we have enough natural resources and skilled, intelligent White people (who have been thrown on the unemployment line by scab labor) to transform it into something even better. With no more dubious propositions being encoded into law.

            It’s like chemotherapy for bone cancer treatment. Painful and dangerous, but it’s the only chance of survival for a terminal patient who will die anyway without it. Simply lopping off limbs will not save him. And that is where we are right now. So, whether Trump isolates America by withdrawing from these trade deals or it’s Cloven-Piven, it’s totally necessary and all good for my country.

            Partition will not save any segment of a White America. Dubious propositions will only encroach on that territory until they have the numbers to take it by force. And that will happen exponentially as they acquire the backup from the territory they have already gained. As was the case with the American Indian. So there is no beneft to us for partition, peaceful or otherwise.

            Dubious proposition nations are hungry pythons with the indigenous natives thrashing in its coils.
            Slow suffocation that involves being crushed and eaten. Chaos only
            terrifies our “true conservative” White establishment types
            who want to desperately hold onto what they have and think they can make their own
            separate peace with you. They are too stupid to understand that they
            will lose it all anyway, eventually because YOU WANT IT ALL.

            No partition EVER.

      • That’s right. There’s this misunderstanding about Asians. They are in fact politically anti-white or indifferent. I’ve yet to hear of a pro-white Asian group. The only Asian political groups are all advocates of white exploitation and whining just like BLM.

        Here’s what we’re going to do: We will initially partition. After we build up the war machine then we will wage total war and reclaim it all plus part of Kumiko’s native country, and we’ll ship millions of blacks to Kumiko’s hometown and tell her to accept it.

        • Choosing guerilla race-war when you don’t need to, would carry a significant risk of the outcome being that we all end up mutually killing each other with all the most ergonomic furniture and all the best accessories attached to Picatinny rails on the best and most expensive rifles and shotguns.

          And after all the casings have settled on the floor and the dust has calmed, Jevon and DeShawn will then crawl out from under a rock to declare victory by default.

          And that would be bad for everyone.

          • If you’re in Europe (and even if you’re not), surely you remember the massive bloodbath and needless killing of massive numbers of WHITES in what was Yugoslavia. And what led to the creation of the neologism ‘Balkanization.’ Please show some empathy for your fellow Whites! We as Whites are already an embattled minority worldwide and the last thing we need is more death to our own kind.

          • I don’t think many whites would die, they’re the ones smart enough and well trained enough to defend themselves.

    • Asians do not belong in white ethnostates. It’s as simple as that.

      F–k off and die, please.

      • I completely agree that Asians should not be on the same side of the line as White people if a partition occurs in North America. That’s precisely why I placed Asians and Hispanics together outside of the White ethnostate partition in the hypothetical scenario I described. Re-read what I actually wrote.

        I would not even ask you to moderate the tone or language that you take when dealing with Asian people, since I think that Asian people do need to know how White Americans really feel on this issue, so as to shatter the illusion of there being any kind of shared destiny. You want to promote ethnic division in North America. So do I.

        • I feel about white countries like China and Japan feel about their 99.9% Asian countries with zero Muslim immigration and no Jewish control of their politics and media.

        • Whites and Asians can have a “shared destiny” in their own separate countries, on their own separate continents. The continents that God Almighty set up and divided precisely for this purpose.

          • In that case, when will you be going back? (Trick question, I’m not asking you to.)

            Regarding your family specifically, you have said before that your family is of Polish extraction and that you presently live somewhere in the Northeast of the United States. Who are you to tell Asian diaspora communities and Hispanics in the Southwest to leave?

            There is no ‘shared destiny’ for anyone. Support a peaceful partition, and stop clamouring for race-war.

          • I’m not going back ever, because this is my home and my birthright. Otherwise, I’d colonize a sane place like Japan. Mwahaha. Just kidding. But I’d like to visit one day.

            In Europe, I would be what is called a Euromutt, but yes, one of my grandmothers was born in Poland. But I am a Native American whose diverse origins are European. American Indians were and remain their own separate nation even now. I’m the kind of citizen the American founding fathers (who were all White Supremacists who wanted America for themselves and their European posterity) planned for America. You see, they envisioned America as a European country without all the baggage of religious sectarian violence, ethnic conflict or government totalitarianism. They NEVER envisioned their posterity becoming a despised racial minority in their own damned country.

            They wanted America to be populated by Europeans and nothing else. I guess they hadn’t sampled all that delicious cuisine which open borders loons tout when they try to convince me how I benefit from competing with lesser paid Asians and Mestizos not only for jobs, but for housing and other resources. BTW, that’s the only benefit they can think of. All these awesome Mexican and Asian restaurants with really great food. Go figure.

    • I believe there is much more white Italians that “white” Americans .the current “white” Americans are full of Indian blood, black, Jewish and Sicily

      Most “white” Americans have strange facial features as flat head, short and wide skull, broad and flat nose, small eyes, thick lips (Look in negroid lips Darren wilson police), dental arch Negroid or Mongoloid ..

      Many hybrids are partly white (people like Rob Schneider, Miley Cyrus, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, liv tayler ,Cameron Diaz, sarah palin, Fergie, Edward Furlong, Wentworth Miller, chad murray, Freddie Prinze Jr etc etc etc) also prefer to identify themselves as white.
      even within the American WN There are several mestizos:

      Patrick Chouinard ,Andrew Anglin, Rodney Martin, Kyle Rogers, Andrew Auernheimer, mat parrot, joe sobran, Lincoln Rockwell Gordon Baum and Matthew Heimbach are some examples!

      Many other things indicate nonwhite ancestry, as undershot, extremely broad noses, the epicanthal bending, flat faces, curly or very curly hair or straight hair too thick and dark, large Negroid-esque lips, thick eyelids, very large apples face, and yellowish skin, among others.

      very dark eyes and hair paired with any of these characteristics is also a very good indicator that a person is nonwhite.

      that’s why I have no faith that the American white people is 63 percent, the numbers are less than 20%, in my opinion, they constantly mix Mongrels with real western white American population .

  • I too support peaceful partition or at least massive decentrlization and reconstitution of the United States into a loose regional confederation with overall loyalty to a weak “national” government. I fear, however, that the model for U.s. partition will be the 1947 Indian-Pakistan partition, but with higher casualties and the possible use of nuclear weapons.

  • There is nothing more I would like to see than a peaceful separation in this country. However, they cannot allow whites to be off by ourselves, living our own way & by our own laws. Every other race would suffer because we would no longer be there for them to depend on us. They need us here taking care of everything & at the same time blaming us & hating us for their inability to dependent on themselves.

    • You have a point. As much as the blacks and browns say they hate us, they also want access to our wealth. The more intelligent Blacks and Latinos will realize that their populations do not have the skills to run a modern economy. They know that without whites (or Asians) they would be condemned to grinding poverty.

    • You wouldn’t like to see more? Your biggest dream is just to cede formerly white lands to Third World scum? That’s a loser’s mentality. Total world domination sounds much better. We’ll take special delight in forcing Israelis to take in millions of black Muslims and watch them be miscegenated into a mongrel mess. We’ll broadcast it live so people can enjoy the show.

      • LOL I am with you but we have to do 1 step at a time! No way we can dominate until we get to separate & whites come together. I don’t have a loser mentality!?

    • i think secession along political lines, not racial ones, is a lot more likely. The right side woud be overwhelmingly white by default.

      • Heart and soul over blood and soil. Not knocking blood and soil, it is #2.
        Just a political observation.

          • Yeah. European Nationalism is about Blood and Soil. North America is different.

            You are right. A lot of American ‘nationalism’ is really Constiutionalism. As the US Constitution becomes less of an important document to younger Americans, with its inherent abuse and openness to interpretation in our postmoden, post-truth world. And with the rise of racial/ethnic consciousness, many Americans and Whites outside the US in other White nations further afield, are embarking on racial-genetic tests to seek their ancestry.

            It is only normal for Whites (and non-Whites) to want to seek out those of their racial kin. If ‘Blood and Soil’ defines Europe, and ‘Constitutionalism’ (rapidly failing and declining in confidence with its inherent abuse) defines the US and other White nations built upon federal constitutional principles rapidly eroded and working agaisnt the White population, perhaps we may just say a White awakening and ethno-national aspirations, as in White secessionism, etc.

        • Hey I have I alot of respect for you no matter what happened in the past. I figured I’d respond here to avoid drama

          • Wow! Nice technique!
            It’s some kind of personal thing with him. It comes and goes.
            Promised Mike Scott to avoid such interactions. Mods are actually aware of it too.

          • I gotcha. Ya if this were Facebook it would be easy to private message but since this is public I figured it would be easier to respond off Amren.

    • Exactly, and that would never be peaceful no matter how much we try. The multi-cult spread is too far and wide by now and the whiter areas that you’d think could easily enact this are the absolutely most cucked places to live. It’s fucking amazing how that even works. It’s what started ruining the PNW when southern whites flooded up here from Cali and brought their stupid diversity with them to unprecedented levels.

      Racial identity cannot be an afterthought or it’s a waste of time. Last thing you want is to a massive 1600lb gorilla to separate into 2, 3, or even 5 smaller ones where assistance others in the country would be much harder because of new states. Must learn from the mistakes of the Indians and the Celts and follow the ways of the Germanic tribes to make a single push. Divided we’ll fall much easier.

      • There can be white solidarity and secession in combination. Secession without white solidarity (in at least one of the new countries) would be a waste of time and energy, however. We always need to watch out for people who try to substitute implicit pro-whiteness for explicit pro-whiteness. It is pretty clear, after many decades of this, that this amounts to little more than a scam designed to wear us down while leading us nowhere.

    • The Constitution was written by White Nationalists who were not only white supremacists but were often slave owners. They were “racial realists” to a man. They most certainly did not live in “all-white neighborhoods.”

      • I would not deny that the founding fathers were White Supremacists, but I respectfully disagree that they were “racial realists.” Otherwise, they’d see the danger of importing an alien race of slaves that could not be assimilated into the White race once they were emancipated and enfranchised.

        Cheap or free colored labor is the White Man’s Kryptonite. The White managerial elite think they are getting something for nothing or next to nothing, not understanding that the initial purchase of an African slave or under the table low wages to a Mestizo is only a small down payment on a debt balloon that is going to bankrupt and destroy their descendants in every way imaginable.

        Some people say that if, during the Civil War, the men fighting for the Union could see what the country is at present, they’d unite with the Confederates, march on Washington and hang every Republican there.

        I say that, seeing what their White descendants are dealing with no, the White American colonist would sink every slave ship to the bottom of the ocean, cargo and all, if they didn’t turn their ships and their cargo full of biological weapons back to Africa.

        • By the time most of the Founding Fathers were born, slavery in North America was already a reality. By the time of the War for Independence, virtually all of the Founding Fathers had rather ambivalent views of slavery, some wanting to end slavery and resettle Africans back in Africa and some believing that would happen somewhat naturally. Even the die-hards in the Deep South thought of slavery as basically a necessary evil.

          The Yankees fought to end slavery because they didn’t want Negroes in the new states – they were fighting to prevent blacks from moving West. No one wanted “equality” between the races and all white people thought of the USA as a White Nation. They were all White Nationalists.

          I’m just setting the record straight, when Thomas Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal” he meant that he and Ben Franklin were as educated and capable of running a nation as the hereditary nobility in England, who had become inbred and degenerate. If you had told Jefferson that one day we’d have a black president he wouldn’t have known whether to laugh or cry.

          • “I’m just setting the record straight, when Thomas Jefferson wrote “all
            men are created equal” he meant that he and Ben Franklin were as
            educated and capable of running a nation as the hereditary nobility in
            England, who had become inbred and degenerate.” Subsequent events have proved him wrong.

          • 200 years of a successful White country and the world’s only superpower.

            The TV generation was a 40 year bump in the road and it’s already on the way out. I’d be far more worried about the UK than America. At least we’re all armed to the teeth.

          • Yawn. Without Columbus, the French navy, Ellis Island, Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun you guys would be nothing, let alone a successful superpower. And what’s 200 years anyway? Talk about a blip.

            BTW, other countries have TV too you know. But they aren’t as far gone as you are.

          • Where’s the hypocrisy? I’m not using a typical hasbara line nor did I say you were blaming your personal problems on Americans. I was suggesting that the UK is jealous of America declaring independence and becoming a superpower while the UK lost its empire.

            I was just making a joke frankly as I didn’t take your criticism seriously.

  • So if i live in a die hard leftist state that is shared between neo cons and commies at the mutual expense of poor white people will these new countries that split off be welcoming to white refugees from the old USA?

      • Any sustainable partition would have to involve the full annexation and subsequent dividing of Canada,and perhaps Mexico, along with the US.

        I would suggest splitting Canada between Manitoba and Ontario, conservative/ethno state to the west of there all the way to the Pacific (including Alaska) and to Texas to the south including all of the Mid and mountain west of the US.

        Give the (((globalists/commies/leftists))) Canada from Ontario east and the Northeast US including DC.

        I agree on giving up the Black belt deep South due to the demographics, give it all away to BLM, All native whites can immigrate to the ethnostate and BTFO the Midwest cucks if necessary, perhaps we can keep the upper south,TN,NC,AR,KY. I picture Florida remaining neutral and as a sort of libertarian state.

        Just let Mexico take back California and the rest of the desert, the ethnostate’s annexation of Canada will make up for the loss of land (also colder climates will discourage non white migration)

        If this were to be done, North America could not be split up into anymore than 3 or 4 nations without totally collapsing (like Europe) and losing all international power. To simplify it, picture the national divide of North America occurring vertically along longitude lines instead of horizontally along latitude lines, as is the case currently.

        • Interesting thought, but it will be hard enough to get the USA disaggregated without getting the Canadians and Mexicans. However, if we can get the ball rolling, there might well be further aggregations ans disaggregations.

  • Americans are too dumb and indolent to do anything like this. America’s future is a Brazil-style multiracial chamber pot held together by a militarized police. This is it’s punishment for its evil acts during WW2.

      • Ownership of assets doesn’t prevent racial extinction, only territorial separation does.

    • Brazil is not a sustainable model. It’s past its peak and will undoubtedly collapse as soon as Pardos and Blacks demographically overwhelm White people. Whites are still holding Rio Grande del Sol and surrounding states, but when Blacks begin penetrate it by moving South, the Brazil story is over.

      • Rio Grande do Sul, not “del Sol.” Blacks/pardos have already “penetrated” it (and much more than that) and the other southern states.

    • You’re probably right about the actual outcome. But that doesn’t invalidate the notion that peaceful disaggregation would be the best outcome.

  • Why not just be traditional conservatives and devolve power back to the state and local governments? As the left will remind us, America is still segregated – and the “liberals” are more racially segregated than the “conservatives.” Just a bit of reversing federal overreach and we’d be mostly ok. Stop immigration, stop enforcing anti-segregation laws and roll them back entirely, and we’re mostly good.

  • Never. Any kind of succession would just be a delay to what is already happening. The darkies don’t deserve any part of OUR country by giving a bit they will want more.

    • Disagree. The humane solution is to cede the blacks an ethno-state in the Black Belt south. Sending 30 million blacks back to Africa is infeasible. Juice all go to Israel. All illegal Hispanics expelled across the border.

      • No-one, in the long-run, has ever benefited from being “humane”. A black ethno-state would collapse without continuous subsidy and create a refugee crisis that lefty whites could virtue signal about, and we would just have black people destroying lower class white neighborhoods again.

        • So what is your proposal? Shipping 30 million blacks to Africa? If it got to the point where we had a white ethno-state, any virtue signalling traitors would be thrown in prison.

          • They’re not going back and that’s final. I repeat: final.

          • If I had to shoot every White cuck like you to get rid of them I would. Every last one of you. We don’t need to holding us back.

          • It’s just not gonna happen. Get over it.

          • Leaving my own feelings out of it, it’s such a remote “last step” (if it’s ever to happen) that it makes no sense to bang on about it at this point.

          • There are more than 30 million blacks in the US right now, but in a few generations of no gibs that number would collapse, and could be suppressed even lower with the right policy. The situation is unmanageable because it has been made so.

      • Focus on young people of fertile age. Black women of child-bearing years get a resettlement grant in Liberia. Aliyah is promoted for young Kosher-Americans. Trade deals to boost the Latin American economies to assist with repatriation.

        All done with a smile and a pat on the back, with lots of rhetoric about the Brotherhood of Man and racial harmony, self-determination, and peace on earth. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

        Deal with the young people of child-bearing age and let nature take care of the old people. That 30 million number shrinks significantly in just one generation.

      • Doesn’t work. The Blacks never stay in the areas we give them.

        White South Africa tried to designate Black homelands, the Blacks all moved near White cities where the jobs were or where life is just somehow better.

        France gave up French Algeria to the Arab Muslims, the minority White Pied Noir supposedly had protection, property rights, the majority rule Arab Muslims Algerians simply ethnically cleansed all White Pied Noir than the county become 98% Arab Muslims…..

        Arab Muslim “youths” not happy living there, they flood in to France and the whole *#&$@ starts all over again.

        • The South African Bantustans were a joke and a huge mistake, similar to what the Juice do to the Palestinians. What the Afrikaners should have done is ceded all of South Africa but Western Cape to the blacks and declared Western Cape an Afrikaner state.

          • Exactly. If SA simply declared the bantustans independent (rather than subsidizing their governments) and then disbanded “South Africa”, it would have destroyed the ANC, as the ANC would then be up against other black governments and tribes, and most blacks actually wanted their own areas rather than one inclusive multiethnic state (where the “Rainbow Nation” propaganda comes from). But the government’s insistence on keeping the borders intact kept the ANC united against the idea of a “bigger threat”, so now all ethnicities remain in the same mess together.

            Under the NP, SA was the destination of millions of illegal entrants fleeing from newly independent black Africa. They’d find ways around the electric fencing and anything else the government put up. But if those places were simply part of black Africa at the time (i.e. not even any money from the NP government), the reason to relocate would disappear, life would be no better off.

            By having a simple “Afrikaner” state, dumping the whole idea of including tribal areas within the borders at all, it would remove the problem of knowing which blacks are of the tribes (and so meant to be there) and those who are illegal entrants (and so were not). They’d simply all be illegal entrants.

          • Rich Liberals seem to always get the expensive beach front property – the Cape would be dominated by the same people, the same politics as Malibu and Hawaii. Think Mark Zuckerberg would allow the Cape to be a racist Afrikanner ethno state?

    • No, sorry, they do deserve a part. And even if you’re morally correct that they don’t, at this point that’s simply irrelevant.

  • Peaceful partition won’t happen for two reasons.

    First, as Spencer said at his Heilgate speech, They (Blacks, Mexicans, Juice) need us more than we need them. Blacks and Mexicans are an underclass that benefits from white people propping up the welfare state. Juice are way, way overrepresented in the Professions and industries like media so Juice need a white middle class to fill the mid level management and clerical jobs that allow the economy to function.

    Second, America is not comprised of ancient ethnic homelands and won’t just fall back into ethno-states like Austria-Hungary and the Soviet Union did. Partition in America will likely be a protracted and bloody process.

    What we on the Alt Right need to do is keep serving as a vanguard, agitating our enemies into overreaching. Look at this piece from a Juice academic, Ulrich Baer, he pretty much calls for free speech restrictions in order to stop people like Richard Spencer.

    If the Alt Right does more public events, it will enrage the left and provoke them into overreaching, winning converts to our cause.

    • Never doubt the desire of SWPLs to partition into a 99% white community from where they can continue to preach the principles of diversity and tolerance AND suffer none of the consequences. SWPL State when?

    • First, as Spencer said at his Heilgate speech, They (Blacks, Mexicans,
      Juice) need us more than we need them. Blacks and Mexicans are an
      underclass that benefits from white people propping up the welfare
      state. Juice are way, way overrepresented in the Professions and
      industries like media so Juice need a white middle class to fill the mid
      level management and clerical jobs that allow the economy to function.

      They may “need” us more than we need them, but they don’t literally need us to survive. Latin America is not Switzerland, but it is a functional middle-of-the-road kind of place. On many measurements, Mexico is basically the most average place in the world.

      But that’s irrelevant anyways, because even after partition, non-whites will still find themselves living in a state with millions of whites. The most realistic partition scenario is probably just red states and blue states going their separate ways.

      Second, America is not comprised of ancient ethnic homelands and won’t
      just fall back into ethno-states like Austria-Hungary and the Soviet
      Union did. Partition in America will likely be a protracted and bloody

      True. I made the exact same point in this article.
      But the partition would not really be ethnic per se, but ideological. The new red state America would likely (hopefully) be somewhat nationalist, perhaps even vaguely ethnonationalist, but it wouldn’t be a white ethnostate in the sense that we want (i.e. it will still have a large non-white minority). That would require a second partition. A lot of people on the Alt Right harbor the illusion that a future white ethnostate would occupy at least half the current territory of the US. That’s absurd. It will be the size of a medium-sized Western European country, if we’re lucky.

      • I doubt it would be very bloody. There’s no appetite for that on either side.

        Don’t under-estimate (((the powers that be))) that seek to maintain the status quo. They will do everything in their power to ensure that any pro-White secession is “very boody” even if “there’s no appetite for that on either side.”

        Think false flag massacres, etc. Matthew Heimbach doesn’t call the (((Ameican empire))) “inherently anti-White” and “anti-Traditional” for nothing.

        • But Heimbach is essentially a proven f–kwit, so it doesn’t really matter what he thinks.

          • Yes, please. Could you please explain in a civil manner the reason/s for that comment about Mr. Heimbach.

            He also has a great concern for the embattled Scandinavians – in particular the Swedes – and I much appreciate his support of the Nordic Resistance Movement.


          • His heart’s obviously in the right place, but geezus, the kind of crap he is apt to blurt out at any moment makes him a mammoth liability. If it were up to the Heimbach’s of the world to save whites, then whites would be deader than dead.

    • They could sew everyone’s mouths shut and that will never stop our ideas. All they would then do is push us underground and they’d never know from where we would strike. Supression of speech isn’t even in their interest and they don’t even know it.

  • Undoubtedly, the freshest idea to be considered seriously. Everybody wins if implemented in orderly and civilized fashion. Our differences and divides are growing instead of disappearing.

    The problem is you can’t maintain this rogue system at the expense of the White middle class anymore.

  • Just be ready to find lots of talk, talk, talkers in these “Constitutionalist” circles. One would think that most everyone wanting to secede from the Federal Government, break away from the cursed corporate media would have sensible racial views, but sadly so many of these Libertarian Constitutionalists do not have sensible racial views. Folks like Cliven Bundy and Ron Paul, Rand Paul insist that business owners should be free to hire whomever they want to hire at whatever the labor market rate allows. They insist all evidence to the contrary that mass immigration even from the worst 3rd world Islamic nations isn’t a problem or wouldn’t be a problem once we get rid of all social welfare programs.

    This unrestricted individualism is killing our people. The way things are going we’re going to go the way of Classical Greek Hellens in Palmyra Syria where the lowest Islamists now destroy the classical Hellenic archeology sites or kill enslave any White person foolish to venture in to this area.

    • I would love to see all those of us with strong European leanings with Europeans backgrounds and of European stock migrate back to our ancient homelands in Europe.

      That is, if the European nations are willing to let us back in. Those of us in America, Canada, Australia, South America, etc.

      It appears insane that our ancient homelands in Europe should be receiving non-White/European immigrants-cum-“refugees” (really : invaders) while those of outside Europe watch our ethnic homelands being invaded in horror from the outside and there’s little we can do about it.

      • A lot of Americans get triggered when I say this, but only Europa matters. Our ancestral homelands are infinitely more important than the New World. The migrant crisis in Europe bothers me a lot more than immigration into America or Canada, and I’ve never even stepped foot on European soil.

      • The thing is, we’re mixed – which homeland should we go to? The euros don’t like mere ‘whites’ much.

        • Areas have become depopulated all over Europe, hence the big excuse to let the entire Turd World in to colonize it.

          The thing is that the White diaspora in the Americas better have money and skills to make it worth Old Europe’s while. I’m part Slav and there are areas there that are depopulated but very poor, so they’d welcome me if I had money and skills, but not be too thrilled at bringing in more poor people.

          • > the White diaspora in the Americas better have money and skills to make it worth Old Europe’s while.

            So picky they are! At least we’ll take up space, and not beat or rape people and not demand mosques 🙂

  • Having the details fleshed out would make the case for Partition more plausible.

    A Congress of luminaries – even existing digitally, but preferably having some real world address, could host lieutenants that really dig into the details of currency, military, transportation, travel, etc that would be real problems with Partition.

    The alternative? An India-Pakistan scenario where the cycle of violence and retribution at the street level spins out of control as elites drag their feet.

    • Yeah, I think that any attempt to balkanize would result in a constant state f war among the different states over land and resources. We’d still all be too close for comfort.

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